Weekly Update: 27 February 2021

This week’s update boasts a new set of chapters for “One Hot Summer”, shifting the perspective to Mike for a change, plus a surfeit of contributions covering a wide range of terrain. Hope you like.

Humble and heartfelt thanks to my worthy Patreonites as always—new inductees always welcome. Next update? That’d be a week hence on 6 March. In the meantime, thanks for visiting, and enjoy the site.

Posted: 27 February 2021

This week’s new stuff:

Friday Flashback: Green-Eyed Guys

Is it true what they say about guys with green eyes? Are they alluring, gorgeous, intense, penetrating… or just green? I’ve collected some stories from the back room this week featuring hot guys with emerald eyes, so you be the judge!

Next update is tomorrow, 27 February. In the meantime, have fun exploring the archives, and thanks for visiting.

Posted: 26 February 2021

This week’s flashback:

Weekly Update: 20 February 2021

For this week’s story, another Patreon commission but one more open-ended than usual where I was asked for something “random”, I set out to write something where randomness was an element of the story itself. The plot, however, kind of took on a life of its own—appropriate given the subject matter—and I ended up writing something I wasn’t expecting at all, which is always fun. Maybe randomness was being exerted on me by the meta universe… or maybe there is neither randomness nor free will, and I was always destined to write this exact story. Hmmm: an interesting plot idea, an author of fantasy smut trapped by fate. I’ll have to write that one. (And maybe that last sentence is true in a literal sense. When it comes down to it, how would I know, one way or the other?)

There was a Friday Flashback yesterday, this time celebrating the sexytimes that can arise out of a good shower scene in the various kinds of stories on this site. The next update is a week hence, on 27 February; in the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.

Posted: 20 February 2021

This week’s new stuff:

Friday Flashback: Hit the Showers

This week’s tour of the Lost Metabods Warehouse visits stories where sweaty, hung muscle guys decide to hit the showers. Funny thing, whether they’re at the gym, in the dorms, or even in a public shower at the mall, there’s always someone around to heat things up and make those showers extra-steamy.

Next update is tomorrow, 20 February. In the meantime, have fun exploring the archives, and thanks for visiting.

Posted: 19 February 2021

This week’s flashback:

Weekly Update: 13 February 2021

This week’s contribution from me is a fresh installment of “Finding Owen” where things are getting intense, and Mike finds out what helping these sexy shifters will mean for him. Things are heating up out there in the upstate woods. Plus there’s a lot of great stuff, and by some fluke it’s all continuations of existing stories. Check it out!

Yesterday’s Friday Flashback, should it have escaped your notice, commemorated recent winter weather here in the Big Apple by surfacing stories involving snow. Next update is a week hence, 20 February. In the meantime, thanks for visiting, and enjoy the site!

Posted: 13 February 2021

This week’s new stuff:

Friday Flashback: Let It Snow

It’s snowed fairly heavily a couple of times in the last month or so where I am (New York City, if you didn’t know), so for this week’s tour of the archive I’ve surfaced some stories that involve la neige and its beautiful, if often obstructive, onset from a cold, gray sky. You lot on the other side of the planet—like Melbourne where I was just metaphorically visiting (via an update to “Joined”)—can snicker all you like at the thought of our icy, snow-covered streets and picturesquely fluffy fire escapes, but maybe the tables will turn in six months. (For those of you in the middle of the planet who never get any of the white stuff, fuck you, it’s awesome.)

Next update is tomorrow, 13 February. In the meantime, have fun exploring the archives, and thanks for visiting.

Posted: 12 February 2021

This week’s flashback:

  • Burst by BRK  Alien NoShirts Xmas CGrow Taller Cock Strong XCock MGrow Musc Mental Rep Grow Str Tf   In a sealed-off underground bunker, exposure to a tear in the fabric of space-time created by an illegal energy experiment is producing some interesting changes in the men trapped inside. And on top of everything else, it’s Christmas, and there’s no way they’ll ever see home again…
  • The Servonyx exclusion by BRK  AgeDiff Andr CGrow XArm XLimb MGrow Nonc Grow   Uncovering some corporate skulduggery leads to dire consequences for Beck. Nearly killed in a suspicious crash, he soon finds himself halfway around the world trapped in a physically enhanced pleasure humaniform… in the keeping of a handsome Russian plutocrat. Pleasure is easy to unlock in this new existence, but escape and revenge will be a lot harder to manage.
  • Adventures of a selfsucker by willy8  Bi CGrow Het Cock Self   Silas loves going down on his own big cock, and while the intense experience of autofellatio doesn’t help him with his girlfriend it does bring him closer to his handsome roommate Ben.
  • Claves, the midnight marauder by Ziel  CGrow CumInf Fant HyCock Cum   Claves, the kingdom’s most notorious thief, has been cursed! What was meant as a means to entrap the thief and blow his cover forever backfires spectacularly as Claves ends up enjoying the curse. Now armed with a massive cock, the power to spread the curse to others, and an exhibitionist streak almost as long as his dong, Claves sets out to spread the curse and sow a little mischief and a lot of wild oats.
  • Dawn of the Dragon-Men by JKL  Lizard Virgin MGrow Grow 2Gay Tf Wings   Drake and Irving stumble on an old dragon’s nest and investigate a dead-looking dragon’s egg they find there, only it’s not as inert as it seems.
  • Hot as fire by Double-U  CGrow MGrow Musc   Jackson is fed up with his volunteer firefighter dad spending so much time at the firehouse, seeing as how there were never any fires in Pinefield. Finally he psychs himself up to go down there and see for himself what’s really going on.
  • Hung for the holidays by Ziel  Xmas CGrow Cock HyCock MGrow   Kris Kringle the Third is back for another Christmas adventure! This time he and Nick visit a pair of guys who are stuck in their apartment and unable to go visit their families for the holidays. They might be stuck at home, but Kris has a plan to ensure that this Christmas is the best one yet.
  • I wanna get huge by JayPat  Bro Xmas MGrow Musc Grow ValDay   “I wanna get huge,” he said.
  • Lucid dreams by Bear Northman  Cent CGrow Cock HyCock XCock   Ever had a dream so erotic you wish it was real? I did once.
  • Lumberjacked by Krisiar  Addict CGrow Hair Cock HyCock XAbs MGrow Musc NipCum Self   Trapped by a snowstorm at an underheated family cabin in northern Manitoba, Henry and Will stumble across a hidden sauna in the woods while out looking for wood. It turns out someone out there wants to help out guys like Henry and Will who could do with a little size improvement.
  • The ski trip by Allan Cedar  XArm XCock XLimb Twins   A group of multilimb guys get to know each other better in a secluded ski cabin.
  • The swimming hole by JayPat  Viol MGrow Musc   When Matt laments the sadly unmuscled state of his young body, all he hears is that he has to put in the work. Only, his swimming buddy Jimmy seems to be getting muscles all on his own, and he’s not even hitting the gym

  • Tim’s adventure by WordShop  CGrow Virgin Hair Grad Cock Cum MGrow Musc Grow   Tim finds romance becomes a little more complicated when muscle growth and hypermasculity is involved.
  • An unexpected gift by ZeroZeroNull  Fur Lizard Xmas Dragon Cock Cum Musc   A lonely student gets an unsuspected present as he comes home for the week-end.

Weekly Update: 6 February 2021

Well, I got through my first month of weekly updates without a schedule slip, so score one for me. And I’m only a day late this week, so I’m going to count that as another win. (Side note to say: video editing is time-consuming as fuck! And before you get riled up, this was non-smutty video for my IRL existence. I’d love to do sexy webcam videos for Metabods, but, sad to say, my self-transformations, while quite fun for me personally, don’t show up on digital video for some reason, so… I’ll just have to carry on writing about them instead. Alas.)

This week’s update includes a new chapter for of one of my personal favorites, “Joined”, a full three years on from my last continuation of that story. As Loki is my witness, I’ll update and complete every story I ever started and left hanging, if I have to live a thousand years to do it! No, of course I won’t, that’s a huge, blatant lie. Anyway, I very much enjoyed revisiting my merged lovers, Dylan and Theo, and their unstoppable flatmate, Oliver. Plus there’s a raft of new stuff down there, with sex and transformations galore for a wide range of interests and hobbies. Please enjoy, and don’t forget to upvote and comment on the stories you like, as authors really do appreciate knowing what people like and what works.

This week’s Friday Flashback, if you missed it, was a trip back to February 2017. Humble thanks as always to my wonderful and much-appreciated Patreonites—find out more about joining them, if you like. The next update is six days hence, 13 February. In the meantime, thanks for visiting, and enjoy the site.

Posted: 6 February 2021

This week’s new stuff:

Friday Flashback: February 2017

For this week’s flashback we’re traveling back four years to February 2017. There are a bunch of sexy stories premiering or getting updated then that had slipped my mind in the intervening time, so I’m glad they get a surfacing today.

Next update is tomorrow, 6 February. In the meantime, have fun exploring the archives, and thanks for visiting.

Posted: 5 February 2021

This week’s flashback:

Weekly Update: 30 January 2021

Welcome to part two of the January 2021 Vignette Party! These week I have two more somewhat thicker-than-they’re-supposed-to-be story scenes suggested by my lovely and beloved Patreonites. Offering A to the noble meta-gods is the fourth and final chapter of “Threefer”—one of the only BRK stories, incidentally, to inspire a spontaneous illustration on Twitter, at least that I know of. Offering B, meanwhile, is a sequel to “Read Aloud”, with an all-new set-up and characters. I had a blast writing these, and I really hope you enjoy them too.

Yesterday’s Friday Flashback, if you missed it, was all about the miracle of nanobots. They were such a thing the 90s, weren’t they? And they got run into the ground so hard by every TV show, comic book, and revisionist slashfic that now they’re passé. Which means a comeback cannot be far off. For myself, I will always be grateful to nanotechnology for having introduced me to the joy that is a shirtless Christopher Gorham.

Next update is 7 days hence on 6 February. In the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site!

Posted: 30 January 2021

This week’s new stuff: