Weekly Update: 8 May 2021

This week sees a new set of chapters in the Patreon-commissioned story “One Hot Summer”. There’s a lot pending with Mike, Bran, and Eddie, and with Jay, Zac, and the twins; but I had to go back and check on Benji and see how his sudden, more extreme growth was treating him. If you’re wondering why the update was a few hours later than usual, well, I was making sure Benji was as happy as I could make him. What I won’t do for my guys! 😉

Yesterday’s Friday Flashback traveled back to May 2015, resulting in an interesting collecting of stories. Check that out if you haven’t already. I express my heartfelt gratitude to my worthy Patreonites; if you want to join them you are always welcome.

The next update it a week hence, on 15 May. In the meantime, thanks for visiting, and enjoy the site.

Posted: 8 May 2021

This week’s new stuff:

Friday Flashback: May 2015

For this week’s trip on the George Pal time machine we’re visiting May 2015, six years in the past. The resulting collection is an interesting variety, and I hope there’s something for you to enjoy—yes, you.

The next update is tomorrow, 8 May. In the meantime, have fun exploring the archives, and thanks for visiting.

Posted: 7 May 2021

This week’s flashback:

  • Boytaurs from Outer Space! by BRK  Alien Btaur 4Legs Cock ×Arms ×Cock ×Leg ×Limb Musc↑ Musc Space Twins   When Sev, the commander of a Taurian survey mission, judges Earth suitable for cultivating an aggressive alien grain, the danger to Earth’s ecosystem drives the idealistic Elek to rebel and flee with some valuable equipment. When a conflicted Kiyy chases him, they both encounter the strange inhabitants and discover that humans and Taurians find each other mutually captivating.
  • Doubling up, Part 3 by BRK  ∞Hard Merg ×Abs ×Arms ×Cock ×Head ×Limb ×Pec ×Torso Stack Twins   Bryce wakes up hugging his bodymate, their arms all pleasantly tangled together, and, after a few distractions, ends up making brunch plans with Chen/Andy and some new friends from the dorm.
  • Alpha House, Part 2 by NBCK99  Cock↑ Cock HyPher Musc↑ Musc   Changes continue at the Alpha House, and in the enclosed, reality-show environment the dynamics between the guys develop rapidly as well.
  • A blessing or a curse by richard handy  Cock↑ Balls HyCock MusBr Size↑   For the crime of desecration, forgotten Egyptian gods decide to punish Andy… though in a way he might also enjoy.
  • Centurion of light, Part 9 by Ravine Mountain  Cock↑ Demons Cock HyCock HyCum ×Abs Musc↑ Musc NipC NipCum Size↑ Twins   Now empowered by the seed of two gods, Marcus leads his men to the Aegyptian city of Antinopolis, where the demons they hunt already beset its beautiful protector, the Nile-empowered Antinous.
  • Double trouble by NBCK99  Twins   Caleb is really into how hot identical twins are. His roommate decides to help him out a little.
  • Enchanted growth, Part 2 by NBCK99  Cock↑ Fant Balls HyCock Musc↑ Musc Size↑   As Andrelle and his teammates explore the impressive growth effects of the dagger artifact, they become more reluctant than ever to complete their mission and hand it over to their patron.
  • Geno-type, Part 29 by Ziel  Cock↑ Cock HyCock Infect   “Things finally wrap up for the three buddies at Sam’s house, but the next day back at school and dealing with Jake’s parents looms in the horizon. Then comes an intense turning point that sets up a major conflict for the latter half of the story, and includes character turns (Dalton may not have seen any growth yet, but that doesn’t stop him from being the biggest dick of the bunch), heavy domination/footplay, and a lot more.”
  • Ladder of the heavens by Ziel  Cock↑ Cock HyCock Musc↑ Musc PointyEars Size↓   “Someone suggested that I do a story with piercings and jewelry that caused growth in the owner. I made use of some other suggestions as well so this story features a wide array of kinks including muscle/dick growth and even a touch of shrinkage, and there’s even a cute little *spoiler* with a *spoiler**spoiler*”
  • The new associate by Tym Greene  Fur Cock↑ Cock HyCock Musc↑ Musc Size↑   Zhu is looking forward to his first day a new architectural firm, sure the way he grows—and makes other people grow just from being around him—will make things very interesting.

Weekly Update: 1 May 2021

This week’s contribution from me is a new chapter of “Tuesday”, which I’ve been meaning to write a new chapter of for… [checks notes] uh, nine years now. Huh. Time flies when you’re exploring multiple fantasy universes. Anyway, I hope you find something you like from the offerings below. Don’t forget to upvote and comment stories you like, yadda yadda. If you’ve written a story about augmented men and you want to share it, just give me a holler.

In other news, I’ve begun actively working again on something else I’ve been planning for ages, namely a basic member-login feature that will allow you to favorite certain stories for easy revisiting, with more features to be added later. That and other features like the return of tag suggestion should be rolled out in the next couple of months. Suggestions for site improvements are welcome.

The Friday Flashback this week collected stories where the main characters were three-legged dudes. The next update is a week hence, 8 May. Thanks for visiting and enjoy the site!

Posted: 1 May 2021

This week’s new stuff:

Friday Flashback: Three-Legged Dudes

This week’s flashback celebrates guys with three legs. Since there are a over a couple dozen stories on the site with the “three legs” tag, I left out stories where three-legged guys appear as part of a larger story and tried to focus instead on stories where the main characters have that sweet trio of thighs, calves, knees, shins, and feet.

The next update is tomorrow, 1 May. In the meantime, have fun exploring the archives, and thanks for visiting.

Posted: 30 April 2021

This week’s flashback:

Weekly Update: 24 April 2021

This week I have one story instead of the tentatively promised two, but I still intend to compensate for last week’s schedule slip with an extra story sometime in the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile, my contribution this week is “The Misspent Curse”. The title gives you the basic premise, and any more than that would be spoilers. Hope you find something to enjoy in this week’s offerings, and as always comment and upvote on stories you like to give the writers a sense of what you like. If you want to be one of those writers, I’d love for you to share your fantasies with me.

The Friday Flashback this week took us back to April 2012, during the site’s milestone fifteen year. It’s not been lost on me that our silver anniversary year is swiftly approaching, and the flashback has pushed it closer to the front of my mind for the moment. I’ll definitely want to mark the occasion in some way. Contests? Cartoons? Crossover team-ups? Celebrity guests? Cybermen? Not sure. Maybe I’ll be inspired to write a 52-part epic spanning the entire year—the augmented-male smutnovel to end all smutnovels. I could change the site color-scheme to be based in silver and call it a day. Maybe just trying to produce and share good stories all year. Lots of possibilities, and I’m definitely open to suggestions.

Heartfelt thanks to the joyous Patreonites who make my regular BRKness possible. The next update is a week hence, on 1 May 2021. In the meantime, thanks for visiting, and enjoy the site!

Posted: 24 April 2021

This week’s new stuff:

Friday Flashback: April 2012

This week’s tromp through the past-forest takes us all the way back to April of 2012, during the site’s slightly thrilling fifteenth anniversary. It was the early days of the wiki version of the site (an archived version from later that year can be seen here, if you dare), and having reached such a milestone I was more intent than I had been in recent years on growing the site with content, mine and others’—though it would still be a few years before I committed to biweekly updates. (See the site history page for more.) I’d gotten a few writers I liked to join those who were already sharing their stories here, and in general I was feeling good about Metabods as a locus for enhanced-male gay erotic fiction as well as a repository for my own work.

Next update is tomorrow, 24 April. In the meantime, have fun exploring the archives, and thanks for visiting the site.

Posted: 23 April 2021

This week’s flashback:

Weekly Update*: 17 April 2021

Um, no story from me this week, sorry. The one I was working on needed a rethink in the middle and I didn’t have time to fix it properly, so the plan is to have two stories next week if I can swing it; but I wanted to go ahead and have an update and share this week’s contributions with you anyway, because I think still having an update on Saturday and then catching up on my contributions the following week makes more sense than delaying the update and throwing things off. I’m still committed to having a new BRK story or chapters with every weekly update, but on the very rare occasion there’s a schedule slip I want folks to still be able to show up on Saturdays and find new stuff waiting.

This week’s Friday Flashback involved story titles involving names that included the letter “x”. The next update is 24 April, and as said the plan is to have this week’s story as well as what’s already planned for next week, if the metagods are willing. In the meantime, thanks for visiting, and enjoy the site.

Posted: 17 April 2021

This week’s new stuff:

Friday Flashback: Xistential Orthography

In my database I use X as the highly imaginative and original placeholder title for these flashbacks, and this week I decided to make it the theme: story titles that feature someone or something with an “x” in its name. There are a lot of story titles that happen to include that letter, so I made it so had to be a name (maybe some other time I’ll survey all the “experiment”s, “experience”s, and “unexpected”s in the big Metabods litany of story titles). In addition to the below there are a few more matches I didn’t include, including a couple of mine (“Baxter Prep” and the slightly notorious “Rednex Incident”), and I could have stretched it to add in the classic “Musclove, Texas”. The real problem is that there’s not much much mystery or sense of the unknown in most of these names, so the X of my placeholder title loses its semiotic subtext (a more denotive transformation of the X title to a flashback theme would have a list based around enigmatic or hidden characters). But the truth is my favorite thing about the letter “x” is just getting to go ksksks—definitely one of more orally satisfying phoneme combinations. Try it now and I’m sure you’ll agree!

Trivia note: “The Servonyx Exclusion” and “Charlie and Frankie’s Exciting New Experience” are the only story titles to contain two “x”s.

Next update is tomorrow, 17 April. In the meantime, have fun exploring the archives, and thanks for visiting.

Posted: 16 April 2021

This week’s flashback:

Weekly Update: 10 April 2021

This week I have two commissioned stories, one via Patreon and one through Paypal—my first direct commission outside of Patreon. The first submission is two chapters of a new story in the Arsenalverse called “The Smuggler”, involving a randy thief, a sexy prince, and an artifact that sure looks like something you’d call a cockdragon. The second story, “Muscle Crush”, involves a nerdy guy with a desperate crush on a coworker who only seems to notice beautiful muscle guys like himself, and an unexpected chance to do something about it. I loved writing these stories and I really hope you enjoy them. Plus there’s a lot of other great stuff down there too, so please check that out as well.

The Friday Flashback this week collected a passel of stories about musclesexytimes at the gym, so take a look if you haven’t already. The next update is a week hence, 17 April. In the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site!

Posted: 10 April 2021

This week’s new stuff:

  • Muscle crush by BRK  Hard NoShirts CGrow MGrow Musc   Nerdy Vince has a hopeless crush on his hunky coworker, Johnny, which only gets more painful when they have to room together on an extended business trip. Knowing Johnny only hangs with other hunks like himself, Vince unexpectedly finds a way to put on muscle and make Johnny notice him at last.
  • The smuggler, Parts 1–2 by BRK  Fant Cock Cum Scent   Ardin is one of the best smugglers in the Seven Realms, and the heist he has planned to steal a valuable heirloom from the unsuspecting (and impossibly handsome) Prince of Kossh should be a piece of cake. What he’s not counting on is finding something else in the Prince’s treasure-room: an artifact evoking a mythical cock-themed beast that brings with it a sexual need so intense Ardin is unsure it can ever be quenched.
  • Adam’s fury, Parts 1–2 by Chronologious  Viol Giant MGrow Musc Grow   Adam is sick and tired of being harassed and bullied at school and reaches his breaking point. Nobody is ever going to mess with him again.
  • Bull’s gene, Part 5 by Opin  Taller Cum Strong MGrow Gut Worship Musc PSD Grow   Henry decides to prove what he can do by filling a mountain chasm with cum—but he’ll need Dean’s help to do it.
  • The cock bois, Part 2 by CockTFBoi  CShr Cum Tf   Nick and Brad meet up and make their way to the abandoned warehouse. They hope to find their lost loved ones, or at least a clue to their whereabouts. Instead they find trouble.
  • Hulkster and Hoppy, Parts 13–14 by Also Known As  CGrow VGL Taller Cock Scent MGrow Grow   Hulkster coaxes Hoppy into seeing what it feels like taking charge, and all three of them enjoy the results—and Hoppy’s renewed growth. Ned admits to having a muscle crush of his own, while Hoppy reveals more about why he invited Hulkster to meet.
  • Costumemania: The sticky super suits, Part 10 by Redouan  CGrow Dom Strong Lycra MGrow 2Gay Super   Rob is determined to steer things back to normality and leave the supersuit and all that came with it behind, but that life may not be as willing to let go of him.
  • Stories to tell in the dark by Thorn  Ass Belly CGrow Fat Taller Balls Cock Infl MGrow Gut Grow   Sean discovers a book that is filled with some surprising stories.
  • An unexpected inflation, Part 31 by UberPump  Bi Bro CGrow Balls Cock Cum Immob Infl MGrow Nonc 2Gay   Keith’s cock is trapped and his balls are inflating fast while Dirk sends wave after powerful wave of cum into Keith’s nuts. Dirk then experiences a nightmare as his growth inflates out of control….

Friday Flashback: At the Gym

This week’s peregrination through our repository of previously posted prurience looks at stories that take place at one of those unusual and hard-to-find gyms where the staff and clientele are randy and impossibly-built and strange things happen not just in the showers or the locker rooms but right out there on the floor amid the free-weights. All that, while the other gym-goers and personal trainers turn a blind eye or, more likely, are to be found deep in the thick of it. So which of these gyms do you want a membership in?

Next update is tomorrow, 10 April. In the meantime, have fun exploring the archives, and thanks for visiting.

Posted: 9 April 2021

This week’s flashback: