Saturday Flashback: Celebrity Status

This week’s archive binge collects stories where the rich and famous get caught up in meta-man transformations. Some are famous already, others become famous thanks to their new physique and amped up magnetism, but all of them get to deal with the extra problems of experiencing hot masculine upgrades right there in the public eye. (Ew, maybe not right in the eye. And now I’m picturing Miss Coco Peru leaning forward and sneering, “It burrrns…”)

The next update is 21 March and will be all vignettes inspired by Patreon requests. If you’re a patron in one of the suggestion tiers, make sure to message me with what you’d like to see depicted in a one-scene ministory! In the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.

Site Update: 7 March 2020

Up this week is a new chapter for the commissioned story “Finding Owen”, the sequel to “Love/Shift”. Owen’s one of my favorites, just because he’s vibrant and cheeky no matter the circumstances. It makes me want to give him a good story, so I hope he likes where this one is going. If you happen to be interested in commissioning me, you can sign up for one of the commissioning levels at my Patreon, either as a one-time thing or monthly. Next time I’m going to be responding to some recent Patreon suggestions from the other tiers, so if you’re a patron, or become one, make sure to message me on Patreon with what you’d like to see! And once again to all my patrons, I extend my humble and sincere gratitude for helping fuel my drive to create my own special worlds where four-armed men and tree-sized cocks and lascivious werebears and all sorts of unlikely things are as everyday as electric cars and clickbait.

Lots of good stuff this week, so huge thanks to our contributors as well. Remember upvotes and comments on the stories you like are always welcome feedback for the authors. If you feel like you’ve got a story that would work on Metabods, feel free to send it in—if it’s been posted elsewhere, or it’s never been shared before.

The next update is 21 March. In the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site!

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Posted: 7 March 2020

Site Update: 22 February 2020

A lot of contributions this week, so it’s a big update; plus three chapters from me, two in my jinn story “Shadow and Flame” and a more frivolous messing-with-guys-to-make-’em-hotter story as well. Beyond that I am needing to get some post-posting sleep, so all I have left to say is that the next update is 7 March, and to thank my brill, knockout and generally wonderful Patreon supporters and all you folks for visiting (and commenting and upvoting). Enjoy the site.

This week’s stuff:

Posted: 22 February 2020

Saturday Flashback: Cleaning the Code

I finally had some time to deal with some site issues I had backlogged for the last six months while I was dealing with that IRL project I turned in in January (on top of my day job and my night job). There’s still more to do, including extending the stylesheet upgrade currently in use on the cover and story pages to the other pages on the site. I’ll be working on that kind of thing off and on over the next few months and more intensely during the summer.

Embedded images. Some of the story-embedded images weren’t meshing with the new story page design. That is now fixed, and the image insert code is now standardized (I have an Excel and everything). There aren’t many of them: for the record, the stories with relevant embedded images are “Alpha product series”“Big changes”“Feet up”“Mega pecs maker dosing accident”“Mega-tit wrestler freaks”“Morphed male bulge freaks”“Muscle milk tit freaks”“The suitcase”“Thoros”; and “X-mass”. — Dark mode. Right now in a preliminary state on story pages only. I’ve added a button underneath the story header info to switch on dark mode, but it’s just for that page. Soon I’ll add persistence both for dark mode and for the text size up/down buttons next to it. — Garbled HTML coding. There were a few old stories that had had their HTML ampersand codes messed up, so you were seeing things like < and so on in the text. I believe those are now all resolved. If you see anything miscoded like that, please let me know. — Tag suggestions. Yes, I let the tag suggestions pile up even though I said I wouldn’t. They’ve all been reviewed and the ones I agreed with added, so we’re up to date. I do actively urge you to make tag suggestions to fill in missing tags or question existing tags on individual stories, and I fully intend to keep up with them going forward. If you suggest a new tag, I’d love suggestion submissions on other stories that you think also merit that tag.

To keep with the theme, this week’s archive binge includes stories that involve characters engaged in software and website coding. The next update is 22 February, and in the meantime thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.

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Posted: 15 February 2020

Site Update: 8 February 2020

As promised, a second update with more new stuff from me. Two weeks of BRK smut in a row. In a way it’s part of a thank you for bearing with me while I got slightly overloaded the last six months or so. I have more stuff planned for the site over the next few months to make it a better place to hang out and enjoy stuff you don’t find elsewhere.

Speaking of which, among this week’s additions is the final chapter of Tereshky’s growth/mutation/horror story “Hollyville”, so if you haven’t been following that one go back and start from the beginning, and then try not to imagine it happening in your street, tonight, the moment you close your eyes for sleep…

Next update is 22 February. In the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.

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Posted: 8 February 2020

Site Update: 1 February 2020

I’d been meaning to get back to “King Size” for a while now, so when it cropped up randomly in a recent Saturday Flashback I took that as a nudge to continue the story of King Rafe and his peculiar curse. So that’s this week’s new stuff from me: three new parts for “King Size”. Sorry for having to push things back a week last week, but I made my deadline for my IRL project and got to expand one of my favorite stories this week, so I hope you guys aren’t too mad. If it helps, this week there’s also a ton of stuff from contributors both new and veteran. Give them all a look, and make sure to comment and upvote on the stories you like.

Next update: still 8 Feb, so new stuff this week and more new stuff next week. Huge and humble thanks to my Patreon supporters, without whom I wouldn’t be able to do nearly as much writing. And if you’re interested in commissioning, that’s the way to do it—by taking a commissioning level for a month, and then dropping down after or keeping it there of you want to keep the story going.

In the meantime, thanks for visiting, and enjoy the site.

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Posted: 1 February 2020

Saturday Flashback: Smoochies

The deadline for that IRL writing project that’s been disrupting my schedule the last couple months was Friday. Good news: it’s over, bad news: I didn’t have time to write a word of smut this week. So one last postponement, and next time you’ll definitely get a double-helping from me… plus all the great stuff from the site’s contributors that I’ve got backed up in my in-box. In the meantime: guys smooching! I’ve tossed together some of the highest concentrations of making out, snogging, and just plain kissing on the site. Can’t hate that, right?

Next update is 1 February. Until then, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.

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Posted: 25 January 2020

Saturday Flashback: January 2013

It’s the future, and we don’t have flying cars—but we do have archives of chasm-filling proportions. For this week’s retrospective I’m going back to January 2013, when Apple Maps was a joke, the base-breaking royal was the Duchess of Cambridge, and Oprah got Lance Armstrong to come clean about being dirty. There’s a lot of interesting stuff from back then—including a weird plotline coincidence about wizards, kings, and royal conspiracies. Take a look through stories you might not know or maybe forgot.

Next update is 25 January. In the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.

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Posted: 18 January 2020

Site Update: 11 January 2020

This week I had a lot of fun writing five new chapters for the commissioned story “One Hot Summer”. That turned out to be rather more than the commission, as you might have guessed, but I had to get to a certain… climactic moment in the story, and I was really enjoying hanging out with these guys. So, yeah, ten thousand words this week about hot guys making pizza, eating special baked goods, and slowly getting bigger. Hope you like. If not, there’s all kinds of stuff in the update below, new and continuing, for you to select from, so have at it.

Speaking of which, Richard Jasper, also known in the community as Arpeejay and one of the “name” authors in strength and muscle erotica, sent me a note about posting his existing stories here, which I’m delighted to do. The first two are shared below, and we should be seeing a steady stream in coming weeks. Incidentally, you don’t have to write something special just for the site to post here, so if you’ve got stories that have been shared elsewhere but you think will fit here, by all means let me know.

Next update is 25 January. Check out the 2019 Year-End Round-Up if you missed it last week, and be sure to tip your servers—I mean, be sure to upvote and comment on stories you like, cuz authors needs to knows what works. And whatever you do, do not downvote just because you don’t like the genre—that’s not what we are here. Read the tags, that’s what they’re there for, and if it’s not up your street go ahead and find something great that is. In the meantime, hope you’re having a good new year so far and that an excellent 2020 lies ahead. Thanks for stopping by and visiting a while. Enjoy the site!

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Posted: 11 January 2020