Weekly Update: 24 July 2021

Another diverse crop of contributions this week, hopefully with something you’ll like. My contribution this week is a continuation of the Patreon-commissioned “Resolutions”, with Ray discovering more and more ramifications of the changes he’s induced in his sexy boss Danny and, inadvertently, himself.

As I noted on Twitter, I found out recently that on some browsers the stories were only showing the first page when you went to print or save to PDF. I tried various means of massaging the code to get around this, but I couldn’t find a good solution. In the end what I did instead was create an additional, bare-bones version of the story page for printing and PDFing, with no Bootstrap or anything else but basic HTML and simple styles. To load this page, click on Print/PDF in the bank of buttons just under the tag routers. One other small change: I added an “Update History” section at the bottom of the story page with links to Updates and Flashbacks that story has appeared on, in case you are curious about the stages of a story being posted, or you’re looking for what else was posted or surfaced along with that story. Note that this only goes back to the Spring 2016 site migration. It’s not that I don’t have records of when each story and chapter was posted going all the way back to the beginning, but there are no news posts to link to from before that particular transition.

This week’s Friday Flashback celebrated seven-foot-tall guys, so check that out if you missed it. Humble and sincere thanks to all of my awesome Patreonites—and if you want to support the site or my writing that’s a good way to do it. The next update is a week hence, on 31 July. In the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.

Posted: 24 July 2021

This week’s new stuff:

Weekly Update: 17 July

A big bag of smut again this weekMy story, a new Patreon commission, involves an expedition to a secret island where all kinds of changes will take place, and it was a lot of fun to set up. I hope you like it, and the rest of this week’s stuff too. Don’t forget to comment and upvote the stories you like so the authors hear back on what works.

The Friday Flashback this week involved stories about characters who go clubbing and the strange things that happen when they do, so go ahead and check that out if you missed it. The next update is a week hence, 24 July; in the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.

Posted: 17 July 2021

This week’s new stuff:

Weekly Update: 10 July 2021

Big update this week, with lots of different kinds of stories from our contributors—including what I’m told is the final chapter of the awesome “Hulkster and Hoppy” saga, in this phase at least. I didn’t get as far as I’d hoped with my own offering this week, thanks to four days of landlord-mandated construction work in my apartment, but I’m planning on coming back to “An Air of Detachment” as soon as I can.

No major site renos this week, though I did update the Metabods history page to reflect recent changes. This week’s Friday Flashback was built around stories featuring guys with getting a boost to their libidos, so check that out of you missed it.

The next update is a week hence, on 17 July. In the meantime, thanks for visiting, and enjoy the site.

Posted: 10 July 2021

This week’s new stuff:

Weekly Update: 26 June 2021

Two stories from me this week: a recrudescence of “The Elevator Ride” and new installments of the Patreon-commissioned “One Hot Summer”. With this installment, “One Hot Summer” breaks its tie with “Love/Shift” to become, indisputably, the longest story I’ve written for the site at 76k words. There’s a bit of Pride theme here and there in this week’s submitted stories, but mainly this is just a big, honking wagonload of new contributions compared to the usual size of my weekly updates, with a lot of variety and all kinds of sexystuff. I hope you find something you enjoy—and if you do make sure to upvote and comment to let our beautiful contributors know what’s striking a chord with the visitors to the site.

Tag-related site upgrades. In the last week or so I’ve instituted four big changes related to story tags.
  (a) First, I reestablished the ability to suggest tags that you feel might be missing on any particular story. To avail yourself of this feature, look for the “Suggest Tags” button under the header info at the top of the story. I’ll review suggestions periodically and implement any of the ones I agree with.
  (b) Second, I’ve started consistently sorting the tags across the site according to the groupings they appear in on the tag tree page, and I’ve also color-coded these groupings differently on the story pages so you can see at a glance the tags that are closely related (muscle, extras, means of change, supernatural, etc.). To me, on stories that had a lot of tags the tag routers were starting to blur together in a big pile of pine-colored buttons, and the color-coding I think helps alleviate that and thereby make the tag routers more useful advisories to coming content and aids in finding stories with elements you want to see more of.
  (c) I finally fixed the tag and author routers so that when you are stepping through them using the “previous story” or “next story” buttons and get to the terminal points of the story list for that tag or author alphabetically, instead of there being no button the “previous” and “next” buttons now wrap around to the other end of the story list.
  (d) I’ve added a few new tags, namely: CockfuckingTongue GrowthVoice DeepeningAppDjin/Jinn/GenieGay PrideX-Ray VisionPrehensile CockSet in the FutureAncient EraMedieval Era19th CenturyEarly/Mid 20th Century; and Set during the Pandemic. I populated these as I went along based on archive search results and my own spotty memory of relevant stories, but the ones set in the past in particular are tough to find by keyword search. If you know of or happen across any stories rightfully belonging to one of these new tags, please drop me a line or use the Suggest Tags feature on that story’s page to advise me of the missing tag, and I’ll be immensely grateful.

The Friday Flashback this week was also Pride-themed, collecting a batch of stories already in the archives that involve or touch on it, so check that out if you haven’t already done so. I’ll be taking the weekend of the Fourth off from Metabods, so the next update will be two weeks hence, on 10 July. In the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.

Posted: 26 June 2021

This week’s new stuff:

Weekly Update: 19 June

A big update this week, with lots of potent stuff from our dazzling contributors. On top of all that I have a new Patreon-commissioned story, “Vision Space”, about a space marine who encounters the unexpected while investigating a derelict alien vessel. It’s a new kind of setup for me: the prompt from my esteemed patron was an image this time instead of a textual description. The resulting story galloped far afield of the source graphic (which wasn’t set in space, and was hetero to boot), which made incorporating the imagery provided into the story I dreamed up that much more fun. Check it out, and make sure to explore the new stuff from my fellow writers as well. Comments and upvotes on stuff you like helps as always.

Friday’s Flashback collected stories involving multiple megawangs, so take a look at that if you didn’t already. The next update is a week hence, 26 June. There will be a couple of Pride-related stories at least, and I’d definitely welcome submissions with a Pride thread woven in; and I’d just as eagerly welcome stories that don’t too. In the meantime: thanks for visiting, and enjoy the site.

Posted: 19 June 2021

This week’s new stuff:

Weekly Update: 12 June 2021

This week I returned to “Body Game: Encounter 813” thanks to a nudge from a noble Patreonite, and I enjoyed reconnecting with the process. For those unfamiliar, the Body game stories involve ten turns of escalating changes, levels of intensity, and overrides mapped out by random pulls from long tables in an Excel spreadsheet for seven characters who have more and more to deal with (in more ways than one). My first love is creating the setup for things (which is why my author page is littered with Chapter ones), but a story like this is good to come back to because each chapter and round is like a new platform. Anyway, two chapters of that and a lot more, so find what you like and enjoy the fuck out of it.

With this update I’ve reverted to a contents listing with the chapters and descriptions at the top of each multi-part story, in place of the pagination buttons that only showed the part numbers. The chapter list is in a scrolling window to keep it from getting too big (and yes, there is such a thing a too big, sometimes!), so if that shows up wonky in your browser or platform please give me a shout. I plan to make a few more systematic changes to the site over the summer, and your feedback and heads-up notes are always appreciated.

Friday’s Flashback gathered stories about kings and princes, so check that out if you missed it. The next update is a week hence, 19 June.

The update after that, 26 June, will have a bit of a Pride theme, so contributions along those lines are especially welcome. In the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.

Posted: 12 June 2021

This week’s new stuff:

Weekly Update: 5 June 2021

It’s time this week for another Vignette Party, where I write one-scene stories from prompts by my suggestion-level Patreonites. As usual I had trouble with the “vignette=brief” brief, but I don’t care too much because I’m pretty darn pleased with the resulting three stories this time around: “Hard5”“Photo Stash”, and “Brian and Ramón”. I hope you find something you like among them. And there’s a nice variety of contributions this week, too, so check those out, and remember to upvote and comment on the ones you like.

Yesterday’s Friday Flashback visited June of 2013, so check that out of you haven’t already. The next update is a week hence, 12 June, and in the meantime thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.

Posted: 5 June 2021

This week’s new stuff:

Weekly Update: 29 May 2021

This week I decided to revisit the fantasy story “The Winds of Brsa”. Now I kind of want to spend a week there on vacation, or maybe a decade. It’s been a stressful spring and I could definitely use some time on a pleasant mystical isle with an amorous breeze to make me feel welcome. And there’s more down there you might find interesting, so check it out and make sure to upvote and comment the stories you like.

Yesterday’s Friday Flashback collected stories related to graduations (and was presided over by a hot graduation FriGuy with a nice smile under his mortarboard), so check that out of you missed it.

The next update is a week hence, 5 June, and it’ll be another vignette party—one of my periodic sets of one-scene-ish stories prompted by my lovely suggestion-level Patreonites. If you’re one of those or you want to get in on the action, check out my Patreon page. In the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.

Posted: 29 May 2021

This week’s new stuff:

Weekly Update: 22 May 2021

This week I’ve returned to “Finding Owen”, the sequel to the commissioned story “Love/Shift” involving a shifter named Owen meeting some werewolves and inadvertently stirring things up within their pack. This segment sets up the final stage of the story and as such turned out a bit darker, and there’s some violence which is now tagged; but this is one thread of a story that’s mainly about how Owen’s very reciprocated passion for his two werewolf lovers has transformational consequences that require Owen and the boys to… grow emotionally, too? (I swear, I didn’t set out to make it such a corny parallel—I really only realized what I was doing all along just now as I wrote that.) Anyway, more to come from Owen, Victor, Gerardo, Mike, Bandit, and the rest.

Yesterday’s Friday Flashback involved assembling a posse of redheaded studs, so check that out if you missed it. As always I am extremely and humbly grateful to my beautiful Patreonites, who make possible my regular sojourns into masculine fantasy. Join them if you like.The next update is a week from today, 29 May. In the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.

Posted: 22 May 2021

This week’s new stuff:

Weekly Update: 15 May 2021

With this week’s contributions from me we shift from the heat of summer, our venue last week, back to the chills of January as I resume the commissioned story “Resolutions”. Picking this one up was fun in an unusual way because I had ended the previous chapter with new changes to be applied overnight, so now I had to lay out the consequences of what I’d written, triggering the bombs I planted several months back. Anyway, hope you like. Lots of other interesting stuff down there too, so make sure to check that out and comment/upvote the stories you find especially worthy.

Yesterday’s Friday Flashback collected some of the novel-length stories on the site, some of which have endings and everything, so give that a gander if you haven’t already. Deep and appreciative thanks to my loyal Patreonites, who truly make possible my weekly bouts of clattering away at my keyboard writing smut—usually my happiest hours in any day. If you’re interested you can join my Patreonite clan or commission a story from me. Pascal’s wager says you should! Contributions are also welcome, so if you have a story about exceptional men go ahead and pass it along.

The next update is a week hence, otherwise known as 22 May. In the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.

Posted: 15 May 2021

This week’s new stuff: