Multilimb studies

By Josh Dugan 
5 parts
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Part 1

Jeff had corralled Mark into taking Multilimb Studies with him, since he secretly got off picturing Mark four legged. The class would be equal parts survey and practicum, and those seeking an A had the option of adding limbs to their own bodies, and Jeff was hoping Mark would go for it.

I had seen the textbooks, which I found to be pretty dry and tedious, but then again I’ve never been much of a scholar. But the long chapters on history and background delving into Ancient Greek images and Indian lore were such a snore, save for the illustrations from antique findings and artwork.

The main text had the benefit of its own art, which brought the endless historical surveys some measure of life, trying to re-create scenes out of ages past of men with more than the usual complement of limbs.

In fact, I liked the book’s own artwork better than the historical artifacts, which you can find in any internet search anyway. The book’s artwork would show realistic settings, such as a circle of nearly naked natives sitting cross legged around a campfire, comfortably seated on two or three pairs of crossed legs, as their local storyteller acted out ancient parables and tales through expressive dance, many arms helping to pantomime, added legs to illustrate the courage, poise, speed or whatever type of valor was being expressed via movement.

There were exercises to introduce the concept of being multilimbed, also illustrated realistically, and actually used in the class, according to Jeff and Mark.

One that was illustrated in the book was a simple guessing game, to guess which hand held a coin that had been secretly passed among the hands behind the back of the holder of the coin.

For ease of illustration, the two men were presented shirtless, the one using his index finger to touch the top of the closed hand that he thought held the coin, the second man opening the hand to reveal whether the hand held the coin. If not, both hands went behind the presenter’s back again, and four hands were then brought forward, four closed hands of which one held the coin.

A variant exercise was the “garage door,” in which the one man would guess which “door” had a “car,” actually the presenter’s foot, behind it, the door actually a blanket over the knees of the seated presenter, upon which were drawn four single car garage doors, numbered one to four, which the guesser would lift at various intervals according to the rules of the exercise. It was kind of like whack a mole without any whacking, as the garage doors could be successively empty or full, or all empty, or all full.

“I like the ‘all full’,” Jeff said to Mark with a smile.

Part 2

“It says here imagining is the start of it,” Jeff told Mark. They were studying together, getting through the survey part of the course, although Jeff had skipped ahead to the practicum part, if only because he was restless to get Mark into four legs.

“When you think about it, you set up your brain’s nerve paths. It’s like the way musicians practice mentally, visualizing playing their instruments, even when they are riding the bus or waiting for in line for the movie to open”

“What are you imagining?” asked Mark.

“Well, I imagine you sitting there like you are, but having a second pair of your legs behind your first pair and kind of reaching around from behind you and resting themselves on top of them.”

“I could picture that,” Mark said. “I’d probably have my hand on one of them. My second pair of feet would be sort of semi hanging in air as they reached past the front legs they are resting on, and I’d probably be restless to cross my hind legs and then uncross them or vice versa.”

“Exactly,” Jeff said. “Check out this illustration.”

He handed Mark the book. Sure enough, there was a handsome naked man seated with his front feet on the floor and his hind legs reaching forward past both sides of his waist, their calves resting on the thighs of his front legs, their feet dangling past into midair. Successive drawings had him with the hind legs crossed on top of his front legs, then uncrossed, then dropping the hind feet down to the floor behind the front feet.

“I guess you can put the hind feet anywhere; it’s just a lot of feet, that’s all,” said Mark. “I mean, compared to two.”

“You think you’d like it?” asked Jeff.

“Well, look at him,” smiled Mark. “He’s beautiful with four legs.”

We were in class, and it was the part where they tried the exercises. The professor was good at getting guys to volunteer.

“You’re in this class for a reason,” he would say. “You have to do this. All your life it’s the main thing you’ve ever thought about, even though you’ve had to do all the things you have to do to get through the day and through life. When you have time to yourself, you are looking for multilimb stories, multilimb photoshops, multilimb drawings, and you are using every keyword you can think of to find them: Centaur, hextaur, boytaur, Shiva, Goretober, Inktober, centipede, quadruped—you know the list and you are always searching it again in case anything new has been added since you last searched.

“So you know you want this. It’s like that movie where a bunch of people had to sculpt a mountain they had never seen but could not stop imagining, for what reason they didn’t know. Well, you can’t stop thinking about guys with extra limbs. You know the web is full of girls with extra limbs, really well-crafted images, so you are a little frustrated that there aren’t so many of the guys by comparison. It’s proportional to the audiences for this kind of passion, and you wouldn’t be in this class if it wasn’t your passion.

“So here you are, all guys who are into extra limbs, right where you want to be. Now I need two volunteers, and the way you guys are obviously body-conscious with your physiques, I’m sure you don’t mind that I need you shirtless.”

Part 3

Several of the students raised their hands.

“Okay, that’s good,” the professor said. He looked over the volunteers. “Okay, Bai, come up, and you, too, Sven. You can leave your shirts at your seats.”

All eyes were on their handsome torsos, their nice-looking arms, as Bai and Sven came to the front of the class. They smiled at the professor, who handed a ring of keys to Bai, holding it by one key. “If you and Sven would kindly go to the storage room in back and roll the trunk up here to the front of the classroom.”

He continued his lecture while they went to get the trunk.

“Look at all of the sleeveless T-shirts in the room, all of the bare arms. Notice all of the flip-flops and shorts. Your limbs are meant to be seen—they are as much a part of your brand as your face is, and you’ve got to get your brand out there. You ended up with them because all of your forebears had beautiful limbs or sought them out, even unconsciously, and you are the product of generations of people with beautiful limbs who looked for people with beautiful limbs, and made people with beautiful limbs. Your faces, arms and hands and legs and feet are beautiful for a reason, because they want to be seen, because that’s what they are made for.

“And for the handsome limbs of this rarified group, that’s why they want to multiply, and that’s why you think as much as you do about your architecture, your extra arms and your extra legs, because that’s what sets you up for them. Your upper bodies are aching for extra arms and are ready to welcome them and support them, just like your lower half is aching and ready to welcome and support extra pairs of legs.

“By the time you have discovered this class and gotten yourself into it, you are ready to multiply those limbs, and everything we do here is nothing more than the catalyst for something that you are ready-made for and always have been.

“And from our experience teaching this class, we know that for some of you, this isn’t about you but someone for whom you care, and by his willingness to be multilimbed for you, he is someone who cares very much for you.”

Jeff and Mark smiled at each other, Mark taking Jeff’s hand.

Sven and Bai returned, both helping to roll a large antique trunk to the front of the class.

“Thank you, Sven and Bai, and would you please open the trunk and hold up the cape that is folded inside.”

Part 4

“The beauty drives the bonding,” explained the professor as Bai and Sven held up the cape. It was dark and regal, out of another era but beautifully preserved.

“Sven, if you will, please, wear the cape, and find a coin in the buttoned pocket in the cape lining and hand it to Bai.”

The cape was beautiful on Sven’s handsome bare shoulders as his arms moved under it to find and unbutton the inner pocket, and in moments he produced the coin, giving it to Bai.

“Bai, if you would, please, describe the coin you are holding.”

Bai’s eyes searched the coin, his curious expression turning to a smile. “It’s a gold coin with Michelangelo’s eight-limbed man on it,” he said, “the one where the arms and legs are shown in two positions at once.”

“Thank you, Bai,” said the professor. “If you would, please, give the coin back to Sven, and Sven, if you would, please, put your hands behind your back and pass the coin between then, and then bring both hands forward again with the coin hidden in one of them.”

The whole room was quiet as Sven’s hands disappeared behind his back, which was covered by the elegant cape; his handsome chest and his abdominal muscles were strikingly accentuated by the cape, as its movement hinted that Sven was passing the coin between his hands behind his back, underneath it. In a moment, he brought his hands forward again, emerging from under the cape, and held them out towards Bai, the hands closed and hanging down from their wrists, side by side for Bai to select.

“Thank you, Sven, and Bai, if you would, please, use your index finger to touch the top of the wrist of the hand that you believe holds the coin.”

Bai’s hands hung undecided at the ends of his bare arms, and one of them unconsciously touched his own bare chest, as he tried to guess which of Sven’s hands held the coin. “There’s no way to tell from looking at his hands,” Bai said. “I’m guessing it’s this one,” he said, touching his index finger to the top of the wrist of Sven’s hanging closed left hand.

Sven raised the hand up from its hanging position on its wrist and turned it over, palm up, and opened the hand.

“Empty,” said Bai.

“Thank you, Bai and Sven. Sven, as before, if you would, please, put your hands behind your back and pass the coin among them, and then bring your hands forward again for Bai to choose.”

Sven pulled his hands back into the folds of the cape, the cape again showing some jostling going on under it behind Sven’s back as he passed the coin among his hands.

Sven’s face colored a little, we couldn’t help but notice, as it registered a slow wide-eyed surprise, and then a pleasant disbelief; the jostling slowed behind his back under the cape.

The room was dead quiet, with Bai’s hands half-hanging, half-opening expectantly, waiting for Sven.

“Sven?” said Bai.

Sven acknowledged Bai with a quick, understanding look, and then looked into the middle distance, took a deep breath, and brought them out.

And out they came, from under the folds of the cape, Sven’s closed right hand, and after a moment, his closed left hand.

Looking like he was figuring something out for the first time, which it turned out he actually was, he moved his right and left hands apart, again exposing the beautiful chest and abs of his caped torso, and, as everyone in the room except the professor watched in stunned silence, from behind either side of his torso, taking their places between his closed left hand and closed right hand, came a new closed left hand, and a new closed right hand, identical to his two handsome original hands, Sven’s hands now very handsome times four, his four closed hands hanging from his four wrists, the cape spread a little wider on what were now Sven’s four handsome arms, the four arms that presented the coin, hidden in Sven’s four closed hands, held out, hanging down from their four handsome wrists, to Bai.

There was absolute silence.

Finally, one voice in the back said, “Holy fuck.”

Someone started applauding, and then the whole class applauded, a standing ovation filling the room as Sven’s face registered a mix of relief and consternation, with Bai’s face frozen in amazement, his index finger halfway raised, about to touch one of the four—four!—of Sven’s hands, but immobile in the moment.

“You can show him the coin,” the professor smiled. “Go ahead and give it to him.”

Part 5

By now both Mark and Jeff had advanced to the practicum part of the course. They were studying together, glad to be making their way through the more interesting how-to phase, although even this part of the course was still heavily laden with history and documentation.

Thankfully, the illustrations in the main text, as usual, brought the subject to life with their realism as they recreated in a visual way the stories and practices of ancient multilimb history.

“What chapter are you on?” Mark asked Jeff, who was again farther ahead, since he typically skipped forward through the book to focus more intently when he found references to multileggedness, his goal for Mark, who was happy to pursue it.

“The one on groups,” Jeff said, putting his own textbook down and moving over to sit next to Mark, helping him page ahead to the section.

“Check this out.”

A series of well-drawn illustrations clearly bore out what pages and pages of description labored to convey, with a look back at what was actually a prehistoric antecedent to a form of basketball, showing a group of tall, naked acolytes in various states of arousal and their four-legged tribal shaman, the shaman holding a large gourd full of some kind of liquid, leading the acolytes in a ritualized exercise of pitching a primitive form of orb or ball through an improvised circular receptacle mounted almost out of reach on the trunk of a tall, slender tree. According to the ritual practice, they were taking turns pitching the orbs from a certain distance, trying to get it to descend through the receptacle, testing their aim. As part of the ritual, an acolyte who missed the receptacle would imbibe a consolation quaff from a large gourd proffered by the four-legged shaman.

“That looks like strip-shot basketball,” laughed Mark. “What’s in the gourd?”

“It says here it’s an ancient concoction, a kind of brew,” said Jeff. “Must be strong stuff, judging by the pictures.”

The succession of illustrations portrayed the progression of the ritual, generally showing the gradual onset of additional limbs among the acolytes, who over the course of the ritual as they rotated through their turns to do the pitch also became taller as their pitches became less accurate from the ritual cycle of pitch and, on the misses, quaff. Although the acolytes took long pulls from the gourd, according to the illustrations it appeared to remain full.

“The consolation quaffs symbolize the care of the gods who provide not only a balm for the soul but aid for the body in the form of added height and limbs to give the acolytes every advantage in their quest to achieve the pitches, which are a stand-in for life’s challenges,” Jeff explained as he skimmed the accompanying text.

The progression of drawings showed the group of increasingly taller acolytes in their ritual transformation, realistically portraying their humor and cohesiveness as a tribe, as they struggled to support each other, using their gradually multiplying arms to help each other aim to pitch the orb through the hoop-like receptacle, and benefitting from their gradually increasing pairs of legs to steady themselves against the effects of the potent sacred brew administered by the four-legged shaman. Their increasing arousal was marked by greatly enlarged genitalia sprouted along with their extra pairs of long legs.

“It says the point of the ritual is to build cohesiveness and mutual support as a tribe, which in that culture was expressed in the free mating of the acolytes, energized by not only their newly enormous multiple genitalia but especially by the enhanced appearance of their taller bodies and elongated multiple arms and legs,” Jeff explained. “The shaman continues the ritual until the last acolyte is unable to make the pitch, at which point the ritual mating ensues.”

In the realistic illustrations, the newly tall and multilimbed acolytes are semi-stunned by their attraction to each other’s multiple limbs, falling into each other’s multiple arms as their multiple legs collapse, with multilimbed mating wildly shared under the watchful smile of the four legged shaman, still bearing the huge, full gourd. As the mating continues with the majority, some of the acolytes are shown passed out on their collapsed piles of legs, smiling in their sleep, their huge multiple genitalia still ejaculating, as they continue mating in their dreams.

Accompanying the drawings was a photo of an actual gourd unearthed from the archeological site of the tribe where the gourd had been excavated along with dozens of ancient skeletons of multilmbed males. The gourd bore markings of writing in an ancient script. “Check this out,” said Jeff. “This is what the professor said in class. The translation of the script is, ‘The beauty drives the bonding.’”

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