Visiting home

by Wicked

 Asher spent his entire first semester working out and gaining some serious muscle, but when he returns home for winter break, he doesn’t realize that he’ll be the one amazed by how much someone can change.

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I wasn’t looking forward to entering the house I had grown up in. My mom had divorced my dad suddenly and disappeared to “travel the country.” I hadn’t seen my dad my whole freshman semester.

I had become great friends with my roommate, Mitch. He was the only freshman on our colleges division one football team. The dude was a beast. 6’3, 220 pounds of pure muscle. Tan skin, bright blue eyes and light brown hair. He was an Adonis…. And also one of the nicest guys I ever met. We hit it off once we first met. I had always been athletic but nothing compared to Mitch. He took it upon himself to personally up my strength and conditioning. I was 5’11 160 of tight athletic muscle going into college. Thanks to Mitch, his training, and all his supplements, I had gained close to 30 pounds of muscle. All my shirts were tight across my new pecs and wide back. With my increase in size, came an increase in attraction from the girls on compass. Mitch was practically swimming in pussy. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I was gay… Or that I jerked off thinking about him at least twice a day. He had become my best friend and I couldn’t stand the thought of losing him.

That was the main reason I had been dreading my 2 hr drive home to see my dad.i missed Mitch already. It was pathetic I know but the man was perfect. I talked to my dad about once a week. I loved my dad. We had the same humor and he was fascinated at my new found love with lifting. He told me I had inspired him to start working out and getting serious about lifting again. My dad, Steve, owned his own construction company. He had always been in shape, one of those thick beefy muscle guys. He was 6’2 with dark almost black hair, dark brown eyes and always scruffy. He was slightly over weight but also had thick muscle arms and a big chest to distract from the little beer belly he had. I had always admired his broad frame and manliness. His pecs were perfectly hairy as were his arms and legs.

After a mind numbingly long drive, I was so happy to be pulling into my old drive way. I have to admit I was excited when I saw my dad’s giant company truck in the driveway. He hadn’t seen me since I packed on all this muscle and I knew he would be so proud of me. I had purposely picked out a shirt he had gotten me. It was for his construction company. It was a medium light weight grey shirt. It use to fit me perfect, was one of my favorite shirts. Now, my shoulders barely fit in it, my biceps stretched the fabric to the limit and my pecs bulged out like two giant slabs of beef. It barely reached my waist. I felt so sexy in it, knowing I had grown so much I was almost hulking out of it. I couldn’t wait to surprise me dad. I ran up to the door and rang the door bell. I didn’t know that when that door opened, it would be my jaw hitting the floor.

Standing in the doorway was my dad…. Only it didn’t look like him. My working out clearly INSPIRED him. My dad looked amazing. He was always a beefcake but damn. He looked like a body builder now. He had on a white v neck under shirt that was stretched to its limits over huge mounds of muscle pecs. I could see their outline perfectly, with his nipples at attention straining the shirt even more. Dark chest hair dusted the top portion of his pecs that were filling out the v neck like cleavage. He was wearing an old looking necklace I’d never seen on him. It was a bronze chain but it was tucked into his shirt so I couldn’t see the rest. When I finally tore my eyes away from those monster pecs I stared at my dad’s face. He was beaming a perfect smile at me, his eyes traveling up and down my body.

He was scruffy as usual, with a buzz cut of his dark hair but looked ten years younger. He was only 42, he had gotten my mom pregnant when they both were 18, but he looked so much better than I remembered. I couldn’t stop myself from checking my dad out. My eyes trolled over his body, and I had to stop myself from drooling. He’s arms looked massive, they had to be at least 20” flexed, and I was dying to see them flexed. They were covered in veins and his forearms were covered in hair, again more then I remembered. And I swear I could see a six pack through the t-shirt.

My gaze traveled further south. My dad had on short gym shorts that had huge hairy quads bulging out of them. His quads looked like they were as thick as my 30” waist with calves that were equally as impressive. His feet even looked bigger. Then my gaze traveled back to his crotch. The bulge in the shorts was borderline obscene and I was suddenly dying to know what my dad was packing. I know I shouldn’t even be considering it but his bulge was memorizing. It looked like a banana and two eggs were shoved in the front of his pants. I think I started to drool when my dad finally snapped me out of it.

“Damn son!!!! Look at you! You’ve turned into quite the stud! “ my dad said to me as he gripped my shoulder.

“Dad…. I….. Er……. I …… Wow” is all I could muster. He laughed so deep and hard.

“You like what you see son!? Your dad has been hitting the iron hard!” He said as he flexed his bicep. My knees went weak. I’ve never seen a bicep that big in person. He just kept flexing. “Look at how big your daddy’s become!” He said with a smile. He almost seemed turned on by his own strength. He started flexing his other arm, doing a double bi pose right there for me. That’s when I noticed that my dad seemed taller then he use to as well. I swear his bicep was getting bigger as he flexed. That’s when his shirt suddenly ripped at his lats. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My dad just laughed.

“That keeps happening to me.” He said with a shrug. “Come give your old man a hug!”

My dad pulled me into his massive arms pushing my face into those massive pecs. I tried to reach around him but when my hands found his wide lats, I couldn’t stop feeling them. They were so thick I felt the strength and power radiating off them.

He leaned down and whispered in my ear, “I’m so glad to have my boy back home with me. I’ve missed you so much. There’s so much I want to show you.” He just held me. I was engulfed in his strength and warmth. I had never felt anything like it.

He pulled me into the house, locking the door behind us. He stood there rubbing my shoulders as he looked me up and down. It took everything I had not to get hard as I was staring at the muscle god that was formally my father. He had a huge smile on his face and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him look more proud.

“Come on, show me all that hard work!” He said as he effortlessly pulled my shirt off up over my head. “Flex for me boy.”

I followed my father’s command. I started flexing, showing him my 18” biceps, bouncing my pecs, flexing my abs. He stared intently at me as I showed off for him. If I didn’t know any better I’d say there was lust in his eyes. Finally I stopped and my dad snapped out of his trance.

“You look amazing Asher. I’m so proud of the man you’ve become. Looks like that Mitch guy knows what he’s doing!” My dad said beaming.

“I thought he knew what he was doing, but he has nothing on you dad! I can’t get over your size! You’ve packed on so much muscle! How!? You have to tell me!” I said as I stepped closer to him.

“Whys that boy? Like what you see? You’ll never be as big as your daddy.” He replied with a smirk.

“I don’t want to be bigger than you dad, you are a muscle God now!” I said in awe.

“Not yet Asher, but soon I will be… Let me show you something.” My dad took my hand as I put my shirt back on and lead me to the basement. Where his old man cave use to be, was now packed with weights, and machines, rack after rack, bench press, squat, preacher curl. My dad had every piece of workout equipment imaginable down there. They room was covered in mirrors. I saw our reflection, I looked so small next to my dad. There was so much weight on the bench press I thought for certain he had just loaded it up to impress me. He walked over to the Dumbbells and picked up 120lb Dumbbells like they were pieces of paper. He started to curl them right in front of me. I watch as his biceps filled with blood and pumped up. Further and further they grew. I could actually see them growing! 10-20-30 was impossible for anyone to be that strong. He threw the weights down with a roar. I just stared in awe as he flexed again, his arms looking even bigger. He walked over to the bench and called me over.

“I’ve never curled that much before! What a fucking rush!!! Spot me now boy.” He commanded.

I stared at the impossible amount of weight on the bar.

“Dad! You can’t do this! You’ll hurt yourself!” I exclaimed.

“I’ve been waiting for you to get home just to see how much I could lift. How far I could push myself.” He said with a smirk as he laid down on the bench and put his hands on the bar. I was certain he wouldn’t be able to lift it off the rack. He had 400lbs on the bar. He pushed up. I stared down as his pecs rippled. He lifted it up, one rep, two….. Then it seemed like it was getting easier as he pumped out one after another. Were his pecs getting bigger?!? He racked the bar.

“More weight!” He demanded. I hurried to throw on another 90lbs. It wasn’t enough. He wanted more. I piled on weight until I hit 585lbs. He started to lift it before I even got into position to spot. He was covered in sweat now as he struggled against the weight. One rep….. Two reps…… Three….. This was impossible. I was hypnotized by his strength. Then the sound of a rip snapped me back to reality. I watched as my dad’s v neck gave way and ripped half way down his torso as his pecs bulged out. His glorious hairy pecs exploding out of the fabric. He was growing alright. Right in front of me. He let out the deepest sound I had ever heard come from a man in the form of a primal growl as he pumped the massive amount of weight over and over.

He racked the weight and stood up. His chest was heaving from his powerful lungs. His pecs completely exposed. Gigantic slabs of pure power. Dusted in a perfect amount of dark hair. Silver dollar nipples hard as a rock and begging for attention. He stared down at me from a new height. He was easily 6’4 now. That’s when I noticed his necklace again. It look old, ancient old. I reach out and touched it. It was hot to the touch, hotter than it should be. My hand wondered over to my dad’s huge pec. I couldn’t help myself. My dad had become a muscle God in need of worship. I began rubbing my hand through his chest hair, feeling every inch of his pec, my other hand joined in on the other. I couldn’t bring myself to look up at him but he wasn’t stopping me. I was in heaven feeling those massive muscles. I almost started drooling. That’s when I felt my dad’s hand on the back of my head, pulling my head to his nipple. Fuck! Was this really happening!?

“Yes boy. Worship your muscle god daddy !” He demanded as he slammed my head on to his nipple. I had to comply. My tongue began flicking his nipple. The more I played with it the more my father moaned. My hands were drawn to his massive pecs. I began to massage them as I sucked on his perfect nipple. My fingers digging deep into the massive muscles. I swear I could feel the striation.

“Fuck yes boy. That feels so fucking good. I’ve been dreaming about this for so long.” He moaned out. I was so turned on by hearing this muscle god utter that. He made me completely forget about my roommate Mitch and how I felt about him. The more I touched him the more I needed my father. He pulled my face off his chest. I tried to resist, my mouth didn’t want to leave that perfect form. He held my head. One hand on holding my jaw, the other on my forehead. He stared into my eyes. His dark brown eyes felt like they were piercing my soul. It was like he was willing me to love him more. To be more devoted to him. I just stared at his gorgeous face, his strong jaw line, thick lips and scruffiness that was almost a fully trimmed beard now.

“I love you dad,” I blurted out.

He smiled the sexiest smile I’d ever seen as he drew me in closer to him. The warmth of his muscular body overwhelmed me as he pushed his lips against mine. Electricity shot through my body. It was the most pleasure I’d ever had. I needed more. It quickly escalated to us kissing hard and deep as my dad’s tongue over took mine. He easily lifted me off the ground and pulled me in closer to him. He held all my body weight like a was nothing more than a child.

He walked me over to the wall and pinned me against it. He began to kiss me more aggressively as I moaned out in pure ecstasy. I was punching and pulling on his pecs. Working over his nipples as he gnawed at my face. His one hand was on my back while the other rubbed my pecs through my shirt and slowly moved up to my neck. He’s grip tightened around my neck as he pulled me off his lips. I moaned out in protest.

“You’re mine now boy. I’m going to fuck you so hard and so deep you’ll never forget it. And when you’re filled up with my cum everyone will know who you belong too.” He told me with such domination. I stared at him with wonder, and all I could think about is how much I needed his cock inside me. My legs were wrapped tightly around his waist as he pushed me against the wall. His hands moved down inside my pants. That’s when I felt it. There was a massive hard pole pushing up against my ass. It felt massive. He effortlessly ripped my pants in two leaving my ass completely naked pinned between a wall and his massive frame.

“Fuck me daddy. I need you!” I moaned out. I stared at him begging him for it. I had never wanted anything more in my life. He smirked as I heard a rip and felt his cock suddenly flop against my bare ass. I could feel it leaking precum all over me. It felt like a fountain. I was dying to see. I kept trying to look down at it.

“You want to suck that cock don’t you boy!?” My father asked me as he grabbed my chin again. I nodded.

“You want me to smack that pretty face with my monster dick don’t you boy?”

I nodded again.

“And smear all that daddy juice all over your sexy lips.”

I nodded again as I began to drool.

“You’re dying to taste daddy’s seed, aren’t you boy!?”

“Yes daddy! I need it! I can’t wait! Please let me have it!” I said as I tried to struggle against his grip. He didn’t budge. He easily overpowered me. I never help so helpless… Or turned on before in my life. I had forgotten about my own cock, but it was throbbing and leaking all over his hairy abs. He reached down and wiped up some of it and licked it off his finger.

“Mmmmm my boy’s juice tastes delicious,” he said with a smirk. He reached past my leg and began jerking his massive pole. More pre streamed out onto my ass. He wiped up some on two thick fingers. He brought it up to my mouth but held my head in place with his other hand.

“Now now boy. You’ll eat when I tell you,” he teased as he held it closer to me. He teased me over and over again I moaned and squirmed, begging him to let me taste it. I could smell it, the manly musk overtaking all my senses. Finally he let go as I grabbed his wrist and sucked his massive fingers in my mouth. The taste was amazing. It was the embodiment of his sexual energy. I couldn’t believe it. He smirked as I cleaned his fingers.

“My boy is so eager for his daddy.” He said with a cocky grin.

“Now you will be mine.” He stated as he slammed his cock into me. His hands were like vice grips on my hips. The surprise made me squirm to try and avoid that gigantic intruder. It was no use though. His cock throbbed as he pushed deeper and deeper into me. I let out the loudest moan of my life as his cock filled me. The pleasure had my toes curling, my eyes rolling back and head tossed back against the wall. He let out a primal growl as his balls pushed up against my ass.

“Fuuuuuck boy!!! Your hole is so fucking tight and hot! It’s perfect for my cock!” My father growled out. He pulled out the entire way and slammed it all back in. I had no idea how big it was but I had never felt anything like it.

“Fuck!!!! Fuck me daddy!” I screamed out in pure bliss as I shot the biggest load of my life all over his hairy pecs and up blasting him in the chin. I had no control and kept unloading stream after stream as he pumped his cock into me. He held me against the wall as he fucked me over and over. My legs still wrapped around his waist as he pounded me, my back slamming into the wall over and over. He let go of me and started to flex as his cock throbbed inside me. It felt like I was bobbing up and down with every throb and flex of his massive cock. I was mesmerized again by the shear size of his arms.

“Grrrrrrr! Look at all that fucking muscle boy!! It’s pure strength! Feel it! Feel how hard your daddy is!” I reached out and rubbed and worshiped him as his cock pumped inside me. He flexed over and over in my hands. The necklace he was wearing began to glow again and as he flexed I was feeling him getting bigger in my hands”Holy fuck!” I screamed out “dad you’re growing!!!”

“Fuck yes boy! I’m literally becoming the strongest man on the planet! Soon I’ll be the biggest too! I will truly be a muscle god!” He growled. He was staring at his bicep as he contracted them so hard it looked like he was lifting. They grew slightly with each pump. I was so amazed it took me a while to realize that each time his cock flexed and throbbed inside me, it felt like it was taking up more and more of my hole! I looked down and was about to say something as my dad stopped flexing and returned to pounding my hole. He was raping me against the wall. I couldn’t move as I came again. Another huge load exploding all over my dads perfect hairy pecs. He wiped it up and licked it up as he slammed harder and deeper into me. He kissed me again, hard and deep, letting me taste my own load as he fucked me.

“FUUUUUUUUUCK!!! I’M GOING TO BLOW!” He screamed out as he thrust his cock so deep into me. I felt it flex and throb so intensely I nearly came again. Then it began to pump cum into me. It felt so warm, almost hot as it filled me up. I began to feel the heat spread through out my body. I began to sweat and my shirt suddenly felt tighter. He pumped more and more into me as he screamed out in ecstasy. What was wrong with me!? My whole body was tingling and warm, it felt like his cum was spreading every where inside me.

I looked down at my chest, and saw my pecs stretching my shirt more and more. I was growing just like my dad had done. His cock was still unloading inside me and I felt hotter and hotter, like I was burning up from the inside out, but the pleasure… It was pushing me over the edge. I looked down at my cock and watched as it grew longer and longer pushing to my dad’s belly button, then further. It was throbbing so hard, and leaking more pre then I ever had before. The mushroom head of my cock was swelling to a new girth. My own cock was turning me on. I felt heavier… And stronger. I flexed my arms. I stared in amazement at their size just as my shirt sleeves ripped. The sound snapped my dad out of his pleasured state. His eyes stared at me in a mix of lust and wonder.

He was staring at my chest. I looked back at it. My nipples were pushing out more than before as the fabric was stretched so thin. My pecs were bulging out further than I ever thought possible. Is my dad’s cum making me grow!?!? With that thought my shirt gave way. It ripped down the center to reveal huge pecs, lightly dusted in dirty blond hair, much more than I had had before … And I’d shaved clean this morning. We both stood there, breathing heavy, covered in sweat and cum. I stared at my father in utter disbelief. He just smiled at me, and kissed me with a new found passion as his cock was still throbbing inside me.

I was breathing heavy. I could still feel my dad's cock inside me, throbbing strong, even after it had just filled me to the brim with hot muscle cum. I stared up at my father, my back pinned to the wall. I had never been more turned on in my life. He was covered in sweat, his massive hairy pecs glistened with the moisture. He just stared down at me, as his cock held me off the floor. His hands were wandering over my newly expanded body.

"I can't believe my cum made my boy grow like that," he said with a smile. His hands went under my arms and lifted me off his still throbbing cock. I hated the feeling of his dick leaving my hole. I felt so empty. I was addicted to the feeling of him inside me already. It was like my entire being was craving him. As my feet touched the ground, I looked up into his eyes.

"I love you Dad." I couldn't stop myself from saying.

"I love you too Son." he said with a smile as he kissed me hard and deep. Our tongue wrestling as I moaned into his mouth. "Now turn around, look in the mirror and flex for your daddy."

As I turned, I stared in amazement at my new muscle body, and the shreds of my shirt still wrapped around my arms and torso. My dad grab the shirt and ripped it off with ease. I know I grew taller, but seeing my father standing behind me, made me feel small. He was easily a foot taller then me. Clearly the workout of fucking me had helped him grow even larger. I lifted up my arms and flexed my biceps.

"Holy fuck!" I muttered. My arms had clearly grown to 19 if not 20 inches. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. I lowered my arms and began bouncing my newly massive pecs. I couldn't get over their definition. I reached up and started playing with my nipples. It felt so good to play with them that I let out a slight moan. That's when I felt my dad push up against my ass. His hands roved over my new bubble ass, his cock leaking all over my crack. He pushed his fat cock into the valley between my muscle cheeks and began to kiss my neck as I continued to stare and flex. His hairy pecs felt so good against my back.

"You are so incredibly sexy son." he whispered into my ear as his tongue traced the out line of my ear. I let out another moan as I began grinding my ass back on him. My arm reached up behind me and grabbed my father's head. I started playing with his hair as he started grinding a little faster and harder into me.

"Daddy, I need you… I know you just came inside me, but I need more," I panted out, already short of breath. It was like my dad's mere presence was intoxicating. All I could think about was pleasing him, milking more and more of that muscle cum out of him. My cock was at attention, throbbing harder and thicker than I had ever seen. My other hand reached down and started to stroke it. Its girth was overwhelming. I couldn't believe it was my cock. My daddy's hands found their way to my pecs. He was massaging them, pulling on my nips, and twisting them. As his fingers danced across them, I moaned louder and louder, grinding even harder back on his steel rod of a cock. His muscle cock was like a faucet of pre cum. He took one hand off my pecs to stroke the head of his cock, which was mid way up my back. My father wiped up a large amount of his pre and held it in front of my face. I gripped his wrist and started to feverishly suck his pre cum off his fingers. It tasted like heaven and made me moan even more. One hand was feeding me pre as the other played with my nipple. My cock was now the faucet. I barely leaked any pre before my daddy filled me with his cum… now there was a puddle on the gym floor showing how excited I was to please him, to taste his sweat and cum. My dad looked down at it and let out a laugh.

"Damn, my baby boy is excited for more of me, let me get a taste of that!"

I let out a small squeal as my dad flipped me around and lifted me effortlessly up off the floor again. I didn't realize what he was doing until my head almost hit the ceiling with was 10 feet. He had power cleaned me clear to his shoulders. My back was against the wall, with my legs on his shoulders as my fat cock slid right down his throat. I thought I was moaning loudly before. As my dad's tongue played with my swollen head, I screamed out in pleasure. That's when he slid a finger into my cum filled ass. His finger was the size of a normal man's cock. I was squirming on his shoulders as he found my spot. the pleasure sent shockwaves through my body as he finger fucked my hole. My cock throbbed over and over in his mouth as he sucked on me. It was the best head of my life. I was seeing stars, uncontrollably moaning and screaming, begging for more. My dad slipped another finger inside me, fucking me hard and deep, nailing my spot over and over again. My back arched, eyes rolled back in my head. I was in pure bliss. he grabbed his cock and lubed up his fingers with all that pre cum and slammed back into me. I couldn't hold back anymore.

"FUUUUUCKKKKK DADDDDDDYYYYYY! I'M GONNA CUM!!!!" I screamed out. It only made my father suck on my cock harder. I unloaded the biggest load of my life. Not a single drop escaped my dad's mouth. He was as greedy for my cum as I was for his! That's when I felt the ceiling get a little closer.

FUCK! Can my cum make HIM grow!? I thought in amazement. Before I could even process that thought I was being thrown to the ground.

"Fuck boy! All that cum has turn me on so fucking bad!" My dad said with a grunt. He grabbed my head and slammed it into his crotch. My nose was smashed into his gloriously hairy balls. I took a deep whiff of his sweaty manly scent. It was the greatest thing I had ever smelled. I couldn't get his balls in my mouth fast enough.

"Fuck yes boy! Worship your daddy's balls!" my dad moaned. His hand never left my head as he rubbed my head over and over into his sweaty crotch. My tongue worshipped every inch of his balls as I stroked his massive shaft with both hands. I looked up at my glorious muscle daddy. I could barely see his face past the two giant mounds of hairy muscle that were his pecs. He was playing with one nipple as he humped my face.

"Fuck boy…. I love the feeling of that tongue on my balls." He moaned out. "Fuck you make me so god damn horny!" He pulled me off his balls and stared down at me. I watched as a smirk crept across his face. He held my face back, one hand on my chin, the other on my forehead as he spit into my open mouth. It was the hottest thing I had ever done.

"You're mine now boy." my dad said as he gripped his foot long cock and started smacking my face with it. He smeared pre cum all over my scruff. "Now you're marked." He smirked again as he slammed his gigantic dick down my throat. I choked, and gagged on its mass but I wasn't going to let that stop me. I ate his cock like I was starving. In fact I was. I needed that massive cock. I wanted that muscle cum. I wanted to taste it. I wanted to please my muscle god. I wanted to grow even bigger, to be just like him. My daddy let out moan after moan, grunting as he fucked my face without mercy. Tears were welling up in my eyes as he pounded my skull. He was raping my mouth. I tried to make him slow down but his hands were like a vice. He was 100% pure primal fucking my face. His cock felt like it was swelling even bigger with each thrust. I didn't know whether to be scared that he was about to crush my skull or so turned on I could cum without touching my cock. It turned out to be the latter. His alpha essence pushed me over the edge. My cock started to explode as he cock filled up my throat. I tried to moan but couldn't get out much more than a gargle. My father looked down as he felt my hot cum shoot all over his leg.

"FUCK BOY! TAKE MY CUMMMMM!" he grunted and slammed his cock deep into my mouth. His cock flooded my throat with hot sweet cum. I managed to swallow the first few shots but the shear volume overwhelmed me. It started leaking out of my mouth and down my chest as he shot stream after stream into me. I hurried to swallow over and over. The sounds that were coming out of my dad as he unloaded where nothing short of animalistic. I felt his cum warm my stomach. I felt the warmth start to spread again. I looked down as my arms and pecs began to swell again. I fell onto my back as the warmth engulfed my body. I moaned out and squirmed on the floor. My dad was still cumming, squirting more and more muscle cum onto me. I rubbed my expanding body, feeling the growth. I rubbed my daddy's cum into my pecs as I felt them compound under my hand. It was making me so hard. The power, the strength. It was amazing. I looked up at my father, I couldn't help myself, it was like his cum was viagra on steriods. I started jerking my cock at my daddy's feet, covered in his cum, muscles growing. He stared down at me.

"Fuck boy, you're growing even more!" he smirked. He started to flex for me. I felt my lats expanding, my shoulders getting broader. "My godly muscle cum is doing wonders for your son. Maybe one day you be this big." He said as he flexed a most muscular for me. I exploded all over him. I didn't stand a chance seeing that and not cumming. I just laid there at his feet, panting, covered in sweat and my daddy's cum. I couldn't believe it. I was hopelessly devoted to this muscle god. I couldn't get enough.

My dad extended a hand and I grabbed it. He lifted me off the floor with ease and pulled me into a hug. He pressed me against his hairy boulders of pecs.

"Sorry I got a little rough there. I don't know what came over me." He said with a blush.

"I loved it daddy," I beamed with a smile.

He kissed me deep, with passion only a father has for a son. He held me. I felt safe and warm in those impossibly strong arms. It was as though his essence engulfed me. I never wanted to leave. I looked over in the mirror. I was amazed at my transformation, but my father was on a completely different level. He was at least 7 feet tall now. His delts and shoulders looked like a literal mountain range. His biceps were the size of my head.

"Daddy you're huge!" I gawked. I stood back and just stared at him. He smiled down at me and raised his massive arms and flexed his mountainous arms. I grabbed his bicep with both hands i couldn't even come close to encircling it all.

"Look at how huge your father has become!" he said, as he flexed a most muscular. I swear I saw him grow even more as he flexed those gigantic muscles. I couldn't take my eyes off him. He was absolute muscle perfection.

"How is this possible dad!? Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining," I said as I admired my own newly enlarged bicep.

"Well I found this at one of my work site's at the end of the summer," he said as he gripped his ancient looking necklace. I remembered how it felt hot against my skin when he was fucking me. I took it in my hand and rubbed it. It still felt hot to the touch.

"Any time I lift when I'm wearing it, it makes me stronger and grow bigger. It never made me grow this much before. But when I saw you looking so sexy in that tight shirt, it's like I lost all control and the necklace fed off my lust for you. I could feel it feeding off the sexual energy. It was so intense, all i wanted to do was lift, grow and fuck! Just thinking about it again is making me…. " I looked down as the necklace started to glow, and my dad's cock harden. I quickly lifted the necklace over his head. The action snapped him back to reality.

"Are you ok dad?"

"Yes boy, thanks. I needed to take it off, I don't know how I'm going to explain being this big… but the feeling is so addictive."

I smiled up, "It is an amazing feeling daddy! I don't know how I'm going to explain this either. I am definitely as big as Mitch now, if not bigger!"

My dad's face instantly changed.

"I need to meet this Mitch. Invite him over. I need to show him what real muscle is. He needs to know you're mine now, not his." he said in a deep growl.

"But… Daddy he's straight. Him and I have never done any…."

"NOW. Boy. I need to show him what a true muscle God looks like." My father said with such force I knew there'd be no debating with him. He flex his massive frame as he towered over me. I stared up at his muscles as the veins bulged. I had never seen anything like it. It made my knees weak. He truly was bigger than any bodybuilder I had ever seen. He pointed at our pile of shredded clothes. "Get your phone and call him now."

I scrambled to rummage though the clothes as quickly as I could. I was shaking. I didn't know why but I knew I had to. He wanted it, so I had to make it happen. He put his gigantic arm around me and pulled me into him as I scrolled through my phone to find Mitch's number. My father bent down and started sucking on my neck as his hands found my ass. I was intoxicated by his touch…. I was forgetting what I was doing… All I could think of was his cock inside me again.

"Dial the number," my father whispered into my ear as he lifted me off the ground again. His strength engulfed me. I couldn't believe how easily he picked me up. His muscles were so hard… So strong. The warmth of his body made me want more… No need more.

I pushed send as my daddy's cock slid inside me again.

"Fuck I love the feeling of my boy's tight warm hole," he whispered as he filled me up. His presence inside me was overwhelming, it pushed me to the edge of bliss but Mitch's voice snapped me back to reality.

"Hey buddy!"

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