A visit

by Three-Legged Dude

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One day I went to my neighbour's house to watch a movie. I was sitting in the chair next to him. He had no socks on and I was studying his feet with those long slender toes.

Next thing I said was, “Watch this.” My pants started bulging in between my legs and then my pants ripped open and a leg with a foot appeared there and the funny thing was that the foot wasn't mine, it was his. It had the long slender toes that were on his foot.

Next thing another leg came out. This time it was a left foot so now I had two left legs and two right legs.

So anyway we got back to watching the movie and I asked him if he had an extra pair of socks I could borrow until I got home, and he said, “Yep I do, I'll go get them.”

So while he was gone I looked under my right arm, and there was a right hand, and then an elbow, and then a full-length arm. I had a ring on one finger of my first right hand and there was also a ring on my other right hand.

So when my friend came back with the extra pair of socks, he had a new right leg between his other two, so he had three legs.

I said, “Oh yeah, I have three arms,” and no sooner had I got the words out of my mouth when I had a fourth arm.

So as the movie was finishing up I got up on all fours an went to get my sneakers, and they were all lined up in a row: left, left, right, right. So I walked back in the living room and my buddy was sitting in the chair with three legs and two arms. I had four of each. That's how easy they can grow. I went in with two legs and two arms and left with four legs and four arms.

I told him that next time I come down I'll bring his socks back. What a time I had.

The next day was a fine winter day: the sun was shining and the snow was slowly melting. I got a phone call and it was my buddy who lived down the road from me—you know, the three-legged guy—and he asked me to come down for a little while, so I said, “Sure, I'll be right there.”

So I got all my sneakers on, put my coat on all my four arms, hopped in the car, and drove down to my buddy's place. When I got there he came and met me on the doorstep. I looked down at the doorstep and saw that he had no feet. He had his three legs though, so I didn't think anything of it.

When I went in the house behind him I noticed that his sneakers were beside the stove with white socks hanging out of them, and his feet were in his sneakers. So he pulled them out and put the socks on over his stumps, I guess you would say, and then we went upstairs. You would not believe what he had in store to show me.

He got undressed and then went to his closet. He pulled out feet, arms, and bottom halves of torsos with legs and penises attached, and next thing I got a couple of hardons.

He picked up a four-legged bottom half and said, “Would this look alright?”

“Sure, why won't it,” I said.

So I sat on the bed and watched as he lifted himself off his bottom half and placed himself on the four legged bottom half. All the feet he had were the same as his original feet with those long slender toes.

So he put his boxers on and then his jeans. He went to his dresser and got two pairs of white socks and sat down to put them on. Then he picked up another pair of feet and took his hands off and put the feet on his wrists, so now he had six feet, but the new ones didn't need socks on them, he just left them bare as all this was going on. I loved every minute of it.

Once back in my two-legged days, I went to my friend's place when his older brother was still living there. I was so in love with that guy's feet; he had a second toe that was longer than all the rest.

So when he came out of the shed out back, I came up behind him and pushed him down. I just ripped his right leg out and put it between my two legs.

“What was that for?” he asked.

“I like your legs and feet so much, I had to help myself to your right leg.”

He got up on his left leg and hopped down to the house, and I followed him walking on three legs.

“You could have asked for one of my legs if you wanted it,” he said, because he had extra legs upstairs.

So he went upstairs and got two more legs and attached them to where I had ripped his right leg off.

“Sorry,” I said, “I didn't know you had extras.”

So after he got his legs attached we both had three legs, two right and one left. He got his new pants and put three white socks on.

“You got any extra arms?”

“Yes I do, as a matter of fact.”

So he went and got the arms with big muscular hands on them, but in the meantime I had grown four more arms under my two original ones.

When he got back he stopped and looked at me. “Where'd they come from?”

I shrugged. “I grew them while you were gone.”

So he just pulled his shirt off and attached the extra arms to under his arms so he had four arms and three legs, and I had six arms and three legs. It was awesome.

One sunny day I was down at my friend Tom's house and we were watching television. We each had only two legs, until a strange grey van pulled up in the yard.

We went out on the doorstep in our socked feet and the guy got out of the van. When we saw the cowboy getting out of the van our jaws dropped to the ground. This fella had a white cowboy hat, a blue silk shirt, blue jeans, and brown cowboy boots. And he had four legs, two in front and two in back. When we saw he had four legs we each got a hard on.

He asked us if we were interested in looking at what he had in the back of the van. We said, “Sure,” and what to our eyes should appear but a load of legs and arms with feet and hands on them, a box full of penises, and a box each of extra hands and feet. My cock got harder.

He asked us what we wanted.

I said, “I'd like four legs, four arms, and three penises.”

“What would you like, Tom?” he asked.

“Well I'll get a couple legs and arms and four feet and maybe a pair of hands too.”

The cowboy asked, “Will that be everything?” and we just said, “Yes, thank you.”

So we went back in the house with our legs and everything and tried some of them on. Tom took his pants off and put both of his legs he got between his other two and then got a pair of white socks to put on his new feet. Next thing I took my pants off and put my four new legs on and borrowed two more pairs of socks from Tom till I got home. I also attached my penises where they were supposed to go, and we put our jeans back on and sat down and watched TV some more. I think this was the best day of our lives.

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