The machine

by Silvio Censall

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“Go on. Lick it. Just make sure you don't bite it.”

Trevor looked at the object Jerome was holding out infront of it and slowly did as he told, though he didn't know why.

“What does it feel like?” Jerome began to smile as Trevor licked.

“It feels smooth. What else should an apple feel like?”

Trevor was beginning to think that the rumors were true. Jerome had always e been what people would call a geek, but now he was one crazy geek! Jerome may be one of his best friends at college, but for the past few weeks he had been acting pretty strange…well…stranger than usual. Jerome worked in the computer science lab on campus as a service man and programmer. It was an easy way for him to pay his way through college, and since he barely ever slept and the job called for him to work from 11:00 pm till 6am in the morning, it was perfect. Jerome was a genius and would probably be one of the youngest computer scientist in the world once he graduated, if not the youngest, the brightest.

Trevor had settled down at his apartment a half hour before to watch some porno's he had just gotten in the mail. He loved being at college for two reasons. The first was that there weren't too many places where so many dropdead gorgeous guys got together all in one place, and 2, he could be out of the closet without his parents knowing. Big deal though. There may have been 200 gorgeous guys on campus, but none of them, even if they were gay wanted to have anything to do with Trevor. At the age of 20, Trevor was only 5’7 feet tall, way too fat for his height, had short brown hair, dull brown eyes, a pasty complexion, and a penis that was only 4.5 inches when hard. At 20, he was still a virgin, and probably would be until the day he died.

Jerome and Trevor had met each other when they were grouped together in their dorm their Freshman year. They had become instant friends. Trevor was ugly and shy, and Jerome was a 14 year old genius with no friends, and no chance of getting any; except Trevor. They had remained friends since.

The phone had rang just as Trevor was about to cum while watching two gorgeous and hot guys suck each other off. “Fuck” he thought, and answered it. “Hello?”

“Come down to the lab. Fast!” It was Jerome.

“I'm busy right now!” Trevor watched as his erection, small as it was, deminished into nothingness as it got soft.

“I don't care what you're in the middle of. Just get down here.”

Trevor resided to the fact that he never was going to cum if he said no to Jerome because the geek would keep calling until he came down, so Trevor said he would be right there.

“'Im in the computer lab in the basement of Kenzu Hall.

“Be right there.”

Now, here he was licking the skin of an apple while Jerome smiled and looked on. “Bite it!.”

“What?” Trevor knew his friend was certainly crazy now.

“Bite it.”

“You brought me all the way down here to bite an apple? I could have done that at home.”

“Just do it.”

Trevor looked at Jerome for a second, and bit into the apple.

What came out was not what Trevor expected it to be. Instead of having the slightly sweat taste of apple, it was a citrus taste, and the juice wasn't clear. It was orange. Trevor looked at Jerome, and took a bigger bite. The inside of the apple was in sections like an orange would be. In fact, this wasn't an apple at all. It was an orange with an apple skin.

“Good. Isn't it. Florida grown.”

“How the hell did you do this?” Trevor took another bite and laughed. It was one of the best orpalles he had ever tasted!

“I did it on this machine right over here. Its what Ive been working on down here in my spare time. No one comes down to this lab except me, so I took all the old parts of the old computers, made them good as knew, and built this very machine you see before you.” Trevor looked to the odd machine that stood infront of him.

H hadn't noticed it before, but it took up about a quarter of the room. It was made of a jumble of different computers, an old copy machine, and on the end of the whole contraption was a hose looking thing that pointed down toward an old surgical table that had come from the pre-med department.

“What Ive done, my friend, is created a machine that can change the outer atoms of any object into something totally different than what it is. You have an example right infront of you. I put an ordinary orange on the table over there underneath the laser,” (so that was what that hose was), “shot it with the blueprints of an apple, and BANG! Instant outer apple, inside, orange!”

“Bullshit! Show me!”

Trevor watched as Jerome took a plum from out of an old refrigerator and put it on the table. “Now, what fruit to you want it to be?”

“A watermelon.”

“Fine.” Jerome looked through a book of fruits, ripped out a picture of a watermelon, and put it on the old copy machine. “Now, all I do is press this green button right here, and the computer does the rest. IT takes the picture, makes an atomic code out of what it sees, sends the code to the laser that hits whatever is underneath it with this code. Since its just a picture, I can only do an outer code. You can never make a dog into a cat, because the copier is only sending an outside picture to the computer. I know this all sounds pretty complicated, but its not. Think what we could do for the world if we could make it change the outer and inner workings of something. We could take a bag of grain, hit is with the laser after we've copied a picture of say, an apple, and presto, you would have about 10,000 apples. You could feed the whole of Africa easily. No more starvation!.”

Jerome hit the green button, there was a few seconds, and then the laser turned on sending a green ray onto the plum. Trevor watched as the plum began to swell slowly, and in now time at all, there was a watermelon sitting where the plum had been.! “Christ!

It works!”

“Of course it does! Shit!” A beeping on Jeromes waist suddenly signaled there was a problem with another computer somewhere on campus.” The engineer department's computers must be out again. I'll be back in a half hour. Make yourself at home.”

With that, Jerome was gone.

I can't believe this, Trevor thought to himself as he examined the machine. This thing is incredible. An idea suddenly came to him. If you could do it with fruit, what could you do to a person? You could change their whole outer persona! You could make, say, a fat college student into a gorgeous stud if you had the right picture; and Trevor had the right picture. It was a picture that he always kept in his wallet for masturbation purposes when he was away from home. It was a picture of Scott Parker, the most gorgeous guy Trevor had ever seen.

Scott was a model in one of the men magazines that Jerome subscribed to. He was 6’3”, had a 47 inch chest, a 31 inch waist, 19inch arms, black long hair, ice blue eyes, a hairy face and chest, fit toned and tight muscles, and a ribbed abs. Scott was a god in Trevors eyes. What Trevor drooled over the most, though was Scotts 13 inch cock. It was HUGE! Trevor knew it was Scott's pride and joy, and Trevor wanted one too.

Trevor took off all of his clothes and walked over to the copy machine with the picture of Scott in his hands. He removed the picture of the watermelon, and put Scott's where it had laid.

He put the cover down, pressed the green button, and ran just in time to throw himself on the medical table as the laser beam shot down and hit him full on the back. After a few minutes, much longer than it had taken for the watermelon atoms to hit the plum, the machine shut itself off.

Trevor didn't feel any different. He waited for the change to happen, but nothing. He got up from the table and walked over to the mirror that was hanging on the wall on the other side of the room. Shit. Nothing. He was still the same fat guy he always had been. What a gip. It must just work on fruits. Too bad it didn't work on the human kind!

Trevor looked down and saw that his cock was beginning to slowly get hard. In a few seconds, it was standing at attention harder than it had ever stood before. At least on good thing came out of this. I have akiller hard on. Trevor realized that he was getting extremely horny ,and didn't know why. All he wanted to do was jerk himself off and cum all over the place. As he started to rub his now swollen cock, Trevor began to feel a slight buzzing in his whole entire body.

Ive never felt this good in my entire life. Even if it didn't change me, I feel damn good! Trevor was watching himself in the mirror jerk himself off when he noticed that his gut didn't stick out as much as it used to. In fact, it could be his eyes, but it looked like it was shrinking right in front of him. Trevor stopped jerking himself off and felt his stomach. It felt smaller and…suddenly itchy. His whole stomach and chest began to feel itchy and, infront of his eyes, his chest began to get covered with hair. It started slowly at first, and then quickly progressed from his lower belly button up to his breast area. In two minutes his chest was nicely covered with a nice rug of hair.

Trevor began to smile as he watched the hair grow, but then he felt as if he was having growing pains in his legs again. Not only his legs, but his whole body. Trevor was beginning to stretch and grow. It looked odd and first to Trevor. It must have looked like he was made of clay. First his legs grew, and when they had reached the appropriate height, then his arms grew, one at a time, and then his chest spread out until his whole body was in proportion. As he looked on, Trevor grew to be 6 foot and 3 inches tall!!

Trevor looked at himself in the mirror, and couldn't believe it. He was 6 feet tall, and he was thin. All of this was so incredible that when his muscles began to swell and grow and sculpt themselves, he couldn't believe it. He watched as his arms slowly got bigger and fuller, as his legs began to stretch out to their limits, and how his stomach, once round a and fat, now became a six pack of tight ribbed abs of steel!

The best part was watching his cock grow. The horny feeling began to intensify and build until Trevor felt like he was having a super orgasm. Trevor watched as his cock began to spurt come all over the place, but with each spurt, his cock began to grown and thicken out. He thought his cock would never stop cumming. It just kept shoot and shooting, harder and harder, thicker and thicker until Trevor had a 12 inch cobra stretching out infront of him.

He admired the god that stood infront of the mirror where a ghoul had once stood. This hunk looked exactly like Scott Parker.

Sometime while he was watching his cock grow, his hair had gotten longer and black, and his eyes had become ice blue. Trevor had become hot, hard, and horny again. He couldn't wait for Jerome to come back and see what his machine had done, but first, he was gone to whack himself off again. He just had to get his hands on the meat again.

Jerome hurried back to the lab, knowing deep down inside that something had happened. I never should have left Trevor alone in there, he thought as he hurried down the stairs to the underground lab the University had practically forgotten about in its pursuit to create taller and more concrete looking buildings. I should have made him come with me to fix the Engineering departments computer. If anything wild has happened, this is all my fault.

Jerome quickly walked down the hallway to the lab door and threw it open with a bang. The lab was completely quiet. Jerome walked in slowly and looked around for Trevor.

'Trevor! You in here? Trevor!' Jerome walked over to the Machine and made sure everything was all right. None of the dials or buttons had been touched, and the 'watermelon' was still on the old medical table underneath the laser. Jerome breathed a sigh of relief. Trevor had probably gotten tired of waiting for him to come back and had gone home to watch some of his porno's before going to bed. Jerome was positive that that was where Trevor had to be.

'Ive been working too hard,' Jerome said outloud as he turned off the Machine and began to cover it up with old bed sheets; 'I should just go home and sleep for a couple of hours. Maybe get something to eat…' 'I was wondering when you were getting back!' Jerome turned around as the deep baritone called out to him.

In the semi-dark, Jerome was positive that he had died and gone to jerk-off heaven. Now, Jerome did not consider himself gay to the full extent of the word. He considered himself a worshiper of the male form. He thought it was incredible that the male body could look so rugged and fit and be extremely sexy all at the same time.

What Jerome saw standing before him made his 4 inch cock stand instantly at attention.

In front of Jerome stood a dark, Italian looking stud in skintight short and a university T-shirt that was too small and revealed some of his hairy and ribbed stomach. He had to be at least 6’3' tall with long shoulder length ebony hair, ice-blue eyes, a wonderfully erotic five o'clock shadow, lips that were thin but full all at the same time, and a nose that every Roman emperor on a coin would be in envy of; and that was only his. The stud's body put the statue of David to shame! His chest had to be at least 49 inches wide, but his waist could only have been about 32 inches, and none of it was fat at all. His arms looked like two thick tree trunks averaging 19-20 inches each, and his legs, well they were so tight and muscular that Jerome was sure he was either going to squirt right in his pants or get onto his knees and begin worshipping right there one the spot. Jerome looked the stud over and as his eyes fell on the crotch of his pants, Jerome knew the stud was a stallion! The guys cock bulged the seams of the already tight shorts until it looked like they were going to burst. The cocks out line looked to be about 8 inches long and it wasn't hard at all, and his balls looked like there were two lemons squashed in there along with the Italian sausage this guy must call a cock!

There was only one thing Jerome had one his mind. He wanted to suck this guys cock so bad it hurt. He wanted to get it all the way down his throat and taste what real power must be!

'Im pretty hot, aren't I?' The stud's voice was deep and soothing, almost musical.

'You're a fucking, god! That's what you are!' Jerome was shocked when the stud looked at him and laughed.

'You want to touch me, don't you? You want to make sure Im not just one of your perverted dreams, don't you?' 'Ah ha…' Jerome could barely speak. His cock was hard and his mouth was dry.

'Come over here then.' Jerome stepped over to the stud like a sonabulous, not sure anymore if this was real or just a wild dream. If it was, he prayed to god he was in a coma so this would go on forever. 'Go on. Touch me.' Jerome did as he was told. He took his hand and put it lightly on the stud's chest, feeling the ripple of muscles underneath. 'I can't believe you're even human!' Jerome began to get bolder, putting both of his hands on the stud, kneading his chest with his hands. Slowly, and with hope in his eyes, Jerome let his right hand slip carefully down the studs entire torso, over the sculpted and fuzzy abs, and end up skillfully on the package which was his hearts whole intention.

Jerome began to slowly massage his hand on the studs crotch, feeling the serpent inside his shorts beginning to come alive.

'You had better unbutton these shorts. Ive never gotten hard in them before, and their all I got that would fit me. Why don't you kneel down and do it. Do what you want to.' The stud smiled and watched as Jerome fell to his knees and began to unbutton the shorts that led to paradise.

The stud wasn't wearing any underwear, and his cock was only beginning to get hard. Only half done, his tool must have been aleast 10inches long. Without thinking, Jerome opened his mouth and put it around the head of the studs cock, his mouth watering, mixing with the salt taste from the mushroom head. The head filled up his entire mouth, and Jerome was nervous about what to do next.

He had never done this before, but he wanted the whole thing…he needed the whole thing. The stud's cock was pretty much hard by now, and must have been at least 13 inches long and as thick as Jeromes own arm. Jerome was afraid of gagging, but he began to slowly take the whole cock in, inch by inch.

' Go on. Oh, god yeah. Take it all the way in. You're half way there…keep going.' The stud grabbed onto Jeromes sandy blond hair and began to force his huge cock further down Jeromes throat.

This is heaven, Jerome thought. This is ecstasy. He started to move his head back and forth on the thick cock. getting it all wet and enjoying the thrill of it all. Just when he thought he couldn't do any more, and that it couldn't get any better, the stud shot in his mouth, the salty cum shooting down his throat, and into his stomach, filling Jerome with his he-man juices. The stud pulled his cock from Jeromes eager mouth, letting Jerome lick up the last of the man liquor.

'You sure do give great head, Jerome. I always knew you would.' 'How do you know my name?' Jerome sat on his ass, exhausted but satisfied.

'You still don't know who I am, do you?' 'No.' 'It's me, Trevor. I used your machine. It works on humans pretty well, doesn't it.' The stud infront of Jerome laughed and laughed. 'Pretty good, huh?' 'You fuck!!' Jerome got up from his knees and walked to the other side of the room, feeling like a fool. 'Come, on man. I was only a joke. You wanted it as bad as I did. I just thought I'd let you have the first go before I let myself loose on the unsuspecting male population of the world!' 'Get out of here!' 'Lighten up, Jerome. Its about time you had your lips around a cock, and its about time you got laid! With this machine, we can have everything and anyone we've ever wanted!' 'What do you mean?' Jerome turned around, afraid of what Trevor, or the God Trevor was going to say.

'I brought back this magazines from our apartment, that's where I was when you got here. I thought you could pick out one and turn into him. Hell, we could change guys nightly. It only takes about an hour!' Trevor got so excited that he began to flip through the Playgirls trying to find a stud for Jerome to be. 'How about this one?' 'Im not doing it.' 'Why not?' 'You're the first human its been tested on. What if something goes wrong?' 'Nothings going to go wrong. Just do it.' 'No.' 'You're such a fucking chicken!' 'I am not.' 'Are too!' Trevor was beginning to get mad. What a baby Jerome was turning out to be. 'Fine, if you don't want to do it, I hope you get used to me being the worlds biggest stud while you stay the worlds biggest geek!' Jerome just looked at Trevor. 'Fine. But I got my own picture.' Jerome walked angrily to the desk by the wall, ripped out a picture, and set it on the copy machine closing the lid with a bang. 'Press the button when I'm ready, asshole.' 'Who you going to be?' 'You'll just have to wait.' Jerome took off all of his clothes and threw them in a pile on the floor. He climbed onto the table and set himself underneath the lazier beam. 'Go ahead.' Trevor hit the button on the machine, and listened as it got ready to beam Jerome right in the stomach. He couldn't wait to have Jerome at his side, both of them being campus studs together.

After three or four minutes, the beam shut itself off, and Jerome just lay there. 'Well?' 'It takes alittle while, at least it did with me. So, who are you going to be?' Jerome got up off of the table and walked slowly to the copy machine and removed the picture.

'I thought if I had to be someone, I might as well go all the way.' He handed the picture to Trevor and walked away. Trevor looked at the picture, looked at Jerome, and looked at the picture again.

It was a picture Jerome had torn out of a comic book of Captain Universe. This guy was so big and hot, he put Superman to shame, and from the way he was drawn, Trevor knew the artist was guy. Shoved in those tights was a cock that had to be atleast 20 inches long.

'This guys not real, Jerome. How could you hope to become him?' Trevor looked up from the picture to see Jeromes small cock beginning to get hard. A sudden convulsion hit Jerome, and he began to buck back and forth, falling onto the floor.

'I think its starting, Trevor.' And it was…

Jerome's animal-like scream filled the basement room. Trevor wasn't sure what was happening, but he was afraid Jerome had made a mistake when he chose the comicbook picture of Captain Universe to use with the machine. N ow, all Trevor could do was watch as Jerome tossed and turned on the floor in agony as the change took place. It hadn't been this strong when Trevor had changed into the sex god he was now, but he had used a picture of a real stud. Jerome had used a picture from some artists homoerotic imagination. Trevor was scared, and also excited. He couldn't wait to see what Jerome became. Jerome screamed again, and Trevor watched in amazement as the change began. It began in his legs.

Jerome's calves began to swell beyond belief, growing larger by the second quickly tripling in size almost to were it loo ked like his skin was going to split with too much muscle underneath it. Captain Universe's muscles were tight and huge, and that was exactly what Jerome was becoming. A cracking sound suddenly came from Jerome's body as his bones grew to house the strength that was forming in his body. His legs shot up into the air, and Trevor had to stand back and watch helplessly as Jeromes legs gr ew tobecome out of proportion with the rest of his body. It was almost a comic sight to watch Jerome with the Hercules size legs and the torso of a wimpy nerd. Jeromes cock began to grow next. Trevor watched, his mouth beginning to water as it grew and grew. Trevor had always been pretty sorry for Jerome. His cock had only been about 4 inches long when hard, and pretty thin. In fact, it looked like a worm you might dissect in biology lab. Jerome had always kidded that God had made his brain to big for his body, so he had compensated with his cock. Now, the machine was making up for that lack of dick.

Trevor stood there and watching in awe as Jerome's cock began to swell and grow. In less than 10 seconds, his tool had grown from 4 inches to 10 and became as thick as his own arm. Trevor knew that the penis was not a muscle, but Jerome's could have fooled him. Veins thick and blue wrapped around the shaft quickly filling with blood the fist sized head. Trevor had thought it would stop at 10 inches, but it grew and grew b ecoming at least 15 inches long, and so thick that Trevor's ass hurt just thinking about the meat in from of him. Jeromes balls also grew, becoming the size of two huge oranges. There was never going to be a jockstrap b ig enough for that meat and potatoes! Hair began to sprout all over Jeromes body, blond and curly. Jerome had never had any hair on his chest, but now it was covered; as were his legs and arms and balls. Slowly, Jeromes chest began to grow. Huge delts beg an to form on Jeromes arms growling larger and larger, causing huge soccerball size bulges to appear wear his shoulders had been. His triceps began to grow and swell, as did his back creating a huge V like shape on his u pper body. Trevor thought that Jeromes waist was beginning to grow, bit it was only his abs getting larger and larger creating huge crevices that reminded Trevor of the Grand Canyon.

'Help me, Trevor.' Jerome called out. 'Too much power inside of me.' Jerome gasped for air and clawed at the cement floor. 'Hold on. You're almost there.' Trevor's change had been nothing like this. He hoped Jerome was going to be all right. He would never forgive himself if something happened, but Jerome never should have chosen Captain Universe to become. He was a cartoon character for Christ sake! Trevor understood the appeal thought. If Jerome got through this alive, there were a couple comic book hero's Trevor would like to become. Their power a nd muscles were the largest, and that was what Trevor wanted…badly. Jeromes change seemed to be slowing down as his body became larger and larger. Trevor couldn't believe that the creature that lay before him had once been his dorky friend Jerome. There lay a huge, at least 7 foot blond haired blue eyed Nordic god with muscles that could lift a tall building if he wanted to. Muscles were everywhere. There would never be clothes big enough to house this power, and sexual energy. Just when Trevor thought it was all over and that Jerome was going to be O.K., a animal-like growl began to form deep within his huge diaphragm, and by the time it got to his throat, it had the strength of 40 bullhorns.

Trevor covered up his ears as he watched in amazement as Jerome's super cock squirted cum everywhere around the lab. Where spurts hit the walls, they cracked the plaster, forming crevices in the foundation like the moon . Even his cum had the strength of 70 men. Trevor's mouth watered just thinking about sucking on that mammoth he-man cock. When the howl began to cease, and the cum stopped flying, Jerome began to stir. The Nordic god in front of Trevor slowly got to his feet and stared at Trevor in disgust. 'You poor excuse of a man. What are you? You're an ant I could crush under one palm.' Jerome walked slowly towards Trevor, the pounding of his bare feet echoing all over the room. 'You wish you were as big as me!' Before Trevor knew what had happened, he was grabbed by the hulk that had once been Jerome and pulled toward the wall like chest. 'Jerome! Please!' Trevor was afraid, but his cock had never been harder.

'This is what you wanted me to become, and I did! Now know true power.' Jerome forced Trevor to his knees with a bang. In front of his face, Jerome's cock began to grow. 'You're going to suck all of it!' In half a minute, the python was fully grown, even bigger than it had been before. It was at least 20 inches long and as thick as a can of coffee. 'Take it all in! I demand it!'

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