The landing

by C.W.P.

Mulling the pointlessness of his life on a vacation to Alaska, Chris is thrilled to encounter a pair of extremely well endowed aliens.

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What a perfect way to end a work day. I got to work early this morning, expecting a 10 hour day, instead I found almost no work to do when I got there. For some unknown reason, very little mail arrived for sorting or delivery. I got out of work around 8 in the morning starting my vacation early. Almost to perfectly arranged.

I have had this vacation planned for quite some time now, being disappointed with my job and the way my life is heading. I mean here I am, a 29 year old gay male in Alaska. Basically no life except what revolves around my computer and my job at the Post Office. Before that I was a manager at a local Taco Bell, boy that was a dead end, but it did pay the bills. The before that I spent 7 years in the Navy, only getting out after finding out that I was HIV positive. I have this feeling that I haven’t done much with my life and it is quite boring.

That is kind of what this vacation is all about. Hiking out into the Alaska wilderness, trying to come up with some answers while getting back to nature. I got all my equipment packed the night before, consisting of just the necessities: camp stove, food, tent, sleeping bag, a change of clothes and jock straps. I sure don’t plan on wearing much out there. In all the times that I have been out there, I have never seen another single person out there.

It is the most perfect place I have ever been. Heading up into the Hatcher Pass area of the Talkeetna mountain range I found a small pull off area one day. I decided to stop and see what was out there. For some reason the place just called out to me. I hiked through the woods forever it seemed like until I came to a sharp incline. It went as far as I could see to the right and left, although it did seem to curve like it was a large circle. I decided to climb the hill, as I still had this compulsion to keep going. I crested the hill and my jaw his the ground. It was the most beautiful site I had ever seen. Imagine a huge bowl a couple of miles in diameter, filled with the tallest, straightest trees, a small lake with a couple of streams and a small meadow to one side between the lake and the trees. It was a gorgeous summer day, but it felt like summer never left this area. It was to alive to have gone through an Alaskan winter. I spent the rest of the day there enjoying the place. I ended up taking a dip in the lake. I was quite surprised, while not warm it wasn’t cold like the rest of the lakes in the state. The thing that surprised me the most about this place, was I never saw or heard a plane go by, saw no indications that a person had ever been here. No paths, litter, nothing. This is were I was going.

Everything was just to good to be true. Another awesome summer, 4 weeks vacation and a early day at work. Getting an earlier start, I loaded everything in the truck and headed into the mountains. Arrived at the pull off area at 11 in the morning. Knowing I had about a 15 mile hike ahead of me, I place the sign in my window explaining why the vehicle was here and when I should return. I put on my pack, picked up my carry sack and headed off in to the woods.

After a while it felt like I was lost. The sun was starting to set, although that is pretty much a joke, since at this time of year it never really gets dark. Looking at my watch, it has been only eight hours, not bad time really since I was pretty much taking my time and enjoying the scenery. After about another hour I spotted the hill in the distance, which invigorated me all over, like I just started the hike fresh in the morning. I crested the hill and it was just as I remembered it. I felt like I belonged here, I was never going to tell anybody about this place.

I headed down to the meadow, where I always stay. It is situated in the best place ever. It rests next to the lake, straddling the little creek and meeting the forest. A total of about 15 acres in size, a fraction of the total area in the bowl which I would estimate to be about 10,000 acres. Just think, 10,000 acres of Alaskana that potentially has never been touched by man except me. An awesome thought.

I set up my tent about a 50 feet from the lake. Found some rocks for making a spit for my campfire and started a small fire from the loose branches in the area. After setting up my camp site, I decided to go for a quick swim before hitting the sack.

I peeled out of my sweaty clothes, hanging them over a branch to air and dry out. I took a quick cursory look at my body. Nothing spectacular by my standards. I am only 6 feet tall with a 31 inch waist. Brown hair that I keep short and shaved face. I did not forget my razors, I hate stubble and beards. Basically no chest hair, semi-hairy legs, that I occasionally shave or use Nair and a small cut penis when soft and only about 6 ´ inches long when hard with a diameter of about a inch. No tan what-so-ever, but if this weather keeps up, that may very well change.

I got to the beach and got another surprise for the day. It was warm, not bath water warm, but warm non the less. I took a dive into the lake and luxuriated in the water. It felt so good, the water just caressed my body, almost making it like time came to a stand still. Not really conscious of it, just enjoying the water I realized that I had a raging hard-on. Being out here is kind of like a romance, only with nature instead of with another man. I swam up near the beach, and laid back in the shallow water.

I spread my legs with a slight bend in them while one of my hands slowing moved down to my hard cock, stopping long enough to caress my chest and tweak both of my nipples, raising my horniness to a higher level. I don’t recall being this horny before, but I just went with the flow. Sitting there in the water, I stroked my cock in slow drawn out strokes, enjoying the feeling of my hand and the lapping of the waves against my ass and balls. I placed a finger from my other hand in my love tunnel and stared rubbing by prostrate. That is all it took and I found myself having the most powerful orgasm I have ever had, with cum spraying over my head with more spasms spreading cum all over my chest. My god was that great, but exhausting not wanting to move right now. I headed back into some deeper water to clean my self off, can’t go to bed with cum all over me now.

I got up to my camp site and looked around the area. Yes, this is home. I’ll have to do some exploring tomorrow. I open my tent and fell into my sleeping bag and fell into immediate sleep.

Light..I open my eyes and that is all I can see, is Light. What the hell is going on here. There shouldn’t be anybody here especially at this time. What time is it anyway..looking for my watch, it is only ten after midnight. Whoever they are, it sure is quite and since there isn’t any electricity, that means there has to be generators.

Throwing on a pair of my jock straps, 2Xist the only way to go, I open up my tent and go out side to see what the fuck is going on.

I get out side and I am floored. The light is not coming from lights as I am accustomed to, but from a hovering ship in the sky, only about 100 feet above the ground. So many things are going on through my head right now I am confused. I have always wanted to meet aliens and make contact but yet I am hesitant, my vacation spot has been invaded by other people?, and I am horny as hell again. I stand there as the ship continues toward the ground, making no sound, no wind or dust blowing around, just the light.

The craft has now stopped descending and is about 20 feet off the ground when the landing supports start coming out of the ship. It is somewhat hard to describe, I would say it is about one to two hundred feet in diameter and approximately eighty feet tall. I see no indications of an engine or exhaust port. The supports have touched ground and there was no sound and it did not even indent the earth.

I see the hatch start opening in the bottom of the ship, which looks like a large elevator. I now am thinking, just great, I get to make first contact with an alien visitor and here I am, on my knees sitting on the heels of my feet with my legs spread apart and I am only wearing a jock strap with an outrageously hard cock dripping pre-cum. What a pretty picture I will present to them. But I have a sense, or a feeling, that this will be fine and that I really don’t want to move nor is there a reason to do so.

The door to the elevator starts to open and I see a light glow from inside, sort of a pale blue kind of like a pair of Levi’s that has only been washed a couple of times. I see the silhouette of two people, and they walk out of the elevator onto the ground.

I think I am going to cum right now, but I somehow suppress it. What I see just amazes me and is totally unexpected. They look like the ultimate in male physique and they are nude. They look human but they’re about ten feet tall, and they appear to be a color of like a deep tan and gold mixed together. They have a aura about them that feels very sexually intensive. It feels like my cock just grew an inch longer and noticed that the head of my cock has escaped the top of my jock. My ass hole has started to pulsate to the rhythm of sum unheard music. For they have the largest cocks I have ever seen, I swear that they must be sixteen inches in length and about as round as a soda can.

As they walk closer to me, I notice that they have absolutely no body hair except for the eyebrows, eyelashes and head, which is a sandy blonde and only about an inch long. There face is appears friendly and looks like it could belong to a early twenty year old, not a boys face but not quite a mans either. Their chests and abdomens look like they were sculpted by a master artist, not overly large but well defined and yummy looking. Looking at the body as a whole, it makes you think of a swimmer and gymnast combined. Their cocks, what monsters. My ass is saying give it to me, my body is in a lust overload, but I think, my god it would split me in two before even the head of one of those cocks entered my waiting ass.

I wanted to look down at my raging cock, I could feel the pre-cum just dripping down the outside of my jock, making my crotch glisten in the light from their ship, creating a puddle under me, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of the approaching aliens. They could have done anything to me at this point, my body knew more what it wanted than I did, I had no strength to resist and probably wouldn’t if I wanted. My asshole was definitely hungry for a alien cock, even though it would rip it apart.

They stopped right in front of me, one on each side, looking down at me. I felt so small and helpless, but just knew, that they meant me no harm. Looking closer, I almost started drooling, when I saw those killer cocks. I wanted to suck them both right now, but thought I should probably wait and see what they did first.

I heard them talking to each other about me. It wasn’t speech like you or me are use to, but like I heard it right inside of my head. They were speaking telepathically and I could hear them.

They were saying “He will be perfect. He has good self control, intelligent, and he likes what he sees. This is good, he can also hear us.”

Looking down at me, one said, “We have come for you. Let us help you into the ship.”

I didn’t argue, not sure if I could speak back telepathically or not. As they each placed a helping hand under my armpits I was thinking “What could they want with me?” When they both put their other hand on my ass cheeks and squeezed. I should have lost my load right there, but for some unknown reason I didn’t.

They explained, that this valley was created by their race for pretty much the same reason that I was using it and that I was the first person to overcome the distraction field around the valley, allowing me entrance to it. This indicated to them that I was the person that they wanted.

I replied, knowing that they can hear my thoughts now, “But why me, I am nothing special, definitely don’t even come close to the equivalent of your bodies, not the most brilliant on earth, and I am HIV positive,” and told them that it was a disease that showed up about sixteen years ago and first attacked gay men and then spread out to all lifestyles.

All I got back was, “We know, that was part of the reason that you were able to over come the field around the valley. We will explain more when we get in the ship.”

I felt like we couldn’t get there fast enough, but finally we made it to the elevator. Nothing very spectacular about it, but then, how could you make an elevator more than just an elevator.

They said, “Here we are.”

Then I realized. There was no since of motion or feeling of moving and absolutely no sound. Looking inside, I was impressed. It wasn’t what one would expect of the inside of a space ship. It was warm and inviting, almost like a home, not utilitarian, efficient and cold like I expected. I began to think that this my be the relaxation and living quarters, where the bridge would be what I expect.

They escorted me to a decent sized room with a door and a window looking into the room. Curious, there was nothing in it. I then realized that I still had a raging hard-on. It should have been down, with all the other thoughts that had been going on in my head.

They indicated for me to take a seat by the table, which was located centrally in the room. Sitting down was like bliss. The chair adjusted it self to me and made me feel comfortable and wasn’t cold and clammy like it looked.

“We chose you for the purpose to come with us if you would like. We will not force you, but please listen to what we have to say.”

“As you have noticed, we would be the envy of a good many gay men in your world. We chose not to divulge ourselves because we did not want every homosexual on our doorsteps. The reason for the valley. We basically live for three purposed, two of which are very inter-related. Exploration, the search for knowledge and SEX.”

“On our planet, we basically look all alike, with variations in the face, hair and minor difference in build. We come to the earth because of your many different males. No two are alike, with the exception of twins of course. We want something different for ourselves. For us two, you are the perfect male. Balanced, smart and inquisitive, funny and serious when required, and dedication to your job.”

“What we have to offer is this: We will cure you of your HIV and immunity to all known viruses, diseases from your world as ours has none, you will stop aging, allow you to learn and grow mentally, and improve your physical body along with a heightened and improved sexual capacity.”

“In return you will stay with us and be our third. All joinings in our world consist of three, it gives strength, stability and power.”

“What is your answer?”

Thinking, I reply “It sounds too good to be true. My body is definitely telling me yes and I have always wanted to leave earth for the exact same reasons you have stated. What about my life and family?”

“We can arrange for a simulacra of yourself to be left behind and will be found. It will appear as if you died, peacefully, of no diagnosable reason. Even if they do a DNA check.”

“Let us so you a token of good faith. Through that door right there, is our physical and body cleansing tank. Let us put you in it and when you come out tell us your answer then. Every thing that is done can be and will be reversed if you ask.”

Think again, “Okay, I’ll give you a chance, I know my body is ready, and a physical and cleansing does sound good”

They walk over to the door and motion for me to follow. I reach the door where they are and they reach over and remove my jock strap. I look down and I am still stiff as a pole and feel like I could go on having sex forever and never stop. Luckily I have stopped dripping pre-cum. I noticed that their cocks are showing signs of life now, too.

The door enters and they follow me into the room. I notice that a object is rising from the floor and two are dropping from the ceiling. I recognize the one from the floor, it looks like a butt plug, but made of stainless steel. I look over at them.

“That is one of the cleaning devices. It puts a liquid into your ass and digestive tract and also empties it out. You should be able to accommodate it. Would you please sit on it now?”

Thinking, well I asked for it. I walk over to it and sit down, allowing it to slowing enter my ass so I can adjust to it’s size. They were right, it did go in very easy and I don’t think it is going to fall out.

They walk over and take the small hose, which has a weird attachment on it.

“This attaches to the top of your hard cock. It will pass another probe down through the shaft for a cleaning and exploratory.”

He places it on the tip of my cock, and I feel a slight movement of something going down my shaft, feels like cum, but going in instead of out. It feels very erotic and makes my cock twitch more and it feels harder now. Not sure how this can be but it feels so good, why let it stop. He lets go and it stays there, amazing.

One of them then grabs the last of the hoses, and this one is larger with a main piece which has what looks like a mouth piece and four small tubes coming out the top and side of the main tube.

“This main piece fits into your mouth, with two of the tubes going to your nostrils and the other tubes going to your ears. Again, they will insert cleaning and exploratory probes into you and allow you to breath while you are submersed in the cleansing liquids of this room.”

I open my mouth and allow him to hook up all the connections, not thinking much of it right now, except the wonderful feeling in my ass and cock. It feels like a probing cock in my ass that is cumming continuously and my cock is being sucked and given a hand job at the same time, while I am cumming almost continuously. I just relax and close my eyes and let my body flow with the feeling.

I kind of hear them leave the room and the door closing behind them. I now begin to feel a warm, soothing liquid move up my body. Thicker than water, but not a gel, almost like a syrup, but not sticky and feels great. I can now feel the liquid passing over my head, I am completely submerged now. I and in complete ecstasy, I lean back and dream.

I am having the most awesome sex in my life. I feel a great huge cock in my ass, pumping itself in and out, sinking all of it eighteen inches into me. Right now it is fully sunk in, I can feels the guys balls against my ass. He is just sitting there, not moving his body, just flexing his cock. Then all of a sudden he pulls it out and stops just before the head is about to exit my rectum. God that feels good. Then he rams it back into me, again and again, cumming every twentieth thrust when it stays sunk to the hilt in my ass. My body adjusting to his size and girth, like this is what it was meant to do.

I feel a another great cock in my mouth, fucking the living daylights out of it. It to is eighteen inches in size, and I can feel all eighteen of those inches in me. I can still breath through my nose though. How I am not sure, but the advantages are indescribable. Able to suck a guys cock all the way down to the base, and hold it their with out gagging and still breathing. I would be the talk of the town. I feel him cumming in me, over and over, filling my stomach with his mighty man cream.

The feeling of my cock is indescribable. It feels like it is about a foot long and about a the size of a silver dollar in diameter. I am at the cusp of cumming, but it is all going in, not out. My balls are pulled up tight, my cock wants to cum, but it is waiting for something else. The feeling, so good, maintaining that feeling just before you cum and holding it there for ten, twenty or more minutes.

I feel something on my shoulder. It is my alien visitors. They are pulling the probe off my cock and the one out of my mouth. My god, this was all just a dream, but what a dream. If this is what I can expect, they can have me. I look up at them with lust in my eyes, a hunger that I can explain.

“You can get up now. You will notice that you are dry.”

I go to stand up, and realize that the probe/butt plus that was in my ass is no longer there, just a nice smooth surface, that was adjusted to fit the curve of my ass.

“What was that, a dream?”

“That was a fantasy/dream that was brought on by your subconscious and the various stimuli here in this room. The anal probe, cock probe and mouth/nose/ear probes. Not to mention the liquid that was surrounding and caressing you. If you would please, follow us.”

I did as they asked, and they led me to yet another room. Now this room I recognized. This was a bedroom, with a large bed, a strangely looking table, a few lights, a few mirrors and that was about it.

I looked in the closest mirror and almost fell over from shock. My cock! It was hard as a steel pole, an no longer the measly six inches it was before. It now stood at attention at a full twelve inches. Looking more, I noticed that I had no hair on my body except in the same places as theirs was. Now this is was I call full service. I have always wanted to be hairless on my body, but it either cost to much for electrolysis, or creams and shaving always left me itchy in a day or two and lasted for about a week. I placed my hands on my chest and caressed my entire body, paying attention to the chest, which seemed more defined now, down to my crotch and hard cock which was smooth as a piece of glass, around to my now smooth ass, squeezing my ass cheeks and touching my ass hole, which shot feelings of desire through my whole body.

I looked over at my alien friends and their cocks were now at full mast. What a sight it was. They weren’t perfectly straight up as mine, they had an ever so slight curve towards their firm stomachs. They, like me, and only one thing on their mind right now, SEX.

My ass hole was flexing, wanting to be filled with huge alien cock. I walked over to the closest one. He placed his hands on my shoulders, leaned over and placed his lips on mine. His mouth was tingly and inviting. I rapidly let my tongue mingle with his. His saliva was sweet like nectar and his tongue smooth and probing. I was in heaven, kissing this man from the stars. He took in a breath through his nose and exhaled it back into me. I accepted gladly, happy that I did. It seemed to warm my inside and stoke my fire to an even higher level. Sex was never this good on earth and we really haven’t done anything yet.

He slid his hand down my back, caressing it on his way, when he finally reached my ass. His hand were warm and gentle, slowing massaging and squeezing my ass, alternately pushing the cheeks together and apart. While apart, he placed a finger on my cherry, virgin area for an alien. My ass hole seemed eager to have his finger sink into my ass, but he held back.

His partner, was between us now, caressing his partner while breathing on my cock and balls and flicking his tongue over my hard shaft and balls. With out actually going down on me, this was very intense, he touched me in ways that I did not now were so erotic or intense. He said, “please Chris, I am Troy and my partner with his tongue on your cock is Jeremy.”

Relieved that they finally told me their names, I fell even deeper into the mood enjoyed it for all it was worth.

Troy placed his hands on my waist, and lifted me up, breaking our kiss. He brought me into his chest and gave me a squeeze, bringing me in tighter against his chest. I could feel his breath on my face and the beat of his heart, which was in time with mine, or was that vice versa.

I looked up into his eyes, and he had a warm smile on his face. I felt my ass hole flex a couple time, knowing what was about to happen. He lowered me down, the tip of his cock resting against my cherry. Oh god I wanted it, but was scared of the possible damage to my ass.

I relaxed my ass, wanting to accommodate his rigid pulsing cock. To my relief, it obeyed and I could feel his cock head start to penetrate my ass. I shuddered over the intensity of the feeling. He pushed down on my hips, putting about four inches in my ass. Their was a slight pain, but it only last a few seconds. He held me there allowing my to grow accustomed to his large fuck tool. My ass was starting to glow with the feeling of his cock in me, knowing that I wanted more of him in me.

He applied a slight pressure this time, letting me slide down onto his cock filling me up. I didn’t realize how much was buried until I cam to a stop and realized that I was at the base of his cock. Oh, the joy of having his whole cock in me, filling my ass and bowels to the brim with hard pulsing flesh. I sat there, like a zombie, enjoying the feeling, when he started to lift me. He started to move me up and down his hardness a few inches at a time. I now know what the anal probe was for. It prepared me, trained my ass to accommodate their large cocks. I am grateful for that much, especially since it is so fulfilling and, and intense.

Now he was lifting me to the point on his cock head stopping at my ass entrance, and pushing me back down. What a wonderful fuck, feeling that hard eighteen inches plunge to the inner depths of my body and back out, over and over. I did not want this to end, but even being as big as they are, he can’t keep this up.

We started heading to the table that I saw earlier, and realized what it was for and that he heard me thinking about keeping up his pace.

He placed me on to the table, which actually was more like a chair with no back. It was contoured to allow the head to lean back for access to suck a cock, while positioning the ass at the right height to be fucked. The chair was perfect, molded just for me it seemed, while Troy never took his cock out of my ass.

Now Jeremy, cam up to me and placed his cock just over my mouth. I opened it, greedily sticking my tongue out to like his hard cock. He placed the head of his cock in my mouth. I went after like a starved man, licking all over and around the head, savoring the flavor of his cock and pre-cum. He slowly started to feed me his cock, stuffing it all down my throat. I did not know how I managed, but it was worth it. He fed me his entire cock, right down to the balls. This great, I never could deep throat a cock before, and now I can and it is wonderful. Feeling his cock shaft in my mouth and the rest of it down my throat, I swear I could tell exactly where his cock ended and could feel the head pulsing within me.

What a dream come true, a huge cock fucking my mouth while another huge cock is pummeling my ass, and all of it causing such a glow of desire, lust and wanting more. I wanted them to cum in me, but I think they had other plans right now. I knew if I cum, I will be theirs forever, not necessarily a bad thing if this is the kind of sex there will be. I wanted this to last forever.

It felt like they sensed my desire and continued their assault on my mouth and ass. It felt like their cock were growing with in me. I reached down and felt my cock, hard and pre-cum all over my stomach. I went farther and played with my balls, squeezing and massaging them, knowing I was getting close to orgasm.

I went back to my cock, stroking it a few times, stopping just before the point of no return. Each time I did this, it made their cocks get longer and wider. My body was changing to meet their needs and demands and I loved every minute of it.

I felt Jeremy tweak my nipples while Troy started fondling my balls. I was getting closer to cumming, and I think they realized this. The slowed down their speed at which they were fucking me, staying in longer than they were out. This only made me hotter, my cock got harder and I swear bigger.

The what I had not expect, they both reached maximum depth and I could feel their cock heads touch inside of me. That was all it took. It felt like they were expanding with in me, becoming a part of me and I of them. I started to cum then, an explosion of jism like I have never felt or seen before. They started to cum at the same time I did, both head to head inside of me, filling my being with their man essence. I continued to cum, and cum. Not only was I shooting my cum, but I was absorbing their cum and spurting it out too. God it felt to good to explain, it felt like it was never going to end. My orgasm continued and was fed by theirs, raising the intensity of their orgasm, building up to a crescendo.

Finally, theirs started to subside but didn’t fell like it was over yet. I felt like they were attached to me somehow from the entire length of their cocks, like their cocks and my insides and become one fused piece of flesh. Then the strangest thing happened. My cock and balls sunk into my body, lengthened from the base of my crotch where Troy met my body all the was up to my throat where Jeremy joined my body. Then my cock merged with theirs, forming a circuit between Troy, Jeremy and myself when the final climax hit. They and I came simultaneously, our cum spreading from one to the other in a complete circle, in me from Troy and out to Jeremy and back to Troy. Each of us producing an equal amount of cum, with the direction of flow going in all directions. It was most intense, then it started to subside, our bodies absorbing the cum from each other and ourselves.

My cock separated from theirs and shrank back down to its new length of twelve inches and my balls and cock re- emerged back to where they belong. Their cocks released each other and then finally from me. All our cocks remaining at full mast still pulsing in time with our hearts, with me feeling the pulsation’s of their cocks still within me.

I now felt a contentment that I could not explain, it was like a longing but now with an answer. My new friends were that answer. I would be here whenever they needed or wanted me, my body was theirs to do with as they wished. I was still my own person, but with a feeling of belonging to Troy and Jeremy, not a slave or property, but as inseparable partners, me being the junior partner.

Jeremy slowly removed his cock from my throat, causing a temporary sense of loss but knowing that it would be back and available any time the desire arose.

I looked up from the chair into Jeremy’s face and saw a smile of content on his face. He placed his hands under my back, helping me to sit up again, still fully impaled on Troy’s cock.

I looked up into Troy’s face, and he too had a smile of content on his face. He bent over and placed his lips against mine, and we kissed. Not as fevered as before, but just as arousing. Each of us, slowly exploring each others mouth. While we were kissing, I felt Jeremy come up behind me, pressing his body against mine. The feel of his hot and hard cock against the crack of my ass was heavenly. I knew what I wanted and knew that I could do it, my ass clenching, knowing what was coming and wanting it ever so badly.

Troy lifted me up slightly, while Jeremy placed the head of his cock against the entrance to my fuck tunnel. I willed my ass to open to allow his entrance into me and he slowly penetrated my being. He continued feeding his cock into me while I was lowered back to, now completely impaled on both of their hard cock. My guts were full and squeezing around their hard shafts, my hole tightened around their cocks, absorbing their heat.

Troy broke our kiss. He and Jeremy placed their hands on my chest and hips. They started to move me up and down, moving their throbbing cocks in and out of my ass. I wanted them so bad, the intensity of getting fucked by two hard and huge cocks, probing the inner depths of my body. Feeling not only the pressure of their cocks against my ass hole, but the whole length of my love canal, everywhere their cocks reached.

My cock was throbbing and so hard, I started to massage my balls and stroke my cock. Every once and a while, while moving up and down on their cocks, I would leave my balls alone and pinch Troy’s nipples, evoking a moan from him.

We were all getting close to climax, I relaxing on their cocks and stroking my hard and slippery cock. Then they pushed me down onto their cocks as far as I could go. I loved it, their cocks growing bigger with in me, pulsating madly and giving off so much heat. I started to cum, spreading it all over Troy’s chest and stomach, while they came simultaneously, filling my body and soul with their essence. My whole body shuddered from the combination of their and my orgasm, while I ejected another huge load onto Troy’s chest.

The feeling started to subside, to thoughts were exchanged. They just stood their with me relaxing with their cocks still in me. After a few minutes, Jeremy withdrew his cock from my ass. Amazingly it was still hard as when we began this fuck- fest.

With me still riding Troy’s still hard cock, we head over to the bed. He lays me down on the bed with him over me, resting his body on top of mine. His crotch pressing into my ass, causing another wave of lustful desire to pass through my loins.

Sensing my desire, he starts to fuck my ass in long, deep and fast strokes. He pulls his cock all the way out and then rapidly plunges it back in all the way. Fucking my ass with such power and authority like that is what it was here for.

I see Jeremy come over to the other side of the bed. He climbs up onto the bed, towering over me. As he moves farther up onto the bed, I lick his chest, moving my down to his stomach and then his crotch. I start to lick his shaft and balls. I am interrupted, moaning with pleasure as he deep throats my cock. He lifts his hip enough so I can get his cock in my mouth.

What an incredible feeling, laying back with a guys huge cock fucking my ass. While I am sixty-nining another guy with his hard cock impaled in my throat while he deep throats my hard cock. I realize that my cock has been hard ever since I came out of my tent, oh well so be it.

Looking up between Jeremy’s legs, while sucking his cock, I see Troy’s hands massaging Jeremy’s smooth firm ass. Spreading his ass cheeks, and rubbing his cherry. I hear Jeremy moan from this attention and feel his cock stiffen even more in my mouth.

All of a sudden, my mind opens up. I can now feel everything that they are feeling as they can mine. Oh, god, this is so hot. I can feel Troy’s cock plunging my depths, Jeremy’s cock in my mouth, what Jeremy is feeling while sucking my cock and having his cock sucked and having his ass probed by Troy’s fingers. How Troy feels, having his cock in my ass, moving in and out and the sensations of finger fucking Jeremy’s ass. Total sensory overload.

Jeremy starts moving his cock in and out of my mouth faster and faster. While Troy fucks both my ass and finger fucks Jeremy’s ass, harder and faster. They feeling of climax is so close and intense, feeling your own lust growing along with the feeling of theirs too.

Our thrusts become frantic, going deeper and faster. Our cocks stiffer and bulging with lust. Were about to go over the top.

“Please, fuck my ass, harder, deeper”, I say as I grab Troy’s ass and bring him in tight against my ass causing him to hit my cum button. I explode inside of Jeremy’s mouth, and he takes it all. While I am getting filled by both of them, Jeremy exploding inside me from the top while Troy explodes inside me from the bottom. The pressure of both of their wads inside of me is so fulfilling, like this is all the sustenance I need. Sex and cum, definitely a lot more fun and satisfying than just plain food.

They both collapse on me, relaxing. I feel their and my cocks staring to soften. The feeling of Troy’s cock still in my ass, but now soft. Even soft it is a monster, it is eighteen inches soft and by the feel of it when inside me, must be at least two feet in length.

This is my life now, I thought, and sighed contentedly.

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