Days & Knights

by iHeywood

Bash wants to surprise his family by coming home from college for Thanksgiving early. But he gets a surprise himself. His dad is sucking his own massive cock.

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Part 1: The Days - Shock and Awe Bash wants to surprise his family by coming home from college for Thanksgiving early. But he gets a surprise himself. His dad is sucking his own massive cock. (added: 23 Apr 2022)
Part 2: The Days - The Clinical Trial Remi tells the story of how his cock got so big, from a clinical trial at Coxson Meta Medical. (added: 30 Apr 2022)
Part 3: The Knights - Fucking with Family Your introduction to the Knight family, including how Elliott met Malik. (added: 28 May 2022)
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Part 1: The Days - Shock and Awe


This is a story about falling in love with someone society says you shouldn’t have these feelings for. This is a story about my father and me. Let me start at the beginning.

My name is Sebastian Day, but everyone calls me Bash. I have a muscular/athletic body thanks to playing soccer ever since I was little. My long dark brown hair is usually tied back because when it’s down it tickles my shoulders like a feather tickles the arch of one’s foot. I find shirts too constricting so I tend to be shirtless unless I have no choice. Tickling is not something I have a fetish for so up goes my hair. My brothers always pester me to just cut it short, but on the rare occasion I have my hair down I like the way it looks. Especially after a really hot and sweaty fuck when I just pulled the hair tie out and shake my head as my mane falls where it may.

The fetish I do have a kink for, however, is really big dicks. The largest piece of man-meat I’ve ever seen in my 22 years was about 10-inches. Until that is, I saw my dad. Naked. Sucking his own cock. I came home a couple of days early from college for Thanksgiving break. I wanted to surprise my dad and my brothers, Archer and Atticus. My brothers are twins but I’ll get to them later. Anyway, I had originally planned to hang out in my dorm once my classes were done for the week to decompress from the busy semester thus far before going home on the Monday before Thanksgiving. But even one day after classes ended I was bored out of my mind; it was a Friday.

Each of my roommates had already left; our whole building was pretty much emptied so I figured what the hell, I’ll just go home early. I’ll be able to spend more time with my bros and the pops that way too. I decided I would leave early Saturday morning.

My dad’s name is Remington but that is far too bougie of a name for him so family and friends just call him Remi. He is a big bodybuilder type dude with bulging muscles, tattooed arms and legs, and a fairly hairy body that is shaped like a V accentuating his thin waist. He sports surfer blonde hair that is buzzed close to his scalp on the sides but is longer on the top of his head. He’s a total stud. I’ve admired his features for as long as I can remember.

My mom and dad had me when they were just 15 years old. It was a huge scandal at the time but they stuck it out and proved they could make being so young and having a baby work. My dad’s parents helped take care of me during the day while they were still in high school but once they were home they juggled being parents and students. My mom was disowned by her parents and had moved in with my dad and my grandparents. Once they graduated high school my mom stayed home to watch over me and my dad got a job in construction to pay the bills. Eventually, they were able to afford their own house. Now, at 37 he’s a foreman for a local construction company. They do a lot of apartment complexes and strip centers in town so he’s usually pretty busy from what he tells me when we catch up over the phone on weekends.

I didn’t call him on Saturday like I usually do because I was already on the road when the sun came up. I had about a 5-hour drive including stops to pee, eat, and gas up my Jeep. I knew if we spoke I would spoil the surprise by telling him I was on my way. It had been months since I saw my family last so I was pretty excited to see them; another reason I couldn’t wait ‘til Monday to be home.

So, I finally made it to town from Boston. I was pretty tired from the drive but once I saw the old pale pink house (with white trim, which was my mom’s idea) I grew up in from the road, I got so hyped! I parked in front of the house and grabbed my bag to head inside. I jumped the picket fence not even bothering to go through the gate. Good thing I landed clear of the flower bed. Archer would be so pissed if I ruined his garden.

“Surprise! I’m ho—” I said when I opened the front door and walked inside, stopping dead in my tracks as I rounded the corner to the living room.

Boy was the sight before me something shocking. In all his naked, tanned-body glory, there was my dad in the living room sucking his own cock. That wasn’t the most shocking part though as I had found out my dad was into dick years ago. It was the size of his cock that made my jaw figuratively drop to the floor along with my bag. His cock was glorious. It had to be at least 24-inches long. He wasn’t even hunched over struggling to lick his piss slit like most people.

Dad was sitting back on the couch massaging his monster cock, sliding both hands up and down his hard shaft in a twisting motion as he worked the huge mushroom head the best he could with his long tongue.

I stood there in amazement for what felt like half an hour but in reality, was only a few seconds. But in that time I studied the scenario I had walked in on. I discovered that my dad had made a few changes to his body, other than the size of his cock. There’s no way that was natural. How was it even possible?

I found that my dad had both of his nipples pierced with barbells which were connected with a chain across his massive pecs. His areolas were larger than a half-dollar coin and his nipples were big and hard sticking straight out from the barbell going through each of them. He also had his left eyebrow pierced and a few holes going up his right ear as well. I was in shock at the sight before. It took everything for me to not strip right there and do my best to fit that hot-ass cock in my salivating mouth. I had to tell myself that he was my father.

He must have not noticed I came through the door or that I was even home so I decided to have a little fun. I walked down the foyer to the kitchen, which led to the other side of the living room. This way I was now behind him.

I walked up behind him and put a hand on his shoulder as I asked, “Uh, Pops? Whatcha doin’ there?”

“Holy shit! What the fuck are you doing here, Bash!?” he said after his tongue popped out of his piss slit and his hard 24 inches fell to his right laying across his thigh dripping spit, or maybe it was pre-cum, on the sofa.

I walked around the couch and sat down next to his cock head, “I think the better question here is ‘how the hell is your cock that big?’” I said in response.

“Oh fuck where is a damn pillow?” Dad looked around the room but couldn’t find any.

“Dad, I’ve already seen it, it’s cool…and hot.”

“Bash, you shouldn’t be seeing me like this, I’m your dad. I never intended for you to find out about this.” He stood up and started walking to the stairs as his cock was only inches from the floor. “I’ll be back in a minute; I didn’t expect you home until Monday.”

“Dad, seriously, it’s fine. I guess it’s my fault for wanting to surprise you. But had I known I’d be walking in on you sucking your cock, I still wouldn’t have told you I was coming home early. That piece is fucking huge and hot as hell. I wish mine was that big.”

Dad turned his head to look back at me as he put his foot on the third step. He had a questioning look on his face but I looked right back at him as if I stood by my statement, which I did.

As he continued to walk up the stairs, I heard him say, “Let me get some clothes on, and then we’ll talk.”

“I’m going to get comfortable too then,” I said under my breath.

While Dad was away, I decided to ruffle through my bag and find my favorite pair of shorts. They were short shorts a few years old from JJ Malibu with a unicorn and rainbow design on them. They showed off the bottom of my smooth and tanned butt cheeks, which made me feel sexy. I quickly got naked and changed into the shorts and nothing else. I also loosened my man bun so it wasn’t so tight. The shorts, however, were tight. Over the years I had worked my glutes and managed to get myself a nice plump and perky peach back there. My ass was pretty big even for my muscular body. All the tops I’ve been with absolutely loved how round and bouncy it was.

Once I was changed, I straightened up my stuff and sat back on the couch with one arm spread across the back of it. My smooth ripped chest and abs were on display. I tweaked my nipples a bit to make sure they were hard. I adjusted my still hard 5-and-a-half-inch dick in my tight shorts which were showing a bit of wear on them. Only God knows how many times they’ve been stretched and washed.

I didn’t have a big dick by any means but never really cared. Even though I considered myself a versatile bottom I hadn’t topped anyone since high school. I loved eating my top’s ass though and would often have the guy I was hooking up with at any given time on all fours as I ate his ass while pulling his cock back so I could lick it from the back of the head up to the base continuing to his crack. But that story isn’t why I’m here.

After a couple of minutes of sitting, waiting for Dad to come back downstairs, and trying to see how wide I could open my mouth to suck my own dad’s cock, he finally came down and sat across from me.

Dad was wearing a tight V-neck shirt that showed off his pierced nipples. I didn’t see the chain though; he must have taken it off. He also had on loose-fitting woven linen pants. I assumed they were the only pants with a wide enough leg to hide his monster cock when he had to go out. I don’t know what he wore to work though because those pants certainly weren’t construction site safe.

After he sat down, he looked at me for a few seconds and then asked me a question. I didn’t hear him because I was seeing him in a whole new light and wasn’t paying attention to what he was saying. It’s like he wasn’t just my dad anymore, he was someone I was sexually attracted to, someone I lusted after. Someone I had to take to bed and get fucked by. I licked my lips for probably the third time then was finally brought back to the present when he clapped his hands to get my attention.

“Huh? Did you say something, Dad?”

“Yeah son, I did. I wanted to know what the hell you are wearing. Where are your clothes?”

“My clothes? What? Oh! My clothes. I decided to put something else on while you were upstairs. I never wear a shirt when I’m in my dorm and these shorts are my favorite, I’m much more relaxed now. Is that okay, Daddy? Does it make you uncomfortable?”

I hadn’t called him ‘Daddy’ since I was like seven. I didn’t even realize I said it until it came out.

He chuckled and said, “I think we are way past being uncomfortable. It’s fine Sebi. You look really good.”

And the old nicknames thing continued. He was the only one that was ever allowed to call me ‘Sebi,’ a name I hadn’t heard escape his beautiful plump lips in years. It made me blush a bit.

I got up off the couch and went to sit on the ottoman in front of them. I crossed my legs and set both hands on the ottoman on either side of me.

“You look really good too, Daddy. A total stud.”

What is going on with me? It was like a switch had been flipped in me and the fact that this man in front of me was my dad made things even hotter.

He smiled and reached out to take the side of my face in hand. He looked right in my eyes and said, “So what’s up, Sebi?”

This man is giving me chills. The good kind.

“Daddy, I have to know how you got your cock so big? I mean, it’s fucking huge, no way that’s normal. My dick is small, so it’s like impossible that’s a God-given cock.”

“Well son, you’re 22 now, an adult, I guess I can tell you. As long as you are sure you want the details. The science stuff still doesn’t make sense to me but other than that it is a pretty hot story.”

“Fuck yeah, I want the details. Putting the fact that you’re my dad aside, your cock is freaking hot as hell. Like I said before, I wish mine was that big. I mean, if I’m being honest, it’s taking so much for me not to get down on my knees right now and do my damnedest to suck you off.”

“How about I take these pants off and let you examine my hard 2-foot cock? While you’re doing that, I’ll tell you the story. How does that sound, Sebi?”

I shook my head ‘Yes.’

“Your brothers won’t be back from their camping trip until Tuesday so we have the house to ourselves. I don’t know what’s come over me but I want this so much.”

Without saying a word, I got off the ottoman and pushed it back so there was enough room for me to get on the floor in front of him. When he stood up, I helped slide his pants down marveling at his giant-sized cock as each inch was revealed the lower his pants went. He sat back down after stepping out of the pants and started to tell his story as I first just stared at my Daddy and the cock that made me.


Part 2: The Days - The Clinical Trial


It was about five years ago. The construction company I worked for had just laid me off because the company was going under. I was really struggling financially and couldn’t get a job anywhere. Then one day I got an email about a clinical trial in need of healthy men to test a new product. I thought this was too good to be true when I read the compensation. The trial would last a month for which each patient would receive $10,000 a week as well as another $60,000 once the trial was complete.

I had never heard of the company before, Coxson Meta Medical, but I figured what the hell. Sure, it seemed risky but I was desperate. All I had to do was answer a short questionnaire online asking for basic demographic information as well as details about my diet, workout regimen, and body measurements.

A few hours after completing the questionnaire I got a call from Dr. Theo Coxson, the CEO of the company and head of the trial. He invited me to participate. Before I accepted, I asked what kind of product I would be testing out. The doc said that we’d go over that when I was in the office to start the trial the next day. I was surprised by the sudden start but I needed the money so I agreed.

I took the last few hundred dollars out of the bank for my sons and left Bash in charge of his brothers who were just twelve years old at the time. I told my boys that I had a last-minute job come up, which was a great opportunity that I couldn’t turn down. I would only be gone for a week as the job was only a renovation but the head of the crew dropped out midway through and had recommended me to finish. Bash had looked after the twins before and they each still had school during the day so I knew he would be fine.

When I got to the Coxson Meta Medical offices the next day, I was greeted by the doctor I spoke to on the phone; a man looking to be in his late 50s but in fantastic shape, and his adult son, Beau, who was also a doctor. They explained that the first week of the trial had to be done at the office to make sure there weren’t any major side effects. I would be taking a supplement pill every six hours, which seemed easy enough.

Before I signed the contract, they explained to me that the medication is supposed to enhance male anatomy by making the penis and testes grow larger through some previously undiscovered mixture of Testosterone, Vitamins D, B-12, C, and a newly created Vitamin P-69. My dick was only 7-inches when hard so I was all for a bigger dick. I signed the papers right away.

Beau brought me into a nicely decorated room that had a queen-sized bed, a large TV on the wall, and a wide variety of porno magazines and tissues on a table that sat next to a plush of comfy as all hell looking couch. There was also a mirrored window on one of the walls. You know, the type of windows you see in like every cop show when a suspect is being interrogated. Beau left the room for a few minutes to let me get changed into a hospital gown. When he came back, he hooked me up to a machine that would monitor my heart rate and blood pressure.

Before I could take the pill, I needed food in my system so Beau said they would order me whatever I had a craving for and have it delivered. About half an hour later my burger and fries arrived. Once I was done eating Dr. Theo came in with the first dose of the medication.

Even though I had already signed the contract the doc told me I could back out now if I wanted. He assured me that everything would be okay but the results may be more than I was expecting. I told him that I knew I was in good hands after seeing all his credentials on the wall in the lobby I knew I would be okay. It was just a pill anyway, right?

I got quite sleepy after taking the first dose and fell asleep around 5:00 PM. I was woken up by Beau at 10:30 that evening with my next dose. I had a raging hard-on that was pushing the gown out in front of me.

“I can help you with that if you’d like,” Beau said to me.

I hadn’t had a guy touch my dick since the last time I hooked up with my brother but that had been a few years before all this. I needed to relieve my boner and after his offer, I knew my own hand wouldn’t be enough to do the job.

I sat down on the couch and lifted the hospital gown. I was surprised to see that my dick was already bigger than it usually is when I would get hard.

“Let’s take some measurements so we can keep track of your growth first.” Beau pulled a tape measure out of his pocket.

“A tape measure? You didn’t have a ruler?” I replied.

As he started to measure my hard cock Beau said, “Eventually a ruler won’t do so it’s easier to just start with the tape measure. Okay, it looks like you are at 10.5 inches.” Then he threw the tape measure across the room and started to remove his jacket and shirt.

“Really!? Damn, already?”

“Yep, the supplement seems to work quickly. How are you feeling other than being horny as hell big man?”

“I feel a little chilly but other than that I’m okay.”

“Well, you’ll warm right up in a few minutes.”

He then devoured my cock. It went down his throat on the first attempt. Beau had to be an expert cock sucker because he didn’t gag once. He played with the head of my cock for a bit poking my piss slip with his tongue before licking and sucking on my balls which were also bigger. I was in heaven and wasn’t going to last that long.

“I’m gonna cum, Dr. Beau.”

He brought the head back into his mouth and gave it a couple sucks before telling me to cum on his face.

That set me off and I came like I never had before. Four strong spurts of cum flew out of my cock and splashed onto Beau’s face. He opened his mouth in time for two more shots to hit his tongue. I had more coming and Beau knew it.

“Right here, Baby, shoot that hot cum on my smooth muscled pecs. Make my nips hard Mr. Remi.”

Five more shots of cum covered his chest. I was so worn out that I slouched back into the couch to catch my breath. Beau then stood up and started rubbing the cum that landed on his pecs into his smooth skin like moisturizer. He scooped up some cum still on his face and brought his finger to my mouth. I closed my lips around his finger and sucked my cum off of them, savoring the sweet and salty taste.

Once I gained my composure and my breathing finally calmed, I looked over at Beau who was now sitting across from me on the bed. My eyes went down to his chest which was now shining from the mixture of sweat and cum. My eyes traveled further down and stopped when I saw the biggest bulge in his pants that I had ever seen on a guy.

He must have caught me staring because he said, “We’ll save that for next time, Baby.” He then got up and kissed me on the cheek.

I heard a voice say, “Next time, I’ll be the one to help him.” It was Dr. Theo. He was standing in the doorway while stroking his massively sized cock with both hands. I thought to myself, “that can’t be real,” but I saw it with my own two eyes. It had to be as big around as a 2-liter bottle of soda and about two bottles long.

“How about you help me out instead, Daddy?”, I heard Beau say.

I turned my head to Beau as he was pulling down his pants. Once his pants got past his knees, Beau’s cock flung up and smacked his 8-pack abs. My jaw dropped and my mouth just hung there open.

“24-inches of solid man-cock here, Mr. Remi. You like?”

I looked at Dr. Theo’s cock which was longer than his sons, back to Beau’s, then Dr. Theo’s again, and finally back to Beau’s.

“Oh, hell yeah, I like. What is going on here? And what the fuck did you guys do to me? I’m in heaven right now!”

The father and son duo looked at each other and smiled before looking back at me. Dr. Theo then spoke first.

“We have started the process of redefining your DNA. When the treatments are complete you could have a massive cock almost as large as mine. Your balls will grow bigger too and you will always be sporting a hard-on. You’ll be able to carry a bucket full of sand dangling from your cock when you’re finished with the treatments. If you wanted to anyway.”

“Oh my god, you can’t be serious. How is this possible?” I replied.

Beau spoke up, “Oh it’s possible, we’ve tested this on ourselves. As for how, we won’t bore you with the science stuff, the proof is standing right here in front of you.”

Dr. Theo continued what he was saying, “The amount of sperm and semen you produce will multiply allowing you to shoot about a gallon of cum with each ejaculation. Your DNA now also has an added elastic-type property that lays dormant in your sperm until it’s in contact with human flesh. The human skin won’t become elastic but it will allow for orifices to stretch enough to comfortably take such large members. This property will also allow those who digest your cum to be able to take your monster-sized cock to the hilt, in the ass and down their throat.”

“So, I could fuck either one of you when this is all said and done and you would be able to take me to the base of my cock?” I asked sort of stunned but also full of lust.

Dr. Beau chimed in, “Yes, that’s correct. When I went through this process, I shot my first load all over my dad’s body and rubbed it in like I did when you shot your hot cum on me. After the third time doing this and him swallowing a 2nd load from me, I was able to fuck him long and hard with my 24-inches.”

“Then I started shooting my cum on him and down his throat so I could end up doing the same thing. We’ve been together as a couple for 19 years now.” Dr. Theo surprised me with that one.

“You guys are a couple? But you’re father and son.” I didn’t want to reveal my past relations with my brother just yet.

“What does that matter?”, Beau asked. “We fell in love with each other, the fact we are father and son is just a part of it, it also doesn’t affect anyone other than us and our family so what do we care what others say?”

“You’re totally right, Beau, uh—I mean Doctor.”

“I think we are past the Doctor thing. Just call us Theo and Beau.”

Theo spoke just then, “Oh, one more thing Mr. Remi. The trial,” he actually used air quotes, “it won’t necessarily take a month unless you want it to. You can stop taking the supplements whenever you want, just know your cock will stop growing once the medication is out of your system. In turn, the treatments can’t be reversed, so be careful with how far you go.”

“How big is your cock, Dr. Theo? Uh…I mean, Theo.” I asked.

“It’s about 28-inches. I’m thinking about growing it a little more, but I haven’t decided yet.”

“So, I can always get back to taking the medication if I stop and then change my mind?”

“Yes, that’s correct. You can start back up again anytime.”

“Hmmm, okay, that’s good to know,” I said making sure to file that piece of information away in case I needed it down the road. Then I remembered something important…

“Wait a second, what about the money? I only did this initially because I have three sons to support and no job. I was relying on that money,” I asked worried my financial stability was just taken away.

Beau answered, “No worries, Baby.” He said while rubbing my pecs and abs all sultry-like. “We’ll deposit the full $100K in your account at the end of the week.”

“Okay, good. Thanks, guys. I can’t believe this is happening.” I was relieved. So…when can I get bathed in your cum? I gotta have both of those gorgeous cocks inside of me,” I said excitedly.

Theo replied, “Why don’t you get down on your knees and start licking my cock then? And don’t forget these loose hanging balls full of that cum you want so much.”

“He needs his next treatment, first Dad.”

Since I had two men to get cum loads from, I was able to take both of them, one in my mouth, and one in my ass, by the next day. Feeling their cocks touch inside of my body was the hottest feeling I had ever experienced. And seeing their long hard rods move back and forth from the outside of my abs was so trippy. It felt so fucking amazing though. It was sort of like when you’re getting dicked down fast and hard from some stud and you’re high on poppers; pure ecstasy but amplified.

We continued to fuck for the next few days only stopping to eat. I did call my sons a couple of times to check-in. As I knew he would, Bash was taking care of everything swimmingly.

My cock continued to grow a few inches each day. My pecs, arms, calves, and thigh muscles all grew larger and stronger as well. My mid-section flattened out a little bit making my slight unemployment belly disappear. It was replaced by an 8-pack set of rock-hard abs. My nipples grew too, making them easier for my two new doctor friends to suck and nibble on.

By the time the week was over I had been fucked by Drs. Theo and Beau at least 15 times each; I fucked both of them numerous times as well. I swallowed probably a good 7 gallons of their cum and a couple gallons of my own in total. I don’t even know how much cum was deposited inside my ass and my guts. A couple of times I was so full I couldn’t keep their cum inside me causing it to spew across the room from my ass and cover the walls. Not to mention the countless times each of us was covered in cum too. It was so hot when they shot their warm sex juices over my body and rubbed it in so my body could soak it up like lotion.

I had an open invitation to come back and get with the doctors any time I desired. They also told me I could recommend men as well if I wanted and doing so would come with a $10,000 referral fee. When I arrived home on Friday, my boys were still in school. The first thing I did after putting my bags down in the master bedroom was suck my newly 25-inch cock until I came down my throat.

After that, I called my older brother Elliott and told him everything. He introduced me to gay sex when I was 18-years-old and he was 20. Over the years we fooled about here and there. He was always what one would consider a size-queen so we set up a playdate so he could experience my giant piece of man-meat.

After calling Elliott, I decided to try and fuck myself. My hard cock will never go soft, according to the doctors, but it wasn’t like a bat. I was able to bring my hard shaft back between my legs and shove the massive head in my now stretchable man pussy. I came two more times, once in my ass and once all over my hot and sweaty body, before my boys got home.

I didn’t know how I’d be able to hide my monster-cock from them but I would manage. At least I knew we were financially set for a while. It could be even longer if I invested some of it properly.


Part 3: The Knights - Fucking with Family

Note from the author:

In hindsight “The Clinical Trial” should be part 1.5 or a continuation of part 1. I didn’t come to this realization until I was writing “Fucking with Family” but either way, let me introduce you to The Knights.

BTW, I enjoy getting constructive criticism, feedback, and praise; I respond to everyone. Enjoy and remember to stay horny!

xo, iHeywood

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


“Oh, fuck yeah, baby, take my fucking cock,” I screamed as I fucked my husband, Elliott, “you like this huge 13-inch black monster cock in your ass don’t you, baby?”

“Yes, Malik, yes! Fuck, you feel so good inside me! I feel your cock massaging my prostate as it punches my guts.” Elliott always loved my cock. We fucked the first day I met him. I’ll never forget it.

About three years ago, Elliott was introduced to me by Remi Day, his brother. Remi was a construction foreman I frequently worked with on projects and thought his brother and I would hit it off. Elliott wanted to open up a bakery and was looking for someone to design the building and space. Enter, me.

We clicked immediately and have been inseparable ever since. Elliott met my sons after our third date and we were married a year, to the day, after we met.

During our first meeting at my office, Remi had to take a call so he stepped out. Within five minutes of him leaving the conference room, I had Elliott bent over the table and was pounding his pale white bubble butt. Remi eventually walked in on us but that didn’t stop me.

“Hey, bro! I think… I found… my archi… tect for Sweet… Cakes. Thanks for introducing us,” I heard Elliott say to his brother as I was thrusting deep inside him.

“Sweet Cakes is right,” I said with an animal instinct as I slapped Elliott’s ass.

“Sure thing, bro. I’ll leave you two to discuss everything, I’ve gotta go anyway,” Remi looked at me and winked, “Malik, we’ll be in touch,” then he looked back at his brother, “and Elliott, call me later and tell me everything!”

“See ya, Remi. I’ll be sure to send you that referral check next week,” I said to my friend as he walked back out of the conference room. I turned my attention to the man sprawled out on the table, “That’s right, baby, take my fucking cock!”

“OMG, that feels so good Malik! My brother knows me so well, he knew I would love your cock!”

“He warned me about you, ya know, before this meeting. He told me what a slut for dick you are. And how you two fucked each other when you were younger. Come here baby, I wanna see you while I fuck you,” I pulled out of Elliott’s ass so he could stand up and turn around to face me. Before laying on the table I dove into his neck and gave him the biggest, reddest hickey he’s probably ever had. I needed to mark my territory. Once he laid his back on the table and brought his legs to his head exposing his gaping hole, I re-entered him. But not before bending down and tasting his sweet cakes. His gaping hole was winking at me, begging me to fill it again.

“Come on, stud, fill me up. Make me need crutches to walk out of here,” Elliott begged me, so that’s what I did.

When I was back inside this man I just met and looked into his lust-filled eyes, I knew we would never be apart.

“Yeah, you little bitch, that’s what your brother told me, you love getting fucked. You loved teaching your younger brother about sex all those years ago and you loved riding his dick, didn’t you?”

“Y-yes,” Elliott moaned in response.

“I bet you never had a cock this big though.” My phone then rang. It was sitting on the table next to Elliott; I saw it was my son Jakeem so I put the phone on speaker. “Hey Jakeem, can this wait? I’m fucking a new client right now.”

“Damn, daddy! I wish I was there. I bet he’s loving your fat pole. I know I do,” I looked down at Elliott and smiled. “Anyway Pop,” he continued, “I was just checking in to see when you’d be home. You know Reggie, he’s ridden my cock four times already today and he needs his pussy filled but I can’t do it again. He needs you and frankly, I do too.”

“Mmmm, I love that boy’s black hole. He’s so lucky to have you to satisfy him when I’m not home. Gimme about an hour and then I’ll be home. In the meantime, just stick that horse cock dildo I got him for his birthday on the floor and let him ride it. Gotta go, boy, Daddy will be home soon.” I then hung up the phone and tossed it onto one of the chairs around the table.

“You fuck your sons?” Elliott asked me looking right into my eyes. He still had this hunger in him.

“That’s right, baby. I fuck with family too. Jakeem is 20 right now, he doesn’t love me fucking him but I make him and he eventually loves it. Reggie is a total power bottom and would shove his fist up his own ass if he could. Marquis and Omari aren’t 18 yet so I haven’t fucked with them. But when they have their 18th birthdays, you best believe Daddy is gonna fuck them all night!”

All that talk about fucking my sons while fucking Elliott for all he was worth had finally brought me to orgasm.

As I pulled out of his ass I said, “You ready to be bathed in my cum, bitch?”

“Yes, Daddy! I love taking cum baths. Shoot your cum all over me, I gotta taste it!”

That brought me over the edge and I came more than I had in a while. Elliott and I made out for a few minutes before getting dressed and making date for the next day to see each other again. The night we got married we fucked all night with my cock never escaping his hole. Even when we had to take a break to get some sustenance, he stayed impaled on my cock.

Now, here we are three years later and he still loves my cock. Jakeem is 23 now, Reggie is 21, Marquis is 19, but Omari is only 17. My three oldest sons have grown attached to each other and only join Elliott and me in the bedroom when we have a family orgy every other week. We do it when Omari is at gymnastics, I know he wants to join us but I have a strict “no-kids” policy. Periodically Elliott or I will hook up with one of the boys separately, though.

Elliott’s bakery, Sweet Cakes, has been booming with business. So much so that he had to hire more staff. Marquis works with him as the assistant manager while Jakeem is a junior architect at my firm, Reggie is my executive assistant, and Omari is my office manager.

Anyway, back to the fucking.

Elliott and I were in the kitchen while I was stabbing his hole with my cock. I was sitting on a bar stool as he was riding me and moaning every time his ass slid down my tool.

A couple of minutes before the boys got home Elliott passed out and went limp. He fell towards me with his head resting on my shoulder. I then had to use my arms to slide Elliott up and down my cock to continue fucking him.

Each of my sons were rowdy as they walked through the door. They were laughing and cutting up until they walked into the kitchen to put the groceries away that I sent them to buy. We were due to go to Remi’s house for Thanksgiving the following day.

“Damn, Daddy! Yeah, fuck his ass,” Marquis said, “I love that step-daddy pussy!” Marquis and Elliott got very close while working at the bakery. They have their own special father/son bond and fuck all the time at Sweet Cakes, alone and with a couple of employees.

Jakeem then said to my youngest, “Omari, you shouldn’t be watching this, put those bags down and go up to your room, please.”

“Fuck that!” Omari responded, “I’m allowed to watch so long as I don’t participate. Just wait until I’m 18 and I can finally get rammed by each of you. Jakeem, will you let me fuck you like Daddy?”

“Hell no, O! You know my hole is exclusively Daddy’s,” Jakeem replied.

“Wait, is he unconscious?” Reggie asked.

“Yeah,” I said, “happened a few minutes before y’all got home. Will one of you come over here and try to wake him up?”

Jakeem put the bags he was still carrying down and came over. “Wake up Elliott,” he said as he slapped his step-father a couple of times.

“Not so hard, damn!” I said to my son who hopefully didn’t leave a mark.

Elliott started to stir and wake up, “Huh? Shit, did it happen again? I hate when I pass out. You just fuck me so good baby,” Elliott leaned up to kiss me. “Hey boys, did you remember the-”

“Cranberry sauce? Yep, we got it,” Omari said.

“Which did you get?” Elliott asked in reply.

“Fresh cranberries to make our own, like we do at the bakery,” Marquis told his step-dad.

“And that jellied shit for Uncle Remi, I still don’t know how he likes that stuff,” Jakeem added watching Elliott and I start to end our fuck session.

Reggie spoke up again and begged me to fuck him next. At first, I declined but he continued to beg.”

“Please Daddy! I feel so empty. I rode Marquis on the way from the store but now I need your daddy dick in me. Please!!?”

“Well, how can I say ‘no’ to that?” I said to my cute bottom boy. “Omari, please put all the stuff away, the rest of you, join me in my bedroom.”

Omari huffed. “That’s so fucking unfair!”

“Hey now,” Elliott said to him, “I’ll stay and help you with everything. Let them go have their fun. I know it sucks but you gotta understand your dad’s ‘no-kids’ policy. Besides, it’s not just his rule, it’s the law.”

“I’m not a fucking kid, though! I’m seventeen!”

“I know, Omari. You’ll be 18 in a couple of weeks, along with your cousins Atticus and Archer. Just think of all the fun we are all going to have on your birthday. All your brothers had to wait until they were 18 as well. It’s only fair.”

The boys had run off but I stayed back admiring the sweet conversation between my husband and my youngest son. It’s not like I didn’t want to fuck Omari, I did, but as Elliott said, I had a policy that went with the law and Omari’s brothers had to wait too.

I walked over to my son and kissed him on the forehead, “believe me, son, I want you just as much as you want me. It will be worth the wait, I promise.”

“Okay, Pop,” then he smirked at me as if trying to show he was okay. I kissed Elliott on the lips as I pinched and tugged one of his nipples before walking away to join Jakeem, Reggie, and Marquis in the bedroom.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


Omari was the smallest of the brothers and not just because of his age. He had a different build from being a gymnast rather than a football or lacrosse athlete like Jakeem and Marquis. Reggie had a nice body due to using your in-house gym during his free time.

After Malik left the kitchen, I pulled Omari in for a hug. I felt his hand slide down my back and cup my butt cheeks.

“Hey now, son,” I unwrapped my arms around him and pushed him back a bit with my hand still holding his arms, “you know that isn’t allowed either.”

He hung his head down and said, “I know, I just couldn’t help it.”

“It’s okay,” I said with a smile as I pulled his face up so he would look at me, “let’s get these things organized so it’ll be easier to find everything when it’s time to cook tomorrow before going over to Remi’s, alright?”


The next morning, I enlisted Marquis, my right-hand man at the bakery, and Omari to help me cook what we were bringing to Thanksgiving later at noon. Malik, Jakeem, and Reggie were no doubt switching between football and the parade on TV.

“Marquis, since you know the way we do the fillings at the bakery, can you do the cranberry sauce? Just make sure to leave it a little chunkier than we usually do. And Omari, you can help me with the dressing muffins.”

“Sure,” both of the boys said in unison.

Omari then added, “what all do I need to get?”

“We need the dressing mixes, celery, onion, two eggs, and some non-stick spray. Once we are done with that, and the muffins are in the oven, the three of us can work on the Boiled Oatmeal Cookies.”

“Got it. I’ll chop up the celery if you do the onions,” Omari said smiling at me knowing full well that chopping onions make me cry. Little does he know I’m going to cheat.

“Sounds like a plan. How are you doing over there, M?”

“Good so far, I got the cranberries in with some sugar and a dash of orange juice. Just letting the sugar melt and the berries start to get soft. The wick is on medium heat so nothing gets burned.”

“Great! You got this.”

As Omar was chopping the celery into tiny little cubes, I got the chopper from the shelf and put it next to him on the counter. I cut the onion into quarters and peeled off the skin and one layer. Once that was done, I chopped off the hairy end of each onion wedge and separated each layer into the chopper. I looked at Omari as I pressed the button down once. He looked at the chopper with the onions inside and then looked at me with an evil look. We both just laughed. I put an arm around him and pulled him for a quick hug before going back to the onions and pulsing them until they were chopped enough.

Once Omari was done with the celery, we put it and the onions in a sauté pan with some olive oil to sweat them out and get them a little soft for the muffins. Omari stayed with the pan next to his brother after preheating the oven. I went and grabbed a mixing bowl so I could get the rest of the ingredients ready.

When the cranberries were done Marquis let them cool before transferring them to a container to take with us. Once the muffins were in the oven, we three gathered everything we needed for the Boiled Oatmeal Cookies.

“So, Elliott, why do you call these ‘boiled oatmeal cookies?’ Aren’t they called ‘No Bakes?’” Omari asked.

“Well, when they are mass-produced and sold in stores they are usually called ‘No Bakes’ but this is a family recipe handed down from generation to generation. We’ve always called them ‘boiled oatmeal cookies.’”

“Oh. That’s so cool that it’s an old family recipe.”

“Yeah. For the longest time growing up I thought my family was the only ones who knew about them. I thought some ancestor invented them. It wasn’t until I was in high school and made them for a bake sale that I realized that wasn’t the case.”

Marquis chimed in and asked what happened.

“Well, my calculus teacher was giving extra credit to any student who made an original recipe for the bake sale. Another guy in my class and I brought in these cookies. My bitch of a teacher wasn’t going to give us the extra credit since it wasn’t an original recipe even though our cookies looked entirely different. My dad called the teacher when I got home that day and bitched her out something fierce! He explained that the recipe was an old family one and blah, blah, blah.”

“So happened then?” Omari asked.

“Well, apparently the teacher heard from the other guys’ mom also. She had the same story. So, our teacher decided to go ahead and give us the extra credit since both of our families never knew it wasn’t actually a family recipe. It was obvious that they were two different recipes though. The guy’s batch of cookies looked as dry as the desert.

By the time we had three batches of cookies done, the oven went off telling us the dressing muffins were done.

“Okay,” I said, “the dressing muffins are done, the cranberry sauce is done, and we can do a couple more batches of cookies. What else is there?” I was asking no one in particular.

“What is Uncle Remi making?” Omari asked.

“He’s doing the turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, sweet corn, and green beans. That sounds like everything but I feel like I’m forgetting something.”

Then all three of us had a lightbulb moment and said together, “the ham!”

“Oh man, good thing we remember that, it’s your dad’s favorite!” I said to the two boys, er, men in the kitchen with me.

Marquis read the directions for the ham to himself and then told us what to do. “It says the ham is already cooked but it needs to be reheated. And these this glaze packet too.”

I replied, “Oh we don’t need that packet. We’ll make our own glaze. We just need brown sugar, pineapple juice, and a little bit of water.” To myself I thought, I’ll add my secret ingredient when no one is looking.

“Uh, Elliott, we don’t have any brown sugar,” I heard Marquis say.

“Fuck, that’s a must-have. Omari, can you please run to the convenience store and buy a bag?”

“Sure, but I can’t drive by myself,” he responded.

“Can you take your bike? I need Marquis to help me here.”

“Oh yeah, of course. It’s not far. I’ll be back soon.”

“Thanks, son,” I said to Omari before kissing him on the cheek.

Once he was out the door with some cash from my wallet I pulled my pants down showing Marquis my hard cock. I’m not as big as Malik but none of the guys have complained.

“Oh fuck yeah Elliott. You gotta let me suck your cock? While Omari is gone?”

“Nope, I’m gonna fuck your hole. I need your ass juices mixed with my cum.”

“For what?”

“The glaze, duh.”

We both started laughing.

It only took about 7 minutes for me to be ready to cum. Six shots later I had filled Marquis’s ass. I had him reach up and grab a bowl from the cabinet.

“When I pull out, I need you to clench your butt hole until I tell you to. I don’t want to lose any of the special ingredient.”

“Got it.”

I slowly pulled out of Marquis’ ass. When I was completely out, I saw him close his hole tight. I set the bowl on the floor and help him squat down above it.

“Ok, let ‘er rip.”

Just then a mixture of my cum and ass juices came pouring out of Marquis’ now loose hole straight into the bowl. Once finished we both tasted a little bit. I thought it was going to mix very well with the brown sugar and pineapple juice.

Marquis wrapped up the ham in aluminum foil and placed it in the oven while I mixed together the pineapple juice and cum. The brown sugar would be added when Omari got back before it went in a container to bring with us. Once we got to my brothers’ house we would pour the glaze over the ham and put it back in the oven for like 10 minutes.

I thought it would be a nice gesture to bring the guys in the living room a cookie. I told Marquis I would be right back and asked him to start cleaning up the kitchen. As I walked around through the foyer and around a corner to the living room, I stopped dead in my tracks. I saw Reggie bouncing up and down getting double penetrated by his dad’s 13-inch fat cock and his older brother’s 12-inch cock. Malik and Jakeem were laying on the couch cock-to-cock while Reggie was squatted over them facing the tv as football was on, the Broncos were winning against the Packers, 27 to 13.

“Aw fuck, Reggie! You love sliding down on the two fattest cocks in the family, don’t you?” I heard Jakeem ask his brother.

“Mmmhmmm,” was all Reggie said back.

I don’t know how he was able to do it but Reggie was sitting all the way down with his ass smacking against Malik and Jakeem’s legs. It was so fucking hot to see!

“That’s right, baby. Take our fucking huge cocks,” Malik said to the younger son before speaking to his oldest. “Look Jakeem, you can see the shape of our cocks together poking his stomach! Put your hand on his torso and feel our cocks poke out.”

“Damn, Daddy! That’s so fucking hot!”

Just then I coughed a little and all three men turned to look at me.

“Hey baby, whatcha got there?”

“Huh? Oh, I brought you men some boiled oatmeal cookies. It looks like you’re all busy though. I’ll go check Marquis.”

“Oh no you don’t,” my hot husband said, “come over here and feed me that cookie.”

“Me too, Elliott, I heard Jakeem say.

When I got to the front of the couch, I put one of the cookies partially in my mouth and got down on my knees to feed it to Malik. He took the whole cookie from me and ate him while moaning. I don’t know if the moans were because of the cookie or the fucking. After he swallowed, we made out for a minute.

“Hey, what about me?”

I scooted over to Jakeem on the other end of the couch. As I passed by Reggie still bouncing up and down focused on the game, I noticed his leaking 10-inch hard cock. Pre-cum was flying all over the place. I stopped in front of him and just handed a cookie to Jakeem.

“Here you go, Jakeem. I’m sorry but I need to suck this dick.”

So, when Reggie came back down, I quickly took his whole cock in my mouth before he could bounce back up. Instead, my head did the bouncing as Reggie’s hard cock jabbed the back of my throat.

I still had one cookie in my hand so I brought it up to Reggie and tried to say, “Here, do you want one?” but it didn’t come out that way because my mouth was full of cock. This went on for about five minutes until we were interrupted.

“Hey, Elliott, I think the Ham is almost done, you want to come che-” Marquis said as he rounded the corner to the living room, “Well, fuck me. Why wasn’t I invited?”

“Get over here and sit on my face!” Malik said to Marquis who did just that.

Reggie stood up on the couch and slid off those two fat cocks and went to sit on Jakeem’s face. His hole was gaping so much that Jakeem’s entire mouth and even his nose went inside. I’m sure Jakeem was loving that! With two free cocks just swaying in the air I pulled down my pants and impaled myself. I needn’t any lube because both cocks were still dripping with a mixture of sweat, pre-cum, and Reggie’s ass juices.

We four men were like this for probably a good ten minutes before we heard Omari.

“Aww, man! Come on guys! What the fuck?”

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