The four jocks: The loft

by BRK

A quartet of very attractive clothing and fitness models sharing a loft try the transformation game during a power blackout, and are soon filled with awe at what they’re doing to themselves and each other as they play.

The Four Jocks, #7 2 parts 9,337 words Added Dec 2013 18k views 5.0 stars (8 votes)

Part 1 A quartet of very attractive clothing and fitness models sharing a loft try the transformation game during a power blackout, and are soon filled with awe at what they’re doing to themselves and each other as they play. (added: 24 Dec 2013)
Part 2
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Part 1

Liam ducked under the doorjamb and pushed past his roommate Lukas into the sprawling Brooklyn loft apartment they shared with two other young and hungry fitness models. “Forgot your key again?” the blue-eyed, Nordic hunk asked Liam with a smirk as he closed the door. Liam just shook his head, sparing only a glance down at the five-eleven pretty boy from his own considerably loftier vantage.

The irony was that it was his apartment—he was the only one with money and a decent credit history, so his was the only name on the lease—but he was always forgetting his keys. Along with everything else. The extra-tall, lusciously lanky model’s reputation for being scatter-brained was exaggerated, to be sure; he wasn’t that much more forgetfully than any other bright-eyed, easily-distracted 20-year-old; but the legend was so widespread that he was actually known in the industry as Oubie, ever since a Belgian-born executive at his agency spent an entire shoot in the Alps derisively calling him “Monsieur Oublier.” It stuck.

Liam moved into the main living space and dropped onto the longest of the three scuffed but solid faux-leather couches that despite their size were dwarfed by the fifty-foot-long room with the 14-foot ceilings. Lukas followed him into the room, musing that this apartment was the only thing that could make both Liam and these couches look small. He loved the space, big and square, with huge windows facing the street on the wall by the front entrance; to the left a set of cozy bedrooms sectioned off from the main space at some point in the loft’s history; and on the far side a big open kitchen and eating space. The right-hand wall opposite the bedrooms was a huge expanse of original brickwork, so ragged and worn that the shape and condition of every brick seemed unique.

Liam dislodged some throw pillows from the far end of the big couch onto the floor and slumped into it gratefully, his loose white muslin shirt draping perfectly over his long, well-sculpted torso. Lukas admired the picture his rangy roommate made sprawled just so in the soft light of the overhead track lighting. The couch was everyone’s favorite because it was huge and impossibly comfy, and they had set to face the wall of windows, the optimum distance having been figured at exactly 20 feet from the iron-ribbed wall of glass. The four of them spent most of their time awake at the loft in that couch, singly or together in twos, threes, or the whole gang, often sprawled with legs overlapping in unself-conscious “no-homo” camaraderie.

Liam stretched and contorted fluidly into the corner against the firm but comfortable cushions as if he were partly made of rubber. Lukas knew that the tall, lanky hunk was unexpectedly flexible and loose-limbed—once he’d seen Liam put his ankles behind his own head with little apparent effort—but Liam seemed to like collapsing into a boneless heap like this even more. Liam threw his long legs out along the length of the couch, his big feet somehow already bare: Lukas spotted the shoes under the massive old coffee table positioned a few feet in front of the couch, and there were probably no socks. The heavy table was part of a set of hefty, slightly battered but friendly-looking mahogany pieces from an estate sale up north. The couch’s end tables were similarly dark and ponderous.

Lukas dropped onto the other end of the couch. “Man, today was brutal,” Liam moaned, lolling his head against the back of the couch and closing his eyes.

“Long shoot?” Lukas said sympathetically, his own head laid back as well. He kept his eyes open, gazing at the huge windows that took up most of the far wall by the door. It was darkening rapidly—everyone was talking about the huge storm rolling in tonight. A brief flash of distant lightning lit the buildings across the way for a split second.

Liam nodded without opening his eyes. “He kept giving me lists of poses he wanted me to hit while he shot me,” he muttered tiredly. As he paused, the thunder from the lightning strike rumbled ominously. Liam noticed. “Yeah, like that, grumbling the whole time,” he said. “He was like, ‘do this, then do this, then this,’ and I never remembered what the third ‘this’ was.”

Lukas grinned, though his brilliant wattage was lost on the closed-eyed Liam. But Diego, just then padding into the living area from the bedrooms off to the side of the loft, caught Lukas’s toothy grin and smiled as well. “Is our Oubie having a tough day?” the long-haired Cuban muscle-boy said indulgently. He was, as usual, barefoot and shirtless, wearing only a beat-up pair of old jeans that was frayed along every edge, and Lukas took a moment to appreciate the view of Diego’s perfectly sculpted, overgenerously muscled body. Lukas’s friends always asked him if he got ever tired of always being around sexy, straight manflesh. He always replied: “Hell no.”

Diego lifted his head toward the kitchen and called out, “Hey, Minjoon! Bring your magic fingers in here!” Lukas turned to see the amber-skinned Korean moving into the room, silent as usual, drying his hands on a dish-towel. Lukas was happy to see that Minjoon was wearing even less than Diego, just a smallish pair of workout shorts. They were Lukas’s favorites, the ones with the thick white cord that laced up the front, emphasizing the man’s prodigious package. Lukas realized he was feeling a tightness in a corresponding location. He was dressed in his normal comfort clothes—a snug white baseball shirt with black sleeves and shoulders, soft old chinos, and beat-up hightops—but underneath those old chinos he was wearing snug new kelly green briefs from an underwear ad he’d shot a couple weeks before, and while they looked amazing on him, at the shoot then and in the mirror this morning, they were clearly not ideal for spending any amount of alone time with his sexy roomies.

Lukas watched as Minjoon, tossing the dish towel over his bare shoulder, moved affably around Liam and Lukas’s couch to a spot behind Liam and began a gentle shoulder massage with long, practiced fingers. They all knew that spiky-blond Lukas was the prettiest out of the four of them, with his bright blue eyes, smooth skin and perfect cheekbones; Diego, who had a sideline in how-to-get-buff videos, was easily the most muscular, especially with his oversized pecs; but Minjoon, darker than Lukas and palpably more sensual than hunky Diego or stretched-out Liam, with a body that literally seemed to have been sculpted to achieve the level of beauty possible through the shaping of thick and gorgeous muscle, was unanimously agreed to be the hottest by several orders of magnitude.

Lukas considered what it was about Minjoon that did it for him and everyone else—even his straight roomies were always eyeing Minjoon without realizing it, or throwing an arm over his shoulder, like Diego was doing now. Lukas was too chicken to try stuff like that, so he contented himself with sliding his eyes down Minjoon’s body. The face, the body, the hair. Minjoon’s loose, jet-black hair wasn’t as long as Diego’s but it tended to fall in front of Minjoon’s face in delightful shocks. He usually had a bit of dark stubble just around his chin and lips that seemed to want to be nuzzled and licked.

And below that… the others had the hairless chests and abs that photographers and editors preferred, Lukas naturally and the others with a bit of effort. But Minjoon’s spare dusting of dark hair between his heavy pecs and down the meridian of his hard abs on an otherwise hairless physique always made Lukas want to touch it. Only lanky Liam had better abs, a long, beautiful eight-pack washboard expanse, but Minjoon’s were part of the total package. He took a deep breath and sighed, watching Minjoon elicit moans of gratitude from an increasingly languid Liam.

Diego heard another soft rumble of thunder and turned his head to check out the suddenly gloomy conditions outside. Lukas glanced at the windows and saw that rain was already sheeting down. It was going to be a deluge. “Well, guys, looks like we’re in for the night,” he said, adding, “might as well enjoy it!” He detached himself from Minjoon in order to move around and drop down on the couch right next to Liam, Liam lifting his legs momentarily to let Diego sit down and then dropping them again onto Diego’s thickly muscled thighs, in a transparent attempt at putting himself in line for Minjoon’s ministrations. Minjoon’s mouth quirked but, as usual, he said nothing.

Lukas was just as happy to spend an evening in with his hot roommates, especially if they were all looking to relax and unwind. “We could play that board game my cousin sent,” Lukas said casually.

“A board game?” Diego said skeptically, tossing a look at Lukas.

“I’m no good at those things,” murmured Liam, his eyes still closed as Minjoon moved out from the tall guy’s traps to his delts. He was sounding practically sedated.

Lukas knew, from extensive experience, that the charisma that came with his own almost unnaturally intense pretty-boy beauty could convince people to do practically anything—though he hadn’t yet dared to risk his friendship with his three buddies to try to get anything more from them than the occasional free beer at their corner tavern. But he wanted to do this. The hints his cousin had dropped about it in his email were … tantalizing. “C’mon guys,” he said, aiming his bright eyes at Diego. “I swear it’ll be a blast, and we all need to unbend tonight.” He cocked his head and threw a crooked smile up at Minjoon. “With the storm out and nothing else going on—it’s perfect!”

As if to punctuate his plea, the lights suddenly cut out and the room went still and almost completely dark. The only sound was the rattling of the rain outside. “So much for Assassin’s Creed,” Diego said, eyeing the now-useless game system and big flatscreen on the all-brick side wall.

“I’ll get candles,” Minjoon said, speaking for the first time. He let go of Liam’s shoulders and headed for the big utility closet where the stacked washer-dryer unit was. Liam groaned in disappointment.

“I’ll get the game,” Lukas said eagerly, jumping up to head for his room.

“I’ll—get beers,” said Diego suddenly. Liam immediately lifted his legs to let him out and he got up, padding toward the dark kitchen and calling over his shoulder in explanation, “This seems like it calls for beers.”

“Definitely,” Lukas confirmed, returning to the room and setting a small box down on the beat-up old coffee table, pulling it a little close to the couch. Liam sat up a little and opened his eyes, throwing a long arm across the back of the couch just as Diego returned with a couple of six-packs of longneck Boston Lager from the fridge, setting the beer on the coffee table and, Liam once again momentarily praising his legs, dropping back down in his former spot.

Minjoon returned with a small tray piled with thick white candles, all used to varying degrees, and box of matches and started moving around them with smooth efficiency, setting up candles on the coffee table, the end tables, and the narrow gateleg table by the door and then moving back around to light them in turn. The warm glow of the candle-flames revealed the deep amber beauty of Minjoon’s naked skin to startling effect.

Lukas watched Minjoon for a moment, then turned his attention quickly back to the box. “We’re supposed to have a couple beers in us as we play,” Lukas explained as he opened up the box and started squaring up a stack of game cards. The instruction card was on top. He reread it to himself, then turned it over and noticed an additional instruction for the first time.

“This game may bring about physical changes,” he read to himself. Lukas didn’t question this, for some reason. “Consider whether your fellow players are mature enough to handle transformations of themselves and others.” Maybe, not that you’d notice, Lukas thought glancing at the playful Diego and the easily distracted Liam at the other end of the couch. “Should the game players be aware of the changes, or unaware? Say ‘aware’ or ‘unaware’ now.”

“Aware,” Lukas said after a moment’s hesitation, just under his breath.

“What?” Diego said, glancing toward him.

“I said, ‘Drink your beer!’” Lukas said quickly, shifting the deck toward him so the instruction card was not in Diego’s line of sight. “It’s important for the game.”

Diego nodded. “No objections here,” he said, hauling one of the bottles out of the carton and handing it to Liam, then taking one for himself. Liam popped the cap and took a long, greedy swig, much to Diego’s amusement. “Hey, slow down, Oubie!”

Liam was already on his second chug and was already finishing the bottle. He leaned forward to smack it down on the table and grab another. “First one fast, second one slow,” he said solemnly. “That’s the rule.”

“I see,” Diego said, still smiling. “My own rule is, ‘Why is this bottle not empty yet?’” Liam’s lips twitched, and Diego took a healthy swig of his own beer, drawing his cascading, shoulder-length hair back from his face. “I’ll have to try that sometime.”

Minjoon settled in the gap between Lukas and Diego; even for this Liam had to lift his long legs up a little, and when Minjoon was settled Liam’s big bare feet ended up resting on Minjoon’s bare, hairless thigh. It was a big couch, but they were filling it up, partly because Liam was sprawling in one corner, and partly because they were all well-built, broad-shouldered men. Lukas felt Minjoon’s bare, round delts brush against Lukas’s through his soft cotton baseball shirt and swallowed, ignoring his sudden, slightly painful boner in his restrictive briefs and redirecting his attention back to the deck in front of him.

Lukas turned over the card and read from the main instructions. “In each round, the player whose turn it is, or host, reads a card and each of the other players answers in clockwise order,” he said. “The host then determines which answer is most desirable and, uh, kisses the person who gave that answer, after which it will become official.” Lukas looked up a bit nervously at the mention of kissing, wondering if anyone would pick up on his craven editing out of the option to touch instead of kiss; but Diego and Liam were downing beer like zombies were coming to take it from them, and only Minjoon was favoring Lukas with a wry look. He felt a slight blush warm his cheeks and dropped his eyes to the card.

“No round can be undone but answers in a subsequent round can be used to reverse answers in a previous round,” Lukas went on as if there’d been no interruption. “The host rotates with each turn to the right. For best results, play while lightly intoxicated.”

“Way ahead of you!” Diego said. He was lifting bottles out of the nearer carton to hand to Minjoon and Lukas. “You guys had better get started if you want to keep up with him,” he added, cocking his head to the very relaxed Liam to his left, the candlelight dancing in his dark eyes.

Minjoon snickered and, pulling off the cap, upended the beer and emptied it down his throat in a single chug. The others watched with increasing awe as Minjoon swallowed the last glug of brew and lowered the bottle into his lap, punctuating the performance with a large, yeasty belch.

“Holy shit, Min!” Diego laughed delightedly. He was already handing him another beer. “Do it again, do it again!” he cheered, like a little kid in a gym rat’s body.

Minjoon laughed, shaking his head. “One fast, the next slow,” he intoned. He lifted his new bottle to Liam at the end of the couch, and Liam contentedly returned the salute with his own half-full sophomore bottle.

Lukas thought about his own beer and suddenly remembered the deck in his other hand. He set the instructions aside on the end table to his right and handed the stack of game cards to Minjoon. “You start,” he said, popping the cap on his bottle as soon as his hand was free and taking one deep swallow, then another, but no one was watching him to chuckle at his behavior.

Minjoon frowned at the top card stolidly and then read it out to them. “It says, ‘What should the person on your right be able to do better than anyone else?’” His brows knit. “Anyone else?” he said doubtfully.

“Maybe it just means out of the four of us,” Lukas said slowly. “Or out of the people we’ve ever met.” He actually wasn’t sure at all, but he didn’t want the others to be spooked right out of the gate.

Minjoon eyed Lukas but said nothing, turning instead to Diego for his answer. Diego looked at Minjoon and grinned. “Turn people on,” he said saucily. “Make girls wet and give guys instaboners.”

“C’mon,” Lukas said, putting on a mock-annoyed voice. “It says ‘should be able to do,’ not ‘is able to do.’” He knew that his roommates all knew that Minjoon did it for him, and it was easier to go along. The way Diego was bringing this up, though, he wondered how much Minjoon turned the others on too. He caught Diego’s eye and Diego winked at him, looking almost like a pirate in the flickering candlelight. Minjoon, he noticed, was pointedly not looking at either of them but had already turned his attention to Liam.

The others looked at Liam as well, who was now looking almost boneless as he sprawled comfortably in the far corner of the couch. Liam gave Diego a once over. “Grow muscle at the gym,” he said languidly.

Lukas clicked his tongue in a loud tsk. “Again,” he sighed, resorting once more to mock exasperation, “it’s ‘should’, not ‘can’.” Diego laughed outright, impulsively bringing his arms up in a cocky double-bicep pose.

“What are you, a Jersey shore douche or something?” teased Liam, and Diego laughed and kept his arms up and flexed for a moment, apparently just because he knew Lukas was watching. Lukas felt his cock twitch and shift, trying to straighten out more in the designer underwear. Diego’s muscles weren’t just big, they were perfectly sculpted, as if they had been painstakingly chiseled from dusky marble to be the ideal shape to arouse him, Lukas, to a fever pitch. Lukas was pretty built himself, and had always worked out like a field with results that could not be called negligible; but Diego made him feel like a weed.

They were all looking at him now. Oh! It was his turn. He glanced at Liam and hesitated.

“He wants to say ‘sucks cock’,” Diego chided in an undertone with a wry smirk, nudging Liam with an elbow. Liam watched him with a wide smile and raised brows.

“Fuck you,” Lukas said to Diego, equally playfully, and Diego grinned at him. “All right, we’ll compromise. My answer is ‘kiss’.” Diego and Liam both laughed, and even Minjoon smiled. Lukas felt himself blush again and cursed his porcelain-fair skin. “Fuck it, why not?” Lukas said with a show of bravado, and took a quick swig from his beer.

Minjoon’s eyes were full of amusement, but instead of agreeing with Lukas out loud, he just leaned toward him and planted a warm, firm kiss on his lips. It was over before Lukas could respond, but because it was Minjoon, kissing him!, Lukas felt a surge of arousal pass though every single muscle in his body, and his cock seemed to suddenly get all the way hard, forcing itself into perfect, iron-bar straightness along his hip.

“Wonder if it worked,” Minjoon said with a smile and a sidelong glance at Lukas. He slipped to top card onto the bottom of the deck and passed the cards to Diego. Free from his hosting duties he leaned back and took a deep swig of beer.

Diego, clearly feeling the effects of his own beer and a half, was reading his card with glee, though only to himself for the moment. After a companionable pause in which they all seemed to settle more deeply into the roomy couch and down a further dose or two of beer, Diego said, laughing as if he’d just found something funny on the internet, “Guys, get this. It says, ‘Whose unpicked option from the previous turn would you pick to be true after all’!” He shook his head. “This is a fucked up game,” he said with great amusement, as he turned to look at Liam.

Liam looked momentarily confused and seemed about to ask the group was his was—then he glanced at Diego’s buff, shirtless torso and his eyes were suddenly bright and even a bit mischievous. “Mine, obviously!” he announced, adding with a knowing glance at Diego, “Like you’re not going to pick that.”

Diego favored him with a cagey look and turned to Lukas. “Um, yours,” he said. “Diego’s,” he added hastily, as if he felt he needed to be specific for the court reporter’s official record of the proceedings.

Minjoon raised an eyebrow at him and turned his chin slightly toward Diego. “Liam’s,” he said pointedly.

Diego played up the suspense, tossing his glance around at all of them like an amateur sleuth about to finger the guilty party. “It is very tempting,” he drawled, with an eye on Liam, but then he moved across Minjoon and, reaching out with his left hand, drew Lukas into a kiss. To Lukas’s surprise he lingered a bit longer than Minjoon had, even parting his lips for the last few seconds of the smooch before pulling back.

Diego turned and smiled at Liam, who was giving him a “What the hell?” sort of expression. Diego shrugged his bulky but perfectly sculpted bare shoulders. “I already grow muscle like breathing, dude,” he explained reasonably. “I never even planned to get this big.”

“Oh, boo hoo!” Liam shot back, snatching up one of the throw pillows from the floor to playfully smack Diego across his superb melon pecs.

“Hey, would you want to be taller?” Diego retorted, grabbing the pillow and hitting Liam across his own chest.

“Maybe,” Liam said defensively, trying to snatch the pillow.

“Diego,” Minjoon said calmly, “pass the cards. And the beer,” he added.

At the sound of his voice, which sounded just a bit…different from before, Liam and Diego stilled and turned as one to face Minjoon. “Holy fuck,” Diego said, sounding almost enamored by what he was seeing. But Liam was looking alarmed.

“Shit,” he cursed, tearing his eyes away from Minjoon and fumbling at his crotch. “Shit shit shit.” He appeared to be trying to reposition his equipment and was having a tough time doing it, wincing in discomfort as he shoved hard flesh around under his dark jeans.

Minjoon knitted his brows. “What?” he said, frowning at Diego.

Diego was staring at Minjoon, his mouth slightly open. He swallowed and licked his lips. Then he shrugged, very slightly. “Instaboner, man,” Diego said softly. “I’ve never been this turned on in my life.”

Minjoon turned and looked at Lukas, and Lukas, already fully aroused and hard as a rock, was unprepared for the full gale force of Minjoon’s power to arouse and suddenly shuddered with a heart-thudding orgasm, cumming torrents of hot thick jizz in his too-snug designer briefs, now unable to contain his raging boner.

Minjoon narrowed his eyes slightly and Lukas felt like Minjoon was ready to blame him for all this. “It’s…not… my fault,” Lukas gasped, and Minjoon raised an eyebrow just slightly, more indulgent than admonitory, and turned back toward the others. Lukas followed his gaze and his eyes bugged out a little. “Holy shit! How big is that thing?”

They were all staring at Liam’s crotch, Liam included. Plainly visible in the dark jeans was the outline of a cock that was not only long enough to reach all the way to Liam’s hip but so thick it almost looked like Liam was smuggling a roll of paper towels in his pants. Not one of the big jumbo rolls, but still way too big to hide.

Liam was looking down at it dejectedly, still holding the pillow they’d been hitting each other with against his chest. “See, this is why I try not to get hard around you guys,” he said. “Or on shoots. It’s pretty big when it’s soft, but…’ he trailed off, lifting his eyes back up to stare at Minjoon.

“Sorry I turn you on so much,” Minjoon said. Lukas couldn’t tell if he was genuinely sorry, though. He figured Minjoon was already coming to terms with being the most-boner inducing man they’d ever met (or in the world). Lukas was aware only of being totally aroused again despite just having cum like a geyser. The wet fabric of his briefs and chinos was clinging to his still-hard boner as if it wanted to wrap round the shaft like a hand and gently bring him off a second time. He polished off his beer and set it on the floor.

“Don’t be sorry,” Liam said to Minjoon. “And it’s not your fault, either, Luke—this is all Diego.” He glowered at the muscle hunk next to him. “I’m not picking any of your answers, no matter what!”

But Diego seemed not to be paying attention. “You’re a grower,” Diego said, sort of seeming to talk to Liam’s crotch. “Like I’ve never seen. Is that—?” He put his left hand out to touch the obscene bulge, and when Liam didn’t stop him he grasped it through the fabric. “Fuck, it’s real,” he said.

“Fuck yeah, it’s real.”

“No wonder you don’t have enough blood for your brain all the time,” he joked.

“Screw you,” Liam said, though without heat. He drew in his breath as Diego boldly groped his huge bulge.

“Fuck,” Diego mused in amazement as he felt its size and girth, sounding more like he was talking to himself now. “Damn, it’s got to be the biggest cock I ever—” Suddenly he looked up, as if realizing what he was saying. Lukas and Minjoon were both watching him with interest.

“Yeah——?” Lukas said teasingly with a shit-eating grin, glad someone else was on the receiving end of their mutual playfighting for a change. He became aware that his right hand was resting on Minjoon’s bare, beautiful thigh, the thumb caressing the thick muscle. He wasn’t sure when he’d made the daring move but, after a tense moment of indecision, he decided that he’d leave it there until Minjoon objected. Fuck, he was so hard. And he’d just blown a huge wad. Maybe Minjoon being titanically bonerific was not necessarily a completely good thing.

Diego recovered his alpha-male aplomb. “Fuck you, pretty boy,” he said in response Lukas’s taunt, thrusting the cards in his other hand at Liam. “Here, it’s your turn,” he said gruffly. His eyes drifted toward Minjoon as if by default. He seemed to notice Lukas’s hand caressing Minjoon’s thigh and a flash of jealousy seemed to briefly play in his eyes, but making his own play would have left him with no free hand, his left fist being still wrapped around Liam’s monster bulge. He turned away from Minjoon, focusing in Liam instead.

Liam let go of the pillow to take the cards, allowing it to drop and cover his lap (and Diego’s slowly kneading fist), but when he hesitated, not surprisingly in the wake of the weirdness, Lukas cut in, “Go on. It’s your chance to get back at Diego!”

Liam broke into a wicked grin, making him look almost predatory in the candlelight. Diego just rolled his eyes. “Yeah,” Liam said portentously. “Let’s see what trouble we can stir up this time!”


Part 2

“‘What attribute,’” Liam read, “‘was the person on your left born with, that the person on your right should have been born with too?’” He looked up, his eyes shining at all of them. “Oooo, interesting.” He fixed his gaze on Lukas. “Luke?”

Lukas looked at Minjoon, considering even as he felt a new wave of almost unbearable arousal. “Well, he wasn’t born with the instaboner thing,” he said, more or less thinking out loud.

“Imagine the doctors,” snarked Diego to Liam. Liam barked a laugh.

“Still,” Lukas went on, “I reckon he’s always been gorgeous. So let’s say that.”

Liam made a sound like a wrong-answer buzzer on a game show. “Just what I need,” he said. “Min?” As he looked at him he seemed to have a new and intense physical reaction of his own, and Diego, his hand still under the pillow in Liam’s lap, muttered “Shit” almost inaudibly under his breath.

Minjoon looked pointedly at Diego, then at Lukas. He gave Lukas a small smile that made Lukas’s breath catch, then turned to Liam. “Easy-grow muscles,” he said. Lukas’s mouth fell open. He started to object, but Minjoon was already turning away.

“Shit,” Diego said, grousing this time. But Liam whooped. “Awesome! Diego, I don’t think we even need to hear your answer.”

“It was going to be ‘height’,” Diego said resignedly. But even as Liam moved across him to kiss Minjoon Diego said unexpectedly, “But I’m going to go for ‘enormous cock’.”

Liam hesitated, already leaning over Diego, and turned his head slightly. Their faces were only inches apart. Minjoon, however, moved forward to claim Liam’s mouth in a deep kiss. Instantly Minjoon began to moan in pleasure, and Lukas felt his thigh clench up under his hand. He realized Minjoon was not only hard himself but verging on cumming as he and Liam kissed.

But something else was happening. Diego was moaning and sounding ready to cum too. He had moved his face forward the inch or two necessary to join Liam’s kiss with Minjoon and make it a three-way, full-on make-out, and Liam, forgetting his previous resolution not to let Diego win, wasn’t stopping him. As the three gorgeous men kissed, Lukas felt himself start to change, as his entire life up to that moment underwent a shift like a train routed onto new tracks. He could actually feel the effects, shifts in his past life washing on the present with every heartbeat, and the effects—the effects! The effects were his muscles growing, expanding, inflating with size and density and power, getting huge from a lifetime of hard workouts relentlessly distending his easy-grow muscles. He was blowing up everywhere, up and down his entire muscle-twink body, from his thickening traps to his swelling calves.

But his chest—fuck, his chest was growing faster that everything else. He’d always done more pec work than a more ideal balance had required, and now his pecs were huge beyond his wildest dreams, looming enormous and heavy over his tight six-pack abs and narrow waist. He realized his baseball shirt was gone, had never been, because shirts like that just didn’t fit him. Hardly any shirts fit him. Even Diego, with his huge and perfectly sculpted muscles, wore shirts sometimes, but Lukas….only if there was no other choice. Shirts couldn’t contain him. With his muscles this size he felt strong, more than strong, as if strength radiated from his perfect alabaster skin. He gasped, reveling in the discovery of a totally new version of Lukas.

And he felt something else happening, too. His hand drifted back in Minjoon’s lap to find what Minjoon was packing in those gym shorts, but the gym shorts weren’t there. Like Lukas’s pecs, Minjoon’s cock was too big for ordinary clothes. It was hard and huge and pointing straight up, wet and surging with the very brink of orgasm, as big around as a canister of table salt from the grocery store and, Lukas realized with a loud gasp as he felt up it, more than two canisters high. Lukas realized he was on the verge of cumming again too, feeling Minjoon’s cock in his hand, his fingers not even close to meeting, throbbing and thrusting with Minjoon’s unstoppable arousal and his unbending ability to arouse.

It occurred to him Minjoon and Diego would lose themselves in their kiss, maybe for hours, or days, if left to their own devices. “Guys,” he gasped. They took no heed of him. “Guys!!” he shouted.

They broke apart, reluctantly. The three of them stared at each other, panting, their mouths still only a few inches apart. Their mutual arousal fanned out from them in the shifting candlelit darkness.

“Fuck,” Minjoon breathed.

“I never—that was—” Diego sputtered, his breath raspy.

“For me too,” Liam gasped.

They stared at each other for a while, panting, and Lukas watched them, appreciating how hot it was watching three ostensibly straight guys hunger for each other.

Finally Minjoon looked down. “I’m too big,” he said, but he said it with a crooked smile. Experimentally he lowered his head and took the apple-sized head into his mouth.

“Duude, don’t do that,” Diego moaned, almost pleading. Lukas couldn’t even speak, but he was inclined to agree—watching Minjoon fellate himself was almost unbearably hot.

Minjoon released himself with a pop and grinned at them unrepentantly. “Fuck, he’s bigger than me,” Liam said, sounding slightly incensed. “How is he bigger than me when you—it was my cock he was supposed to be born with!”

“Everything about me is hotter and more arousing,” Minjoon said calmly, with just an edge of sauciness in his voice. He was definitely cockier than before, Lukas thought. As it were, he added to himself wryly.

“This is your fault,” Liam said, hitting Diego hard but playfully with the big throw pillow—thereby revealing that Liam’s own monster boner was free of its denim confines. Lukas gaped at it. It was maybe a little smaller than Minjoon’s but not by much. Diego’s meaty hand was wrapped around the round, fat shaft, just like Lukas’s was around Minjoon’s, and Diego’s fingers weren’t close to meeting either.

“Fuck that,” Diego said, trying to grab at the pillow with his free hand as Liam carried on pummeling. “Blame Lukas—he started all this!”

Liam suddenly grinned. “Yeah, let’s—!” But he trailed off suddenly as he turned to look at Lukas and froze, his mouth hanging open as he ogled the pretty boy turned pretty muscle god. Diego, catching his expression, turned and reacted, almost comically, in exactly the same way.

Lukas resisted an urge to preen under their attention and just gave them an innocent smile. “Hey guys,” he said, affecting a casual tone. “Notice anything different about me?”

Minjoon turned to see what they were gazing at and he, too, was moved to stare open-mouthed at Lukas’s size, but Minjoon’s expression was not mere blank awe but rapt appreciation, his eyes blazing as he took in just how big Lukas had gotten. Lukas warmed under the gaze, feeling both proud and abashed, and tried to express his gratitude by slowly stroking the enormous cock he still had in his hand. Minjoon, for his part, seemed to be raising his left hand almost unconsciously toward Lukas’s balloon pecs, and Lukas felt an erotic surge throughout his body as Minjoon grazed his knuckles along the surface of Lukas’s dense left pec.

“You’re so big,” Minjoon was saying softly, almost whispering, “but you’re still so … so amazingly … beautiful…”

From the contact of Minjoon’s hand Lukas realized his pec was as hard as Minjoon’s ramrod boner, and the unexpected and weird thought of what it might be like to have muscles that boned up like cockflesh thrilled him almost as deeply as Minjoon breathing raptures about his uncanny beauty.

“How is he bigger than I am?” Lukas heard Diego say, but he barely processed the sounds as speech.

“See how it feels?” Liam retorted quietly. He knew they were both watching Minjoon caress Lukas, and that it was almost as hot, maybe even hotter, than it had been for him to watch the three of them making out and being driven to the edge of cumming by it.

The moment stretched and swelled, and no one seemed to breathe. A dollop of precum spurted from Minjoon’s massive cock, and the resulting whimper from Diego seemed to shift the spell and bit. Minjoon and Lukas smiled, and they all breathed again.

“Hand Lukas the cards,” Minjoon said softly now, still stroking Lukas’s pecs with his knuckles, his fingertips, the side of his thumb. “It’s his turn.” He flicked one of the nipples hidden on the underside of Lukas’s pecs, and Lukas gasped.

A moment later he was holding the deck in his free hand. “I dunno, Min,” he said, looking directly in the Adonis’s eyes despite the danger of being overwhelmed with arousal. “A lot has … happened.” He hesitated, his own hand grasping Minjoon’s cock as if he needed to literally have the proof in hand. “Maybe we should—?”

Minjoon said nothing, which was good, Lukas thought, because he probably would have come just from the enhanced sexiness of his voice on top of how aroused he already was. Instead, Minjoon just nodded slightly with his chin. Toward the cards.

Lukas chuffed out a laugh. “You already hit the jackpot, man,” he said, giving Minjoon’s monster boner a couple swift strokes. “I don’t know what more you’re hoping for.” Minjoon just smiled, and Lukas shook his head and looked down at the deck in his other hand. He was surprised it wasn’t soaked with precum already. For the first time he wondered what had happened when his cousin Ted had played this game with his friends.

He realized the card from the last turn was still on top. You’ve caused enough trouble, he thought, slipping it awkwardly to the bottom with one hand even as his other hand settled into a slow, steady stroking rhythm on Minjoon’s colossal boner. There was no way he was letting go of that. Possibly ever. He glanced up at Diego and their eyes met, and he knew Diego, his new easy-grow-muscles brother, was feeling the same thing about Liam’s similarly enormous boner.

He glanced back down at the card with more than a little trepidation. “What should the player on your left,” he read, “have twice as much of?” He looked up at Minjoon, who answered without taking his eyes off what his hand was doing to Lukas’s pecs.

“Arms,” Minjoon said softly. Lukas, his right hand fully committed to Minjoon’s cock, sucked in his breath at the thought. He marveled at Minjoon’s insight into the predicament Lukas and Diego shared. He tore his eyes away from Minjoon’s face to look pointedly at Liam, who was watching the two of them in awe. Did he get the message? Would Lukas have to beg him to give the answer Lukas needed? But Liam give Lukas a knowing smile and nodded once.

Lukas looked at Diego, who looked at Liam as if sizing up a bureau at a furniture shop. “Cocks,” he said with a manic grin, turning his chin to wink at Lukas.

Liam turned to Lukas, alarmed. “Don’t pick that,” he said immediately.

“C’mon,” Lukas said playfully. “You want to beat Minjoon again, right?”

“You’re already doing that,” Liam said ruefully.

Lukas rolled his eyes at the joke. “Speaking of which—” he prompted.

“If I say it, will you not let Diego get his?” Liam bargained.

“Just say it!” Lukas said impatiently.

Liam sighed, but with evident amusement. “Fine. But I’m only doing this because you’re crazy beautiful like this,” he said with a mock tone of begrudgement, moving his hand to indicate Lukas’s amazing form. He leaned forward as said with exaggerated enunciation, as if to make sure everyone knew he had fulfilled his obligation, “My answer is ‘arms’.” He eyed Lukas closely and when Lukas rewarded him by beaming with gratitude and anticipation he smiled.

Liam was already leaning forward to where Lukas could kiss him, but Diego broke in anxiously, “Min and Liam both win, right?” As if to make sure neither Lukas nor Minjoon forgot what the right outcome had to include, he wrapped his free hand around the back of Minjoon’s neck and drew his face toward Liam’s and Lukas’s. As the three of them started kissing Lukas became distantly conscious that Diego was joining them, making the kiss a four-way lip-mash. Then—he stopped be aware of things for a while.

Kissing Liam was more intense than he could ever have imagined. It was electrifying, stimulating every part of him with an erotic charge that felt like a thousand volts rushing through him. Lukas felt his cock seeming to try to harden even more than it was. But it was more than just a flash of raw excitement, more than a bolt of lightning galvanizing every cell, every pore, every thought with a sudden, wrenching sexual rush. As they kissed, and the kiss went on for a long time, Lukas felt like his body was a conduit for a constant, massive flow of crackling, white-hot sexual energy, a river of electric potency massive enough to power a thousand orgasms. Except—Lukas wasn’t cumming. None of them were. Liam’s kisses weren’t about the explosion of orgasm but the slow, relentless boil of arousal, and passion, and—something else. Love, Lukas surmised in some remaining island of calm of his innately idealistic psyche, watching the churning white electric flood pouring through him body and soul. Liam had become the best kisser in the world, and how could a kiss be the best without the inspiration, the communication of love?

A candle guttered near them and went out, distracting Lukas. He pulled away, breaking up the four-way kiss. Their faces stayed close to each other as they reacclimated to reality. The unmistakable scent of a snuffed wick filled the air. Lukas wasn’t sure how long they had been hissing, but it had been long enough since they’d started the game that one of the candles had burned low and gone out. Had the been kissing for hours? But he remembered that some of the candles had already been half or three-quarters used.

Then he became aware of an entirely new sensation: huge biceps rubbing against huge triceps. Without looking down he tried to gather the sensory impressions on his right side, the side where one of his hands wasn’t occupied (forever) slowly stroking Minjoon’s enormous battering ram of a cock. He test-flexed some muscles experimentally. Rear bicep. Rear tricep. Front tricep. Front bicep. Front tricep and rear bicep—fuck. The size and power of his muscles pushed his upper arms suddenly apart like two like poles of a supermagnet.

He looked down and could barely take in what he saw. “They look great on you,” gushed Diego. Lukas looked up and, sure enough, the handsome Latino muscle hunk now had four beautiful arms as well. Lukas mouthed “wow” at the intoxicating sight, returning Diego’s appreciation, then gasped as he followed the two left arms down to Liam’s lap, where both fists were wrapped incompletely around matching monster boners the size and shape of half-used rolls of paper towels. They were arranged one in front of the other, one pointing straight up, the other pointing out slightly at maybe a ten-degree azimuth from the vertical.

“Holy shit,” Minjoon muttered to himself. Then, louder, he added: “Okay, Liam wins at cock, all right? I already have plenty, so nobody should feel like I need to—to catch up, okay?” Lukas gave Minjoon’s monster an affectionate squeeze, and Minjoon glanced down at him. “Got it?”

Lukas grinned cockily at him. “Sure,” he said agreeably. He was feeling cheeky now that he was more than just pretty. “I mean, after all, if you had two of these monsters I’d have to have two heads to be able to suck you off.” He gave the cock in his hand another firm squeeze. Minjoon just gaped at him, and Lukas reveled at having caught the Adonis off-guard. He handed Minjoon the cards and he took them automatically. “Your turn,” Lukas said. “But first—” he added, and then began distributing new beers from the cartons on the table. They all took a bottle, Liam pausing first only to rapidly finish off the one in his hand, and as if recognizing a common need they all took a long pool. Minjoon kept his eyes on Lukas, but Diego and Liam watched each other as they drank.

Finally Minjoon lowered his beer and licked his lips. He seemed to tear his gaze away from Lukas only reluctantly, dropping his gaze to the cards in his lap. “It says, ‘What should the person on your left have the most of out of all of you?’”

“I’m guessing that means ’…that he doesn’t have more of already’,” said Diego, eyeing Liam. “So it’s not ‘height’ and it’s not ‘cock’.”

“Or the ability to fold himself like a pretzel,” Lukas put in. Liam raised an eyebrow at him, his lips twitching.

“Or the ability to kiss—” started Minjoon, jumping on the pile.

“Shut up, guys, geez,” Liam said, but his cocks seemed to flex in Diego’s fists.

“Okay. Let’s go with ‘abs’,” Diego said. They all looked at Liam’s long, tight, beautiful eight-pack.

“What?” Liam said incredulously. “You want me to have a, what, a ten-pack?”

Diego leaned toward his buddy conspiratorially, still slowly fist-massaging Liam’s hard, smooth cockpillars. “You might end up a little taller.”

“But—” Liam said, then stopped, frowning.

“Your go, Liam,” Lukas prompted.

Liam kept frowning at Diego for a moment, looking confused, or conflicted, before shaking his head once and turning his gaze to Lukas. “Er, ‘muscle’,” he said.

“‘…That he doesn’t have more of already’,” Diego and Lukas said together.

Liam blinked, then grinned. “Oh, sorry. Okay, scratch that. That wasn’t my answer. I’ll say ‘beauty’,” Liam amended.

“I think he’s already ahead of us there too,” said Minjoon, and Lukas flushed.

Liam raised an eyebrow, looking half amused and half exasperated. “Fine. That wasn’t my official answer either. My official answer is—’enormous cocks’!”

“What?!” Lukas yelped. He looked at Minjoon in a panic. “You can’t pick that!”

Minjoon just winked at him. “Like I’m going to pass up one of Liam’s kisses?” he said. “He wins whatever he says.”

Really,” said Liam.

Lukas looked from Liam to Diego, slightly alarmed. “Relax,” said Diego. “He’ll totally forget that by the next round.”

“Like hell,” Liam muttered with a smirk.

Lukas turned back to Minjoon. “Seriously, Min—” Lukas said, but Diego shushed him and said, parroting Lukas’s earlier interjection, “Your go, Muscleboy.”

Lukas huffed for a moment, then he decided retaliation was his only option. “Fine,” he said. He glanced at Minjoon, then looked at Liam with narrowed eyes and a small smile. “‘Height’.”

“Hey, that’s not fair,” Liam objected. Lukas’s smile widened.

Minjoon was smiling too and wrapped his arms around all of them, initiating a powerful, earth-moving foursome kiss that seemed to last for hours. When it ended, they all looked down at themselves with a sense of disconnect from the way things had been before.

They had all changed, and at first they were confused by how.

“What—what was the wording of that question again?” Liam said tentatively, staring at his own body and then at the others’ in a kind of awe.

“Er,” said a similarly distracted Minjoon, glancing down momentarily from the same drinking in of the others that they were all doing, “‘What should the person on your left have the most of out of all of you?’”

Diego nodded slowly. “The ‘most’,” he said. “All of us got ‘more,’ and one of us got ‘most’.”

Lukas nodded, though his eyes were furrowed. It was the only explanation for why they all had ten-pack abs now, but Liam had a twelve-pack; or why they all had two enormous cocks, significantly more massive than Minjoon’s had been, but Liam had three and he, Lukas, could feel that he had four impossibly huge and heavy cocks, two by two, the back two pressed hard against his oversized melon pecs, the two in front of them pressed hard against the back two, all of them steadily leaking precum by the pint; or why they were all obviously at least a head taller than the abnormally tall Liam had been before, their frames and muscles bigger in proportion, the latter maybe even bigger proportionately than they’d been, but the gorgeous, intensely handsome Minjoon was now a foot taller than all of them, a real Colossus of pure arousal. They were all naked now, as if they had outgrown not only the clothes they’d been wearing but the very idea of clothes. Oddly, all Lukas could think was that he was glad those too-tight green briefs were finally gone.

“That’s not what the card actually said would happen,” Liam protested in a deeply distracted voice. Somehow he looked even lankier now that he was taller.

“Fuck,” Diego said. “Talk about a trick question.”

“Ugh,” Lukas moaned, and they all laughed weakly at the bad pun.

“Geez, Diego,” Liam said. Minjoon just handed him the cards silently, shaking his head.

Diego cleared his throat and read, “Um, ‘What does the person on your right have some of that all of you should have a hundredfold?’” He seemed to realize the potential magnitude of what he’d read and started to say hurriedly, “Maybe we should choose another—” but Lukas broke in. “Too late,” he said. “Liam?”

Liam looked Diego up and down, tilting his head, even as Diego continued, like always, to gently work Liam’s cocks. “I’m stumped,” Liam admitted. “He already has more than ‘some’ ability to grow muscle. And two or three hundred cocks would be, um, too much,” he added, grinning wryly at the rest of them. Diego was watching him warily. Suddenly Liam’s face brightened. “Got it! ‘Money in the bank’!”

Minjoon’s eyebrows jumped, and Lukas laughed a surprised laugh. “Nice one,” Liam said.

“I just got paid for a set of magazine gigs,” Diego said slowly. “That might end up being a nice chunk of change.”

“Sweet,” Liam said with a grin that let on he’d definitely been considerably affected by the beers. “Let’s see if Muscleboy can do us all just as proud!”

The other three, even the more taciturn Minjoon, erupted in a chant of “Lukas … Lukas … Lukas… !” But Lukas waved one of his hands at them. “Stop it,” he said, and they subsided, laughing. He was trying to come up with something good that they’d all like; but the fact was that his four huge leaking cocks were taking up rather a lot of his attention, and on top of that he felt like he’d definitely had too much beer. That made him remember the bottle in one of his right hands. He took a swig and shook his head again. “I can’t think of anything as clever as that,” he said. “Um, ‘square feet of apartment space’?”

Minjoon laughed. “That’s even better than ‘money in the bank’,” he said, glancing at Lukas long enough to give him a heart-stopping wink.

“Shit, this loft is pretty big,” Liam said, startled by the possibilities of Lukas’s proposal. “It’s, um—” he faltered, looking around at the dark space.

“Sixteen hundred square feet easy,” Diego said, looking at Lukas with big eyes. “How—”

Lukas broke in. “Minjoon’s next,” he said.

They all looked at Minjoon, who looked at Diego shrewdly, causing the latter to flush with intense arousal. “Okay, three can play at this game. Uh, so my answer is, ‘years ahead of him where he’s young, beautiful, and healthy.’”

“Oooo, interesting,” cooed Liam. They looked at Diego for his choice of winner, but he was gathering them all into a four-way kiss that lasted a long time.

When they came up for air, they weren’t where they were before. There was still an enormous picture window in front of them, but the view it showed them was not ex-industrial converted loftspace on Brooklyn but a sweeping night cityscape of Manhattan, and from pretty high up. Even with the storm they could tell, from the oblong gap in the city lights that had to be Central Park, that they were looking down on the island from a high floor in some tall building on the upper east side.

They stood up together, all of them holding onto their partners’ unflaggingly iron-hard cocks, all of them naked now, huge, and hard, and padded as one toward the window to look down at sparkling, rain-washed Gotham. They could see themselves too reflected in the panes, transformed and titanic and compellingly beautiful, as well as the ghost reflection of the sprawling penthouse apartment behind them that had to be the entire floor of a truly massive building. The only thing they recognized was the ponderous old couch, calmly sitting twenty feet from the windows, exactly where it had been in the old loft, as it were the pivot between their old and new lives.

“This has to be one of those new luxury apartment towers in the east 50s,” Diego said in a voice barely above a whisper. “We probably own this whole building now.”

“Let’s pause the game a while,” Lukas said, and no one argued as they drew together into a deep and passionate kiss that ended only to give way to even more intense sensations.

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