The bubblebutt curse

by Gato-Cat

Picky Luke, who prefers bottom-heavy men, gets cursed so that every man he finds attractive grows a massive, sensitive bubble butt.

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“What about him?” Luke’s friend, Erin, asked as she pointed towards the other end of the bar.

Luke, sighing, followed the direction of his friend’s manicured finger to see a handsome man who was eying him. The unknown guy was attractive, with his trimmed blond hair and the bulky muscles that filled out his polo nicely. However, the more Luke checked him out, the more the picky college student could feel himself getting turned off the slightest bit.

“Uh…” he mumbled, feeling a little guilty since he’d dragged Erin out to the bar to help him feel better since breaking up with his long-term boyfriend, and despite his friend’s help, he still hadn’t moved on.

“Don’t tell me,” Erin huffed, a knowing look on her face, “‘He’s not your type’.”

Luke blushed a little before nodding and finishing off his drink.

Erin rubbed at her temples in quiet irritation. “And what is it this time?” she pressed, giving the grinning stud at the bar a look-over, knowing that if he were straight, she would’ve been down for it.

Luke bit down on his lower lip. “I guess I’m just picky,” he lowly admitted, feeling a pang of guilt as he checked out the stud at the bar again.

He couldn’t deny that the guy was quite the looker. He had chiseled good looks and a smile to die for. Plus, the way his pecs pressed against the thin fabric of his polo was mouthwatering. Yet, thanks to his standing position, Luke could tell that the stud didn’t have the one quality that he was pretty firm on all of his guys having: the stud didn’t have a big butt. The picky twenty-two year old fought the frown that was threatening to form on his youthful face at the way the stud’s jeans sagged a little at the back. It made it look like the guy concentrated on chest way too much at the gym, totally forgoing leg day. Sure, if Luke were to invite the stud back to his apartment, he was a little hopeful that he’d find that the stud would possess a perky little bubble.

But that didn’t turn Luke on as much as a meaty bubble butt that pressed constantly against a man’s jeans, looking firm and rotund.

The bartender, a curvy woman with beautifully dyed hair, grabbed Luke’s empty glass before giving him another drink. “On the house,” she winked knowingly at him. “It’ll be just what you need.” She then walked off to go help another customer.

“Th-thanks!” Luke called out to her, a little weirded out, yet happily accepting a free drink. He slowly sipped at the sweet mixture, actually enjoying it a little bit, especially the way it sent a tantalizingly tingling sensation throughout his slender body.

Erin, unaware of this, rolled her eyes as she sipped on her cocktail. “So, he has a killer smile, looks like he works out, he looks a little older so he’s not a student, and he ordered name-brand liquor so he might have some money,” she countered. “What is he missing?”

A pink hue settled on Luke’s face, the normally shy and quiet economics major not used to talking about his sexual desires. Given his lanky frame and lack of serious muscles, everyone expected him to be the bottom in his relationships. He didn’t mind taking it every now and then, but what really got his blood pumping was fucking a fat set of cheeks attached to some muscled stud, watching the guy moan like a slut as he was stuffed by his eight inches. The juxtaposition of a top-looking stud with a big butt who begged for cock nonstop was too hot to turn down.

Erin snorted at his silence before turning to the stud. “Hey!” she called over at him. “Come join us!”

The blond stud in the tight polo perked up slightly, his grin growing as he grabbed his drink and began to saunter over to the other side of the bar.

Luke gave a quick glare before forcing a smile onto his face as the stud approached, taking the seat right next to him. Up close, the stud definitely was good looking. His blue eyes glimmered underneath the low lights of the bar, and his skin was sun kissed with a slight touch of the beginnings of wrinkles, letting Luke know he was older.

“Hey there,” he smirked in a warm, deep voice, “I’m Caleb.”

“Luke,” the smaller guy simply said, taking a larger gulp of his mysterious cocktail.

“—and I’m Erin,” Erin laughed as she stood up and grabbed her purse. “And I have to go.”

Luke glared at the back of his friend’s head as she retreated, but quickly swallowed his nerves and decided that since he was this far, he may as well try to make it work out with Caleb. After all, aesthetically, the guy was a 9.5 (he was just missing an ass).

“That wasn’t very stealth,” Caleb chuckled, gesturing towards the door Erin had left out of.

“Far from it,” Luke agreed, already cursing himself over his lack of flirting skills. Luckily for him, Caleb seemed more than ready to take the lead.

“So,” the older man purred, resting a large, warm hand on the smaller guy’s thigh, “what brings you out here, and why was your friend so eager to leave you with me?”

It seemed that Caleb wasn’t too smooth with flirting either, yet was right to the chase, which Luke preferred in a guy. He couldn’t help but laugh a little, shrugging his thin shoulders and too lazy to come up with a nice comeback.

“I just broke up with my boyfriend so I’m looking to get one under my belt,” he answered, taking another sip of his drink, that foreign tingling growing stronger in his chest, making his heart race. He chalked it up to the alcohol content of it, ignoring the weird sensations for the moment, which seemed to grow the more he checked out Caleb’s sexy muscles, especially loving how his hard nipples poked noticeably against his small shirt.

Caleb squirmed in his seat for a second, but nonetheless genuinely still seemed interested. “Been there,” he said sympathetically, moving his muscled arm from Luke’s thigh to over his thin shoulders, illustrating their size difference. Again, Luke was incredibly turned on by this hunk of a man and often preferred to be the smaller one in bed, loving how hot it seemed to have a small top dominating a buffer bottom… but for the thousandth time, Luke was disappointed at Caleb’s lack of a bottom.

As time progressed, Caleb and Luke continued to flirt with one another, eventually moving on to legitimate conversation. Luke talked about school and how he was working on his degree, and Caleb mentioned how he was an engineer at some fancy company. Caleb was smart and handsome, and he had a decent job that provided a modest living—he wasn’t too flashy and he didn’t play time-wasting games. He gave off the impression that he was truly interested in the young man, making Luke think that if they actually did sleep together, Caleb would be the type of guy to actually still be there in the morning, possibly even making breakfast. They happened to share the same interests in video games, politics, pop culture… everything. The two were a perfect match and had one another laughing in unison at the bar as they chatted away with one another. And, Luke would not forget, Caleb was fuckin’ hot! The man was swole for days, his clothes looking as if they were painted on. He had light stubble on his chin and the way his chest hair coated his deep chest cleavage that showed through the undone buttons of his polo was so sexy. He looked like he was crossing bodybuilder territory with such a hot bod.

But… and it was a big but, Caleb didn’t have a butt.

A pang of guilt wrecked through Luke as he frowned at the way the older man sat flatly on his seat, with almost no cushion there to support him at all. Sure, he was insanely hot in all other aspects and the two of them connected on an emotional level, but Luke couldn’t shut up that superficial aspect of his young adult brain. The odd tingling in his chest intensified, and he reached over and downed the rest of his drink.

“So…” Caleb said, a light blush forming on his handsome face, and he reached up and nervously scratched the back of his neck, the action causing the bottom of his shirt to lift up and offer a sneak peek of his hairy abs, “would you like to come over to my place?”

Luke opened his mouth, but hesitated slightly. That weird tingling in chest grew stronger and stronger by the second, becoming all consuming and making him slightly worried that something was wrong. He ignored that and the awkward knowing wink from the bartender, instead deciding to go with his gut feeling.

“Um,” he began, already feeling like an immense jerk, “I have a really important exam in the morning, so I’m gonna go home. Thanks though.” He hopped out of his seat and placed a sympathetic/condescending hand on Caleb’s broad shoulder, hating himself already for being so shallow and picky. “See you around.” That tingling grew stronger and with so much fervor that it was almost painful, but the second Luke made eye contact with Caleb’s disappointed eyes, it fled, feeling almost as if it had exited it in a flash.

Before anything else happened, Luke quickly exited the bar and flagged down a taxi to take him back to his apartment.

Left alone at the bar, Caleb frowned to himself and sighed, his meaty shoulders rising and falling with power at the simple motion. The stud had come to the bar to blow off steam from work, but was pleasantly surprised to have hit it off so well with the young man. He’d actually felt a real connection and had invited him to his place to just keep the night going so that the two of them could connect some more. If it led to sex, great; if not, that was fine too. He’d actually genuinely liked the other guy, and had apparently struck out for some reason. “That sucked,” he muttered to himself, squirming in his seat again as he began to feel an unknown tingling sensation… in his butt. He huffed and paid his tab, the bartender smiling at him as he left.

“He’ll be back tomorrow night,” she told him.

Caleb just nodded, but couldn’t deny that he felt a little hopeful as he made a mental note to return the next night.

He exited the bar and walked down the sidewalk to his car, that tingling in his butt growing much stronger. The stud just figured that it was due to doing legs at the gym earlier that day. However, that wouldn’t explain why his pants suddenly started to feel a little more snug, especially in the seat.

“What is goin’ on?” Caleb asked himself as he looked over his broad shoulder, his eyes widening at the sight of his pants filled to capacity with his much larger ass.

Caleb had spent most of his gym visits doing chest since it was easier to show that off, and as a strict top, it made him appear more masculine instead of having a bubble butt. However, the stunned hunk was surprised to see that he now possessed a much rounder booty that popped away from his back, filling up his jeans to the point of bursting.

“What the fuck happened?!” Caleb panicked, reaching down and grabbing at his larger butt with both hands, deeply blushing at how each cheek filled up the entirety of his large palms, feeling soft and squishy. His heart sped up even more as the tingling continued and he swore that he could feel his hands steadily pushing away from his body, indicating that he was still growing.

Caleb took off sprinting down the sidewalk to his car, his new booty jiggling and bouncing wildly behind him. As he ran, he could hear the groaning sounds of his pants struggling to contain his inflating cheeks. His jeans felt uncomfortably tight now, squeezing his cock which was starting to harden the bigger his butt got, further confusing the stud.


The loud noise of fabric shredding and the accompanying rush of cool nighttime air blowing over his cheeks made Caleb stagger. His butt wiggled and bounced a lot more, making the stud moan and nearly blow a load in his tattered jeans. The tingling disappeared.

The addled hunk reached his car and gazed at his warped reflection in his tinted windows, his stomach dropping at what he saw. The muscleman now looked like he did legs way more than chest as his previously small butt had ballooned to what looked like beachballs strapped to the man’s back. They protruded away from his lower back at a near ninety degree angle and were so round and seemed to be in perpetual motion with every movement the hunk made. His trim waist seemed to pinch inwards even more before exploding outwards to form the massive cheeks.

“What the fuck happened to me?!” Caleb panicked, reaching back and grabbing at his massive ass. “OOhhhhh!” The low moan he bellowed out alerted him to the extreme new sensitivity of his rotund booty, making his heart race in his muscled chest even more.

Taking one more hesitant look in the window, Caleb sighed and opened up the door. He had no idea what he could do or how he could possibly explain that his ass had magically tripled in size. He got into his car, wincing at the weird sensation of his inflated cheeks squishing as he sat down. Their girth keep him sitting a lot higher than usual, and the now bottom-heavy hunk cursed to himself as he readjusted his seat so that he could see while he drove.

The whole drive to his home, Caleb’s cock felt rock hard as the vibrations from his car’s powerful engine sent ripples throughout his massive ass. Every so often, the hunk was embarrassed to find himself squirming in his seat and flexing his cheeks, unable to hold back the low moans from escaping his mouth.

He reached his house and parked in the garage, thankful that none of his neighbors would be able to see him with such an inflated, massive bubble butt protruding out the back of his ripped jeans, making him look like a caricature wearing assless chaps.

Caleb rushed inside and immediately stomped to his bedroom to assess the damage in his floor length mirror.

It was worse than he thought. Turning to the side, Caleb nearly passed out as he stared at his reflection which showed off a muscled hunk with an ass which would’ve even been too big for a powerlifter. The cheeks were rotund and looked as if the man had attached a pair of basketballs to himself.

“H-how is this possible?” he wondered aloud, shifting his feet nervously, wincing at how even that slight motion caused his inflated cheeks to bounce tantalizingly. The altered hunk tore away the rest of his ruined jeans along with his polo and tried (and failed) to find something in his closet that would fit over this inflated rear. The poor hunk only groaned and hissed with annoyance as every single pair of pants either refused to travel up his widened thighs or ripped to shreds over his meaty butt.

Worse was that Caleb was painfully hard, his cock bobbing in front of him the entire time, looking small when compared to his widened thighs. The changed hunk knew deep down that this was no time to pleasure himself, but the bouncing sensations from his inflated butt kept making his cock throb with want and he was unable to do anything expect rush over to his nightstand for some lotion that he kept in the drawer.

Caleb grabbed a tight hold of his hard cock and began to jerk off, turned on by the way his cheeks felt when he sat down on his bed, causing him to rock back and forth on their extreme roundness. Despite knowing how worried and freaked out he should be, Caleb’s mind was fogged over with an all consuming horniness that was impossible to ignore. He continued to play with his cock, but was slowly starting to realize that something was off.

He scowled as he picked up speed, tightening his grip on his cock, the stroking motions feeling tepid at best. He even reached dp with a free hand and tugged on an erect nipple. It felt good, sure, but the frustrated Caleb felt far from release.

“Damn it,” he growled through clenched teeth. He was so painfully turned on and further frustrated that he couldn’t seem to get off. No matter how much he jerked off or played with his muscle-tits, Caleb was nowhere near climax. The frustrated hunk was almost at a loss when he remembered the vibrator that he kept in his closet, reserved only for the bottoms he’d bring home some nights.

Despite himself, at the initial thought of the vibrator, his cock throbbed and began to leak precum. In his lustful frenzy, Caleb lurched off the bed and waddled over to the closet, snatching the vibrator out of its place and lubing it up.

His heart raced as he turned on the small machine, and his hole seemed to throb with anticipation. The bottom-heavy hunk took a deep breath and reached around him, struggling a bit with his impressive biceps and lats constantly pushing against one another.

“OOOHHHHOohhhhh!” Caleb shrieked with pleasure as soon as the vibrator entered his virgin hole. The hunk had never been penetrated before in his life, but the sensation of being stuffed coupled with the vibrations of the sex toy made him see stars. His hole was bringing nothing but the upmost pleasure and Caleb sat back down onto his bed and wiggled his hips wildly, working the vibrator deeper into himself. Normally during sex, the hunk would let out a grunt or two, but now he was unable to keep his mouth shut, helplessly moaning out loud like the power bottom slut he was turning into. Never before had Caleb felt pleasure like this before, none of the times he’d topped another guy nor any of the times he’d played with himself—everything else paled in comparison to the amazing sensations his inflated ass was bringing him.

“Fuuckkk!” Caleb bellowed as he finally came, shooting the largest load of his life which landed all over the hair on his chiseled pecs. The muscled mounds heaved as he caught his breath, slowly standing up and feeling the vibrator falling from his hole, followed immediately by an unsettling feeling of emptiness.

Caleb ran a hand through his hair as he stared into the mirror some more at his warped reflection, wondering how he was going to make it through his daily life with an inflated, sensitive bubble butt. However, his thoughts quickly traveled to the cute guy he’d talked to at the bar and he imagined the small guy fucking his tight hole, and his cock rocketed to life instantly.

“This is new,” Caleb half-heartedly chuckled as he grabbed the vibrator and lubed it back up for round two, making a mental note to return to the bar the next day before shoving it back in his massive ass, moaning loudly as he did so.

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