The application

by Jefftaur

 Ted’s application to the Leg Wheel Program is approved, and he’s very excited.

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I was watching TV over at Ted's house when it came.

His big bare feet had been lazily propped up on the coffee table, but he darted over to the mail slot almost before the letters hit the ground.

I reached out to catch my drink before it did the same. “Expecting something?”

Ted didn't reply. He was quickly sifting through the junk. Eventually he held one letter up and threw the rest down. “It came!”

He tore it open and quickly scanned the contents. “Yes!” he shouted, pumping his arms and looking heavenward. “Yes! I got in!”

“Going back to school?”

He still didn't answer, but started walking back towards the couch, reading the letter closely now, mouthing the words to himself with a grin that stretched from ear to ear. Eventually he looked up again in disbelief, clutching the page tightly. I thought at any moment he might start jumping up and down.


It was too late to get a reply, he was buried in the letter again. “So cool… so fucking cool!—Oh shit!” The laugh that had been bubbling up inside suddenly burst out. “I gotta wait a whole week?!” He almost looked heartbroken, but nothing could suppress that grin. “Fuck, I wanna go right now.”

At this point I noticed he'd popped a huge boner.

He shuffled the cover page aside and glanced at the enclosed booklet. “Shit, I've got a lot to do though!” He turned towards the kitchen counter, tent in his shorts leading the way.

“Ted? Dude, what's up?”

He turned to me and his eyes sparkled. “I'm gonna be a leg wheel!”


“I'm gonna be a leg wheel!” He was almost shouting with joy. He held the cover letter out to me. Impatient with excitement, he let it fall while he raced back to the counter to examine the booklet.

I plucked it from the air as it twirled downwards and smoothed out the crinkles from Ted's excited grip. “Dear Ted,” it read, after the usual logo and letterhead junk, “Congratulations on your acceptance to the Leg Wheel Program. We are excited to have you join us.”

“Ted, what the hell is this?”

I got no reply again, he was engrossed in the booklet, talking to himself as he scribbled on it with a pen.

''Please report to your local Leg Wheel Program center at 39——Rd,———on Saturday, July 21st, at 10am. Your accommodations there will be ready for you.

You do not need to pack anything. However, please review the enclosed checklist to ensure that you are fully prepared. Sincerely,Some guy.''

“Ted, what the hell is a leg wheel? Some kind of exercise equipment?”

He laughed. “No, silly!” He got off the bar stool and came back over to the couch. “That's a leg wheel,” he said, pointing at the logo on the letterhead.

For the first time I realized that the logo was a ring of legs and feet, all pointing clockwise. “Huh?”

“It's a bit stylized, but that's gonna be me!”

I just stared at him blankly.

He just laughed at me and took the letter back, dancing around the room. “I'm gonna be a leg wheel… I'm gonna be a leg wheel!”

Ted was so insanely psyched I couldn't get any explanation out of him, so I headed home shortly thereafter. But I called back a few days later when I heard he'd quit his job.

“You quit your job?”

“Yeah,” Ted was still laughing. “My boss was pissed I didn't give enough notice, but I don't care!” He laughed again.

“Dude, Ted, what the heck is going on?”

“You saw the letter, I'm gonna be a leg wheel?”

“Leg wheel, leg wheel, what the hell is that?”

Ted just laughed. “I told you! Hey, I'm headed down to the Salvation Army, wanna come?”

“What the…? What are you doing now?”

“I'm gonna donate all my clothes and furniture and stuff. Your truck could save a couple trips.”

“Uh… okay? Wait, all your clothes?”

“Leg wheels don't need clothes!”

I told him I'd bring my truck; I had to figure out what the hell was going on.

When he answered the door, he was shirtless and a bit disheveled. But still grinning ear to ear.

“Sorry dude, was just jacking off… again!” He laughed. “I can't stop, I'm so psyched!” Sure enough, he was sporting an impressive boner under his shorts.

The idea of Ted jacking non-stop was a bit of a turn-on. He was blond, cute and buff, and seemed to avoid wearing anything more than shorts and a T if at all possible. Even flip-flops looked almost formal on him.

“Come on in, I'll find my shirt.”

I followed him inside and was shocked to see the living room filled with boxes. Most of the furniture was already gone. Even the kitchen was bare, all packed into the box on the counter, I guessed.

Ted wandered back in pulling a T-shirt over his head. “I've only got two shirts left, so I can't mess 'em up too much.”

“Dude, Ted, you're getting rid of all of your stuff?”

“Yeah, Nick came and took the TV and all that yesterday, and Rob needed a couch for his new place. Joe's gonna come get the futon tomorrow.”

“So you're really moving?”

“Yeah, you saw the letter, they've got a place for me over at the center.”

Now I was really worried. “This is some kinda cult you're joining?”

“No, doofus!” He gave me a playful punch. “I'm gonna be a leg wheel!”

I frowned but took the box that Ted handed me. I kept my mouth shut as we loaded up the truck—there really wasn't much stuff left, it would all go in one trip—and I pondered what to do about Ted. Something was clearly wrong and he'd just keep spouting nonsense at me until I got to the bottom of it.

That was when I decided I was going to see Ted through whatever this was, so I could be there when the bottom fell out.

Then Ted did something really weird. As he was closing the door behind us, he took his keys out of his pocket, tossed them up in the air, and caught them with his foot. Gripping the door key between his toes, he lifted his foot and deftly locked the door, then quickly tossed the keys back to his hand.

I stared at him dumbfounded as he shoved the keys back in his pocket.

“I've gotta practice doing things with my feet,” he explained, “for when I'm a leg wheel.”

I said nothing as I climbed into the truck and started the engine. This was getting too fucking strange.

I stopped by again after work the next day to check on him. Ted greeted me cheerfully and shirtlessly, and welcomed me into an empty apartment.

“I'm already done with most of my list. I got the sublease set up and signed today. I'm giving the car to Mike since his just got totalled by that psycho.” His voice had a strange tinny echo in the vacant room. A small streak of residue shimmered on his abs. He'd been jerking off again, but was still sporting a boner.

“Ted,” I said to him, looking into his eyes seriously, “are you really sure about this? Really sure?”

“Oh, dude.” That grin spread as his excitement bubbled up. “I have never been so sure about anything in my life. This is what I've been waiting before, even before I knew it.”

I was startled by his passion. “This is a really big deal, Ted.” I tried to stay calm to reign in his exuberance. “Quitting your job, giving up all your stuff. Some of this can't be undone.”

“I know,” he said, suddenly serene. “It can't be undone. That's what I want.” Suddenly he seemed to see my frown for the first time. His faced changed and he grabbed my shoulder. “It's not that I won't miss you, Jon. But this is what I need to be.”

For the first time since he'd opened the letter, he looked worried. “You will… come and visit me, won't you?”

“Visit you…?” This was unexpected. Most cults secret their members away; visits aren't an option.

“It's only a couple of hours from here. I know you're not really into this, but…”

I had to let him know I wasn't going to abandon him. “Ted, of course I'll visit you.” He looked relieved. “I didn't know I could.”

He was grinning again. “Why couldn't you?”

“Well, I—” Looking at him I realized that now wasn't the time to tell him. “I dunno.”

“You're welcome to visit me anytime! I'm gonna miss you, Jon.”

Suddenly, Ted was close to me. He wasn't touching me, but I could feel him, feel the smoothness of his skin over his muscles, the soft blond hair on his legs, the light stubble on his cheek near mine, the heaving of his chest as he drew breaths ragged with arousal, the play of muscles in his back as his arms moved towards me, his cock poking free of his shorts, his hot breath on my neck…

I turned my lips toward his—

And stepped back. This was not the moment. Not now. Not when things were so confusing. I had to help him out of this as a friend, not as a jealous lover. Once it was over, then…

“Oops,” said Ted, breaking the uneasy silence as he slipped his cock back into his shorts. Such a nice cock…

“I'm sorry, Ted. I can't… right now.” It was difficult to face him. “But… later…”

“Later?” asked Ted, his eyes suddenly sparkling with illumination.

I nodded. “Later.”

Ted seemed satisfied with this and his familiar exuberance slowly returned. He was muttering softly under his breath, something I'd heard too many times not to recognize: “I'm gonna be a leg wheel… I'm gonna be a leg wheel!”

The next day I drove Ted to the bank to close his account; Mike had already taken the car. He did the weird foot-key thing with the door again on the way out. There wasn't much cash left. All his savings he'd put into a trust for his nephews.

After letting us back in with his feet again, he danced silently around the living room for a bit. On top of everything, he was getting stir-crazy.

“I'm running out of things to doooo!” He stripped off his shirt. There were traces of dried cum on his chest. “I swear all I did was jack off today. Well, after cancelling the phone and cable.” He adjusted his hardon in his shorts. Man, I wanted to wrap my lips around that.



“You know that, if you need to… back out. I'm here for you.”

Ted just grinned. “Don't you worry. This is it, this is for real! 41 hours, give or take, and I'll be a leg wheel!”

“But even if… you don't. I'll be there for you.”

Ted gripped my shoulders and gave me a chaste kiss. “I'll be there for you too. All of me. Down to the last toe!” He laughed and started dancing again.

I snickered at Ted's goofy way of talking and just looked down at his feet, having my own hardon problem. I wanted to take those feet, and legs, and all of him, and never let go. But I couldn't yet. Not until we got through this.

The next day Ted was counting the minutes and bouncing off the walls—when he wasn't jerking off. I didn't spend long at his place that last night. His chest and abs were splattered with fresh cum when he let me in—with his foot—and it took all my willpower not to dive in and lick him clean. He was so horny he didn't even bother to try to keep his hardon in his shorts; it poked free, already drooling precum in advance of the next load.

“I—am—going—to—be—a—leg—wheel!” Ted shouted, as if the words still had meaning. His hand dropped to his cock and his shorts fell, leaving him naked, jacking in the middle of the room.

“Sorry,” he said, pausing. “It's just too much.”

I couldn't help but smile back at this crazy, horny Ted. “It's okay. I l—I'll leave you alone.”

He stepped forward, stopping short of taking my hand. “I wouldn't mind one last night… before—”

“No,” I said with conviction. “Don't you see, this isn't the last night. This isn't the end.”

He smiled at me and nodded. “You're right. In fourteen hours, it's only the beginning.”

I prayed that would be true.

I drove him to the facility the next morning. Ted joked that this was because I was the only person he knew who could wake up at 8am on a Saturday morning, but we both knew why I was really there.

I waited in the truck for him while he locked the door with his foot again and slid the key under it. Climbing into the cab, he smelled of cum and musk already, even though his wet hair showed he was just out of the shower.

He was outwardly calm on the drive there, almost like a different person. He said little. The words “leg wheel” were not spoken. But his eyes were locked on the road ahead.

Driving into the country, past field after field of wheat and corn, should have been relaxing, but my own mind was full of doubts. I had gambled that the only way to help Ted was to let him go through with this for now, but another voice inside me told me that this would be irrevocable. There would be no going back.

At the same time, I knew I couldn't stop Ted from doing this—whatever it was. I could turn the car around, maybe browbeat Ted in to forgetting the whole thing, getting a new job. But it would be the end of our friendship.

We arrived at a stoplight, incongruously planted in the middle of nowhere.

Ted was tense. Not nervous at all; his pose was relaxed. But every muscle in his body was strained. His cock still tented his shorts.

I looked up at the light. Red, yellow, green. Had that offer last night been a way out? Had I missed my chance? Would I really be allowed to visit Ted once he “became a leg wheel?”

Given there was no traffic for miles, the light was staying red an absurdly long time.


Ted turned to me and suddenly smiled. “Thank you for coming with me.”

“Oh! Um… no problem.” I stared back, nonplussed.

He was grinning now. “The light is green.”

“Oh, oops. Uh, let's go.”

The center was located on converted farm land, a variety of single-level buildings surrounding an expanse of freshly-mowed grass. The entrance was nicely landscaped. There were a few other cars in the parking lot, but no one seemed to be around.

I could tell Ted was trying not to run as we approached the building, his acceptance letter clutched tightly in his hands. Automatic glass doors slid open and we stepped into a bright, airy lobby. I saw Ted trying to surreptitiously adjust his hardon to make it less visible, but it was hopeless.

The cute young guy sitting behind the reception desk looked up as we approached and instantly grinned.


“Yes!” Ted held out his letter energetically.

The receptionist laughed. “Don't worry, we're all ready for you. The induction room is just through there on the right.” He turned to me. “And you're welcome to go and watch.”

“Watch?” Watch what?

“Of course. You won't want to miss it! Just through there.”

“Come on!” Ted grabbed my hand and led me through the surprisingly tall door.

The “induction room” had ceilings just almost as high as the lobby. Four buff guys in scrubs—and nothing else!—were setting up for Ted. They greeted him enthusiastically and introduced themselves: Ian, Matt, Bobby, and Rick. Rick started giving Ted a quick physical while Ian and Matt went into an adjoining, glass-walled room to set up some equipment. Bobby led me over to a chair opposite the glass wall and then went to help Rick. I watched all the activity somewhat numbly, but with growing arousal. The thin material of the scrubs did nothing to hide their muscular bodies or their prodigious equipment, and all unshod they reminded me of Ted's endearing perpetual barefootedness. In fact, they all seemed very much like Ted. Rick and Bobby were joking with him now, as Bobby stripped off Ted's shirt and Rick placed a painfully cold stethoscope to his chest. Ted howled in protest but was laughing all the while.

Maybe Ted will do okay here, I thought, still bewildered by what was going on—while Rick continued the physical Bobby had knelt down to wash Ted's feet and give him a quick pedicure! The hilarity continued unabated. He certainly fits in well.

Finally Rick shucked Ted's shorts and pronounced his drooling erection to be “quite satisfactory.” Rick and Bobby were now sporting boners themselves, as were Matt and Ian when they rejoined the group.

Ted stepped out of his shorts and Ian led him in to the center of the glass-walled room. He made some final adjustments to the equipment in there and then left Ted alone, closing the floor-to-ceiling door behind him.

The others were all crowded around a console nearby. Rick had on a headset.

“Ready, Ted?”

“More than.” Ted's voice came back over speakers. His hand drifter to his cock, but he consciously moved it away.

“All right, setting the countdown for 10, 9, 8, 7…”

Ted was jerking now and didn't try to stop himself. “6, 5, 4…”

Ted suddenly turned to me and lifted his other hand to wave. “3, 2…”

I hesitantly raised my hand in return. “1, now!”

The blinding flash of light in Ted's room made me realize the glass was actually tinted. I stood up, blinded and panicking, knocking my chair back noisily. I felt some one's hand on my shoulder.

In a few moments my eyes readjusted and I could see Ted still standing in the other room, looking dazed and blind. My eyes widened as I saw that his cock, which had always been impressive, was now noticeably longer and thicker. Were his legs more muscular as well? I blinked a few times. Then it happened.

A pair of legs shot out of Ted's body, right behind his original pair. He stumbled backwards slightly but the new feet caught him.

I gasped and blinked again. There was another pair of legs, then another. Legs began to shoot from the front of his body as well. I boggled. Legs were growing fast than I could blink. His arms became legs. His head disappeared in the forest of limbs.

In only seconds it was over. Ted rocked back and forth idly, obviously still dazed, doubly dazed. And I finally realized that Ted had been speaking the literal truth to me all this time… he was going to become a leg wheel!

The hand released my shoulder as I rushed to the door of the room and pushed it open.

Through the glass, from the side, Ted had been stunning, but up close, in front, he was overwhelming. I was confronted with dozens of Ted's soles, shifting and nestling amongst each other as he rocked.

“Ted?” I called nervously. Did he still have a head? Could he still hear me?

He must have, because he stopped rocked and rolled forward slightly, feet reaching out. I stepped forward and suddenly they were all around me.

From the very first touch, my fears were relieved. This was still Ted. Ted's feet holding my waist, surrounding my arms, mussing my hair, caressing my face. Ted's toes hooking into the waist of jeans, pulling them down. Other toes brushed my lips. I shot out my tongue and licked a passing sole. A team of feet worked my shirt off over my head. I was naked; the feet pulled me into the embrace of Ted's legs.

Inside, I could see now that every single pair of legs had its own enormous hardon. I reached for them. Legs lifted me up and I threaded mine between them. We were rolling back. One cock found my ass; it was so wet with precum it soon slipped inside despite its size. My own cock found one of Ted's many holes. Ted bent his knees and some of his feet slipped into my nest, caressing me as I wrapped my lips around another cock, other hardons jabbing my stomach and chest. I helped some of his cocks into his own holes.

I lost my sense of self. I was part of Ted's writhing mass of feet, legs, and cocks.

And then we came…

I woke up later, lying on the row of chairs in the induction room. Someone had dressed me in a set of scrubs, but I felt drying cum all over my body. Rick and the others were giving Ted a post-induction physical, which seemed to be quickly devolving into the sort of encounter I had just experienced. The cute receptionist was smiling down at me. I casually noticed he had four legs.

But that wasn't my concern. I sat up eagerly.

“Where can I fill out an application?!”

So, that's where Ted is and where I've been going all the time, and that's what this letter is all about and why I'm so nervous about opening it. It's pretty heavy, I hope that means—I'm so excited, I can't even—would you open it for me? Wait, no, don't unfold it, I want to read it. It says… yes! Yes!

I'm gonna be a leg wheel!

I'm gonna be a leg wheel!

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