The application

by SuperWaffle

A powerful story in which an anthro fox named Bradley learns that a body-morphing app is a wondrous, life-changing thing for himself and for new friends as well—if it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, that is.

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Part 1 A powerful story in which an anthro fox named Bradley learns that a body-morphing app is a wondrous, life-changing thing for himself and for new friends as well—if it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, that is. (added: 9 Apr 2015)
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Part 1

So there I was, trembling beneath the safety of my quilted blanket as I struggled to comprehend the sight before me. There, nestled within the palm of my hand was the single most powerful piece of technology the world had ever seen, carefully disguised as an innocent little piece of software sitting on the grid of my smartphone. It had been completely accidental, that my finger had touched the screen in the split second before it was pulled had all but cemented my suspicion of being only person on the planet to possess it, that I was sneaking around in the less travelled annals of the internet only served to reinforce that notion.

Beef Me Up, or BMU for short, had only existed in the most hushed of rumours. Some said the project was funded by the military, yet another attempt at the creation of weapons that would serve as leverage whenever political manoeuvrings fell flat. Others claimed BMU came from the stars, a gift from civilisations far more advanced that we earthlings could ever come to believe. However, while the origins of the application varied from person to person, there was but one factual constant—the application allowed one to enhance and modify the bodies of himself and anyone he wished so long as they were male. And, as if to make things all the more dangerous, it seemed whoever had created BMU had allowed for the changes to be limitless.

Oh were you tired of walking to work every day? No problem, just grow a pair of wings and fly to the office. Not happy with the size and shape of your body? No problem either! BMU would fix that just as quickly and easily as you could think it! Don’t like the dude who stole your boyfriend? Easy! Turn yourself into a fifty foot titan and flatten his house while he watches.

Needless to say, I had spent the last three nights waiting for the government to show up at my doorstep, burly men in black who would no doubt kick down my door before bundling me up and dragging me to an undisclosed location to be interrogated. Only those men never came, and after skipping school for three days thanks to my refusal to leave the house, I finally felt safe enough to start—experimenting.

Pushing my pillow side, I rolled from the comforting warmth of my blanket and darted across the frigid hardwood flooring, double-checking that my bedroom door had been locked before hurtling back under the blanket. It might be three in the morning and darker than sin outside, but I wasn’t going to risk anything that might wake my neighbours, the fewer people out there who knew about BMU, the better it was for me.

Tucking my body under the blanket and snuggling against my enormous pillows, I scrolled through the grid of my phone and fired up the application responsible for my incessant shivering. As I expected, there was a soft blipping noise before the entire screen turned blue, a cascade of options zipping into view as I entered BMU’s main menu.

Oh god the excitement was getting to me, and in a mad bid to contain myself I actually sank my teeth into the pillow I was resting my head on, struggling to keep myself from squealing as though I had been let loose in a candy shop. BMU had prompted me for a photo! Just as the rumours had said it would! There were no restrictions on where the photo could come from either, the application giving me the choice of taking a selfie right there, uploading a picture from my phone’s gallery, and even swiping a photo or two from Facebook! I chose the first option, failing several times thanks to my hands refusing to stay still long enough for me to get a good shot. When I did get said shot however, BMU began processing it immediately, a strange sensation reminiscing of static electricity sweeping over my being and causing me to jolt in surprise.

Another blip, and suddenly the main menu had vanished, replaced with a three dimensional pedestal of sorts and a startlingly familiar figure standing upon it. The teenage fox wasn’t just slim of build, as most foxes were, but leanly muscled as well, no doubt the results of sneaking into the campus weight room whenever the jocks were too busy to pay him any attention. Pressing two fingers onto the screen, I began swivelling the pedestal around; remarking at the impossibly fantastic detail represented on my digital self, all the way from the snowy white of my fur to the mess of orange hair upon the crown of my head.

BMU was so accurate in fact, that it had even created a perfect replication of my sleeping clothes, from the oversized shirt I was wearing all the way down to the initials written on the tag of my sleeping boxers. It seemed so unreal, that such technology could exist in this day and age, the possibilities stemming from using BMU were so incomprehensibly dangerous and powerful that it definitely was not something you would put in the hands of a mere seventeen year old high school fox. And yet—here it was!

I began to smile, the most devious of grins stretching across my face so quickly it was actually starting to hurt. All my life, since the day I saw my first bodybuilder, I had been so chronically obsessed with the massively muscled and heavily endowed, so much so that I had spent many a night tossing and turning on my bed, cursing the day I had been born a fox instead of a bull or horse. High school seniors or not, many of the larger furs in school were well into the later stages of puberty, their bovine and equine genetics forcing massive quantities of sheer muscle mass onto their growing bodies so quickly that the school actually had a system where they could trade in their old uniforms for newer (and bigger) ones at half price.

It wasn’t fair in any sense of the word, mostly because foxes didn’t exactly get that much bigger or taller, but if there was any one thing that would push me closer to the guys I idolized in school, it was what made us all men. The digitalized penis on my digital self was currently flaccid (I had found a button that made my clothes disappear), but even then it was exceptionally large and definitely bigger than anything anyone would expect on a mere fox. See, while most of the other foxes in school were more than satisfied with five inch erections, I was sporting a beefy tool that swelled to a magnificent eight inches whenever I grew too excited. Oh sure that was nothing compared to the foot long rods I saw swinging around in the showers, but considering the world record for the largest erection ever found on a fox was eight and a half inches, I’d say my still-growing body was destined for greater things.

Oh and then there was BMU, the application that gave me complete control over my physical appearance and just about everything outside of that as well.

A list of buttons had appeared along the upper portions of my screen, and touching them quickly overwhelmed me with so many options and suggestions that I immediately decided I was going to take things at a slower pace. You know, to give me more time to explore and experiment, it was definitely more fun that way and I was certain anyone in my position would have felt the same. What I did manage to do however, was bring down an overlay that marked out every section of my body alongside accurate statistical measurements of all the major body parts and muscle groups. I was especially smug when I rotated my digital penis into view, all five inches of its flaccid length swinging into view and flopping silently against my digital thigh.

Well if I was to take things slowly, what better place to start than my own tool right? If BMU could so accurately generate a model of me then I was definitely dealing with technology far more advanced than anything on the planet. Zooming into my schlong, I tapped it once and expanded the nodule that was attached to it, an entire list of modifiable options cascading into view and getting me so excited I barely managed to stifle my squeal. Plucking my face from the depths of my pillow, I began making conscious efforts to keep my breathing steady and calmed, my shaking fingers scrolling through the list of numbers as drooled flooded the insides of my mouth.

“Okay—” I breathed, jittering with excitement as I fiddled with the options, “Alright Bradley you can do this—just change a little bit of yourself without passing out and we should be good to go.”

According to BMU, I was currently a shower, meaning that my cock would be large both in its erect and flaccid state. While I was a little curious as to what being a grower would feel like, I was definitely keener on finding out what it felt like to be incredibly well endowed like the studs in school. So I added three inches of beef to my erect length and an entire inch in girth and ticked the ‘erect’ box so I could watch a simulation of my new size.

It turns out that BMU also took simulations seriously, and I was instantly satisfied when I realized I was going to be treated to a completely animated erection. My digitalized-yet-flaccid cock suddenly jerked, thick veins creeping across the hardening shaft as virtual blood surged into the waiting erectile tissues, the throbbing organ swelling and thickening far more intensely than it normally did as my cock expanded beyond reason, never stopping until my tool was a solid eleven inches in length two inches in diameter.

Damn! If I was reading this right, I wouldn’t be able to grab my junk with one hand! The bloated shaft would just too huge and too damn veiny! Aw shit I had to see this for myself, and so I added one more inch to my length before saving the changes and hitting the trigger button.

There was another wave of electrical sensations, a single burst of it blasting from my phone and feeling as though someone was rubbing a gigantic ball of wool all over me. And then I felt it, a strange warmth enveloping the entirety of my genitalia and thrilling me so ecstatically it was all I could do to roll onto my back, clutching my face as I squealed and moaned. The insides of my boxers had grown especially hot, the frontal flaps parting widely as an enormous avalanche of meat spilled from the button-less fly.

“Oh g-god!” I stuttered, propping myself onto my elbows and squinting desperately through the darkness, eager to watch my massive schlong thickening and growing through the flaps of my boxers. My phone had been covered by one of my pillows again, and despite not being able to see I could still feel the fabric constricting my throbbing love muscle, the sensitive organ jerking and twitching in the cold air so erotically I thought I was going to cum right there and then.

Mercifully though, I did not, and in the span of a few seconds the growing sensations finally ceased. I simply laid there amongst my pillows for several minutes, panting and gasping as my newly enlarged cock gorged itself on my blood, growing impossibly hard as the swollen veins rippled and pulsed across the throbbing surface. In control of my body once again, I grabbed my phone and directed the soft lights towards my amazing new cock, my jaws going slack at the enormous pillar of sex that stuck out before me.

Fucking hell I wouldn’t have believed that thing was growing out of me if not for the incredible levels of arousal shooting into my crotch as my cock jerked and dripped. That damn thing was so fat right now that the fabric of my boxers was awfully tight around the base, restricting the return of blood through the veins and thus functioning as a pseudo cock ring of sorts. If there had been any doubt in my mind that BMU would work, it was all gone now, as was evident by the dribbling organ before me.

I couldn’t stop myself, my free hand grasping the slippery length as my body shuddered and jerked. Oh god it felt so good, so big and thick and veiny! I began to pump, my clenched fist stroking the massive shaft and smearing the seemingly endless stream of pre-cum all over the pulsating flesh, my fingers flowing over the huge mushroom head of my cock as the gaping cock-slit oozed and spewed.

“Aw yeah that’s what I’m talking about!” I moaned, a little louder than I should have. This huge new cock of mine was great and all, but I also realized there wasn’t nearly as much cum as I had been led to believe. It was then I realized my testicles were still the same size, having blindly assumed that they would have grown together with my cock. See that was what happened when you based all your muscle growing goodness off fantasy growth stories you collected from the internet. This wasn’t some piece of erotic literature anymore, this was real life and there were definitely more strings to pull over there.

Plopping my phone onto the mattress, I zoomed back into my cock and targeted my testicles. They were a good size for a fox like me, but then again I didn’t feel like entertaining the whole argument involving the beefy jocks from school. However, I did feel a little more adventurous this time, and so I grew my testes to the size of tennis balls and triggered the growth spurt for the second time tonight.

There was a wave of static, and suddenly the growing sensations were back and bigger than ever. I really was overwhelmed by the intensity this time, great spurts of pre-cum gushing from my cockhead like a leaky faucet as I writhed and rolled over my bed, giggling like a madman as I pumped myself furiously. My boxers were getting awfully tight now, so much meat filling the crotch portion of the garment and there was more and more of me every second!

Somehow, in the midst of my wild jerkoff session I managed to get my hands on what I liked to call my fun bottle. I had no idea how the plastic container even got into my hand, considering I kept it in a little compartment under my bed, but I wasted no time in tearing off the stopper and slamming my spluttering cockhead through the too small hole and into the ocean of cum I had been storing for months.

“UUGHHHH!” I cried. The onset of my orgasm was far too abrupt for me to stop myself, huge blasts of cum exploding into the bottle as I fucked the former jug of orange juice to my heart’s desire. Good grief there was so much cum, each mindboggling explosion putting stars into my vision as I dumped load after load into the container. Ten massive shots soon turned to fifteen, and then twenty! My eruption seemed to stretch on and on until thirty-five brutal blasts of cum had been added to my fun bottle.

My rock-hard cock still wedged in, I eased the container into an upright position and supported myself on a pile of my pillows, my tongue rolling out of my mouth as I basked in the afterglow of my titanic release, waiting patiently for my cock to soften so I could finally pull it out. I didn’t normally like getting my cock stuck in hard to reach places, but with the still throbbing cockhead soaking itself in the white hot cum I had just released—well I supposed I could make an exception this time.

Some time passed before I was finally able to pull it out and even then it was a little hard, my cock having grown so much thicker for an entrance that could once easily accommodate it. Not that that was a bad thing, although something was telling me that I might need more bottles in the very near future. Either way now that my obligatory orgasm was done and over with, I could finally get to the real fun, so I stoppered my now half-full bottle and returned it to its spot under my bed.

Phone in hand, I stuffed my now flaccid but still awfully huge manhood back into my boxers and threw the blanket over my head. So overwhelmed with the power in my hands that I actually spent an entire minute simply drooling at myself, wondering what on earth I should change first and just how huge I could make myself. I had already decided to take myself as far as I dared to go, and if this little box was to be believed (and it was), then my seventeen year old body stood a mere five feet five inches tall and weighed a measly one hundred and thirty-two pounds. Most of the foxes in school would kill for these sorts of numbers, but not me, this was pathetically small compared to the body I always dreamed of having. Oh no the body of a swimmer was not for me, I wanted to be huge, massive, my body bulging with so much muscle as to be considered freaky.

I tapped a box containing my generalized measurements, zooming into the bar that controlled my weight and smashed my finger against the increase button. My digital body began bulging out, my muscles bulking up and filling up the insides of my skin, turning me from an unnoticeable high school student into an amateur bodybuilder by the time I added fifty pounds to my lean frame. Fuck I looked amazing, but still I knew I wanted so much more than this, this was still tiny in my eyes, never mind that the jocks in school would do all sorts of horrible things for such a body.

And so I began growing myself in every manner possible, doing my best impression of a maniacal laugh as my digital body shot up in height, insane mountains of sheer muscle exploding from places I didn’t even know I had as I shifted through every nodule I could find. Yeah that’s what I’m talking about, eight fucking feet tall and ripped. I was going to be a monster, a huge fucking muscle monster who could throw baseballs into orbit without even having to try so hard. Okay that might have been exaggerating a little bit, but with a body like that I would probably have no trouble picking up a bulldozer and benching it!

Yeah that’s right, I wanted more mass, a hundred—no—five hundred more pounds of solid, muscular bulk! I changed the pose my model was taking, forcing the digital me to thrust his pectorals forward for a most muscular chest flex, my tongue wetting my lips as I zoomed into the muscles and forced them to grow for my viewing pleasure. The development of my chest was insane now, the various muscle groups so ridiculously defined even when relaxed I looked like a grotesquely exaggerated anatomy chart. I decided I still wasn’t satisfied, so I began adding even more mass, causing my pectoral slabs to hulk out so massively I knew I was never going to see my abs without the help of a mirror. Then I scrolled down to my nipples, tiny nubs that were forced to point down thanks to the ridiculous amounts of beef swelling off my mighty chest, and began beefing them up too, keeping my finger on the growth button until I had a pair of inhuman, thumb-sized teats that would throbat an entire inch in length when fully erect.

Oh yes this was good alright, a huge, brawny chest that would heave with my power no matter the time of day, that my monstrous pectoral mountains were each capped with a thick, throbbing nipple made the deal all the sweeter. I moved onto my shoulders and began working my magic, never blinking until they were broader than hell and so powerfully muscled I could fit three fully grown bodybuilders on either side of my head and support them just as easily. Damn I needed a huge neck too, preferably one that had the girth of a pillar and more muscle bulging out of it than I knew what to do with. Yeah that’s right, that’s what I’m talking about, and now I would need mountainous traps that really were mountains, rippling with muscle and so enormous they would devour all but the upper most portions of my powerful neck.

Shit man this was good, fucking awesome as well! Only now my chest and shoulders seemed far too massive for the rest of me, and there was only one way to fix that. I rotated myself until I found the nodule for my arms and brought up the menu. I’ve been having newer fantasies as of late, and it was with a grin oh-so-broad and oh-so-wide did I begin hulking out my already monstrous arms. Oh sure I needed them huge alright, but I also wanted them to be disproportionately muscular compared to the rest of my body. That’s right, I wanted arms that were a scant inch away from being as ridiculously muscular as my herculean quads, ginormous and veiny and so fucking massive I was definitely going to have trouble touching my own face after that.

But you know what? If I had arms that were fifty fucking inches around and exploding with such power I didn’t fucking care about that anymore. My arms would be so ridiculously developed, so insanely brawny that my fucking biceps would have biceps. The entirety of my upper arms would ripple and split into their enormous muscle groups with the slightest of my movements! Hell yeah this was frigging sweet, having arms that would bend at the elbows when relaxed thanks to all that insane muscle threatening to burst out of my skin.

I zoomed out and looked at my top heavy body, realizing that my stance still looked weird thanks to the gross disproportions of my insane muscles. So I returned to my torso and zoomed in on my latissimus dorsi muscles, pouring more meat into them as I watched my crazy frame hulking out before my very eyes, flaring out like the wings of a manta ray as my back assumed the legendary Y-shapes all men would kill to have. Things were just that erotic from the rear view, and I especially liked how my shoulders tapered down to a narrow, pillar-like waist. It was then I saw the blinking exclamation mark sitting on the nodule that was touching my waist, and immediately I knew I would not be able to support the insane muscle mass I had generated for myself.

So I began working on my abs as well, thickening it as much as I could without compromising its incredible shape before filling my abdominals with so much power I was probably going to have trouble keeping my hands off of them. The enormous cinderblock-sized muscles crunched slightly, my digital body flexing and shifting as the lower abdominal slabs bulged to the surface, my hulking six-pack morphing into a freakish wall of solid muscle that boasted eight monstrous muscles separated by canyons cut so deeply into my gut they actually rivalled the massive muscle cleavage separating the two boulders hanging ominously above them.

Top heavy or not, there was no doubt in my mind that I looked amazing. Surely I now possessed more muscle than any living being to have ever lived, and I haven’t even started on my legs yet! Thanks to the dramatic increase in height I had put my model through just now, my arms were actually crazy-huge compared to my quads, and so I decided to fix that, my nonstop twiddling causing my digital thighs to explode in a myriad of rippling, teardrop-shaped mountains, splitting into multiple peaks before affixing their mammoth-sized masses into my legs. I did the same for my calves as well, bulking the diamond-shaped muscles into even huger versions of themselves so everything remained proportionate, sort of.

I zoomed out and admired my work, giggling and jittering uncontrollably as I admired the body that would soon be mine. Blinking icon or not, I didn’t need BMU to offer me more suggestions, I knew I still had a lot of work to do but that did not stop me from getting a little too excited anyway. Caving into the temptation stemming from all the hormones flooding my seventeen year old body, I shuffled my way through the many morph boxes available until I found one that I had yet to touch. This one specialised in changes involving the less visible portions of the body and even came with prior settings that would effectively allow me to add passive ‘abilities’ to my already gloriously muscular body.

As if the miniature Bradley wasn’t already jacked as hell and more muscular than any seventeen year old had the right to be, I went ahead and gave myself muscle fibres five times stronger than was naturally possible and hardened my bones until they were seventeen and a half times stronger than diamonds. Man—I looked like the Hulk, except the Hulk would look like a puny weakling compared to the strength in my muscles. I was dying to trigger my growth spurt right now but BMU kept throwing more options at me and the more I looked at the more eager I was to add introduce those changes into my being. This seemingly foolish bravery was probably due to the pubescent changes I was going through, but oh well!

Veins! I needed more veins, a vast network of throbbing, pulsating veins the size of garden hoses that would cover my muscles and fuel them with more testosterone than the cells knew what to do with! Yeah, oh hell yeah this looked so good, gotta cover my arms and pecs with them, thicken the ones covering my neck and traps and definitely add more to the insane muscles bulging out of my herculean lower limbs. I was going nuts by now. Even the most trivial of things like increasing the size of my hands and feet was thrilling me to no end. I looked like a fucking beast, an almighty muscle god who could dominate any man he wanted, whenever he wanted. But do you know what would make me look even more beastly?


A crap load of it!

Yeah that’s the stuff. I needed a hairy chest, an entire forest of thick, luscious, pectoral fuzz so dense you would not be able to see the white of my fur beneath the manly coating. All that would be exposed by my chest hair would be my meaty nipples, each throbbing teat thrusting from the orange forest like obscene fruits, twitching and throbbing with all the testosterone flooding in from the veins concentrating around the large areolas.

Satisfied with how my chest turned out, I continued running my finger across the digital me, trailing the growth of hairs between my freak-show abdominal muscles and creating a happy trail that spread through the muscular canals like wildfire. I was ecstatic, barely in control of my own drooling as I created for myself the hairiest and sexiest gut ever, even connecting the fuzzy trail into the dense bush of pubic fur growing from the base of my crotch. My dick was still pitifully small compared to the gargantuan slabs of muscle bulging out of me, but I would get to that later, for now I was content with expanding the ever growing bush of pubic goodness.

This was good, oh hell yeah this was so frigging hot! I needed hairy balls too of course. They would be so damned furry you wouldn’t see any of the veins that throbbed across the heaving surface, just like how my manly hairs covered every inch of my glorious chest muscles. Oh and let’s not forget my ass. I turned the pedestal and began sliding my finger between the shredded, gargantuan ass muscles flexing off the rear of my model, causing a veritable explosion of hair to burst from where I once had none, giving myself a perpetually sweaty ass jungle that would no doubt floor even the biggest jocks in school whenever I turned around, assuming they were still conscious by then.

Oh fuck yeah my ass was fucking awesome alright, massive and rippling and veiny as fuck. I could probably crush bricks between the hulking muscles and grind the broken pieces to dust!

I was so close now, so very close to owning the greatest body the world has ever known! Before that came to be, I still had a few minor additions to make. Turning the pedestal away from my bulging buttocks, I tapped the nodule linked to my already large cock got to work, stretching my cock all the way down to my knees with one finger and expanding its girth with another two. I was going to be huge alright, three fucking feet long and eight—no—ten inches wide and nearly thirty-two inches around!

The head would have to be massive as well! Oh hell yes I would have to make it even bigger! I loved mushroom headed cocks, having one myself, but it was another thing when the head was nearly twice the thickness of the shaft and capped with a massive, gaping cum-slit that would be seven inches in length and constantly spewing! But what would a gigantic love muscle be without equally massive testosterone engines to power them? Aw yeah watermelon-sized looked even better than it sounded! My hairy testicles were going to be so massive they would crash against my thighs like wrecking balls with every step I took! I was going to have so much trouble finding myself pants I was probably going to end up wearing a kilt everywhere!

If I wore anything at all that is!

Zooming out, I finished off the last of my changes in the ‘abilities’ window, drastically decreasing my refractory period so I would only need a few seconds of recovery time between orgasms and increasing my cum production so dramatically my cock was probably going to paint the room white whenever it exploded! Then I increased the duration of my growth from a few seconds (as was the default) to one minute before introducing a delay-timer set to three minutes.

Stuffing my face back into a pillow so as to stifle a mad crackle, I saved all my changes and hit the execute command, all but slamming my face into the pillow as excitement overwhelmed me. The wave of static had come back, the electrical sensations dancing over every inch of my furry skin as BMU worked its magic, the strange energies emanating from my smartphone burying themselves into the very core of my cells in preparation of what was to come.

I sat up the moment the sensations faded away, my jittering reaching a new high as I bounced all over the bed in a gleeful, almost drunken stupor. Three minutes, three minutes was all that separated me from growing into the biggest fucking muscle monster to ever grace the face of the earth! Oh god I couldn’t believe this was actually happening! I was so excited I wanted nothing more than to spring out of my room and scream at the top of my lungs!

Thankfully though, raging teenage hormones or not, I knew better than to reveal my newfound powers to the rest of the world and especially not my neighbours. And so I bottled up my excitement and eased my furry feet onto the ice-cold floor of my room, intent on getting a good look at my body before my impending growth spurt finally kicked in, cursing the day I misplaced my fluffy slippers as I skipped and bounced over to the wall mirror.

Yep, I was still me alright, five feet five and approximately a hundred and thirty-two pounds of lean muscle, dressed in an overtly large sleeping shirt and a pair of tight boxers. This was the Bradley who went to school in the day just like any other seventeen year old. This was also the Bradley who stripped and hustled for all manner of people when the sun went down. I couldn’t say the pickings were good in a scene dominated by bodybuilders, but thanks to the recent upping of the legal age from sixteen to eighteen, I’ve been getting away with charging extra and more tuition money was always good.

God damn it was cold too, but that was what you’d get in the dead of winter. The only feasible reconciliation for such awful weather (ginormous muscles aside), would have been the freedom to play in the snow whenever I wanted to. Well—that was assuming it snowed, but with my busy schedules in and out of school I didn’t think I would have the time for that anyway.

A burst of warmth hit me, filling me with more energy than I knew what to do with and indicating that my three minutes were up. Unable to stop myself, I sprang into the air and let out a loud whoop, nearly hitting the ceiling as my body filled the air with the sounds of stretching leather. Oh god it was finally happening!

My body began stretching up, the floor falling further and further away as I tumbled into the attached bathroom, locking the door and flipping the light switch so I could get a good look at myself in the mirror.


Oh—Oh god I was taller! Easily six feet and still stretching! My too big shirt was still really airy around the sides but it definitely wasn’t as close to my knees as it had been mere moments ago. Lifting the hem of my shirt, I could see myself getting bigger, my waist thickening up and broadening as my faint abdominal muscles pushed themselves outwards. I looked down and saw that my entire body seemed to be growing, my once nondescript calves tightening up and swelling to the size of grapefruits, several veins rising to the surface to fuel the new muscles. My boxers were feeling tighter as well, not around the crotch are but where the material was now hugging my thighs.

Releasing the grip on my shirt, I brought my arms before me, the smile on my face threatening to split my face in two as I watched the fibrous cables coiling around my forearms and spreading all the way to my hands and biceps. Oh god yes this felt so good, not ten seconds in and I already felt so strong and so powerful! I clenched my fists, watching intently as the muscles of my forearms bulged and rippled, never shrinking to their former sizes when I relaxed and flexed again.

My chest was filling up as well, the material drifting away from my waist as my pectoral muscles inflated like balloons, hardened slabs of pure beef taking shape within my shirt as my shoulders broadened to accommodate them. My shoulders! Hell damn they were expanding like the growth videos I could download from the internet, my bones snapping and popping painlessly as I grew out sideways, my swelling arms dangling away from my torso as BMU did its work.

It was then did I finally realize something else going on underneath me. Where my shirt was awfully large and comfy, my boxers had been well-fitted and somewhat tight. There was a loud SHRRIIIPP as my quads finally tore through the legs of my underwear, huge teardrop-shaped masses bulging out of my legs and rippling powerfully as whatever fat I had was burnt away. Shit, I looked as though I had the lower body of an amateur bodybuilder, all the way from my awesome quads to my hardened calve muscles and even the larger feet I was now sporting.

Wait a minute—

I looked up, my eyes swelling to the size of meatballs when I realized it wasn’t just my lower body that had changed. It had been hard to see thanks to the sheer size of my shirt, but there was no doubt in my mind that my entire body now resembled the bodybuilders I ogled so shamelessly in school. My shoulders were huge now, the firm muscles clearly visible through the grey cotton, my mighty pectorals bulging with such power I could flex them independently, my cheeky grin exposing my dimples as I forced my chest muscles to dance for my viewing pleasure.

Clenching my fists again and planting them against my chest, I puffed out my pecs and flexed my arms and shoulders as hard as I could, bouncing gleefully as my shirt tightened up around my pecs and biceps. I couldn’t take it anymore, my hands grabbing hold of the grey cotton as I attempted to tear my shirt in two.


I paused, blinking a few times before realizing that something else had ripped instead and let go of my still tightening shirt. Stepping back, it was all I could do to swoon as my late boxers fell to the floor in tattered shreds, my hulking ass muscles rippling in impunity as they hulked out behind me. What kept my attention, on the other hand, was the massive semi-erect penis swinging in tandem with my enormous testicles, close to sixteen inches of throbbing, veiny flesh oozing and drooling as my body continued to expand. I knew my manhood was going to get bigger, so much more powerful than what it was now, and so I tore myself away and pulled up the hem of my shirt.

The sight that greeted me in the mirror was orgasmic. My abs had morphed into eight brick-sized muscles that bulged with their own power, my waist having grown so muscular than the material no longer fell down when I let go. So I pulled the cotton down to my waist anyway, licking my lips as my shirt finally tightened so much it was hugging me like paint, exposing every growing muscle as I closed in on the eight foot mark.

Fuck, I was frigging hot alright, so hot I had to adjust my stance to keep from falling over as my growing body packed on more and more muscle. It was then did I notice the sheer size of my arms, each herculean limb bulking up faster than the rest of my body put together. They were growing huge alright, already dangerously close to being as muscled as my titanic legs and still growing! The stretchy cotton was already ripping in places, and whenever I flexed my arms more threads would snap!

“Ooh—yeah,” I growled, a shudder shooting down my spine at the low, almost sensual baritone reverberating within my chest. My Adam’s apple must have been soaking in testosterone all this time, and if my ever thickening neck was any indication, it probably was. That thing resembled a mighty pillar, reinforced with more muscle than I knew what to do it and so damned hard it almost felt as though I was running my hands across a furry girder. My traps had morphed into veritable mountains, the striated fibres rippling beneath my fingers as the monstrous volcanos swallowed the lower portions of my neck in their hulking advance towards my head.


I had had enough, my entire body flexing with more power than I could have ever imagined, every single muscle in my being bulging with such frightening power it was all my shirt could do to explode with a resounding BOOM!

FUCK! I had turned into a fucking muscle monster! I was huge, massive, bigger than any bodybuilder to ever live and more powerful than any of them could ever dream! My guns alone were fucking bazookas, their gloriously sculptured masses splitting into multiple peaks when I raised my arms and pumped my hulking biceps, raw testosterone flooding through the network of veins fuelling their growth until my fucking biceps had biceps.

“AWW YEAH!” I roared, drunk on the strength surging with my body as my cock began gorging itself on my power, filling up with so much blood I could feel the flesh growing and thickening before me! I wanted more! MORE! My muscles, oh fuck me my muscles were still growing! I was going to get bigger! BIGGER! Yes! YES! Grow for me, grow bigger—STRONGER! I pumped my massive guns again, the double bicep flex causing my monstrous lats to explode sideways, so much muscle filling them up I could feel them taking on the Y-shape I so craved.

Arching my back, I began pounding my mighty chest muscles, each terrifying BOOM sending tremors through the building as I laughed and flexed. My stance was fucking wide now, my herculean quads were so fucking muscular I could feel the individual muscle groups battling each other for space as I closed in on my goal. There must have been ten seconds of growth left, and every single second that passed pumped so much beef into me it was all I could do to roar and flex.

My monolithic arms were so huge by now I could feel my once foxy flexibility leaving me, my mind recovering quickly from the adrenaline surging through me as I tested the strength of my muscles. Thunderous legs quaked and pulsed, more powerful than jackhammers and thicker than the ancient trees littering the grounds of my school. Huge and monstrous didn’t come close to describing my godlike torso, my entire body boasting so much muscle I was fucking bulging in places I didn’t even know I had. My hulking pectoral muscles were so brawny and so damned huge I didn’t even have to look down for them to brush against my chin, all but confirming my suspicious that I would not be able to see my own abs without the help of a mirror. And oh god—those were abs alright, eight fucking boulders bulging out of my chest and separated by ridges cut so deeply into my gut they might as well have been irrigation canals.

Shoulders broad enough for three big men to rest on—a pillar-like waist that was carved out of marble and harder than steel—thick, juicy nipples that were so muscular in their own right I could actually flex them.

Oh I wasn’t done yet, nowhere close, there were still three or four seconds left. And I knew exactly what was coming in the next one or two.

The first hairs sprouted along my chest, an orange mass of liquid sex spreading like wildfire as the manly trail covered every inch of my heaving pectoral muscles, the massive veins snaking below them crashing into my enormous areolas and causing my obscene nipples to thicken even further. As I had planned, I could not see the white of my chest fur anymore, but I could feel the orange forest surging through the canyons of my abs, the dense hairs quadrupling my raw sex appeal before joining into the massive bush bristling from the base of my cock.

I could only moan now, my huge back leaning against the wall as I ran my sausage-sized fingers through the coarse fuzz, my tongue rolling out of my mouth as the entirety of my crotch turned orange. My balls grew furrier, the perpetually sweating pubic coat devouring the white of my balls and turning them into heaving masses of pure sex, the trail surging beneath me and caused my monstrous body to erupt in shudders as a veritable ass jungle bristled between my hulking buttocks. Oh god that was so frigging sexy, my hairy, muscle-bound sphincter flexing and clenching as the testosterone-laden hairs tickled and rubbed against it. My arms came up again, ginormous and sexy and hotter than fuck, exposing the thickening bush sprouting from my armpits, dripping with sweat just like the rest of me.

Two seconds left! The other changes were coming now, my muscle fibres bulging like crazy as they were strengthened beyond reason. My bones hardened several times over, each wave feeling like a blast of hot water that fused into the very core of my being. My hearing improved, followed by my sight. And then smell, until all five of my senses had been greatly amplified alongside my brain’s new ability to comprehend it all without going nuts.

One second left!

I actually roared again, my voice stronger and lower and more powerful than anything I had done before, so loud I actually rattled the mirror and the hinges of the door. My cock, oh dear god my cock was growing again, stretching out longer, packing on solid, muscular mass! Oh my fuck, it was fucking huge, getting harder and thicker, morphing into a fucking tower of pure, fucking POWER!

“ARRRRGHHHHH!!!!!!!” I bellowed, no longer able to contain myself. My cock suddenly lurched, the last of the changes forcing my hips to jerk and the oversized cockhead to smash against my face, several buckets of pre-cum splashing against me as I gasped and choke. The scent was intoxicating, burning entire trails through my nostrils and leaving me weak and wobbly in the knees. Every droplet I could lick up only intensified my cravings, my muscular cock all too eager to feed its growing master as I eased myself onto the marble flooring and molested my meat for all it was worth.

One minute elapsed.

It was as though something clicked inside me just then, tearing me from my growth induced stupor and returning to my larger new head the brain of an ordinary seventeen year old. I shivered and trembled for a moment or two, suddenly unsure about my unfamiliar new body and so overwhelmed by the power of my muscles I actually forgot my own name for a second there. And then it hit me, my brain wrestling control from my hulking muscles and restoring a proper mental state.

I began to smile, my fingers running over my striated facial muscles as I moved my body to stand, my towering cock softening at my command as I rose to face my reflection, noting how my face was cut off just before the eyes due to the sheer size of my monstrous new body. I had turned into the hulk alright, eight feet tall and more than seven hundred fucking pounds of bulging, hairy muscle. My flaccid cock was two feet long and thicker than fuck, so much pre-cum dripping from my massive dick-slit it had already created a small puddle around my enormous, furry feet.

I was a fucking monster alright.



Part 2

The rays of morning were piercing through the frost of my windows by the time I decided I had had enough, my muscles collapsing into themselves as my body shrank and deflated to its original state. BMU had served me well, and despite the utter lack of sleep I was exhilarated and rearing to go again. Oh the woes of being a part-time hustler, that so many people out there were intimately familiar with my body made any sudden and dramatic changes completely out of the question. And so it was with a bittersweet (but mostly sweet) grin did I drop my phone back into my trouser pocket, my now-slim body shivering as I pulled on my uniform and the thickest sweater I could find.

I was still going to have my fun though, however subtle I might have to be. High school was a time of pubescent changes and lots of weightlifting if you were lucky and dedicated enough, though that also meant there were literally dozens of hopeful studs and jocks who could use a little extra help.

Salivating as though someone had put a giant meatball sandwich before me, I stuffed my tongue back into my mouth and tumbled out into the freezing winter air, cursing under my breath as the frigid winds began cutting into my face almost immediately. Pulling my hood up, I tightened the bands to keep my ears from shifting around and dragged myself to the nearby bus stop. The temptation to add a little more muscle mass to my lithe little frame was overwhelming, but despite my thick clothing I knew that was going to be a horrible idea. Oh sure no one would see anything under the jacket, but if I caved now it wouldn’t be long before I was strutting around school as an eight foot muscle-beast and publically fucking people whenever I grew too horny to control myself. I couldn’t have that.

…or could I?

Busses were common in the early hours of morning, and thankfully one arrived within moments, granting me enough warmth to take my mind off bulking up. That didn’t stop me from pulling BMU out though, for on the bus sat Sammy Linton, a single-horned rhinoceros who once lent me a pencil. Like most rhinos, Sammy was naturally big, his beefy frame crammed into a school blazer that was definitely starting to get a little too small for him.


Sammy was still snoozing against the window as I passed on my way to the rear. There weren’t many people on board yet, and so I knew I wouldn’t be disturbed. I fired up BMU and aimed my camera against the back of Sammy’s head, there was a snap, and within moments I was looking at a digital, three-dimensional image of Sammy Linton in all his naked glory.

Ooh, I could see the start of what would be a thickly muscled gut, the faint lines of a six-pack noticeable enough to draw attention away from his meaty pectoral muscles. There was still a little too much fat on him for my taste, but what I could see would definitely draw stares if Sammy ever decided to take off his shirt. Returning Sammy’s uniform to view, I began playing with the available options. First I reduced his body fat from thirteen per cent to nine so his muscles would be more defined, and then I bulked him up just a tiny bit, five pounds of raw muscle that should encourage him to take off that shirt more often.

When it was all done and done, I thought Sammy looked gorgeous, his uniform was tighter than ever and the upper two buttons were already being pulled apart by his now-brawnier chest. Satisfied, I clicked away his uniform and focused on his hefty tool. Naturally it was big, just like the rest of him, but according to BMU he wasn’t even through with puberty yet, so any changes now would definitely not be attributed to anything resembling a reality warping device powerful enough to change the course of history forever and ever. Ten inches should do…. nah, eleven!

I snickered, wondering if Sammy would notice anything, considering he was currently seven inches erect. People didn’t exactly grow four inches of penis size after a short nap, but something was telling me Sammy was going to be pleased with the changes. I finished up by thickening his cock and balls a little more and then dusting a generous layer of fine hairs onto his manly chest. Now I wasn’t going to risk waking him up, never mind that his drool was freezing against the window, so I set his growth to take place over five minutes and then hit the trigger key. My phone let out a barely audible zap, and I knew my work was done.

The rest of the bus ride was fairly uneventful, although I did steal glances at Sammy every ten seconds or so. I was certain nobody on board noticed anything either, I didn’t even notice anything peculiar and I was practically staring at him! Still, I chose to wait when the bus finally grinded to a halt opposite the school, the driver shrieking at the top of his voice to wake any unconscious passengers so they would finally leave. Sammy was one of those who jumped, the sound of chipping ice preceding a flurry of unpleasant language as the rhino cut his lip on frozen drool.

And then it happened, Sammy flinching slightly when he noticed the difference, his body language giving everything away as he wrapped a fist around one of the seat handles, eyes widening in shock for the briefest of moments before the rhino recovered and joined the crowd streaming off the bus. Grinning like a madman, I sprung off my seat and followed. The rhino had jammed both hands into the front of his jeans, his huge fists groping his manhood so openly I actually wondered if he was going to start jerking himself off for me.

Sammy turned, his face flushing when he caught me staring at him, and suddenly the air around him returned to normal, even his walk and general mannerisms giving nothing away despite the sizeable new bulge pushing through the front of his jeans. Stifling my giggles, I slowed down to give Sammy some time to get away. There was still plenty of time before school, and so I began making a list of targets I could beef up when I finally made it to class.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I had just decided to put Johnny Roberts on the to-beef-up list when I spotted something I hadn’t seen for a while. It was a wheelchair, about a hundred or so feet away and occupied by a large, burly-looking figure in a dark jacket and hood. By default, I would probably have just kept my distance so I didn’t get in the way of things, only this time I also spotted something else I did not like going near.

Baxter, Hendry and Tommy were some of the most unpopular kids to ever set foot here, a trio of bullies who banded together after they failed to find acceptance in the merciless societal installations composing the high school’s elite. “Brutal” Baxter led their little gang, a smaller-than-average monitor lizard who was constantly picked on by his monstrous counterparts in the bodybuilding and weightlifting teams. It did not help that Baxter was often described as unintimidating and slightly soft despite his self-styled title, that the lizard apparently believed he looked as ferocious as the buffed-up monitors prowling the weight rooms only served to attract even more mockery.

“Handsome” Hendry too, failed to live up to his namesake. The orange fox had (in my completely unbiased opinion) brought nothing but endless shame to foxes everywhere since the first day I met him. A little thick and bereft of the natural cunning all (or most) foxes possessed, the arrogant, self-centred prick had a perchance for more violent bullying methods that had earned him more suspensions than people bothered to count.

And then there was Tommy, the smallest of the group and aptly named “Tiny” Tommy by the bigger, brawnier members of the schools cohort. A spotted lynx of small statue and vile attitude, he had the bad habit of instigating fights wherever he went, somehow crawling out of each brawl as unscathed as when he had started. I had even witnessed one of them personally, four of the schools senior studs had given him a good thrashing after he spat on their faces for no apparent reason. Somehow Tommy survived without even bending a whisker, and soon after that Baxter and Hendry welcomed him into their little group.

I knew things were going to go bad really quickly when I spotted Baxter creeping up onto the wheelchair guy, the metal pipe sticking out of his pocket glinting slightly as the monitor closed in on his prey. Without thinking things through, I broke into a run, screaming at the top of my lungs when I realised just what Baxter was up to.

“HEY!” I wailed, my arms flailing as I closed in on them, “YOU GET THE HELL AWAY FROM HIM BAXTER!”

It was over in seconds, for the moment I came within ten feet of Baxter his two sycophants sprung from their hiding places, wrestling me into the ground just as the bully lunged, grabbing the man by the shoulders and shoving him forward.

Amazingly, the wheelchair’s occupant didn’t even budge. In fact, it almost seemed as though Baxter was the one who had been pushed, the monitor stumbling backwards and tripping over himself as his victim wheeled around to face him. It was a horse, chestnut with a white streak of fur through the centre of his face, the fearsome expression across his brutal features accentuated by the massive scar running through the eye patch covering his left eye.

I instantly knew the trio had picked the wrong person to mug this wintery morning, for even as I clawed my way out of Hendry’s grip I could feel the fear running through the other fox’s fingers. Baxter had gotten up and whipped out his pipe, only he was trembling so hard I didn’t think he could swing it anymore. The horse was big alright, his enormous upper body bulging with muscles visible through the hooded jacket he had on. While it was a stark contrast to the useless, atrophied limbs nestled within the wheelchair’s leg guards, this beefy strongman struck me as someone who could still hold his own in a fight.

And hold his own he did. Hendry had jumped to Baxter’s defence, and together they actually charged forth like a pair of knights trying to slay an evil dragon. Horse-Guy simply wheeled to one side, one massive fist catching Baxter’s pipe while the other smashed into Hendry’s gut so hard he was actually tossed over the nearby fence. There was a blur of motion and suddenly Baxter was howling in agony, unable to defend his face as it came into contact with a set of huge, meaty knuckles.

It was with wobbly knees did I finally stand, my mouth hanging open as I watched the trio stumble into an alleyway, injured and swearing as they hurried along. Horse-Guy was already rolling away by the time I recovered.

“W-Wait!” I called, my voice trembling slightly, “A-Are you alright… sir?”

Horse-Guy paused for a moment, as if unsure if he should be talking to me, but when he finally spoke, the strength and lowness of his voice sent chills down my spine.

“Don’t get involved with the mob kid,” he half-said, half-growled, turning to look at me with his good eye and indicating the other with a shaking finger, “And… thanks.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

It wouldn’t be till the second period before I finally managed to get Horse-Guy out of my head. There was just something about him that both excited and frightened me, something I could not put my finger on but something I knew to be dangerous yet absolutely thrilling. Perhaps it was his steely grey eyes or… eye, or maybe it was how he decimated three school bullies despite being confined to that accursed chair. There was also something about those rugged, overtly masculine facial features that struck true.

Eh I probably wasn’t going to see him again, if I was nearly mugged outside a school of all places I probably wouldn’t want to walk (or roll) down that street for at least a week.

And so it was with a defeated sigh did I drag myself to the very last row in the lecture hall, chucking my bag under the wooden desk and slouching into the cushioned seats. There was only one way to make myself feel better, and that was to do what I had come here to do!

Nobody in the history of education had ever lasted more than ten minutes in this particular lecture, most heads hitting the table tops mere seconds after the teacher started talking, and so any shenanigans that occurred would never be traced back to me. The entire back row was devoid of people too, my plan was perfect!

First on the agenda was checking out Sammy Linton’s progress, and shuffling through BMU quickly revealed the rhino hiding in one of the changing room stalls, naked and jerking off with such ferocity I actually wondered if people could hear him. Chuckling, I closed Sammy’s tab and scanned the lecture hall for anyone who had made my list, stopping and grinning when I spotted Walter “the Warrior” Scott, the schools sole heavyweight powerlifter and a silver medallist in the last interschool championships.

The tiger had long been a staple in my… collection, ever since I discovered his preference for strutting around in nothing but a pair of square trunks whenever he was destroying the weight room floor with his incredible lifts. Unlike the powerlifters from all the other schools, Walter didn’t believe in hiding his amazing muscles under a thick layer of fat. Practically a bodybuilder himself, Walter’s huge upper body was supported by a (comparatively) narrow waistline just as muscled as the rest of him.

That also meant I carried a few pictures of Walter in various stages of undress, hidden away within the depths of my phone for whenever I felt like admiring his thickly muscled neck and the powerful arms dangling from his enormous shoulders. He might not be as dedicated as the bodybuilders when it came to sculpting his body into an erotic, muscular masterpiece, but the sight of all that beef never failed to get me steaming under the collar.

Suppressing a maniacal laugh, I dragged one of Walter’s pictures into BMU’s main screen, waiting with baited breath as the image loaded up and produced an exact duplicate of Walter Scott. Good gosh he looked even better when I clicked away his clothes, all those firm muscles bulging beneath the softness of his fur, there were even traces of a rather expensive fur softener coating his entire body! No wonder he was so popular with the ladies!

Unsurprisingly, Walter possessed an incredible six per cent body fat, which was ridiculously low for someone who claimed to be in the bulking phase. But then again, with the school pressurising him to clinch the gold before graduation, I should have guessed there must have been a sizeable weight on his shoulders. Thus, I was not surprised when I pulled down the toxicology report on Walter Scott, the numerous additions to his bloodstream all but confirming my suspicions that the tiger was juicing and juicing hard.

Oh sure all the top athletes were doing it, rival schools included, but if BMU was to be believed then there was a whole list of problems waiting for Walter by the time he hit his early thirties. I couldn’t have that.

So I got to work, purging Walter’s body of all that nasty shit and then introducing a few enzymes that would catch the awful roids coming in on his next cycle. I was still going to grow him, and since the entire country was cheating at the heavyweight level I felt no guilt in introducing a ‘bulking phase’ of my own. It was going to have to take place over an extended period so no one would notice any sudden spikes in his muscle mass, an entire year should do. Walter (who was currently five feet eleven) was going to hit six feet three by competition day and peak at a nice six feet seven by the years end.

His muscle mass was going to increase exponentially too, with emphasis on his lower back and quads so he wouldn’t injure himself while squatting those insane barbells they kept in the gym. Oh and he would need a brawnier chest as well, nothing like a pair of pectoral muscles so huge you’d actually need to exert yourself just to button your shirts. After I had beefed up his shoulders and arms and I decided that the new Walter was going to look fantastic, although I did wonder if two hundred and sixty pounds of solid muscle was a believable weight for someone who wasn’t even considered an adult.

Ah phooey, most bulls hit that size by the time they left their teens anyway, I’m sure someone like Walter could pull it off.

Having saved the best for last, I zoomed in on his cock, jittering in my seat as I began working my magic. Plenty of people saw Walter’s flaccid tool whenever he put on his lifting outfit—a reworked wrestling singlet that stuck to his body like paint. It was going to grow like the rest of him, it was going to get really big and then I would simply let puberty take the credit for it! Let’s see now, Walter’s cock was average, about five and a half inches when fully erect. That wasn’t big in the slightest, so I thickened it to the size of my wrist and then lengthened it until it was a good twelve inches in length. A big cock for a big tiger!

Giggling uncontrollably, I saved my changes and triggered the growth of Walter Scott.

Walter, who had been snoozing peacefully on his schoolbag, jolted suddenly, nearly falling off his chair when the static bolt from my phone hit him dead on. I could even see his fur standing on end as the wave of electricity swept over him, cleansing his body of impurities and prepping him for the greatest growth spurt of his life. It was all I could do to stifle my laughter as I watched Walter return to his snoozing position, unable to fall asleep as a newfound energy filled him to the very core of his being.

Satisfied with my work, I closed Walter’s tab and returned to my picture gallery. Next on the agenda… the water polo team!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

It had been a long time since the weight room saw this much activity, no doubt due to all the extra energy that came with my magic touch. I was an entire block away and I could still hear the jocks growling and grunting as they lifted and pumped and flexed their growing muscles before the enormous wall mirrors. How I wished I could take a peak in the showers! That place was hot, wet and steamy, the perfect environment for horny muscle-studs to start making out with one another. Hell it wouldn’t surprise me if a full blown orgy started out in there some time soon.

Unfortunately, sneaking into the showers wasn’t an option today. I had been booked by a new client today and first impressions were always important if I wanted to depend on regular business to support my tuition fees. Basically I couldn’t afford to be late, and when I saw Baxter and his two cronies loitering around the school’s back gate it was all I could do to throw my arms up in frustration. They were harassing just about everyone who passed, even some of the bigger studs who normally sent them running. I didn’t know what they were there for but I was having none of it.

Ducking behind one of the nearby pillars, I pulled out my phone and fired up my wondrous application. There were dozens of profiles saved into BMU by now, and I shuffled through them until I found the body I had made for myself to play with during my free period. It wasn’t as huge as the monstrous form I had assumed last night, but it was just enough for me to paint the entire cubicle door white when I finally erupted a few minutes before class. I set the delay to five minutes before triggering the growth upon myself, my fur standing on end as the electrical sensations swept over me.

Smiling wickedly, I pocketed my phone and returned to the walkway. Hendry noticed me first, the idiot fox hopping off the fencepost he had been sitting on and calling to his comrades. I stopped, waiting for them to approach and surround me, their ugly faces twisted into gleeful grins despite the minor injuries they had sustained this morning.

“Oh lookie here,” sneered Tommy, the little brat circling a good distance away as he taunted me, “Look who finally decided to show up!”

“Well if it isn’t the great Bradley!” Baxter quipped, the lizard punching a clenched fist into his opened palm, “I think we have a score to settle with you.”

“Now hold on just a minute,” I said, shoving Hendry’s face away as I turned to face Baxter, “We can always settle this like… uh… gentlemen, so what say you accept my apologies and let me leave so I can get on with my business hmm?”

“You messed up such an easy job this morning, Braddy, what makes you think we’re going to go easy on you for that?”

“Oh please, that guy could have pummelled the three of you into submission with one arm tied behind his back!”

“So you’re a tough guy now huh?” Hendry interjected, stepping in front of Baxter before giving me a hard shove.

I stumbled back a few steps, deliberately, seeing my chance.

“Okay, okay, look I don’t want any trouble,” I said, bringing my palms up, “I’ll even pay you back.”

“Oh you can pay us back alright,” said Baxter, his face lighting up in interest, “but we’re going to want a little more than your money.”

“Not here,” I replied, swallowing slowly so they could see it, “Please… somewhere else… how about the football stands?”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

It still amazed me how easily I had gotten the trio to follow me here. The football stands were always deserted during the winter, and here I was sure nobody would see me in the space under the benches. I had been stalling for time too, something which I thought would have been harder than this, my five minutes were nearly up, and anytime now I was going to turn into a fucking muscle monster so I could teach these bratty kids another important life lesson: don’t judge a book by its cover.

“Alright,” Baxter announced, his thin fingers grasping me around the shoulders before pushing me into the concrete wall, “We’re alone, and now you’re going to pay.”

Hendry came out of nowhere, and I just barely managed to dodge his slow hook, his fist slamming against the concrete wall and leaving him swearing in agony. Breaking Baxter’s grip, I shoved him away and took a side step, barely managing to avoid the steel pipe Tommy swung my way. Come on BMU! There are three of them and only one of me, not to mention the pipe Tommy was swinging around, what happened to my five minutes!

I actually felt a twinge of worry at the back of my head, that maybe I had messed up somewhere and that my growth was not going to come. But just as Hendry succeeded in kicking me down did I feel a great burst of power surging through my gut. My nerves lit up instantly, the fire within them filling me with so much energy I actually felt like jumping up and screaming with joy.

Fuck, I could feel it. My muscles were growing harder, stronger! My heart was beating faster and more forcefully, thick veins rising to the surface of my skin as I readied myself for the greatest explosion of muscle the trio would ever see! My entire body was throbbing like a monstrous cock, filled to bursting with insane levels of power. I could feel my muscles getting bigger, heavier. I was growing taller, my body expanding in all directions, my clothes tightening madly as the intensity of my growth increased tenfold.

“ARRRGGHH!” I roared, jumping to my feet and striking a double bicep pose, the sleeves of my shirt exploding like confetti as my biceps burst from my arms, growing bigger and bigger by the second. I could feel my skin being stretched until it was tighter than a drum, a network of pulsating veins dancing across the rippling surface. Damned, it felt fucking awesome and they were still getting bigger!

“Holy shit what’s happening?!” shrieked Tommy, the lynx cowering in a corner as Baxter and Hendry took unwilling steps back. I wasn’t paying them much attention, but I could tell neither of them knew what to think. It was frigging hilarious, so much so that I began to laugh. I just couldn’t help it, growing muscles out of nowhere felt fucking awesome!

I flexed my hulking guns, salivating as each powerful pump caused them to swell even bigger, the wool of my sweater filling up so quickly I could see my furry skin through the gaps in the weaving. They had morphed into bulging masses of grade-A beef, swelling off my arm like granite boulders decorated with a glistening layer of sweat. And the remains of my uniform… fuck it was tight!

Even as my biceps began splitting into multiple peaks, I was distracted from my growing torso by the ripping of fabric around my lower limbs. I could feel my calves and quads bulking up, getting huge and muscled as fuck, all that extra mass stretching my school pants to the limits! Oh god this felt so good, so fucking good. My thighs had split into its individual muscle groups, teardrop-shaped masses erupting like volcanoes as they battled each other for space on my legs. My calves, ripped to shreds and bulking up like crazy! Fuck!

I was a beast, a guttural moan rumbling within my throat as my neck muscled up before the bully trio. The fabric of my trousers were starting to tear, the thick cloth ripping in places, the seams breaking and snapping as my monstrous quads forced themselves to the surface, so huge and so strong it was all I could do to roar once more.

“Someone tell me what the fucks going on!” Baxter cried, his entire body trembling so hard it looked as though he was having a seizure. I ignored the monitor lizard, rock-hard muscle bursting from where I had none as I reared to my full height, my body stretching toward the upper seats and towering over the bullies before me.

My woollen sweater was hugging every contour of my body now, and I could feel my shoulders broadening, swelling and thickening with solid, heavy muscles. I could even feel my skin tightening as my biceps had, my furry coat squeezing against the hard, growing boulders of muscle. Palming myself, I realised that my once faint abdominals had morphed into a shredded eight-pack that flexed and crunched with every breath. And then power filled my chest, a savage grin splitting my face as I let out a thunderous bellow.

“FUCK!” I roared, two heaving boulders of pulsating flesh exploding from my chest and disintegrating my uniform, the buttons bursting loudly as my entire torso hulked out beyond reason. My back was expanding rapidly, growing in sync with the massive latissimus dorsi muscles flaring out on either side of me, stretching and tugging at the fabric of my sweater until my body had assumed the intimidating Y-shape I so loved. Fucking hell I was a fucking monster! My arms were still growing, my shoulders, and my pecs! Ughh! UUGHNNNN!!!!!

Fuck I was huge! I had to be at least six feet five, maybe six feet six! There was more muscle bulging out of one arm than Baxter had in his entire body. I was all muscle, all POWER! And I wasn’t even done!

Bringing my fists together, I gave Baxter the most powerful most muscular flex he had ever seen, every fucking fibre in my body thickening so massively I could feel my sweater stretching to its limits, the fabric pulled so far apart I might as well have worn a fishnet shirt. And I knew Baxter could see it all, the monstrous development of my entire body threatening to overwhelm his senses at any moment, and then the trembling lizard finally looked down, causing me to grin in delight.

Yeah I knew he was fucking tiny where it mattered, everyone did, and that rotten little snitch was ready to cream in his pants at the sight of me. I gave my cock a powerful flex, gorging it with my power and decimating the buttoned fly of my boxers, an avalanche of pink flesh sloshing out of the opening and spitting a gooey wad of pre-cum onto Baxter’s face. I brought an arm up and began worshipping my bicep through the woollen fabric, crackling madly as my manhood continued to throb, to grow, the monstrous head turning a deep shade of red as more and more muscle bulged from my thickening shaft.

“Oh god,” Baxter cried, falling over himself as my cock spat another volley of cum into his hair, “Oh my god!”

“That’s right you little shithead,” I snarled in a deeper, manlier baritone, “Look at my fucking muscles, watch me grow bigger and stronger than anything you can ever dream of!”

I flexed my entire body again, growling as my rippling ass muscles strained against my boxers, my crotch bristling to life as a forest of thick, orange pubic hair burst through every opening, the primary trail spreading from the hem of my boxers and diving under my sweater. My stomach was growing hairy now, and I knew the trio could see it, so I laughed manically at their startled reactions, enjoying the sensations as my heaving chest muscles were covered with orange fuzz. Quick to follow were my pits, and then my sweating ass crack, my forearms and calves growing their own fine gardens before the hair on my head burst into a wild, almost-barbaric crown.

I grabbed Baxter’s head, delighting in how he struggled against my too-powerful fingers as I shoved him into the nearest pillar. Tommy let out a squeal of fright, but I ignored him, fixating my attention on the shivering Baxter, who still could not take his eyes off the two foot man rod throbbing through the fly of my underwear.

“You know what the best part is, Baxter?” I snorted, glaring down at my tiny captive as he squirmed in my grip, “No one is going to believe you.”

Reaching down with my free hand, I gave Baxter a gentle smack, the shock of the impact startling him so badly he actually sprang off his feet. Hendry and Tommy didn’t have time to move before the soaring Baxter crashed into them, having travelled a good six feet from just jumping alone. For emphasis, I hunched my back and flexed my hulking arms and shoulders, roaring like an animal and sending them scurrying off like rats in a sewer. It was almost too good, watching them falling over their own feet as they screamed and fled. Tommy even wet himself, good luck managing that in the middle of winter.

Laughing just so I could feel my powerful new lungs, I returned to where I had ripped my clothes and retrieved the tattered rags, fishing my phone from my pocket and breathing a sigh of relief. I had read so many fantasy growth stories where the protagonist lost the source of his power while showing off. Thank goodness that sort of things only happened for dramatic effect, this was real life after all and if I actually lost my phone to the bully group I would be royally screwed.

Still, I considered just forgoing putting on clothes so I could walk around as a seven foot hunk in a too-tight sweater and a pair of striped boxers, preferably with my erection throbbing out of the fly. Oh but then again, implications! I couldn’t have any of that, not to mention I was probably going to be late after traumatising Baxter’s group so badly. I fired up BMU and undid the changes to my body, pouting as my muscles deflated around me, my cock softening as I pulled it back into the confines of my now airy boxers. Thank goodness I had the foresight to pack a change of clothes in the event I had to meet a new client.

Appreciative of my sweater for staying intact all this time, I changed hurriedly before stuffing my ruined clothes into my bag and dashing off to the meeting place, hoping with all my heart I would make it on time.


Part 3

It took two tries before I mustered up the bravery to enter the bar, mostly because I was in the shadier part of town and absolutely terrified. Two out of every three people this side of the river carried concealed weapons, the place was just that dangerous, and the last time I had come I had not made five steps before witnessing my first gang war. It was not pleasant, but a combination of overdue book fees and a slight debt with student services warranted my little trip into lands unknown.

And now here I was, standing in what was touted as the roughest, most dangerous gay bar in the entire city. I had once thought it silly that a gay bar could be dangerous, but judging by the number of huge, brutish-looking thugs, ferocious looking biker dudes, and the massive, bare-chested bodybuilders wrestling each other into the ground, I couldn’t decide if I should be aroused or terrified.

Still, to say I was intimidated would have been an understatement. Even as I walked I could feel the intense gazes boring into my firm ass, more than one monster-fur turning around so he could stare at the sheep walking amongst lions. Hell even the bartender looked terrifying, a shirtless and vicious-looking goat whose hulking chest muscles practically demanded worship. It was then did I spot the two leather-bound furs suckling his meaty nipples, their clearly not-muscular bodies partially concealed behind the counter. I turned away from his mind melting stare, a finger hovering over my pocket in case I needed to defend myself. BMU was fired up and ready to go, a single touch and I would be five times as muscular as the biggest guy here and fifty times as horny. I had to admit brutalising all these monsters into sexual submission had its appeal, but oh god I wanted out of this place so badly!

In fact, I was just about to sprint for the door when a large hand fell onto my shoulder. I jumped, spinning around so quickly I drew chuckles from nearby patrons, my eyes falling earthwards when I realized just who had touched me.

“What are you doing here,” uttered the wheelchair-bound, chestnut horse from this very morning, “Oh hell wait don’t tell me… Bradley?”

“Uh… yes?”

“Damn boy I told you to wait for me outside.”

“There were people following me outside,” I admitted weakly, trying my best not to notice the muscly patrons surrounding us, “Suits and sunglasses and all that, and guns, definitely guns.”

Horse-Guy did not immediately reply, a strange look flickering over his rugged features for the briefest of moments.

“That’s what you get this side of the river,” he finally said, wheeling around and pulling me along, “But you should be safe in here, let’s get you seated.”

My shoes crunched against broken beer bottles as Horse-Guy dragged me over to one of the darker corners of the establishment. It was a little strange now, nobody seemed to be looking at us anymore, and even the bartender had returned his attention to his worshipful nipple-suckers. Horse-Guy plopped me into a low set couch that stank of cum and testosterone, instructing me to wait as he dragged a coffee table into view and rolled himself to the other side so he could face me.

“Well this is awkward,” Horse-Guy said, “After what happened this morning I didn’t think I would see you again, the names Chapel.”

“And I’m Bradley, but I think you already know that.”

Horse-Guy nodded as one of the bartender’s slaves waddled over to hand us our drinks, the youngish looking wolf smiling dreamily as he drifted back to his muscle-bound master. I stared into my mug, my eyes narrowing suspiciously at the frothy, foul-smelling beverage that seemed to be bubbling on its own accord. There was no way this was going into my mouth, the last time I had been handed a drink bubbling like that it had been overflowing with sedatives.

“It’s not drugged you know,” Chapel said, taking a swing of his own mug, “But it still might be a little heavy for you.”

Not wanting to disappoint the enormous horse, I took an uneasy sip, nearly choking as the pungent fluids seared a new path through my gullet. Aside from the stomach transplant I was probably going to need, even I had to admit the beverage didn’t taste all that bad. I took another sip, bravely this time, drawing a soft hoot from one of the patrons still watching us. I set the mug back onto the table, shuddering slightly as the alcohol danced through my body. Chapel was watching me with a curious expression on that furry face, his lips showing hints of a satisfied grin as I squirmed in my chair.

“Well I’ll be,” he laughed, “I didn’t think you would last the first sip.”

“That was foul!” I whispered, hoping with all my heart none of the other patrons would hear me, “I think I feel my stomach melting, and what was that about me not lasting the first sip!?”

“Oh I’m not planning to rape you, believe me if I wanted to I wouldn’t need the alcohol.”

Chapel pulled off his hood, his furry ears popping out as his hair came into view. It was an almost glossy black, the barest hints of a shine flickering in the dim light as he gave his mane a good toss. Unlike the horses in school, who favoured either crew or shoulder length cuts, Chapel was somewhere in the middle. Not too long and not too short, that gorgeous dark mane feathering down the back of his neck while remaining long and spikey on top. It was a little like my haircut, but twenty times as manly.

“So um… what’s the plan for tonight, I assume you already know my rates.”

“Actually about that, I just want some company for the night.”

“Company… wait… what?”

“No sex,” Chapel said dryly, taking another swing of his mug, “Just sit with me and talk a little, when you’re in my position it gets a little… lonely… at times.”

My eyes travelled back to the chair Chapel was sitting on. It looked a tad old, probably because he had been stuck in it for quite some time now. I swallowed, deciding that I should take charge of the situation instead of just sitting here. Most people simply wanted to flip me over and plough me until I was screaming in pleasure, a change of scenery was most welcome and I didn’t want to squander this chance.

“Okay here’s an idea, let’s get something to eat and then we can go somewhere a little less… crowded… what say you?”

“Way ahead of you,” Chapel said, the first hints of a warm smile creeping into the edges of his strong lips. As if on cue, the bartender’s leather slave reappeared and placed a plate of chicken and waffles before me. Chapel was having roasted steak with a hollowed out bun filled with gravy. I actually blinked a few times when I realized what just happened, and when I bravely turned to look around I realized just about everyone was eating as well. There was even a hulking bull-monster arm wrestling a massive donkey-morph over what appeared to be a pot of molten cheese.

“What were you expecting?” Chapel asked, his full blown grin revealing a perfect set of pearly whites, “This is a bar and restaurant you know.”

“Okay yeah… but… I mean everyone’s… I thought… I’m going to shut up now!”

Not wanting to redden my face any further, I stabbed a fork into the nearest waffle and stuffed the entire thing into my mouth. Gosh this thing was good, who knew a bloodthirsty and testosterone laden gay bar could produce good food, damned these unnecessary stereotypes!

I didn’t know if it was the food or the alcohol I had imbibed earlier, but I actually managed to feel myself relaxing as Chapel and we ate in silence, my eyes darting over his enormous upper body every now and again whenever he gave me unintentional flexes. Something inside me wanted to reach over and rip away his sweater so I could see just how muscled he truly was, but then again fistfights and wrestling matches were breaking out mere feet away every five minutes or so, along with the occasional drunken patron mangling one of the wrought iron barstools whenever things got too quiet. It served as a grim reminder that I was still in a rowdy environment, and if any clothes were going to be ripped it was definitely not those of the brawny horse at my table.

Thankfully though, no one came over to hit on me, be it figuratively or literally, and not half an hour later I found myself walking beside Chapel along a darkened street, he having refused all my attempts to push him along.

“Handicapped but not helpless,” he had said, many times in fact.

And so I walked, trying with all my might to ogle at Chapel’s ultra-thick muscle-neck without turning my head until we stopped before a derelict, rundown apartment block nestled away in the less policed sector of town.

“This is it,” Chapel said simply, “Sorry it’s not enough.”

“Oh this isn’t so bad,” I said, trying my best to sound encouraging, “I’ve had worst, at least there’s light in the lobby.”

I followed him into the lift, squeezing myself into the corner of the cramp space so Chapel’s chair would have room.

“You know, I’m a little curious,” Chapel said softly, his hands resting on one another as the lift brought us to the highest floor, “Why haven’t you asked me the question yet?”

“Uh… which question?” I queried innocently.

“Why I’m in this chair, that’s what everyone wants to know when they first meet me.”

“Isn’t that kinda… I dunno… impolite?”

Chapel stared at me for a moment, his good eye accelerating my heartbeat tenfold, before he smirked and chuckled.

“You’re a nice kid, I like you.”

As it turned out, there was but one unit on the top floor, what must have once been a small corridor now decorated with flickering lights and peeling paint. Chapel led me to his apartment and unlocked it, motioning for me to enter. I did so, and when I turned the lights on I realized just how Chapel’s home differed from mine.

Where the living room should have been was a large, makeshift gym filled with all sorts of weightlifting equipment and racks upon racks of enormous plates likely too heavy for me to even lift. Chapel had even cleared a path through all the iron and steel, no doubt so he could manoeuvre his wheelchair without being obstructed. I couldn’t help but notice the low table and loose wiring where a television had once stood, was he facing financial difficulties?

Chapel brought me over to one of his bench presses, and I sat down, placing my schoolbag under it as Chapel rolled into the kitchens and returned with two cans of beer.

“Aw I couldn’t!”

“C’mon, this isn’t half of what you drank just now.”

“Can’t afford hangovers, I have an afternoon class tomorrow!”

“Hah, well suit yourself,” Chapel laughed, slotting the cans into a compartment on his chair, “Go ahead, make yourself comfortable.”

I was just about to pull off my warm sweater when I realised Chapel was doing the same. I stared, open mouthed as he grabbed his jacket by the hems and pulled the entire garment off his massive body. Oh god he wasn’t wearing anything underneath, a bulging set of abdominal muscles popping into view as he struggled to get the fabric over his massive pectorals. I got up, intending to help him until my fingers graced the thick nipples that capped his awesome chest muscles. Helpless as my body turned to jelly, I could only watch as Chapel finally succeeded; his massive arms and shoulders heaving with power as he tossed his jacket aside and struck a double bicep pose.

“Like what you see, boy?”

Not trusting my mouth to speak, I nodded my approval, my eyes unblinking as I raked over the amazing, muscular development.

“Like I said Bradley, handicapped but not helpless, now here, get up.”

I actually whimpered when Chapel’s huge paw all but swallowed mine, a seemingly gentle tug sending me crashing into his hulking musculature. Like Baxter before me, Chapel was completely unmoving despite the impact, his massive arms encircling my not-so-muscular back as I pressed my face against his titanic traps.

“How do you do it?!” I gasped, trembling at the gentlest of touches as Chapel flexed and pumped those awesome muscles, “And… this… chair.”

“Getting yourself stuck in a wheelchair doesn’t always mean you can’t workout anymore,” Chapel explained, sounding more as though he was serenading me with that deep, rumbling baritone, “I’m simply paralysed from the waist down, the rest of me is as strong as ever.”

“Please, let me see…” I began, my voice trialling off when I realised Chapel had already picked up an enormous dumbbell, his other hand holding me against the armrest of the chair as he began curling that gigantic lump of iron as though it weighed nothing. Drool poured from my lips as I watched Chapel’s bicep bulging and rippling with such insane power, veins throbbing across the glistening surface as the muscleman hit forty reps and dropped the weight with a resounding crash.

Seconds later, we were on Chapel’s bed (which also happened to be in the living room alongside a table stacked high with clean clothing), cuddling and giggling as I grasped and squeezed his pumped up arm. The horse’s legs might have been unhealthily thin and utterly useless, but damn the rest of him was positively sizzling! I was so overexcited that it wasn’t long before I had flopped beside him, gasping for breath between gleeful snickers and loud, boisterous chuckles.

“I’ve never had anyone get this excited before,” Chapel admitted, propping himself up on one elbow so he could look at me, “If I could afford it I’d probably get you in here five nights a week.”

“Oh hell I might just come here for free!” I squealed, bouncing gleefully until I realized he had used the word ‘afford’, “Wait… wait a minute… are you… financially… troubled?”

“I have enough to pay you for this run, don’t worry.”

“I… you need it more than I do… don’t you?”

“Well… maybe.”

“I can’t take your money like that.”

Chapel paused for a moment, his expression softening and breaking into smiles as he pulled me into his warm chest and pressed my face against those heaving pectoral muscles. I felt myself blushing hotly as his rippling man-cleavage filled my nose with his delicious scent. The fact I would not get myself any payment tonight stung a little, but still I knew it was the right thing to do. If Chapel had to eke out a living in such a harsh place, then nothing student services did to me would compare to what could happen out on the streets. So I simply resigned myself to enjoying Chapel’s hard muscles, it had been a long time since I got into bed with anyone resembling a bodybuilder, perhaps I would end up coming here for free after all.

Half an hour had passed by the time Chapel spoke again, his voice softer than I had ever heard but still firm and strong.

“There’s something I should tell you.”

“I’m listening,” I babbled, partially delirious from all the muscle surrounding my face.

“Remember when I told you to stay away from the mob?”


“Well… you might have failed.”

“Gee I dunno, I kinda want to keep licking your chest instead of screaming like a little girl and running off into the night.”

“I’m serious,” implored Chapel, “Don’t you want to know how I got into this chair?”

“Not really, but I’ll listen if you’re willing to tell me.”

I was sitting on a pillow by the time Chapel finished filling me in. He had poured out his heart and soul, all the pain and regret that he harboured dumped onto a guy he had only just met. I felt myself struggling to take it all in, from Chapel’s glory days as one of the most promising heavyweight bodybuilders around to his fall from grace. A lavish lifestyle had depleted his funding and when his sponsors had caught wind of his endless drinking and gambling they had severed all ties. Chapel had turned to a life of crime to support his excessive spending, it was a decision that was doomed to fail, and when Chapel finally messed up the mob had not taken it lightly.

“I was ambushed right outside my old gym, more than two dozen guys armed with bats and pipes and crowbars, and when they left me for dead I had sustained spinal injuries so severe the doctors told me I would never walk again. They were right.”

“How… how did you cope with it all?”

“I simply had time, the judges decided to hand me the minimum sentence of one year since I had already lost so much. I know it doesn’t look like it, but I’m actually twenty-seven this year.”

Chapel reached for his eye patch and lifted it. I didn’t know what I had expected to see, but it definitely wasn’t a healthy eyeball that looked exactly like his good one.

“The scar was caused by a crowbar to the face, but somehow my eye escaped unscathed. I’m blind here because they struck me in the back of the head, cortical blindness, if you will.”

I remained silent as Chapel replaced his eye patch, emotions crashing through my insides as I digested what I had just heard.

“What… did you mean when you said I failed… are you still working for the mob?”

“Yes and no, yes because nobody truly leaves the mob, and no because even my once close comrades will no longer talk to me. I handle minor jobs for them every now and then, mainly those that involve directing people to certain individuals, every cent counts after all.”

“I… I don’t know what to say.”

“That’s alright,” said Chapel, pushing himself upright and dragging himself to the edge of the bed, “No one does.”

I felt my heart cracking in two when Chapel turned his back to me. Perhaps it was because I was still seventeen and unexposed to the trails and hardships of adult life, but before I knew what was happening I had my face pasted onto the back of Chapel’s neck, my arms clinging onto the broadness of his shoulders as though he was my only lifeline in the open sea.

“I’m sorry,” I said, my voice choking from Chapel’s sincerity, “I… I just feel so… ugh… so… trusting… I want to trust you… to help you… I… I’m… so sorry!”

Pity and sorrow overwhelmed me by the time Chapel fell back onto the bed, his warm muscles soothing me as I struggled to keep the tears down. It was just so… sad, that such a fate had befallen him. While I did agree that it was deserved, I knew with all my heart that Chapel had been honest with me, we all lived and died by the decisions we made after all, and Chapel had to serve his penance for the sins of his past.

I remained with Chapel as we laid on the bed, pushing away the money he tried to put into my pocket. I had resolved to stay with him for a little more, my class tomorrow was in the early afternoon so I knew I had time. Helping a person through a depressive period was never my forte, so I simply clung to his arms, hoping that my presence would be enough. Chapel didn’t say anything, he didn’t need to, each time his fingers ran through my hair it seemed to encourage me, as if letting me know that he appreciated me for just being there to share his burden.

“Is there anything… that would fix your legs,” I asked after what felt like an hour, “Surgery maybe?”

“No, if that was the case I wouldn’t be spending money at all, not even the best doctors in the field can help me now, I just have to live with it.”

I said nothing for the rest of the evening, struggling with my conscience until I felt Chapel relaxing in my grip.

He had fallen asleep.

Now was my chance.

I sat up, swallowing and praying that I knew what I was doing. I had woken up today with the intention of helping everyone who deserved it, and now here was Chapel, paralysed from the waist down and doomed to spend the rest of his life in that accursed chair. He did seem very repentant about the whole issue… especially so when he rescued me in the bar before realizing it was me he was supposed to meet… but he still had dealings with the mob… oh god I really hoped I knew what I was doing.

My mind made up, I untangled myself from Chapel’s arm and sat, pulling my phone from my pocket and bringing up BMU’s main menu. Chapel was still snoozing away, completely unaware that I had taken a picture of him and created a digital figure in his likeliness. Of all the people I had worked on today, his seemed the most damaged, BMU was going crazy with all sorts of horrific internal injuries that needed fixing. There was even an option to wake him up, but I closed that box so I could work quickly and silently.

First I fixed his eye and restored his ability to walk, bulking up his legs so it was proportionate to the rest of him and so he would be able to walk without breaking his new limbs. I was going to let him keep the scar over his left eye, mostly because it would remind him of his criminal past and also because it added to the rugged manliness of his face. And then I realized that I wanted Chapel to be big, specifically huge and so monstrous I was probably going to cream my boxers from just looking at him.

Grinning evilly, I scrolled through the available profiles until I found the seven hundred pound hulk-form I had created for myself, and then copied the changes over, watching in delight as the new Chapel soared to an amazing eight feet in height, his body exploding with so much muscle I almost expected the model to start shooting his load. Not wanting to limit Chapel’s enjoyment, I doubled his sensitivity to sexual stimuli and reworked the flow of testosterone around his body, directing a few new pathways to his nipples so those orgasmic fruits could spurt and ooze with rich cum whenever Chapel aroused himself.

I zoomed out and admired my work, pleased that the new Chapel would be huger and hairier and hornier than the wildest of his dreams. Then I hit the trigger button, and sat back to enjoy the show.

Like Walter Scott had earlier today, the static blast startled Chapel awake, the release of energy overwhelming his body so quickly he barely managed to look at me before he unleashed a low, thunderous GROWL.

I could scarcely help myself, the fur on my back standing on end as a herculean penis surged to life beneath Chapel’s sweatpants, thicker than a wine bottle and even longer than that. His hard-as-fuck cock was visible throbbing, enormous testicles rumbling with power as they overloaded the crotch of his pants and soaked it with his juices.

“Ooh FUCK!”

There was a terrifying BOOM BOOM as Chapel’s hulking pectoral muscles underwent an instantaneous explosion of raw power, swelling up to the size of car tires and kicking his growth into high gear. My cock was harder than steel and oozing madly, my trembling hands gripping my rod as I cried like a sick child. Chapel’s legs were filling up, faster than his monstrous torso as herculean mountains of pure power erupted from where he had none. His pants were tighter than sin, the fabric sticking to him like paint as shredded masses of sheer muscle exploded from his quads. I could everything from here, each teardrop-shaped monster fighting for space as they grew to incomprehensible sizes.

Cloth began to rip, overdeveloped monstrosities tearing free of their fabric prisons as Chapel’s insane legs burst to freedom. I could see every fibre, every vein and every muscle cell brimming with insane power as the stallion’s jumped several shoe sizes in less than a second, each mighty foot smashing into the ground as his knees grew over the edge of the bed. Chapel was yelling and bellowing at the top of his lungs as his nerves reconnected, his massive prick ballooning in size as it flexed and throbbed against his awesome quads.

I wanted that swollen manhood swell even larger, two feet of dribbling man-beef dancing and bouncing as his testicles surged past the size of coconuts, each one covered in multiple layers of pulsing veins. Chapel’s upper body, glorious and powerful as ever, had grown more spectacular than I could imagine. It was one thing watching your own growth in the mirror, but another entirely when you had unprecedented access to a muscular freak hulking out before your very eyes.

Chapel’s bulging arms had already split into multiple peaks, each diamond-crushing flex causing his insane biceps to explode with more power than ever, so much beef erupting from beneath his nearly transparent (but still furry) skin his fucking biceps had biceps. Chapel turned to look at me just then, the look on his face indicating that he knew I was responsible for this, even as I clutched my phone, trembling in fright as I watched him explode with more muscle than expected. The horse was drooling so much he was practically foaming, his bloated shaft writhing and pulsing as rivers upon rivers of pre-cum gushed and spurted onto the floor. He was looking at me with both eyes now, his eye patch having snapped as his face restructured itself, growing bigger, stronger, manlier than fuck and taking on ferocious, almost bestial features.

“RRAAGHHG!” he screamed, falling onto the bed and arching his back as his spine finally fixed itself, growing thicker and longer as his upper body muscles overwhelmed him with their growth. His ginormous shoulders were horrifically broad, definitely more than three feet from either side of his neck. And oh my fuck that neck, it was a fucking muscle pillar, shredded with beef and battling with his traps like some kind of insane growth duel. I stared at those growing mountains, watching as each muscle group exploded as though massive bombs were going off under his skin. They had already consumed the lower portions of Chapel’s neck, and even as I watched their veiny masses only grew even more massive!

And then Chapel’s howling suddenly stopped, his eyes widening in shock despite the inhuman muscles still bulging out of his growing body. The monster sat up, the impact of his huge palms hitting the bed sending me rolling away. But I already knew why, and when I peeked over the edge of the bed I could see the source of Chapel’s surprise. His toes had twitched, and with each mighty breath I watched as the horse flexed his littlest appendages one after the other, his big toe touching the floor and causing his entire body to quake.

As if no longer caring that his freaky muscles were getting even bigger than nature allowed, Chapel placed his feet onto the ground, his legs wobbling uncertainly as he pushed himself up. Unsteadiness seem to overwhelm him, until he realised he was supporting himself with one hand instead of falling over. I watched him gasp, his face overflowing with emotion when he let go off the bed and slowly, surely, balanced himself on two massive feet, every cell, every muscle in his legs flexing and dancing and rippling with power as he reared to his full height.

I watched him go, clutching a pillow for comfort as the mighty stallion took his first step, tears welling up in his eyes when his foot moved at his command. His crazy muscles might have turned his back into the inhuman Y-shape I loved to see, but even then I could only focus on his face and his legs. The muscle-bound horse took another step, his arms shivering as sensations he had not felt in years surged up his spine. He began to lift his leg up, bending his knee as much as his oversized muscles would allow before planting his foot back onto the floor. Each time he did this his steps grew more confident, his entire body emanating waves of pure power as he walked towards his bench press. I watched as he squatted, watched as he kneeled and stood and groped at the muscles bulging from his lower limbs.

Chapel was sobbing so much there were more tears on the ground than there was cum. And when he turned, I nearly fell over in ecstasy. Massive, gargantuan muscles bulged out of every inch of his being, three fucking feet of oozing penile flesh throbbing from his hairy crotch, his balls were the size of watermelons and bouncing with every step. Chapel began walking back to the bed, his footfalls sending tremors through the floor of his apartment as great bursts of dark hair bristled from where he had none.

Once white-and-brown furred testicles turned black almost immediately, consumed by the deliciously sweaty pubic hairs that spread all over his crotch and formed a testosterone-laden jungle between his shredded ass muscles. I watched the trail encircle the base of that massive penis, creeping up between his magnificently sculptured eight-pack and spreading between each cinderblock-sized muscle. And then the dark forest hit Chapel’s massive chest muscles, the horse moaning in delight as the mighty canyon separating his pectoral muscles bristled to life, the thick hairs covering every inch of his chest and leaving only his huge areolas untouched. I watched his nipples thicken, trusting from his hairy chest like obscene fruits and oozing with delicious looking pre-cum.

The mattress actually shook when Chapel came within reach, his huge body assuming some sort of crab pose and blotting the dim lights from the ceiling. My phone all but forgotten, it was all I could do to squeal as the equine god reached down, fingers thicker than my wrist digging into my shirt and lifting me off the bed as though I weighed nothing. Chapel’s lips made contact with mine, destroying my brain and overwhelming me with a sexual heat I could barely control. Within seconds I was naked, my body trembling and quivering as Chapel violated the insides of my mouth like the dominating sex god he truly was.

I could feel him walking around, absolutely refusing to set me down so he could make full use of his new legs. Even his eyes were refusing to blink, no doubt so he could use them both to bore entire holes into my soul as he picked up the heaviest weights in his home. I was clinging on to dear life, my cock spewing uncontrollably as I let myself be taken by this muscular hulk of my own creation. Chapel’s neck was so fucking massive, swollen with so much fucking muscle my fingers couldn’t touch no matter how much I stretched around him. In the end I simply gave up, molesting Chapel’s brawny shoulders and arms as he crammed more weight onto his barbells than they had been designed to hold, curling them with one arm and causing his insane muscles to flex with such power I actually passed out.

Thankfully I woke mere moments later, nestled in a mountain of cushions a few feet behind the still naked Chapel. He was doing squats before a mirror, his muscle-bound sphincter muscle flexing and tightening with every rep like a pink, hungry hole. I watched him go, the coarse hairs of his ass jungle dripping with sweat with each mighty grunt. There was so much iron on that barbell it looked as those he had crushed entire plates into the either side of the pole just to make them stay on. And then Chapel heard me whimper, the mighty stallion god lifting insane amounts of weight over his head and dropping the barbell with a mighty BOOM, massive cracks spreading across his floor as he turned to regard me.

“You’re awake,” he thundered, that monstrous cock spraying pre-cum everywhere as it flexed in excitement.



Part 4

I knew I had a quirky look on my face, and that I could barely walk in a straight line. It was nearly noon, and despite the best of my efforts I couldn’t get Chapel out of my head. Oh god the sex! I was never going to be satisfied with another man for the rest of my life! The horse had catered to my every wish, allowing me to grope every inch of his glorious body whilst he pumped his already gargantuan muscles to incomprehensible sizes, three fucking feet of throbbing cock flesh spraying cum all over my face as I worshipped it to my heart’s desire.

There were other highs and lows too, especially when I grew too exhausted to continue my fun, where Chapel would pick me up and press me against his awesome pectoral muscles with one arm while curling insane amounts of weight with his other. Hell he even plunged his cock through two dozen weight plates at one time, more than two hundred fucking pounds of metal crushing against his cock like a metallic condom, all for the sake of pumping up his already frighteningly powerful crotch muscles. I had watched the horse flexing that big fucking dick, the metal around his tool bouncing up and down until he grew too aroused to continue. I had never watched someone destroying a metal cock prison just by cumming before, but damned what I would give to watch that again.

And those nipples, dear lord in heaven I could still feel them in my mouth, spewing their juices down my throat as I suckled and kissed and caressed them with my lips and tongue.

Giggling as though I had been loosed in a candy shop, I stumbled from my bathroom and plopped myself onto the sofa. Chapel had violated me so wonderfully I had lost all track of time until a social worker knocked at the door at six in the morning, the poor guy had passed out the moment he laid eyes on the new Chapel in all his naked glory, and after that the monstrous horse had decided to walk me home. I actually didn’t get to do any walking since he wouldn’t let go of me until I reached my apartment, but oh god I was dying to see him again, anything to have him press that herculean body of his against me until I passed out!

Purring dreamily, I squeezed my bare chest against a cushion and pressed my face into the sofa. Cleaning up the mess I had made two nights ago had been a chore, mostly because I had hulked myself up to make the job a little easier and thus constantly distracted myself, though while my room was now squeaky clean I also had several more bottles of cum hiding under my bed. I had only deflated myself so I could take a shower without spending an hour jerking myself off under the warm waters, and now that I was free of cum and practically glistening I found myself staring at my phone yet again.

Oh sure I might be warm now, but in a few seconds I was going to regret walking around in nothing but a pair of short shorts. I picked my phone off the table, intent of reassuming my hulk-mode so I could laze around naked on the couch all day until I realized something.

“Damn it!” I snapped, bouncing off the sofa and dashing into my now cum-free room, “Afternoon classes!”

As I threw on my uniform and kicked a few books and things into my bag, I remembered that it had now been an entire day since I began improving the studs and jocks in school, at least those who had been nice to me or deserving of my magic touch. Suddenly I was excited again, jittering as I struggled to put on my shoes before dashing out of the apartment with my bag in hand. I simply had to see how the school was like today! And then maybe I could make even more changes too!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I arrived to a school that was a hundred times livelier than what I was used to. Had it not been for the uniforms we were all wearing, I would have probably though I got off at the wrong bus stop or something. Everywhere I looked there were handsome studs flexing their muscles or lifting their shirts so their peers could properly admire their hardening abdominals. Some of the smaller, fitter jocks were even walking around in tighter uniforms, carrying around large bottles of protein and smacking each other on the shoulders so hard people were actually dropping their things everywhere.

Having chucked my stuff into my locker, I made my way toward the indoor pools and saw to my delight that the place was just as crowded. I even spotted the swim team, every single one of them sporting firmer muscles than they did the day before. Their growing bulges weren’t that much bigger yet, but it was clear by the number of times they touched themselves that they knew something was up. Ah… puberty… the best time of a teenagers life.

Brimming with satisfaction, I practically waltzed from the pool area and made my way towards the library, intent on getting some shut eye before my classes when I spotted Baxter and his cronies. The trio had their backs to each other, surrounded on all sides by some of the biggest jocks in school. One of them even had a fistful of Tommy’s shirt in his massive paw, his threatening body language no doubt designed to instil fear into the lynx’s psych. It seemed to be working too, for the entire trio looked to be on the verge of tears.

I leaned against the nearby lockers and waited for the jocks to be done with their threats, Baxter leading the retreat when the bigger guys finally moved. Smirking wickedly, I stepped into the middle of the corridor, following their movements until the trio grinded to a halt before me. Tommy actually screamed, although Hendry managed to grab his muzzle before they drew too much attention. I could see the fear in their eyes, Baxter in particular shrinking into himself as I strode up to them.

“Oh!” I said, feigning surprise, “Hello Baxter!”

“D-D-Don’t h-hurt us!” Hendry whimpered, hiding behind the tiny Tommy and cover his face with his hands, “W-We d-d-didn’t tell anyone, p-p-promise!”

“I know you didn’t,” I said confidently, staring Baxter down until he fell over his own feet, “I just wanted to know about your latest heist, so how did that go?”

Baxter had just opened his mouth to reply when a great shadow loomed over us, the colour running from the lizard’s face so quickly it actually worried me for a second. Then a huge hand landed on my shoulder, rotating me around until I came face to face with the great big (and awfully muscular) chest of Johnny Roberts, one of the biggest wrestlers in school and definitely not a wolf you wanted to offend, ever.

“Sorry Bradley,” Johnny said politely, his voice so deep it actually sounded more like a growl, “But Baxter and crew have an appointment with me.”

Now that caught me off guard, the idea that somebody popular would come to the defence of Baxter and his cronies was so unfathomable that I actually let out a loud ‘what’ before I could stop myself. It didn’t help that I could just make out Johnny’s muscles growing and swelling all around him thanks to my handiwork yesterday. I must have turned pink too, because the wolf immediately raised his palms so he could wave away my fears and doubts, his biceps blowing up to such immense proportions I actually thought I might have overdone things.

“I’m not protecting them,” he rumbled, pulling something out of his pocket and putting it before me, “It’s just that I have a class now and I have to get this over with.”

I stared at the thing in his palms, quickly realising it was a leather wallet, and when Johnny popped it open I was met with one of the most ghastly sights you could ever see in a wallet.


“Yeah, I left it untouched for ten seconds in the gym and suddenly I’m seventy bucks poorer.”

“Why are you even bringing seventy bucks to… oh I see where this is going,” I said knowingly, biting my lip to avoid grinning too smugly, “I’ll get on my way then.”

“Hey thanks bro,” Johnny called, patting me on the back as I skipped away, “And now you three…”

I turned around when I reached the bend in the hallway, just as a bellowing roar rattled the lockers around me. Johnny, who had been wearing his uniform as any other student here would, was now shirtless and draped in rags, his bare chest heaving with power as he swung Tommy around by the ankles and wrestled both Hendry and Baxter down with one arm. I couldn’t help but swoon at the size of Johnny’s bulging muscles, too much growth too quickly or not, it had only been a day and already there were extremely obvious improvements. His waist was still a little thicker than I liked, but I’ll be damned if I couldn’t appreciate the incredible development of his broad shoulders and those powerful, muscly arms.

The rest of the day was just as wonderful as I inspected my handiwork. All these jocks were suddenly taking any excuse to show off their muscles, and more than once I found myself sitting up straight as people began taking off their shirts right in the middle of class. It was amazing, I was so horny I actually felt like hulking myself up and joining the fun. Squashing the urge to grow was straining me so much I actually breathed a sigh of relief when the final bell rang, picking up my stuff and rushing from the classrooms before anyone could grab me in their big, brawny arms.

Popping outside, I filled my lungs with the chilly winter air so I could clear my head. At least I wouldn’t have shirtless guys flexing their muscles out here, that way I wouldn’t have to worry about creaming my pants at the worst possible moments.

…or would I?

It sounded like the roar of powerful, turbocharged motorcycle engines, somewhat distant but undeniably loud anyway. Students were poking their heads out of their classrooms now, those that were close to where I was anyway, a small crowd forming near the front steps and screaming suddenly when the roar of engines blasted through the campus grounds.

A Harley motorbike, far bigger than anything that should have been legal on the roads came soaring over the high fences, plated wheels slamming against the soft grass and leaving a (literally) fiery streak as the bike roared toward me. I simply stood, dumbfounded and refusing to believe who I saw as the rider. There was only one man on the planet huge enough to handle something as beastly as that, and when the blazing (and very expensive looking) Harley spun to its side so it could grind to a halt before me, I was ready to faint.

Chapel looked absolutely amazing, his pumped as fuck muscles glistening in the sunlight as though they had been oiled up just so he could highlight the insane definition of his gargantuan muscles. In actuality it was just because I made his fur a little glossier, but damned! The hulking stallion was dressed rather simply for someone in the middle of winter—black denim jeans and a pair of enormous, steel toed boots. He had what appeared to be chains for a belt and a pair of dark glasses resting against his forehead. Chapel’s shirt, if you could call it that, had had its sleeves ripped out and the zip torn clean off the middle. It resembled a leather vest of sorts, one that barely covered anything and left his monstrous, hairy chest and glorious abdominal muscles completely, utterly exposed.

“You’re drooling,” Chapel rumbled, grinning naughtily when my hands flew up to check, “And your face is redder than I’ve ever seen it.”

“What are you doing here?!” I wailed over the engines, turning around just in time to see an army of students taking pictures with their camera phones. Hell even the teachers were out in full force, every single one of them armed with vintage-looking cameras, snapping away without a care in the world.

“To give you a lift of course, why else would I be here?”

Chapel offered me a huge, muscular hand, the look in his steel-grey eyes almost daring me to deny him. Not wanting to face the rest of the school after what just happened, I decided to accept Chapel’s offer, grabbing hold of that hand and letting myself be hauled onto the bike. I had never ridden pillion before, and under normal circumstances I wouldn’t even have let myself get near a motorcycle. Only the moment I sat down I found myself sliding up to meet Chapel’s broad back, my face smacking into a wall of solid muscle and leaving stars in my vision. The horse let out a snicker as he replaced his sunglasses, no doubt having planned for the curved seat to force me so close to him. I was boned up and harder than steel, the tent in my pants poking against Chapel’s ass when the bike suddenly lurched.

Aside from the fact the god damned bike had executed a near perfect wheelie and then decimated all the grass between us and the main road, I guess the ride wasn’t all that bad. Not two seconds in I found myself screaming at the top of my lungs, my arms wrapped around Chapel’s muscular waist as I held on for dear life. Good god the horse was ripped, no matter where I put my hands all I found were bulging, shredded abdominal muscles flexing against my trembling fingers. There was even an enormous void of space where the band of his jeans should have been hugging his waist, and when my fingers found the coarse hairs bristling from his crotch, I knew exactly why.

Dipping my fingers earthwards, I quickly found the source of the space. Chapel’s hulking prick was harder than fuck and hotter than sin, the throbbing organ pushing the fabric of his pants away as my fingers struggled to encircle the base. Damned, I had forgotten how huge I made that thing, no matter how I tried I couldn’t grip his cock with both of my hands, it was just too thick. Not wanting to do anything dangerous, I forced my fingers back into the horse’s hairy abs, caressing them every now and again as Chapel raced through town at Mach speeds. It didn’t help that the horse was speeding past red lights and weaving through oncoming traffic as though he ruled the roads, and while my heart was threatening to shatter my ribcage I knew deep down an accident was not mathematically possible unless Chapel intentionally crashed into something.

I had improved just about every aspect of him after all, reaction time and muscular control included.

Thankfully, Chapel grinded to a halt outside my apartment a few seconds before my hair began turning white. Shaking as though I had just watched a horror movie, I practically fell off the bike, Chapel’s huge paw catching me before I hit the ground and pressing my face against his strong, hot lips.

“Damn it Chapel!” I squealed, struggling half-heartedly as the hairy horse god grinded my erection between his heaving chest muscles, “Not out here!”

“Oh you love it here,” he growled, his long tongue finding its way past my lips and setting my mouth ablaze, “Don’t resist me, I’m only giving you what you want.”

“I want some privacy!”

“And you shall have it.”

As it turned out, Chapel’s idea of privacy was to place me against the handlebars of his bike before kissing me all over, that way no one would see my face he said. It wouldn’t be for another fifteen minutes before I finally got through the door of my apartment, Chapel squeezing his way in sideways thanks to the insane brawn bulging from his monstrous body.

“Ooh, nice pad.”

“I thought you’d like it,” I purred, “Now drop me off over there.”

Chapel did as I suggested, plopping me onto the sofa before falling against it himself. There was a loud poof as I was launched into the air, my arms flailing wildly before Chapel snatched me mid-flight and crushed his lips onto mine once more. There was no fighting him this time, and I was more than happy to kiss him for close to half an hour, our tongues twisting around each other as I harvested the drool from Chapel’s burning lips. It was heavenly, no doubt about that.

“Now that was something,” Chapel growled, running his lips down my neck as he broke the kiss, “You have a drink for me anywhere? I’m parched.”

I opened my mouth, ready to tell him to help himself to anything he wanted in my kitchen when I remembered the bottles of cum I kept under my bed. So I grinned evilly, giggling as he raised me an eyebrow before giving me that sexy, puzzling look.

“There’s something you’d like in my room, under my bed too, help yourself!”

“In your room… oh… it’s not what I think is it… is it?”

“Go see for yourself!”

Chapel gave me a knowing smirk before getting up, his boots clomping over my wooden floorboards as he made his way to the bedroom. I simply remained on the sofa, chuckling uncontrollably until the enormous muscleman loomed into view.

“I was expecting used condoms Bradley,” Chapel cooed, the richness of his voice thrilling me endlessly as he sat down, “Not bottles!”

“I couldn’t help myself!” I answered, bouncing up and clinging onto the pumped up arm that reached out to receive me. Chapel simply flipped me around so the back of my head landed on his throbbing erection, still bulging through his denim and unleashing his bristling pubic hair upon the world as we knew it. Okay that might have been exaggerating, but I could feel that sweaty bush of blackness tickling the sides of my face as I breathed in his wondrous scent, and it was gooooood!

“Well I think I’m going to help myself,” Chapel said, the seduction in his voice causing a massive spurt of cum to burst from my cock, “As per your suggestion.”

I watched as Chapel picked up one of the bottles he had brought back, popping open the cap and taking a good long whiff, a powerful shudder running through his body as he turned down to regard me.


“I know!” I squealed, excited beyond reason when Chapel brought the bottle to his lips.

It amazed me to think how anybody could sexualise the act of imbibing a cold beverage, but as I watched Chapel flexing like some mega-muscled porn star all the blood was drained from my brain. Everything from his biceps and triceps to his rippling neck muscles seemed to scream erotica, every swallow causing a few droplets of cum to slide down his chiselled features. I watched as droplets of my own spunk fell onto his chest, dribbling down to his swollen teats and causing them to throb on their own accord.

Within moments, I saw the first glistening strands of pure testosterone ooze from his nipples. The veins covering them had begun to pulse, rich white juices spilling from them as Chapel chugged the last of my juices, licking his lips and flexing his awesome chest for my viewing pleasure. It took two tries before he managed to catch my attention then, and it was only because he flexed his cock so hard I actually heard the zip bursting beneath me.

“Well wasn’t somebody enjoying himself,” Chapel purred, grinning at my drooling features as he propped me against his solid pectorals.

“Drink another bottle!” I yelled, barely in control of myself and dying to pinch those thick nipples of his, “Please!”

“Oh I couldn’t possibly intrude any more than I have…unless… I should be paying you back as well!”

Initially I thought Chapel was going to try to give me money again, but when he picked up another bottle I grew so excited he actually had to hold me still. So there I was, bouncing up and down as Chapel chugged it so he had two empty ones to place against his swollen nipples, my hands were flogging his cock as though I wanted my entire apartment painted white, only Chapel had so much control over himself I didn’t think that was going to happen.

“That’s two bottles to fill,” he said confidently, pressing the caps against his teats and watching me intently, “Now I’m going to need you to rub me a little harder, you know… for stimulation.”

More than happy to oblige, I pumped his half-exposed cock so rapidly he was moaning uncontrollably within moments, his eyes widening as I filled his body with so much arousal he had begun shivering. And then he growled, a deep reverberating sound, a loud grunt quickly following that as his massive pectorals suddenly flexed, cum exploding from his nipples as he roared and howled in orgasmic bliss.

I had my face on his chest now, kissing and licking and sucking as his swollen teats fired jet after jet of protein-rich cum into my bottles. An entire minute passing before both were filled to the brim, a gasping, panting, trembling Chapel handing the bottles to me so I could cap them and smear the excess cum across the vast expanse of his hairy chest muscles.

“Ooh…” he breathed, placing his massive paws over my own as I spread his nipple cum all over, “You wouldn’t believe how I felt the first time this happened, I can’t believe I went the whole night with you without actually realizing what my nipples were doing.”

“I’ve yet to try this myself,” I admitted, pasting my face against his warm chest as Chapel ran his hands over me, “What have you been doing anyway?”

“If you mean how I spent my morning, well let’s just say I was collecting some debts.”

“Do tell!”

“You know how it is, once you get stuck in that accursed chair people suddenly think they don’t have to return borrowed money. You should have seen this one guy’s face when I tore the ceiling off his bunker, half of his henchmen passed out on the spot and the other half pissed themselves.”

“You’re going to have to do something like that again one day, I’d love it.”

“I also wrecked one of the lesser gangster groups this morning, one of their street rats spat on me and jumped a fence before I could grab him.”

“How did the entire gang get involved?”

“That little pussy led me to their headquarters of course, I was running slowly on purpose, and then everyone came out and got their asses kicked. Roared and flexed at their chief for a few minutes too, bloke should be babbling like a madman for the rest of his life if I did it right.”

Chapel gave me so many stories in such vivid detail I was actually too distracted for some time to notice something important. Unlike the studs in school, Chapel had been enhanced instantly, something I had been holding back on to avoid drawing unnecessary attention. Perhaps it had been the alcohol that night, or maybe Chapel’s already impressive upper body, but still I knew I had to be sure.

“Wait a moment Chapel,” I said carefully, “Have your old… uh… colleagues noticed you yet? I sort of expected you to spend your day jacking off… not trashing people who once picked on you while you were in that chair.”

And then Chapel’s expression turned sober in the split of a second, the nearly instantaneous change chilling me to the bone as he sat up and pulled me close. I heard myself cursing under my breath, oh god please no!

“Actually… Bradley,” Chapel began, his voice soft and comforting, “I… may have picked you up from school for a… different reason.”

“How bad is it? Are they trying to recruit you in again? Don’t do it Chapel, please!”

“Before I do anything,” Chapel continued, reaching into his pocket and pulling out his phone, “Please believe me when I say that I will never ever to do anything to hurt you, so please take a look at this, I believe you should hear it.”

Chapel played a recording, a few moments of static preceding a rough, male voice.

“You better have a good excuse this time,” said the voice, the tone was threatening, however soft.

“We… we do,” said another voice, one that sounded all too familiar to my furry ears and one that caused my fingers to shake.


“Well let’s hear it,” said the first voice.

“He grew man!” cried Baxter, “I swear he did, not when he messed up the job but when we tried to make him pay for it!”

The first voice paused for a moment, as if pondering.

“Go on.”

“He grew muscles, big muscles!” Baxter continued, his voice shuddering and cracking occasionally, “Like a bodybuilder, only bigger than anyone in school and he had the biggest fucking cock I… sorry… I mean he had the biggest cock I’d ever seen, ever!”

“So you’re saying he just randomly turned into the Hulk?”


“And you expect me to believe that?”

“…yes! Please I’m not lying, I swear I’m not! You can ask Hendry, or… Tommy get your ass back here! You can ask Tommy, we all saw it!”

“Ugh… okay random question… do you know the model of his phone?”

If my face could get any whiter, it did, my entire body feeling colder than ever when Chapel closed the recording. I turned to look at him, a chill consuming my heart as I watched the sadness and remorse creeping across the stallion’s furry face.

And then I heard it, all the doors in my apartment flying open as footfalls thundered across the soft wood of my floor. Mobsters, armed with everything from shotguns to assault rifles swarmed out of the kitchens, my bedroom, even the shoe cabinet I never used at the end of the hall, their weapons trained on me as they covered every feasible exit. I turned to look at Chapel again, emotions roiling within my being as I regarded the man I once considered a friend.

“Bradley… I’m… I…” he whispered, turning away as the mobsters grabbed me by the shoulders and snatched my phone from my pocket, “I’m sorry.”


Part 5

So that was what Chapel meant when he told me to stay away from the mob. I should have known Baxter and his cronies would get themselves mixed up in such bad company. But then again, I should also have known Chapel would betray me like this, and to think I turned him into an unstoppable juggernaut of pure power, not to mention how he let them all into my house! Lapdogs, all of them!

One of the more thuggish henchmen pushed me forward as I stepped back onto the streets, my hands bound behind my back as I was led to a large, imposing-looking black van with heavily tinted windows. Chapel was following a few feet away, but still I refused to even look at him, not do anything to hurt me my ass! Swearing silently, I let myself be tossed into the back of the waiting getaway vehicle, my shoulders hitting the cold steel as I slid into a corner. It stung and bruised a little, but still I kept my mouth shut. I was not going to give any of them the satisfaction of hearing my pain. Curse my dumb luck.

The thug, who was chortling like a drunken parrot, grew quiet suddenly, a massive chestnut-furred arm grabbing him by the neck and dragging him out of sight. Another henchman appeared, shaking his head as he shut the doors behind me. In the darkness, I heard a loud thump as the first one was shoved against the side of the van.

“What did I tell you about being gentle,” snarled a deep, dangerous sounding voice.

“Hey… uh… you see… bro… I just… bad habits you know… sorry!”

“I’ll show you a thing or two about bad habits, come here!”

There was a resounding KAPOW as Chapel’s fist made contact with the hyenas face, the entire van rocking violently as his probably unconscious body was slammed into it. I still refused to buy the whole ‘never gonna hurt you’ bullshit, and so I left my head on the ground and fumed. The driver got in just then, never even looking at me as he strapped himself in. A few moments passed, and then I heard the roar of Chapel’s motorcycle, his booming voice carrying over the noise of the engines thanks to the powerful lungs I gave him.

“Let’s go!” was the simple command. The van began to move, no doubt escorted by a dozen cars filled with mobsters as it sped down the road. I didn’t know where they were taking me, but after half an hour of travelling I finally saw the light of day again. A pair of henchmen reached in to pull me out, handling me as though I was made of glass as they set my feet onto the ground and encouraged me to walk. Chapel remained close behind, the intensity of his gaze causing the henchmen to flinch at the slightest things, more than once I deliberately tripped myself, just so I could watch them panic as they grabbed me to break my fall. The guy on my left didn’t make it, and by the time I was led into a large office of sorts Chapel had left an unpleasant looking… impression… where his face had once been.

I was allowed to sit, alone in the middle of the lush carpeting with an army of henchmen lining the surrounding walls. Still, I kept my facade, refusing to even blink until another figure strode into the room. It was a panther, his dark blue fur almost gleaming in the dim lights as he strode around the desk and sat. There was a look in his eye, one that was arrogant yet calculating, and one that I knew all too well from all the reports I had seen.

“Untie him,” commanded Gregory von Giovanni, leader of the ruthless Black Axes and one of the most dangerous men to ever give the local security forces a run for their money.

I watched as one of the nearby henchmen approached me, drawing a long knife from somewhere and waving it before me as if hoping I would scream. I decided to milk the situation, so when he came within reach I spat at his face, hitting him between the eyes and causing his already vile expression to sour greatly. He definitely took offence to that, a flurry of profanity flying from his lips as he reared the knife back and swung it at my face with deadly force. Only… as I expected… he didn’t, couldn’t complete the swing. Chapel was there in an instant, one meaty paw crushing the man’s fist to dust and leaving him shrieking in agony. There more distant henchmen were shaking their heads, muttering under their breaths at the stupidity of their former comrade.

Foolish or not, that was how the mob was run, if you weren’t cunning or smart, you were going to get hurt, simple as that. It was something the man clearly lacked, and something I knew I had in spades. Keeping my eyes on the tiger’s angered features, I watched as Chapel dragged him away and threw him into a corner, the horse returning and breaking the ropes around my wrists with one finger. I was still refusing to look at my former friend, however pained and pleading his expression might be. When Chapel returned to his position behind his boss however, his facial features had hardened like stone.

“Well,” said Giovanni, the panther putting his fingers together and smiling warmly, “Unpleasantness aside, allow me to welcome you to our lovely headquarters. In case you’re wondering where we are, the headquarters is located in a little office block nestled in the northern corner of town. If you’d like, we can even give you a tour of this place, the view of the River Brandon is wonderful this time of year.”

“Why are you telling me all this?” I asked, doing my best not to snap at him.

“Because you’re more or less one of us now,” Giovanni replied, his eyes twinkling as he regarded me from behind that desk, “I believe you already know why you’re here?”

“Oh gee no why don’t you remind me?”

Both Chapel and Giovanni shot deathly glares at somebody I could not see, the man actually whimpering before their expressions softened.

“Now I know our methods of getting you here were a little unpleasant, but believe me it was only because we needed it that way, first impressions count wouldn’t you say?”

I wondered for a moment if Giovanni had deliberately mentioned first impressions just to manipulate me like he did his minions, but then the panther mistook my silence for consent, and continued speaking.

“Alright, alright I’ll cut to the chase,” Giovanni said, sitting up straight and pressing his palms onto the desk, “The software on your phone has been something we have been trying to acquire for several years now Bradley, I don’t know how it managed to get into your hands but the only people who have ever seen it thus far have… apparently… only been scientists and engineers working in the military.

Giovanni pulled out my phone from his pocket and placed it onto the desk.

“They want weapons, Bradley. The government has always oppressed their people despite claiming to have our best interests at heart. This device is the key, for you alone have seen the power contained with the application called BMU, or Beef Me Up if you want to be proper.”

“What do you want Giovanni?”

“Please, call me Gregory.”

“Fine, Gregory what do you want?”

“Ah… a fine question, I want to free the people of this country from the oppression subject unto them. I want us all to be free Bradley. I want to create a land where we can all be treated as equals, where everyone is treated fairly regardless of past misdeeds. And here is where I have to extend my thanks to you Bradley. I did not believe Chapel here could ever return to the fold after his… injuries, but here is the result for all to see, a working, walking Chapel who’s so much stronger than he had ever been in his life! On his behalf Bradley, my… our thanks!

“Okay let me rephrase that, what do you want from me?”

“I just need you to unlock your phone Bradley,” Giovanni said, indicating the smartphone on the table, “So I may fulfil my noble purpose of purging our city of corrupt government officials and then create utopia in its wake. But before I start sounding selfish and self-centred, let me assure you that I am willing to pay you handsomely for your service, how’s half a million in untraceable bills sound to you? Or perhaps you would like your own army of bodyguards picked from the finest men I have in my service?”

“I… just want to go home.”

“Ah… that might be a bit touchy a subject.”


“No one truly leaves the mob, Bradley, and now that you’ve been here I can’t possibly risk you getting captured by the police.”

“Then I’m not unlocking that phone for you Giovanni, no way and no how.”

“Well… you’re either really brave or really foolish for saying that.”

“After what’s gone on today, I’d probably think so too.”

“The military is going to hunt us all down if you don’t unlock this phone, Bradley.”

“I couldn’t care less about the military, I had that thing for days and no one even came to my door!”

“Okay… you know what?” Giovanni said, sounding a little more flustered than I expected as he leaned onto his sofa, “I don’t have time for this, bring them in.”

A door opened somewhere, and in stepped none other than ‘Brutal’ Baxter the monitor lizard, closely followed by his two goons, Hendry and Tommy. The trio turned whiter than snow when they realized just who was standing within reach of them. Chapel simply stared, the intensity of his glare causing Tommy to shiver as they walked as one to face their head honcho.

“Alright, you three have messed up more times than I care to imagine, so I’m offering you one last chance to right your wrongs.”

Giovanni picked up my phone and threw it across the desk and into Baxter’s trembling hands.

“That thing is locked by one of those insane puzzle locks with billions of combinations, I want you to get it out of him and I don’t care how you do it. Now get the hell out of my office, all of you.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The Baxter trio and I were thrown into one of the many interrogation chambers hidden in the lower levels. Hendry and Tommy were looking especially gleeful when the doors locked behind us, no doubt overjoyed that it was three versus one in this cramped, tiny space.

“Alright,” Baxter announced, “Let’s get this over with, tell us the combination Bradley.”

“Did you honestly think that would work?” I snapped, leering at the lizard as Tommy whooped in the back, “That’s the last thing I’m going to do, I’d rather just sit here and wait for us all to rot before giving the code to your boss.”

“You could just tell us and only us?” suggested Hendry, his head twisting around as he examined every corner of the room, “Oh wait can they hear us in here?”

“Who cares?” Tommy interjected, bouncing on the balls of his feet, “We’re going to be giants man!” I’ve always wondered what it felt like to have big muscles!”

“We’re not going to get anything if Bradley here doesn’t give us the code,” Baxter reminded that, waving my phone around their still-gleeful faces, “Now we need to get it, right now in fact so help me!”

As if on cue, the trio lunged as one, crashing into me and clawing at me with their hands and claws. I managed to get a good swing on Tommy, the lynx screaming well before my fist made contact and stumbling away with his hands over his now red nose. But then Hendry managed to grab me, forcing me onto the floor as Baxter jumped onto my face, his hands balled to fists as he pummelled me. It was then did I see that he was still holding my phone, the idiot monitor lizard actually bringing that thing within reach of me.

Punching Hendry in the gut, I threw myself up as best I could and flipped Baxter over. Tommy was still in a corner so I knew he wasn’t a threat, so I elbowed Baxter as hard as I could and dove for my phone, punching his wrist a few times until I finally felt his grip breaking.

“NO!” screamed the monitor, struggling with all his might to keep my phone in his grip. Hendry came over to help, jumping onto me and struggling to hold me down with his meagre size. I saw my chance, throwing my bodyweight to one side and sending Hendry crashing into the wall. The other fox swore something fierce, but otherwise remained where he was, nursing his shoulder. It was just Baxter left, and with a mighty yell I drove my elbow into the centre of his forearm, punching him in the side of the face when he opened his mouth to scream.

The moment Baxter released my phone was the moment of my victory, my fingers snatching the phone from his grip as I bounded to the other corner, my trembling hands sliding in the combination to unlock it. It was my turn to wreck some havoc and once I turned myself into a twenty foot muscle freak they were all going to pay, I was going to level this hideout and then make Chapel pay for his betrayal. I was going to keep Giovanni for last, I was going to make him watch his little empire collapsing all around him, and I was going to give him a trashing so good he’d probably spend the rest of his life in a matchbox.

And suddenly a large weight crashed into my shoulders, the impact of Tommy’s landing causing the phone to slip from my grasp, two strokes away from being unlocked. I swore, spinning around and smashing Tommy onto the ground just as Baxter and Hendry began picking themselves up. Leaving the lynx to whine on the floor, I threw myself toward my smartphone, struggling madly as Baxter reached out to grab my leg. I still had my free hand, and with a triumphant bellow did I key in the final stroke, the lock screen blinking away as I gave Baxter a good kick.

Then a loud, screeching laughter filled the air, a massive yellow face appearing where my main menu should have been and crackling madly. I stared at my phone, the colour running from my face when I realized what had just happened. I had been tricked.

This wasn’t my phone!

“NO!” I cried, crumbling onto the floor when I realized I had just given away the only thing separating Gregory von Giovanni from absolute power. He had asked the Baxter trio for my phone model, of course he was planning something like this! How could I have been so careless?! First Chapel, now this?!

As if to add insult to injury, a microphone crackled from somewhere above me, speakers bursting to life with a voice I did not want to hear right now.

“Congratulations Baxter, Hendry and Tommy,” Giovanni laughed, his voice loud, his tone mocking, “I knew you three would be good for something, thank goodness you knew remembered phone model hmm?”

“Oh and you Bradley,” Giovanni continued, “I’m sorry you were too stubborn to join my little organisation, and no, none of them knew about my little plan, so don’t take it too hard, they didn’t outsmart you, I did.”

“WE DID IT!” Tommy yelled, the lynx looking around in surprise before covering his head, embarrassed with his sudden outburst, “Um… sorry.”

“Uh… okay right whatever,” said Giovanni, “Guess I should be rewarding you for first good job ever, Baxter you’re first.”

My heart skipped a beat at what I just heard, I turned to look at the clearly puzzled Baxter, the monitor just picking himself off the floor when he suddenly jolted, the sound of electricity prickling across his scaly hide filling the air. Oh god no, this was not happening, nonononono NO!

“YES!” Baxter cried as his body began to shake. Hendry and Tommy had their backs against the wall now, just as I did, their eyes wider then dinner plates their leader felt the effects of BMU first hand.

Huge claws thrust from Baxter’s fingertips and tore through his shoes. I could see his face contorting, his bones rearranging themselves as his visage took on ferocious undertones. The lizard was laughing now, his once dulled teeth turning into fangs when he opened his hardening maw. He brought up his thin, shapeless arms, and flexed, crying out in ecstasy as great mounds of muscle exploded from where he had none, his entire body hulking out before my very eyes as Baxter made his pleasure known.

The lizard’s shirt, once capable of containing his substandard torso, suddenly lost its ability to do so. Baxter’s pectoral muscles ballooned outwards, ripping his collar in two as two striated boulders surged into being. His shoulders were growing heavy with muscle, widening several inches at a time and pulling the fabric off his pulsating body. I watched as Baxter’s arms went from useless to monstrous; his biceps reaching twenty-two inches in the time it took me to blink. The monitor’s trousers were filling up, the base of his pants riding past his ankles as he shot up in height, a massive bulge swelling from his crotch before his muscular thighs ripped through the fabric.

I bit my lip as Baxter’s clothes fell off him. The monitor lizard was bigger than all the others in school, his deadly claws and near-bestial visage leaving him more intimidating than any lizard I had ever seen, like a junior Mr Olympia who could give all the adults a run for their money. Baxter was groping his heaving chest muscles with one hand and worshipping his rippling six-pack with the other. More than once the lizard had to adjust his stance, his hulking quads filling up with so much power he was definitely going to walk with a perpetual strut.

And then the lizard let out an almost orgasmic moan, a huge stain spreading across his underwear as Baxter began creaming himself, his huge cock pushing out against the dripping fabric and pulling the waistband away from his body. There must have been twelve inches of cock throbbing before me by the time Baxter reached his max, so much cum gushing through the fabric his orgasm must have lasted an entire minute! Eventually though, Baxter managed to recover, the power within his muscles leaving him looking more smug and fiercer than I ever imagined.

“Aw fuck yeah!” was all he said, the lizard smearing some cum off his briefs and sucking his fingers, “This is so frigging awesome!”

“I knew you would like it,” crackled Giovanni’s voice, “Hendry you’re next.”

The other fox had jumped with joy at the sound of his name, only to be caught in mid-air by the blast from my phone. Hendry managed a loud ‘URK’ before collapsing onto the floor, his entire body trembling violently as his fur stood on end. Then, as suddenly as it had begun, Hendry recovered, the fox blinking a few times before picking himself off the floor. It was then did I see where Hendry once came up to the new Baxter’s shoulders, they were now on equal footing, six and a half feet tall and lanky where Baxter was muscled.

“This feels weird man,” Hendry said, looking down at his now too small clothes, “How come I’m still… oooohhHHHH!”

Hendry shuddered again, the soft rumbling noise filling the air as the fox’s clothes began filling out before my very eyes. His shoulders were widening, his torso filling out in all the right places as his feet burst through his shoes. Like Baxter before him, Hendry kept adjusting his stance to cope with all the added weight, his pectoral muscles causing him to trip forward a few times until he decided he had had enough.

“This shirt fucking sucks!” he boomed, the lowness of his voice startling me as he gripped his school uniform and tore it apart, bits of fabric flying everywhere as his torso packed on insane amounts of mass in mere seconds. Hendry’s pants were next, his cock bursting from the zipper and throbbing like crazy before his quads finally ripped through the fabric. The fox gave his lower limbs a few experimental flexes, delighting as each mighty pump tore the fabric even further until it had been reduced to nothing but tattered rags on the floor.

“Oh hell yeah!” Hendry cried, bringing his arms down and striking a most muscular pose, grunting and groaning as entire mountains of beef bulked up across his shoulders and back. I was so terrified by this point I was feeling faint, even as Hendry began jerking himself off did Giovanni’s voice ring through the room again.

“And while Hendry is busy enjoying himself, time for Tommy!”

The zap was audible this time, Tommy actually yelling in shock despite the looks he had been giving his buddies. The little lynx managed a soft mew, followed by a bellowing roar that was wrenched from his throat so suddenly everyone jumped. Tommy’s right arm suddenly trembled, an rumbling BOOM echoing through the room as an explosion of muscle all but consumed it, turning his spindly limb into a grotesque, muscular monstrosity capped with claws that had to be at least eight inches in length. That bicep alone must have been thirty inches around, so defined that I could see every single fibre rippling under his furry skin. Tommy, who had been holding onto the door handle for support, gave his new arm an experimental flex, the sound of his muscles rumbling nearly reducing him to tears as he admired his new appendage.

Another BOOM, and suddenly Tommy was holding the mangled remains of the stainless steel door handle in his other arm. It too had morphed into a greatly exaggerated specimen of muscle, so powerfully built and so developed I could almost taste the envy emanating from his two partners. Tommy could only stand there and gape, his knees wobbling as he struggled to support all that extra weight. His sleeves had been ripped clean off his uniform, shoulders the size of wrecking balls bulging with barely contained power as the lynx sought to control his breathing.

“Oh god,” he moaned, shuddering as he began filling his lungs with air, “Oh god my legs!”

I looked down just in time to see Tommy filling his pants to bursting, molten steel surging into his lower limbs and causing his trousers in many places at once, a fierce battle cry shaking the very foundations of the room as the legs of a super heavyweight bodybuilder burst into being. So many veins writhed and throbbed across his monstrous legs that it made me weak in the knees from just looking. His quads were too massive, too huge, grinding against each other as each individual muscle group bulked out like crazy and caused him to grow even taller.

And then it was time for Tommy’s torso, its growth just as explosive as the rest of him. His traps just blew up, swallowing his thickening neck as his shoulders shot out several feet, his back twisting and turning as his spine lengthened in preparation for the incoming muscle. Tommy’s monstrous pectoral muscles filled up his shirt so quickly each button was destroyed by a resounding BANG, ricocheting off the walls and ceiling as the lynx expanded in every feasible direction. And then I saw it, where Baxter and Hendry had broad, V-shaped backs, Tommy’s over-muscled shoulders were supported by massive lats that flared out on either side of him like the wings of a manta ray, tapering down to a pillar-like waist sporting a hulking eight-pack bulging with insane power.

The once tiny Tommy towered over us at an astonishing seven feet. His face was no longer the childish, immature excuse for a cat, it looked ferocious now, his massive fangs giving his vicious appearance new meaning as his furry face parted for another thunderous bellow. Tommy swept away his ruined clothing with one hand, flexing his mammoth muscles and taking a wide stance. His underwear was still intact somehow, his miniscule penis pressing against the material as though waiting for its own growth spurt.

I stared at it, a tiny little thing that was less than two inches in length, and when Tommy tore his underwear to bits, Hendry let out a muffled giggle. Tommy growled at him, a terrifying sound, and gave his crotch a good flex. As if on cue, his equally tiny testicles suddenly bounced, inflating spectacularly and swelling to the size of honeydews in the blink of an eye, riddled with veins and throbbing so powerfully I could actually hear it from here.

Baxter was staring with his mouth wide out, Hendry was shivering, Tommy himself had started to laugh, his minute penis pulsing softly as it prepped itself for the greatest growth spurt of his life.

“Oh fuck,” he growled, “I can feel it, oh god yes… building up inside me… my balls… oh yes… oh fuck! FUCK! AAAGGGHHHH!!!”


Hendry, who had been too close, was knocked off his feet when Tommy’s cock exploded with insane size and muscle, the suddenly monstrous head punching him in the gut and sending him crashing onto the floor. The lynx was in full flex, his cock jerking and spewing and spurting as it shot past the twelve inch mark, lurching as it gorged itself on his power, growing bigger and huger and longer until it was two fucking feet long and thicker than a wine bottle!

“I AM COMPLETE!” Tommy roared, his massive cock spraying cum everywhere in celebration of his new size and form, “HAHAHAHA I’M A FUCKING MUSCLE GIANT, AT LAST!”

Giovanni waited until Tommy was done covering Hendry in spunk, his voice almost gleeful as the Baxter Trio finally turned to face me.

“I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of this,” the panther announced over the intercom, “Alright, you three…”

Get him.”


Part 6

Baxter had me held up by the scruff of my shirt, his sneering visage finally instilling fear as I watched him lick his lips. Hendry was beside him, still massaging his massive penis while Tommy stood in the back, towering over them all and wearing an expression of devilish malice. It seemed as though his cowardly side had been crushed by his hulking new muscles, and as much as I hated to admit it, I was scared now.

“This is going to be fun,” Baxter sneered, “Time for some payback Bradley, and this time—”

Shouting from outside the room interrupted him, what sounded like explosions sending tremors through the floor. The trio paused and turned their heads to the door where the unmistakable sounds of gunfire and people screaming in agony were drifting through the reinforced steel. It seemed to be getting closer, each resounding boom growing louder with every passing second, the tremors increasing in strength until the walls themselves seemed to be shaking. Baxter gestured with his chin, and Tommy broke away from the group.


Nobody could react in time when the door exploded from its hinges, a hundred or so pounds of iron and steel smashing into Tommy so hard he went flying. Chapel’s huge fingers had been crushed into the metal, the horse maintaining his follow-through as he stomped one booted foot into the ground, the door catching Hendry and Baxter off guard and sending them crashing through the opposing wall.

Tommy, who was still in the room, recovered quickly, unleashing a war cry on his own as he lunged at the stronger, huger Chapel. It was then did I realize the explosions I heard had simply been Chapel’s huge, meaty knuckles making contact with unfortunate faces. Tommy was caught mid-flight and knocked out instantly, his unconscious body demolishing several walls as Chapel sent him flying through the building. Somehow, I knew Tommy was going to get up and walk away unscathed, he always did.

Still, that didn’t mean I had forgiven Chapel yet, though when he realized that fact his expression nearly broke my heart. Nearly.

“We have to get out of here,” Chapel said, his voice shaking slightly, “Now.”

“I didn’t think there was a ‘we’,” I said coldly, bending around him as I made for the door, “Let me show myself out.”

“Bradley…” Chapel began, his voice softer than I had ever heard it, “Please…”

“Just get out of my way, Chapel!” I snapped, a little louder than I intended.

He was silent for a moment, but I could tell he wasn’t going to move.

“I said I would never hurt you, Bradley.”

“I don’t give a flying fuck about that anymore,” I cried, “Giovanni has more power than shit and there’s nothing I can do about it now!”

I turned away from Chapel, intending to use one of the extra exits the horse had created when his massive hand reached down to grab me. Despite the insane power surging within those fingers, Chapel’s touch was almost… soothing… when he encircled my comparatively tiny arm. Unable to resist his strength, I flailed when he dragged me back to him, falling onto his knees so we could be closer to eye level.

“You don’t understand Bradley,” Chapel whispered, “I’m here to get you out, whether you want me to or not.”

“Oh?” I quipped, glaring at him and that sombre expression, “Are you going to force me out?”

“I’ll carry you if I have to.”

A high pitched whistle shrieked through the air just then, and before I knew what I was going on Chapel had grabbed me, his humongous muscles covering me on all sides when a missile flew into the interrogation room. The explosion was deafening, even with Chapel’s huge paws covering my ears. Somehow though, the rest of the blast didn’t even touch me, and when Chapel released me his face had taken on a wild, almost savage countenance.

“Wait here,” he commanded in a voice that demanded I obey, and despite the best of my efforts I found myself unable to move from my spot, my knees buckling as Chapel stepped away to deal with the frantic henchman and his now empty rocket launcher. Clutching my head as Chapel began beating the man into submission, I struggled again with my conscience, knowing deep down that I not truly been fair with him, especially since I had not yet heard his side of the story.

And then Chapel returned, scooping me off the ground and running off without another word, kicking down entire walls and sending growing henchmen flying like Frisbees. That the horse had not asked if I wanted to go actually… hurt… a little, and whenever I looked up his face remained stoic and expressionless as ever. All around us I could hear the growls and moans of Giovanni’s henchmen, every single one of them ripping their clothes to bits as their muscles bulged to gargantuan proportions. None of them seemed strong enough to obstruct the adrenaline-charged Chapel as he carried me along, most of them too distracted by their growth and thus helpless to defend against Chapel’s armoured boots.

Bullets were bouncing off Chapel’s broad back by the time we tumbled into an elevator, the massive horse shielding me from harm until the doors finally shut. He released me then, resting on his knees as I rolled away from him and stood. It pained me to see him like this now, for someone so big and so strong to be so emotionally distressed… I could only maintain my facade for so long.

“Alright then…” I began, regulating my breathing so as to remain calm, “Let’s hear you out, why did you betray me?”

Chapel looked at me for a moment, tears welling up in his eyes when he realized I was willing to listen, but when he spoke, his voice remained firm and resonant.

“I… I had no choice… It was already too late when the recording reached my phone,” Chapel paused for a moment and inhaled deeply, “I came to your school only because they were already stalking you, I took you home intending for you to pack your things… I… I meant to flee the state with you so I could keep you safe.”

“But they were already in my house, did you know that?”

“N-No,” Chapel said honestly, his ears drooping with his admittance, “I saw the first one when I went into your bedroom to get a… drink, the others showed their faces as I was dangling him from your window. They had guns Bradley… if I so much as I raised my hand they would have shot you and taken your phone anyway.”

“But you shielded me from all those bullets just now,” I said, my voice trembling with the revelations, “You even took a bazooka without batting an eye! You could have done the same back in the apartment could you not?”

“I didn’t know I was bulletproof back then,” Chapel said softly, his head dipped down so he could avert my gaze, “I only shielded you just now because I’d rather be shot myself than see you in pain. I did nothing at your apartment because I knew they were willing to kill me to get to you, if I had known I could protect you there then none of this would even be happening.”

“Bradley…I… I’m sorry,” Chapel whispered, choking with emotion as tears rolled down the sides of his face, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t know I could do it, I just wanted to keep you alive, to keep you safe! I didn’t mean for any of this, you gave me my life back! I owe you everything, my heart, my soul!”

“Please… Bradley… let me get you out of here!” Chapel breathed, his face was raw with emotion when he turned to look at me, “Giovanni plans to attack the city so he can draw forces away from the army base at the end of the river, and it’s only a matter of time before escape becomes impossible!”

“Let me do this Bradley,” pleaded Chapel, “Just trust me this once, I can get you to the edge of the highway via jet ski before the blockades come down… and then… and then I will leave… before Giovanni catches up to us… before he finds you.”

I had heard enough, my emotional upheaval overpowering my common sense as I crept over to where Chapel knelt and slowly wrapped my arms around him. My eyes were wet with tears as I pressed my face against his neck and let myself be overcome with shame. Chapel’s huge body shook violently when he realized what I had done, his huger arms swallowing my tiny body as he curled into a rough ball on the floor.

“I… I’m the one who should be sorry,” I choked, trying in vain to keep myself from sobbing, “All this time I thought you an ungrateful… person… I… I’m sorry Chapel… so… so very sorry.”

We spent the rest of the journey down in each other’s arms, the warmth of Chapel’s body comforting me in this time of hardship. It wasn’t till we hit the lowest floor did the lift doors finally open, Chapel simply got up and slammed his foot into the seven foot, muscle-bound henchman who tried walking into the lift, the startled wolf bouncing several times across the underground lake before splashing into the depths.

Chapel put me down, allowing me to admire the vastness of Giovanni’s secret hideout. It looked like some sort of cavern deep within the mountains. The water flowing here must have led to the River Brandon, everywhere I looked there were sparkling waterfalls and strange looking machinery lining the edges of the lake.

“Oh… shit,” Chapel cursed, “The barges are gone! Giovanni is already moving!”

“Wait… barges? He’s going to attack the city with barges?”

“They’re overflowing with growing henchmen, if you could make me impervious to bullets then Giovanni’s probably done that to his minions, I have to get you out now, this way!”

Chapel picked me up and raced across the cavern, kicking the henchman from earlier back into the lake just as the wolf dragged himself to the shoreline. There was a large, sky-blue jet ski waiting by one of the larger support beams, Chapel wasted no time before hopping on and plopping me into the space behind him. I was instantly reminded on the time I rode pillion behind Chapel when he picked me up from school.

“Why can’t we leave by motorcycle?” I asked innocently.

“Too many henchmen upstairs,” Chapel answered, “This is the fastest and safest way out, alright let’s go.”

There was a mighty roar as the jet ski surged to life, a great wave of water trailing us as Chapel cut a swath through the lake and raced towards one of the mountain walls. I was ready to start yelling; hoping with all my heart Chapel wasn’t going to drive this thing through several hundred feet of rock and stone when I heard the heavy machines rumbling throughout the cavern. Unbelievably, a spear of light sliced its way into view, the very walls of the mountain grinding against each other as they parted before my very eyes. Chapel sped through the opening, the afternoon sun blinding me for a moment as we crashed into the River Brandon.

“Chapel,” I cried, refusing to let go of the horse’s waist despite the water splashing against us, “Come with me!”

“I can’t,” Chapel yelled, “Giovanni has full control over my body, one button and I could lose my ability to walk, I would be a burden to you!”

“You’ll never be a burden to me,” I yelled back, hanging on for dear life as we bounced over the waves, “Please don’t leave me again Chapel, please!”

“I… I can’t do that Bradley!” Chapel roared over the noise, “I have to stop him! This whole thing is my fault! If I don’t fix this now there might never be a safe place for you ever again!”

“Then let me come with you!”

“Have you gone mad?!”


“This is a horrible idea, Bradley!”

“I don’t care, I’m not leaving you!”

Chapel did not reply to my last statement, but when I felt his hairy muscles clenching with determination I knew he had decided to honour my request. This mess was in part my fault too either way, I guess I would be a total dick if I just ran away from it all, and besides I had Chapel to protect me now didn’t I? He was practically indestructible!

The barges came into view within moments of Chapel spinning the jet ski around, more than three dozen of them floating down the River Brandon and bursting with activity. As we neared, I could make out the hordes of bare-chested, muscle-flexing henchmen crowding around every inch of each barge. They were all impossibly muscular, some of whom were still growing as they sprayed ropes of thick cum into the churning waters below. Numerous crafts were breaking off from the sides of the barges, miniature speedboats packed with nearly-naked henchmen of their own, and in the time it took me to notice them there must have been hundreds of them racing toward the shoreline.

“The attack on the city has already begun!” Chapel roared, just as an explosion rippled through one of the distant buildings, “I see the main barge, let’s go!”

Somehow, Chapel managed to come in from one of the blind spots where no henchman could see us due to them cheering and waving their weapons at the destruction coming from the city. Their louder voices had even drowned out the noise from the ski.

“Alright, this is it.”

Chapel stopped right alongside the biggest and longest barge, helping me up with one huge paw as he hefted us both onto the wooden walkway.

“Do you have a plan?” I asked, “Maybe you could distract Giovanni while I snatch my phone back?”

“I… actually didn’t think we would make it this far, my original plan was just to sink this boat and hope that the water shorts out your phone.”

I stared at Chapel for a moment, astounded by the effective simplicity of his plan.

“Of course!” I agreed, turning around so I could step back into the ski before it floated away, “Alright you do that, I’d be more than willing to sacrifice my phone if it will limit the damage Giovanni can—”


I turned, just in time to see one of Giovanni’s rhino henchmen, a veritable wall of muscle that had to be Chapel’s equal in size, bursting out of the side of the barge and slamming into him with the force of a freight train. Chapel had managed to twist to his side, but not before the collision sent them both tripping off the side of the boat and into the churning waters below.


“Oh I think you have bigger problems.”

I flinched, cursing under my breath as a huge, muscular-looking shadow loomed over me, a massive paw mere inches from my shoulder when I decided to move. Yelling at the top of my lungs, I threw myself forward, bouncing off before the henchman could catch me and racing around the sides of the barge. I was right to suspect he could not move so fast due to being so huge in such a cramp space, perhaps I could find a stairway leading to the second story, there was probably something I could use there, maybe a fire extinguisher or something… anything!

Turning a corner, I made it three more steps before the wooden wall suddenly cracked, splinters flying everywhere as a humongous paw shot out to grab me, it was freaky huge and riddled with so many veins I could actually feel his hands throbbing with power when those sausage-sized fingers wrapped around my arm.

“Ah… fuck!”

The henchman who had been chasing me lumbered into view, his companion tearing away the wall so they could properly admire their new catch. Five minutes later, I was kneeling in the middle of Giovanni’s private office, my wrist and ankles bound with a ragged fabric that suspiciously felt like it once belonged to someone’s t-shirt. I didn’t have to wait for long before Chapel was brought in too, pressed down by three of the brawniest henchmen I had ever seen, and even then they were having a hard time holding him still.

Giovanni, who had been tapping my phone on his desk, let out a soft chuckle. Unlike the monstrous, shirtless hulks surrounding him, the panther still looked the part of an ordinary mob boss—lean but fit and definitely not bulging with unfathomable amounts of muscle.

“Bradley… Bradley… how I wish it had not come to this, you could have been here with me, eight and a half feet tall and a hundred or so pounds more muscled than Chapel here.”

“I’d like to pass.”

“You already have,” Giovanni said, turning his attention to the growling, snarling horse beside me, “And you Chapel, aren’t you a little ungrateful today.”

Chapel simply scowled at him, his eyes burning with fury as he struggled to throw off his captors.

“And here I was thinking you would have learned your lesson after your last screw up,” Giovanni sneered, flipping my phone around before running his fingers across the touchscreen, “Let’s try that again shall we?”

My phone let out a barely audible zapping noise, a wave of static sweeping over Chapel and prompting his three guards to unhand him. I could hear him whining softly, his left eye shutting immediately as his struggles were greatly weakened. Muscle began collapsing into his body, his once massive frame deflating like a popped balloon as he was reverted to his original state. My eyes were ready to bleed when I saw Chapel’s legs shrinking, reduced in seconds to the useless, atrophied limbs I had seen in his wheelchair. His upper body was still far huger than mine, but compared to the animals surrounding him, he seemed almost weak… helpless.

“You squandered your chance Chapel,” Giovanni said simply, the malevolence of his grin tripling when Chapel cried out in anguish, his legs now spindly and useless. He had shrunk so much that when one of Giovanni’s henchmen reached down to pull his boots off they came off effortlessly, his pale, dishevelled feet resembling dead fish on dry land. The others forced him onto his side and bounded his wrists before him, not bothering with his legs at all.

“Well now that that’s done with, I’m going to offer you once last chance Bradley, join me and become part of my new empire!”

“I’d like to pass again,” I said, almost spitting the words out despite my best attempts to sound polite, causing Giovanni to sigh.

“You know Bradley,” he continued, “I spent most of my boat ride playing with your phone and I must say I loved every moment of it. You saw the effects of my work did you not? My henchmen are throwing tanks around like beach balls as of this very moment, do you know what this means? My dream is nearing fruition, and once I level the military base at the end of this river the city will be mine at last!”

“Oh and… what’s a hulking muscle-army without a leader to lead them hmm?”

My heart practically stopped when Giovanni tapped the screen of my phone, a soft purring slipping from his lips when the barely audible sound of static filled the air, his fur standing on end when he slapped my phone onto the desk. I could see him trembling, gasping for breath as he leaned onto his chair and rolled a few inches back.

“Oh god,” he moaned, “I knew it felt good but this… this…aaahhhhhhhh… yes!”

I could see it now. Giovanni’s entire body was thickening, not too fast and not too rapidly, his growth unmistakable. The panther’s pectorals were swelling within his suit, becoming steadily larger, filling out into muscular slabs that no doubt pushed his nipples into the downward position. His back and shoulders were broadening too, growing wider and heavier with muscle, the growth spreading down his arms and tightening the fabric of his sleeves.

“Getting bigger,” Giovanni purred, his palms gliding across the table top as he rolled his head back, “Feels so good.”

The sound of ripping fabric filled the air, what appeared to be a massive, tube-like organ pushed its way through the middle of Giovanni’s suit and stretched toward the base of his chin. Oh god no, that couldn’t be! But even as I looked at it I knew that massive bulge was none other than the panther’s cock, the swollen mushroom head was unmistakable, and when that entire thing grew huge and fat enough the head pushed it way out of Giovanni’s inner shirt, kissing him in the chin and spewing cum like crazy.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about,” the panther moaned, “You, come here.”

The henchman nearest to him, a monstrous bull who resembled a walking mountain, bounded over eagerly, sweeping Giovanni’s desk away like a piece of paper and kneeling before his boss. Giovanni placed his growing arms behind his head and flexed his already muscular crotch, his cock tearing through the front of his suit and smacking against the bull’s worshipful features. Oh god he already looked like a championship bodybuilder, the pristine development of his growing muscles was insane! Every fibre was visible, each muscled pumped to perfection! Even his frighteningly massive cock, probably three feet long and nine or ten inches across, seemed to bulge and flex with powerful muscles.

Giovanni was moaning lewdly now, even as his bovine sex slave struggled to stuff that massive organ into his mouth, cum spilling over his face and shoulders as he worshipped the biggest fucking cock on the planet.

“Oh shit!” Giovanni cried suddenly, his eyes widening to the side of dinner plates as he squirmed in his chair, “My back! Ooh fuck!”

Oh fucking hell his growth was accelerating, he was already seven feet tall and still going at it! My mouth dried up the moment I saw his shoulders erupting with writhing sinew, his entire back lengthening by an entire foot and packing on more muscle than should be humanly possible. His lats simply blasted out of his sides, knocking his arms away and causing the tattered remnants of his suit to fall off his growing body. Pectoral muscles swelled to the size of large pillows, jets of cum spraying from his nipples as jet black hairs grew over the surface of his mighty chest. Abdominal muscles that once resembled a chiselled six-pack began morphing before my very eyes, eight freakish bulges the size of cinderblocks bursting out of his gut one muscle at a time.

Sheer mountains trying to pass off as his traps fused into Giovanni’s pillar-like neck, his three other henchmen falling upon his hulking cock as the bull finally succumbed to his own orgasm. Giovanni began to laugh, each booming syllable deepening as his voice took on a thunderous, almost reverberating baritone. He had finally gotten off his chair, flexing his swelling muscles as he continued to shoot up in height, his freakish quads were already the size of car tires, his bare feet crushing into the floorboards as claws the size of my face thrust from the tips of his fingers and toes.

“AARRRGGHH!” Giovanni roared, his body exploding with pure power as his growth accelerated again, boulders of pure mass erupting from his already heaving muscles as he grew and expanded in every fucking direction, “ALL MUSCLE! ALL COCK! I FEEL SO FUCKING HARD! YES! YES!”

Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck! Giovanni was just erupting muscle now, shooting past ten feet in height until the tips of his ears were touching the ceiling. I felt incomprehensibly small now, even as I stared up to the twelve foot panther-god. Chapel was fairing no better, the horse gritting his teeth as he watched his former boss blowing his load all over his minions, coating them in cum so thick and so white I didn’t think it would ever wash off.

“This… feels… incredible,” Giovanni thundered, his eyes flashing dangerously as he turned away from his unconscious minions, “You have given me so much Bradley, such a pity you refused my invitations.”

Giovanni brought up a fist the size of a wrecking ball and snapped his fingers, the shockwave slapping me in the face just as his door flew open. Half a dozen henchmen strode in, some of them letting out surprised gasps when they realized just who they now served. Giovanni seemed all too eager to flex his muscles for them, but when his expression suddenly hardened, I couldn’t help but whimper.

The panther bent over and picked up my phone with two massive claws, striding over to where we were and indicating that Chapel should kneel. His henchmen obeyed at once, dragging the horse off the ground by the collar of his vest and holding him upright, keeping his useless knees on the ground.

“Such strength,” Giovanni growled, “Such power! There can never be anyone as strong as me, there must never be any as strong as I!”

Giovanni began laughing again, his fingers pressing into my phone until a sickening crunching sound filled the air. I could only watch in horror as the panther decimated my phone, crushing it to bits between his fingers. The panther was staring at me now, almost as if he knew destroying my phone would not undo the changes. And, despite me hoping with all my heart that would be the case, nothing happened, Giovanni and his cronies remained as huge and muscular as they had ever been.

“No one can stop me now!” Giovanni boomed, throwing a small cloud of plastic and metal into Chapel’s face, causing him to splutter and spit as the pieces landed in his nostrils, “No one shall have the power to grow as I had! I alone shall be the biggest, most muscular being to ever live!”

“And now that your phone is destroyed Bradley,” he said, turning to leer at me, “I should do with you two what I should have done ages ago.”

Giovanni gestured with one threatening claw, causing his minions to jump to attention.

“Tighten their bindings,” Giovanni commanded.

“And then… throw them into the river.”


Part 7

The cold waters rushed up to meet me when the henchman holding my collar finally let go. I supposed it would have been better than being waved around threateningly, but now that I was actually submerged I could feel my fear returning in full force. Somehow though, despite having my hands tied behind my back and my ankles bound, I managed to stay afloat, no doubt thanks to the diving lessons I had once taken as a kid.

Chapel soon followed, two brawny henchmen lifting the horse by the shoulders and throwing him like a shot-put. Panic overwrote my fear immediately, Chapel’s upper body was still rather huge and all that muscle was definitely going to weigh him down. Not caring that the henchmen were still laughing as the barge sped down the river, I drew in all the air I could hold in my lungs and dived down, kicking my way towards Chapel as I watched him sink. I didn’t actually know what the hell I could do to help him now, but when I saw him curling down towards his legs I almost gave up hope.

And then something long and gleaming came into view. It was a knife, long and sharp and hidden away within Chapel’s jeans. The horse had it in his grip, the blade twirling in his fingers as he sliced away the cloth binding his wrists. I was close to running out of oxygen by this point, but still I refused to swim to the surface, my desire to look at Chapel one last time overriding my need for air. And then the horse was beside me, powerful arms pushing him through the waters like a torpedo. The knife reappeared, slicing through the rags around my wrist and ankles and returning control of my arms and legs.

Instinct kicked in, and I found myself racing to the surface, Chapel helping me along until I finally burst into the frigid air.

“Aaaahh!!” I wailed, threading water and shivering uncontrollably, my breaths turning into rapid gasps as I filled my lungs with much needed oxygen. Chapel was already floating nearby, somehow able to keep his shoulders above the surface with just his arms. Giovanni’s barge was already a hundred yards away, tearing across the river toward the military base at the very end.

Chapel motioned for me to follow, and together we swam toward the rocky shore, gasping for breath as we clambered over the flood guards and rolled onto the soft, grassy shoreline.

“Oh my god!” I cried, clutching my face as the clear sky finally swung into view, “I can’t believe we got out of that!”

Chapel did not say anything, causing me to sit up in panic at the thought that something might have happened to him. Thankfully though, he was there, propped up on his arms as though he was doing push ups and breathing so hard his nostrils were permanently flared.


The horse turned to look at me, he was grinning again, his pearly whites shining in the soft afternoon sun. And then I saw it, clamped between his teeth, a tiny metal card of sorts, emblazoned with gold and the unmistakable insignia of my mobile service provider.

“Oh… Oh no frigging way!” I said, eyes unblinking as I crawled over to where he laid, taking the memory chip from his lips as that grin grew even wider, “Oh my god… Oh my god Chapel you are… amazing!”

And then he was upon me, muscular arms holding me close as we flopped into the soft grass, the warmth of his body comforting as we giggled and laughed for some time.

“Oh god I Chapel I love you so much.”

“I know Bradley,” the horse said softly, his face pressed against mine as we admired the chip, “But I dare say I love you more than you love me.”

“How did you even get this in your mouth? I thought Giovanni crushed my phone to bits!”

“He did, but when he threw the pieces into my face I felt the chip hitting my tongue, I think it escaped simply because it’s so small and flat.”

“I… I still can’t believe you managed to hold on to it until now!”

“I wasn’t going to let you down Bradley, you know that.”

“I have so much to make up for, do you still have your phone?”

“Yep, but… uh… there might be problems.”

Chapel handed me his phone and pushed himself upright so he could adjust his outfit, tightening his chain belt before cutting away all the excess material now that his jeans were several sizes too big for his legs. I inspected the phone in my hand, making a face when I realized just how much water was still spilling out of it, and sure it enough, the phone refused to respond when I tried turning it on.

“Well so much for this,” I grumbled, unlocking the back and sighing when I realized the water had corroded just about everything, “We’re going to need another phone, stat.”

“That might be an issue.”

As if on cue, a mighty rumble quaked through the ground beneath us, explosions going off in the distance as entire buildings began crumbling under Giovanni’s onslaught. We were in some kind of enclave, a short walk from the miniature cliff that held a road running along this side of the city. Chapel agreed to wait, and when I hurried over to peek over the edge, I nearly had to pick my jaws off the floor.

Everywhere I looked I saw Giovanni’s henchmen, huge muscular monsters who were running around in nothing but short shorts and ripping trousers. A good number of them were naked, their massive pricks tearing through concrete and steel as they fucked the walls of entire buildings. There was even one benching a bus, the passengers trapped within screaming with each mighty lift. Chaos reigned, and judging by the way the military and local security forces were running around, it was probably going to stay that way for some time.

“Not good?” Chapel asked.

“Awful,” I replied, “We’re going to have to move, I think I have a spare phone in my room, and then I’ll be able to undo all these changes and put Giovanni in his place.”

“Wait I see a police officer, maybe he has a phone.”

I could not remember the last time I saw a terrified police officer, the wolf was so panicked it almost looked as though his fur was turning white on the spot. I just managed to grab him when he came sprinting along the shoreline, tackling him onto the ground as he screamed at the top of his lungs.

“Officer!” I yelled, loud enough to make myself heard, “Your phone! Give it to me!”

Amazingly, the wolf did as he was told, his phone fumbling out of his pocket when he tried pulling it out. Chapel, who had dragged himself closer while I was shouting, picked it up and frowned.

“Not a smartphone,” he said, turning to face the shivering wolf under me, “Where’s your car officer?”

“I-I-I w-was just g-going to g-g-get it,” he stuttered, his eyes darting wildly, “C-C-City l-lost, army d-destroyed, w-w-we’re all d-doomed!”

A bellowing roar echoed some distance away, causing the policeman to shriek before passing out in my grip as a massive shadow loomed over us. My first instinct was to throw myself over Chapel, surely due to the muscle-henchmen who had come to get rid of us. And then I looked up, and saw to my amazement a police chaser roaring over our heads, almost in slow motion, the car bouncing to a halt mere feet away from where we were. Granted, it was still on the road, but hey a car was a car.

“Ooh!” Chapel exclaimed, “That’s convenient. Bradley let’s go right now, before it’s too late.”

“Way ahead of you,” I said, pulling myself up the cliff and reaching down to give Chapel a hand. The horse didn’t take it, flashing a confident grin at me before I could protest.

“Handicapped but not helpless Bradley,” Chapel said, “Never forget that.”

The horse had already dragged himself to the edge by this point, his massive hand grasping into the rocky outcrops as he pulled himself up, succeeding in pulling himself all the way onto the edge of the road as I watched in amazement.

“Told ya,” he said, grinning before lifting himself into the passenger seat. I ran around to the driver’s door and threw myself in, grabbing the keys that were waiting for me and firing the ignition. There was a larger-than-average henchman growling and thumping his chest in the distance, no doubt the same one who had thrown us this police chaser. Chapel was already giving me a naughty look, and I knew exactly what he intended. The police car came with one of those massive crash bumpers for smashing through roadblocks, and it was a pretty big rammer at that.

“Do you think we can do it?” I asked anxiously as I shifted the car into position, “Is there detour we can take?”

“Judging by how many buildings are falling in the distance,” Chapel said, “I think we’ll have to risk it, besides he doesn’t look that big.”

“He just threw a car.”

“We can take him, trust me on this one.”

Whatever protests I had planned were cancelled out by a mighty bellow from the henchman, I decided to go with it, slamming my foot into the accelerator and jerking as the car sped off. The henchman had noticed the challenge, and as if confident that his muscles would hold, the bull simply puffed out his chest and flexed his hulking arms by his sides. I was moving at insane speeds by this point, shutting my eyes at the last moment and yelling when the car made contact, smashing into the bull so hard the wind was knocked out of him.

“Look at him go!” Chapel laughed. I opened my eyes, realizing that the bull had been sent flying. It was clear to anyone that he wasn’t hurt in the slightest, but damned I must have thrown him a good thirty feet. The crash bumper probably wasn’t useable anymore, but I didn’t think we’d need it. Stomping on the accelerator, I raced down the road toward my old apartment, it would not be long before Giovanni reached the military base and all the weapons stored there. There wasn’t a moment to lose!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Thankfully, my apartment block was still standing by the time we arrived. Emergency services had long abandoned this side of town, no doubt having evacuated everyone before fleeing the scene themselves.

“Go find your phone,” Chapel said, tapping me on the shoulder as we came to a halt, “Don’t worry about me. Just go before the mob gets to this part of town.”

“I’m not leaving you again,” I said without thinking, “Not after… what happened.”

“I’ll slow you down,” he insisted, indicating his legs, “Just go find your phone Bradley, please!”

“Oh… okay, but promise you’ll get yourself up there!”

“I promise, now go!”

I didn’t need to be told twice, my still wet clothes causing me to shiver in the cold as I tumbled out of the car and sprinted into the lobby. There were dangerous looking cracks along the walls already and I immediately decided against taking the lift, choosing instead to run up the stairs since my apartment was only on the fourth floor.

My door was still unlocked from when I was so unceremoniously kidnapped, and while I knew the threat of looters was prominent, I didn’t bother to check as I sprinted into my room and began tearing the place apart. I had to have kept it in a box or something! My spare had to be around here somewhere! It just had to be!

Tremors were running across my floor, growing stronger with every passing minute as Giovanni’s mob continued rampaging across the city. I could even hear helicopters flying around, what sounded like rockets soaring across the sky and exploding uselessly against the monstrous invaders. Half my room had been ransacked by this point, my arms aching as I cursed myself for being such a pack rat.

“Bradley?” called Chapel’s voice, “Bradley are you in here?”

“I am!” I yelled back, stepping back as I pulled entire drawers out of my cupboards and rummaging through the contents, “How did you get up here?!”

“Car in the handicapped lot had a wheelchair in the back, helped myself to it!”

“Come on in! Help me turn my room upside down, I can’t find it!”

“If the fighting gets too fierce,” Chapel said as he rolled into the room, “I want you to get to the car and get the hell out of here. The power went out seconds after I got out of the lift, so there’s no way I’m going to get to the ground from here.”

“I’m not leaving you behind, Chapel.”

“You might have to this time, there are rockets flying around Bradley.”

“No… I can’t… I won’t!”

“Listen to me Bradley,” Chapel said, grabbing me and pulling me into a hug, “I would never forgive myself if I dragged you down. I’ve already lost so much, if I lose you then all this would have been for nothing!”

I remained in Chapel’s embrace for a few minutes, swallowing my emotions when I realized how much sense the horse was making. I wasn’t going to do it though, not after what we had been through, I had been shot with bazookas and armour piercing rounds, even thrown into the River Brandon to drown. And yet we were still here, together, alive.

“No,” I said simply.


“I’m seventeen years old and stubborn, so no.”

Chapel let out an exasperated sigh, but it was clear he knew I was not going to be swayed, so the horse gave me a warm smile, his fingers running through my hair as he pressed my closer.

“This is why I love you so much.”

“At least we’ll be together until the… the…”

“Shush,” Chapel whispered, easing me to my feet, “We’re not done yet, c’mon lets search for your spare.”

He let me go, giving me a moment to steel my heart before we raced to different cupboards, tearing through everything for two excruciating minutes until Chapel suddenly yelled.


“What?! No way!”

“Yes way!” Chapel cried, waving a box before me. That was it! The box where I kept the older model of my current phone! I bounded over the bed and grabbed it, my fingers barely touching the cover when a powerful quake sent me flying. Chapel managed to catch me in time, redirecting the moment of my fall so I landed onto the softness of my mattress. It sounded as though something had collided into the lower floors, something big.

“COME ON DOWN BRADDY-BOY!” hollered an all too familiar voice, “THE BOSS KNOWS YOU’RE UP THERE!”


“Oh fucking hell not now!” Chapel groaned, shoving the box into my hand and flipping the lid, “Put the chip in Bradley, quickly!”

Another quake, the sound of crumbling stone a grim indication that the Baxter trio were having fun downstairs, I did as Chapel directed, ripping open the back of my phone and searching frantically for the empty chip slot.

And then a loud bang rang in through my apartment, the sound of my front door flying off its hinges and landing with a thud on the floor.

“WE KNOW YOU’RE HERE BRADLEY,” roared Tommy, the once pathetic little lynx sounding fearsome and absolutely monstrous, “YOUR SMELL IS EVERYWHERE!”

Chapel and I exchanged uneasy glances, the horse swallowing as he rolled his chair back.

“I can buy you three minutes, tops.”

“Chapel,” I whispered, desperation creeping into my face, “Please… No… Not again.”

“Get BMU running and undo all of Giovanni’s changes,” Chapel said, breaking my grip on his wrist before pushing himself out of reach, “I’ve taken beatings before. Don’t worry about me, just hurry.”

Suddenly I heard the door slam, Chapel disappearing from view and leaving me alone and shivering once again. Hendry’s voice floated through moments later, the fox slurping loudly as he desecrated the sanctity of my apartment.

“Well look at this, boys,” he rumbled, “Meals on wheels!”

“Time for some overdue payback,” Baxter added, “Get him!”

The sound of Chapel’s wheelchair being crushed shook me from my stupor, forcing me to realize that I had just spent half a minute staring blankly at my hands. Chapel’s pained cries were causing my fingers to shake, what was I doing, oh god what was I doing?!

Biting my lips and forcing myself to breathe, I stuck the chip into the appropriate slot and, without bothering to replace the cover, flipped my phone around and pressed my finger into the power button. Four agonising seconds passed before the screen blipped to life, the trashing Chapel was taking outside chilling me to the bone as the horse struggled to buy me more time. The main menu came into view, and when I realized the battery was at a mere two per cent I nearly freaked.

Somehow, I managed to tap the BMU icon, the application activating and taking over the space on my touch screen. The battery icon flashed, reducing to a mere one per cent before my wide, disbelieving eyes. Oh god no, the power had been cut, there was no way I could charge this. I had to move quickly, I needed to undo Giovanni’s changes, where was the entries tab, oh god Bradley get a hold of yourself!

Breathing deeply, I swiped the main menu away, my eyes almost bursting out of my sockets when I realized Giovanni had wiped my entire history. There were only two tabs left, the last two people affected by BMU before my phone was shattered—Chapel, and Giovanni himself.

The panther was still incomprehensibly huge, twelve feet tall and more powerful than anything I had ever created. I tapped the undo button, returning the wretched criminal to his regular old body, my finger floating over the trigger button when Chapel let out a terrible, agonising cry. I felt my entire body trembling, my finger drifting away from the trigger button when I realized what I wanted more in this world. The city had already been evacuated, and if the military was bombing the place that meant they had been pushed to take desperate measures. And here was Chapel, the man who was counting on me more than anyone else on the planet.

I shut my eyes, sobbing when I realized I cared not for the ruins of the city. I wanted Chapel, I wanted him more than anything else I had ever known, and so I closed Giovanni’s tab and turned to Chapel’s. BMU was going nuts, so many warning buttons flashing all over I almost couldn’t see the model of the horse I so loved. I was going to give him everything, and with a push of a button I restored the changes Giovanni removed. My finger continued to move, pushing away every warning button and introducing more improvements to Chapel than I had before. There was even a tab with suggested additions, the list flashing as though trying to catch my attention. It was almost as if BMU could sense my distress, offering solutions to my problems that I accepted eagerly.

Not bothering to read any of it, I began introducing more changes, working as quickly as I could as the Chapel on my screen grew too massive for it to contain, refusing to stop until BMU flashed a warning. My battery was seconds was running out, and I knew it was now or never. Saving my changes, I smashed my finger into the trigger button and yelped as my phone sparked in my hand. A final bolt of electricity all but burst from between my fingers, arcing through the air as it seared toward its target, tearing my door clean off its hinges before diving headlong into the battered and beaten Chapel.

There was a blast, a shockwave that burst from Chapel’s barely conscious body with such force I was blown clean off the bed. Baxter and his cronies, who had been stomping on Chapel, were sent flying, their enormous bodies crashing through entire walls and pillars as Chapel began to shake. I pushed myself upright and dragged myself to the door, Chapel had gone into convulsions, his entire body trembling with the force of an earthquake before he unleashed a single, terrifying ROAR.

My ears were deafened instantly, the incessant ringing in my brain fading slowly when I rubbed the sides of my head. Chapel was on his feet again, his legs filling up with muscle as he shifted unsteadily, his widening feet stretching over the wooden floorboards as he swayed and stumbled. Like I was, Chapel had one hand to his head, groaning and grunting as his body trembled and shook. Something was happening to him, as though all the energy in the room was being sucked into his very being, his entire body throbbing with potential as he clenched his own gut, falling to his knees and moaning.

And then the very floor beneath me began rumbling, causing my limbs to freeze and the blood to run from my face. I had thought it was the buildings foundations finally crumbling, but then I realized the tremors were coming from Chapel. The horse was on all fours, his entire body shaking so hard once more I could only stare and gasp when his muscles fucking exploded.

“RRAAAAAAGHHH!!!” he bellowed, shattering the windows of my apartment as he hulked out beyond reason. Tommy, who had just stepped back into the picture swinging a metal girder, was sent flying when Chapel’s arms morphed into world destroying punishers, a fist huge enough to swallow my head punching the lynx in the gut so hard I actually felt the shockwave bouncing off me.

Chapel was growling and snarling now, biceps the size of car tires bulging out of his arms as his growth hit a new high. All over I could see the remnants of his vest stretching and ripping as his body swelled beyond all understanding, shoulders wider than I was tall exploding with muscular mountains as his hulking traps fused with the pillar trying to pass off as his neck. I could see every frigging muscle cell swelling under his skin, his monstrous back taking on the fantastic Y-shape as his shoulders and lats blew out of proportion.

Pectoral muscles carved by the gods of sheer marble burst from Chapel’s chest, two heaving monstrosities that stretched and bulked and heaved with unbridled power, growing so huge and so powerful so quickly I almost failed to see the horse’s rippling stomach. Even Tommy, whose cinderblock sized muscles were the biggest and the strongest mere moments ago, paled in comparison to what I now saw. Chapel’s eight-pack belonged to a freak show, each bulging slab the size of my entire torso and shredded as fuck, flexing with incomprehensible amounts of power with each heaving breath.

The horse’s legs were next, his pants exploding from the base up when his furry feet ballooned into tennis racquets, his calves doubling in mass and throbbing with so much veiny muscle they had split into their individual muscle groups. Chapel’s quads, already thick and sculpted, filled up with molten steel as he jerked and bucked, the wet denim tearing in places as his thighs were consumed by veritable mountains of muscle, each striated mass rumbling ominously as they tore his clothing apart.

All this while Chapel had been growing tall, stretching wider, expanding in all directions as his body grew massive and heavy with muscle, until nothing but a pair of tattered fabric covered him around the crotch. The monster let out a guttural moan, his ample cock throbbing madly as it thickened and hardened, growing longer, stronger, more muscular than anything I had ever seen. I watched as Chapel pushed himself upright, his ears gracing the ceiling as his cock pushed itself out, hundreds and hundreds of pounds of solid, muscular bulk bursting from the bloated shaft. His cockhead, already the size of a beach ball, gorged itself with so much blood it immediately turned from a light pink to a dark shade of red. Chapel’s dick-slit must have been huge and wide enough to devour my entire head, powerful streams of sticky white juices launching themselves from his massive tool with every throb of his hulking testicles.

And then Chapel’s head struck the ceiling, his monstrous penis swaying dangerously before him as he adjusted his widening stance, bending forward until his expansive upper back pressed against the upper floor. He was partially delirious by now, drool cascading from his lips as he bathed in the sensations fuelling his growing muscles.

Baxter let out a war cry, charging from the hole he had made in the wall and slamming his shoulders against the gigantic Chapel. It almost looked comical, the comparatively tiny lizard actually thrown off by the impact from his own attack, mirroring the events of the day before. Chapel turned to look at him, his face restructuring itself as his bones thickened and shifted, growing more bestial, ferocious, and yet manlier than could ever be!

The lizard tried pushing himself back, his throbbing erection completely exposed through the tent in his posing trunks. Chapel snarled at him, his foot leaving craters in the floor as he stomped over to where Baxter laid, one massive fist clenching so hard I could actually hear the skin tightening around it like a drum. And then Chapel struck him, a single, mighty blow that send Baxter crashing through all the floors below, the lizard vanishing into a massive hole smack in the middle of my living room.

“I’ll get you yet!” Hendry cried, stumbling in from his hole and charging at the monstrous Chapel like a wild animal. Only… it seemed Chapel was the wilder one, the horse unleashing a thundering bellow that resulted in Hendry tripping over himself. Chapel raised his monumental muscle-arms, sweat-soaked bushes of pubic hair bursting to life within his armpits before the horse struck true, Hendry crashing through four floors before joining Baxter on the bottom.

It was just Tommy left, the lynx rising from the debris that covered him as he turned to regard his new foe. Chapel was grinning at him with a savageness that frightened even me, a dark forest of hair covering his chest and abs as a bristling jungle burst from his crotch and between his manly buttocks. They began to circle each other, Chapel’s herculean form still expanding, still growing, his engorged manhood spraying cum everywhere as it soaked itself in his power.

My goodness I couldn’t believe Tommy was still here, having expected him to revert to his cowardly little self and fleeing the moment Baxter and Hendry hit the ground floor. And then the lynx did something I did not expect, he stopped moving, placing his hands on a support pillar and then taking his eyes off his opponent. Chapel flinched, the muscular power in that simple reflex distracting me until I realized Tommy had turned to look at me, and I returned the stare, just as Chapel turned to look at me too.

Time seemed to stop for a singular moment. I realized then that Tommy was beside the last intact foundation pillar, the rest having been destroyed by Baxter and Hendry mere moments before. He was leering at me, a vile smirk splitting his ugly face in two as his hands caressed the concrete support. And suddenly he roared a battle cry of his own, powerful muscles flexing with impunity as he crushed his arms into the pillar. Time sped up again, Chapel launching himself across the ruins of my apartment and throwing a massive fist into Tommy’s face.

Only it seemed the lynx had expected this, the cat actually releasing the pillar and launching himself at Chapel at the last possible moment. Chapel’s fist struck true, crushing into Tommy’s face with the force of a freight train, but that had been the lynx’s plan all along, for when the momentum of Chapel’s attack carried him forward, both his fist and Tommy were sent smashing into the pillar, the impact obliterating the concrete from existence and setting off a chain of events of most catastrophic proportions.

I could only watch as the pillar crumbled, massive cracks shattering the walls around it as the building began collapsing into itself. The ceiling moaned ominously, breaking and snapping as Chapel roared in fury. The horse had seen it as well, his expression marred with terror when he realized the place was coming apart. He turned to me, just as I stood in order to run, the fear in his eyes apparent when the building began to shake, the floor giving away beneath my feet as mortar and stone crashed upon us.

“BRADLEY!” Chapel roared, tripping when the floor opened up to swallow him, “GIVE ME YOUR HAND!”

The entire structure was caving into itself, bending inwards as the floor beneath me shattered at the slightest touch. I heard myself scream, trying with all my heart and my soul to crawl towards the hand that was barely within reach. Chapel’s immense weight was bringing the entire building down with him, but I knew that was the only way I would get out here. I continued to crawl, pushing and kicking myself across the floor of my bedroom as I was tilted forward. I lunged, my hand flying toward Chapel’s when something pulled the horse away.

“NO!” he thundered, struggling as the floor crumbled beneath him, his arm dragged with him as he tumbled into the levels below.

“CHAPEL!” I screamed, pulling my hand back when an enormous girder smashed into where Chapel’s paw had been mere moments before. I was on my feet again, trying to stay balanced as my belongings swept between my shoes.

“BRADLEY!” Chapel yelled from below, “WHERE ARE YOU BRADLEY?!”

“I’m still here!” I cried back, my body paralysed with fear when the ceiling began crumbling above me.

“JUMP BRADLEY!” Chapel returned, “I WILL CATCH YOU!”

And then my floor suddenly lurched, the brick and stone falling away from my feet as beds and wardrobes crashed in from the upper stories. I began to run, dancing over the breaking floorboards and leaping over the pillar, throwing myself toward the hole when a dark shadow all but swallowed me.

The massive support beam struck me like a torrent of ice, the impact wrenching the sensations from my mind and shattering it into pieces uncountable. Pain, greater than anything I have ever imagined consumed my thoughts as I let my agony be known. And then I was falling, my body going limp as I fell into the darkness, my vision blurring before my very eyes. Chapel’s voice was barely audible anymore, a blur of chestnut consuming my thoughts before I felt my eyes finally closing. There was a roar of an avalanche, and then… silence.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I vaguely knew myself to be sleeping, images and thoughts drifting through my head as I lay wrapped in shadow. There were sounds… ideas… the call of a familiar voice, the warmth of arms… around me… rock and stone crumbling… and falling. Was this… water… hitting my face? Was I… being carried? I saw… light… darkness…

I woke with a start.

I could hear and see it now, the soft beeping of medical equipment, the soft glows from a night lamp. It was dark but… warm. I blinked a few times, realizing that the ceiling looked to be made of canvas, as though I was inside a giant tent. I could feel the softness of a warm bed beneath me, I could feel my fingers grasping a woollen blanket, and I could feel…


My legs…

No… no!

I forced my head to move, my neck aching as I tilted my face forward and stared at the shape of my feet through the blanket, a chill gripping my heart when I screamed in my mind for them to move, and saw to my terror that they no longer obeyed me.

Chapel was there, beside me. The horse was sitting on the concrete beside my bed, his head resting on a pillow he had placed next to my waist. He looked sound asleep, and he also looked… smaller. I blinked again, and saw that Chapel resembled when I had first freed him from his chair. He was still too big to fit into the nearby seat, eight feet tall at least, but definitely not the twenty foot monster from… before. He was even wearing his trademark outfit, an open, sleeveless black vest, matching denim jeans that ended in steel toed boots, and chains for his belt. The only thing not there was his sunglasses, though I did not think he would need them in the dim light of my… tent?

Not wanting to wake him, I returned my attention to my legs, running my hands over the thighs that rested under the blanket. Tears dripped from my eyes now, and I closed them, struggling to contain my anguish when I realised I felt nothing but the wool against my hands. I stared at my feet, biting my lips when I realised I could no longer wiggle my toes. I could remember something heavy landing on my back when my house collapsed on me, but this… this was too much.

At the verge of tears, I sniffled softly, causing Chapel’s eyes to snap open when he realized I had finally woken. The horse was on his feet instantly, his huge body heaving with emotion as he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer.

“Chapel…” I cried, overcome with anguish as I pressed my face against one enormous shoulder, “My legs…”

“I know…” Chapel sobbed, shuddering as he held me, “You were out for two days… I feared the worst… but now… now you are safe.”

“My… My phone… Chapel where is it.”

“It… did not… make it, Bradley.”

Chapel pulled away, and pulled out a tiny box from his pocket.

“I’m sorry Bradley…” he said, tears dripping down his face when he popped it open before me, “I tried… I really did.”

If I could feel any worse than I did, the sight before me all but crushed my spirit. My old phone lay in shattered pieces, but there, set into the very core of the box was the golden memory chip, split into two clean fragments.


“I’m sorry,” Chapel cried, removing the box from sight and sitting on the bed so he could pull me close, “I’m so… so sorry!”

I knew I had been pushed beyond the limit, and so I simply remained where I was, sobbing into Chapel’s chest for what felt like an eternity. My legs were gone and useless, nothing out there which would return me my ability to walk. The memory chip had been destroyed, BMU wiped from existence as I knew it, my only key torn from my gasp.

“Chapel… oh god Chapel…”

“Let me stay with you Bradley, please. I know what it’s like, I went through this as well, you can get yourself through this, and I know you can.”

“I’m never going to walk again… Chapel, why?”

“I swear I will remain by your side as long as you will have me Bradley, please give me a chance.”


“You gave me my life back at a great cost to your own, Bradley nothing I do in this lifetime will ever repay the debt I owe you. Let me stay with you, let me love you Bradley, I want nothing more than to make you happy for the rest of your life.”

Chapel pulled me away, so he could look at me in the eye and so I could see the sincerity that burned within them. I felt my heart breaking, my arms trembling as Chapel returned me to his chest. Was I ever going to get through this? Would I ever get used to never walking again? I was never going to run, never going to dance or jump for as long as I knew it.

I gripped Chapel’s arms as hard as I could and pressed my face against his chest, trying to stifle my sobs as I let his powerful heartbeat overtake me. Chapel felt warm, strong, like a pillar of support in a room of doubt and despair. He felt like a buoy anchored to a single spot as the oceans raged around us. I wanted to hold him harder, my face smoothening out when Chapel spoke again, his voice soft, and gentle.

“Let me protect you,” he whispered, “Let me be your friend and guardian until the end of your days, let me be your sword and your shield. I have not felt such emotions for any other person in all my time on this earth, let me stay Bradley, I swear to the moon and the stars that I shall love you for the rest of my life.”

Chapel rested his chin on my head, and together we sat, sharing our warmth for what felt like hours.

In time, I felt my emotions retreating, a sense of calm and security enveloping my heart and spirit as Chapel finally released me. I did feel warmer now, even as Chapel pulled a rag from somewhere and wiped the tears from my face. I could hear other patients moaning or groaning now, alongside the shuffle of footsteps as nurses hurried about their business, though… the tentage and concrete flooring puzzled me greatly.

“We’re in what used to be the parking lot of a fast food joint,” Chapel said, answering my unasked question, “A hundred and fifty miles from the city. If you’re familiar with Joe’s Juicy Justice, that all-meat burger bar near the peak of Mount Crane, that’s where we are now. Emergency services had to set up tent hospitals everywhere they could, and this one caters only to those who had to be airlifted from the city.”

“Wait… the city, what happened to it?”

“Giovanni more or less levelled the place, announced his own independent state on top of all that too, although the military says it’s planning to crush the rebellion by the end of the weak.”

“Do they even know what they’re up against?” I asked, “Last time I checked there were police cars being thrown about like beach balls.”

“They’ve actually brought in the heavy artillery, somehow everyone managed to evacuate so now they’re just shelling the place like crazy to keep the mob away from the blockades, and you can even see the explosions from the other side of the mountain.”

“Well… guess I won’t need to worry about school then.”

“Oh that won’t be an issue don’t worry, I found your resume when I was digging through the ruins of your apartment for your phone this morning, just in case you wanted to enrol yourself in another college to further your studies, let me go get it.”

I watched as Chapel slid off the bed, his booted feet clomping softly on the concrete as he squeezed his way through the flaps of my tent and returned with an enormous camping bag over his shoulder, no doubt filled with all sorts of other stuff he salvaged from my ruined home. I even spotted his fiery motorcycle parked right outside. Trust the furry mountain to bring that with him.

“You know,” I said, shifting slightly as Chapel popped open the bag and drew out a folder, “I swear you grew bigger than this back at my apartment.”

“I did.”

“Then… why are you so small… I mean… not as huge now?”

Chapel stared at me for a moment, an eyebrow raised before sticking my folder back into the bag, his eyes lighting up for the first time since I woke.

“You don’t remember the changes you gave me?”

“I… uh… may have been too frantic to look.”

“Ooh… Oh yes this should get interesting.”

“I still have no idea what you mean by that.”

“No but I do,” Chapel said, shoving his carrier side and grabbing the clock beside my bed, “C’mon, the sun is going to rise really soon and the view out there is absolutely fantastic.”

It almost pained me when Chapel brought a wheelchair into view, but still I knew I had to be brave, this was going to be the start of a new day for me, and I was going to face it. Chapel helped me along, practically sweeping me off the bed with his enormous arms and easing me into the seat with a gentleness that surprised even me.

“Wait,” I said as Chapel rolled me toward the tent flaps, “Am I even supposed to be leaving my bed?”

“I… uh… am not really sure,” Chapel replied, “But hey I waited two days for you to wake up, now let’s go watch the sunrise, there’s something I’d like to show you.”

And so we carried on, Chapel pulling open the flaps and allowing me to see that fiery motorcycle of his. The giant bike had been parked next to the tent, a number of backpacks and rucksacks resting in a neat little pile beside it. I had never been to Mount Crane before this, but when I finally tore my eyes away from Chapel’s ride I realized that the view was indeed amazing. Joe’s Juicy Justice was still closed and the sky was still dark, but when Chapel brought me over to one of the sightseeing spots, I was nearly blown away.

Oh, it wasn’t the view, I couldn’t even see over the railing from my position, rather I was referring to Chapel locking my wheelchair in place and then pulling off his already-revealing vest. His muscles were as beautifully sculpted as I had designed, perhaps even more so, everything from his rippling pectoral muscles to the oversized biceps bulging out of his arms… it seemed absolutely perfect.

It was only when Chapel unbuckled his chain belt did I feel myself panic a little, we were in a public place after all, and while it was still indeed night time that didn’t mean you should be stripping yourself out here! I opened my mouth, but Chapel simply grinned at me, silencing my protests before the words even formed in my throat, that massive schlong springing from his hairy crotch almost dazzling me with its sheer size alone.

“I was genuinely surprised when I grew as huge as I did that day,” Chapel said, folding his clothes neatly and placing them onto my lap, “And since you were unable to tell me anything about it, I busied myself in your tent while waiting for you to wake. I did manage to discover a few new things that weren’t there before, let me show you the one I like best.”

Dressed as well as the day he was born, Chapel placed his iron boots beside my chair and swaggered over to the empty space before me, his hairy ass muscles flexing and heaving before my wide, unblinking eyes. I could only sit there and gape, the cool breeze drifting through the spaces in my hospital garb when a strange glow swept over us. My mind was thrown back to the superhero moves of old, where energy could manifest itself into ribbons of light without the need for computers or camera tricks.

And then I realized that warm, orange glow was actually the sun, the first rays of morning finally creeping over the horizon and bending around Chapel’s enormous body. I watched the horse raising his arms slightly, nothing but a dark silhouette surrounded by a soft, fiery glow. Chapel drew in breath, a shudder running down the length of his body.

“Oh… oh my…” I managed, my eyes widening when I realized what I could now see and hear.

It almost sounded like leather being stretched, ripples of energy sweeping across the vast expanse of Chapel’s shredded musculature and causing his fur to stand on end. There was a quake, strong enough to send tremors to the floor around me when Chapel suddenly swelled, his arms packing on pure mass before my very eyes. Shoulders already monumentally massive expanded slowly at first, bulging masses of sheer muscle swelling from his already hulking body.

Chapel was breathing hard, each bellowing breath causing more and more beef to be packed into his growing frame. He had to be eleven feet in height by now, his furry feet tearing entire craters into the pavement whenever he wiggled his toes, fists the size of beach balls clenching and flexing as the dark shape morphed into a being of pure power.

I simply sat, deciding I would relax and enjoy the view as Chapel shot to over twenty feet, a towering giant of such incomprehensible proportions I actually realized I couldn’t see the sun anymore. He was just that big, every single cell in his body rumbling with his strength with the slightest of flexes, the muscular power emanating from him so powerful I could actually hear his muscles grinding against one another as they battled for space. Chapel was not the snarling, growling muscle monster from before. No, he seemed almost serene, calmed, and when the sun finally rose high enough to cast light upon him, I could see that his herculean shoulders were completely, utterly relaxed.

Sort of.

“See what I mean?”

At first I thought the gods themselves were speaking to me, the entire mountain shaking under my chair at that single utterance. Chapel simply grinned, his long tongue wetting his lips as he turned to face me, his monstrous form threatening to overwhelm me with sheer awe when the horse brought his arms up for the most amazing double bicep flex I had ever seen in my life. I was probably already starting to dehydrate, so much drool pouring from my lips that Chapel actually gave me a look of concern.

“I hear people coming,” purred the stallion, his eyes twinkling in delight when I moaned at the sound of his voice, “Hope you enjoyed the sunrise Bradley.”

I didn’t even realize Chapel shrinking until his chest began flexing so erotically against my face, the horse nuzzling my head as his muscles collapsed onto themselves and returned him to his eight foot form. Even as I watched him struggling to squeeze said muscles into his clothing, I knew I was going to see him as a twenty foot titan for the rest of my life, that image of raw power so incredible it had forever been scarred into my depths of my mind.

Somehow, Chapel managed to get dressed in time, the draft horse stuffing his huge cock back into his jeans when the first sounds of conversation finally drifted past my ears. It was a nurse, pushing a wheelchair carrying another victim of Giovanni’s attack, the two smiling at us when Chapel sat down beside me and waved.

“I didn’t even get to see the sunrise you know,” I whispered once I was sure they were out of range, flicking Chapel’s ear with my finger and causing him to giggle.

“I can’t help it if you made me so hot as to be able to grow whenever I want to.”

“And here I was thinking you needed sunlight to help you.”

“I can grow individual body parts as well,” Chapel added naughtily, rolling me around so he could press his face into my lap, “What you see now is the smallest I can go, but I’ll admit I’m only like this so I can fit into clothes, the nurses weren’t satisfied with a towel so I had no choice.”

“They allowed you in with a vest that technically only covers your back?”

“Well the emphasis was pants, but I was also forced to put on a shirt on the first day, only it burst.”

“It burst?!”

“I couldn’t help it,” Chapel cooed, “I sneezed and suddenly I was shirtless again.”

“Now why does that not sound accidental at all?”

“Gee you know me so well,” giggled Chapel, dragging me off the chair so he could press me against his chest, “I might just burst my pants now so you stop calling my bluffs!”

“What am I going to do with you Chapel,” I asked, caressing the strong muscles that bulged against my face, “You’re like an unstoppable juggernaut of muscle that could knock down this entire mountain if he wanted to.”

“Oh you should have seen the number of rockets the military fired at me before they realized I had you in my arms,” Chapel laughed, “Half of them freaked out and fainted before they even got their weapons out, and then I yelled at them a little too hard and sent their tanks flying. Apart from the fact they’re all going to need therapy now, it was pretty fun!”

“That’s… wow.”

“I know right,” Chapel said, grinning from ear to ear before adding, “And I think I see Joe’s opening at last! Let’s go get some grub Bradley, my treat!”

As it turned out, Chapel’s treat consisted of the horse flexing his pecs and causing Joe to fall over with a nosebleed so severe we actually had to yell for medics. Still, when the bull finally recovered he was more than happy to pile steaks and fries and mashed potatoes onto our plates for as long as we wanted.

I was still stuffing my face when I noticed Chapel twiddling his fingers, the mountain of meat before him growing to the ceiling as Joe flew between our table and his grill, occasionally stopping for other patrons but giving us a higher priority. The stallion even seemed to be reddening slightly, his eyes darting between his food and my face as his blushing reached a new high.

“Chapel?” I called, placing a hand on his enormous quad muscle as more people streamed into Joe’s, “Is something wrong?”

“I… uh… well… I was just wondering about my earlier question… you never actually answered it.”

“Which… Which question?”

“The one where I asked if… if I could stay… stay by your side for… for the rest of time.”

“Well…” I said, pausing and grinning as the colour ran from Chapel’s face, “I guess I could use a mega-sized, massively-muscled monstrosity to keep me safe and warm every night, what say you Chapel?”

And suddenly he was upon me, his immense power decimating the plastic seating we were resting on as he swept me off my feet for what seemed like the hundredth time, his lips crushing into mine as we rolled over Joe’s floor.

YES!” Chapel half-roared, half-cried, his entire body trembling with emotion as the entire eatery burst into applause, “YES! YES! YES!!”

If there was ever an occasion to rival that one moment in time, then I did not know it, Chapel had been so overcome with emotion that he refused to let go of me for the rest of the day, tears of joy spilling down his face like waterfalls of such magnitude he actually managed to soak eighteen whole bath towels by the time the sun set again.

That was all I had truly needed to pull through this devastating phase in life. Chapel was the single greatest thing that had ever happened to me. The horse was all I had ever wanted in a partner and then some. He never wavered in his promise, staying by my side with such fanatical loyalty it wasn’t long before I was discharged and allowed to leave the tent hospital.

As I let myself be strapped onto Chapel’s enormous bike, I couldn’t help but smile as the stallion reached down, his fingers trembling when I wrapped my hands around them and pressed his paw into my face. I was ready for a new start at long last, and after all, who better to build a new life with than someone who loved you despite the difficulties you would forever face?

It was all I could do to rest my furry features against Chapel’s awesome back as the stallion got on, a soft smile covering my face from ear to ear. I… no… We were ready now, and together, Chapel and I rode off into the night to our glorious, new lives.


Part 8

Snow drifted past our window when the first rays of light pierced through the morning frost, dragging me from my peaceful slumber as I fought to remain asleep. When that failed, I simply remained where I lay, caressing with the palm of my hand the broad back of my lover of more than a decade. Bradley was still asleep, his face buried within the hairy canyon separating my hulking pectoral muscles, his fingers clenching the fur of my chest as he snoozed like a stick of warm butter.

It still amazed me what one could achieve when they were determined enough. Bradley seemed the epitome of that statement, for the once ordinary-looking fox now bulged with more muscle in one arm than most people had in their legs. I could not remember the last time I saw a fox who could boast arms that were twenty-two inches around, let alone biceps that split into multiple peaks whenever he flexed. In the years since Bradley began lifting he had packed on so much muscle into his upper body it made me proud to have trained him, and now that he was the face of wheelchair bodybuilding and one of the most sought-after motivation speakers on the planet, I daresay he had surpassed even me when I was confined to a wheelchair.

As gently as I could, I ran a finger down Bradley’s back, enjoying the sensations that jolted through my fingers as I traced the firm muscles I had helped build. No wonder the fox gave his speeches shirtless and pumped, the sight of those heaving pectoral muscles a clear indication that being handicapped did not mean you were helpless. I had lived so long with that motto it just melted my heart to know Bradley was doing the same, my fluffy little boyfriend having pushed so many disabled individuals past the fear of removing their shirts and into the gyms so they could get their lives together again.

Not surprisingly, I ended up spending the next two hours gushing over the man who completed me, stroking his hair and coiling it between my fingers so I could spend more time watching him fuss over it in the mirror later today. Bradley had given me so much, and now that I weighed over seven hundred pounds of pure muscle and stood at a tall eight feet at my smallest, it was all I could do to make his life as happy as can be. Although I was still going to play with his hair, watching him trying with all his heart to fix it always thrilled me, especially since he was going to do it all whilst sitting on my lap.

Ah… it still pained me that I could not save his legs. Still it comforted us a lot to know that Gregory von Giovanni, the gangster who had started the mess that led to Bradley’s loss, was now facing heaps of unpleasant issues in the city we once called home. It had all started when I decided to pay the panther a visit, not knowing that I was technically invading a sovereign state due to Giovanni’s declaration of independence from the rest of the country. Official reports stated that the staff manning the military blockade had simply forgotten to tell me that, although in reality I knew they simply wanted to see me beat Giovanni into an unconscious pulp. The fact they were cheering me on (via loudhailers) as I pounded Giovanni into a hole only cemented that fact. Either way, after I decimated a hundred or so henchmen on my way out Giovanni’s control over the ruins had been badly shaken.

Needless to say the military was gaining ground for the first time in years, nothing like a twenty foot muscle-monster to subdue the rebellions twelve-foot chief on international television.

Thankfully, Bradley awoke soon after I wrapped up that thought, allowing me to smother him with my hairy love so I could hear him squeal in delight. As I had hoped, he spent more time on my lap trying to fix his hair when I finally carried him into the bathroom, the sight of our bare chests in the mirror exciting me to no end as I looked forward to spending another day with my furry man.

“You’re such a tease,” Bradley complained, giving my pecs as hard smack as I flexed them against his head, “Now stop doing that or we might end up spending the whole morning in here!”

“Oh I wouldn’t mind,” I purred, snuggling him and messing his hair beyond saving, “As long as I get to spend it with you!”

In the end, Bradley simply gave up on his orangey crown, choosing instead to leave as in a complete mess so we wouldn’t starve. As per tradition, it was my turn to settle breakfast today, Bradley having done yesterday’s dinner, and while I was a little sad at not being able to taste his award winning waffles, I did have something planned out.

Aside from the fact I had built our entire villa by hand, I also kept a few fresh fruits and vegetables in the miniature (by my standards anyway) farmland I maintained outside. Since my muscles had been generating a lot of excess heat to keep Bradley warm for the night (blankets made things too hot, he said), I decided to forgo my usual vest and jeans today, choosing instead to squeeze myself into a pair of tight square trunks that highlighted my enormous cock-bulge for all to see.

Kissing Bradley on the cheek, I left him before the living room television and eased my way out of the house, giggling as I dipped my toes into the layer of snow outside and trudging over to one of the greenhouses. Ah… the watermelons and pumpkins were still fresher and ever, the wonders of small-scale temperature regulating technology, I was going to make a smashing summer pie with these plus the apples I had harvested yesterday, oh Bradley was going to love this!

I was nearly back inside when I heard a van turtling along the road that ran past our estate. It was the mailman again, so I placed my harvest by the door and made my way to our front gates, nearly tripping over myself when I noticed just what had stepped out of that bright yellow delivery vehicle.

Instead of the perpetually drooling, wide-eyed lion who usually brought us our mail, there was a unicorn standing there, one that possessed a body of such immense size and power I almost thought I had begun hallucinating. Despite blinking several times and breathing deeply to clear my head, I could still see those huge muscles practically bursting from his uniform. The buttoned down shirt in particular looked ready to explode, the material down the middle stretched so far apart I could make out everything from the snowy white of his fur to the grizzled, fiery-red body hair covering that amazing chest and those incredible, perfectly sculptured abdominal muscles. There wasn’t a jacket or sweater in sight.

But… there was the thing in his crotch, the sheer size of his inhuman package giving everything away as I watched it throbbing and bouncing within the confines of his trousers. It had been a long time since I saw anyone as huge as this equine stud, other than my reflection of course, and when I finally neared it was clear that this monstrous beast was easily my equal in size and muscular development… for now anyway.

“I wouldn’t grow any bigger if I were you,” rumbled a reverberating, thundering baritone, the unicorn winking at me as he tossed his fiery mane, “We only have two pages left and there’s no way we can squeeze a growth duel into the remaining paragraphs.”

“Uh… what?” I asked, my left eyebrow rising slightly until I noticed the nametag pinned onto the unicorn’s uniform. Sturgis, it seemed, really knew how to make the gym work for him.

“Package for you Monsieur Chapel,” Sturgis said cheerfully, a sparkling glow enveloping his horn as he turned his head toward the back of the van, “From a very special organisation.”

I could only watch as a tiny little box drifted from the back of the opened van, wrapped in the soft unicorn magic emanating from Sturgis’s horn. Almost immediately I felt my heart skipping several beats, my eyes fixated on the box until it landed into my waiting palms.

“Congratulations you lucky bugger you,” Sturgis said enviously, pulling out a pad from somewhere so I could sign my name. I did so, although I couldn’t guarantee I had spelled my name right, my mind was quite literally on fire, even as I bade Sturgis goodbye did I stumble across the snow and into the villa, breakfast all but forgotten as I pried open the little box in my hand, my breathing grinding to a halt as my eyes swelled to the size of dinner plates.

And there it was, the end of my waiting since contacting the wedding company three months ago, for inside the box were two glistering bands of gold and titanium entwined, crafted by hand and engraved with our names superimposed unto each other. I knew then that each ring would fit our fingers perfectly, one was rather large, and the other was rather small.

One for me, and one for Bradley.

Unable to control myself any longer, I closed the box and leapt toward the living room, crashing before my dosing husband to be and propping the box open before him, a smile curling around my face as I watched him gape at the rings in my hands.

I grinned as Bradley grabbed my arm and pressed his face even closer, his body began to heave, his eyes dilating, pure elation oozing from his fluffy ears so much so that when he finally turned to look at me I knew he had definitely been waiting a long time for this moment.

“Oh god… Chapel,” he squeaked, tears welling up in his eyes as he regarded me,” Yes… Yes!”

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