Stop staring at me

by BRK

 Those glasses with the funny settings on the side are a lot of fun and very addicting.

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“All right, that takes care of the Crimean War. What did you write for question — dude, stop staring at me.”

Paul grinned. “No.”

“At least take the glasses off.”

“No way.”

“Dude, you promised. I don’t want my cock any bigger! I mean, I’m grateful and all, but, shit — ”

“So let me shrink it for you. There’s a setting on the glasses for that.”

“Fuck no!”

“So shut up.”

“Dude, I’m begging you — ”

“They’re not on ‘cock grow’ anyway.” He seemed to be trying not to laugh.

“Oh.” Jack shifted instantly from mollified to suspicious. “What are they set on?”

Paul let out a suppressed giggle. “Dunno.”

“Dude!!” Jack jumped up from the bed and turned to stare anxiously down at his bud, who grinned up at him from the desk chair. Reflected late-spring sunshine from the windows flashing on Paul’s black-rimmed glasses made his green eyes hard to see, but Jack knew they were dancing with glee.

“I told you yesterday, there are still three settings I don’t know anything about yet. So why not find out what they do?”

Jack took a step toward his friend, trying to appear menacing. “Dude, I’m bigger than you now.”

Paul eyed his tall and muscular friend appraisingly. “Hmmm, not as much as last week. Fuck, I can’t believe it took me two whole weeks of owning these things to realize I should try using a mirror.”

“I’m serious, dude. Take ’em off.”

“Though you’d never ask,” Paul said, starting to shuck his baggy white tee-shirt.

“Fuckhead, I mean the glasses.”

Paul finished taking his shirt off anyway. He looked up at Jack innocently, the light from the windows still flashing on his glasses.

Jack broke of sputtering about the glasses, mesmerized by his friend’s torso. “Dude, what did you do to yourself?” he whispered.

“You like it?” Paul asked, caressing his new middle pec. “I think it’s fucking hot.” He glanced up at his friend, who was staring, mesmerized. “They’re not as big as yours,” he mused appraisingly. “Maybe I’ll work on that this weekend.”

“What — how did you — ?”

“Setting 11 seems to increase the quantity of whatever you stare at.” He took off the glasses to show him the eleventh marking on the inside of the left earpiece. Jack said nothing. “It’s a real bitch though,” he added as he put them on again. “Takes hours of concentration. Definitely the toughest one to do.” He looked down at his pecs, which were still pert and tight but bulged a lot further out from his chest than they had the week before. “I almost gave up, but I had to know what 11 did.”

Then he looked back up at his friend and added with a raised eyebrow, “And now I have to know what 12 does.”

Jack was still stuck on the previous topic. Paul glanced down and was amused to see twitching and swelling becoming evident well down the right leg of Jack’s extra-baggy jeans. “But won’t people notice?” Jack said softly, still staring at the pecs.

“C’mon, don’t be a dork. You know only the people who know about the glasses can tell something’s different. Did anyone say anything when you shot up from 5’9” to 7’2” over the weekend?” He paused only long enough for Jack to frown. “Everyone else will just remember I always had three pecs and it’s no big deal.”

“Wow.” A sudden thought seemed to strike him. “Dude, you gotta be careful with that stuff! What if you forget what setting it’s on and like stare at your arms or something?”

Paul grinned. “Count your fingers lately?”

Jack held up his hands and suddenly realized why flipping through his notes this afternoon had felt weird — his hands each had an extra finger!

“No way!! Dude, what the fuck!! When did you do this?”

“Today, seventh period. You were dozing off through most of class anyway. I wanted to test the focus and I couldn’t resist. You like?”

Jack was still staring at his hands. “They’re okay, I guess,” he said lightly, but the endless tube in his jeans jumped a few times as he said it. “I’m changing seats to where you can’t see me though.” He frowned as he said it, but the frown slid into the crooked grin that Jack always wore when he thought about his changes.

Paul couldn’t resist teasing his friend some more. “Aren’t you going to ask if I tried it on myself anywhere else?”

Jack’s eyes bulged. He glanced quickly down at the bulge in Paul’s crotch, then back up at his grinning face.

“No way.”

Paul settled back smugly in his chair, spreading his legs a bit. “Way. And man, they are so heavy.”

Jack drew a ragged breath. “Can—can I see?”

Paul just nodded. He lifted his butt enough to slide off his loose sweats and the straining jock he was wearing underneath. Two beautiful cocks, freed from the constraining fabric, quickly inflated and were soon wedging their heads in the cracks between Paul’s three melon pecs.

Jack stared slack-jawed. “They’re bigger,” he breathed.

“Not that much bigger.”

“No, but — ” Jack suddenly winced, grabbing his crotch. “Dude, I gotta let this thing out. It can’t get all the way hard in my pants and it’s killing me.”

Paul stood up, his dicks still firmly wedged in place. He only came up to Jack’s foot-thick pecs. In fact, Jack’s nipples were perfectly lined up with Paul’s mouth. This was not by accident. “Can I help?”

“You better, you fuckhead. You did this to me.” Jack was already unbuckling his belt.

“You love it.”

Jack gave his buddy a half-smile. “That’s fucking beside the point.” Paul unzipped him and started to pull the jeans down past the swollen monster struggling to release itself. Finally the superthick python leapt free and instantly finished hardening, the head finally achieving a final, immutable position directly in front of Paul’s mouth. Again, this was not by accident.

Paul gently wrapped his hands around the wrist-thick erection, feeling its warmth and perfect steel-rigid firmness as he grasped it, his hands a foot apart. He was barely able to move it toward him half an inch. Even before Paul had started changing him Jack had been a constantly boned horndog teen who lived up to his name five times a day, and now…

“Aw dude, that feels great,” Jack murmured. His eyes were closed and his strong, meaty hands were caressing Paul’s recently improved shoulders.

Paul smiled up at Jack’s face. He looked blissed out. “Dude, I haven’t done anything yet.” But Jack wouldn’t have long to wait. Paul felt a shudder run through Jack’s startling body as he moved his head forward just enough to kiss a cockhead dwarfed by the size of the shaft it crowned. Jack’s grip on Paul’s shoulders tightened.

Jack began stroking the iron-hard boner with both hands as he wrapped his hot mouth around the quivering cockhead. It was streaming precum, a lot more than usual. Jack was gasping with every touch of his tongue like it was plugged in. Paul was just starting to wish he had two more hands so he could stroke his own super-stiff, throbbing hard-ons when Jack suddenly said in a voice shaky with overstimulation, “Dude, I’m gonna blow —”

Paul removed his mouth long enough to say “Already?” and suddenly his face was covered with cum so hot it almost burned. And it wasn’t stopping. His glasses were covered with cum so he couldn’t see, but he could feel it still splattering against his face. In fact it felt like the pressurized stream of a very powerful water fountain. He could feel the huge thick cock surging with the endless spray, even as it remained immutably hard in his hands. And it was still going. In fact it was getting stronger — the stream had stopped hitting him in the middle of his face and was now spraying his forehead — and now the top of his head — and now it was arching over his head and raining down on him.

All through this Jack was screaming with orgasmic pleasure — screaming so loudly, in fact that, Paul later wondered what the neighbors heard. In that moment, however, there were only two things in the world for Paul — Jack’s gigantic girder of an erection, and the endless high-pressure fountain of hot cum that was dousing him in rich, musky spunk.

The sensation of being covered in cum, of being sprayed by a cum-firehose, was so amazing, so deeply erotic that Paul came suddenly without touching himself, his hands being occupied elsewhere. His twin streams of cum merged imperceptibly with the torrents of Jack-cum streaming down his three superjock pecs.

Jack was still screaming, but in between primal ecstatic roars he was able to say “Too much pleasure — can’t — stop —!!”

Suddenly concerned, Paul took off his glasses so he could see his friend. Immediately the fountain tailed off and reduced to a dribble, then stopped. Suddenly Jack seemed to start to swoon. Paul held him and let him sink to his knees, so they were eye to eye. Jack was almost as coated with cum as Paul was. His face was red but as they looked at each other they both started laughing.

“Wow,” Paul said. “That was amazing.” He was afraid to look around and see what kind of shape the bedroom was in, so he kept his eyes on Jack’s extra-beautiful, cum-covered face.

“You,” Jack replied, pausing for a spunk-drenched kiss, “have no idea how fucking intense that was.”

“You’ll have to do it to me sometime,” Paul said, stealing a deep kiss of his own and capping it with a long lick of cum off Jack’s cheek. It was funny — they hadn’t kissed much before, but now it just felt right. Natural. Like it felt natural to be covered in gallons of Jack’s cum.

Jack was looking deep into his bud’s shining eyes. “You’ll let me wear them?” he asked with a grin.

“Fuck yeah! I wanna be a firehose!”

“Two firehoses!” Jack said laughing. They kissed again, massaging the hot, thick, slippery cum into each other’s shoulders and pecs, and then Jack broke away and said excitedly, “Hey — I have an idea!”

“What?” Paul said, greatly curious.

“Well,” Jack said, playing up the suspense with a quick tonguing of Paul’s cum-covered right ear, “my folks have that summer house out on the Island, right? No one’s out there this time of year. And —” another quick kiss “— there’s a swimming pool.” He paused to lock Paul’s bright green eyes onto his own. “An empty swimming pool.”

Paul’s mouth dropped open, allowing a trickle of cum to slide off his cheek, and then he started laughing. “You think big.”

Jack glanced down at his new body and shrugged his massive, cum-covered shoulders. “I have to.”

“Then Houston, we have liftoff. And don’t forget,” Paul added, indulging in another cummy kiss, “there are still two mystery settings to go.”

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