Starry void

by hooves

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They say you can't remember, the feeling of the status liquid being drained from your chamber. But I do! I remember it as clearly, as I remember the pain from the pulse blast that killed me. I don't know maybe I'm strange, but I remember it's a cold feeling of total aloneness. Or maybe that's death, the answer is beyond me. Beyond my limited understanding. Alright I guess it's time to admit it, I'm not really me. I'm a clone of me, I grew up in a status tank on a seedy little back street of Vice world. Not on the orbiting battle stations of far hope, those are some dead guy's memory's. Maybe it was a cheap flawed cloning process, maybe I'm just strange. Oh I've got all the memory's, the mind tap work perfectly. Right up until the time vogk bulan's mercenary's blasted that hole through my chest. It's hard to believe it was the same day I woke up. You could say I was killed an born on the same day, but then that would be leaving out a lot! I must say I had prepared well for my awakening. As soon as I became fully conscious, the deposit box with my cloths, gun's an credit vouchers was put in my hand's. Within an hours time I was out on the streets an headed for my favorite brothel, it is vice world after all.

I managed to flag down an air cab, not one of those automated piece's of crap. The old kind with a real driver, the grizzled old hack asked the destination an rocketed off. At only twice the speed limit, I like a fast ride. It's harder to hit fast moving target! The ride wasn't a long one, and I tried to occupy my mind with thought's of the coming pleasure's. But life’s just not that easy, I just couldn't seem to keep my thought's away from my death and life! It was I'll admit a new experience for me, I had never really allowed myself to be reflective before. Lying to myself had always been so much more expedient, so much easier! Besides it's hard to look into the darkness's of your soul, and be honest with yourself about them. I was dead for a number of very good reasons. Not the least of which being, that I was a cheating scoundrel. I was deep into the process of reviewing my life, and all those petty little lies and darkness's. When the Cab swung around and dropped into the sky port of madam winklar's pleasure house. The old cabby glanced sharply back over his shoulder at me. "You sure this is the place ya want ta go?" He asked with a grunt, looking around there wasn't a human face in sight in any direction. Started I glanced up at the old fellow, quickly jerking my thought's back to reality. Or at least my own twisted version of it. Dropping a ten credit marker in his hand, for a six credit ride. I gave him my best roguish grin, and said. "Ahhh home again!" "Keep the change." The old fella gave me a to each his own smile, and quickly pocketed the change. He rocketed off the instant I stepped out, obvious he wasn't comfortable alone with the furs. Maybe I'm strange but I've always been more comfortable with them than my on species. You almost always know where you stand with the furry folk. Teek the Leo doorman and madam Winklar's enforcer. Opened the doors, and gave me a friendly cuff on the shoulder as greeting. His glittering cats eyes almost closing, as he ushered me in. Passing through the lounge, I entered at once into the inner parlor. Looking around for one of the Equine ladies, I've always preferred. But the place was obviously jumping tonight, and the few females who were in the parlor. Were Wolfen or Leos and most already in deep conversation with one or another male. Finding a comfortable seat in a corner, so I could watch the room. I flagged down a waiter, and ordered up a stiff drink. With nothing to do but wait, my mind wandered once again to my earlier life. A childhood spent stealing and scavenging on the stations. Then I finally found away off those orbiting garbage dumps.

In a smuggler captains crew, still a child in that hard bitten crew. I paid for my escape in more ways than one. If it hadn't been for Floran, a old Equinus mare. I might be slaving on that wreak still, but she believed in me loved me. And taught me everything there is to know about the mysteries and muscles of love! I realize now I loved her, but to little an years to late! Like a fool I left her behind, some years later I heard she was killed. When the authorities finally caught up to that smugglers old tub. They bought their way out of most of it of course, but that couldn't bring Floran back.

Looking around for something, anything to distract my mind from it's dark thoughts. I spotted the good madam winklar herself, she ambled over to me. She was still a pretty if portly ol' Equinus, blurring she shifted to her humanoid form and sit down. "My condolences on your untimely demise." She said in that high melodious voice most Equinus seem to have. "Damn news travels fast!" I cursed. "How are you feeling?" She asked softly. "Introspective!" "Dying will do that I hear." "Makes ya a bit jumpy to." I admitted glancing around the room wearily. "Could you put me in a private room, even if there's no one to see to me just now." I asked. "Of course!" She agreed. "And there's someone to see to you." She nickered her voice low and husky, as she took my arm in hers. We quickly moved through the house, past her office to her personal rooms in back. It didn't take me long to shed my clothes, as she pressed her soft mobile lip's to mine. Her long slick tongue was exploring my mouth, by the time I finally kicked the last of them off. She pushed me back to a long low divan, hefty thighs came down on either side of my head. And the long dark slit of her sex hovered just over my mouth, craning my neck upward. I inhaled deeply enchanted by the wonderful smell of her equine sex. "Good enough to eat!" I joked to myself, as I ran my tongue up and down it's sweet length. Her vulvas winked out just long enough for me to suck on it.

I had been hoping she would assume her Equinus form again, but I have to admit this was nice to! She leaned forward and I felt her hot breath on my pulsing cock. A shiver of pleasure ran through me, as her long slick tongue caressed it! Reaching up with both hands to grasp the velvety fur of her hard muscled rump. I pulled my mouth tighter against her sex, as her tail lifted up and to the side. Pushing my tongue as deep inside her as I could, I ran my hands all over the soft fur of her rump. Her soft lip's caressed my ball's as she took my full length into her mouth. The snorting breath from her nostril's hot on my inner thighs. A knock at the door ended this magic moment, sitting back up straight. She looked back over her shoulder to the door, and whinnied. "Come!" Looking up from between her thighs, I was astounded at what she had done. The door swished open, and a waiter struck his head in clearly embarrassed. "Ahem…madam er…" The doe eyed fella tried. "Er your…Ahh.." He stammered unable to keep his eyes off us. "Ahem…guest has a..arrived." He stuttered, then ducked quickly out. A tall grizzled old wolfen stepped into the room and quickly closed the door. "Oh Qern, join us." Winkly called. "If you'd like." He growled gruffly. "Oh yes we'd like!" She nickered. Leaning back down she quickly took me back into her mouth. Cautiously I watched the old wolfen from between her leg's. Until she flicked her tail in my face, to let me know she wanted more of my attention. In seconds that hot dripping Equinus pussy was all that mattered to me. It was sometime before, I felt something hot and wet laying across the bridge of my nose. Opening my eyes I watch enthralled, as Qern guide his massive cock. Around my mouth and into winklie's pulsing slit. Licking her winking vulva, I felt the underside of his smooth shaft slide across my tongue. He humped slowly at first, but his pace soon quickened. Pulling back too quickly his long red shafted slipped out of her. Thrusting roughly forward again it slid down her lip's, an into my open mouth.

Once, twice he thrust deep into my throat, then pulled out and guided himself back into her. Startled I gasped for breath, tasting his cock on my tongue. I haven't had a cock in my mouth, since I escaped servitude on that smugglers ship so long ago! I was surprised to find I enjoyed, having this big wolfen hump my mouth! When he slipped out again, I reached up and pulled him right into my lip's. He grunted then, as I sucked him in until his knot was pressed against my lips! Then he humped my suckling mouth slowly. Vaguely I became aware of a comscreen beeping, then realized that winkly was no longer on the divan with us. Glancing to the side I could see her talking intently into it. Qern now leaned forward over me, to get a more comfortable angle as he humped. Winkly walked back over, about then. "I'm sorry, but some matters have come up that require my attention." She announced. "I'm sure you'll find some activity to entertain yourselves while I'm gone!" She teased, as she watched Qern begin to nibble and lick my own raging hard on. This was not a situation I ever expected to find myself in, or enjoying. But I was unquestionably enjoying it, it was strangely erogenous without a doubt. I could feel the wolfen's front teeth nibbling on my foreskin. As his long slick tongue wrapped it's self around me, in ways I had never even imagined were possible. It was more than I could take, my whole body tensed. As a mind numbing orgasm shuttered through me. My balls drew up taunt, as spurt after spurt of liquid lust sprayed on to Qern's tongue. When my orgasm died away, I laid panting and exhausted. Qern's hot throbbing cock resting on my cheek. Weakly I tried to recaptured it, but my new body had never experienced. Such a massive sensory impulse, and was for the moment paralyzed with the ecstasy. The huge wolfen sit up and gently rolled my body over, I opened my mouth to protest this move. But an long low moan was all that came out, and Qern paid it no attention. Looking back over my shoulder, I watched him prop my knee's back up under me. Leaning forward he opened his mouth and let my own cum drip onto my ass. I felt his smooth leathery fingers smear it around, spitting the rest into his hand. Qern covered his long red fucker with it, then set the tip against my sphincter. Rocking his massive body forward, he slipped so very slowly in. Finally finding my voice I started to protest, but suddenly he passed through. And his whole length slid smooothly into me.

"Ooohhahhahhha!" Was all I managed to say, as he gently rocked back and forth. Impaling me on his pulsing length! My own cock that just seconds before had been flaccid, Began to stiffen, slapping against my belly as his thrusts rocked my body. One of his cool leathery hands slipped under my belly, and gasped my cock. Stroking it gently, as he buried himself in my body. The pleasure was indescribable, this was nothing like the terrible memories of my youth. A sudden pain shot through me, and I realized his strokes had shortened. It took a minute for it to dawn on me, that his knot had just pushed through my sphincter. It had shrank down a bit after I'd stopped sucking on him, now I could feel it growing inside me! The huge bulb of it pressed down, battering against my prostrate with each fuck thrust. This added a new, even more unique pleasure. To the already phenomenal feeling of the wolfen’s deep infiltrating cock. Qern released my own throbbing fucker, his cooled leathery palms trickled. As they slid up my sides, to roughly grasp my shoulders. Gripping them for leverage, he pulled back savagely. Slamming his maximum length into me, only to pull back. Smacking the swelling knob of his knot powerfully against my prostrate. His heavy dangling furry ball beat painfully against my own hairless ones.

Causing a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach. As his brusque thrusts quickened their pace, he growling bestially. Then it started unlike anything I had ever experienced before. A tingling, burning sensation ran along the underside of my cock. Flaring up into it's throbbing round head. Cum began to dribble out of the tip of my now pulsing member, then orgasm took me a second time. The world seemed to jump and spin crazily, even laying with me head and shoulders pressed to the bed. I heard a strange guttural groan of pleasure, then realized amazed that is was coming from me!! Shivering uncontrollably panting for breath, cum sprayed hot against my belly. This timeless moment seemed to last forever, all the while Qern hammered his massive fucker deep inside of me! His powerful furry body out of control in the passion of rut. This second orgasm didn't paralyze me, but my whole being felted drained! Weak and exhausted, I lay panting with my shoulders and face pressed to the cool sheets. Qern was growling ferociously, as he battered my up trusted buttock's. Glancing languidly over my shoulder, I watched him hunch forward. I felt his cool leathery hands clasp around my wrist's. Pulling my arm's up an back, he used the leverage. To pull me back against his forward thrusting cock! I closed my eyes as his last powerful thrust's, pumped his hot liquid lust deep inside of me! That's when I felt something cold close around my wrist's. Then I heard the clink of magnetic cuffs snapping closed. Realizing at once what had occurred, I desperately tried to pull away. Pain shot through my loins, as his knot held me in place like I was a wolfen bitch! We were still tied! Helpless now with my hand's in cuffs, and his huge knot pulsing deep in my ass! I was his to do with as he pleased, he don't really need the cuffs. I reflected, as I felt a prickling sensation, seemingly in every pore in my body. As a looking down at my shriveling cock, I was startled to see thick gray/black fur sprout on my sac. Quickly it covered my dangling nads, moving up to my cock covering it. My foreskin climbing up to swallow the glands, the whole thing now most reassembling the Wolfen's sheath. It was then as the fur spread over my whole body, that the pain began. Joints twisted and popped, bones creaked and warped. A sharp shooting pain at the base of my spine made me whimper in agony. My agonized body trashing and contorting in pain as Qern moved with me. It was almost a dance him hovering over him moving his hip's with each of my spasms. Then thankfully it was over the pain passed, and my body was left floating in rapture. Qern removed the cuffs then letting me fall face down on the soft mattress. Throwing a leg over my back he turned facing away from me, butt to butt. As his massive knot throbbed weaker and weaker, it's size slowly diminishing. Then with a lewd slowing slipped out of me. Rolling over I looked down at my new furry Wolfen body and shiver in pleasure. As Qern crawled up beside me laying his head in my furry chest.

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