Size machine

by Jerry2086

Kyle and his college basketball team test out a new device to try gain a competitive advantage over their rival.

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“So it makes us grow?” Simon asked, staring at the small machine. It sat before us on the coffee table in my living room, we had gathered around it and gazed upon it with interest.

My teammates were intrigued by it, they had never seen anything quite like it. I had invited them over for the night to test it out, we had the house to ourselves.

They enjoyed stopping by my place. My family was wealthy and we had a 5-acre property on the outer suburbs, but still close enough for me to still drive to college. It had a lot of stuff teenagers would envy, from a large pool, tennis court and it also bordered the woods that I liked to wander. That’s where I found the new treasure we were examining. I decided to share my discovery.

We had gathered in the main living room. It bordered the deck outside which led to the pool. It was a summer afternoon, I planned for us to chill outside before heading back to campus.

“Yeah, I tried it out on me first yesterday. I grew like three inches in a minute,” I replied. I saw their eyebrows rise with interest.

“It does have a weird side effect however. It seems to affect your arousal as well. I was pretty turned on while it happened.”

“Dude, that sounds pretty weird, but it’s definitely worth a try,” Jamie said whilst he leaned in for a closer look.

“Yeah, I jerked off like six times last night, but it definitely made me bigger.”

We laughed for a moment but it was true, I had never been so horny in all my life. I jerked off furiously afterwards, six times with barely an hour between. It was amazing, I had just grown three inches taller and was loving the look of my new body, having grown to 6’7” in less than a minute.

It was somewhat concerning at the time however, I didn’t think I could hide such a growth spurt, but luckily I returned to my normal size a day after. I had the house to myself so fortunately no one had noticed.

The device was indeed mysterious. It had to be the darkest coloured object I had ever seen. It couldn’t be from this world. Its alien type appearance gave it a menacing look. It had smooth edges and seemed to resemble a high tech gyroscope of some sort. I had found it just lying in the woods a week ago, and knew I had found something unique. After accidentally activating it on myself it yielded results, causing myself and most of my clothes to increase in size. My shirt didn’t grow with me somehow, it was really tight afterwards; I guess it was limited to the items upon the user’s body. I concluded that it was alien, and it must have been used for their pleasure. It still was unusual, it having been abandoned like that, but I was ecstatic to have it in my possession.

“How long were you bigger for? Do you think it would last for tomorrow’s game?” Simon asked. I could tell he was keen as he was the shortest player on the team.

“It was for roughly one day, so it should last until tonight’s game,” I said. “I can’t wait till we have a couple inches advantage. It can only grow a few items at a time, so I think we all have to go down to our boxers and sneakers.”

“Yeah, let’s get to it,” Zac replied and we began to strip. I had enormous anticipation for what was about to happen, but I was struggling to contain my arousal. My teammates were really attractive, and they were all about to be become bigger. It was somewhat of a fantasy I had.

I stole a few glances at the young freshmen as they stripped down. They were all gorgeous to look at, Bryan and Zac had neat brown hair whereas Simon and Jamie were blondes. They were all athletic however, especially Simon who worked out regularly.

I knew Simon was most excited about growing, he was the shortest guy on the team and always dreamed of being taller. His dreams were about to come true.

“Okay so you have to touch it and trigger its switch which is on the one side,” I said while pointing it out. “I think if we all touch it, it will work on all of us.”

I placed it on the coffee table and we all knelt around it. We all placed our hands upon it.

“Okay, here we go.”

My finger triggered its switch and the machine came to life. It began vibrating intensely upon the glass, rattling against it. It buzzed rapidly and started emitting a high pitch whine that grew louder and louder.

“Whoa! Dude, is that normal?” Zac said.

“Don’t let go! Just keep a hold on it!” I yelled back. This was normal although more intense than last time. I guessed it was due to more of us using it.

It continued going, I could see concerned looks upon their faces. They had to trust me, it was going to work. A second later it suddenly stopped, the room was quiet and the object lay still.

“Whoa, fuck man… that was intense,” Jamie said.

“Yeah, dude,” Bryan replied before getting to his feet. We all stood back up staring down at it lying there, silent upon the table.

“So… did it work?” Simon asked. He looked around at us. He then noticed something strange.

His heart was beating a bit faster. It was odd, he didn’t know why. It was thumping harder than usual, as if he had just finished jogging. It continued to beat away in his chest, he then noticed it getting steadily faster.

The others began to notice it too, all of our heart rates were rising… it was happening again. I was filled with excitement, but my teammates were a bit more surprised.

“Dude, I feel weird,” Jamie said as a warm tingling sensation spread across his body. It was strongest around his crotch, he felt somewhat turned on by the feeling though and it was also increasing.

We all felt our arousals rising, the warm sensation spread across our bodies, caressing and soothing our sensitive areas.

“Fuck, I think it’s working,” Zac said. His cock was starting to grow in response. It was stretching larger with the increasing pleasure that was seeping into him. It grew happily, rising upwards to the strong feeling of excitement and anticipation that was growing inside him.

“Kyle? How much longer of this—?” Bryan asked with concern. His cock was pushing outwards against his boxers now, and he covered it with his hands.

“Not much longer, you’ll see,” I replied, also feeling myself hardening quickly. My heart beat as if I was running, thumping quickly and spreading hormones throughout my body.

All of us covered our groins with our hands, whilst our boxers were pushed outwards with our inflating members. Our cocks were desperate to be free, causing the fabric to tighten hard upon them. I stole a glance at Simon’s dick that was tenting outwards. I saw most of it cupped beneath his hands. He was thick as well as very long. He was struggling especially being the biggest guy downstairs, his 10 inch snake demanding to be released. I blushed at the sight, and my own dick throbbed faster still.

Moments later we were all rock hard, our boxers strained against our swollen extensions that were begging for attention.

“Fuck, dude, it’s too strong,” Jamie complained. He then felt a new feeling spreading across him. A prickly sensation formed upon his skin. The hairs upon his arms and legs stood upwards, this was something new. It intensified, spreading quickly and was soon affecting his whole body.

“Dude this is weird.” The sensation had spread across all of us. Simon looked up and noticed a change.

The room was smaller. This was strange. The ceiling was closer to him and the walls had been brought closer. But it wasn’t just that. Everything seemed to be smaller as well, the TV, couches and all the furniture had shrunk.

“Dude, we’re growing! It’s working!” he said with excitement looking around at the diminishing room.

“Fuck this is awesome!” Zac yelled when he saw the changes. I looked around myself and saw they were right, we were all definitely growing now. We had gained two inches and a number of pounds. It kept going for another few moments. It soon eased off, but not before we had all grown three inches.

They looked around upon themselves and their surroundings. Jubilant expressions spread upon their faces.

“This is amazing, we’re definitely bigger,” Jamie announced and reached down to pick up his phone from the table. It felt smaller within his hands, everything had diminished around him. A feeling of strength and power flowed through him. He was still somewhat hard from the experience.

We all took a few moments around the room. Each of them were thrilled by the experience, they admired the feeling of items being smaller, and looking smaller against their bodies. They were happy that our sneakers had grown as well, to accommodate our larger feet.

“Why don’t we go again?” Simon asked.

I paused for a moment. “Dude I think we’re big enough, I don’t think we can get away with being closer to 7 feet,” I replied, thinking of how large Simon would look especially. He appeared large enough already for someone at his new height.

“Dude, it’s the first time we’ve played them and they don’t know us. As if they would think we’re cheating.” Zac said. I still however knew it would be a bad idea, and didn’t want us to look that large. All of us looked huge already, another three inches would look unnatural.

After more deliberation between them I finally gave in. It was the weirdest case of peer pressure I ever had, but decided it was for only a day. I hoped they didn’t want to repeat future games with their upcoming size.

I, however, was opting out. I didn’t mind my current height and felt it would lower the suspicions somewhat.

They gathered round the table again and I advised Simon on how to activate the machine. It would be interesting just to watch.

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