Royal power lust

by ZeroZeroNull

A cocky ruler attempts to find a way to get rid of his enemies, only for his plan to backfire “horribly”.

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A series of loud steps could be heard all throughout the castle, shaking its walls as the king of evil made sure his goons knew in advance that he was on his way to something important and therefor couldn’t be bothered by yet another unsatisfying report, or any other kind of report for that matter. His brawny pecs and manly muscled gut bouncing with each steps, the large turtle actually wasn’t mad for once, a devious grin plastered on his face as he already imagined his upcoming scheme succeeding once and for all, the excitement making the monster concealed within his tight speedo slowly starting to stir awake. Walking close behind the imposing reptile was his adviser, a Magikoopa clad in blue who was looking down at his feet as he followed the ruler, mumbling to himself as he held his spell book against his chest.

“Bowser, this plan is-” The wizard tempted.

“Kamek please.” Said the one and only Koopa king in a teasing tone. “You know I have a title, right?”

“Erkkk… ” The Magikoopa sighed audibly before repeating what had basically became his motto over the years. “My king, this plan is doomed to fail, I can feel it already without even knowing what it is about.”

Bowser’s smirk got even wider upon hearing these words, especially as he and his personal sorcerer had finally arrived in front of one of the latter’s many experimentation rooms. Upon entering, the smaller Koopa raised an eyebrow as he found the otherwise completely empty room containing a large cage covered in a black drape. Before he could even open his beak, the king interrupted him.

“This… this Kamek is what has to be my biggest and baddest plan to date! Now how about you take a look first before you start complaining?” Not even waiting for a reply the sheet which covered the cage was pulled in one swift motion, its content making Kamek even more confused than ever before.

Inside the cage was… a Yoshi, unharmed and unrestrained, mindlessly munching on a berry which must have been used to lure him into the cage in the first place. Bowser then crossed his beefy arms across his chest and teasingly looked down at his confused henchmen. “Can you see this Yoshi, Kamek? Can you see how soft and weak it looks? It’s why you are here today, I would like you to make a few changes to this boy.” Bowser chuckled as he shoved his then fully hard cock to the side, trying not to get too excited.

“Bows- I mean my king! We… already tried this a while back… ” Whispered the Magikoopa meekly.

“Ah yes, the Rexes! Oh I had such high hopes for them… too bad a certain someone only used his weakest spell on these ones, now all we ended up with are essentially dragon Goombas!” The imposing turtle frowned as he looked down on the then very flustered Kamek.

“Eeeeek! I only used spells I knew by heart!” Attempted the wizard. “Transmutation of being is such a high level spell, I knew Yoshis are extremely susceptible to any kind of transformation magic so I just didn’t want to overd-”

“Kamek.” The king spoke sternly, like a parent about to scold their child. “Seeing how uncooperative you are, how about you hand me your spell book?”

The Magikoopa looked up, terrified to see Bowser towering over him, the same Bowser who was at least three times as tall as him, and god knows how many times as heavy. Backing against the wall, Kamek shook his head vehemently, clutching his spell book like his life depended on it as he then had a vague idea of what the king had in mind. “I won’t! This isn’t as easy as size changing magic, this could go awfully wr- Eeeekkkkk!” The wizard screamed as the king gently lifted him off the ground with one hand, the other one just as carefully taking the book from his grasp.

“Thank you Kamek, now sit back and watch me create our newest recruit, one which will finally have enough strength to defeat the red fatty and his green beanpole of a brother!” Bowser then put the wizard down and licked his lips as he swung the cage’s door open and stepped inside, the green dinosaur only then noticing his presence, gulping what little remained of his fruit as he looked up in admiration at the massive male looming over him. Smirking from horn to horn, Bowser caressed his hard cock with one hand while with the other he quickly flipped through the tomes’ pages until he found the one he was looking for. Judging from the instructions the process seemed quite simple: you simply transfer a little of one’s essence into a wand and you then “infuse” it into the desired subject, making them gain attributes from the donor.

“A wand, I see… ” Bowser pondered for a bit, his magic being quite a bit different from Kamek’s, he was struggling to find how he could he transfer some of his essence into this Yoshi…

A light bulb then went off in his head, and he couldn’t help but chuckle deviously as knelt down in front of the small dinosaur. “Turn over boy, show daddy your hole.” Bowser spoke in a deep lustful tone, still caressing his shaft, which only made the Yoshi’s erection all the more apparent, and so without a word he turned over and lifted his cute chubby tail, revealing a tight orifice.

Dropping his stretched speedo down his thick legs and throwing it aside, the king’s mighty cock started glowing with a dark aura as he rubbed his already leaking tip against the smaller reptile’s hole. The Yoshi shivered and let out a short moan as Bowser’s large cockhead filled him up, making him feel dizzy, while the turtle king himself also couldn’t help but grunt and chuckle as he enjoyed the tightness of the green dino’s ass.

Soon enough the Yoshi could feel his vision getting a little blurry and his mind beginning to fog up as Bowser’s magic slowly took over his body, the faint outline of muscles starting to appear throughout the submissive lizard’s body. Bowser was beaming with glee as he witnessed slim but athletic pecs and tight abs rising from the previously thin torso of the Yoshi, mass slowly adding to his thickening arms and widening back as tiny white nubs started to appear on his shell. The mighty Koopa couldn’t help but pull a little more of his shaft inside the dinosaur, whose cock throbbed visibly larger as he did so, also then also having to spread his legs to make room for his fattening ballsack and thickening legs.

“Interesting… ” thought Bowser. “Seems like I can grant this boy as much of my power as I’d like to… ” Mindlessly caressing one of his nips with his large hand, a few thoughts ran through the Koopa’s mind, all more perverted than the one before it.

Grabbing both of the Yoshi’s hips, the king pulled as much of his cock inside the green dino as he could. Immediately, he started to grow taller to accommodate for Bowser’s meat, having doubled in height just with half of the Koopa’s shaft stuffed inside him. The Yoshi was then panting audibly as his stomach was bulging with the massive cock filling his insides. Biting his lip, his paws soon found themselves wandering across his growing body, groping the brawn as his mind finally started to register what was happening to him.

With the size increase soon came the mass, his pecs getting denser and thicker, his biceps flaring up as he discovered how nice it felt to flex, and his cock then reaching half way through his torso, fat and heavy as his balls were then the size of Mushrooms. Muscles were not the only things added to his frame however, indeed the white nubs from before had fully transformed into spikes, which adorned his shell like they did with Bowser’s. Speaking of the Koopa king, he was then panting softly as he admired the growing boy before him, still caressing his then strangely more sensitive pecs.

Something was changing inside the Yoshi however, his previously simple mind slowly being replaced by a more developed one capable of more complex needs, a mind which only craved for one thing at this moment: more. The feeling of growth was intoxicating, each throb of the king’s dick filling him with the desire for more size, more mass, more power…

Gritting his new sharper teeth, the dinosaur got on all four and used his new size and strength to force more of the king’s cock inside of him, moaning audibly as he could feel himself shooting taller, his needy cock bouncing below his pecs. Not long after the reptile had reached the size Bowser envisioned, but just seeing and feeling that guy taking his cock like he did made him rethink his plan, surely a little more energy wouldn’t hurt!

“H-hey there big boy.” The king said, then a little dizzy for some reason. “I’m feeling generous today, get as much of me as you want!”

A grunt of acknowledgment was all that came from the Yoshi, who was already busy rocking back and forth, moaning as he felt the turtle fat cock rub against his tight hole. By then the Yoshi was rapidly approaching Bowser’s size, reducing the stretching of his stomach as the king’s cock got more space to throb in, and leaving enough room for his tight abs to show off. Biting his lower lip, the Koopa had to do his best not to just cum on the spot, the mere view of the enhanced Yoshi’s ripped ass and overall frame almost being enough to send him over the edge.

“D-damn he’s so big… ” Bowser thought. “I can’t wait to see him get bigger… ”

Under normal circumstances he would have found these thoughts out of place, he would have also stopped pumping up that Yoshi a while ago… but at that very moment all he could do was shiver with pleasure as his flow of pre started getting thicker, filling up the growing hunk of a dinosaur who laid in front of him.

Speaking of the green dinosaur, he then stood three meters tall, much like Bowser, his body covered with a defined set of ripped muscles that contrasted with the Koopa’s meaty dad-bod frame. Looking over his pecs and gut, the turtle king was delighted to find no Yoshi boy, but a Yoshi man, grinding his large cock against the floor of the cage, teasing himself.

“Hehehe, that’s a big guy I see now!” Boomed the Koopa, his mind a little clearer than before. “Now you’re done and ready to defeat that damned plumber!”

But as the king exploded in devilish laughter the Yoshi’s mind was somewhere else. Was that really all? Granted by then he was already almost an equal to the king but… All this power… the feeling of the energy flowing through his veins… this just wasn’t enough.

As the king pulled his dick out of his ass, the dinosaur felt like all warmth inside him had died. No this definitely couldn’t be it…. This wouldn’t be. Rising up on his legs, the Yosh’ took one or two hesitant steps before getting used to his much bigger body, and then turned around to face Bowser. The king then stopped laughing, surprised as he felt the enhanced dinosaur pressing his torso against his, their pecs and cocks bumping against each other’s as the Yoshi raised his large paw and caressed one of the turtle’s nipples.

Taken aback, Bowser couldn’t help but chuckle drunkenly as his cheeks reddened slightly. “Hey there boy, those are sensitive… ”

The green dino gave the king a predatory smile, his words annoying him to no end. He was no “boy” anymore, he was no longer a simple Yoshi who was satisfied with fresh fruits and flower fields, now he needed power, he craved it.

He unexpectedly pinched the nipple he used to caress, which was enough to broke Bowser’s bashful trance and make him take a step back, before he tumbled backwards as the Yoshi pushed him by flexing his pecs. Resting on his shell, the king looked up at his creation with an annoyed look, but before he could say or do anything the green beast leaned over him and pressed his hard cock against the king’s hole. Too flustered to even know how to react, all that came off him was a loud pleasured moan as the Yoshi filled him up.

The newly topping reptile chuckled deviously as his shaft filled Bowser’s insides, who were just so tight that it was clear that the king had never been on the receiving end like that. Panting and groaning, the Koopa struggled for a bit to try and regain his dominant status, but to no avail as the Yoshi was just as powerful as he was, and he just kept on feeling… heavier?

Indeed the dinosaur was growing again, slowly getting taller and brawnier by the second while the king looked up at him with both horror and lust. His frame broadened up as his biceps rounded and his leg thickened, his chest getting fulled and stronger, providing a nice feeling as his cock jumped up a couple centimeters and started rubbing between them. The king couldn’t help but feel hornier than ever, his mind fuzzy with lust as his fat cock bumped against his chin.

“Uh… wait… ” The Koopa managed to mutter as the realization hit him “Why am I… bigger too?”

It was then apparent to the kind that his shaft had grown both longer and thicker, and also more sensitive than ever as he used both of his large paws to caress its sides. He did however fail to notice how bulkier his arms had gotten, or how much bouncier his pecs had become, but he did get the impression that something was up with his sack, as it groaned and pushed his tree trunk legs apart. The Yoshi, on the other end, was fully aware of his growth and was just bathing in pleasure as he felt his fucktoy of a Koopa getting more and more comfortable, swelling bigger to accommodate his length. Getting close to six and a half meters tall, the Yoshi relished as he looked down and saw the shorter submissive male moaning softly, throbbing bigger and rounder with each thrust of his hips.

Bowser was indeed having trouble staying focused on anything but pleasure, each time his mind tried to tell him something was wrong the thought was immediately replaced with images of him growing even bigger, drowning in the sea of his own body. The Koopa couldn’t help but pant and let his fat tail hit the floor repeatedly like that of a happy dog as the massive Yoshi kept on pouncing on him, making his bulk swell and wobble like a balloon filled with water.

Meanwhile, the Yoshi was beaming with impish pride as he witnessed the king smiling and blushing like an embarrassed Boo, his pointy claws less sharp, his shard scales smoother and softer, and the spikes on his shell pretty much gone. The previously intimidating Koopa progressively growing rounder and squishier by the minute whereas as the Yoshi seemed unstoppable, his ripped body made for destruction and almost glowing with strength, while his size was by then so important that the cage in which he and Bowser stood could have just as easily have been made out of paper.

Straightening his back, the massive dinosaur then stood nine meters tall among the crumpled remains of the cage, laughing like a madman as he grabbed the roof of the cell and folding it with ease, admiring how his biceps flared up before throwing the piece of metal in a corner of the room. He then pulled a couple of beams and twisted them relentlessly until they were but a pile of knots, which also ended their course tossed away, the Yoshi was almost hiccuping at this point, his entire body throbbing as another spurt hit him. He then immediately fell to the floor, his hands balled into fists, gritting his teeth as he started to rapidly pack more and more mass, his cock then so hard and sensitive that he couldn’t resist the urge to push inside what little remained out of the Koopa’s ass. His balls groaned and throbbed, almost sloshing as they were getting painfully full of cum, making him shake as he was getting nearer and nearer to climax.

As for Bowser, his mind was so drowned in pleasure that he only registered the intense sensory impulses he was subjected, like how good it felt to have his head locked between his pecs and traps, how his arms and legs were so meaty he couldn’t bend them anymore, how fat and warm his cock had become, and how is gut had grown so round that it pushed his meat away from him so that he could only gawk at it, with no chance of even reaching it with his tongue. He was no longer the king of evil, or even the Koopa leader, he was just Bowser, a big turtle who loved being played with like the big living sex toy he was. Memories of the two red and green brothers, or of the pink princess one kingdom over all faded together, until he couldn’t remember if they were friends or foes, not that it really mattered anyway.

Glancing up, he saw the giant Yoshi struggling to maintain his composure, sweat dripping down his muscles, making them shine as he struggled to reach orgasm. Not thinking any further, the turtle managed to press his large feet against the dino’s sack, his rounder claws gently poking it while his soft soles rubbed against it. It was just enough to send the Yoshi over the edge, letting out an earth-shattering roar as he emptied himself inside Bowser. For what seemed like an eternity the Koopa could feel his body stretching and almost squeaking as cum filled him up, the meter or two he gained barely being enough to prevent him from being totally overwhelmed by his growth.

As the flow of cum finally came to an end, afterglow slowly dissipated and the Yoshi was able to concentrate again, removing his monster of a cock from the Koopa’s ass and finally giving a proper look at his fuckbuddy. The Koopa king was by then an eight meters tall smooth, round, and nearly immobile mass of muscle, chub, and cock, blushing and hiccuping gently as his gut nearly dragged on the floor due to all the cum filling it.

Smirking with endearment over how cute it was to see the flustered turtle trying to grope himself, the Yoshi decided to act with kindness and gently picked him in his arms before placing the smaller lizard’s fat cock between his pecs and gently suckled on it. Standing up once more, the now 11 meter tall Yoshi took a few step forward and knocked the large door off it’s hinges with ease, almost scaring to death the poor Kamek hiding behind.

Said Magikoopa looked absolutely terrified at sight of the giant ripped Yoshi holding a very swollen rounder Bowser who was chuckling like a madly in love teenage girl as the dinosaur sucked him off. Immediately Kamek peered into the room, only to spot his spell book drenched in cum, completely impossible to salvage. But as he wondered how he could reverse the spell something he failed to notice before came to light in the Magikoopa’s mind, the Bowsified Yoshi was now loudly yet eagerly making his way in a particular direction, one room in particular… the throne room.


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