Glasses needed

by ZeroZeroNull

After a day full of teasing, a couple's evening takes an unexpected turn as one happens to have a special gift for the other.

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The clock was ticking rhythmically, its sound filling the otherwise quiet university classroom, gently reminding the students of how much time was left to finish their surprise exercise sheet.

Most people were just breezing through it, mindlessly and effortlessly filling out the answers as they excitedly waited for class to end so they could finally be free. However, at the very back of the class, Joseph was biting hard on his lower lip, trying to contain his grunts while he gripped his pencil so hard his knuckles were beginning to turn white.

The young man was doing his best to keep his composure and stay focused on what remained of his test, all while desperately trying not to draw any attention to himself. To the few of his classmates who had noticed his odd behavior, it simply looked like he was just bad at hiding his stress, however, little did they know that the source of his distress wasn’t the sheet lying in front of him, but rather the guy sitting beside him, and was religiously stroking Joe’s cock without anyone noticing.

That scrawny, serious-looking guy was Neil, Joe’s boyfriend of what felt like forever and an irresistible mischievous tease who never lost an opportunity to make his lover all hot and bothered. Indeed, this wasn’t the first time Neil was taking care of his member in the middle of class, secretly teasing his partner’s cock all while chuckling to himself almost inaudibly. What was a first, though, was how much he was going at it today, as instead of the usual occasional through-the-jeans caresses he had his hands deep down his boxers, full-on stroking him. Neil was doing it like a true pro, going slow enough so that Joe wouldn’t cum on the spot, but still fast enough as so he was scared that if he moved too much he’d just blow his load right there and then.

The now slightly disheveled guy knew that, once again, he shouldn’t have let Neil get too close, especially today as he got a bit more adventurous than normal. Joe knew this was just asking for trouble, that they’d be in so much shit if anyone found out they were jacking off in public… yet he simply didn’t care, nor did he had any resentment toward his boyfriend and his risky touches.

He couldn’t be mad at him, or even at himself, after all Neil always had that [i]thing[/i] with his hands, his caresses always feeling so intense and pleasurable, unlike anything Joe had ever thought could be possible.

True to his status of the tease, for the last 45 minutes or so Neil had expertly stroked his junk, his boyfriend’s dick now oh so desperately hard and his balls equally begging for release. As soon as Joe felt like he was about to blow then the small guy would slow down until his victim calmed down a bit, only for him to go back to his previous speed as soon as Joe stopped edging.

And so the desperately horny student soldiered on, using all the strength he could muster to answer the few questions he had left while not succumbing to his lover’s touch. Still, despite his best efforts the young man could feel himself lose strength, his body growing tired and more relaxed by the second as the feeling of Neil’s fingers around his cock kept getting better and better with each beat of his racing heart.

He was starting to sweat as if running a marathon, his hair a messy bush and his glasses almost foggy, making it even harder for him to see clearly. Joe’s eyes were beginning to lose focus as his hand furiously scribbled his way through the sheet, the sound of the clock drowned by his breathing as it grew more and more erratic the closer he got to the edge. The blood rushing through his dick was now beating in unison with the one flowing through his heart, each beat sending jolts of pleasure throughout his body. By then Joseph realized he just couldn’t hold back anymore. The pressure, it felt too good, but he couldn’t hold back anymore, he had to cum now.

Like if he had read his other half’s thoughts, Neil gave one final heartfelt stroke, which was just enough for Joe to reach climax at last. His entire body flexing all at once, Joe let out one mighty groans which in his head seemed loud enough to rattle the windows, all while he felt his cock lurching forward and throbbing so deliciously hard. He grit his teeth as his balls finally shrank down to normal size, no longer feeling like overstuffed water balloons but still feeling quite sore. It was all so amazing and overwhelming that Joe was left so devoid of energy, just standing there panting softly.

“Joseph?” asked a voice that sounded fuzzy yet sweet in his afterglow-soaked mind.

“Yes hun?” Asked Joe, his tongue half-lolling out his mouth as he turned toward his lover with a big dumb smile on his face, only for him to realize their teacher was standing beside their desk, a pile of test sheets in hand and a look of pure confusion on his face as it wasn’t the reply he was expecting.

“S-sir I’m… ” Joseph mumbled, feeling all color drain from his face as he instinctively looked down at his crotch with terror, only to realize that not only was it not covered in spunk, but his cock was as soft as ever, with no trace of the raging hard-on he had just a second ago.

After his brain blue-screened for a second, Joe looked a bit more upward to see that his test was indeed complete, albeit his writing a bit sloppy near the end, especially the dot which concluded the last question, the young man having inadvertently slammed his pencil down as he climaxed, leaving a small hole in the paper where the sheet had been stabbed.

With one slightly trembling hand, Joseph handed the paper to the teacher, who gladly took it before awkwardly returning to his desk at the front of the class. Now more aware of his surrounding, Joe realized that the bell had just rang, and that people were now getting up and leaving the classroom, eager to return home and enjoy their two weeks of holidays. Not only that, but he noticed Neil struggling to hold back laughter, his cheeks cherry red.

“So, have I got some competition going on now?” He finally half blurted out as he discretely pointed toward the teacher. Still way too puzzled regarding what happened in the last five minutes, Joe could only muster a mindless nod, which is what he would have done anyway just to give back some of the teasing back to his boyfriend.

Smirking impishly and still chuckling a little, Neil rose from his chair and started putting on his jacket, before being followed by Joseph as the two quickly got themselves ready and left as the same time as their professor.

“Have fun during your holidays, boys.” Joyfully claimed the older gentleman. “Oh and you shouldn’t let stress eat you away Joseph, I could have still given you some extra time.”

Joseph nodded with embarrassment and returned the senior’s well wishes as he made his way toward the faculty’s parking, leaving him alone in the corridor with Neil. Turning toward him, Joe barely had time to open his mouth before Neil’s lips met his, his other half’s arms soon embracing his frame as they started kissing passionately in the middle of the deserted corridor.

After what felt like a delicious eternity of warm embraces, Neil finally let go of Joe as he smirked mischievously, the smaller guy enjoying the effect he had on his friend, who looked quite dazed by the whole ordeal.

“Wanted to tell me something, big boy?” He chuckled as he pushed back Joseph’s fogged-up glasses up his nose.

“I… uh, yes!” Joe shook his head, chasing away the cloudiness that had filled his mind. “Like I know you’re always horny and stuff but like, damn, today sure seems to be your day!”

“Oh come on you big dummy, It’s our day today!” Exclaimed Neil before pointing a finger at Joe. “February fourteenth, what happens on that day?”

“Oh…” Joe sighed at the game show-like question. “Yeah I forgot, it’s Valentine’s day.”

As he finished his sentence, Neil gave him a heartfelt thumbs up as the two of them chuckled the previous awkward moment away before finally starting going on the way back to their shared flat.

As the two young men exited the school building and started making their way downtown, Joe couldn’t help but ask one again that question which was burning on his mind.

“So in the end…” He tempted. “What actually happened back in class? Like there’s no way I straight up didn’t cum at all!”

“Oh, that?” Replied Neil with a chuckle. “You must have been dreaming.”

Giving the all knowing smile he had as he said that, Joe knew it was another one of his partner’s tricks. Sighing, he just shook his head as he and Neil kept walking home. After some time, they finally reached their apartment complex, and once in front of it Joe couldn’t help but try once again to break the awkward blank in the conversation.

“Huh… Thanks for earlier of course, truly was awesome.” He said sheepishly. “You didn’t had to though, you know…”

Before he could even finish his sentence, Neil placed a finger on his lips, all while opening the front to Joe.

“Oh come on, please hun don’t give me that ‘But I don’t feel like I’m good enough for you’ talk.” He said somewhat grumpily as he started going up the stairs. “I mean I understand relationships being kinda new to you, but you shouldn’t think that you’re wasting my time…”

Joe couldn’t help but follow close behind like a moody child having been gently but sternly lectured by their parent.

“It’s just there’s nothing special about me, regardless of how self deprecating that sounds it’s still true.” He tried, as he and Neil were in front of their flat’s door.

“Oh please, Jojo, you’re the last person I’d call bland.” Said Neil mater-of-factly, already sounding more relaxed. “Beside if you were talking about looks then I clearly ain’t no Adonis myself!”

Turning around, he gave Joseph a tiny smooch on the nose before opening the door, kicking his shoes off his feet and then losing no time to jump on the old beaten-up sofa. Joseph shook his head while repressing a smile as he saw his boyfriend taking his jacket off and throwing it on the floor, then quick to stretch and yawn widely.

Reminiscing, Joe couldn’t help but think that living with Neil sure was like having to deal with a puppy. In private, the scrawny guy would just be that much cuddly, energetic, and always up to no good. Despite all that, and actually not being much of a dog person, Joe was happy to have found his online add in which he was was looking for a roommate. Indeed, only had he found a fried in him, but also a boyfriend as the two formed a bond over time.

Taking off his own shoes and jacket, Joe made his way to their small living room before sitting down on the sofa beside Neil, who was quick to lean against him, his head resting on his shoulder as he let out a pleased groan.

Joseph could feel a gentle warmth emanating from his boyfriend, making him feel already more comfortable on the old cushions which had seen better days. Reaching down, he took Neil’s hand into his, before looking down at his sleepy partner.

As the two had started living together, the smaller guy quickly found himself drawn toward Joe, and while he was a bit unsure how to feel at first, having never been in a relationship before, he had soon found out that just getting to hug Neil’s frame as he fell asleep was enough to dismiss any doubt he had. Their late-night embraces also proved doubt-crushing, as Neil’s slim hands turned out to be quite good whenever it came to make any of his caresses amazingly pleasurable, to the point where Joe couldn’t resist them the first time his other half teased him in the middle of class.

Still, Joseph sometimes felt a bit too self-conscious when it came to his appearance, as while Neil didn’t have any issue saying he hadn’t the clearest skin or the best of fashion sense, Joe just didn’t had any idea why he was so enamored with his body. His hair was like that of an unkempt bull, and his body, while warm and soft to Neil, only felt bland to Joe. As for his average cock, Neil just couldn’t get enough of it, which, while pleasing, made him feel like he was forcing himself just to make him happy.

“Jojo…” Said Neil gently as he straightened his back and stretched widely. “You’ve got that look on your face, and I know you’re overthinking again.”

His cheeks reddening a bit, Joseph could only mutter a barely audible grunt of approval as his boyfriend sat down on the couch with his legs crossed.

Leaning forward, Neil started sensually kissing Joe, his tongue entangling with his all while his hands moving to his shoulders, caressing them gently. Chuckling softly, the smaller guy reached up with his hands and took off Joe’s already foggy glasses, placing them on the table beside the couch.

“Well, I think I owe you this one.” He whispered as he took Joe’s hand into his, before inviting him to lie on the sofa as he sat in front of him.

“W-what do you mean?” Asked Joseph, intrigued, yet a bit unsettled by his partner’s tone, as well as by the whole part with him taking off his glasses.

“Well all day I wanted to give you a little Valentine gift, and I thought now was the best time for it.” He replied in a low, sensual voice.

Breathing a bit faster now, Joe laid there, tense as Neil slid Joe’s pants down until his undies were fully exposed. Once that was done and the pants had been thrown on the floor, the young smirking man lost no time caressing the package in front of him. With one hand caressing his cock which was now stirring to life, while with the other he cupped his balls, gently holding them, delighting himself as Joe squirmed and panted.

Neil was smiling from ear to ear, shivers of pleasure running down his and Joe’s spine as the two of them were starting to get quite riled up.

Joseph was, however, and not all that surprisingly, the one getting the most out of it. Indeed, while hi vision was now but a blurry mess, what use is there to see the teasing if you can feel it anyway?

His hands grasping the bottom of his shirt, tugging on it as he grunted softly, biting his lower lip to repress his moans. With each of Neil’s strokes blood kept of pumping through his boyfriend’s cock, which quickly started forming a pretty nice bulge through his boxers. The tent which had formed only made it easier for Neil to tease it, while for Joe the feeling of his head against the fabric was incredible. As he kept shivering, Joe could feel his cock starting to throb harder and harder, each one of them making him grunt louder than the he did before.

Looking down at his crotch, Joe couldn’t help but raise a puzzled eyebrow as his cock, despite not being able to see it clearly, looked strangely… bigger?

Rubbing his eyes, Joe looked again, squinting until he managed to focus even just slightly, which did seem to confirm his theory as he caught a glimpse of his member fattening up ever so slightly after a throb.

Before he could even voice his concerns, Joe was once again rendered to flustered to even speak as Neil grabbed both sides of his boxers, pulling them down in own swift motion. Inhaling sharply as he could feel the air on his hard cockhead, Joe started pondering whether or not he was overreacting.

His mind going blank as Neil went back to stroking his dick, he figured that it was only his blurry mind playing tricks on him. Beside, why should it even matter? After all it just felt so good to be so hard, so horny, so hot…

Shifting in place slightly, Joe couldn’t help but tug at the collar of his shirt as it started clinging to his body, hugging his frame rather well. Panting softly from both the heat and the excitement, Joe couldn’t help but chuckle as he felt himself starting to throb, jolts of pleasure flowing through his vein, making him feel like his entire body was having an erection, swelling bigger, thicker, and more sensitive. Joe could feel his every muscles flexing as he breathed, which in terms only serve to make him even more riled up.

Peering down, Joe’s pleasure-soaked mind only half registered how his body had become strangely larger, his pecs bulging though his shirt, his biceps pressing against his sleeves, and his legs feeling as thick and heavy as tree trunks.

“It has to be just a mistake, it can only be…” Thought Joe. “But it feels so fucking g-good.”

The young man could only grunt as he was forced to spread his legs, his balls feeling larger than he was used to.

Not only that, but his member too felt meatier, its girth and weight forcing it backward, toward his torso. Still, Neil was doing his very best to please his lover, now using two hands to stroke the eagerly throbbing shaft while he leaned over his fat glistening head, letting his warm breath pour over it.

Joe, on his end, just couldn’t deny nor ignore what was happening to him, regardless of how cloudy his perception had become. Beads of sweat were running down his forehead as he could feel the warmth taking over his body seep into his bones.

Gritting his teeth, Joe could feel his skeleton seemingly expand with a series of painless creaks, his hands becoming larger, his back widening while his torso lengthened, and his legs as well as his arms getting longer. Once all this was over, the growing guy had his feet dangling off the edge of the couch while the couch groaned under his newfound weight.

Alongside this sudden gain in both height and width, Joe couldn’t help but gasp as he felt Neil use the tip of his fingers to caress his cock, which too had lengthened dramatically, now reaching halfway through his torso.

However, nothing could have prepared Joe for what was about to happen, as Neil lost no time lying on his boyfriend’s mighty cock, grinding his torso against the length of it as he took as much of his head in his mouth as physically possible. Meanwhile, his greedy hands were quick to grasp his ballsack, which hadn’t been spared the growth spurt, and now sported two melon-sized testes.

As soon as Neil began his latest form of teasing, that’s when the most intense and impressive spurt started to affect Joe. The more the scrawny guy kept on teasing his lover, the more the latter appeared to be swelling like a balloon being filled with water.

Indeed, Joe’s body was now expanding in every direction, literally reducing him to a panting and grunting mess. The couch was now creaking with protest as the young man’s muscle mass increased dramatically. His pecs were now two soft pillows brushing against his chin, while his nips were thick and meaty, pointing downward thanks to the heft of his chest. Meanwhile, the rest of Joe’s torso was equally fighting against his shirt as he kept on getting broader and thicker, lats swelling up, shoulders filling with pure brawn, biceps inflating as if craving to rip the sleeves, and belly roundening up and lifting the shirt up deliciously.

As for Joe’s lower half, it was far from being left out from the growth. Indeed, his legs had thickened and filled with so much muscle that the young man felt like he could shatter a concrete wall by just kicking it. His derrière, meanwhile, just kept on getting thicker and meatier, the round buns being just as juicy and wobbly as his burly gut. What proved to be way too intense for Joe to handle, however, was none other than his junk.

It was like it was getting the most intense part of the growth as Neil kept on worshiping it, his cock now way thicker than his hips used to be, all while still progressively fattening and lengthening up until it started rubbing below his pecs, the large, sensitive head leaking an obscene amount of pre, which only helped ruin Joe’s shirt even more.

That’s when Joe realized that while Neil had stayed at the base of his cock, teasing his beanbag balls with his feet as he hugged his shaft, Joe could still feel his tongue pleasing his head. It was like it was everywhere at once, buried deep inside his slit, licking the slick skin of the glans, teasing the folds of his foreskin…

Joe was now more tensed than ever as he felt like he was so close to climax. His entire body was gorging up with mass, as did his cock, every inch of skin shivering with pleasure as every single blood cell was beating with lust.

He had to cum. He felt so good but it was so deliciously overwhelming, at this very moment he just felt like his entire being was but pure bliss. Still, having been stuck in a state of near climax for god knows how long was driving him insane. The pressure of his clothes against his frame, of the cum within his balls, of his body against the couch… So much pent up energy, he just wanted to cum now, he wanted it so badly…

As if reading his thoughts once again, Neil contracted his feet while applying pressure to Joe’s balls with them. With one low rumbling noise, they swole ever so noticeably as they and the giant man’s cock started trembling mightily.

And so finally came the flood.

As Joe let out an earth shattering roar, cum started pouring from his slit like a geyser, his balls emptying themselves with a dramatic display of strength as their content was emptied against the wall behind them before rushing down to the floor. Not only that, but the giant’s mind was just overwhelmed with pleasure, as not only did the release proved so intense that it was virtually otherworldly, but also because with it came one last spurt. His already struggling shirt finally gave out, his brawn proving too much for the fabric as his whole frame got even taller, thicker, and heavier, which in terms also took care of the cough, making the two lovers fall on the floor, dazing them for a second or two.

Joe just laid there panting, on the cum-soaked floor, among the ruins of the sofa and the tattered remains of his clothes. His heart was still racing, even though the strength of his orgasm was enough to make him feel like he hadn’t slept in a week or so all while having ran a marathon or two. As his massive chest rose and fell gently, he did notice a small form slowly making its way up his gargantuan bod.

Peering over his pecs, he could see the semi-defined figure of Neil looking down at him with a warm smile on his face. Before he could even do anything, he leaned over and planted a kiss on Joe’s nose, before the giant man returned one of his own, which was enough to make his little boyfriend all blushing.

“Really liked your gift, hun.” He whispered, as sleep started embracing him gently.

“Thanks big boy.” Meekly murmured Neil. “It does look great on you.”

“Thanks love, and happy Valentine’s Day…” He purred.

And so the two lovers fell asleep beside each other, Joe serving as the giant comfy mattress, while Neil was his warm little plush as he was curled up on his chest. Both young men were happy to have each other, that, and they were even happier to get to enjoy the rest of their holidays together.

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