Polypropylene muscle daddy

by TitMorpher

The wrestling team coach has the biggest muscle tits any of the guys had ever seen. But were they all muscle? Were they even real?

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Silver haired Coach never took off his XXXXXL sweatshirt in front of the team. Most of the wrestlers on the college team did not think much about it because Coach was way older than their fathers were. But several of the boys whispered, “Does he have body fat under that sweatshirt or is it all muscle? It must be muscle because his waist is so tight. I wish we could see underneath his shirt. What’s that gigantic mass he’s got jutting out in front of him like hooters on a porn queen?” asked one of the boys who was often a bad influence on the other boys.

Timmy could not take his eyes off Coach and he enjoyed being manhandled by Coach when Coach was teaching the wrestlers their moves. One day Timmy maneuvered around so he could feel underneath Coach’s sweatshirt. Timmy felt a hard mound of extended muscle which bulged up hard and round in a very obscene manner and which seemed to go on for miles. Timmy was excited and confused. So Timmy decided he would hide after hours in the locker room after the wrestlers had been sent home in the hopes of seeing Coach when he was not covered up.

From where Timmy was hidden, he watched in awe from behind a partition as Coach took off his shirt to take a shower before leaving for the night. Imagine his surprise when he saw Coach standing in front of the mirrors wearing an enormous pectoral support harness that looked like a giant muscle bra, the purpose of which was to restrain and contain him as much as possible when he was working with the boys. Timmy was shocked to see that Coach sprang an unusually large boner in his jock strap as he walked up and down in front of the mirrors and flexed and posed for himself in the harness. Timmy then boldly stepped out in front of Coach revealing his presence in the locker room.

“Coach, you’re wearing a bra!” screamed Timmy.

Coach was caught completely off guard and he became very worried about how to handle the situation. But he noticed that Timmy was looking at the huge muscle tits and swollen cock with evident admiration. Also, Coach noticed a visible small bulge rising up in Timmy’s pants. “Maybe this unfortunate situation won’t be that bad after all,” thought Coach to himself.

“Well Timmy, I was born with all this meat and unfortunately I need to wear specialized clothing to keep everything in.” It was true that Coach was born with his large manhood. But he was telling a big lie about his overdeveloped pectoral muscles. Coach had practically been living at Dr. Garcia’s polypropylene clinic during the last few years when he wasn’t coaching the boys on the wrestling team. He belonged to a group of handsome silver haired muscle daddies who, through extreme methods of augmentation including synthol, saline, silicone and polypropylene strings, had built obscene muscle tits to go along with their outstanding physiques. These macho tit queens had become obsessed with their own breast development and they competed in Super Tit Man competitions and at underground tit man events to exhibit the most obscene male tit measurements in the world. But meanwhile, Coach also enjoyed being around young wrestlers and rubbing his augmented tits and nipples against the young men without them knowing what was rubbing up against them during practice.

“Do Joey and Tom know?” asked Timmy, referring to Coach’s grandsons. “Have the boys seen how big your pecs are and, um how big your thing is?” Timmy sometimes played with Coach’s grandkids and he was going to be envious if the boys were able to be around such large muscles and other important appendages all the time.

“No Timmy, I always have my jock strap fitted on me securely down there so my size doesn’t show in my pants. And my pectoral support harness is always strapped on real tight underneath my sweatshirt. My large pecs always stay squeezed inside these industrial size container cups which are built for full figure bodybuilders like me to wear at home and at practice.” Coach then adjusted the cups he was wearing with his hands, juggled them around for Timmy, and then extended them forward hoping Timmy might respond to the more obscene vision of size and cleavage that these adjustments created.

“Oh Coach! How much do your pecs measure all the way around? Arnold was almost 60 inches but you’ve got way more than that. Can I measure them?”

“Well, okay. The tape measure is over there next to my gym bag.” Coach had been measuring himself earlier in front of the mirrors and Timmy actually knew that there was a tape measure near at hand.

“I’m up to somewhere between 90 and 100 inches,” said Coach (please see the banlieu morph if you doubt these measurements). “But before you measure me, unsnap the nipple holes in front of each cup so we can work on my nipples. Maybe it’s just an optical illusion but I’ve been told that my muscle tits, I mean my muscle breasts appear larger after my nipples have been pulled and manipulated to stick out in front of me like rocket missles. I may ask you to pull on them, Timmy.”

Excited about the measurement process and stimulated by hearing the unusual words “muscle tits”, “muscle breasts” and “rocket missles”, Timmy did just as he was told and unsnapped the custom openings at the front of each bra cup. These openings were designed for bodybuilders who wanted their grossly enlarged nipples to pop out from their muscle bras. Timmy was thunderstruck at the huge appendages that flopped out in front of his face.

“Oh Coach, how did you get those so big and fat?”

“Well, that’s just the way they have always been,” said Coach. This was another lie. Coach was actually thinking to himself, “It’s time to go back to Dr. Laurens for more size on these babies.” Coach loved to rub his gigantic nipples back and forth against the boys during practice without anyone knowing what was occurring. Coach frequently got his appendages fattened up with additional size by the doctor and, after each visit, tied his nipples up, hid them under his shirt, and rushed to wrestling practice where he could masturbate the expanded meat back and forth during contact. But never before had Coach openly showcased his unusual nipples for anyone associated with the wrestling team or had they been directly touched or appreciated by any of the boys.

Both Timmy and Coach then feasted on the scene in the mirror. Now that the nipples were exposed, Coach was self-manipulating and posing and flexing his tits. Then he asked Timmy to feel his nipples and then measure them.

“Look at how my nipples stick out of my muscle bra,” said Coach. “I meant to say my support harness,” he corrected. “Yes”, screamed Timmy as he felt all over the appendages and then used the tape measure on them. “Look at the length of the measurement on the tape measure! But that is not even counting how fat they are around. Do you normally keep them inside your harness or do you let them stick out of the holes like that?” asked Timmy.

“Pull on my nipples real hard, Timmy, and let’s see if we can get them up to 7 or 8 inches. Then you can measure my full chest circumference including the distance my nipples stick out.” With this goal in mind, Timmy manhandled the nipples forcefully and both men looked in the mirrors at the additional size that was being created.

“Now let’s do a full pectoral measurement,” said Coach. “But before you do the measurement, flop my pec meat around with your hands while my hooters are still inside the cups. Oh that feels good when you bounce them around like that. That will get my muscle tits nice and swole.”

So Timmy massaged the polypropylene muscle tits exactly as Coach requested and flopped them around with his hands. Coach noticed that Timmy’s meat was getting harder and harder inside his pants as he worked on Coach’s obscenely bulbous breast mass. It was certainly evident to most anybody in the bodybuilding world that Coach’s muscle tits actually contained multiple loads of extraneous substances and were mostly fake in nature. But Timmy was too young and inexperienced to understand all the angles and he was intensely worshipful of what he was seeing.

Finally Coach yelled out, “Timmy I am ready for you to unsnap me from the harness.”

“You mean you want me to take your muscle bra off?”

“Timmy, do you like my muscle bra and my big muscle tits?” asked Coach, savoring the very words as he turned to the side and flexed and posed his grossly enhanced chest profile in the mirror, focusing 100 percent on the mind boggling protruding size of the bra cups and what they contained, and then touching his bulbous mass and pulling on his nipples again. “Do you want to know how much each of these big babies weighs, Timmy?” More than 130 pounds each the last time they went on the scales!”

“Oh yes, Coach! Way more than Arnold’s weigh! What proves it is that Arnold never had to wear a muscle bra like you do. You have no choice but to wear a very large muscle bra with those pecs so large and flopping around like that!!!! Your mus…., your MMMUSLE BBBREASTS (I mean your pectoral muscles, Coach) require industrial size BBBRA CCCUPS because of the size and poundage of those things!!!! Can each one of your MMMUSLE TITS tits maybe get even bigger, Coach???? Will each one maybe grow to 200 pounds??????”

“Oh yeahhh!” thought Coach, as he finally heard Timmy stuttering and calling the enormous pectoral muscles “muscle breasts” and “muscle tits”, and as Timmy begged for more tit size on them. Then his mind jumped from the true possibility of Timmy manipulating his poundage daily to the more remote fantasy of the entire team having full access to his fake tits and nipples, especially after a fresh round of pectoral augmentation from the doctors. His mind raced ahead and he thought about returning from a session with Dr. Laurens or Dr. Garcia, or even after a routine silicone or synthol load, and then meeting up with the full team in the locker room. With all of the wrestlers wearing only their tight wrestling singlets, he would thrust and pose his tits for the boys and try on all of his various muscle bras, including the bras with the obscene nipple holes, to see how the boys would respond. Would they laugh at him and dismiss the situation or would some of them be just as interested as Timmy was?

Of course, Coach gave into the most obscene scenario inside his brain. His cock stood two feet tall bulging out of his jock strap as he continued to listen to Timmy enthusiastically discussing his muscle bras and agreeing that a muscle bra was badly needed, while inside his brain he fantasized that the full team was coming forward toward his tits and nipples. With the team leering at his tits, Coach’s thoughts went along the lines of, “Of course, I need a bra. Arnold’s pectoral muscles were only half the size of mine and lots of people thought he needed a harness for containment. And what about Art Atwood’s muscle breasts when they got pumped and suctioned at the Suction Cup Muscle Camp? Atwood wasn’t exactly wearing a bra but I saw him putting on leather muscle straps for his posing sessions with the boys. Or those synthol tits on Valdir? He poses those babies in low cut tank tops which he pulls down below his tits and gyrates them around like they just popped out of a ladies’ bra.”

That line of reasoning led Coach to dwell on the fantasy that he was posing and even juggling his gigantic tits for the entire team, putting on his various muscle bras for each and every one of the boys , something Coach often thought about when he was rubbing his strapped tits and nipples against the team during practice. Coach reached down and touched his cock, thinking about his own obscene augmentation while picturing the athletes in their spandex wrestling singlets, with the outline of their teenage meat visible inside the fabric. Then he visualized several handsome wrestlers touching the outside of his bra cups and asking to massage and stimulate his breasts, which were straining the fabric of his muscle bras from all the extraneous substances that the doctors had added. As the boys began to touch him, he moaned and groaned in response while flexing his fake tits. He couldn’t help but notice the hard bulges swelling inside the wrestlers’ singlets. The horniest boys had started to reach deep inside Coach’s bra cups, even as Coach pretended to resist. He was thrilled to see those boys’ cocks grow obscenely large and cream their wrestling singlets as their hands continued to feel him up, including forceful manipulation of the bulbous nipples which the boys discovered inside the cups.

Morph by Musculiano (Click to enlarge)
The sight that greeted Timmy’s eyes once Coach’s pectoral muscle harness had been unsnapped and dropped on the floor was beyond his imaginings. His obscene chest might be described as having a feminine look in terms of size and roundness. But it was a rock hard bolted forward look containing very masculine muscle mass that stuck straight out in front of Coach’s physique for what looked like a mile of distance. The combination of porn queen tit size together with masculine muscle hardness and mass was more than Timmy knew how to handle.

Timmy said, “excuse me for a minute” and he stepped behind an alcove, unzipped his pants, and massaged his hard penis. He couldn’t help himself. He surprised himself at how big and hard his dick got as he watched Coach continue to flop his enormous tits around and self manipulate in the mirror. Meanwhile, Coach was fantasizing that the entire wrestling team were on the mats in front of him touching and massaging their huge bulges while he continued to flex and pose his porn queen tits for their pleasure. Eventually the boys fully exposed themselves and masturbated furiously. The vision of all the wrestler cocks, many of which were extremely large and oozing cum, caused Coach to shoot a big wad past Timmy, all the while picturing the team getting up off the mats and standing up and forming a line above him, pointing their hard dicks at him, and dumping a fountain of wrestler cum on top of the bulbous inflated polypropylene strings contained in his lacy feminine bra. Back from fantasy to reality, Coach was just in time to get his polypropylene breast meat right underneath Timmy as the boy stepped out from the alcove with his dick hard as a rock, stood above Coach, and shot a load of cum on top of Coach’s tits and muscle bra.

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