Plans for the summer

by Collan

Skinny nerds Frank and Billy have big plans for the summer, and they involve a pair of beefy studs with no idea what their bodies are about to be used for.

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“I can’t wait for you to get in him,” said my boyfriend and best friend Franklin with a wide smile. “God, I’m so excited about doing this all summer. I almost can’t believe we were able to arrange it so easily. It’s like it was meant to be or something!”

“I can’t wait either,” I said, smiling back at him.

We looked together at the muscled stud in the leather jacket standing just inside the door of our motel room. He stood passively, waiting for my direction, with just a hint of confusion on his square, masculine face. I looked back to the bed and saw another stud, equally hot, but in a different way.

We had both made our choices, willing to become each other’s fantasy men. I got turned on more by beefier guys, the all-American jocks. Frank lusted after porn-star-league dominating tops. Given our skinny nerd genetics, albeit with special bonuses that leveled the playing field a bit, the decision to use our abilities to become other people for more than just a night or a weekend of experimentation was almost inevitable.

“It still blows me away that you can do that,” Frank said. “I mean, how do you do that? After all this time, it’s still kinda freaky to watch.”

“Oh, and what you can do isn’t freaky?” I retorted. “Please. At least my ability falls vaguely in the realm of normalcy. Yours goes waaaaay beyond that, dontcha think?”

He chuckled. “Okay, okay, fair enough, but it feels normal to me. You know I still get fascinated by the fact that we can do what we do. It’s like being the only sighted people in a world of the blind. I wish we could find more of us, like the X-Men. Wouldn’t that be cool?”

I could tell he was excited and eager. His stream of consciousness babbling was starting to kick in. I knew the perfect way to stop that in a hurry. I flexed my mind and the muscle stud started to take off his jacket.

I made the stud toss his jacket on the chair in the corner, step towards the bed where Frank lay waiting, and drop his pants. He was commando underneath—one less article of clothing to make him strip away.

“Hey Frank, you’re up. Use that sexy mouth for something other than words,” I said as I sparked the muscle stud’s lust and made his dick start to grow. Wow! It was huge and uncut, bigger than I had ever seen. I was getting hard too, in anticipation of that being mine.

“It’s Marcus now,” he said. “Get used to it.”

“Okay then, Marcus, suck this bad boy dry,” I urged.

Frank’s breathing quickened as he got off the bed and got on his knees to get to work. I made myself correct my thoughts. Marcus was right. I had to start changing my thinking if we were going to be these guys for months.

Thanks to the way his ability worked, Marcus had developed into one hell of a cocksucker, but right now he was wasting no time with niceties. This wasn’t true sex, it was just the mechanism to get to the desired end result. He opened wide and, despite the muscle stud’s size, took in his cock down to the root in a well-practiced motion. Marcus had no gag reflex left to speak of, after all.

Through my own connection, I allowed myself to feel the muscle stud’s thoughts and emotions. His name was Van, and he was beyond confused by the situation he found himself in. He couldn’t understand why he was letting some faggot blow him, and was freaked out that he had no control over what he was doing, let alone that something that should have been repulsing him felt so fucking good. He wondered why that other queer was just watching this happen, and was oddly glad that at least a man was blowing him, not some girly-boy.

That last thought made me want a little payback. It was time to get more involved. I started getting his body more into Marcus’s groove, flexing his ass some and pumping his hips a little, while having him reach out and run his hands over the top and back of Marcus’s head. Marcus started to groan in appreciation of Van’s more active participation.

“Hi Van,” I said with an evil smirk. “I’m your friendly neighborhood queer girly-boy. Glad you could join us this evening.” I gave him back his speech control, but made sure he wouldn’t shout or scream.

“Holy fuck! What the fuck is this? What drug did you give me? What are you doing to me? Oh my god that feels so good! Oh fuck!”

Under my direction, his body now became fully involved in what was happening to him, his hips pumping, every part of his body flexing as he face fucked Marcus. Watching his sculpted muscles moving sensually under my control had me harder than I think I had ever been in my life. I could sense that because of my pushing Van was already on the edge, but I clamped down on his orgasm and his body obeyed, hovering and trembling just before that white-out moment of release. Van was moaning and whimpering now. I could feel that everything Marcus was doing to him was now verging on torture.

“What I’m doing is controlling you with my mind so my boyfriend Marcus here can suck your essence out of you,” I said, as if explaining something to a child. “You’ll turn from a person into a shell of yourself, and I’ll put on your unbelievably hot body and wear you like a suit of armor. I’ll pull the helmet of your face down over mine, and I’ll be you. Then once I’ve recovered from the orgasm you’re about to have, Marcus and I will fuck each other’s brains out. After that, we’re gonna go on a little road trip. Hope you didn’t have any plans for the next few months.”

“Please, stop this!” Van begged, panting. If I had allowed it, his body would be thrashing about with abandon, out of his control in a completely different way. “I’m not a faggot! You can’t take my life! This can’t be happening! Oh god, please stop!”

“Mmmm, sorry, buddy boy, but it is happening. Now!” I released my hold, and Van threw his head back and came. I realized I had been deeper than usual during all of this, because I started to shoot too, spewing cum into my underwear.

As Van pumped his load into Marcus, I could feel his strength of will subside with each shot, mentally collapsing beyond any need for my control, which was good seeing as the strength of my own orgasm had completely disrupted my focus. As his mind collapsed in on itself, his body followed suit. Followed suit. Heh. I chuckled dazedly a bit at my own pun, watching his body deflate as Marcus’s gift did its thing and Van’s essence was pulled out of him, to be stored in some mental compartment inside. Marcus tried to explain it to me once, saying it was how he could restore people from what he did to them. I didn’t really care how what he did worked. All that mattered was that it did work.

When Van started to shoot, Marcus had reached around to cup his ass, so that as he deflated, Van’s cock would stay in Marcus’s mouth until the end. It was clear that the end was nigh, since Van’s head and torso were starting to flop limply backwards as Marcus sucked the last bits of Van out through his cock, like trying to get the last bit of a drink from the bottom of a cup with a straw.

I walked around behind Van to support the suit he had become so Marcus could relax and get up. I dragged him over to the chair where I had had him toss his jacket and sat him bonelessly in it.

“I should have had him strip all the way, damnit,” I said, wrestling to get Van’s right boot off. I didn’t want to have to deal with putting him on with his pants around his ankles.

“Hey, Billy?” said Marcus tentatively.

“Hey, Marcus?” I asked as I switched to Van’s left boot.

“Umm, do you think after you get into him, we could just cuddle for a while? I know that sounds kind of lame, but…” He trailed off.

I finished pulling off Van’s pants and turned to Marcus. “Is something wrong?”

He blushed. “Well, it’s just that that was amazingly hot, letting him talk like that and know what was about to happen. It was so hot that I kinda shot my wad in my pants.”

I laughed. “Guess what? So did I!”

He began to laugh along with me. “Well let’s get cleaned up and then get you into a change of clothes.” I grinned, knowing it wasn’t clothes that I would be putting on.

We stripped out of our damp shorts, started the shower, and got in together. The difference between the old me and the new him really struck me as we washed each other under the warm water. Marcus had everything that cranked my engine—a buzz cut, sexy stubble surrounding a killer smile, beefy pecs capped with luscious nipples, thick arms, meaty hands, and a hefty piece of meat that inflated into a work of art. My small, skinny body felt dwarfed next to him, yet I knew that soon I’d be towering over him in turn.

We finished up, dried off, and walked naked in companionable silence back into the main room. Van-the-suit was waiting for me, slumped over in the chair. I knew the drill and moved him to the floor, then started to stretch his mouth open so I could enter his body. As I started to step inside Van, I suddenly got goosebumps at the thrill of being able to do this.

The unreality of it spiked as I fit my feet inside Van’s and felt that weird sense of my own body starting to warp to fill a differently-sized space. Up it went along my legs, past my knees to my crotch. I positioned my own modest endowment and felt it expand to fill Van’s. Not letting myself get distracted, I continued putting on Van, shrugging into his torso like I’d be shrugging into his leather jacket later. I felt my perspective rising off the ground, although I knew my feet were still firmly planted. Van was tall, and now so was I.

Finally, I pulled his head forward and down over mine, and my senses went out of kilter for a moment as my sight and hearing adjusted. At last Van’s mouth lowered into position, and I felt my teeth and tongue merge with his. I closed my eyes as his memories started to trickle in, although I decided not to delve too deep for the moment. There would be plenty of time for that later.

I opened my eyes to see Marcus standing naked in front of me. I was looking down at him, and just the fact that I had gone from inches shorter to inches taller than him made my pulse start to race with excitement. I could feel goosebumps still, all over my body. My nipples hardened, and, amazingly, I could feel my cock starting to stir, despite the fact that both my bodies had cum not too long before.

I stepped forward to grab Marcus. I instantly felt my new size and strength with every motion I made, and a rush of power pulsed through me. I pulled his body roughly against mine and kissed him aggressively. Marcus leaned into the kiss, and our tongues wrestled a bit before he pulled back and looked up at me.

“Guess I have a quick recovery time,” I said in Van’s deep, sexy voice.

“Oh god, Billy, me too!” Marcus gasped.

“Van. I’m Van,” I said, and leaned down to nip at his lower lip as I began to grind my stiffening cock against his.

“Van! Van! Fuck me, Van! Please fuck me!” begged Marcus.

I did.


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