Massage by the man of my dreams

by Musclefan559

I just moved to a new town. I was tired, sore, and horny. Imagine my luck when I found the man of my dreams online offering massages!

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I’m new to town.

I just got here after nearly 10 hours of driving crunched up against the steering wheel of my loaded F-150. Even the extended cab was full of belongings, hence the drivers seat pushed forward uncomfortably, which forced me into this weird arms-out positions like a crab anytime I needed to make maneuvers. Fortunately most of the highways were smooth sailing and in a straight line. But it took forever to get to my new home.

As I squeezed out of the cab at my new apartment, I stretched my poor aching muscles and joints. But I still was not done—now I had to move everything into my new 2nd story apartment. My legs and back where already yelling at me in anticipation.

To make matters worse, I was also super horned up. During a boring trip segment I fired up some really hot porn, the kind of stuff that has great audio, lots of groaning and moaning. But now that I’ve arrived, I’m a stranger in a new town, in the process of moving shit in, and with no hope for release.

Well, after a few hours, I got everything up the stairs, and relatively situated. Fortunately I live Spartan. But now I’m hot and sweaty on top of being achy and sore. Every muscle seems wrenched of energy—save one. My dick would not settle down, and it was keeping all of me from relaxing.

Giving in, I hopped on the local craigslist to browse for local guys who do massages. I was about to give up, when an ad that was about two weeks old showed up. My heart rate shot up and my dick got even harder. Here was the perfect specimen:

“GWM giving massages to horny young guys. Cum relax in a safe discrete place, oils are warm, and I’m really good. Me: 220lbs, white, mod hairy with a trimmed beard. Great shape, love working out. Rules are simple: you be in good shape too—don’t need to be ripped, but no fattys or skin-n-bones. Take care of yourself. You’ll come in, shower, and lie down naked in my massage room. I come in and give you the best massage you’ve ever had—and as you relax, playtime begins. HMU if interested.”

I almost couldn’t type fast enough. But damn, the ad was two weeks old, maybe he wasn’t offering anymore? Anyways, I fired off a quick email—I gave him my stats:

“I am 35, white, in decent shape. I’ve spend the last year or so bulking on some muscle, so while I’m not shredded, I’m starting to get some good form. Still on a goal for more!”

Hopefully I was “acceptable” for this stud. I waited anxiously. What if he never responded? I’d never know if he even saw my email. This guy was like a dream to me. His profile pic was absolutely ripped. His ad was exactly what I’ve been hoping for. I’m absolutely obsessed with muscle and bodybuilders. I would fantasize about one of these giants taking me and fucking my brains out.

To this point, I’d only been with a few guys, and nothing really memorable, and nothing beyond some mutual fooling around. But my desire for bottoming seemed to be growing day by day. I can feel my hole and pole aching in anticipation now that such a stud was so close and yet so far.

I decided to make some eggs and some toast to help distract myself. Any chance of a response was a long shot at this point. Imagine my bone-chilling shock when low and behold, just as I was walking back to my laptop, plate in hand, an email came in.

“Yo—yea that was an old ad, but I’m def interested. Your pic looked pretty good, can’t wait to see the final product! This is NSA stuff, so don’t worry about it too much. Unfortunately, I’m not free until tomorrow—you cool with that?”

I was frozen in the moment. Oh my god, he responded, and he was interested! To hell with the delay—I’d wait for a year with every ache and pain frozen in my body for this man.

I hurriedly shot off a reply—of course I was cool with that! I was heart-pounding in my ears excited. There was no way I was going to sleep tonight—but I didn’t care. An email or two later, I had a time, an address, and a date with a massage table. I couldn’t wait.

Flash forward to tomorrow. An anxious night of anticipation did nothing to relieve my soreness. Only now the stiffness was also setting in. I hope this guy’s massage was as good as he said, because I was giving him a helluva task. I pulled up out front, and sort of nervously sat in the front seat for about 10 minutes working up the courage to go to the door.

Once, I finally mustered that courage, I walked up to the door, rapped it a few times and waited almost shaking for what felt like an eternity. Finally it opened.

“Hey—you Bob? Come on in—I’m Jake. Relax, I can see you’re tense. Come on in—shower and massage room is right in there. Get it extra hot, and after you’ve toweled off just come lay down face up on the table. I’ll get the oils and everything ready.”

I almost couldn’t speak. My mouth was completely dry. This guy was just as hot in his sports jersey as he was out of it. It’s a testament to how fit a man is, when you can tell just how sculpted he is in a loose fitting jersey. His bare arms were gorgeous trunks and from the elbow down covered in a light brown fur. His calves stuck out from underneath is gym shorts, like little boulders. They were also covered in the same brown fur of his forearms. Then there was that square chiseled head. He had a buzz cut, and a soft brown beard flecked with bits of grey. It was about three times as long as the hair on his head. I almost didn’t make it to the bathroom!

But I did make it. It was a plain white shower stall, but the water was as hot as he promised. That alone was a godsend. I could feel some of the tension dropping off already, and the hot water was clearing my head from that initial shock of meeting this stud. I finally emerged and toweled myself off, and did as he asked—laid down face up in a small bedroom outfitted as a massage parlor. There was some gentle piano playing, and a few candles were there, but the room itself was illuminated from the light fixture above. As I lay there, doubts started to creep into my head. What was I getting myself into? Could I be cool? Would I humiliate myself in front of my dream stud?

I felt like I was waiting for days—but in reality it was just minutes. I heard a click from the side door that led to the rest of the house. In walked a tower of meat I could not take my eyes off of. He was so much hotter in the flesh that his photo. He was in nothing but those gym shorts he met me in now. His amazing chest was lightly covered in that light brown fur, and it came down in a nice trail all the way down his wonderfully sculpted abs. This shoulders, now completely exposed, where these beautiful globes that supported those trunks he called arms well. I couldn’t believe how good he looked. I couldn’t believe he was in for this with me of all people.

He saw me staring at him—transfixed. He kind of coyly smiled, stooped a little bit and make a quick snapping motion.

“Bob. Bob! It’s ok man, relax, your eyes are stuck I think. Just lay back, trust me, you’re gonna love this.”

He then walked over and reoriented my head to stare at the ceiling. He asked me to close my eyes, which I did reluctantly. I heard him walk back over and I heard him turn the light off. Through my closed eyes it was almost completely black. I could hear him shuffling about. I decided to peak, and I could see him lighting a few more candles to give the room a dark orange glow. I could see the candlelight flicker off his enormous back—which by the reflection’s showing was perfectly smooth minus the occasional mole. I quickly shut my eyes and started to force myself to breath nice and slow.

I finally heard him walk back toward me. Even his heavy footfalls in the thick carpet were sexy. I could feel myself tense slightly as he approached—something he noticed right away. “RELAX!” He commanded, “Trust me, you’re going to love this. Don’t worry about a thing—don’t worry about reciprocating, don’t worry about your performance, right now you’re mine to please, and my job is to help you with those muscles.”

With that I heard the squish of oil and the slapping against his palms. He walked around to the top of the table and I could hear him breathing over my head. I jumped at the first contact—which he laughed at and reiterated his order to relax.

His hands were big and strong. I could feel the heat radiate from them as he lightly grabbed my chest and began to work in the oils. His strong hands worked up and around my shoulders and then down my arms. He was right—he was not only good—he was great at what he did.

I could feel the tension leaving my sore muscles. Now the deep breathing was coming naturally. “There you go, bud. Just relax.” He kept working my front side, now rubbing the tension out of the front of my thighs. Every now and then I’d feel one of his strong man hands lightly brush against my balls as he continued to work in the oils.

I couldn’t believe how relaxed I was feeling. I was completely engrossed in the moment. Before I knew it, I could hear him saying (which at this point felt like it was coming out of every part of my consciousness) that it was time to start on my back.

I almost was incapable of responding, but as I started to follow what I thought was an order, I felt two firm hands press down on my stomach. “No no no no, just relax. Remember, this is all me dude.” Next thing I knew, I felt his two great hands take hold of my leg and my side, and he proceeded to strongly, but gently, flip me over on the table. It was a weird feeling—I don’t know how he managed to leverage this now-limp noodle, but next thing I knew, he had lowered my chest onto the table. I could feel the oils creating a nice slip layer between me and the leather. I felt his strong hands come along side my next and gently guide my face into the rest at the head of the table.

“How you feeling bud?” I heard him ask. I could only muster a pleased grunt and meek “good, thank you.” I could hear him laugh lightly, “Thanks bud, I love doing this stuff. But we haven’t even gotten to the good stuff. I can tell just from looking your back is going to need some work. Hang in there, you’re gonna love this next part.”

Haven’t even gotten to the good stuff? My jelly brain couldn’t even comprehend what he meant by that.

Again his strong, oil-soaked hands came down on me. He reached right for my traps. The touch was electric—those bad boys were sore as all hell. He started rubbing the tension out of them and I let out an involuntary moan.

“You like that, do you?” I heard him say playfully. “God, yes… that’s great” I murmured. He kept at them, then began working south into my shoulders, then my arms. I was so relaxed I don’t think I could pick myself up at this point if I tried.

He then squirted some oil directly onto my back and began kneading the muscles of my back, all of which, until today, had been on the picket line in protest of the abuse they’d suffered over the last few days. Now they were all volunteering for service. I almost felt like I was melting on the table.

He abruptly switched to my legs, working the tension south as he had before. To this point my ass and tackle have been untouched beyond the occasional graze. I was breathing so deeply and relaxedly that I almost felt like I was snoring.

Jake’s sonorous voice snapped me to attention.

“Alright bud, just relax. You still got some knots in your back that are going to require a little extra attention. Hope you are feeling OK so far. I’m gonna climb up on you to better focus on your back. Just relax.”

He moved my arms slightly out in a v-shape away from my body. I then became acutely aware weight being applied to the table, and then of two massive thighs firmly planted just north of my pelvis on two solid knees. Those impressive calves I saw earlier were now firmly pressing against my pelvis and thighs.

One more thing I noticed: his shorts were now gone. I could feel his semi-limp member lightly brushing against my yet-untouched ass.

I could hear more oil being squirted, and I could hear him applying it to himself. “Alright dude,” he said in a commanding tone. I’m going to apply a bit of pressure here. Don’t panic—it’s going to hurt just a bit. If it hurts too much just say so. Trust me—you’ll thank me later.”

With that I felt an elbow land square in the center of my right lat. That jolted me out of my haze! He began rubbing circles and dragging the knot out of the muscle. It was a little painful as he said, but I could feel the muscles responding. While he did this, he planted his other massive arm just north of my shoulder. I could feel the heat of his hand near my face. I could hear him breathing hard as he worked. He switched sides and repeated the routine.

Every once and a while I could feel his cock, still soft, glance my butt and back. I wanted him so badly right now.

After a bit of working the muscles in my back out I heard him say “Now comes the fun part.” More oil, and I felt him shimmy south until his knees planted next to mine. He proceeded to then grab both mounds of my ass and begin working the oils into them. Finally my ass was getting some attention! His thumbs worked in gentle circles moving ever inward. Soon he was rubbing both of them up and down my crack, stopping short of sphincter. He paused for a moment, got himself more oil which I assumed he used on himself because I could hear its application, but not on me.

“You ready bud?” he asked.

Without waiting for a reply, he took his mighty hands and began rubbing earnestly the entire length of my crack, every once and a while pausing to do a quick lap of my anus. The stimulation had an immediate effect. My flaccid penis began to jump back to life. But before it got too far, Jake reached under and firmly pulled by dick and balls out behind me on the table. He laughed and said, “hold on there, I might need that handle!”.

He then proceeded to read just his legs to be inside mine, and pushed mine out into a “v”. He worked my shaft and balls, rubbing in the oils. It was weird being this aroused and yet so relaxed. I could feel every neuron in my body, but almost felt detached like I was watching it happen to someone else.

Jake’s voice cut in to my existential moment. “Hmmm, looking good dude. How are you feeling?” he asked. I could only moan softly. “I told you you would like this. Damn, you got a nice ass. You ready to continue?”

Jake again didn’t wait for a response, he immediately dove down and I could feel his nose move in and touch my hole. I could feel his beard, with wonderfully soft hair, against my ass. His tongue started at my balls where he teased them for a moment, before moving upward in a firm lick up my crack. It was electric! I involuntarily moaned again, louder than I thought I would.

I heard him pause and then giggle, his hot breath against my hole now. Grabbing two firm handfuls of my ass he pulled me apart and began giving my hole a tongue bath—something I’ve never experienced before. I was in ecstasy now. He proceeded to eat at my ass for a bit while I gently rocked my hips up to meet his furry face. I could hear him grunting as his worked, which just fueled my gyrations. I could feel him holding me down though.

“Calm down buddy”, I heard him say. “Bob, I want this to last. I’m enjoying this and don’t you go beating me to a finish. This is the most fun I’ve had in a long time.”

“The most fun he’s had in a long time”? That didn’t compute to me. How could this goliath not have hot sex all the time with the best men in the world? He could walk into any bar in the world and blink and have at least three men hotter than I begging to have his ass-baby. He surely was flirting, but it worked. I began to blush and could feel even more hot blood rush into my extremities.

I could hear more oil, and his hand returned to my crack. He rubbed the new oil up and down a few times. Then on one pass a finger stuck out and glanced my hole. Then it came back and penetrated just a bit. Now I’ve played with my own hole before, but this was more intense than anything I’ve felt down there before.

But it was over quickly as he pulled it back out. I didn’t have to wait long though, before I knew it the finger was back, and this time it went deeper, to Jake’s second meaty knuckle. He moved it around, and kept lubing me up. Soon he had two fingers in, which was a tough squeeze with how big his hands were.

I squirmed gently and his fingers explored and lubed my hole. I could hear his breathing was getting heavier. As his fingers dug deep, he felt around and glanced by prostate. I again moaned loudly, and pushed back on his hand. “You like that do ya?” he asked in that low coy tone that I was falling in love with. “Damn your a hot ass. But we gotta slow down, let’s make this last.”

He got up off the table, and it creaked to be free of his weight. But it’s job wasn’t done yet—he climbed back on, this time straddling by high back, and gently let his gorgeous ass rest against my back. I could feel his balls there too, hot soft and fuzzy, glancing back and forth as he moved. He bent forward, and proceeded to start again eating my ass. It was incredible, and there he sat for what felt like eternity sucking and licking at my hungry hole. Every now and then his cock, now rock hard dick would bounce down and hit my back. His hips were gyrating gently to where every down and then I felt his balls work their way up my neck, and he’d rub his ass in my short hair.

“God man, this is so sexy, you have no idea how turned on I am right now. I hope you’re liking this because I’m fucking on fire!” I still couldn’t believe all of this was happening. It was like a wonderland. The air was almost thick it was so hot. I could smell his sweat. His breathing, between grunts, was deep and labored.

He finally got up and reoriented himself to face my top half. He then did something I wasn’t expecting. He knelt down and I felt one mighty arm wrap around my upper chest and then the other around my torso. I felt his immense muscles lower themselves onto me, gently at first, until his full weight rested on me. In my relaxed state it took me a minute to get the strength just to breath. He just lay there for a minute, just resting on me, his hot breath running across my neck. His rock hard cock wedged downward between my open legs and against my balls.

I thought we would lie like that forever, and in the moment, I was just fine with that. But before long, he began to gently thrust his mighty waist against my ass, grinding his hairy bush deep into me. The hair on his chest was mingling with the oils, and as he breathed, created a greasy mat that let his massive muscles slide effortlessly against those once tortured muscles. I could feel his nipples upon those enormous pecs sliding back and forth. His sculpted abs surging into my lower back with every massive breath.

He reached down and laid his cock against my willing asshole. Continuing to grind, he rubbed his impressive pole ever deeper into my crack. Every now and then he would flex those massive arms of his squeezing me firmly into him. His breathing was deep and quick, and mine was becoming erratic as I lay trapped in this cage of muscle.

Time seemed to stop as we lay there enjoying every sensation. His breathing was getting heavier and raspier. Every now and then he would produce a low grunt I could feel transfer from his mighty chest throughout my body. “I hope you’re ready bud, because I gotta have you, now!” He whispered it right into my ear, and I could feel him rub his face against the side of mine. “Damn dude, ready? I’ve been ready for you to fuck me since I first saw your picture.” I responded between heavy breaths.

He took that as his moment, he backed off of me, and I could feel one of his manly hands spreading my ass. I lifted it gently to help give him access. I felt his warm firm head press up against my hole. “Let me know if this hurts bud.” Damn, how could a guy like this exist?

I responded by gently pushing back towards his cock. With a little firm pressure I felt the head pop in, then he methodically worked in and out until his shaft was buried deep in my ass. He groaned and fell forward onto me. He again embraced me and he just lay there, every now and then thrusting his cock inside me. I could feel his balls resting against mine. The sudden fullness was an odd sensation I never experienced before, and my cock went temporarily limp. But I felt so fulfilled that I was happy to just let him lay on top of me and cuddle.

“Damn dude, this is so hot, fuck, I can’t wait to take your ass. You ready for your deep tissue massage?” I just smiled. He lifted his hips and I could feel the shaft working out of my hole. Then he thrust back in. GOD did it feel good. I gently moaned just as he did the same. He kept up this slow and steady routine for a bit and his mighty chest continued to breath heavily against my back. He had me tight in his arms, his mighty biceps flexed hard as he relished every feeling. His pace quickened and I was completely under his power.

Soon, I felt him pull out and get off the table. At first I was confused, and then I realized what he was doing. He grabbed me strongly and rolled me over onto my back. He grabbed a throw pillow and as he lifted my ass into the air, wedged it under my back, leaving me open for him. He had one firm hand against my calf as he remounted the table. This time my eyes were not shut. I looked down my greased up body and at the other end was the hottest man I had ever known. He was looking right at me, as he greased up his pole for another go. Putting my legs up into the air he quickly knelt down and licked my ass again. “Damn, woof! Fucking-A, this is a good time!” He exclaimed one time after coming up for air. His whole body was pumped and i could see thick veins coursing all over his massive bulk.

“Fuck me Jake!” I heard myself say. “Give it to me! This ass belongs to you!” It sounded as ridiculous then as it does now, but in Jake’s state he was really getting into it. He knelt down and with his tongue worked his way up my abs, across my chest and up to my face where he lay down on me and planted the biggest kiss on me. He grabbed me deeply, gently grinding our two cocks together between our frames.

He then got up, and said, “You asked for it!”.

He took that gorgeous piece of meat and rammed it back into my eager hole. On its first pass it shoved right into my prostate. I saw stars and I felt my dick begin to leak. As he proceeded to fuck me to his wild abandon, I could feel my cock oozing. He had my legs saddled firmly in his massive arms, and he was using my legs as handles to thrust in harder and harder. I was bucked all over that table, the oils creating a slick coat that made grabbing purchase an impossibility. I was just in it for the ride now!

My cock was rock hard and swinging wildly as be banged me. I’d never had sex like this, and my whole body was on fire.

Then he stopped momentarily. I felt two massive oily hands grab my junk—one on my balls, the other the base of my cock. Gently he worked more hot oil into them, stretching my balls out in the process. He then put my feet up on his shoulders, and grabbed my balls in a tight “o” in his fingers pulling back gently but firmly. He then grabbed my cock with his other hand again, gently stroking up and down in slight rotation. His cock was still firmly inside me, and he began to work it in and out again. I was completely immobilized.

He kept ramming me using my balls as a makeshift handle and gently stroking my cock. He was starting to grunt and moan as he thrust. “I’m going to give in soon buddy. Fuck if you don’t have a fucking hot hole, fucking fuck!” His eyes were rolling into the back of his head—his eloquence was failing him in his ecstasy. He was still more intelligible than I was—all I could do at this point was moan and pant.

As we moaned like two seals, his cock ramming into me at a steady quick pace, I suddenly heard him gasp and his rolled eyes closed tight. He grabbed my balls tightly—almost too tightly, and my cock too, in a firm grip. He mechanically thrust forward a few more times against my ass, and I could feel his balls, flopping against my hole before, tighten up and he exploded deep into my ass. He just rested there pressed firmly against my hole.

“Your turn”, he said, pulling out. At that point he bent over and took my dick deep into his mouth. I almost lost it right there. His tongue rolling all over my head and he thrust it deep into his very hot mouth. It was almost like an oven. He proceeded to suck my cock gently, tugging at my balls as he worked. The I felt his finger return to my hole, where it worked its way to my prostate, doing small circles over it. It didn’t take long at that point. I gasped and shot my load into his mouth, where upon feeling it, he forced my cock down his throat until his nose was buried deep in my bush. I thrust gently into his mouth, where I could feel his throat muscles swallowing my hot semen.

After grabbing some air, Jack looked up at me. “Fuck man, I’m whipped. That was amazing—Bob, thank you.”

I was dumbstruck. I just starred at him. Thank you, Bob? I still couldn’t believe this stud would even give me the time of day, now he was thanking me like I did him the favor?

I didn’t have time to process the emotions of the moment when he lay back down on me in a hugging embrace, lying his head next to mine. I did what I could to get my arms around this giant, but setting for hooking around his massive shoulders. We just lay there for what felt like hours dozily grinding from time to time, just breathing each other in.

But all good things must come to an end. Soon I was back in the shower, doing my best to wash away the oils in my skin.

But as I scrubbed, I suddenly saw a large shadow against the frosted glass and Jake opened the door. “You mind if I join you?” he asked with a little grin on his face. “You know, all these oils, I need to rinse off”, he added with a wink. I could see his erection had returned. “Please” was all I could say before all 220 lbs of him crammed in with me. Good thing it was a decent sized stall!

Underneath the scalding water, we soaped and washed each other’s bodies, his erection wasn’t getting any smaller, and as I washed his feet, he kept gently whapping it against my cheek. “I’m not a very good cocksucker,” I warned him. “Oh. Well that’s not a problem, there’s always a Plan B for tonight”, he responded, sporting that same shit-eating grin.

I got back to my feet, wherein he immediately turned me to the wall, and thrust his raging hard on back into my bowels. I groaned loudly as his arms wrapped around my shoulders and he forced me back into him. He then fucked me again, the hot water beating against both our bodies. Time stopped again as we enjoyed each other. How we didn’t drain the neighborhoods supply of hot water I’ll never know. By the time he shot another satisfied load into my ass, we could barely see each other through all the steam that had built up. I could barely see through the stars in my vision!

But that too was over too soon. Before long I was dressed, and headed back to my new place. Every bit of me felt like it was positively glowing. I kept rolling the last thing Jake said to me as I was leaving over again in my mind:

“Damn man, I’m glad you’ve moved here. I’m being honest about that being the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I know we said no strings attached, but I really hope you’ll call me soon.”

My brain was still exploding. This had to be some sort of insane jerk-off fantasy. I can’t believe that stud exists in my world. I blush just thinking about him. I can’t believe my luck. One things for certain though, we won’t be waiting long.

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