Morph cam

by BRK

 A 3-D website that lets you morph digital hunks on cam is really, really realistic.

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Billy glanced over at his roommate as he dropped his keys on the bureau and shook his head in amused disbelief. Jake was hunched over the computer as usual, shirt off, pants around his ankles, eagerly staring into the screen as he wanked his colossal tool. His shoulder-length black hair rustled occasionally as he slowly stroked his meat.

“Dude, you gotta get a hobby,” Billy said laughing.

Jake grinned over his naked shoulder. “I got one!” he said, happily returning to his work.

Billy smiled at him. Jake was tall and lanky, skinny but not buff—not like Billy, who’d already put on 20 pounds of muscle in his first month at college. But there was something about Jake. Of course, it wasn’t that he was attracted to Jake—Billy liked girls, not guys, everyone knew that. Still, Billy knew Jake was kinda hot, and even though he wasn’t into having sex with dudes Billy had been starting to get a Pavlovian boner in his jeans every time he headed back to the dorm, knowing he’d see Jake’s monster tool. Fortunately Jake was always so wrapped up in his webcam jacking sessions that he hadn’t even noticed that his straight roommate was always hard around him.

“I can’t remember the last time I saw you without your cock out, dude,” Billy said, shucking his shirt to get ready for a shower.

“It’s my best friend,” Jake said, half serious. “Hey c’mere, look at this!”

“C’mon man, you know I’m not into your stuff,” Billy said. But he crossed the room to look over Jake’s shoulder anyway. As he leaned over he felt, or thought he felt, a sensation of warmth radiating from Jake’s wide, unbuilt shoulder. Was the room that cold, that Jake felt warm to him? Whatever, it felt nice. He dropped to his knees to be more comfortable and rested his wide left hand on Jake’s left shoulder, peering over his right.

“Whoa. That dude is seriously out of proportion.”

Jake was webcamming with a totally gorgeous blond jock in what looked like an empty locker room. He looked young—was he a college dude, or an upperclassman at some high school?—and was built like the perfect ideal of a swimmer from head to toe. Except for one thing: his pecs looked like big Krenshaw melons, big, hard, heavy spheres that jostled as the boy gently stroked his uncut, very wide cock. He had a strange expression on his face, too—a weird mix of amazement and euphoria. Man, he’s going to blow his own mind when he cums if he’s already that excited, Billy thought. With his free hand, Billy adjusted his own double-wide boner in his jeans.

“It’s not even a dude,” Jake said.

Billy took another look at the jock’s wide cock. “Looks like a dude.”

“No, I mean it’s CGI, he’s not real,” Jake said.

“I’m very real,” the jock said through the speakers, half sultry, half defensive. “Who’s that?” the jock added, glancing at Billy over Jake’s shoulder.

“This site is amazing. It’s called MetaCam. The programming interface is, like, uncanny,” Jake said. “He totally acts real, like a dude on webcam, but it’s all CGI. And the best part is, it responds to voice commands.” Jake spoke up a little, speaking directly to the jock. “I want you to stroke faster with your right hand and caress your huge pecs with your left.”

“Sure thing!” the jock said, and did as instructed.

Billy frowned, shifting forward just a bit and resting his end-of-the-day stubbly chin lightly on Jake’s warm shoulder. He felt Jake shudder just a bit at the feeling of Billy’s soft bristles on his exposed skin. “How do you know he’s not real, though? Anybody’d do that if you told ’em to.” Even me, Billy found himself thinking. From this angle he could easily see Jake’s monster cock, which Jake was rhythmically stroking with both hands. The jock seemed to be watching every stroke, as if he’d never seen a cock quite that big.

“Because,” Jake said. “It’s not just a j/o app. It’s a morphing app.”

“Morphing?” Billy said. “So, what, you can like morph his body?”

“Yeah, it’s really realistic. It’s like ILM for porn.”

Something clicked in Billy’s mind. “You made those pecs huge, right? No wonder they’re out of proportion.”

“Hey, I like huge pecs, okay?” Billy suddenly felt self-conscious, wondering vaguely if his own massive pecs were big enough, though he wasn’t sure why he was wondering that. Jake broke into his thoughts: “Here, watch this.” He spoke up to the jock on the screen again. “Okay, I want your cock to get, um, 20 percent bigger!”

And the app complied. The image of the jock on the screen quickly developed a considerably larger cock. Billy usually thought about cock in terms of length—when he thought about cock, which he didn’t, he hastily corrected himself—but the jock’s cock didn’t just get longer, growing from maybe 10 to 12 inches—it got bigger. It was already a thick cock, and now it looked like it was wider and thicker than a Snapple bottle.

“Fuck,” Billy said, his big, wide, flat boner jumping madly in his jeans.

“Duude,” moaned the jock, still feeling himself up with one hand as he jacked his now Jake-sized cock with the other.

“He likes that,” Jake said laughing.

“Damn straight,” the jock breathed ecstatically.

“Do it again,” Billy said eagerly. “Change him again.”

The app, surprisingly didn’t seem to want more changes. “No, I’m good,” said the jock. “This is amazing.”

Jake turned a little toward Billy and winked at his roommate. “Someone else likes it too!”

“Your friend is really cute,” the CGI jock on the screen said, somehow looking directly at Billy. “Kiss him!”

Billy felt a butterfly in his stomach. Would he let Jake kiss him? He’d gotten so turned on in the last few minutes he wasn’t sure. But Jake said, “No, he’s straight.”

“No one watching a guy jack off is straight,” the jock on the screen said, nodding toward his own magnified boner and his busy left hand.

“Wow, this programming is really smart,” Jake laughed. Billy looked down just in time to see a large dose of precum emerge from Jake’s chest-high whopper. “Okay,” Jake was saying. “But for every second we kiss right now, I want you to get—um—an inch taller.”

“Wait, what?” Billy said, but Jake was already turning toward him and their heads were so close together that by the time Billy really registered what was going on Jake’s warm lips were pressed against his.

Damn, they felt good.

Billy leaned into the kiss, and suddenly they were making out passionately. Billy had kissed dozens of girls, but somehow he never felt those kisses in his heart, and in his throbbing, aching cock, the way he did this kiss. This was the most amazing kiss of his life, and he never wanted it to –

“Stop! Guys, stop!”

They broke their kiss, startled, and glanced toward the screen, but all they could see was the jock’s elongated chest and ten-pack abs—his head was cut off, out of the shot. “Holy shit, how long were we kissing?” Jake laughed. Billy stared—the jock’s bod looked like an endless expanse of thick muscle and tight flesh. Between this sight and the kiss he realized he’d never been this aroused.

“Long enough,” came the jock’s voice. “I must be, like, nine feet tall! Can you fix me please?” Billy’s heart was still pounding from the kiss, but his close-to-cumming cock jumped at the gorgeous giant on the screen. Chicks! He liked—fuck, look at those abs!

“C’mon, you love it, morph boy,” Jake said.

“Yeah,” admitted the CGI jock, squeezing himself into the frame. “Of course I do. But I have classes—I gotta go to school—!!”

Billy couldn’t take his eyes off the giant jock’s awesomely morphed body. He realized his lips were brushing against Jake’s warm neck. He wanted—he needed—more mouth on mouth time with Jake.

“Please, just make me normal,” the digital jock was pleading.

“I guess it’s bad form to leave him like this in the ‘game’,” Jake said to Billy, who was a lot less online-savvy. “Okay, let me think. Oh, I know, we’ll do it like Ben 10. Okay, dude, you’re now wearing this watch-like thing. See it?” And the hot, supercute CGI giant seemed to realize he was now wearing a cool, all-black watch on his left arm. He nodded anxiously. “Okay. It’s got ten settings. The body you’ve got now, that’s setting 2. Setting 1 is what you looked like before Billy and I kissed. Got it? You can switch back and forth whenever you want.”

The jock on the screen quickly dialed the watch, and suddenly he was six feet tall again—with monster pecs and a 12-inch Snapple bottle cock. “Fuck. And the other eight settings?” the jock asked.

Billy broke in. “We’ll figure those out next time.” And Jake whooped in surprise as Billy dragged him off to his bed.

Back in his own room on the other side of campus, Derek Jackson stared at the empty chair on his screen for a while, smiling when the sound of creaking bed springs suddenly started coming from off camera. He sighed and broke the connection, powering down his laptop and switching off the special webcam he’d gotten when he’d signed up to join MetaCam.

He looked at the webcam shrewdly. He should have guessed that the warnings on the sign-up web page about appearing onscreen as whatever his clients wanted him to look like had actually meant what it said.

He looked down at his newly oversized pecs and frowned. “I’m gonna need new shirts, I guess,” he said to himself. He nodded, then grinned. “Cool.”

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