MG Project: Test Subject #5

by HeyDaddy01

 A 50-year-old man recovering from an auto accident qualifies for a life-changing experimental project.

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Contents (20 parts)
Chapter 1: The Assistant A 50-year-old man recovering from an auto accident qualifies for a life-changing experimental project. (added: 7 Jan 2023)Chapter 2: The DoctorChapter 3: The Orderly Now enrolled in the program, Jason discovers that things are already changing for him—especially his sex drive. (added: 14 Jan 2023)Chapter 4: The DriverChapter 5: The TrainerChapter 6: The Massage Therapist After an intense workout, Jason experiences an even more intense massage. (added: 21 Jan 2023)Chapter 7: The Trooper On the way home from the gym, David and Jason are stopped by a very attentive trooper. Chapter 8: The Mechanic The trooper and his mechanic brother help Jason copy with his Superdrive need to top. Chapter 9: The Bodybuilder Nick the bodybuilder proves to be exactly what Jason needs as he comes down from Superdrive. Chapter 10: The Delivery Drivers (3rd Quarter Update) Six months after his induction, Jason needs a new bed—and the guys delivering it. Chapter 11: The Advisor (End of Year 1) Jason is happy with his growth but worried about his future—getting big was already becoming expensive. He soon finds out that he doesn’t need to worry, thanks to a financial advisor who knows just how to handle a growing muscle stud like him. (added: 11 Feb 2023)Chapter 12: The Client Jason experiences his first client gig with a wealthy Spanish admirer, and afterwards enjoys some of the hottest men in Barcelona for good measure. Chapter 13: The Coach Jason’s new benefactor has sponsored an intensive four-week bodybuilder coaching session for him. Chapter 14: The Bull Rider (Year 2—Mid-year) Enjoying his growing reputation as The Bull, Jason learns all the things that can happen in an MMA octagon, especially with an opponent who’s even larger than you are. (added: 4 Mar 2023)Chapter 15: The Superboy (Year 2—3rd Quarter) The Client arranges for an evening of great personal importance to him, involving a Brazilian bodybuilder known as the Superboy. Chapter 16: The Boyfriend (End of Year 2) Two years in, Jason and Nick are closer than ever—though Jason’s fantasies about Big John seem to be bleeding over into reality. Chapter 17: The Attorney Jason’s life changes in a very unexpected way. Chapter 18: The Pup (Year 3 - 1st Quarter) Bull finds a blue-eyed, foot-loving Pup. (added: 1 Apr 2023)Chapter 19: The Big Bull Bull and Big John find a new way to relate. Chapter 20: The Go-Go Dancer (Year 3—2nd Quarter) Bull takes his fam to International Mr. Leather and kicks the whole party up a notch. 

I reluctantly replied “Come in” to the loud knocking on my hospital room door. How am I ever supposed to recover when these people never let me get any rest? The door swung open, and a massive beast of a man entered my hospital room, filling the door frame. He was about 6’3 and well over 320 pounds of massive muscle that his scrubs strained to cover. He closed the door quickly (wait, did he lock the door too?) and turned towards me, and started speaking from the entry area. His voice was one of those low bass, deep masculine sounds that hit that sweet spot in my ear that goes from my brain to my dick in a microsecond. My brain was too focused on processing the visuals of this Alpha Muscleman and couldn’t compute the audio.

He was huge and handsome with a light bronze-colored skin tone, bald head, high cheekbones, full lips, a thick black beard, and deep brown eyes. His bull neck was anchored by high traps set like sloping mountain ranges that peaked up and dropped to each side of his incredibly broad shoulders. Wow, I have never seen shoulders that wide before in real life! The armholes in his scrubs had been slit to make room for the guns that shot out on each side, their thickness had to be in the 24-inch range. And each bicep had a rope-thick vein that surrounded the gigantic muscle like it was fighting to constrain the mass but was losing the battle. As he spoke his hands moved to emphasize his words which caused his tremendous pecs to flex and pop within the tight confines of his scrubs. His pecs were so thick that the upper shelf could hold a 2-liter bottle of water upright without even flexing hard.

He started walking into my room and stopped at the edge of the foot of my bed, blocking my view of the TV’s nightly baseball game. His quads were so huge that he had that bodybuilder waddle from having to rotate his hips to accommodate the mass movement from one leg to the other. But there was an even larger than normal obstacle in the dead center core of his movement, a bulge that obscenely pushed outward and down his left leg, rotating with the movement and bouncing in its containment. Was that real? Did my eyes play tricks on me? The lower half of his freaky body was now below my view, blocked by the edge of my bed so I could no longer see that tantalizing bulge of man meat.

The deep voice sound was no longer resonating in my ears, and I realized he was standing there waiting for me to respond to whatever he had just said. He had stopped speaking and was looking at me waiting for my response. Think, Jason, what was he saying, do something, say something you stupid idiot! “I’m sorry, Sir, but the meds they have me on, well, they make me very groggy. It takes me a few minutes to become fully aware and functional. Do you mind repeating all that?”

“I understand,” the man said, his voice once again hitting that sweet connection spot deep in my core. “My name is John and I am an assistant for Dr. Malik. Did you comprehend that statement?” He spoke slowly and with just a hint of irritation.

“Yes, Sir. Nice to meet you, John, I’m Jason,” I answered like a giddy schoolboy. I held out my right hand and he responded with his right hand completely engulfing mine with a firm grip, his large fingers wrapping around my hand making me feel even more small and insignificant in the presence of this giant Alpha Beast. My eyes danced rapidly from his handsome face to his ridiculously sculpted muscles.

“Dr. Malik asked that I stop by in advance to do a pre-assessment on your condition to see if you may be a qualified candidate for his program before he visits you later this evening,” John said as his right hand released my own and he lifted my medical chart and began flipping through the pages. Every action of his huge muscles caused me to lose focus again and become entranced by the visual movement of his actions. Focus, Jason, focus! This man is here to do his job not to be your ultimate muscle worship fantasy! You’re a grown man, stop acting like a horned-up teenager!

“Patient is a white male, 50 years of age, 5 foot 10 inches tall, initially 220 pounds now 180 pounds, car wreck accident,” Big John recited into his mobile phone/recording device. He then looked at me with those piercing brown eyes and continued, “It says that you had some spinal damage with partial paralysis in both legs. But it appears you’re slowly gaining feeling in both legs, is that correct?” As he asked this he slowly raised his left arm to scratch the back of his neck.

Oh my Thor! What is that aroma of pure sex, musk, and testosterone coming from this man? I took another breath, and the aromatic sensation went straight to my throbbing cock. Wait, what the fuck! I looked down and for the first time in weeks, I had an erection tenting the sheet between my legs. That had not happened since the accident. I quickly covered it with my hands and tried to hide my hard dick from John’s eyes. Where the fuck did that come from and my god my dick was throbbing under my hand, and I wanted to grab it and stroke it so fucking bad.

I felt the heat flush my face in embarrassment as I looked up at this monster of muscle and stammered, “Uh, yeah, um, yes Sir, I’m slowly getting some feeling and movement in both feet, but I am not able to walk or move my legs on my own.”

“Well, it looks like your little penis is working,” John said with a grin as he eyed me trying to cover my raging hard-on under the sheet.

“Little penis,” what the hell? I don’t have a porn star sized dick but I was a little above average at 7 inches when rock hard and throbbing like I was right now. He wasn’t saying my dick was little to be cruel, though, and I gathered it was more a statement of relative size to that captured mass of manhood trapped in his scrubs. His cockiness and dominance were pushing all my buttons! Nothing sexier than a true Alpha male!

“Sorry, I’m embarrassed, Sir, and honestly this is the first erection I’ve had in a very, very long time. Not sure why it chose now to make an appearance?” Even though I knew exactly why I had a steel pole throbbing between my legs, I didn’t want Big John to know it was all because of him, but part of me knew he realized his power. That confident smirk on his handsome face told me that he knew. Yeah, he knew.

He was now standing to the side of my bed reviewing my chart. While his eyes were occupied reading my chart, my eyes traveled down from those impossibly wide shoulders down the deep valley between his massive pecs and quickly to the monster meat strangely bulging from his groin and down his immense left quad.

“Clearly you’re excited by big muscles—is that correct, little man?” And with that my eyes traveled quickly from that gigantic sleeping cock to the rising right arm that was curling upward into the classic muscle pose of a single bicep flex. Big John’s wrist tightened towards his shoulder and the bicep bunched into a circular ball of concrete before exploding upwards with the two peaks fighting for height. The triceps hung like slabs of hard beef under the elbow stretching the tight armband of the scrubs to the breaking point.

“Oh, fuck yes! Wow, you are so huge, Sir!” I grunted in amazement as I could feel my balls rise and release a thick drop of pre out of my aching cock. Big John quickly dropped my chart on my bedside table and threw up his left gun to a matching double bicep pose that made me gasp and hold my breath.

What the fuck was happening? His lats flared out so wide and thick I just knew his scrub top was going to rip at the seams. He rotated both wrists back and forth like he was priming the pump and then slammed hard into the flex, causing both peaks to rise again on both biceps! He held that flex hard and long, I could see sweat beads gathering on his skin and his deep muscle pits were starting to soak the thin lining of the baby blue scrubs.

He repeated this pose again and again, his arms becoming more pumped with each hard flex. Skin glistened from his sweat. I laid there completely immobilized and transfixed by the power and monstrous size of this beast of a muscle man.

Realizing I had been holding my breath, I released and took a deep breath, and again, the scent of his testosterone-fueled aromatic pits filled my nostrils, sending me into a sudden orgasmic state!

My body convulsed as my orgasm hit me, I wasn’t even touching my throbbing cock, yet the intoxicating smell of this muscle god was forcing my seed out of my flared cock head and soaking the cover sheet with load after load.

Once I regained myself, I looked down at the sticky wet mess and said, “Oh my god, that was crazy! Damn, how did you do that? I mean, I came from just looking at you flex and smelling your muscle pits!”

Big John towered above me and gave me a knowing smirk. “Yeah, gay guys love my sweaty scent, sends them into orbit, and makes them nut so fast. Glad you liked it, little man. Now, I need to scoop up that semen for a sample for Dr. Malik.” He pulled back the cover sheet and filled the large sample cup. “Got more than I needed here! Let me get you a washcloth to clean up, Big Shooter,” he said with a wink. I looked down and was amazed at the volume I had shot. I’ve never been a big load shooter, but this was impressive by any standard!

After the cleanup, Big John and I chatted a little bit more about my current condition, my muscle fetish and lifelong desire to grow massive. He told me about his amateur bodybuilding history and how he was about to go pro when his wife got pregnant with their first kid and that derailed his dreams. He had taken up odd jobs to make ends meet. He told me he had done some flexing and muscle worship for some gay men in the past when he needed extra money but that he was not sexually attracted to men. However, he said with that overconfident grin, “The gays do pay extra big bucks to service this foot-long-plus dick!” And he took his huge right hand and grabbed the massive meat that snaked down his left quad giving it a big squeeze and showing off to me the thickness and length.

OMG, I was rock hard again and I knew my eyes were wide and my jaw fell open. “Can I see it? I’m almost as obsessed with huge dicks as I am with huge muscles!”

He reached to untie his scrub bottoms and said, “Sure, little man, I have to have custom underwear made because it is so big, even soft, and I’ve got these balls the size of oranges.” With one quick motion, he shoved the scrubs down over his huge glutes and quads to the floor. Big John stood there in his custom-sized poser-style underwear with the bulge now bouncing free between his legs. He paused to let me take in his pride and joy, showing it off and lightly stroking it through the fabric causing the clearly visible fat head to expand and push down towards his knee. Each heartbeat and the beast expanded thicker and longer, stretching the underwear until the base of his pole was now visible showing the incredible width of his throbbing meat.

I licked my lips at the thought of tasting this prize and unconsciously began to stroke my own aching boner under the cover sheet. Big John did some quick poses, flexing the quads by shaking each loosely letting the thick muscle slap side to side before stomping down and the quad exploded into a detailed rough surface of layers of muscle meat with deep grooves and cuts covered by throbbing veins crisscrossing the surface. His hard cock captured in his custom briefs was forcing the fabric to its limits. The head was now clearly visible from the constant escape of pre-cum soaking the thin fabric covering. Gobs of clear juice escaped through the fabric and were now forming a slow-moving trail down towards the floor. I reached my hand tentatively to touch the colossal cock and was quickly swatted away.

“Not yet, little man,” Big John said with a seductive smile, “and take your hands off of your little dick, I don’t want you shooting off until you get the full Big John experience.”

He then turned around facing the other way and started to peel down his underwear over his muscular, basketball-size glutes. I would have given anything to be able to shove my face in that huge, hard ass! The thick hamstrings and quads flexed out as he bent over completely, slowly pulling the posers down seductively drawing my eyes with them. Over the diamond-shaped calves, and then stepping out, pushing the poser out of each of his gigantic feet.

Jesus, everything about this man was just freaky huge!

Just as his posers hit the floor there was a loud knock at my hospital room door. “It’s Dr. Malik, may I come in?”

For someone so freaky massive, Big John moved like a giant panther. Quickly and quietly he pulled up his posers, stepped across the room, unlocked the door, and greeted Dr. Malik. The doctor entered the room but was completely blocked from my sight by the giant assistant. They spoke quietly for a few minutes before the doctor appeared and walked into my room.

Dr. Malik was the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome, with middle eastern swarthiness and style. At 6’1’’ and around 220 pounds, his professional doctor’s coat accentuated his well-defined muscles and stature. A thick, jet-black hairstyle that was combed back away from his face was framed with square rimmed glasses which accentuated the square-jawed face. He was clean-shaven but by this time of the evening, his five-o’clock shadow was now a manly scruff that heightened his masculine looks. He was surprisingly younger-looking than I expected and one of the hottest doctors I’ve ever seen.

“Good evening, Jason. I’m Dr. Amir Malik.” He spoke with just a hint of an accent. “It is nice to meet you and I hope that my assistant has been treating you well.” As he said this, he glanced at the pants-less Big John still standing near the doorway.

“Hi, Dr. Malik, nice to meet you as well. And yes, John is incredible, to say the least.”

“Glad to hear. I’ve been reviewing your case files with your medical team, and we all concur that you are an excellent candidate for my test program. We believe my treatments will provide immediate improvement in your current condition; however, I am looking for a long-term commitment to my test program of 3 to 5 years.” He then asked Big John to take my semen specimen back to his lab assistant for processing and return with the results.

Dr. Malik and I then spoke over the next hour about his program. He discussed all the details and requirements plus the expected results based on his previous candidates. I asked if Big John was one of his subjects. “Yes, John was test subject number 3 and had given permission to share his information but was unwilling to complete the program beyond year 2.” He smiled with pride as he talked about his successful subject.

“One of the effects of the treatment as you could see,” he continued, “is an increased growth not only in the musculature but also in the genitals. John’s wife demanded he stop the treatment because his large penis was causing too much pain during their lovemaking. When we started, John’s penis was 9 inches long when fully erect and now he’s almost 13 inches, and he must ejaculate at least three times per day or his testicles will become too swollen and sensitive for him to function.” Dr. Malik kept speaking but I was stuck on the vision of that muscle beast and his 13-inch cock shooting his load from those gigantic balls!

Speak of the donkey-dicked devil. A quick knock on the door and Big John entered the room and handed a sheet of paper to Dr. Malik. Damn, just the sight of him and his huge muscles was breathtaking. And there it was again, this time even stronger, that scent! It filled the room instantly and was like a warm familiar memory of every sweaty locker room from my youth. Big John had hustled back from the lab as his skin was shiny with sweat and I could see the telltale darker circles from those massive man pits darkening his baby blue scrubs. I took another breath and again, the instant orgasm took hold. My hands grabbed the mattress as my hard cock throbbed and released rope after rope of my cum. It was like I had been edging my dick for hours and finally shot but this was an out of nowhere experience of ecstasy, equal to or even greater than a long jerk-off session. My mind fantasized rapidly throwing images of Big John dominating me completely, roughly fucking me with his monster cock and abusing my hole while he flexed above me. Every submissive fantasy I had ever had in the last 37 years since my first jerk-off session at 13 had come to life in this massive muscle man.

When I finally regained composure, Dr. Malik and Big John were both smiling as they looked at my body covered in cum. Big John said, “Sorry, little man, I should have cleaned my sweaty pits before entering your room.”

I laughed and tried to cover my sudden embarrassment. “Don’t apologize! I’ve had two amazing orgasms tonight and have not felt this good in a very, very long time!”

Dr. Malik then pulled out his tablet from his briefcase and asked, “Jason, are you ready to change your life and commit to my 3-year program?”

Without a single second of hesitation, I answered, “Yes Sir, this is a lifelong dream come true and I can’t wait to see how my body responds and grows massive!”

“Great, we can start the initial surgical procedure tomorrow morning with the first spinal injection. John will get you prepped and ready. Do you have any final questions?” He handed me his tablet and indicated the spot for my signature.

“No, Doctor, I’m ready.” I quickly signed and handed the tablet back to him.

Dr. Malik then turned to Big John and his eyes traveled down to the enormous protruding bulge between his tree-trunk thighs. “John, prepare the patient per our normal protocols. Have you ejaculated at all today?”

Big John responded in his deep voice, “No Sir, and it is becoming unbearable!”

Dr. Malik then turned to me and said, “Well, I think Jason will happily volunteer to help ease your predicament. He is looking very thirsty!” And with that, Dr. Malik said his goodnights and exited the room. At least, I think that’s what happened, as I was completely focused on the huge bulge in Big John’s crotch, and the thought of sucking that gigantic dick had become my only mission in life. The hospital could have been on fire around me and my eyes would not have moved from that trapped man meat inside those scrubs.

Sensing my desire or his overarching need for release, Big John skipped the sexy striptease and quickly peeled off his scrubs and posers. Almost instantly this beast of a man was completely naked and on top of me. It was almost too much for my senses to even register and compute as his monster cock was like a guided missile to my open mouth. The giant head stretched my mouth open, and the smell of his sweaty pubes engulfed my nostrils. I reached out with both hands to grab the giant horsecock that was threatening to rip my jaws apart. He had climbed onto my hospital bed, straddling my torso with his massive thighs. His softball-sized balls slapped my abs and chest with each thrust in and out of my mouth-hole. I could only accommodate the giant head and a couple of inches and the rest I stroked with both hands. John’s huge paw was wrapped around the base of his missile holding it down and aiming it at the target hole.

I felt all 320+ pounds of beef on top of me forcing me to completely submit to his pile-driving thrusts. His meat was covered in my spit as I continued to gag from the constant raping of my throat. I thought I was going to pass out from the lack of oxygen when the deep grunts started, and the swelling of his cockhead signaled his impending release. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and I gasped for air to fill my lungs. His left hand forced my mouth open, and his right hand aimed the cannon at the back of my throat.

What happened next was unbelievable as the cum shot out of his monstercock in a steady, unstopping river. It was like he was pissing cum into my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed but was unable to keep up with the volume being pushed out of those swollen balls. After what seemed like minutes, the river flow paused, and then a second stream of cum came flying out just like before. This stud didn’t shoot in intervals of seconds but instead in minutes. Over and over, my gut was distended from swallowing so much of his seed and my face and hair were completely saturated with his thick juice. After about 10 minutes, he finally ceased the stream and was only leaking out a typical man’s cum load. He sat back on his haunches and slapped his still rock-hard cock on my chest.

At this point, I couldn’t open my eyes but I’m sure I looked like one of those guys in a bukkake video who had 30 dudes’ cum on his face. I felt a cloth across my eyes and was finally able to open them. He was then scooping all his cum into my still forced open mouth and ordering me to swallow every drop. “Don’t waste any of my precious load, little man.” After I had swallowed it all, he began flexing his massive muscles in a most muscular pose. The veins like roadmaps over the freaky thick pecs and his delts and traps swelling larger with each flex. Big John then leaned forward, extending both of his massive arms up, and then quickly bent down toward my face placing both of his sweaty pits only inches from my face. The influx of his scent sent me into overdrive.

I felt my body convulsing in orgasm and my mind was spinning. It was too much! My senses were overloading my brain and the smell of this Beast was dominating my consciousness and driving me into darkness. There was more cum filling my bloated belly and covering my face, more sweaty muscles flexing and touching me, and finally those hairy, sweaty muscle pits were smothering me and his scent, that incredible smell, it was everything!

I woke up to the sound of Nurse Eric flipping on the brutal overhead fluorescent lights and chatting nonstop like he typically does every morning. “Beautiful morning and time to wake up and make it the best day of your life…” He was a walking and talking machine, a nonstop plethora of hallmark cards and inspirational posters. As my only male gay nurse, we had a great connection and chatted for hours most days. Except he knew I was not a morning person and right now I hated him with every fucking fiber of my being.

As he raised my bed forcing me to sit upright and become awake to the world, I wondered what the hell happened last night? Was it all a dream? Was it real? I thought back to the last thing I remembered was Big John’s huge, hairy, muscle pits only inches from my face and I could still smell his incredible, manly musk and my cock started to throb. It had to have been real but what happened after that? My sheets and body were clean, there was so much cum everywhere, he must have cleaned me up after I passed out. Or was it all a fantasy in one of my drug-induced dreams? I looked over at the additional IV bag that had been added to my drip line and wondered if I was going crazy or not.

I looked over at the wall clock and yelled out, cutting off Mr. Sunshine in mid-soliloquy. “It is fucking four o’clock in the morning. Why are you here?!?”

Nurse Eric froze, looked at me, looked at the clock, and slowly walked to my chart searching for an answer. “Ah, here it is, you have a procedure scheduled in two hours with Dr. Malik. I’ll need to get you prepped, shaved, and ready for a pickup at 6 a.m.” It was real! Oh my god, this is actually happening!

Immediately my typical sour attitude changed, and a huge smile spread on my face. “Now, that’s what I like to see,” Nurse Eric said obviously speaking of my positive change in facial expressions. Instead, he yanked back my cover sheet and stood eyeing my throbbing hard cock. Surprised by the sudden exposure and reflexively reaching out for the covers, I stopped and stared at my rock-hard boner. It was my dick, and yet it wasn’t. The length was just a little bit longer and the usual slight curve to the left had disappeared as it was pointing due north, straight as a steel pipe. But the biggest change was the increased thickness of the entire rod from base to flared head. I had always had a skinny pole, but not anymore. This was a fat, throbbing, man’s cock with huge, angry veins running around the shaft and a mushroom head that was shiny with pre-cum. “This means you are getting sensation and connections in your lower extremities!” Nurse Eric rattled on and on about my improvement and outlook for the future. All the while I fought the urge to grab my new thick meat with both hands and test drive the new model.

“Do you need to urinate before I start shaving you?” he said, bringing over the handheld urinal. “Wait, looks like I need to get the larger one, I didn’t realize you were such a grower!” He winked, still eyeing my fat, throbbing cock. He quickly slipped out of the door, and I grabbed my meat with both hands feeling the newfound thickness forcing my grip so wide to where my fingers could not touch. Sweet baby Jeebus, this was a real man-sized cock and one I had dreamt of all my life. I gave it a quick stroke and then forced myself to release knowing that Nurse Eric would return at any second.

He returned with a larger topped urinal followed by the hunky Latino orderly, Juan, who I had been lusting after for weeks. Nurse Eric handed me the urinal and asked Juan to take the covers to the hamper and then return to help him turn me over. They did all this, walking and talking, professionally doing their duties; but all the while their eyes were locked on my massive hard cock. Never being the shy one, I twisted my upper body to the right, forcing my unresponsive lower body to follow. Grabbed the large top portable urinal and slowly stroked my steel pipe with my left hand trying to aim the meaty head to the opening.

“Juan, would you mind holding the urinal for me? This thing needs both hands to hold it steady.” In a flash, Juan was by my bedside, his large hands grabbing the urinal and holding it directly in the line of fire. I grabbed my engorged cock with both hands and aimed at the opening like I was at a county fair trying to raise the clown’s face with a water gun blasting the bullseye. Closed my eyes and let loose a stream of piss that hit the back of the urinal with a loud thud.

As I continued releasing, the gallon-sized urinal was almost three-quarters full when Juan said, “I think we might need a backup, or are you almost done?” I could tell my bladder was almost empty and I let him know no need to panic. With a few final strokes, I squeezed out the last of it and rolled my body back to the upright flat position. Juan capped my gallon-sized urinal.

Nurse Eric retrieved the full urinal and said, “That big horse cock pissed like a true racehorse!”

Emptying my bladder had no impact on my morning wood and all eyes were still locked on my throbbing cock. The precum faucet had turned on and was causing a river of clear fluid to leak out of the slit across the fat head and down the side of the upright pole. Just then, Eric’s phone buzzed, and he turned abruptly heading for the door. “I’ll be back in 20 minutes,” he said. “Juan, please assist the patient’s needs while I’m away.”

The door closed and I turned to look at Juan, who was still transfixed, and said in my deepest voice, “You heard him son, get over here and suck daddy’s fat cock!”

His full lips and tongue were swallowing my meat in an instant. He was moaning and working my rod from tip to base, swallowing every inch deep in his throat. I’m not sure who was enjoying this more, the cock or the cocksucker! I watched as he teased the fat head with his tongue, licking the sensitive underside and then swallowing the entire 7+ inches to the base of my pubes. I could slightly feel his teeth scraping against me and I realized my dick was getting even thicker. He pulled off and grabbed the base with his hand, stroking my cock and licking the apple-sized head. “It’s so thick, Papi,” he moaned as he continued trying and failing to swallow the gigantic head of my cock. I could feel my balls pulling up and I murmured in ecstasy that I was about to shoot. He pounded my cock faster and placed his open mouth as the target for my release. The first shot was the longest, thickest rope of mancum that I have ever shot, lasting for several seconds in a steady release hitting the back of his hungry throat. The second, third, and fourth, were all stronger and longer than the previous until the fifth hit like I was driving cum into his mouth hole for at least 10 seconds. The ropes kept flying out and I lost count as the waves of euphoria took over me.

Breathing heavy, I finally came back to focus and looked down at a smiling Juan licking the last drops of cum leaking out of the fat head. “Wow, Papi, that was amazing!”

“You’re telling me,” I laughed. “Thanks—you were incredible and that felt so good!” Juan went to grab a warm cloth and we both stopped for a second when we realized my thick cock was still standing at full attention.

“Do you think I could ride it, Papi?” Juan asked as he lowered my headrest and quickly stripped out of his scrubs without waiting for my obvious answer. He was even more ripped than I expected with a defined 8-pack and thick pecs. His smooth body only had a dark patch of thick pubes at the base of his hefty, uncut 6-incher. In a somewhat clumsy manner, he climbed up on the bed and straddled my hips with my aching cock rubbing between his silky-smooth glutes. He reached behind and started stroking my fat meat, “You’re so wet daddy!” he moaned as he rubbed all my pre-cum over my shaft and used the excess to lube his hole. He raised up, squatting over my throbbing fat cock, I looked down and again was surprised at the massive growth that had occurred. The tip hit his closed hole and began stretching the tight cover expanding the hole and demanding access to the tight cave beyond.

The full head entered, and he paused. “It’s so thick!” he moaned as his ass tightened again on my cock head. He took a few breaths and then began slowly sliding down taking inch after inch.

A little over halfway in, I must have hit his prostate as he let out several loud moans and pre-cum leaked out of his rock-hard dick. I tried to push my hips up, but my body couldn’t respond to my command, and I remained motionless under him. I looked up at him and said, “You’re going to have to take it all boy and ride this cock! Keep going down, you’re almost there.”

He took direction well, and in one fast motion fully engulfed my thick meat all the way to the pubes. He then rapidly pulled up until the head almost escaped before slamming back down. Over and over this full ride of every inch of my cock continued while his now 8-inch dick slapped my abs on every down stroke and his 8-pack on the up stroke. “So fucking big, Papi!” he kept repeating as he rode and squeezed my dick. He picked up the pace, still full-length dick fucking, and started moaning something in Spanish when I saw his cock head flare and cum shot out hitting my face and chest from his bouncing cock. His ass constricted on the base of my dick, and I began to shoot my load deep inside him, rope after rope, again surprising me with the length and volume of my orgasm.

He then fell onto my chest, and I wrapped my arms around him enjoying his muscular smooth skin touching mine. After a few minutes, he rose and released my cock, climbed off the bed, and went to the bathroom to retrieve a wet washcloth. “Damn, Papi, you’re still rock hard!” he said in awe as he cleaned me up.

I grabbed my cock with my right hand and began stroking it fast and ordered Juan to kiss me. Our tongues and lips collided, and I pounded my fist hard, angrily fighting the full thick length of my meat. Beating it. Hard! My balls gathered up and I moaned that I was about to cum. Juan broke our kiss and dove onto my cockhead covering it with those full wet lips just as I exploded rope after rope into his open mouth. Another full-blown crazy orgasm as my balls released the volume of a man who hadn’t cum in weeks not one who had just shot off twice in the last 20 minutes. Juan gobbled down every ounce and then licked off the escaped drops fully cleaning my fat cock from base to head. He stood up and we both smiled at each other with a look of pure satisfaction.

Just then, Nurse Eric entered and said, “I thought I told you to take care of that thing!” We both laughed as we looked at my still rock-hard dick. I brought him up to speed, even though I felt satisfied I guess my dick wanted more attention.

“Well, we don’t have time for round four. Help me flip him over so I can prep his lower back for the procedure.” Lying on my stomach, my new ultra-thick dick felt good throbbing on my abs and I couldn’t resist the grinding motion that increased the sensitivity. Nurse Eric would repeatedly tell me to be still.

Big John then entered the room. I couldn’t see him from my position, but I knew it was him from that deep voice that filled the room. “Good morning, Jason!” Damn, his voice was so sexy. “I have the anesthesiologist with me, and he will administer some medications to relax you before we take you over to our clinic.”

I could see Juan to my side and his mouth was agape, in awe of Big John, and Juan’s uncut cock was stretched hard across his right hip. I think there were some more introductions and conversations, and I wanted to ask Big John what had happened last night and how did my cock get so thick and my orgasms so massive and... but honestly, I don’t remember anything after the liquid cocktail hit my IV and I went to my happy place and restful, deep sleep.

What a week! To say the procedure was a success would be an understatement as it exceeded all my expectations. I had instantly regained all feeling and control in both legs and was up walking within hours. By the third day, I was exercising in the weight room with light weights and high repetitions. Yesterday, I maxed out on barbell squats and leg presses at the same levels I was lifting before the auto accident. My body had completely recovered, and my weight had increased from 180 to 220 pounds, my typical weight before the accident, in one week!

Dr. Malik said that was expected as my muscles were brought back by his formula to their previous peak conditioning. I had relocated from the hospital ward to Dr. Malik’s treatment clinic in a nearby building adjacent to the hospital immediately after the procedure. But I had not seen Big John since that morning of my surgery as he and his family had been on vacation in the islands. The thought of Big John in a custom speedo emerging from the ocean caused my aching balls to pulse harder and my rock-hard cock to throb.

I refocused on the task at hand and remembered Dr. Malik’s strict orders. “No sex, no masturbation, no orgasm for one week!” While I had dutifully complied, my subconscious and my fat cock had not. I awoke each morning to underwear soaked in jizz from the vivid wet dreams I had every night of orgies of bodybuilders in a nonstop dreamscape of muscle-on-muscle fucking. Dr. Malik said the nighttime release was fine and was the body’s way of healing and re-establishing connections. All I know is I could not wait to grab this fat meat and release my aching balls of their seed. I was a walking, dripping, fully armed tomahawk missile primed for liftoff!

I finished packing up my few items in the new backpack and put on the new tank top, shorts, and athletic shoes that Dr. Malik had provided for me. The clothes were all a little too big and loose, but he had said, “Don’t worry, you’ll be growing out of these in no time.” Even the size 12 shoes were larger than the standard size 11’s I had been wearing all my adult life. Then I flashed back to Big John’s gigantic feet and wondered what size he wore and why did that make another big glob of precum leak out of my fat cockhead?

Dr. Malik then entered my room and we chatted briefly about my discharge, my continued physical therapy and workout regimen, my extended short-term disability from my job, and that I could finally unload my throbbing cock this evening after 6 p.m. I was to orgasm at least three times per day and no more than six times in 24 hours. I was to return for a follow-up each week until my scheduled three-month procedure, which would be the first of many quarterly procedures over the next three years.

“I’ve hired an assistant to take you home and he will be available for your transportation needs over the next few weeks. The only heavy machinery you are allowed to operate is in the weight room with your Trainer. No driving until I give you the okay,” Dr. Malik instructed as we began leaving the room and walking towards the lobby exit of his building.

As we reached the front doors, Dr. Malik extended his hand, but I brushed it aside and wrapped my arms around him. “Thank you, Doctor, you have saved me and given me back my life! I don’t know how I can ever repay you for all you have done for me.”

With a pat on my butt and a hug back, he said, “Complete the study and follow my instructions is all I ask and that will be all the thanks that I need.”

Outside was a blue Mercedes S Class with the back passenger door open and a strikingly tall young man walking towards me. He looked and moved like a model off the runway in Milan. He was incredibly handsome with the darkest skin tone that contrasted starkly against the light blue collared shirt that snugly fit his muscular upper body. Tyson Beckford instantly came to mind, but this man was in his early 20s and was much taller at 6’5.”

“Good morning, Sir. Please allow me to carry your backpack,” he said, as he quickly slipped it from my shoulder to his large hand. “My name is David, and I will be assisting you over the next few weeks.” He guided me into the back seat of the luxury sedan and closed the door. He placed my backpack in the front passenger seat and then walked around the front of the vehicle to the driver’s side. My eyes were quickly drawn to the gorgeous bubble butt that filled out the dress pants that looked to be painted on his lower body. The image of my throbbing fat white cock parting those dark cheeks sent a tremble through my body and caused my pre-cum to leak through my underwear and gym shorts.

My townhome address was preloaded in the navigation system, and we headed out. Along the drive, we chatted, and I learned that David was a recent college graduate and he had started a personal training business and Dr. Malik had been a generous investor in his new venture. He had been a two-sport athlete in college playing basketball and baseball but wasn’t good enough to get into the pros. He was considering getting his master’s in exercise physiology but wanted to take a year to work on his business before taking that next step.

We arrived at my place and David again carried my backpack to my door even though I felt fully recovered and could have easily managed the lightweight pack. It was nice having a young stud assisting me. My home still had unpacked boxes in every corner as I had recently relocated to Houston from my long-time home in Atlanta for a new position with a new firm. I had only been to the office one day when the accident happened as I was leaving the office.

“Why don’t you go rest for a while before we train at 3 p.m.,” David said as he guided me towards my oversized sofa in the living room. “I’ll grab my stuff and get settled in the guest room.” I guess David saw the surprised look on my face. “Yes, Dr. Malik arranged for me to be a full-time driver and assistant during your recovery period. Not only am I your trainer but I’m also your assistant and will take care of all of your needs.” His eyes then floated down to my throbbing cock tenting the loose gym shorts and staining a large circle where the head was threatening to bust through the material.

“Sounds great!” was all I could muster before David turned quickly and exited to retrieve his stuff.

I must have fallen asleep because when I came to David was working nearby unboxing some books and placing them on the built-in bookcase. He was completely naked except for a well-worn, old-school jock that had originally been white but was now a faded gray. The haggard pouch carried a substantial package that one would imagine a 6’5’’ tall, muscular black stud would stereotypically possess. As he turned, the framing of that muscular bubble butt with the withered straps made me throb. His body was a finely tuned machine with hard muscles displayed from head to toe. He had been working for some time as he was covered in sweat, his movements were a beautiful dance of symmetry and strength as he lifted full stacks of books from the box and then critically displayed each in the bookcase. I realized I had subconsciously been stroking my aching thick cock as I secretly watched and was very close to erupting when I remembered my orders and quickly released my grip. The sound of my fat pipe hitting my abs was loud enough for David to hear above his music in his earbuds as he turned back to me and said, “How was your rest?”

“It was great! You have a beautiful body!” I said grabbing my thick rod and slowly stroking it.

“Thanks, daddy,” he replied with a mischievous smile. He put down the books in his hands and walked over to me. Towering above me like a giant beast, his sweat-soaked jock expanding with the entrapped club stretching the tattered threads. I sat up and my mouth was only inches from his bulging pouch when he reached down and placed his huge hand under my chin and raised my face to look at him above. The 8-pack was smooth, hard, and deep, leading to thick pecs with little pointy nipples, up to that beautifully handsome face and those full kissable lips.

This was not a tender ‘our eyes met’ romantic setting. No, this was a young strong man with a firm grip on my head controlling the moment and establishing his dominance. His look was determined and in a militaristic voice he said, “Playtime will come later. Release that grip on your dick, and refocus that energy. We are leaving in five minutes for the gym.”

I exhaled and immediately let go of my throbbing cock. The thrill of submission washed over me, and I felt a happiness and understanding envelope me that this young man was now in control.

We pulled into the parking lot of the gym where David and I will be training, and my eyes lit up. I knew of this gym from some Bodybuilders that I followed on Instagram. David said, “Yea, there’s some big dudes here. A lot of the pros train here and train their clients, so it is a good mix of hardcore and newbies, it is for men only, and, of course, there are the muscle admirers.” he added with a wink.

He grabbed both of our gym bags and threw them over his thick delts. When I objected, he barked, “I’m the boss here and you’ll do exactly what I tell you to do without any whiny ass objections, understood?”

The dominant delivery and forthright tone startled me for a second. “Yes Sir!” I responded with a smile, happy as hell that I was finally going to have a real trainer to work with me, and damn, what a sexy dominant stud he was!

The gym was a two-story, rectangular-shaped, open warehouse with one side all windows which looked out onto an outdoor equipment area. The slower afternoon hour had a few members working out but there were a lot of huge bodybuilders hanging out in the lounge area all with their food containers and shakes gulping down meal 4 or 5 for the day. Unlike most chain fitness facilities, the dress code here was to cover your dick and ass, the rest is up to you. Some of the bodybuilders had on tanks and shorts, but most were shirtless, and I stopped in my tracks to take in all of the herd of muscle beasts in one location.

“Move it!” barked my new trainer, shaking me out of my transfixed position. The next two hours were grueling hard work as he put me through the toughest full-body workout I had ever experienced. I learned quickly to keep my eyes and my mind focused on the lift or my trainer. He always demanded my full attention. Each time my eyes strayed to check out one of the monsters around me, David would be in my face like a drill sergeant!

A few minutes after 5 p.m., when I felt like my body was at the breaking point, David finally said, “Good job, muscle daddy! Go wash your hands and then we will go to the lounge area for your after-workout shake.” I tried to keep pace with his stride towards the men’s room, but my body was too exhausted, and my muscles were so pumped that movement was slow and constricted.

I entered the locker room and quickly found the urinal as I had to release all the water that David had forced into me during our session. It was one of those big metal troughs you used to see in sports arenas and thankfully it was empty when I pulled up and released my steel pipe of a cock from my sweaty shorts that was standing at full attention. The whiff of sweat from my balls hit my nose and caused my cock to throb harder as I tried to focus on releasing the pent-up piss from my bladder. Waterfalls, rivers, running water, all images flashed through my mind to trigger the release and finally, the jet of urine came out and hit the upper steel wall side of the trough with a loud thud. Ah, release, that felt so good to be holding my thick meat with my right hand holding down the erection ensuring I was pissing straight ahead and not up to the ceiling.

A mountain of muscle walked up next to me on my right and plopped out his dick. I did the subtle side glance and nod. He was one of the trainer bodybuilders, my height but probably in the upper 280s with muscles bulging in every direction. Whatever small size penis he was holding was blocked from my glance by his hand and thick forearm. In the split second that I turned to make eye contact and nod; I saw that his eyes were locked in on my rock-hard cock spewing piss like an open fire hydrant.

“Damn Daddy, you got to be careful with that big bat!” the bodybuilder said with a smirk. “You could do some real damage.”

I gave it a playful tug and replied, “Yep, lifting weights always gets me all horned up.” By now, my bladder had finally emptied, and I gave my log the customary few strokes to eliminate the last drops of piss. Bodybuilder’s eyes never strayed. I gave the big dick a few more strokes enjoying the heftiness in my hand and the admiration of this huge muscular stud boy. “See you around,” I said as I closed shop and headed over to the sinks.

I turned to check out the backside view and this stud’s ass was one for the record books. The sweaty tights clung to his glutes showing the striations and massive round globes of muscle. And the relaxed turtle shell of his back was magnificent with the lats hanging thick on each side then cut into a tiny waist! Oh Yea, this is my kind of gym.

Over to the right was a hallway with five open shower stalls on each side. I thought how odd it was that there was no door or curtain for privacy. It looked like only one shower was occupied by the huge shadow and steam coming from the last one on the left. Suddenly, I heard this deep voice begin singing and I stopped in my tracks. Couldn’t be—? I quietly crept down the short hall until I began to see the massive body in the shower. The huge, wet muscles dominated the size of the stall as he continued to lather up and sing loudly. One more step as I inched closer. It was him!

Big John now had his back to me, but I would recognize that gigantic body anywhere! He was so big he had to make quarter turns within the tight space, and I quickly retracted so he wouldn’t catch me stalking him. I took a breath and mentally saved all those images in the spank bank for later. But wait, I thought he was on vacation, was that him or not? I looked over toward the locker room and could see David pulling out our gym bags and realized I needed to get moving.

I met David at the lockers, and we headed out to the lounge area. He gave me my protein shake and a Tupperware of gummy bears. I was both exhausted and exhilarated at the same time as I gulped down my shake and snack. “I saw Nick eyeing your huge cock at the urinal, that big boy loves to get daddy fucked,” David said nonchalantly but still loud enough for the tables of nearby bodybuilders to hear. I just smiled and nodded back at David as a couple of the huge men turned to check me out.

“Drink up, it’s almost 6 p.m. and I have a surprise for you,” he said with a knowing wink that my deadline for sex was almost here. The precum faucet roared forth, causing a darker stain in my sweaty shorts as my aching meat begged for release.

David took the stairs two by two as he easily climbed up to the second floor of the gym. I looked at the stairs as if they were never-ending as they rose to the sky challenging my recently worked out muscles. Surprisingly as I took the first steps up my body was renewed with energy and drive. I quickly matched David’s stride and we were at the top in an instant.

The upper floor was probably about 25% of the total gym space as it overlooked the main lifting area below. As we entered the hallway there were four rooms, two on each side, then a larger deck with some cardio equipment with a view of the area below. The grunts of massive muscle men could be heard below above the music from the gym’s sound system. The second door on the right was a quarter open and David went straight through with a turn to me and a nod signaling me to follow. The door had a “Massage in session, please lower your volume” sign and I smiled at the idea of getting a hot massage as a surprise.

“Jason, meet Sergei,” David said with a motion to the beast of a young man rising from a side chair to greet me. Sergei had that Eastern European / Slavic facial structure with thick black, unruly hair, and he gave off that masculine ‘I don’t give a fuck’ vibe. He was about my height at 5’10’’ and was built like a cement truck weighing in at the 250# range or more with black thick body hair sprouting out from every visible surface of his body. I imagined his pits and pubes were a thick black forest of fur! Under his loose-fitting t-shirt and sweats, I could tell this young stud was strong as a bull. He had cords of muscle wrapped around his forearm which expanded into a thick upper arm as he reached out to fist bump me and gave me a nod of hello.

David ordered in his military-toned trainer voice, “Strip down and put your clothes on that bench, there’s a shower in the corner for you to rinse off, then lie face down on the table.” I went to the bench and peeled off my sweaty tank top expecting the two of them to leave the room while I prepared for my upcoming massage. Instead, as I glanced back, David and Sergei were in a full embrace with David’s tongue deep in Sergei’s throat and their arms locked around each other grabbing at clothes and muscles. “Hurry up!” David barked at me as he broke from Sergei to remove his tight tank top.

I quickly stripped the rest of my sweaty gear and raced to the corner shower. My view of the room was completely blocked as I turned on the warm spray of water. I soaped up, excited about the idea of Sergei’s big, strong hands on my body, and realized my muscles were still incredibly full and pumped from my workout. My hairy pecs were the thickest I had ever felt, so were my guns, and my quads, damn, look at those beefy quads with the pronounced teardrop and a sweep out as the muscle flexed. Everything was bigger and harder, even my newly thickened cock looked a little bit longer and my balls were increased in volume as I felt their heft with my soapy hand. Not wanting David to yell at me again, I quickly rinsed off and grabbed the available towel to dry off.

When I walked around the corner toward the massage table neither young man was in sight. I dropped the towel on the bench and climbed up on the table with my face in the circular holder and stared at the floor below wondering when Sergei would return. The room was dimly lit with the glow of the overhead warmer above the table. The door opened and I started to instinctively rise to see who entered when David ordered, “Face down!”

I could see through the hole as David’s large naked feet came to a stop near the right side of my face and Sergei’s hairy calves and thick feet to my left. “Oh wait, I almost forgot this,” David said as he removed his worn, sweaty, tattered jock to his feet and grabbed it with his right hand, Sergei then raised my head and David shoved the jock around the face holder. Pushing my head back down into the sweaty confines of the battered pouch of the jock, I moaned in appreciation as the musky smell of his meat hit my senses and wondered if this thing had ever been washed.

I then felt the warm oils hit my entire body and Sergei’s hands began to work my upper back and shoulders. Then two other hands were on my hamstrings soaking the oil into the muscles. Four Hands! Oh my god, David had joined Sergei in the rubdown! I could feel my cock throb and release a huge glob of precum. David had moved down and was rubbing the oil into each of my feet while Sergei had pulled my arms forward above my head, like I was Superman flying, and was massaging my forearms and hands. Just then I felt two more hands spreading my glutes and caressing the oil around my hairy hole, oh fuck, six hands were now working my body. I wanted to rise and see who had joined our group but I was too engulfed at the moment as the sensation of touch overloaded my body and mind.

The mystery man working my glutes eased an arm under my torso and easily lifted me as his other hand grabbed my throbbing cock and pulled it down between my legs. My rigid cock ached as the uncomfortable movement from pointing to my chest to now pointing to my feet took hold. The hand continued to slowly milk my fat pole and it eased the discomfort of the transition. The six hands continued to mold and manipulate every inch of my body for the next 10 minutes, 3 hours, or 5 days, fuck, I don’t know, time seemed to stop and start as the waves of pleasure flowed over me.

“How are you feeling, Daddy?” David’s voice finally whispered in my ear.

“Mmm, amazing,” was all I could muster.

“I’m going to have you roll over in a second but I want you to keep your eyes closed until I tell you to, understood?”

“Yes Sir,” I replied.

I was then told to roll over and as I got settled in the new position on my back, my cock thumped my abs with a loud ‘thwack!’ The aching need to cum was so strong I thought I would shoot right then but was able to avoid the release. I then felt a warm compress or blindfold placed over my eyes and the massage action began anew on the front-facing muscles of my body.

After a while, hours, days, again time was unknown to me, each of my feet was being lifted and my knees bent so that my legs were at a 45-degree angle and pushed towards my chest, and then support was placed locking each ankle in mid-air. I heard the lower part of the table disengage just as each of my arms was also raised and supports were secured around my wrists. Within an instant, the massage table had been transformed into a table-sling and I was locked in position for what was to happen next.

Mouths were sucking on each of my hyper-sensitive nipples and I could feel something thick and hard pushing at my exposed hairy manhole trying to breach the entry. The blindfold was removed and instantly I saw David sucking on my right pec and Nick, the immense, handsome bodybuilder from the urinal, working my left pec. Sergei was standing between my raised legs with his bull cock aimed at my hole. Grateful that the three studs had been fingering my hole and loosening me up throughout the massage as Sergei rammed his cock deep in my hole and I felt his balls slap the underside of my ass. Sergei fucked as a man possessed! Ramming the entire length of his 9-inch angry cock in and then completely out of my hole with each power stroke. The repeated re-entry sent waves of pain and pleasure through my body as he power drove his hard cock into my now gaping hole. I groaned and struggled from the abuse but I was completely trapped, locked into the table-sling. The waves of pleasure became stronger and the pain diminished and I felt that rising, deep feeling in my overstimulated prostate and knew my orgasm was almost here.

Sergei immediately slammed deep into my hole and unleashed his load with several loud moans from his massive furry chest. He then pulled out his dripping cock and my gaping hole sucked in the air causing my prostate to tighten up and my rising orgasm to stop.

David and Sergei immediately swapped places and my eyes widened as I finally saw the club of black cock that swung out from David’s enormous body. I began shaking my head NO as David lined up the massive monstercock at my ravaged hole. Ignoring my protestations, David slid into my opened hole stretching it wider than Sergei’s beercan cock. His huge head slid past my prostate and continued diving deeper and deeper until he finally hit that second hole guardian and stopped. We both took a breath and I realized there was still a lot more of his monstercock exposed that could be rammed in my overstuffed ass. Unlike the full powerfuck abuse that Sergei drove, David was a more rhythmic fucker with only slow and steady movements of two to three inches of withdrawal and return. Each time his fat cockhead hit against the closed wall of my second hole. I had never been so full of cock before. As if on cue, Sergei stood up and shoved his beercan dick down my throat thus fulfilling the prophecy in my mind. This went on and on and the slow-motion stimulation against my roughed up prostate reignited my pending orgasm.

“I’ve got to have that fat, juicy Daddy dick!” Nick exclaimed as he was stroking my leaking pipe. David instantly reached up to the ceiling levers and readjusted my ankle restraints, widening and lowering my legs so that my cock was now exposed and ready to ride while he was still fucking me deep with his black nightstick. Nick quickly climbed up and straddled my torso and my eyes finally took in the massive smooth muscles of this power-bottom bodybuilder. Except for the thick mop of curly brown hair on his head, Nick was completely hairless overall 280 pounds of rippling muscles. My god, he was gorgeous! He reached behind him to spread his massive ass cheeks as David grabbed my pole and aimed it at the receiving target. My dick was so juicy that no lube was needed as I entered the tight muscle ass and Nick slammed down encompassing every inch of my fat meat. Nick’s smaller four inches were slapping against his washboard abs as he expertly rode my dick in a wide assortment of movements with depth, motion, and rhythm. This muscleboy knew how to ride a cock!

Nick’s huge pecs were bouncing and popping as he climbed up and down my throbbing cock. I wanted to reach out and grab the thick pec meat and tweak the pointy nipples with my fingers but was still restrained in the arm cuffs. “I’m going to cum Daddy!” Nick moaned and this set off an incredible chain reaction! Nick’s hole tightened on my cock as cum started flying from his tiny dick. The sensation of the vice-like grip of his gigantic ass caused me to finally unload as the first long spray of my cum drove up and out of my cock blasting the insides of his muscle hole. My eyes rolled back and my whole body clenched as the first orgasm in a week took hold which triggered both Sergei and David to unload in both of my holes at the same time as I was flooding Nick.

David, Nick, and Sergei had all stopped shooting with David and Sergei both pulling their spent mancocks from my holes but I was still blasting away deep inside Nick’s tight hole! My orgasm was intense and the waves of cum seemed never-ending with my load now flowing out of Nick’s manhole. Nick finally pulled off and David grasped my thick meat with both hands and continued jacking as rope after rope of cum shot out and covered Nick’s back and David’s front. Finally, my orgasm subsided and he released my still hard cock, and my body melted back down into the massage table/sling. Nick leaned over and gave me a deep kiss, “that was amazing Daddy! I can’t wait to have you load me up again! Let me know when you are ready?”

“Let’s go!” I said not missing a beat, motioning for him to hop back on my still rock-hard, throbbing cock!

As I stood looking at my fully naked body reflected in the mirror, I couldn’t believe how much I had changed in the last 3 months. Today was the day for my first booster shot since I had my initial procedure, and I was at Dr. Malik’s clinic anxiously waiting for him to arrive. I had gone through hours and hours of tests, poked, prodded, and measured, all to provide Dr. Malik with a baseline assessment for my initial reaction to this evening’s booster and a timeline marker as I progressed through his project.

I still looked like me in the face except my skin was a little tighter, my eyes a little brighter and the puffy bags underneath had completely disappeared. My salt and pepper-cropped hair was still there but had a thickness and shininess to it now and the same for my clipped short beard. And was it my imagination that there was less salt and more pepper than before? Maybe, it was hard to tell, but what wasn’t difficult to notice were the drastic changes in my body.

Earlier in the day when David and I arrived, Big John had measured me at 5 feet, 10½ inches in height, up a half-inch from my standard adult height all these years. My weight was now 220 pounds and back to my typical weight before the car accident. However, the realignment of my muscle to body fat was incredible. In the past, I had never been a ripped guy always trying to get as massive as I could so my belly was never tight. Big John and David were arguing that my body fat percentage was now under 10%, with Big John saying no way and David proclaimed, “Look at those abs and tell me he is not.”

“Well, the Doc will put him through the tests and we’ll find out soon enough that I’m right.” Big John ended the bantering and ushered David out of the room while he continued his measurements. Neck, Shoulders, Chest, Arms, Waist, Hips, Quads, Calves, Hands, Feet, and finally Cock, were all painstakingly noted, checked, and rechecked.

Big John would never say the numbers but he would sometimes give me a nod of approval. “Eyes forward!” he would bark when I would try to sneak a peek.

I asked Big John during one of the breaks of his tasks, “Don’t get me wrong, you smell good, but you don’t have that amazing, musky scent like before that set me off?.” He smiled and said, “Yeah, I’m wearing a blocker on my pits. I typically wear it so my coworkers and patients aren’t constantly getting erections when they are around me. I wasn’t wearing the blockers when we met per the Doctor’s orders. He needed to get a semen sample and wanted to test how quickly you responded and were affected by my man-stink.”

I laughed and asked, “Well, how did I do?”

“One of the fastest response rates ever!” Big John said with a smile. “Most men have to be close and I have to be sweaty with my pits exposed to set them off. But you shot off like a rocket with me several feet away and still wearing my scrubs. It was only when I was on top of you completely naked and smothered you in my big pits that you completely lost it!” I perked up remembering that night and how I had no memory after that initial overload. “Yea, your eyes rolled back and your body went into a full clinched spasm. I think you were in a euphoric state for about an hour before you finally broke out of it and then passed out for the night.”

The day continued with test after test, and my aching cock throbbed from being so near the enormous Big John all day. He was a walking fantasy man to me! Finally, Dr. Malik came in and reviewed all of my test results, and explained the next procedure and what I was to expect when I came awake from the sleeping meds. He told me that David would be notified when I awoke and would be waiting to pick me up. We should go straight home before the ‘Superdrive’ kicks in. Big John laughed and said, “Yeah, for me, it usually would hit an hour after waking. I hope David is ready for ya, little man!”

When I woke I immediately felt a little soreness in my lower back but that quickly went away. Big John came to my bedside and said, “About time you woke up sleepy head. How are you feeling?”

I shook the grogginess out of my head. “Great, had a moment of feeling soreness in my lower back but that’s gone and I feel energized.”

Big John then ordered me to stand up, he took my vitals and measurements again. 5’11’’ tall and 233 pounds in weight. Wow, I had grown a half-inch in height and put on 13 pounds! He quickly grabbed the various muscle measurements telling me to flex this and flex that. He didn’t have to tell me to flex my dick as I was throbbing upright from the second I awoke. “8 x 6.5 inches!” Big John said with appreciation as he let go of my fat meat, letting it slap my abs before pointing again at due north. I slipped on my gym shorts, tank top, socks, and sneakers.

“Head on out little man and enjoy that Superdrive!” Big John gave me a big slap on the ass with his gargantuan hand as he ushered me out the front door of the clinic.

At 3 a.m., it was pitch black and no one was in the nearby area except for David waiting in the driver’s seat with the passenger door open. I climbed in and buckled up, David immediately sped off towards home and asked, “How are you feeling, Daddy? You look fucking swole!”

“I’m great, feel good and energized—”

I was interrupted by David moaning, “Oh my god, daddy, that smell, you mmm, fuck, you smell like pure sex!” I glanced over to see his huge club cock tenting his basketball shorts and a wet spot where his precum was soaking through. He was going commando. The car swerved as we were entering the on-ramp to the expressway and David lost himself in the sexual bliss of my exposed armpits in my tank top. The superpower that Big John had was now happening with me, as my pits were producing a pheromone-laced smell that was sending David to an orgasmic state. I grabbed the steering wheel and righted our vehicle in the lane and pressed the down button opening my passenger side window. I told David to open all of the windows and sunroof and that provided the escape from my scent and clarity needed for him to return focus to driving our car.

I relaxed from the moment of panic of being in another auto accident when I saw and heard the flashing lights and siren of a police car racing up the ramp behind us. “Fuck!” David exclaimed.

“It’s okay,” I replied in my calmest daddy voice, “just pull over up here to the side and we’ll get this straightened out.”

As he pulled over, I realized that shirtless 6’5” David with a foot-long, rock-hard cock tenting his basketball shorts with no underwear was going to be quite a sight for the Texas State Trooper as he walked up to our vehicle.

The beam from his flashlight hit first David and then me as he swept the vehicle. “License and registration please,” the State Trooper asked as he knelt to show his face. Damn! He was about 5’7’’, muscular under his tight uniform, Asian looks, maybe Vietnamese, and probably in his early 30’s. His nametag said Officer Huang. “Have you gentlemen been drinking this evening?” he asked, as his flashlight swept from David to me, back again, then landing on the monster tent of David’s colossal cock.

“No Sir,” we both replied in unison.

“You were driving erratically as you entered the on-ramp,” the sexy Trooper stated matter-of-factly all the while his eyes and light beam locked in on that rock-hard meat. Just once I wished David would start to lose his erection, but he was the type that once he got hard, it stayed hard until he released, no matter what.

“Sir, are you carrying any weapons? What is that in your shorts?” said the Trooper as he nodded towards the club cock.

“No weapons and that’s my erect penis, Sir. I haven’t seen my boyfriend in a while and, well, we are both excited to get home,” David said as innocently as he could muster. The beam of light went from David over to my aching boner and back again to David’s cock.

“I’m going to need you to step out of the vehicle and perform a sobriety check test,” the Trooper said to David as he stepped back and allowed space for David to exit the vehicle.

Officer Huang directed me, “I’m going to also need your Identification and ask you to exit and step 5 yards in front of the vehicle in the headlights where I can see you.” I did as instructed and watched as David, now towering over the much shorter Trooper, listened intently to the instructions for the sobriety test. The trooper then did a pat-down on David around his hips and ass, grabbing each leg, before fully gripping the hard 12 inches with both hands and squeezing it from tip to base. Well, that seemed a little beyond protocol, but I was enjoying the show. David then extended his arms and did the ‘touch your nose with each finger’ test, his wingspan was vast when he fully stretched out compared to the smaller cop demonstrating the procedure. Completing the first test, David then turned and did the step-over-step in a straight line 10 yards out before turning and repeating the steps back toward the officer. Being athletic saved him because it was a struggle maneuvering around that foot-long salami!

“You may both re-enter your vehicle and I’ll be right back,” the Texas State Trooper spoke and then headed back to his vehicle.

I heard David exhale as we settled into our seats. “You did great son, we’ll be on our way home in a few. He’s probably just running the plates and our IDs for any outstanding warrants. You’re good, right?” I said jokingly.

“What, oh yea, daddy, I’m good. We’re good. It’s just stressful being pulled over but he was very nice and respectful. Did you catch how he grabbed my dick? And did you see his muscular ass when he walked back to his car?” David was wound up and looking for sex. Before I could respond we both noticed the muscular Trooper heading back to our vehicle.

“Listen, guys, I’m going to let you go with a warning but I also want to make you an offer,” the Trooper said, garnering our full attention. “My brother has a body shop garage at the next exit and my shift has ended. I think for everyone’s safety, I’d love to help you both take care of those huge hard cocks, if you’re interested?”

David glanced at me and I quickly nodded yes but I don’t think it even registered in David’s mind as he was going to do this regardless of my response. “Sounds great, Officer, should we follow you?” David enthusiastically responded.

“Yes, we’ll park in the back. I have keys if my brother is not already down.” We followed the quarter-mile to the next exit and pulled in behind the State Trooper’s vehicle in the rear of the building, neither of us spoke a word. We followed the Trooper to the back door and there was a light on in that part of the dark garage. He gave the door a quick knock and it opened unlocked. We followed the Trooper inside the office and he said, “David and Jason, I’m Tony and this is my twin brother, Terry.”

“Let’s head up to the loft,” Terry suggested after initial introductions and conversation. I would later learn that the Huang Twins were second-generation Vietnamese who grew up in the Asia-town area of southeast Houston. They had been outstanding competitive gymnasts at the University of Houston and they both still kept their bodies in competition shape. The twins were identical in every way except Tony had a more militaristic crewcut and Terry had a trendier cut with long curly hair on top tapered down on each side.

The loft space turned out to be a well-designed, leather playroom with slings, monitors playing rough man-on-man porn, and one wall with a large assortment of dildos of various colors and astonishing shapes and sizes! There were additional restraint devices, modified sex furniture, and a cage in one corner. The Huang twins were submissive little freaks and I was anxious to get the action started.

Tony practically attacked David’s footlong, down on his knees servicing the giant club with his hands and eager mouth. They were positioned by one of the slings and David nodded to me to take the other one. I stripped off my clothes and grabbed Terry’s hard ass and pulled him in tight. My hairy pecs rubbed against his ultra-smooth muscular chest and my thick juicy pole slid in between his solid thighs. I easily picked him up and his legs immediately wrapped around my torso. My cock was now positioned right at his hole and I reached around to guide it to the target. But Terry had other ideas, as he released his leg lock and dropped to the floor.

“I want you to spank me, daddy, I’ve been really bad,” Terry said with a very mischievous look on his face. I bent down and threw him over my left shoulder and carried him over to a workbench. Letting him down as I sat down on the bench and said, “Assume the position boy, daddy is going to hand out your punishment.” Terry immediately stretched out over my knees, face down, and his sexy, muscled ass in the air. I placed my right hand on each glute, going back and forth, feeling the fine muscular ass, and delaying the spanking thus building up his anticipation. I then raised my palm and gave him ten hard smacks on each glute in rapid-fire succession. The sound of hand to ass competing with his loud cries from the sudden onslaught of pain filled the loft. I stopped the abuse and lightly rubbed the now reddened ass with a firm, commanding stroke. My left hand grabbed the back of his neck keeping him locked in position as I quickly repeated the series of ten hard smacks to each side of his now fully reddened ass. As I was preparing for the next round of abuse, it suddenly hit me from deep inside my being. It started in that primal part of my brain and flooded every inch of my body like a tidal wave rolling through me.

I had to fuck! Right now! The drive to ram my cock in a tight hole was so overwhelming and demanding that nothing could distract me from the singular Superdrive that had taken over my body. I was a horned-up animal needing to dominate a hole with my thick cock until I exploded inside.

I practically threw Terry into the sling and spit on his little pink hole before ramming my 8-inch thick rod inside him. I gave him just a moment to adjust to the size of my thick throbbing meat but he didn’t need long as he was an experienced bottom and ready for the aggressive pounding to come. Fifteen, Twenty, Thirty minutes of the nonstop pounding of his muscled ass and I was not even close to shooting my load. My muscular body was covered in sweat and the smell of my pits and hard fucking had caused Terry to cum multiple times but he stayed in the game and kept taking my brutal assault on his hole. Finally, as we were coming up on the hour-long mark, I felt my heavy balls rise and the impending orgasm start to build. Deep grunts erupted from my hairy chest with each thrust, I shook off the sweat and threw the pounding frequency into a higher gear, increasing my rapid pumps to a high-speed thrusting causing Terry to scream out in ecstasy, “Pound my hole, daddy!” My balls tightened and the cum erupted up my aggressive cock and blasted the inside of that hole with load after load of my muscle cum. I just kept pounding his ass, rapid-fire, never stopping my power stride for a second as I completely flooded his hole and my cum was being forced out and spraying everywhere with each penetration.

I kept fucking! The Superdrive was still in control and round two of the assault on this beautiful gymnast’s ass continued onward at a rapid pace for another 45 minutes before the second wave of my orgasm hit. This one was even more potent than the first with the volume of cum I released exploding out of his hole and soaking the area below us. I realized then that Tony and David were both kneeling below the sling and were guzzling up my load as it escaped from Terry’s ravaged hole.

I kept fucking! I started round 3 but Terry was begging to tag out and Tony was begging to tag in. The gymnast twins quickly swapped places and I rammed my steel-hard pole deep in Tony’s stretched and gaping hole. David had done some damage with his foot-long club cock and prepped this hole well for my forceful powerfuck. I had now been fucking nonstop for over 2 hours and yet I felt like I was just getting started. The need was still as strong and my stamina unlimited, I had to fuck! I think I had 3 or 4 more orgasms over the next 2 hours as I completely dominated and ruined Tony’s hole. The sun had come up and both twins were now exhausted from both David and me.

I kept fucking! David came over and aggressively pulled me out of Tony’s hole, “enough daddy, we need to go.” I looked up at his beautiful face and said, “I can’t explain it son, but I need to fuck! We have to find another ass soon.” He pulled out his phone and did some quick typing and messaging back and forth as he ordered me to put on my clothes. I did as instructed but the fabric touching my fat head was too much so I dropped the waistband below my balls and grabbed my tank in my hand. I looked over at the twins, both were awake, but in a euphoric state of bliss and could barely move.

I needed to fuck! The Superdrive commanded again. “Let’s go, daddy,” David ordered and we headed downstairs and out of the back door of the garage to our car. I buckled up and didn’t speak, both of my hands were milking my fat log trying to mimic the fuck sensation and feed the Superdrive what it needed. We sped through the morning traffic as I continued masturbating my rod. I remember looking up at a tow truck driver when we were at a traffic light and he was smiling watching me fist fuck my fat cock. Other drivers would look over as we continued onward, but I didn’t care. I was so focused on my throbbing cock. At another traffic light, a hunky UPS driver with muscles bulging out of his uniform. That did it... Boom! Ropes of cum shot out of my meaty rod flying through the opened sunroof and back again on my chest and head like the Bellagio Fountains. David hit the gas and I kept shooting loads.

I needed to fuck! The Superdrive kept commanding. “We’re here,” David said as he put the car in park in the covered driveway of a single-story house. I kept one hand stroking my dick as we walked through the unlocked back door, through a kitchen, and into a living room. Nick, the power bottom bodybuilder, was on all fours wearing only a tight jockstrap, his huge muscled ass ready to be mounted.

I kept fucking!

Nick was an incredible sight to behold and normally I would have taken the time to savor the unreal beauty of this muscular beast positioned to serve, but the Superdrive was still in control and all I could do was dive right in!

Don’t get me wrong, the Huang Twins were amazing with their 185 pound ripped bodies that were ultra-flexible and could be molded and manhandled in any imaginable way possible. But Nick was a formidable monster and one of the largest men in Texas who had been bulking up since our last encounter and was now a mountain of muscle weighing in at 308 pounds! He had also let his natural body hair grow out and had sexy light fur on his legs and arms, with a light covering over his monumental ass.

David grabbed the giant glutes and parted the way as I aimed my cock towards his hairy man-hole. He was already lubed and ready, so I easily slammed every inch down in his tight cave until my balls smacked against him. There was no give in Nick’s body as I crashed into him, he was planted like a muscled tank and didn’t move an inch as I rammed in him as hard as I could. Nick began squeezing his ass muscles in time with my strokes, tightening his hole and rippling his glutes as I fully entered and released on the pull back out. The musclefuck went on and on with David standing to our left enjoying the show and slowly stroking his club. I couldn’t believe I was fucking this enormous bodybuilder! It took me about 45 minutes of constant assault before another orgasm took hold and I drowned that muscle-hole with my load. “My turn,” David insisted as he tried to motion me to pull out.

I kept fucking! “Not yet, son, I gotta keep pounding this incredible, gigantic ass!” I refused. David then moved to the front and let Nick suck and stroke his colossal club cock. Nick was still planted firmly to the ground, the strength of this stud was impressive and hot as fuck.The globes of his glutes gave way to the tight waist which then shot out incredibly wide to his cobra lats, thick slabs of meat hanging thick on each side. His back also expanded upward due to the thickness of years of focused deadlifts and heavy rows. Sweat had accumulated on his back and ran in streams down the sides and toward his ass, gathering in a small puddle at the base of his tight, Christmas tree erector spinae muscles. His left fist now supported all of his upper body weight and my pounding thrusts while his right hand was wrapped around the foot-long club of David’s beautiful cock. “Yes daddy, own this ass, give me that fat cock, daddy!” Nick moaned in between swallowing that huge meat.

I kept fucking! I told Nick I wanted him to flip over. We decided to move over to his oversized sectional sofa with Nick lying flat on his back with each of his 23” calves resting on my shoulders, my arms wrapped around the tree trunk quads as my cock plunged back into the warm, fuzzy hole. David then straddled Nick’s gigantic chest and slapped his dick on his pecs and began fucking the deep valley of his chest, David was bucking and moaning hard as he closed in quickly on his orgasm. With a loud groan, David was stroking that huge club frantically as he shot out his cum and completely drained his balls. David quickly rolled off and stretched out his 6’5’’ frame on the adjacent sectional, looking exhausted from the hours of sexual activity. The sight of the sweaty 308 pound, handsome bodybuilder submitting below me was almost literally quite breathtaking. Nick had raised both hands behind his head, his 23½” guns semi flexed and the hairy muscle pits were soaked with sweat. I reached out and played with the thick slabs of hairy muscle on his pecs and worked the pointy nipples causing him to moan in ecstasy. David’s residual cum had rolled into the cavern between his pecs and followed the hairy trail down between each brick of his abs down to the well-worn jock which was soaked with several loads of Nick’s muscle jizz.

I kept fucking! Not sure when it started, and only realized it when I came out of it, but at some point, I went into a mesmerized, hypnotic state where the only thought and focus was my thick cock and the piston thrusting motion and incredible feeling inside Nick’s muscle ass. As I came out of it, Nick was now lying flat face-down on the floor and I was still riding his hole on top of him. David must have gone to the bedroom and crashed on Nick’s bed. I don’t know if I had just cum or what broke me out of my state of mind, but I slowly stopped pumping and just collapsed on top of and inside of this beautiful muscle stud. Nick turned his head to the side and leaned back as we kissed. “That was amazing, daddy!” he said with a huge smile.

“You are incredible!” I replied, my hands feeling the bowling ball-sized delts and the traps so thick I could barely get my hands around them.

I rolled off and sat on the floor with my back against the sofa. “I want you to stand up and flex for me, do your routine for me while I stroke this hard daddy dick.” Nick jumped up, grabbed his phone, activated his wireless speakers, and turned on the instrumental music that he used for his latest competition. He then returned to a spot 3 feet in front of me and began his posing routine from a crouched superman position with one fist on the floor.

The bodybuilder slowly rose and pointed his left hand out and upward, bringing his right hand into a flexed one-arm bicep, his abs tight and his monster quads screaming with striations and veins traveling over the huge terrain. The left hand then came inward to form a jaw-dropping double bicep pose, with each peak forming that envious double head. The lats flared into a ridiculous width and the sweat started to trickle from his hairy pits as he strained from the exertion. He was so massive in every way standing over me that he looked unreal.

“I’m so fucking pumped daddy! I feel like I’ve been lifting for hours!” Nick then turned slightly to the side and began to do a side triceps pose but he missed grabbing his arm from behind his back. He tried again and missed again. “I’m so fucking pumped daddy I can’t reach it! This is crazy!” Nick then stopped and went racing down the hall. A few minutes later he came back with his digital scales and plops them on the floor. “I can’t believe this...I don’t know what’s happening,” Nick said with a little shock in his voice as he stepped on the digital scale. “I’ve gained 15 pounds since yesterday!” as the numbers blasted out 324 pounds.

I laughed and said, “it’s all that muscle daddy cum I’ve been pounding into you for the last 6 hours!” He laughed but then we both stopped and looked at each other wondering if this could be true? Did my loaded cum juice him up? “All I know is I need all 324 pounds of my muscle stud riding this dick, right now!” I commanded as I motioned for Nick to come over and ride my throbbing meat. Nick was one of the best at riding cock. Typically this is my least favorite position when I’m fucking a stud, I like to be in control and drive my dick in hard. But Nick has a way of constantly changing his rhythm, the depth, the tightness, it’s difficult to explain but the sensations he causes on my cock caused me to shoot another massive load within 15 minutes. I then put him in the oversized chair and started slamming hard into that gigantic muscled ass. The hypnotic trance came over me again and I lost all focus except for my dick in that tight hairy hole.

A little after 8 p.m., David snapped me out of my trance as I was still pumping into Nick. David stood with protein shakes for both of us in hand. I pulled out of Nick’s warm and wet hole still rock hard and downed the giant container. “Jesus daddy, you’ve been fucking for over 16 hours and you’re still rock hard and ready to go!” David said in amazement.

“Yep, I’m still horned up but I don’t have that Superdrive to only fuck now, I think I’m ready for my hole to be stuffed with your big club cock!”

“Looks like you’ve worn Nick out finally,” David said to the exhausted but still awake bodybuilder under me. Nick smiled but could barely raise his head to kiss me goodbye once we were dressed and ready to head home.

“We need some food daddy, can we hold off on fucking until later tonight?” Nick asked as we got into the car heading home.

“Sure son, I can entertain myself until you’re ready,” I said, as I dropped my shorts and began stroking my throbbing thick cock with both hands. “Oh and call some of your top buds, I feel like my hole is going to need an all-night gang bang!”

It has been a crazy six months since I last updated my journal on the MG Project. Between my workouts, sex, meals, sex, sleep, sex, and work, my 24-hour day is jammed full. Shortly after that 48 hours of non-stop fucking after my first booster procedure, it seems like my life shifted into a different gear and some amazing things happened.

I started back at my job from my short-term disability leave on the Monday after the booster procedure and was at my desk for a whole hour before the news came in that we were being bought out by another firm. We were then told to go home and await further instructions. Thankfully, later that day I was informed that my position was maintained and I could also opt to work from home full time! Hell Yeah! This gave me the flexibility to do my work on my schedule which allowed me to continue my weight training and meal schedule with David.

Speaking of David, we realized that our relationship worked best as a daddy/son type, without any romantic interests between the two of us. We continued to have incredible sexual escapades but knew that we weren’t cut out for romance in our relationship. Besides, David was a complete top with zero interest or desire to ever bottom and I was versatile and wanted to have the opportunity to be inside of my lover from time to time. Our bond as a daddy/son was our strength and we thrived in supporting each other in those roles. He continued to train me daily and be my driver (out of choice, not out of necessity), plus support me at home by doing chores around the house wherever needed.

Interestingly, he and Texas State Trooper Tony Huang have become boyfriends and almost inseparable after that night we met 6 months ago. Officer Huang is over every night after his shift and I’m usually woken up to his moans as David is driving his club cock into that tight little muscled ass. When a total top and a total bottom meet, the pieces fit together like peanut butter and jelly. When they are together, they literally cannot keep their hands off of each other, it’s adorable.

While I don’t have a boyfriend, I do have a lot of regular fuck buddies. And I mean a whole lot! Once the initial Superdrive wore off, my sex drive settled back to where I would cum about 3-5 times per day. And when word got out of my stamina and size, boys were lining up to let daddy pound their holes. Add to it another large group of tops and versatile who liked pumping my muscle ass and my sex life had never been better. Number one on that list is Bodybuilder Nick. After that complete exhaustive fuckdown after my first booster, he came jumping back like a little puppy begging for more treats. As David says, “That big boy loves to get daddy fucked!” and he is an insatiable power-bottom who can take all I can give him. We realized that I did give him a size boost during my Superdrive period as we repeated the second booster with a 10-hour marathon of me flooding his manhole and again he put on 15 pounds of mass. Unfortunately, though, the size gain was only temporary and wore off after about a week both times.

I get the sense sometimes that Nick wants something more than just sex but I’ve kept him at a distance because I just don’t have the time or capacity to devote to someone right now. Maybe in a couple of years once I’m finished with the MG project and my life becomes more settled then I can focus on that but for now, I’m just focusing on my workouts, enjoying the muscle growth and all the benefits I’m experiencing as part of this incredible project.

Tomorrow is my 3rd quarter booster for year one marking 9 months since my original procedure and I’m still amazed at my growth. I’m now 5’11.5” tall (+1.5”) and weigh 258 pounds (+38#), my chest is 49” (+5”) and my waist tightened from 34” to 33” (-1”). My arms and calves both just hit the 19.5” mark (+2”) and I love to flex these big guns in every mirror I pass. My quads were always my weakest body part before, but they have exploded and are just shy of the 30” mark at 29” (+5.5”). My hands and feet continue to grow and I’m now wearing size 12.5 US shoes (+1.5). My almost constant rock-hard cock hasn’t gotten any thicker, but it has gotten longer at 8¾” (+2”), but I tell everyone it is 9” (LOL).

I can’t wait for this weekend’s Superdrive Party, which is what the boys now call the weekend after my boosters, it is going to be amazing! We learned from the previous two booster weekends that we need a couple of power bottoms for the first day and lots of tops for the second! David and Nick have spent the last month planning the big event with a specially curated guest list. Nick, of course, was the primary super-bottom on day 1 and David the super-top on day 2. Terry Huang is closing up his garage for the weekend and letting us use his loft playroom for a nonstop 2-day orgy of muscles, man-ass, and man-meat! I can’t wait!

David and I just got home about an hour ago from the gym and as typical we both stripped down to our jocks and I headed up to my home office on the 2nd floor of the townhouse to do some work. Turns out my primary work project got postponed for three weeks which freed up this time for me to finally write some updates in this journal.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Someone was pounding on the front door. I waited to hear David say he’s got it, but nothing. Bang! Bang! Bang! The pounding continued. Frustrated, I jumped up and headed downstairs wondering where David disappeared and why was this idiot—Bang! Bang! Bang!—pounding on my door. No David in sight, he must’ve slipped out to run an errand and I didn’t hear him say goodbye. Bang! Bang! Bang! “I’m coming, hold on!” I yelled towards the front door, still surprised at how much deeper my voice had become over these past few months. I flipped the deadbolt and threw open the door ready to curse out the fucker who was banging down my door.

The handsome young man took a step back and his mouth fell open and his eyes got big. He and his partner, standing a few steps behind him, were both dressed in tight white tee-shirts and jeans with a Superior Service logo on the right pec. They were both Latino, late 20’s or early 30’s, and built! Not from years in the gym sculpting their muscles with weights, no, these studs were built from lifting heavy furniture and crates, combined with years of hard, physical labor. I then realized I was standing almost naked in my sweaty jock with my always hard cock barely contained in the custom fit pouch. Fuck it, I was pissed at the interruption and just stood my ground. “What do you want?” I barked in my deepest voice.

“I’m suu, su, sorry, Sir. I didn’t mean to bother you but we have a delivery for this address and since there were no cars in the drive, I wanted to make sure that no one was at home before I left. I rang the doorbell several times but I don’t think it is working.” The young man spoke with a slight accent, clearly nervous, and also judging by the way his eyes were eating me up and the bulge expanded in his tight jeans, very turned on.

Realizing I was being a jerk for no reason, I said, “I’m sorry, I just got in from the gym and was about to hit the shower. Come on in guys and let’s get this sorted out so I’m not standing out here showing my dick and ass to the neighborhood.” I stepped back, ushered the young studs in, and then closed the door.

“I’m Juan with Superior Service and this is my helper, Luis, we are here to deliver and set up your custom king-size bed,” Juan said as he handed me the tablet with the shipping invoice information for me to review, all the while their eyes were locked in on my jock. He pushed back his long curly black hair and I noted how handsome he was. Juan was the older of the two, around 5’8’’ and around 200 pounds of solid muscle.

I reached out my hand and gave him a firm handshake enjoying the feel of his calloused, strong hand in mine. “I’m Jason, and again sorry for snapping at you guys. Oh yeah, the bed, I forgot that it was being delivered today.” I then reached over to Luis and shook his hand, his were even rougher and his handshake was stronger as he tried to outmuscle me in that young buck, macho way. Luis was in his late 20s, the same height as Juan but had about 20 more pounds of beef on him. “Of course, let me show you where it is going to be set up,” I said, releasing my grip, “but first let me find some shorts to throw on.”

As we all looked down at my huge 9-inch fat cock tenting out the stretched sweaty jock. “That’s okay, Sir, if I was built like you I don’t think I would ever wear clothes,” Juan said with a smile. “Are you a bodybuilder? You’re so big!”

“Nah, I’ve never competed. Plus I can’t hide this big dick in one of those tiny little posing suits those guys wear,” I replied as I wrapped my big paw around the base of my meat. Juan visibly gulped. I turned quickly and headed up the stairs. “Follow me.”

I intentionally stopped short at the top of the stairs letting the studs get a close-up view from their lower steps of my exposed muscle ass framed by my jockstrap as I took an extra few seconds to flip on the light switch to the upstairs hallway. I then took a right to the recently emptied master bedroom and said, “Here we go, in here and we want it up against this back wall. Just be careful with the mirrors.” I pointed to the wall of mirrors to my left and on the ceiling.

My exposed pit sent out a wave of musk as I raised my arm to indicate the upper mirrors. The intended effect hit them both like a wave and I watched as the urge to orgasm began to build. I lowered my arm quickly and hit a full most muscular pose in the mirrors. “Damn, maybe I should think about competing, I’m so fucking massive!” I said in a joking, cocky bro kind of way. I hit the pose again and smiled over at the young delivery guys with their mouths open in a silent expression of awe. I broke off the flex and said,” I could do this all day but let me get out of the way and let you guys get to work on installing this bedroom furniture. How long do you think it will take?” I asked Juan as I popped my hairy pecs.

His eyes were watching my thick muscles jump up and down, but he took a moment, regained himself, and replied, “Sir, it should take less than an hour to unload, assemble, and install the furniture.”

As I was walking out of the room, I said, “Great, let me know if you need anything, I’m going to grab my phone and then hit the showers and then will be in the office just down the hall.”

They both replied in unison, “Yes, Sir.”

I went to the office and grabbed my phone and then went back to the master bathroom and intentionally left the door fully open and turned on the shower and quickly dropped my sweaty jock to the center of the floor. As I stood up and turned to face the sink and mirror, my fat cock smacked my 6-pack abs and stood at the full and upright position. Just then, the delivery studs walked into the room with their toolboxes and I could see in my peripheral vision they were checking out my erect cock. This game continued as I faked looking and responding to items on my phone before I finally stepped into the glass-doored shower stall which had a direct line of sight to the master bedroom. I showered and soaped up my pumped body with the guys going up and down the stairs with equipment, boxes, and furniture pieces, always sneaking looks.

As I finished drying off in the walk-in closet and threw the towel in the laundry chute, Luis tapped on the open door, his sweaty body filling the width of the door frame as his white t-shirt was now clear and molded to his body, wet with sweat from all of the lifting, climbing stairs, and building furniture. “We’ve finished Papi, I mean, Sir, if you’d like to take a look?”

I smirked at the slipup and thought, another hot young stud with daddy issues. “Sure thing,”

I grabbed some shorts to put on, but Luis said, “You’re not going to need those,” and motioned for me to come on back through the bathroom to the bedroom. Luis licked his full lips as he stared at my throbbing dick.

I guess I should back up and explain that this was not some ordinary bedroom furniture that I purchased. I had decided that with my predictive muscular growth over the next few years I needed a sturdier bed and I landed on a steel caged bed that I purchased from a BDSM furniture supplier. It was a solid four-poster style with an adjustable sling option and built-in restraints with a lot of other fun features.

As I walked into the room, Juan was completely naked, gagged, and strapped into the sling which extended out at the end of the bed. “I thought you might want to test it out so I tied up this little bitchboy for you to use, Sir,” Luis said from behind as he was removing his sweaty t-shirt and jeans.

Luis had a thick, uncut cock framed with an untamed black bush of hair. He was a little bit longer than me at 9.5” and I couldn’t resist dropping to my knees and savoring his Columbian cock! His sweaty crotch gave off a manly scent as I deep-throated that uncut sausage.

After getting him soaked with spit, I said, “Now let’s tag team this little pig and make him squeal!”

We spent the next few hours, with the addition of David when he returned, triple-teaming Juan in the sling. At one point, Luis and I double penetrated his hole and that set me off to an incredible orgasm feeling the thrusting of Luis’s meat against mine inside of that tight ass. The night ended with all four of us dog-piled in the new bed, sweaty, cum-soaked, and exhausted. Needless to say, the delivery drivers got a big tip when I sent them on their way the next morning, Superior Service indeed!

“You’re doing great!” Dr. Malik said as he glanced at the overall test results on his tablet. “All of your blood work, enzymes, EKG, MRI results, well, everything is fantastic.” He smiled as he looked at my naked body standing before him and Big John.

“Thanks, Doc, I feel amazing. I can’t believe how my body has changed so much in the last year. And thanks again for accepting me into your program, you have truly changed my life!” I replied, not the least bit self-conscious that my throbbing cock had a long stream of pre-cum that dripped from the tip of my fat head to a small puddle gathering on the floor below.

He ran through my body stats:

Height 6’
Weight 270#
Chest 52
Waist 32
Arms—Calves—Neck all 21”
Quads 30”
Body Fat at a consistent 8%
Erect Penis 9” x 7”

He then glanced down at my throbbing meat and followed the constant stream of pre-cum as it hit the floor below me. Dr. Malik continued, “Oh, and looking at those big feet—what size shoes are you wearing now?”

I laughed and said, “Yeah, I just bought some 13s because the last pair were too tight.”

“I can’t make any promises, but you realize, Jason, if you continue in this project through year 3, your growth projections will have you as one of the biggest men in Texas,” Dr. Malik said with a bit of pride and awe. “And if you complete through the 5th and final year, you will be the absolute largest bodybuilder in the world!”

I glanced back at Big John behind him who also nodded and had a big smile on his face. I responded with a gush of precum flying from my aching boner at the thought of being the largest muscle man on Earth.

I took a moment and measured my words. I wanted to say this and not seem ungrateful. “Honestly Doc, I love the idea of being the biggest beast on the planet, but I just don’t know how I’m ever going to be able to afford it. Thankfully, I’m working from home full time, so I don’t have to keep buying new work clothes, but getting new gym clothes and shoes almost every other month is expensive. Plus my food bill alone is already ridiculous.”

Dr. Malik went over to his desk and opened up his briefcase. He pulled out a business card and handed it to me. “This is Eddie Gonzales and he is a financial advisor. I’ll let him know that you are going to stop by on Monday afternoon after your gym session. The address is on the back. Don’t shower, and wear one of your tightest tank tops. He’ll love it!”

Okay, well nothing unusual about all of that, I thought sarcastically. But Dr. Malik had never given me any reason to doubt his advice so I said, “Thanks Doc, I’ll be there.”

“Great, now let’s get you prepped for your booster, so you can get over to that Superdrive sex orgy!” Dr. Malik said with a mischievous grin.

“Hell yea Doc, let’s go, I got a weekend of nonstop sex ahead of me!”

The Monday after my booster procedure I’m still a little wired up, not all sex-crazed like over the weekend with the Superdrive, as that tends to settle out, but my body is still pumped and my dick is still always throbbing for action. This fourth booster had packed on another 12 pounds of muscle and at 282 pounds, and I was feeling like a bull at the gym today, breaking personal records and throwing around a ton of iron.

When we finished and were heading over to Eddie Gonzales’ address, David said, “Damn daddy, even with all the windows down you are throwing off some incredible pit smells! I mean, I’m not going to lose it, but you just smell so fucking good!” He was stroking his dick in his shorts with his left hand while driving with his right hand.

I made a conscious effort to keep my arms down to control the volume of the release of my scent, just to be safe. I thought about putting back on my hoodie that I wear while I’m lifting which helps to control my scent, but the weather was too nice. We chatted a little about the Superdrive party and how I was topping more and bottoming less. “I only got to fuck you once this time, daddy. Seems like you were always looking for more ass to load up,” David said with a little puppy dog look on his face.

“Sorry son, but you know we can always schedule some one-on-one playtime.”

David dropped me off at the large gate to the estate and we agreed for me to message him when I was ready for a pickup. After being buzzed in, the large gate led to a winding walkway through old oak trees and a short walk to the mansion ahead. Even though it was not yet summer, the Houston humidity was in full force and I was covered in a fresh layer of sweat by the time I reached the front door.

“Please come in, it is nice to meet you, Jason, I’m Eddie. Wow, Amir said you were built, but you are massive!” Eddie said as he ushered me into his home, grabbing a quick feel of my huge, pumped arms, and escorted me down a long side hallway into a private office overlooking a beautiful pool. “Have a seat and can I get you anything?” Eddie motioned to one of the high back leather chairs opposite his desk.

“I’m good,” I replied, holding up my large protein smoothie in my thermos, “but I’m covered in sweat and don’t want to mess up your nice chair.”

Eddie laughed. “No worries, I just hope it can hold you. You are so huge!”

I was used to these types of compliments and nodded thanks while giving him a few hairy pec pops in my drenched tank top.

“If you don’t mind, can you give me a flex?” Eddie asked with a half motion of a double bicep to indicate his request.

“Oh yeah, you want to see the big 21-inch guns, huh?” I sat my thermos down on the side table and gave a slow reach up to the ceiling, then slowly brought both elbows down into a hard double bicep pose.

“Oh man, wow, you’re just so big!” Eddie exclaimed.

“Yeah, look at that double peak on these fuckers!” I growled, nodding at the baseball biceps as I relaxed my arms out then flexed them in hard again, really flaring my lats to give him the full view of my massive muscles.

“So huge...oh fuck...oh my god…” he moaned. And then I realized that Eddie, like so many others, was having a hands-free orgasm from the wave of my sweaty musk crashing over him. I kept pumping my big guns. Dayum, I thought, they were so fucking big. I just kept giving him the full-muscle fantasy as he shot his load in his pants.

Eddie jumped up and went into the nearby bathroom. After a few minutes, he came back and apologized. “I don’t know what happened, I’m so embarrassed.”

“No worries man, it happens quite often when I flex these monsters. I should have showered, but the Doc said to come right over after the gym. My huge muscles and pit musk tend to send men over the edge. We might want to move outdoors unless you want to keep going off?”

Eddie said, “That’s incredible! Oh, yeah, maybe we should go outside by the pool so that doesn’t happen again and we can have some dinner. I’ll have the chef grill us some steaks.”

I messaged David that I would take an Uber home later. “Do you mind if I jump in your pool to cool off?” I asked, already stripping off my tight tank top.

“Of course, I’ll get you some trunks,” Eddie said as he reached for his phone to message someone.

“No need,” I replied as I dropped my gym shorts and jock, letting my fat, hard cock and huge balls fly free. I dove into the deep end just as I heard a gasp from Eddie’s direction. The cool water felt good on my skin as I powered through the water feeling like Aquaman. After a few laps, I exited at the shallow end and grabbed a towel to dry off. I dropped the towel and walked back naked to my pile of clothes, my big hard pole slapping each muscular quad as I walked. I put on the tattered jock and joined Eddie at the round glass table nearby. Eddie was speechless, so I just sat there for a few moments and let him gather himself.

Once he recovered from the show, Eddie and I spent the next few hours talking about my life, my goals, and my future. We came up with a game plan for my financial situation.

He called his PR guy and we head a speakerphone conference about establishing my online presence on various social media platforms. I told them I was only on Facebook (for friends and family with about 200 connections) and Twitter (for news). The PR guy noted my massive following of 28 people on Twitter and said, “I think we’ve got some room to grow.” I gave him my passwords to my accounts and his initial plan is to set up a new persona on all the social networks. He would create new Twitter, Tumblr, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram accounts to document my bodybuilding and growth for sponsorship opportunities.

I was also told to close any of the gay hookup accounts. “Do you have any?” I listed out my accounts on Scruff, Grindr, Jack’d, DaddyHunt, Adam4Adam, BBRT, and on and on. “Don’t judge me, I’m a horny gay man and I have a lot to offer!” I joked as I motioned to my big muscled body and throbbing thick cock.

“Shut them all down,” yhe PR guy said.

“Man, I feel that. Fuck, that’s going to hurt,” I replied.

I was also instructed to never send out any more nude pics until they were ready for that phase in my strategy.

After that conversation, Eddie and I spoke about corporate and private sponsorships to support my muscle growth needs. He felt confident that he could secure multiple sponsorships for clothing, shoes, and equipment. “You’ll never have to buy another jock-strap again. And it looks like you need some new ones, as that one is barely holding on,” Eddie added as he eyed my crotch with my large balls and 9-inch cock barely contained within the tattered, oversized pouch of my used jock.

“I like to break them in. Plus I have them specially altered to expand the pouch to contain this big meat and balls.”

“We’ll be selling those sweaty jocks at a high price at auction each week,” Eddie replied as he continued to type on his laptop.

“Sweaty and cum stained!” I added with a wink.

“How comfortable are you with muscle worship sessions?” Eddie asked matter-of-factly.

I quickly responded, “I’m good with it, as you’ve seen. I love to flex and I’m a big exhibitionist so I think it will be no problem.”

Eddie smiled and said, “Yes, you are very comfortable and very good at showing off that massive body. Do you mind if I take a few quick pictures of you flexing?”

I immediately jumped up and walked over to some good lighting and began a few poses while Eddie used his iPhone to snap away.

“You’re amazing. I have a few high-wealth clients who each could fully buyout your annual contract price, and with your handsome good looks, incredible muscular body, huge hard cock, and that little trick you have with those sweaty pits, I think we are going to make a lot of money for you. And, of course, I’ll get my percentage for managing and growing your financial assets.”

He went on typing rapidly on his laptop. “Do you have a current passport?” Eddie asked after a minute.

I grabbed a water bottle from the nearby outdoor kitchen and returned to my seat. “Yeah, I do. I have to keep it current for my job, but I’ve yet to be sent anywhere to use it. Why do you ask?”

Eddie had a big smile on his face. “I just sent out your offer sheet to a couple of top clients as a test run to see how you would play and verify if my hunch is correct. My number 2 client responded immediately after seeing your pics and bio and wants to meet you this weekend. He is sending his jet, you’ll fly to Barcelona on Friday and then his helicopter will carry you out to his yacht in the Mediterranean. After your one-hour session on Saturday, you can either stay on the yacht or be taken back to Barcelona for an all-expenses-paid weekend. The private jet will bring you back to Houston, arriving Monday morning. I just forwarded the $5k to your bank account he paid as the 10% advance on your full fee for an initial consultation.”

My jaw dropped. “Wait, what? This guy is going to fly me in his private jet to his yacht off the coast of Spain and pay me—” I did some quick math. “—fifty fucking thousand dollars to worship my huge muscles for an hour?! Are you kidding me? Do I have to fuck him or let him fuck me? Is he disgusting? What’s the catch, man?”

“There is never any sex, oral or anal, during the paid hourly muscle worship sessions,” Eddie said, as if reading the basic rules at a swimming pool. “Now, what you do after the session is really up to you,” he added, “but nothing is expected. You will allow him to touch your muscles during the session, but not your genitals and no reciprocation is ever expected from you. You’ll wear whatever type of underwear the client specifies, if not specified, you can wear your tattered sweaty jockstrap. The client will almost always masturbate in front of you. However, your little trick with those musky muscle pits might prove that to be unnecessary.” Eddie added, “My client is a multi-billionaire in his early 60s and he keeps himself in good physical condition. I’ll share his short bio and picture once you have signed his non-disclosure contracts.”

As we wrapped up, I remembered I needed to call for an Uber but Eddie was having none of that. “I’ll have my driver carry you home.” He buzzed for one of the servants. “Tell Sven to bring around the car to take our client wherever he needs to go.”

I put on my gym shorts but carried the tanktop in my hand. As we walked back to the front door, Eddie was already populating my calendar with meetings with his attorney, photographer, public relations, and so on. I shook Eddie’s hand and thanked him for everything.

“No thanks necessary,” he stated. “As your financial advisor, I’m going to make a lot of money with my percentage on your investments.”

Outside was a silver Rolls Royce and the back door was being opened by a beautiful blond muscle man in dark jeans and a royal blue polo. The driver turned to greet me and we instantly recognized each other from our gym. He had recently started lifting there last week and we had played the flirting eye game but had never spoken. “Nice to finally meet you, Sven,” I said as I held out my hand in greeting.

He gave me a big smile in recognition and replied in a Nordic accent, “Yes, it is very good to meet you too, Sir.” He gave me a big firm handshake as he ogled my big hairy chest with wide eyes.

“Do you live here, or nearby?” I asked in my deepest voice, cutting to the chase as I pulled him in closer for a hug, wrapping my big arms around him and letting him feel my rock-hard cock against him. I had not cum since earlier in the morning, and my balls were now aching for a release. Sven immediately reached back and closed the door of the Rolls. “This way, Sir,” he said, as he grabbed my paw and led me around the drive to the side of the huge garage. A stairway there up to his loft on the second floor. We barely made it inside before our lips met, hands pulling clothes off, as I wrestled him to the floor.

The young, blond-haired, blue-eyed muscle stud broke free and said, “Let’s go over to the bed so you can fuck me with your huge cock, Sir.” This beautiful, innocent-looking young man turned out to be a wild sexual stud who rivaled bodybuilder Nick as a long-lasting power bottom. He couldn’t get enough of me pounding his smooth muscled ass! I was happy to oblige as we fucked deep into the night and we fell asleep with my big throbbing dick nuzzled deep in his sweet, muscular ass.

I woke just before sunrise and enjoyed the view as the sun trickled into the loft windows landing on Sven’s creamy white skin as we lay snuggled up in the big spoon / little spoon position. His smaller frame fit perfectly into my larger body. His muscular body was hairless except for his blond curly pits and pubes and the contrast with my thick dark fur was so hot. His thick pecs looked like two cream-covered pillows with big, rosy-red, giant nipples which just begged to be sucked. His skin was so clear it was almost translucent as I could see the veins running across his muscular pecs. I was still deep inside him and my cock began to throb but I kept still. I slowly reached around with my right hand and began lightly teasing the very tip of his left nipple with my finger in a small circular motion. I went from one nipple to the other, teasing the tip, as they each hardened, extending out about a half-inch from his pecs. Sven was still deep in sleep as I enjoyed this sensual play and exploration. This continued for about half an hour until my balls begged for their morning release.

Let’s see if this will work, I thought, as I stretched out my right hand above my head exposing my ripe, muscle pit only inches from Sven’s sleeping face. Two snores in and I felt his muscle hole squeeze my throbbing meat as he breathed in my rank, musky scent. Another snore and more movement and a moaning sound. The fourth breath in and then fully awake and grinding on my cock, his body tightening and moaning. I quickly lowered my arm and grabbed his rock-hard dick and squeezed it with all my might, causing him to gasp in pain and his rushing orgasm to stop. I wanted to pound his gorgeous ass and not let him cum so quickly. “Not so fast, pretty boy, and good morning,” I whispered in his ear as I kissed his lobe and neck, and began thrusting my juicy dick into his tight hole. After an hour of sweaty drilling, I finally loaded his sweet ass with my huge cumload.

“Fuck, I’m going to be late!” Sven sprang up as he raced to the bathroom, dayum he is beautiful in motion. “I’ve got to drive Mr. Gonzales to the airport this morning and he’s going to be pissed that I didn’t get you home!” Sven was panicked.

“Don’t worry about me, handsome, I’ll text my trainer to pick me up out front,” I said in my most reassuring daddy voice. We made plans to see each other again as I headed out, I wanted more of this sexy stud!

The flight to Barcelona was impressive in the luxurious private jet and thankfully uneventful. The single male flight attendant, though handsome, was a little too slim for my sexual tastes. He was unobtrusive and professional, appearing when needed and disappearing for most of the flight. I used the time and reviewed the ton of information I received from Eddie and the PR firm on my new social media sites, read and signed some legal documents, and watched the latest movie with The Rock.

“Sir, I will be dimming the cabin lighting for the remainder of our flight and will be resting in the bunk at the rear of the plane. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to press the call button and I will be at your service momentarily,” the attendant said as he removed my final meal of the day. “Will there be anything else, Sir?” he asked, and for the first time, I caught him eyeing my bulge protruding between my thick hairy thighs in my training shorts.

I started to run with it to see if I could get a blowjob to help release my stress and the constant aching of my huge balls, but I decided I was here for a job and needed to be professional about this. “No, thank you very much. The food was amazing, and the service has been exceptional. I don’t require much sleep, so I’ll probably continue watching movies. And I’ll try to be quiet when I use the restroom back there. I drink so much water that I have to piss every two hours or so, but getting this huge body in that little space is tricky.”

I saw him slightly lick his lips and wondered if he was about to offer to drain the piss from my log down his throat. He quickly straightened up and said, “No problem, Sir. If it helps there is no need to close the lavatory door. I will have my curtains drawn for your privacy and will be reading for the remainder of the trip. Again, if you need anything don’t hesitate to ring.”

Upon landing, the attendant escorted me through Customs and to the waiting limo. The driver whisked me through the city traffic to the waiting helicopter pad near the beach. The pilot took my travel bag and assisted with securing me in my seat next to him in the ‘not built for huge bodybuilders’ small helicopter. “Wow, you are huge, Sir!” the pilot exclaimed as he resized the extender straps on the over-the-chest seat belts. As the pilot buckled into his seat, I felt like I was taking up way too much of his personal space as my broad shoulders and 21-inch guns intruded well into his seating area forcing him to sit at an angle. As we took off, my fear of heights kicked in and my panic started. I did some deep breathing and focused on the horizon ahead, forcing myself not to look down. I could feel my body heating up and sweating, then it hit me. What if I send the pilot into an orgasmic state and he ends up crashing us into the ocean below! More panic, more deep breaths, more sweat. I intentionally kept my arms tight against my sides trying to limit the escape of my musky man scent. “Are you okay, Sir? It looks like you’re sweating,” the pilot said as I realized my huge body was soaking his uniform. “Let me turn up the airflow and see if that helps.”

Oh yes, that felt great! “Yes, thanks! Sorry, I’m a little anxious with heights but I’m starting to get used to it now,” I said, as I began to calm down and started to take in more of the incredible views.

“There’s our ship just ahead,” the pilot said shortly after I had settled down. “The black one in the distance, can you see it?” He pointed straight ahead.

“Yes, how could you not, that is a huge boat!” I said as the yacht became larger and larger as we closed in.

“May I suggest you close your eyes as I take us in? I think you will enjoy the ride better. Just count to 20 and we’ll be there,” he said, and I quickly took him up on that suggestion, closing my eyes and mouthed one Mississippi, two Mississippi, … and before I got to fourteen Mississippi, he said, “Okay, Sir, we are here, please remain seated and I’ll come around and assist with unbuckling you.” I smiled and thanked him for his little trick to comfort me.

“Good morning, Jason, I’m August and I’ll be your assistant during your stay,” said the tanned young man with an athletic build and Italian or maybe Greek swarthy good looks, as he ran up to the landing pad and grabbed my overnight bag and motioned for me to follow him. The yacht was unbelievably gorgeous, it looked like a five-star boutique hotel on the water. We passed down two levels to a short hallway, then August opened a double door at the end of the hall. “This will be your suite for your stay. I will unpack your items and store them here—” He pointed to the closet and built-in drawers. “—while you are at your appointment which begins in 40 minutes in the fitness facility with the boss. Do you need to change or are you already wearing the requested item?” August asked as his eyes went to the large bulge in my crotch.

“I’m good,” I replied. “Let me brush my teeth, and then you can show me to the gym.”

The fitness facility was very well done with some impressive equipment and heavy dumbbells and weights, not like a full-blown bodybuilder’s gym but I could get a good workout here. Right now, all I needed to do was get a good pump going before the client showed up.

I used the next 30 minutes to pound out one hell of a pump session and with just a few minutes before the top of the hour, I stopped and peeled off my drenched t-shirt, shorts, shoes, and socks; leaving only the requested worn-out jock. I threw my sweaty clothes over the various bars and machines then walked over to the full mirrors and marveled at the complete massiveness of my muscles. I threw up a double bicep and nodded, oh yeah, he’s going to fucking love all this prime grade-A beef. Then down to a most muscular pose, grunting hard as my hairy pecs expanded and then kept expanding. Wow, my chest is fucking huge! I thought, as I released the pose and then hit it again. The sweat-soaked, dark chest hair swirled around each enormous mound of hard muscle, but the striations of the upper and lower pec muscles were seen beneath.

I paused the flexing and stood in the bodybuilder’s relaxed pose, eyeing my full body in the mirror. I was symmetrical in almost every body part except my pecs, which were the dominant and oversized muscle group. This pumped-up version of me in the mirror looked like someone had taken my huge, muscular image and then morphed my pecs to make them even bigger. I took both big paws and felt up the concrete muscle under the damp fur and pinched the downward-facing nipples. Fuck, I wanted to worship me, I was so fucking hot! I was just about to unleash my hard juicy cock and jerk one out to the massive muscle beast in the mirror when I remembered where I was and the job I was supposed to do.

Just then, I heard a tap on the glass door. I turned as the Client entered the room.

“Wow, Jason, you are even more impressive in person than you are in your pictures,” the Client said as he closed the door and took a few steps into the gym towards where I was standing. He then stopped and grabbed the bar of the bench press, leaning into it and his body slightly trembling as he grabbed his chest.

“Sir, are you okay?” I asked as I froze in place. He let out a few groans and then his body went down to his knees, more shudders, and gurgling noises, then he was on the floor. Fuck! I raced over, fuck, he’s having a fucking heart attack and going to die on me, fuck!

“Sir, answer me, are you okay?” I was panicking as I dropped to the floor beside him. I gingerly supported his face and turned his limp body toward me.

He slowly opened his eyes and looked deep into my eyes and then, very slowly, a light smile developed at the corners of his mouth. “I’m good, Jason, thank you. It has been so long since I have experienced that feeling,” he said as he began to rise. “Thank you! Thank you!” he kept repeating, as he grabbed my triceps with his left hand as I assisted him up while covering his crotch with his right hand.

Oh fuck, he fucking shot his load, the realization finally hit me, and I smiled, fully relieved that I hadn’t totally fucked this up and almost killed the guy somehow. “You’re welcome, Sir, for a minute there—” and before I could say anything else, he quickly and quietly escaped out the door and was gone.

“I don’t know, Eddie, I guess I fucked it up!” ...

“No, he just kept repeating ‘Thank you’ and disappeared.” ...

“Yes, I’m sure he did!” ...

“It was intense, hell, I thought he was having a heart attack.” ...

“I saw the wet stain on his track pants as he was trying to cover it up.” ...

“Yes, I’m fuckin’ sure!” ...

I’d made it back to my room and had immediately called Eddie to update him. He was asking me the same questions over and over. Finally, he said, “I’m sure it will all be fine, I knew that manly scent would be a hit! I’ll let you know as soon as I hear anything... oh wait, a notification just came through.” After a minute, Eddie said, “Your full payment was just deposited in your account, so, like I said, relax, you did great!”

Hearing that the Client had paid for the session made me feel a little better, but I was still upset at how quickly he had disappeared and I didn’t get to show off these huge muscles.

“Are you going to spend the night on the yacht or go back to Barcelona?” Eddie asked.

“Nah, I’m going back to Barcelona, I need to go out and fuck and release all of this pent-up aggression!” I said finally, removing my jock and letting my 9-incher slap my abs. Jeez, this dick was hard as a steel pipe! I almost felt sorry for the first 5 guys I was going to fuck tonight.

The next evening, as I climbed into the large supple leather chair of the private jet for my return flight to Houston, the attendant asked, “Would you like a cocktail, Sir?”

Even though I had a few drinks at the bar in Barcelona last night, I was still a little anxious about the outcome of the meeting with the Client. “Yes, please, I’ll have a Bombay Sapphire martini, dry. And do you have anything to snack on? I’m starving.”

Within minutes, I was served my martini and a charcuterie board that looked like it had come from one of the finest restaurants in the world. “Here you go Sir, we’ll begin the dinner service once we have reached cruising altitude.”

As I enjoyed my cocktail and tasty snacks, I recalled the incredible sexual antics from last night. I had visited a crowded gay bar after dinner and being the new meat in town, was the center of a lot of attention from the stunningly sexy men of Barcelona. I received several invitations for one-on-one or three-way encounters, but I knew that I would need more to satisfy my desires. I asked one of the studs if there was a sex club or after-hours orgy, and his eyes lit up.

He took me to one of the hottest bathhouses I have ever experienced. There were so many beautiful, built men everywhere. I honestly lost count of how many times I shot my load and how many different men I fucked. I was a fucking machine, branding my mark in every hot, hairy hole I could find. It wasn’t like the Superdrive weekend with that all-encompassing need to fuck, but instead just a constant enjoyment of pure man-on-man sex.

I was leaving the shower area, rinsing the sweat and cum off of me and thinking it might be time to head back to the hotel when this hot little muscle stud approached me. He gave me that look of lust and rubbed his hands over my hairy pecs. I looked down at his handsome face and had that feeling of recognition come over me but just couldn’t place him. His lips were wet and begging for attention. I leaned in to kiss him and scooped him up and into me, his body light in my arms and his legs instantly wrapping around my waist. “Wow, Bull, you are so big and strong. I want you to fuck me on the sling in the playroom.” I gave him a big smile and nodded. I made my way quickly to the playroom and ordered the twink who was waiting in the sling to get off. I dropped my hairy little muscle stud onto the leather and locked his ankles into the straps. I dropped down and spit on his beautiful hole covered in all that dark curly hair and it hit me! I’d seen this beautiful ass many times on my favorite porn site, this stud was known for taking huge cocks deep and hard. I smirked to myself, This is going to be a fun ride.

I placed my throbbing fat cock head at the entry of his famous hole, placed a big hand on each side of his hips locking him in, and then waited until he finally took his eyes from my sweaty pecs to staring wantonly into my eyes. I took a deep breath and he mimicked my actions. I then slammed my huge horsecock deep into his hole driving deeper and deeper until I was fully stuffing his hole in one quick motion and held it there. His eyes rolled back and he let out a loud moan as I hit bottom and throbbed deep inside him. I stayed there for a moment and let him feel my full cock. I looked around and a crowd had gathered with hands on cocks watching the big american bull fuck the famous porn star. Time to put on a show!

This stud was a pro and could take a pounding and I unleashed a furious power fuck ramming my 9 inches in and out of his gaping hole. Guys were randomly squirting loads on to him and me as they gathered around and my musk would set them off even though I kept my thick arms down to my side. After about an hour his hole was wide open and I could feel my heavy balls climb up as I reached my exploding point. I drove in deep and then rapidly pulled out and grabbed my angry throbbing meat with my right hand stroking furiously as I raised my left gun and flexed. My sweaty musk filled the room just as I unloaded the hydrant and my cum unleashed coating the wasted porn star just as everyone in the room exploded in ecstasy!

As I was finally leaving the club, the manager gave me his card and told me I was welcome back anytime for free. He said that he had never witnessed anyone like me who brought in so much business. Guys were messaging their friends to come there and as they were checking in were asking, “Where is the Big American Bull?”

After 12 hours I finally left to head back to my hotel, arriving just in time as the driver had just messaged me that he was here to take me to catch my flight.

About two hours into the flight after the delicious dinner and dessert, I stripped and stretched my naked body out on the bed to try to relax. As soon as my head hit the pillow, my phone dinged with an email from Eddie. I read through the long email quickly and then re-read it a second time to make sure it was true. In summary, the Client had contacted Eddie and was very impressed with me. He bought out my retainer fee for the next three months at $250,000 and was sending me to Las Vegas to stay in his penthouse. The Client had arranged for me to train for four weeks with a former bodybuilding champion and now coach of several Mr. Olympia contenders! Holy fuck!!

And the Client would be in town for the final weekend of my stay and will have two sessions of muscle worship with me during that time, another $100,000. That would be a total of three hundred and fifty thousand dollars, plus all expenses paid, plus being trained by one of the greatest bodybuilding coaches in the world, for four fun-filled weeks in Vegas!

Fuck yeah, I replied! I then read it again and again and again!

I awoke after my typical two hours of sleep, spread eagle on the bed in the private jet, completely naked and covered in several huge loads of dried cum in my thick body hair. After the great news, I had decided to throw on some pump room videos of the recent Mr. O contest and pump out a few of my massive loads. I looked down at my always raging big dick which is always ready and started to go another round, but first I needed to take a piss. I made my way to the back of the darkened jet to the lavatory and side squeezed my massive body into the tight space leaving the door open to help accommodate my extra-wide body. As I pointed my steel pole down towards the toilet, struggling to keep my balance and get my aim right before letting it loose; I saw a slight movement to my right and I glanced over toward the attendant’s bunk. Instead of the usually closed curtain, the attendant was lying there staring wide-eyed and open-mouthed at the giant muscle freak crammed into the sardine can.

He jumped out of the bunk and was on his knees. “Please Sir, use me as Your urinal!” he begged. I smirked to myself. I knew he was a fucking piss pig! I happily freed myself from the tight cell and straddled the greedy piss hole kneeling before me. I aimed my fat head into its open mouth and released the jet stream of my piss. Once my bladder was finally emptied, I gave my big hog a few shakes, then slapped the urinal pig with my hard meat in gratitude, turned, and headed back to my bed.

An hour before landing, breakfast was served and not a word was mentioned about our previous encounter. While eating, I was messaging David arranging for him to meet me at the airport and I realized that I couldn’t do this trip to Vegas without my boy. I called Eddie and made my request and about 15 minutes later, he messaged me with ‘approved for David to Vegas’.

A week later, David and I were boarding the private jet for our trip and it was fun to watch him as we settled into the luxurious cabin. About an hour into our flight, he exclaimed, “Now this is life!” as we drank our mimosas, stretched out in our leather reclining seats wearing nothing but our usual, tattered jockstraps watching bodybuilding videos on the big screen. I think he was even more excited than I was to work with the Coach, he had bought a new laptop that converted to a tablet so he could document everything and learn from one of the best in the business.

The Coach had requested that our first consultation be at his home and he invited us over later that afternoon for a cookout and pool party with a few of his clients, friends, and family. Once we got settled in the spectacular Penthouse, I showered to make sure my pits wouldn’t trigger the Coach or any of his guests. Unlike Big John, I had decided against wearing the Doctor’s sweat blocker as I typically loved my musky scent and the effect it had on the men around me, and since most of my interactions were very social this worked for me. I also realized that keeping some wet wipes handy was a good thing for a quick cleaning before an unexpected and potentially embarrassing situation occurred.

Coach greeted us at the door with a huge smile, friendly handshake, and bro-hug. He was stunningly handsome in person and I thought back to all the times I had jerked off in the ‘90s and early 00’s to his masculine face and beautiful muscular body. He was a few years older than me but looked great for his age, still in incredible shape. His Slavic jawline, high cheekbones, and a big smile on his muscular frame made him one hot muscle Daddy I’d Like to Fuck! I snapped out of my fantasy and reminded myself I was here on a mission to learn from the best.

After a few minutes of the initial conversation, Coach said, “Let’s go down to the basement and take a look at what we are working with,” nodding at my body. His basement was a full gym with one area designed for a posing area with mirrors all around and angled above. “Go ahead and strip down to your underwear and stand over there in the box,” Coach instructed, pointing to a marking in the center of the posing area.

“I’m just wearing a jockstrap under my trunks, is that okay?” I replied.

“Sure, I’ve seen way too many guys’ naked asses in my life. One more is not going to kill me!” Coach laughed.

“Damn, and you’ve never been on a stage and competed?” Coach asked as he slowly walked around me admiring my nearly naked body as I stood in the center of the mirrored space.

“No Sir, I just got serious about getting bigger and working out a few years ago. Never really wanted to compete, as my dream is to get as massive as I can be. I want to be a freak! Plus, I don’t think I can hide this big penis in any of those tiny little posing trunks you guys wear.”

Coach smirked and said, “Yeah, that could be a distraction, but I think I have a solution for that. You’re not the only well-endowed bodybuilder to be on a stage. Okay, let’s go through a few poses and if I call them out do you know how to do them?”

Coach realized quickly that my knowledge was very limited and he ended up calling down one of his bodybuilders to lead me through the compulsory poses. The bodybuilder was none other than the 7-time Olympian 212-pound Champion that I easily recognized when he came down the stairs wearing nothing but a speedo! I glanced over at David who was trying to conceal his hard foot-long club cock and smiled. We had both jerked off to his posing videos earlier that morning in the private jet talking about how we would love to tag-team him! My dick was already on the full mast and there was no hiding it in my worn-out jock as I stood under the spotlight. As we began again, Coach kept next to me, adjusting the position of my hands or elbows or legs as we went through the eight poses with the Champ a few steps in front of me as I tried to mimic his movements. Thankfully, there were four large fans in the upper corners of the posing space which kept me from breaking out into a full sweat and dissipated my musky scent.

After an hour, every muscle on my body was pumped from the constant flexing. Coach and the Champ were now standing over to the side and looking me over when Coach said, “Can you believe this guy? He has never set foot on a stage and could probably win the O next year!”

The Champ replied in his English accent, “Bloody fuckin’ hell, he’s amazing. Size, symmetry, ripped...he looks like he is 3 weeks away from competition and you’re telling me he just walked in off the street like this? No coaching, no prep, un-fuckin-real!”

“Yep, 292 and at 6%. We get these poses down and get him a routine and he could get his Pro card at the New York in a couple of weeks.”

I then jumped in, “Thanks Coach, I appreciate all the compliments and everything but I have zero desire to start competing. I just want to grow huge and be the freakiest bodybuilder on the planet!”

I guess he finally understood or he remembered the job he was hired to do and stopped dreaming of coaching another bodybuilding champion. After a few minutes, Coach replied, “Okay, we’ll get started at 6 a.m. tomorrow at the Dragon. Get ready for four weeks of hell!”

As we were driving up to the Dragon’s Lair Gym on the final day of this grueling month-long journey, I thought about the last four weeks and the non-stop brutal boot camp of bodybuilding that Coach had put me through. There were no rest days and every single day I was at the gym at 6 a.m. and didn’t leave until at least 10 p.m. that night at the earliest. Sixteen plus hours that started with stretching, followed by an hour of cardio or yoga, meal 2, brief rest, one hour of posing practice, more stretching, meal 3, brief rest, two hours of the most intense workouts I had ever experienced in my life, meal 4, brief rest, another hour of posing, meal 5, brief rest, another hour of crazy hard training, meal 6, brief rest, ninety-minute massage, and finally posing again which could last for an hour or two. My body met every challenge and I loved it! Coach threw everything at me during our training, every set was done to muscle failure, but he swapped up the routines, the weights, the rep ranges, always keeping my muscles guessing. Coach marveled at my fast recovery and adjusted the workload even more. I think he was trying to completely break me down but I kept rising to meet his challenge.

Every muscle in my body became more dense and fuller, I was in a state of being constantly pumped 24 hours a day and became hyper-aware of how to control and flex each muscle. I was a walking granite statue of muscles! I had succumbed to wearing the scent-blockers that Dr. Malik had given me under my t-shirt and sweatshirts that I wore each day. Even with the blockers, I was constantly showering and cleaning my pits at every break to control any misfires from Coach or the constant number of massive bodybuilders he brought in to train with me.

When I got back to the Penthouse each evening there would be a power bottom muscle stud there waiting to service my huge throbbing cock and bloated cum-filled balls. Bodybuilder Nick was flown in one weekend, the Huang Twins another, and sexy Sven this past weekend. I would fuck from midnight to three am every night. Then one of the servants would escort the stud-bottom(s) out of my bedroom and I would then sleep for two hours before repeating it all with a 5-a.m. alarm and my first meal of the day.

As I walked up to the gym doors for my final day in Bootcamp, it dawned on me that the usually full parking lot was relatively empty and then I saw the sign on the door, ‘closed for a private event until 3 p.m.’

The coach was already inside and opened the locked door for me and David. “Your schedule is a little different today,” he began. “The morning will be the same but instead of your weight training workout we will do a full body pump training. You’ll then head over to the posing room and Mr. Blank will be there.” (Of course, he said the Client’s last name, but due to my non-disclosure requirements I can’t repeat his real name in my journal.)

That brought a smile to my face. I was excited to show off my muscles and my posing routine to the Client. Hearing this news, I didn’t put on the sweat blockers after my stretching session like I typically did. I wanted to give the Client the full-blown experience, pun intended.

Why I thought the full body pump training would be easy with Coach was stupid, because nothing was easy with him. At the end of the hour, my sweatshirt and tights were soaked with sweat. The Coach, knowing my superpower, had kept his distance as he guided me through the routines but I couldn’t help but notice the imprint of his fat, hard, uncut dick in his training pants.

When we finished, he said, “Jason, it has been a pleasure training you and I’ll be in contact with David with your continued routines and we’ll check in on Skype every week.” The coach must have seen the quizzical look on my face. “Oh, your contract was extended and pays for me to continue coaching you for the next 12 months. Now, go get stripped down to that jock and go show off for our Boss the prime meat he bought!”

I laughed at Coach’s joke, fist-bumped him, and thanked him for all he had done before heading over to the posing room.

As I walked into the mirrored room, the Client was already seated in a leather chair in the far corner of the room that had been brought in along with a side table. He was impeccably dressed even in casual athletic gear which reflected his style and significant wealth. He was handsome in an elegant, sophisticated manner and looked like he was about to be photographed for the cover of a wine enthusiast magazine. At 5’9’’ and a very fit 180 pounds, it struck me then how odd it was that this extremely wealthy, nice looking man was single and was sitting here in front of me preparing to worship his massive muscle god!

An announcer’s voice came over the speakers. “The contestant will step to the center of the stage for the compulsory round of poses.” Ah, so this is the fantasy scene. I was to provide a front-row seat of a bodybuilder flexing at a bodybuilding contest. I nodded to the Client and then removed my sweatshirt, t-shirt, shoes, socks, and tights; then walked to the center of the room in the extremely tattered jockstrap that I had worn every day for the last month without washing.

His mouth was agape as he took in the concrete beast now in front of him. I glanced at the mirror ahead and I was even taken aback at the sheer size of the muscle monster that I had become. While I had not gained a significant amount of weight, my body had hardened and become more defined, and the veins while visible were not at that freaky level that the great bodybuilders achieve on competition day.

“Front Lat Spread,” the announcer began, naming the first of the eight compulsory poses. As I hit the pose flexing my barndoor wide lats, tightening my abs, and hardening my thick quads, I glanced over at the Client who was staring intently and massaging his hard dick which was tenting up his athletic pants. I gave him a big smile and I felt great seeing the effect my colossal muscles were having on him. He then moaned loudly and I could see cum wetting his athletic pants as he shot his load.

“Front Double Biceps.” As I relaxed and then replanted both big feet, I flexed my quads and reached up to the sky before slowly bringing my elbows down and then locking my arms in the classic power pose. I fucking loved this pose! It was the ultimate ‘look at me, look at how fucking huge I am’ alpha man pose! My eyes were locked on the hairy muscle god in the mirror as I grunted and squeezed my humongous guns and the double bicep head exploded even higher. My hard cock had stretched my jock to the near breaking point and the head was exploiting a small hole in the torn pouch and was about to escape free at any second as a rope of precum dripped from the throbbing cock-hole down to the floor below. I then heard the grunting sounds from the Client and took my eyes from my incredible image in the mirror over to his seat as I pumped my guns again. The Client was cumming hard—he had freed his considerable-sized cock and was jerking it fast as cum was flying out and landing on the dark-colored athletic jacket and pants.

“Side Chest.” I continued, turning to my left, dropping down to show off the calf, hammy, quad, and glute mass before grabbing my left wrist with my right hand and flexing into the pose. The Client was still mesmerized, his hand had stopped moving but his 7-inch cock was still standing straight up with a little bit of cum still leaking down the side. I squeezed my oversized pecs and held the flex feeling the full power as my chest expanded up and out. Bigger and thicker, my pecs kept pushing out as if they would never stop growing. More groans from the Client and more cum exploded from his dick.

“Rear Lat Spread.” I turned and then planted my left leg back, locked my wrists at my side then began expanding my lats out further and further until I finally reached full width. I knew my glutes were shredded hard and I glanced in the overhead mirror at my reflection of the rearview. Dayum, I’d fuck me! Look at that huge fuckin’ ass! I thought as I saw the deep striations of muscle framed by the jockstraps of my jumbo ass. More grunts from the Client and a single rope of cum shooting from his cock.

“Rear Double Biceps.” I relaxed, took a deep breath, and planted my other foot to show off the diamond-shaped calf as I slowly started the movements…

“Please, please stop,” the Client begged in a low voice, “I can’t, I can’t cum again, oh god, please, please stop.”

I slowly turned with a big smile and faced the Client who was also smiling and he said, “I feel like I’m about to pass out, oh wow, Jason, you are so incredible! I just, I can’t cum again.” He was kind of delirious and babbling now.

I started to go over to him but thought better of it since my sweaty pits would probably put him into an orgasmic state. “I’m glad you enjoyed it, Sir,” I said as I took a step back. “What would you like for me to do next?”

The Client took a few moments to regain his composure and used a towel on the small side table next to him to wipe up some of the cum from his clothes. “Jason, you are amazing and more than I could have ever hoped for and I can’t believe what just happened. Just incredible! Thank you. We are done with this session, thank you. I have only one request before you go… if you could leave me your jockstrap?”

I smiled and said, “Of course, Sir,” then flipped both thumbs under the waistband and shoved the sweat-soaked, battered jock to the floor. I stepped out of it and turned, walked over to my pile of clothes and picked them up, then walked naked out the door to the locker room.

It is hard to believe that tomorrow will be 18 months since I began this crazy journey! I’ll go early tomorrow morning for my day of pokes and prods with Big John before having my 6th booster with Dr. Malik which will mark the mid-year of my second year in the program. This is going to be a milestone day as I believe I will finally be joining the Three Hundred Pound Bodybuilder Club!

After leaving the boot camp in Las Vegas, I decided to finally quit my job. The incomes I received from The Client plus the many other corporate sponsorships and my merchandise were ten times my annual salary, so it was a no-brainer. I’ve been training twice per day every weekday with David under the Coach’s supervision and continue to remain in peak condition. We usually have a photographer shadowing us for content images and videos for the multiple social media platforms promoting “The Bull”!

I still laugh at that nickname for me and can’t believe that all of this is happening. It is great though to read all the comments online:

“When is the Bull going to compete?”
”Did you see how huge the Bull’s pecs are in that video?”
”The Bull could get it!”
”I can’t wait until the Bull does an OnlyFans!”
”Look at the size of that bulge in his sweats! The Bull has got to be hung like a Bull”

Every other weekend, I’m on the private jet and flying to various parts of the world to meet up with The Client wherever he may be for work or leisure. Last weekend was New York at his penthouse in the 53 West 53rd high rise above the Museum of Modern Art. On Saturday, at the request of The Client, I worked as part of an art exhibit in the MoMA where I stood behind a glass wall wearing only a short red skirt with a red jockstrap underneath, coloring images in a coloring book with red crayons. The Artist, who was a friend of The Client, tried to explain the concept, but I didn’t understand it. Although, it seemed like I was the most popular attraction with crowds gathered around me the entire 4 hours. A modern carnival! Come see the huge, hairy, muscled freak at the freakshow! I fucking loved it!

David had been coming for me all week, “Look at the pretty little Bull in his little red skirt!” as we were looking at images that had been ‘leaked’ online. “I’m going to shove this big Bull cock up that virgin ass if you don’t shut up!” I clapped back and then got a raging hard-on thinking about popping David’s tight virgin hole! He just laughed and kept on teasing, “You know the rules daddy, the bigger dick is the top and I’ve still got a bigger dick than you!”

Yes, he did. The boy was blessed with a thick 12-inches, and I loved the feel of how he completely opened my hole. But I just wished he would be more aggressive and ram that big pole into me. I’ve even begged him before, during, and after sex to let go and pound me hard. I don’t get fucked that often anymore and when I do, I want to get fucked! But David has the slow rhythm that worked for him and no matter how much I begged and pleaded, he just won’t change and give me what I crave. And so, I’ve not given up my hole to him in a long while. Well, for that matter, to anyone, in a very long time.

For me, submitting and bottoming for someone is all about their size and domination. If you are bigger than me then climb on and ride. But if I’m the bigger man, I’m going to manhandle you and drive it hard. When I was a smaller guy with an average dick, this gave me plenty of opportunities to find larger, more muscular men or taller dudes who were hung like a horse. However, now that I’m a big muscular Bull with a long, fat cock, I haven’t had the desire or the opportunity to submit my hole to a bigger stud. There are not a lot of options of top gay men with a long cock who are bigger than 6’1’’ and 300 pounds of muscle. David and I had been chatting about this topic for a while now and earlier this evening after our training session he came running up to me like a kid showing off a new toy. I was in the lounge area of the gym drinking my shake and chatting with Bodybuilder Nick.

“Oh man, Bull, I did it, you’re going to be so fuckin’ happy this weekend for your Superdrive party!” David blurted out as he grabbed a nearby chair and was typing on his phone. “What, what’s up, son? What are you scheming about now?” I said, trying to get his full attention and grabbing at his phone. “Hold up, give me a sec. Let me pull up the pictures.” David snapped back and then scrolled through his phone until a big smile came over his face and he shoved the phone back toward me.

Fuck me!” I yelled, “Sweet baby Jeebus, who the fuck is that giant stud?!? Is that dude real or morphed? He can’t be real???” I looked again at the image on David’s phone. My mind went into multiple fantasies as I examined the naked hairy behemoth in the picture. “Gotdamn! Who’s that Stud?” Nick joined in as he peeked over my shoulder.

“Oh yea, daddy, he is real! I’ve verified him with two very reliable sources. His name is Abdul and he’s a big Iranian muscle Dom who lives in Berlin. He is 6’3” and 340 pounds of hard, hairy muscle with a 13-inch hole wrecker and he gets off on making grown men cry!” David then swiped right and another image of the beast in full leather gear fucking some smaller sub in a sling, Dom’s gigantic cock was only partially inserted, and the bottom had a look of sheer terror on his face. “Fuck me, “ I whispered in awe. David said through his big smile, “He’s on a flight right now and lands in Houston in a couple of hours.”

David then swiped right and tapped play to the Dom Beast powerfucking the same bottom sub, power slamming every inch of his 13-inch cock rapidly into the hole as the bottom was crying and begging for him to stop. This wasn’t play-acting, he had tears running down his face and was buckling in the sling to try to escape. The bottom was strapped in and started yelling out for the abuse to stop, but the huge Dom lifted his big right hand and slapped the bottom’s face so hard it knocked him unconscious! The Dom kept fucking, drilling hard into the now quiet and limp bottom! Finally, after 14 seconds the bottom regained consciousness and began screaming again, and the video suddenly ended.

David, Nick, and I just stared at each other, we were both shocked and speechless. Finally, David said, “Looks like we got ourselves a Bull Rider!” And we all fell to the ground laughing.

I made David send me all the pictures and that video of the Dom Bull Rider. I spent the entire night playing that video and examining every second to see if it was staged or the real deal. If it was acting, both players deserved the gay porn Oscar for their performances. I was both a little scared and a whole lot of turned on. I kept cumming over and over, stroking my big dick thinking about the rough fuck this big Dom Bull Rider could throw my way.

Dr. Malik asked, “Are you okay, Jason? You seem a little distracted this evening.”

I snapped out of my continuous daydream of the Bull Rider with his huge hairy body and monster cock. “Yea, I’m fine, sorry Doc, please continue,” I replied, trying to maintain focus in the present.

“As I was saying, you are doing outstanding. At three hundred and two pounds your body fat percentage is 4.7%. Let’s keep an eye on that as I don’t want your body fat to go any lower. You’ve grown a half-inch this year, 6 feet and one-half inches. Chest is up to 57 inches and your waist has gone down an inch to 32 inches, an impressive V-shape drop, and looks great on you. Quads are now at 33 inches. Arms, Neck, and Calves are all at 23 inches. All of these measurements are cold readings and honestly, I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Dr. Malik grinned and then continued, “Looks like you’re in the double-digit club too with that erect penis at 10’’ long and 7’’ girth.” As he said this he eyed my throbbing, juicy cock. “How many times per day are you emptying your balls?” Doc asked as he reached under and massaged each one feeling for any lumps.

“Usually three times per day,” I replied. “You’re about to get another if you keep playing with them like that!” I added jokingly and the Doc laughed but kept his hand in place and finished his examination.

“What was the volume of his orgasm release today?” Dr. Malik turned and asked Big John.

“4.51 liters” Big John replied.

“Ah, almost a gallon,” the Doc quickly replied, doing the math calculations in his head for my benefit. “Very good, and is that a typical amount for you, Jason?”

“Probably a little more than usual. You know, watching Big John jerk off his huge dick in front of me turns me on, and being locked down and unable to touch my cock makes it that much more exciting, so that orgasm is always very intense!” I said as I could feel precum gushing out of the head of my 10-inches. I fuckin’ love saying that, ‘my 10 inches!’ And then I got lost in the memory of Big John earlier today standing above me, his huge muscular body pumped and sweaty, stroking his enormous cock while he watched his big-titty porn until he drowned me in gallons of his cum! My dick flexed and pumped out more pre-cum and my hole twitched at the thought of Big John raping my ass and flooding me with his tremendous explosion of muscle milk!

“Wake up, little man,” I heard Big John say as he flipped on the overhead lights. “Let’s get those measurements so you can go fuck all of your little muscle studs!” he laughed in his deep voice at his teasing joke. I guess I had sort of gone through the motions of prepping for the booster because the last thing I remembered was fantasizing about Big John power fucking my muscle ass with his 13” cock!

I replied, “You are always welcome to join me. You’d be the star of the party, and everyone would be begging to serve that giant dick!” Big John let out a big laugh and continued with his tasks. But he didn’t say no?!

David picked me up in his new maxed-out Jeep with the top down (no more near-accidents due to my musky overpowering scent) and we headed off towards Terry Huang’s garage/sex loft. But instead of taking that exit, David kept driving on the expressway. “What’s up son? You missed the exit,” I asked.

“Oh, we are having the Superdrive party at Sergei’s new training facility.” David smirked. “I thought I told you all about it?” Knowing full well he had not, and this was just part of his little games that he enjoyed setting up for me.

Sergei, the hairy, built like a concrete truck, power top, was the Massage Therapist at our gym, but recently he had purchased an MMA training gym in the warehouse district in east Houston. As we pulled into the lot, there were only 2 other vehicles there, one of which I recognized as Bodybuilder Nick’s. I assumed the other belonged to Sergei.

The converted warehouse space was big with training and weights, and various cardio equipment in the front zone. The middle zone looked newer with a boxing ring in the center and various punching bags and more equipment surrounding the ring. Finally, the back zone was a fully enclosed octagon for MMA fighting. Even nearly empty in the middle of the night, the smell of testosterone and sweat hung heavy in the air. The Superdrive was kicking in and I was already stripping off my shorts and tank top when I spotted Bodybuilder Nick in the center of the boxing ring, The recently crowned Pro Bodybuilder was down on all fours, primed and ready in his jockstrap for his big muscle Bull to come fuck him mercilessly for the next several hours!

The booster had added another 10 pounds of solid, dense muscle to my frame and at 312 pounds I was now 40 pounds bigger than the ripped Pro on his knees in front of me. I felt so fucking huge! The Alpha Bull was about to ride his prized show cow as I spit on his hole and guided my steel pipe toward his beautiful glutes. My cock was so hard and the erection so strong it took some real effort to point it down at the angle as I entered the round muscled ass. The SuperDrive took over and my overwhelming need to fuck controlled my every action for the next 12 hours.

This was a limited attendance event as only Bodybuilder Nick and sexy Sven served as my rotating power-bottoms. The twins joined in for a couple of rounds, but they were mainly having fun with David and Sergei while I fucked Nick and Sven. Both Nick and Sven loved being completely flooded with my huge loads and the extra size benefits they achieved over the next few days as my power cum influenced the fullness and size of their muscles.

It wasn’t until David finally pulled me off Sven that I started to become aware again of my surroundings beyond the sensations of my juicy fat 10 inches fucking one of the hot holes in my power bottoms. “Drink this, Bull, you need your nutrients,” David commanded as he put a blended protein shake in my hand.

“Thanks, son, appreciate you looking out for me,” I said after I gulped down the cold drink. I looked down at my two power bottoms, my cum all over their asses and dripping out of their gaping holes, there were gallons in puddles on the boxing ring floor. I wasn’t close to the rivers of Big John, but my production was increasing. I could feel my nuts expanding in my sack and was preparing for another round with Bodybuilder Nick when something in the back of the gym caught my eye.

In the center of the MMA Octagon stood an ox of a man, standing naked except for a leather harness, staring back at me. Even from 50 feet away he looked like a giant! “Little bull, whenever you are done playing with your toyboys, come on back and let a real man show you how to fuck.” The voice was deep, powerful, and commanding. I felt electricity run through my body and my cock shot out a small load of cum, fuck he was so hot!

As I entered the 30x30 ring, I realized the enclosed walls went all the way up to the 10’ ceiling above the ring with the steel padded frames and fenced walling providing no escape once the doorway was closed. The Bull Rider’s cock looked even bigger in person as he stood fully erect in the center of the ring. He was the same length as Big John, but holy fuck he was even thicker with the head flared out and throbbing. “How about we wrestle to see who fucks who, little bull?” The Bull Rider spoke with that Alpha attitude, toying with me and letting me think I might have a chance of not being rammed by that monster horse cock! “Sure,” I said, as I began to move slowly to my right, sizing him up and planning my strategy of how I could outmaneuver this beast of a man with my very limited wrestling knowledge.

He was on me before I blinked, fuck, he was fast. His arms captured me in a bear hug around my chest and he lifted me off my feet like I was a rag doll and squeezed all the air and hope out of me! Our big hairy chests pressed together and the pain of his power hold around my ribs screamed to my brain, do something or he’s going to break all your fucking ribs! He released me and quickly grabbed my nutsack in his right hand and my throat in his left hand and pressed me up until I was just above his head, he then jerked and lifted me slamming my body against the ceiling and then letting me fall 10 feet to the mat below. I landed face down with a loud thud. I sucked in air and looked for my escape through the open-door panel in the ring, but instantly I felt all 340 pounds of my tormentor landing on top of me. I screamed out in pain as the air escaped my lungs again from the brutal force of his impact. I felt his huge paws lifting my head and then his sweaty arms wrapping around my skull like an anaconda squeezing so hard I knew my melon was going to burst at any second. This fucking lunatic is going to kill me! His biceps tightened even more and then the blackness came and I passed out.

When I came to, I could feel the mat floor on the right side of my face, and I could see through the fencing of the ring all of my guys were screaming and shaking and pounding against the fence. The door opening had been closed and a thick metal chain looped around and locked from the inside, my only escape from the octagon had been blocked. I tried to move to get up, but I quickly realized I was completely immobile. I was tied with thick ropes on my wrists and ankles, spread-eagle on the floor of the ring. The ropes also ran around my chest and my waist and tied me to the ceiling above with my ass raised in the mounting position. Oh fuck! I was in some serious shit now as my brain slowly put 2 plus 2 together and came up with 13 inches about to rape my hole!

David was screaming for the Bull Rider to let me go and Nick was trying his damnedest to use his muscles to break the chained lock on the entry door. Out of my peripheral vision, I could see the Bull Rider now kneeling behind my exposed ass. I felt the hard slap of his enormous cock hit against my ass and my flexed tight hole. I knew deep down that I should try to relax my hole, but I was unable to control the panic and fear within me. I was just about to curse this motherfucker out when bam! The white-hot poker intensity of pain shot through me as his mammoth cock head breached my hole and he slammed all 13 inches down my chute. My mouth flew open to scream but no sound came out, the pain was so intense as he rammed past my prostate, hit the second wall, and knocked it open all with one power motion! He pulled halfway out and rammed it back in again. Held for a brief second, then repeated in high gear, powerfucking my hole. I thought my entire colon was going to be ripped through and his gigantic cock would be fucking up through my throat and out of my mouth.

Fuck this fucker, I thought, I’m not going out like this! I took a deep breath and then tightened and flexed every muscle in my body, trying to sense and find any weakness in his restraints or him. There was none! Fuck! Instead, I heard a moan as the pressure of my gigantic glutes gripped his cock so tight, that he stopped his rapid fucking and I held him in a position halfway in my hole. I held the flex as long as I could before I had to release, and his cock instantly dived deep as I felt his balls slap my ass. I took a deep breath and flexed again, focusing all my energy on my ass and grabbing his cock in a locked position. He moaned louder this time and I realized the pain of his assault had completely gone away as I grunted to hold the flex even longer. I released and his powerfucking continued, but now the pain was replaced with waves of pleasure as his cock stretched my hole and frantically smashed against my prostate.

Sensing my enjoyment, the Bull Rider picked up his pace even more and pulled his cock out of my hole before plunging it back into the deep, over, and over! He was trying to punish me and make me cry! But instead of breaking me, his constant assault sent me into an orgasmic frenzy, and I started shooting rope after rope of my cum. The orgasm increased and I felt waves hit me as I had never felt before in my life, every nerve was on fire with pleasure, and it felt like every muscle fiber in my body was exploding and shooting cum out of my cock.

Later, David told me that he had never seen anything like it. He said my cock was like an open hydrant and the cum exploded out for almost two hours in one continuous burst. The Bull Rider kept fucking me and cumming repeatedly in my hole until he was finally exhausted after an hour and rolled off me, but I kept rolling and blasting my load in my euphoric state. I finally stopped and slowly regained myself. I remembered that I opened my left eye (my right eye was coated with cum) and could see my buds standing at the fence in awe.

The Bull Rider got up and went to unblock the chain to the entry gate. I thought for a moment that my guys would all attack him and kill him for what he had done to me, but instead, they all gave him high-fives and were whooping and hollering as if he had won a fucking championship as he exited the ring. David came running over to me and began untying the ropes with the other guys quickly joining him. What the fuck!?

“Did you enjoy that, Daddy?” David finally said with a huge grin on his face. It took a minute, this fucker, I finally figured it out, he had set me up! The whole fucking thing was one big game.

I started laughing and throwing gobs of cum at him. “Fuck yeah, I did!” I said as David reached down and helped me up.

We locked in a deep embrace, and he bent down to whisper in my ear, “I’d do anything for you daddy! I’m glad you had an awesome time! I love you!”

“I love you too son, now tell me what the fuck just happened!” I said as I gave him a big hug and kiss on the lips. David then explained it was all a big scheme that they had been working on for months. The storyline of the brutal Iranian Dom from Berlin was fake, he was a very sweet Syrian refugee who now lived on a ranch in Montana or Idaho or one of those big, cold states up north. The Bull Rider was a former Olympic wrestler who gave them the idea for the MMA/Wrestling setup. The pictures of him were real, but the video had been staged. David explained that it took them weeks in production and editing to get that 2-minute video perfect! He knew that I would examine it closely and it was key to pulling off the whole game. David had also spiked my protein shake just before I met the Bull Rider with a drug from the Doc that helped the big stud knock me out. While I was passed out, they all assisted in getting me restrained and put on their little show of outrage on the other side of the cage once the ‘show’ began. He had hoped I was going to enjoy the Bull Rider pounding my hole, but from that 2-hour orgasm, it looked like I shattered his expectations. “Fuck yeah, it did, that was incredible!” I gave him another hug; I was so lucky and so proud.

“Oh, and one other thing,” David said as we were headed to the showers in the back of the training facility, “this was all paid for by The Client.” David then motioned up to one of the many cameras that I just now noticed staged all around the facility. “Give him a wave—he’s been watching this live stream and he wanted me to tell you thanks for all the pleasure you have given him the past few months. He wanted to return the favor.”

The following weekend after my third quarter booster I was on the private jet on a flight to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to meet with The Client. The long flight was made even better as I was encouraged to bring along Pro Nick for the long weekend, to which he eagerly accepted the invitation. It seems The Client enjoyed watching his Bull fuck the pro bodybuilder and had requested a special private show this weekend instead of our typical muscle worship sessions. Let’s see, get paid an insane amount of money to fly to one of the most exotic cities in the world to fuck one of the hottest bodybuilders (that I do almost daily already for free); while being watched; well, that is the definition of a no-brainer decision for me.

Nick was now lying on the bed napping after our sweaty fuck session and I was admiring his incredible naked body. His muscles had flushed out after his last contest win and his body was also pumped from last weekend’s SuperDrive with my cum providing an extra 10-pound pump that so far had not dissipated like usual. By now my cum-pump should have completely disappeared from him; but for some reason, this last session’s load up was still in full effect. I took a few pics with my phone and made a quick note and emailed it over to the Doc wondering what had changed?

From where I was stretched out in the leather recliner I realized I was straining my neck to look over my hairy pecs as I admired Pro Nick’s body. I popped and flexed my pecs and reached up and felt the full hard muscles under the thick fur. Were these pecs bigger? They looked bigger and felt bigger! I jumped up and headed toward the back of the cabin. “Do you have a tape measure?” I asked the attendant as he was preparing our next meal.

He quickly turned around, his eyes grew wide as he took in the full naked image of the big hairy Bull in front of him, and responded, “Yes Sir, right here, Sir.” He reached into a side closet, opened a drawer, and retrieved the tape measure. I watched with amusement—I’d have thought that by now he would be used to seeing my immense naked body, but I guess it was still a shock seeing so much man meat so suddenly.

“Thanks!” I said, impressed that he always was able to fulfill any request, and turned back towards the main cabin.

I unrolled the tape measure, most only go to 60 inches but this one went up to 90 inches. I grabbed the end and maneuvered the tape around my left pec and lat, pulling it around the broad back muscles until it reached my front pecs again. I adjusted the tape making sure it was in a level circle around my chest, exhaled, and looked down at the tape where the zero mark met the 61-inch mark. Fuck yeah, over sixty inches! But wait, that can’t be right! I checked my leveling again and the measurement repeated 61 inches. I then went back to the Attendant and asked him to measure my chest. He stretched the tape. He had to walk around me since he was way too small to reach around my huge torso and he double-checked that the tape was accurately placed as I relaxed with both arms down to my side. Fuck yeah, 61 fucking inches! I had the attendant snap some images of my back and I couldn’t tell any difference in the size or thickness of my lats or upper back muscles. It had all gone to my hairy pecs!

We did a quick run-through and captured all of my main muscle group measurements. It appears that the 10 pounds of muscle I gained right after the Booster shot last weekend went straight to my Pecs! I went from a 57-inch chest before the procedure to 61 inches after. All of my other muscle groups had stayed the same, waist-32, quads-33, with arms, neck, and calves at 23. I headed back to my laptop and sent another email with pics to the Doc on this unusual development. I then spent the next hour jerking off repeatedly and massaging my cum into the hairy mounds of my immensely thick pecs.

Once Nick and I got settled into the beautiful penthouse suite in our hotel overlooking the beach, I headed for the shower and told Nick he should go out and explore the city and clubs while I was meeting up with The Client at his home for a private dinner. The Client had requested for me to join him as he had something he wanted to speak with me about. It was typical for me to join him at various times for drinks or dinner during our weekends and I enjoyed getting to know this sweet, brilliant, and creative man over the last year. Nick said he wasn’t hungry and was just going to stay in and watch movies. We both laughed! He had been on his phone apps once we landed and already lined up several hung Brazilian top studs to come over and pound his insatiable hole!

The Client’s estate was beautiful on the side of the mountain overlooking the city below. We had dinner on the terrace and once we were finished with dessert and enjoying our cocktails and the view, The Client finally opened up to me about the real reason for this invitation. “Jason, only a very few people know what I am about to tell you about me and I know that I can confide in you and know that I have full faith in trusting you with my secret,” The Client stated as he looked directly in my eyes before swallowing another drink of his Cognac and began his story.

“I was born with a genetic condition which made me impotent for my entire life. Up until this year and meeting you, I had never had an erection or felt the pleasures of orgasm. I’ve spent my life seeing specialists and pursuing every avenue available in modern science and other means, from non-traditional alternative medicines to voodoo witches in Haiti. Believe me, I’ve done it all. And up until meeting you on my boat that first time I had never experienced the joy and pleasure of my erect penis and an orgasm. All of my adult life, even with my penis being soft, I didn’t feel any pleasure or stimulation, and it was determined that my condition prevented my brain from initiating any of the steps needed to achieve orgasm. I’ve had prostate stimulations and other internal procedures, but everything failed. This is why I never did a penis pump implant as all of my Specialists agreed it might give me an erection but I would never be able to have an orgasm. I held out hope that one day I would find a solution to cure me and I can’t believe it has finally happened with you. And so, I have a special request for tomorrow night.”

The Client paused and took another drink. “I want to use your incredible musky scent to assist me in losing my virginity,” he said bashfully looking down at his drink before slowly looking up to make eye contact with me. Of course, my first thoughts were that he wanted me to fuck him or wait, maybe he wanted to fuck me? I guess my expression displayed my thoughts as The Client continued, “Oh no, sorry, not with you specifically, I would never break our agreement and the perfect arrangement we have. No, I would like for you and Nick to be in the room while I am fucking this sexy Brazilian man that I have arranged for tomorrow night.”

I set down my drink and grabbed The Client up in my arms to give him a huge muscle hug. I whispered in his ear, “Thank you Sir for sharing your story with me and it would be my absolute honor and privilege to assist you tomorrow night.”

We chatted a little while longer about the details of the event, how he wanted the Brazilian bodybuilder to have a three-way with me and Nick while he watched from a chair in the corner, and then he would join in when he was ready and take control over the rent-a-stud’s muscular ass. He showed me pics of the Brazilian and I instantly recognized him from years of jerking off to his incredibly muscular body and perfectly round ass. He had gone by the online name of Superboy and was well known on the gay muscle circuit.

My 10 inches throbbed in my slacks as I stared at the images and I could feel the sweat starting to leak through the pits in my custom-tailored dress shirt as my body heated up at the thought of fucking this magnificent stud! The Client saw my situation and smiled. “Maybe you should head on back to Nick and take care of that,” he said as we both stared at the obnoxious bulge my cock made down my thick left thigh. The stretchy tight material exposed every throbbing vein in my shaft and the mushroom head as it almost reached the top of my knee cap.

“Yes Sir,” I said as I gave him another quick hug and quickly exited the terrace, and headed to my waiting driver outside. I climbed into the back seat of the limo, ensured the privacy window was up so my musk wouldn’t affect the driver, quickly stripped down my pants, and freed the monster. I pulled up my Twitter account of Superboy and wrapped both paws around my aching cock. He was so fuckin’ hot! I can’t wait to open up that beautiful hole and feel those huge round glutes slapping around my meat!

As I walked down the hallway of our hotel toward our suite, two big studs exited our room and headed my way. They were both smiling and had that just cum glow. One of them said something to me but I replied that I didn’t speak Portuguese. He then said, “You’re next, we got him ready for you, big man!” I almost asked them if they wanted to go another round but then decided that I wanted my Pro Bodybuilder all to myself.

As I entered the suite, there was grunting coming from the bedroom so I went ahead and stripped off all of my clothes before entering the room. Bodybuilder Nick was bent over the end of the bed, his face in a pillow muffling the loud grunts coming from his mouth as he was being deep stroked from behind. The top was standing and driving his enormous cock in a steady rhythm deep in Nick’s perfect ass. The stud was 6’4’’ and muscular with thick black hair and caramel skin that I wanted to lick. He nodded at me and then refocused on his dick and the purpose of his mission. I climbed up on the bed and replaced Nick’s pillow with my slick throbbing pole and enjoyed the show of the big Stud fucking my prized meat. The Stud leaned forward and started feeling up my thick, hairy pecs and playing with my pointed nipples. I could tell he was enjoying the feel of my chest as I flexed and popped each pec meat in his hands because he picked up his pace and was driving hard into the gigantic glutes below him. I then gave him a big double bicep pose releasing my musky scent to the room. A few rapid pumps of his humongous cock and his eyes rolled back and he started moaning as he slammed deep and unloaded, his abs tightened into 10 huge bricks, damn that was so fucking hot! I wished I had a camera to capture that image!

Once the stud dressed and left, Nick and I took a dip in the private pool off of our balcony. He was begging for his Bull to finish him off to satisfy that insatiable hole of his and allow us both to cum. I told him no, that I was going to try something different. I was not going to cum tonight or tomorrow morning and save it up for the big event tomorrow night. He looked at me with disbelief knowing that I typically cum three or more times per day, every day.

I laughed and said, “I know you don’t think I can hold off but I want to try something. I want to see if delaying it increases my volume when I finally do shoot off. You should see the gallons of cum that Big John shoots every time, it is so fucking hot! I want to be at that level or even more, like the amount I shot off when I was fucked by the Bull Rider.”

I then swam over closer to him and pulled him into me, hugging his massive chest just barely getting my big arms all the way around and locking my hands. “Have you noticed that you haven’t shrunk from the Superdrive power load that I gave you? Normally, by now, you’ve lost that 10 pounds, but you still look huge and pumped. I think it was because of my increased load size and the fact that it was only you and Sven who got all of my cum that first day.”

I gave him a big kiss and enjoyed the feel of this hot muscle stud boy wrapped up in my big arms in the warm water. Instinctively, as I kissed him, his arms wrapped around my neck and his quads locked around my waist with my throbbing cock tantalizing close to entering him. “Tomorrow night I want you to take all of my loads, and next week you will be my little cum dump and service me 24 hours a day. If I’m right, I’m going to grow you into a monster bodybuilder and make you the biggest, freakiest stud on that Olympia stage and there will be no doubt that you are the Champion!”

Nick’s body tightened and he let out a series of loud moans as his dick shot off at the thought of his Bull growing him into the Mr. Olympia Champion!

The next day my balls were aching all fucking day long as we went through our morning training sessions and then spent the afternoon at the gay beach. We were the center of a lot of attention with guys flirting and requesting selfies with us, and a ton of pics and videos were being taken as we walked to the water and swam; then back to dry off on our towels. There were constant invitations and not-so-subtle feels of my thick hard meat in my specially designed speedo. Even with the extra-large custom pouch, my bloated balls stretched the tight material to its limit. The men in Rio were fucking gorgeous and sexy as hell, so much so that finally I couldn’t take it anymore and told Nick we needed to head back to the hotel. There was just too much eye candy and temptation on that beach!

By the time we reached The Client’s mansion early that evening every nerve in my body was twitching and buzzing, and my rock-hard cock was leaking pre-cum like a running faucet. I gave up trying to keep it cleaned up and just let it soak through my tight jeans causing a giant wet circle just above my left knee. Walking into the mansion, I greeted The Client and told him I need to strip as my cock was hurting like hell from being forced down my left quad due to the tightness of my custom-fit jeans. He just laughed and said, “Yeah, you look very uncomfortable. Gio will show you to the playroom down the hall, our special guest is already there. You studs have some fun and I’ll come to join you shortly.” He motioned for one of the servants to lead the way for us.

I was naked before we got to the hallway and my dick was so hard that it stuck straight up and out not moving as I rushed down the hall and called back to the servant, “Which room?” I was so horned up that I needed to get my dick in something hot and wet right now!

“Last door on the right, Sir,” Gio called out.

The Superboy was naked on the bed watching porn and stroking his hard cock when I came bounding through the door. His eyes widened and he smiled at the full sight of me as I climbed on the bed between his outstretched quads, grabbed each ankle, and threw his big legs up and over my broad shoulders. I grabbed my enormous cock and used my excessive flow of pre-cum as lube over his small tight puckered hole. Fuck, he had such a beautiful hole, I wanted to dive down and eat it up.

But my aching dick overrode that thought quickly and demanded to be inserted right the fuck now! I pushed in the fat head and let him take a second to get used to my thick cock stretching his hole. Watching his face I saw the signs as the initial pain switched to pleasure and he was ready for me to go deeper. Superboy’s boyfriend was a well-known Brazilian porn star so I knew I could ride his muscle ass deep and rough. I was already slamming him hard by the time Nick had stripped and joined us on the bed.

Nick climbed up and sat his ginormous ass on the Superboy’s face, and began massaging and slapping at my oversized hairy pecs, pulling my nipples hard like I fucking love sending jolts of pain and pleasure right down to my core. In between the sounds of my grapefruit-sized balls slapping against his muscle ass, I could hear the slurping noises of Superboy as he was eating Nick’s ass like it was a 3 a.m. buffet after a night out drinking. I thought after holding off for the last 24 hours that my cock would explode quickly but instead, I fell into a steady rhythm of fucking this stud’s amazing ass.

After about thirty minutes, I realized that The Client had been in the room and was watching our performance from a side chair to my left. I nodded to him and said, “Anytime you’re ready boss, just give me the sign. His ass is fuckin’ amazing and feels so good, you’re going to love it!”

That was all the encouragement The Client needed, as he quickly stood up, removed his robe, and stepped towards us. I realized just then how lean and muscular his smaller body was as his hard 7 inches slapped against his tight abs. For his age, he was in tremendous shape. I motioned for Nick to grab the Superboy’s ankles and hold them up as I dismounted out of the Superboy’s gaping hole. Quickly, The Client got in position and I grabbed his cock and guided it right into the ready open hole. He sank all the way in and held there, a look of astonishment was quickly replaced by a big smile as the pleasure of the experience washed over him. Slowly he began thrusting his cock in and out of Superboy’s talented ass. “Yeah, there ya go boss, nice and slow, enjoy that tight wet hole on your big, hard cock.” I said, pumping up his self-esteem and guiding the virgin as he fucked for the very first time in his life.

I stood up behind him and grabbed Superboy’s ankles from Nick and laid each thick calve on The Client’s shoulders. I ordered Nick to suck Superboy’s cock and they switched into a sixty-nine position with Nick shoving his hard 4 inches into Superboy’s mouth. This freed up Nick’s ass for me to mount and I quickly walked to the other side of the bed and aimed my dripping cock head at my boy’s prized hole. I pulled Nick back towards me and off Superboy’s body, both of his feet planted on the ground on either side of mine and I drove my dick deep inside. Nick was now bent over kissing the Superboy on the mouth while I rammed him hard.

The Client and I made eye contact. Two tops fucking their studs and the look of pride that was on his face was so heartwarming I gave him a wink and a one-arm bicep flex. His eyes locked in on my huge gun as the bicep exploded up forming the double head. Oh, yeah, 24 inches of hard beef for you! I heard him moan in appreciation and knew that the wave of musk from my sweaty hairy pit would hit them all at any second. I threw up the other big gun as I powerfucked my bodybuilder’s ass even harder.

The double flex was all that was needed to trigger The Client as his abs constricted and his whole body tightened as he released his first-ever cumload from his cock deep inside the gripping glutes of the Superboy who was also unleashing a fountain of cum from his big cock. Bodybuilder Nick was also exploding his load all over the Superboy’s muscular torso and I could feel Nick’s ass constricting like a vise grip on my throbbing cock. I felt my balls and cock expand as the rush of cum erupted up the interior pipeline of my 10-inch monster. Within seconds the blast of my cum deep inside Nick overwhelmed his hole and started cascading out with each thrust.

I slammed my cock to the hilt and stayed there letting my cum flood his guts and capture all of my hopefully muscle-growing seed! The three other men had all ceased their orgasm but my built-up balls were still releasing and continued for another 20 minutes as I stayed buried deep inside my muscle stud. The Client and the Superboy had now maneuvered around and were just watching my body flex and heave as I drenched the Pro Bodybuilder’s deep hole. Finally, when I ceased to a steady trickle of cum, I bent down and kissed my stud boy deeply and held him tight in my arms.

“That was incredible!” the Superboy said in his sexy as fuck accent as I slowly pulled out my thick, hard cock.

I looked over at The Client who was still smiling and I asked, “How about you, Boss? Fid you enjoy that, and are you ready for round two?”

“Very much, an amazing experience and everything I ever hoped for,” he said as he reached down and grabbed his robe, pulling it on, and continued, “but I am going to leave you boys to have your fun as that was more than enough for me. Stay as long as you want.” He then bent down to kiss Superboy and Nick, then came over to me and gave me a big hug, whispering in my ear, “Thank you, I’m so grateful.”

I told the Superboy that Nick and I were going to fuck in here all night and he was free to join us or leave whenever he wanted. “I want to stay, I want your big cock again and I want to fuck his huge ass!” Superboy said motioning first to my throbbing dick and then to Nick’s glutes. “Sounds great to me,” I replied, “but Nick gets all of my cum loads tonight, understood?” And so began the next round with Superboy mounting Nick and then I climbed on top of Superboy in a muscle fucking 3-way of 870 pounds of man meat!

By the time the sun was coming up, Superboy was in a euphoric state from the overdose of my sweaty pits and Bodybuilder Nick was close to getting there as well. I went and put on my jeans, came back and threw big Nick over my shoulder, and left the speechless, immobile Superboy moaning quietly in the center of the bed. Once we got outside and the fresh air hit him, Nick regained his focus and was able to get dressed just as the limo was brought around. I couldn’t wait to get back to the suite to weigh my prized beef and see if my little experiment worked, judging from the looks of his enormous pumped-up bulging muscles I think it might be a success!

Unfortunately, my little experiment didn’t yield the results we had hoped for although we had a great time trying! Pro Nick’s cum-muscle pump started to dissipate in the weeks after we returned from Rio even though he took every load for a week that I pounded into his hot, hairy hole. The Doc explained my increased cum volumes might have impacted Nick’s muscle size and caused the prolonged pump beyond what we had been seeing one week after the Superdrive. Dr. Malik recommended we continue to repeat the process at the next Superdrive party and maybe let Nick exclusively take all of my cum to see what effect that may have. We both eagerly agreed to that challenge!

Spending that long weekend in Rio and then the week after awoke something in me and I realized that no matter how hard I was trying to fight it, I deeply cared for this young man and the ‘experiment’ forced me to spend more time with him and get to know him even better beyond our extreme physical attraction to one another. Okay, okay, I guess you could say we were now boyfriends although neither of us has yet to define that term of our relationship. I had wanted to go another year before getting romantically involved with anyone, but as the saying goes, the heart wants what the heart wants.

I woke up a little earlier before sunrise excited for the final check-in of year 2 today and to record my growth with Big John. I was lying on my back in bed with Nick’s head lying on my left pec like a pillow. My left arm was wrapped around him, and my hand was lightly playing with the long thick curls on his head, gently twisting between my big fingers. My other paw was wrapped around my throbbing 11 inches, fuck it felt like my dick was made of steel it was so hard. I still can’t believe it has grown 2 fucking inches in length in one year. Fuck! By this time next year, I should be as big as mega-hung Big John with his 13-inches! Just the thought of that caused my faucet to turn on high and precum came gushing out of the fat head of my meat stick.

I wondered if I would get too big for Nick to take in his incredible ass, Nah, this stud would take my cock no matter how big I became, he was built to service my giant Bull cock! I released my club and let it smack against my abs before it locked in the fully erect position, and I brought my right hand up and placed it behind my head exposing my musky pit. I hadn’t cleaned up after Nick and I fucked for hours last night, and the hairy pit was rank with my deep manly scent. Even my cock throbbed harder as I took in a big whiff with a tilt of my head to the right and a deep breath in, yea, that’s how a fuckin man smells, right there, big fuckin muscle man with hairy pits, I breathed in again, fuckin beast-strong stank that makes all the weaker studs shoot their loads, that’s how a real man smells right there, Fuck yea, I was the fuckin Alpha Stud!

Nick woke up and I sweetly kissed him good morning, then I roughly shoved him down to service my aching cock. My left hand was locked on his head as I forcefully face fucked half of my cock in his open mouth, and I was flexing my right arm as I licked the huge double head on my mammoth 25-inch cannons! Fuck, I was so fucking hot! My sweaty scent kicked in and I continued to self-worship my muscles while ramming my huge cock in Nick’s open mouth. I took another deep breath of my musky pit and let loose an explosion of cum in the back of his throat. The torrent of cum flooded out of his mouth as he couldn’t keep up with the power and volume of my explosion and he began to gag and choke. I released him from my grip, and he quickly sat up and recovered as a steady rope escaped from my gigantic cock head spraying a continuous stream above and over my head.

I curled my abs, lifting my face and pecs until the stream was hitting my open mouth and I gulped down the stream over and over, oh my god, my cum tasted so good, as I kept the cycle going of shooting and swallowing the thick stream of man cream. If my fucking hairy pecs weren’t so fucking thick I would have been able to curl myself up enough to be able to suck my long cock in my mouth, but they did serve the purpose of squeezing the cock head in my hairy hard cleavage as I gulped down the gallon of cum. Nick was now on his knees beside my face beating his cock and shooting his muscle cum in my open mouth to mix in with the stream of my Alpha load.

Afterward, Nick said, “Bull, you and I have had some hot sex scenes but that was one of the fucking hottest things I have ever seen! I had no idea I would be so turned on watching you swallow your monster load like that! Fuck, that was so hot!”

I laughed and replied, “Fuck yeah it was, and I was close to sucking on my big dick, but these fucking pecs were in the way!” I flexed my gigantic pecs and Nick reached out to grab the furry muscle. I wrestled him up in my arms and squeezed him tight, kissing his handsome face, damn he was a gorgeous man, “Come join me in the shower and wash my back and ass. Oh wait, but first start with these big, smelly feet, get down there boy and lick them clean,” I ordered in my deepest Bull voice. He quickly shifted positions and had my right big toe in his mouth in seconds. I knew foot worship wasn’t his thing, but I didn’t care, this Alpha needed to be in full control, and it wasn’t really about what he didn’t like but more about what this big Bull wanted. As he continued licking and sucking each of my long, thick toes I wondered what it would feel like to be fully serviced by a full-fledged foot worshiper and made a mental note to make that happen soon.

“Two years! Congratulations, Jason, on completing your second full year of the project!” Dr. Malik stated as he entered the exam room.

“Thanks, Doc!” I replied. “As the saying goes, time flies when you are having fun, and these past two years have flown by fast! Again, I can’t thank you enough for selecting me and allowing me to continue. I mean, look at this body, wow! I’m almost as massive as Big John over there!” I said as I flexed and strutted my naked muscular body, getting a laugh out of both John and the Doc.

The Doc pulled up his tablet and said, “Yes, you are almost, but not quite, as big as John. Let’s go over your latest stats. Weight is 320 pounds (+38 for the year), Height is 6’ 1” (+1” for the year), and your body fat is at 5.5%, excellent! Chest is 65” with a whopping plus 13” of growth for the year! And while your trapezius, latissimus dorsi, levator scapulae, and the rhomboids’ development are exceptional, your pectorals are dominant with their size and thickness. It will be interesting to see if this Pec focus growth continues into this next year. Your quads are 35” (+5” for the year). Your arms, calves, and neck are all 25” with a plus 4 inches of growth in each muscle group. Just phenomenal symmetry and development overall. You’ve gone up 2 shoe sizes from a 13-D at the beginning of the year to now wearing a size 15-E. I honestly couldn’t be happier with the overall results of our project and your development.” The Doc finished the litany of growth with a big, satisfied smile on his face.

“I think you forgot something, Doc!” I said, gripping my rock-hard cock with both hands like a baseball bat. Even with both of my big paws gripping end over end there was still a lot of meat and cock head exposed.

The Doc laughed and was intentionally ‘poking the Bull’, “Yeah yeah, your most important ‘muscle’ that big erect penis is now 11’’ x 7.5’’ with a 2-inch increase in length and adding a half-inch of girth. Any tenderness or issues with your testicles?” he asked as he reached under and began squeezing and tugging on my nut sack.

“No Sir, all good down there!” I replied.

“John, what was the volume output this time on his semen?” the Doc asked over to his assistant.

Big John stood up and walked over to the oversize beaker and replied in that sexy deep voice, “5.7 liters, Sir.”

“Wow, Jason, that’s a significant increase in volume from only 6 months ago at just over 1.5 Gallons,” the Doc exclaimed. “Very Impressive!”

I let out a big smile and replied over to Big John, “I’m still not up to your massive loads though Big John! What’s your average volume?”

He puffed out his enormous chest a little bit and bragged, “Yep, little bull, I double your output at over 3 gallons every time, 3 times a day, every day!” Grrrr, fuck yeah! That cranked on my pre-cum pump and the flow exploded out of my engorged cock like a waterfall. I glanced back over at Big John as he grabbed his huge hard cock and readjusted it in his scrubs. Again? I thought. Did he just do that for my benefit when he caught me looking over at him? It seemed like more than ever before, all day he had been teasing me, flexing his arms or pecs, or grabbing his meat whenever he caught me staring at him. Even during his masturbation session earlier this afternoon, he used to have his eyes glued to the monitor and the big-titty porn stars but this time he barely glanced up there and kept looking at me and saying stuff like, “You want this big dick?” and “Gonna feed you this huge load!” at one point in the video the white girl with the huge jugs was being butt fucked by the big black dude and Big John started saying, “Fuck that white ass!” And then he looked right at me, “bet a bitch loves a big cock up that ass!” And then my mind went into another vortex, was he insinuating that I was ‘that bitch’ or was he just caught up in the moment and talking shit? And if he was insinuating that I would love his big cock up my ass, then yes, I was that bitch, and the answer is definitely yes! And then my mind tumbled down the rabbit hole of having Big John powerfucking my hole, the only man on the planet who was Alpha enough to make me their bitch! Oh wait, I’d forgotten the Bull Rider. Fuck, they could tag-team me into oblivion!

“About time you woke up, little bull,” Big John was saying as I was regaining consciousness from the booster procedure. Wait, was he pulling up his pants and putting his huge hard cock away, or did I just imagine that? He quickly walked away to the desk to gather his supplies. I was still a little groggy and gaining my focus. I’m normally under a sheet and blanket but now I’m completely naked with no covers on the bed. My balls were aching, and I reached down to readjust them, and I felt my whole groin area was wet. But this wasn’t the usual feel of my pre-cum—no, this was lube. I confirmed it as I smelled the slick substance on my fingers.

Big John had returned and ordered, “Let’s go little bull, hop up and let me get these stats so you can go fuck that pretty ass on your bodybuilder boyfriend.” He said it in a teasing way, but again, not really. Fuck, I was so confused by all of these mixed signals. What the hell was going on?

A few minutes later I was out the door and climbing into David’s jeep. I told him about all the odd things that had happened with Big John, and he said, “Maybe you are just projecting your desires to be fucked by him like you were by the Bull Rider in your heightened sexual arousal state caused by the booster?”

I thought for a moment and said, “You’re right son. Thanks, as always, for looking out for me.” We then pulled into the Huang Garage to start the weekend’s festivities.

As I stripped in the office before heading up to the sex loft, I noticed that my underwear was soaked in the back. I examined my hole with my fingers and there was a ton of lube and I felt loose...what the fuck? Did Big John rape me with his gigantic cock while I was unconscious? I started getting angry and was grabbing for my phone when the Superdrive took over me and the only thought in my mind was to go fuck my beautiful boyfriend’s muscular ass!

And I did! For the next 14 hours, all I did was fuck Pro Nick and shoot load after massive cum load deep in his enormous ass. I can’t believe he kept up, he said later that he kept floating in and out of that euphoric state and just kept loving every time I would orgasm deep inside of him.

When David finally pulled me off Nick for a protein shake, Nick had to tap out to get some rest and recovery. I told David that all I wanted to do was fuck and that no one would be riding the Bull this weekend. The Huang twins were eager to tag in and I spent the next 10 hours going from one hot gymnast ass to the other until I lost track of who was Tony and who was Terry. By early Sunday, Nick had recovered, and my baby’s sweet ass felt so good on my 11 inches, I missed him while he was away. Our connection had grown stronger and stronger both physically and emotionally.

After a few more hours, I finally felt like I needed a break. Nick was cuddled up in my big arms with his face nuzzled in the deep crevasse of my sweat-soaked hairy pecs. “Babe, kiss me,” I said and he slowly and sleepily raised his head. He was extremely exhausted, but he always did what the Bull asked. Damn, he was so fucking handsome! I gave him a quick kiss and said, “I love you, Nick,” and then guided him back to his safe and secure resting place lying on my huge chest as I held him tight.

“I love you too, Bull.” He whispered before he fell into a deep sleep. I spent the next hour playing with his long curls and smiling, that was the first time we had said those three little words to each other.

I must have dozed off because I was awakened by David lightly squeezing my shoulder. “Dad, wake up, I have some bad news.”

I became hyper awake and aware instantly, he only calls me dad instead of Bull when he’s very serious nowadays. “What’s wrong, son?” I whispered as I repositioned Nick and freed myself, twisting quickly to the edge of the bed.

“It’s Eddie,” David said as he motioned to the mobile phone in his right hand. “I’m sorry, dad, but The Client passed away last night.”

Four weeks later, Nick, David, and I boarded the private jet for our flight to New York City. My guys were a little down-trodden realizing this would probably be our last ride on the beautiful jet as we were heading to Manhattan for me to meet with The Client’s attorney, Mr. Antoni Kowalski, who had contacted me last week and arranged the visit. I was named in The Client’s Will and Mr. Kowalski was in charge of the estate disbursement activities. The Client’s accidental drowning death came as a shock to everyone and it was with a heavy heart that we rode on his private jet for our last trip.

“All right, I’m going to ask it even though I know it is inappropriate.” David broke the silence as we were settled in, drinking bloody Mary’s and stripped to our jocks. “What do you think The Client left you in his Will?”

I smiled at the boy’s comment, thinking that was the first time I had done so since hearing the sad news. Even though I had only known The Client for a short time, I had become close to him through our many conversations. “Honestly, I have no idea,” I replied honestly as I had no clue and was surprised to have even been included in his Last Will. “Probably one of his watches from his collection. He knew I always complimented and coveted them every time we met in person. I always asked him to let me look at whichever watch he was wearing and try it on.”

Nick came over to me and bent down and kissed me on the lips. “Love you, my big Bull. I know this is a tough day for you. Do you need anything?” Damn, this boy’s heart is the biggest muscle in his big, beautiful body!

“Well…” I replied with a wink, “since you offered, you can get down there and suck my big 11-inch cock!” I shoved down my custom-made jock freeing my big log and it smacked my hairy 8-pack abs with a thwack. “I need to release this load out of these big balls before I go meet with this boring old lawyer,” I joked as Nick immediately knelt between my super thick thighs as best as he could fit with his thick broad shoulders and started slobbering on my meat.

He was a really good cocksucker and it felt great, not as good as being in that amazing ass, but still great. I loved looking at his eyes as he devoured my monstercock deep down his throat. He looked up at me so subserviently that I sometimes wondered if he would keep my big Bull cock down his throat until he passed out if I ordered him to. I gave him the little head tilt signal to ease back up and take a breath. He rose back up to the flared cockhead and took a deep breath, all the way, his eyes were locked on mine, a true sub looking to his Alpha for approval.

David then came over behind my chair and reached his long arms down and began massaging and manhandling my hairy pecs. His huge hands felt good grabbing the heft of each monster mound of muscle and squeezing hard, pulling them up and down like he was kneading bread dough. Fuck, I loved having my big pecs worked over and the sensations went straight down to my balls. When I was relaxed and not flexing, my pecs were the size of two soccer balls in his huge hands with my chest now stretching the tape measure at 67 inches. I started moaning and groaning, really enjoying the attention of my two studs as they serviced their big Bull. David started slapping and punching the pec meat with his fists, really hitting me hard, sending pain deep into my chest and directly to my hard cock.

David then started torturing the inch-long nipples with his strong hands. Twisting and pulling, tightening his strong grip on each nip before pulling down so far that I thought they were going to be ripped off and then released. He was in rare form and the pec and nipple torture was sending me off, I fucking loved it and he knew it! He then did rapid hard slaps with his big palms directly to each nipple which were pointing straight down and made my pec meat bounce up and hit my chin. He then grabbed the left nipple in his right hand with his thumb and forefinger and twisted around and around and around until the pain was so intense my eyes filled with tears, but I was determined not to give in and use my safe word.

He finally stopped twisting the abused nipple and held it in its twisted shape like a vice grip locked in exquisite pain between his thumb and finger. Only the extreme tip of the nipple was exposed above his grip, the fucking most sensitive part! I looked at him and he looked at me, this fucker was enjoying this! He took his right hand and held it flat 6 inches above the exposed twisted nipple tip, stretching out the inevitable and heightening the unexpected of what he was going to do next! Fast as lightning, his right hand dropped into a pinching position and his thumb and forefinger snapped on the exposed and engorged tip like a clothespin.

“Oh Fuck!” I screamed out as the pain triggered the profound pleasure senses in the deepest regions of my core and I exploded my river of cum down Nick’s throat! David held tight and continued to abuse the nipple as I flooded poor Nick with two gallons of cum over the next several minutes.

When I finally stopped cumming, David slowly released my twisted nip. I then realized that I had gripped the leather armrests so hard that I had pulled them out of their steel sockets and had ripped through the leather cover with my grip. “Fuck, guess I’ll be hocking that gift Watch to repair this reclining seat!”

I dropped the guys off at our hotel and continued in the car to the attorney’s offices in midtown. As I exited the vehicle in front of the skyscraper, I was still not fully accustomed to the immediate impact I had on people as they quickly stopped, murmured, pointed, and stared at the huge 330-pound beast of a man in tight hand-sewn slacks made of stretchy material that displayed every bump and bulge of my huge calves, quads, hamstrings, ass, and cock! My tight waist then exploded out into my flared lats and the custom-made purple Polo shirt wrapped tight on my massive pecs and choked my gigantic 25-inch guns causing the visibly thick veins to throb down each arm.

I walked with a purpose through the parted seas of pedestrians to the glass revolving main entry door of the building. I looked at the size of the gap in the rotating glass and quickly realized I was too fucking big and wasn’t going to get trapped in there. So, I stepped back and found a larger swing door entrance over to the right. Once inside, they had metal detectors like at an airport and I had to sidestep my way through them to fit. But, as typical, I was motioned over to be patted down by the security guard. Never fails, both men and women, want to put their hands on the big, hairy, muscle Bull.

Finally, I was on the elevator up to the Legal Firm with a few giggling young females and a cute little messenger stud who just stood in the corner of the elevator and stared at me in awe. When the gaggle of girls exited, messenger boy said, “Dude, you are the biggest fucking thing I’ve ever seen!”

In my head, I’m thinking ‘please don’t ask me how much do I bench’ and I turned to him and said, “Thanks son, you’ve got some great calves and glutes, I guess from riding your bike all day, huh?”

He kind of blushed and smiled at my compliment. “Please don’t beat me up, but man, I would do anything to suck you off!” he said quickly and then stepped as far back to the elevator corner as was possible.

I just laughed at the balls on this boy, these New Yorkers get right to the point! “Thanks for the offer, but I’ve got a few business meetings I have to get to right now. Put your number in here and I’ll hit you up some other time,” I said handing him my phone with one hand while grabbing my thick bulge and showing him the outline of my monster trapped in my modified jockstrap as it snaked down my left leg towards my knee cap. “I hope you can handle a really big cock cause mine’s almost a foot long!”

He shakily grabbed my phone and entered his number then hit send and I heard his phone ring in his bag. He handed my phone back and I took it, then I gave him a bicep flex and said, “You want a quick feel?”

His eyes lit up and his hands were all over the 25-inch cannon while he murmured ‘so fucking big’ over and over under his breath.

Then the elevator hit my floor and I excused myself as the doors opened, “Catch ya later handsome.” I called back with a wink.

I checked in at the Receptionist’s desk, and the perky blonde in the tight skirt escorted me back to a beautiful corner conference room with views of the downtown skyline of lower Manhattan where she introduced me to Mr. Kowalski.

“Welcome, Jason, and please call me Tony,” he said as he stood up and walked over to shake my hand. He was not what I was expecting at all. Mid-thirties with thick black hair, tight beard, handsome and built like a linebacker for the NY Jets.

“Nice to meet you Tony. Wow, this is a great view,” I said, staring right at the thick stud in the suit in front of me and not at the skyscrapers outside and I wondered how big of a polish sausage he had in his pants.

His green eyes lit up and he smiled and asked if I wanted anything to drink or maybe eat? “I don’t want a massive man like you to ever get hangry!” he said jokingly.

“I’ll take some water and I’m good, we were well fed on the flight up. And thank you for arranging all of that for me and my friends, I appreciate it,” I replied as he handed me my tumbler of water.

We took our seats and Tony grabbed his binder and opened it to a preselected page, “Let’s get started, shall we, as we have a lot to cover,” he suggestedand I nodded in return. “As you are aware, Mr. Client [he said his real name, but again I’m not at liberty to reveal] was a very wealthy man. He was unmarried with no children. He was also an only child and both parents are deceased. His only living relations are three distant cousins in Switzerland. I have already spoken with them and they have signed their no-contest agreements and received the specified inheritance from Mr. Client’s Estate.” Tony spoke quickly but was constantly looking at me for understanding and any questions. He then flipped his binder to another section.

He pulled out a sealed envelope and handed it to me. “This is a handwritten letter to you from The Client which you are to open later at your convenience.” He then paused and made sure I had his full attention, “Jason, Mr. Client has left you the vast majority of his entire estate valued at an estimated 21.5 billion dollars.”

My mind exploded and time stopped!

I think he said a few more things before he realized that I was frozen in shock and he stopped speaking and just sat quietly. My mind repeatedly replayed his statement, ‘Mr. Client has left you the vast majority of his entire estate valued at an estimated 21.5 billion dollars.’ … ‘the vast majority of his entire estate valued at an estimated 21.5 billion dollars.’ … ‘his entire estate is valued at an estimated 21.5 billion dollars.’ … ‘an estimated 21.5 billion dollars.’ … ‘21.5 billion dollars.’... ‘21.5 billion dollars.’...’21.5 billion dollars.’...’21.5 billion dollars.’...’21.5 billion dollars.’...’21.5 billion’...’21.5 billion’...’21.5 billion’...

Finally, I snapped out of it and came back to reality. Tony was sitting opposite me smiling patiently. “Are you okay now, Sir?” he asked. “Do you need some more time or should we proceed?”

I nodded that I was fine and said, “Yes, thanks Tony, sorry, I’m just so surprised, let’s proceed.”

Tony then buzzed someone on his phone and a moment later Eddie, my financial advisor, was escorted into the room. He came over and we hugged for several minutes as he whispered, “Congratulations, my friend.”

We then spent the next several hours as various groups of attorneys entered and exited the room, as I signed document after document, listened to various descriptions of properties, investments, art, companies, etc. I was videoconferenced with banks in Switzerland and Panama. Finally, I was given a new phone that had been preloaded with security codes and access pathways to the various properties and accounts I now owned around the world. I was then introduced to my residential Director who oversaw the U.S. properties, Mr. Johnson. “Sir, both the Penthouse and the upper East Side mansion are ready and available. Which location would you like to occupy for your stay?” I had never been to the mansion but had stayed at the penthouse so I opted for the familiar.

As the sun was setting, we finally left the law offices, Eddie asked, “Are you okay, Jason?”

I laughed and replied, “I think so, but I’m still in shock and disbelief. I don’t understand, why me?”

Eddie pointed to the large envelope in my hand and said, “Maybe that letter will help explain things.”

I nodded in agreement. “Did you know this was going to happen?” I asked.

“I only knew he had included you in his will. I didn’t know the extent until 30 minutes before I entered the room. Believe me, I was almost as shocked as you!”

We headed out of the building. “Now what?” I asked Eddie as we stopped on the sidewalk outside.

“Well, I thought you might want to grab your boys and go out and celebrate. So, I had Sven go pick them up.” As he pointed over, Nick was jumping out of the back seat before it had stopped and was racing over to me.

I held out my arms and braced myself as the 280-pound bodybuilder jumped up into my arms and wrapped his arms and legs around me. “Oh my god, Bull! This is amazing!” he gushed.

“I know, babe, I know! I can’t believe how lucky I am and how grateful I am to have you in my life right now to share this with!” I said as I then gave him a deep kiss.

By then, David had reached us and he was trying to wrap his long arms around both of us and I just couldn’t believe how incredible my life was and to be sharing this with my little family.

I turned to Eddie and said, “Thanks. I want nothing more than to just be naked with my boys tonight!” I continued to kiss both Nick and David.

David then said to Eddie, “Hey, can you send Sven over when he is off duty? Since Tony and I broke up I’ve been a little lonely.”

I laughed and prodded at him. “Lonely? You mean horny! You just want to fuck his creamy white ass with that huge black donkey dick!” Then the image of the stark contrast of David’s dark skin against Sven’s white skin sent a burst of precum flying from my aching balls. “Yes, send him over, I want to watch that!” I said.

Eddie laughed and replied, “I’ll ask him, I’m headed back to my place as I now have a ton of work to do. You boys have fun tonight, and Jason, I’ll see you here tomorrow at 10 a.m. Oh, and that’s your car over there.” He pointed to a black Escalade parked to the side with a gorgeous stud standing by the open rear door.

After a week of endless meetings in New York, we returned to Houston and began this next exciting and surprising stage of our lives. I told Nick and David that I wanted them both to know that they were my family and I would always take care of them. I also said that I didn’t want any drastic changes in my daily life as I continued to primarily focus on my training as I progressed through the MG Project. David and I were to stick to our workout schedule, up at five am every day with two-a-day sessions. I also hired The Coach for Nick and sent him to Las Vegas for the four-week bodybuilding Bootcamp to get him ready for his first upcoming Mr. Olympia contest later this year. I, of course, dropped in every weekend and we would fuck like rabbits until I completely exhausted his already overworked body.

At my first quarter check-in for year three, I continued my steady growth progress and was now at 340 pounds with 5% body fat and just shy of outweighing Big John, much to his chagrin! I did confront him about the last time with the lube and how my hole felt like I had been fucked. He at first denied everything but then fessed up that he was horny that night and was curious about what a big cock felt like in comparison to his own, as he had never seen one almost as big as he was. He said he had accidentally dropped the lube when he was coating our dicks as he was stroking both of them and that’s why there was so much on me. He said he did get carried away while trying to clean up the lube and he played with and fingered my ass because he was curious if it was tighter than what his wife’s pussy felt like. But he swore he didn’t fuck me because he knew that would be unforgivable. He apologized again and promised that it would never happen again.

“Well, was it tighter?” I asked with a teasing smile on my face.

“Oh, come on little bull, I said I was sorry man, I just got caught up and was all horned up man, you know how that is sometimes.” Big John tried to wiggle out of the answer but I wouldn’t let him.

“Hey, I know, sometimes you just want to open up a tight, hairy hole and explore. But you didn’t answer the question Big John, is my ass tighter than your wife? And for the record, you don’t have to wait until I’m knocked out, you can play with my big dick anytime you want!” He kept dancing around the topic so I finally just stopped teasing him and let it rest, for now.

But I couldn’t help but notice that since I’m now almost as big as him how much he has been staring at me and was constantly readjusting his hard 13-inches in his sweats all day long. And for the first time, Big John didn’t play any huge tittie porn during our usual jerk-off session to measure my cum output. Instead, he kept playing with my big pecs, feeling them, slapping his dick against them, and fucking the cleavage and squeezing my pecs like he was titty-fuckin a girl. At one point, as he was straddling me in the chair, he reached back and started stroking my hard cock and smacking it against his enormous glutes. Fuck, that was so hot! He then let it glide between them and rub against his hole while he pec-fucked me. The thought of fucking Big John sent me into overload and I started cumming into the oversized condom Big John shoved his huge cock-head in my mouth and nearly drowned me with three gallons of his cum!

My mind was swirling with Big John, what was going on? Was he becoming sexually attracted to me now that I am almost as big as he is? I was so fucking confused.

Thankfully, the rest of the check-in was fairly standard and uneventful. Here are my latest stats: 6’1” height, 340 pounds, 70’’ chest, 31.5” waist, 36.5” quads, 25.5” arms—calves—neck, shoe size 15.5, and my big dick is now 11.5 inches. The Superdrive party was rather subdued as these things go, with me fucking Nick almost exclusively for the entire time. My Pro Bodybuilder boyfriend has turned into one superpower bottom and I can never get enough of him!

The week after my 1st quarter booster was our move-in week to our new home. I decided to keep the River Oaks mansion that the Client had purchased and remodeled about 10 years ago. We hired these college movers to pack up and relocate Nick from his house, then David and I from our townhouse, all to our new twelve thousand square foot home. That was a fun day watching a dozen college studs sweating and straining, I was right there with them in my sweaty tank top and giving them aching boners. David had bet me that I couldn’t get all 12 of them to cum without them knowing it was me causing the explosions in their pants from the smell of my musky pits. I won!

This morning after my workout with David, I was outside working with the landscapers as I wanted to freshen up the pool area with some new plantings. After breaking the 3rd shovel, sometimes I forget just how fucking big and strong I am, I said, “Screw this, I’m going to Lowe’s to buy some new shovels!”

When I came into the house and grabbed the keys to the F-150, David protested, “Bull, you’ve got a house full of paid servants and hired yard workers who will do anything you ask, why do you insist on doing all this?”

I just laughed. “Yeah, son, I know, but I still need to do things, I need to contribute, get my hands dirty and you know I like to work up a big sweat!” I said as I shoved my massive pit in his face and wrapped him up in a headlock, causing him to moan and his body instantly orgasmed. I held him locked in the flex for another minute before releasing him. “I’ll be back shortly, son, do you need anything?” I asked as I was heading out toward the 10-car garage.

“No, I’m good, dad,” came his sarcastic reply as he stopped cumming, smiled, and gave me the finger!

Traffic was heavy and by the time I pulled into the parking lot I had to piss like a racehorse. I waddled as fast as I could in my dirty jeans and work boots, but the pressure of my bladder on my p-spot caused me to have one helluva hard dick which made it even more difficult to walk quickly. I finally made it to the back of the warehouse store and slammed open the restroom door with a loud thud. Thankfully no one was inside as I probably would’ve scared them to death. I made my way to the center of the three urinals on the wall to my left and pulled out my almost foot-long meat, took my usual wide stance, and stood about two feet from the urinal to prevent blowback and let it fly. Jeez, I’m so fucking wide I take up almost the entire space for three urinals—and forget about getting into some of those tight stalls!

The door creaked open and I heard quick footsteps before I saw him appear as he squeezed into my right between the row of stalls and my broad shoulders. He was early twenties, curly black hair, about five’7” in a tight t-shirt that clung to his muscular body. I couldn’t get a good look at his face as his head was bent down staring at my horsecock. He didn’t face the urinal but instead stood parallel just inches from my meat. “You’re real! Oh wow, I thought I had imagined you, but wow, you’re real and you are so fucking huge!” And before I could respond to my new admirer I realized his hand was in my piss stream and he then started to lick his wet fingers. This boy was brazen and fuck that was hot!

“Taste good, Pup? Get on down there and get the last of it right from the tap,” I ordered in my deep Bull voice. Before I finished my command he was already on his knees and gobbling down my stream like a thirsty man just rescued in the desert. I looked down at him and his mouth was now locked on my fat cock head and he was looking back up at me with the most fucking stunning, beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen. Whoa! The intensity of color almost took my breath away, his eyes were so big, crystal blue, and striking!

As my stream ended he grabbed my big hog and stroked out the final drops into his mouth before helping me secure my still hard meatstick back in my jeans. “I’m so sorry, Sir, I got a drop on your work boots.” And he hit the floor and started licking the wet spot on the top of the leather boot of my right foot. “Fifteen and a half, triple E! Just perfect Sir!” Big blue eyes said with hunger like he wanted to lick every inch of my big feet.

“Ah, that’s correct, you must like big sweaty feet, huh Pup?” I questioned.

“Yes Sir, I love to serve big muscle men and my absolute biggest fetish is to worship huge feet, Sir,” he said as he was rubbing the big boot with both hands like I rub my big cock.

“I’ve been working all morning, Pup, why don’t you untie that boot and get a good whiff of my sweaty socks.” He quickly undid the laces and I started to pull my foot up from the boot but I only got it a quarter of the way out before he started moaning and shaking as he started cumming handsfree in his shorts. That was a first, I thought, I’ve never had someone shoot off from just smelling my sweaty feet.

“Oh man, I’m sorry, Sir, the smell of your sweaty socks was just so intense! Wow, that’s never happened to me before.” This young stud was embarrassed but I could tell he enjoyed it. He jumped up and was headed to the paper towels to clean the gigantic wet spot with globs of cum seeping through his gray gym shorts.

“No Pup, leave that alone. I want you to wear that with pride. I’m Jason, but most people call me Bull,” I said as I extended my hand.

He grabbed it eagerly with his smaller hand and said, “I’m Ryan, but my Bull calls me his Pup.”

Fuck, that brought a big smile to my face. He’s quick! “I like that, Pup. I’m going to pick up some shovels, and then let’s go grab some lunch so I can get to know you better. Did you drive here?” I asked as we headed out of the restroom and walked toward the section with the shovels.

“No Sir, I don’t have a car, I rode my bicycle. I was across the parking lot, way down by the Best Buy when I saw you get out of your pickup truck and I raced over here. Oh, shit, I just threw my bike down out front, I hope no one stole it.”

I laughed to myself at the Pup and handed him a shovel as I grabbed up three more after I threw five bags of soil over my shoulder.

As we waited in line at the checkout, I put down my items and said, “Let me see your ID, Pup.” And without a second’s hesitation or questioning, he reached into his back pocket and handed me his wallet. I thought, just like that, he trusted me enough to hand over his entire wallet to me. I pulled out the Texas Driver’s license, grabbed my phone, and snapped a picture of it. I then texted the image to David along with “BC”. I then put his ID back in the slot and instead of handing it to him, I placed his wallet in my back pocket. Pup didn’t flinch or object in the slightest.

We headed outside and he was relieved when he saw his busted-looking old bike was still there by the entrance. As he went over to retrieve it, I threw the bags of soil and shovels in the back of the pickup. I pulled out his wallet and put $one,000 (ten benjamins) next to his 8 dollars, before returning his wallet to my back pocket. Pup walked up with his beat-up and rusted bike and I put it in the back with the shovels. I’d tell him later about the cash and to go pick out a new bike.

As he buckled up, I leaned over and gave him a quick kiss on his big full lips, and damn those blue eyes just made me melt. “Let’s get some burgers, I’m hungry! I know a great gourmet burger place near here,” I said.

I saw a bit of a downcast look come over his handsome face as he said, “Thanks for inviting me, Bull, but I’m embarrassed to say that I only have 8 bucks in my wallet and I need that for bus fare this week to get to class. I can’t afford to pay my share, but I’d love to go just to hang out and be with you. Is that okay?” Just then my phone buzzed with David’s reply message of a thumbs-up emoji, meaning that the Pup had passed the background check.

I wrapped my big paw around his thigh and replied, “Listen Pup, your Bull always pays for everything, everywhere, every time. I know that was difficult for you to share and I appreciate your honesty. It makes me feel good that you want to just be with me. Now let’s go eat and I want you to start telling me all about you.”

And so he started and I got the full life story: orphaned at 7, multiple foster care homes until he was 18, bullied and abused, got into weightlifting to get bigger to protect himself, academic college scholarships, Valedictorian undergrad, working on last semester of MBA, lives in a small room above a garage, and works as a Facilities Assistant (towel boy) for his university’s sports teams. I got a big kick out of the last topic, and he went on and on about the sights and smells of the locker room and cleaning up after the hot athletes leaving their dirty uniforms, jocks, and sweat-soaked socks for him to wash. He gushed, “I’ve jerked off so many times with my face buried in that dirty laundry basket, but I’ve never smelled anything like you, Bull, you made me blow huge without even touching my cock.”

By now, I had finished my two triple cheeseburgers and fries, and the Pup was almost finished with his single burger but I was still hungry so I ordered another shake, the Pup said he was full so he passed. This place had a cool patio and we were enjoying the nice weather as the Pup continued giving me his life story. When the server brought over my shake, I leaned back and popped both of my big feet up on the bench across from me and right next to the Pup. He was yacking on about his favorite subject at school when he suddenly stopped talking and just stared at my big boots propped next to him. Oh yeah, this Pup had some serious foot worship issues! I just kept quiet for a few minutes letting whatever fantasy he was imagining play out in his head.

Finally, I said, “Hey Pup, why don’t we head back to my place and I can kick back and finish my shake while you give my tired feet a good massage, how’s that sound?” The Pup jumped up and headed for the truck without even answering! I just laughed and paid the check.

When I pulled into the drive and pressed the button on my phone to open the gates, the Pup said, “Wow, this place is beautiful. Are you doing some yard work here or something?”

I just smiled and said, “Or something.” He looked at me, questioning with a tilt of his head and with those big blue eyes and I thought wow, those are some powerful weapons! “Sorry Pup, I was just teasing. This is my home, I just moved in a couple of weeks ago with my boyfriend Nick and my boy David.”

Once inside the garage, I decided to leave the supplies there for now. “Are all of these cars yours too?” he asked in amazement.

“Yep, except for the Jeep—that belongs to David and the Lexus SUV over there, that belongs to Nick. I can’t wait for you to meet them but for now, I want to have some playtime with my Pup!” I said as I reached down with one big arm and scooped him up. Fuck, my strength is insane as he felt like nothing in my huge arms. I bet if he can take my big cock I can fuck him in the air with just my cock holding him up. I gave him a deep kiss and enjoyed the feel of his soft lips and explored his mouth a little with my tongue as I felt up his hard little muscular body. After a few minutes of mutual kissing, I put him down and said, “Follow me,” as I headed toward the door to the house.

“Can I get a piggyback ride Bull?” And I snickered to myself, he was like a little puppy always wanting to play.

“Sure Pup, climb on!”

I headed through the house and out to the pool area to the covered cabana before stopping and putting the Pup down. “It’s such a nice afternoon, I thought I’d relax out here and finish my shake while you massage my big feet,” I said as I quickly removed my t-shirt.

The Pup stood with his mouth open, just staring at my now naked chest. “Geez, you’re so huge, Bull!”

I gave him a couple of quick muscle pop flexes of these gigantic hairy pecs and said, “Get down there and untie these boots, Pup.”

He dropped down quickly and untied each boot. I told him to step back cause I didn’t want him to cum so quickly this time. He jumped back about 6 feet outside of the cabana and I kicked off my big boots and took off my dirty jeans. I then laid back in one of my oversized lounge chairs in just my dirty jock and sweaty socks and motioned for the Pup to get to work. His dick was already tenting his shorts and he dropped down and grabbed each foot in his hand and squeezed hard. Instantly I heard his moans and those baby blues rolled back in his head as he shot another load. He quickly recovered and started roughly grabbing and massaging each foot and then he began punching at the bottom sole of each foot with his fists.

I moaned in appreciation, that felt good. I don’t get any type of body aches or pains but my big feet do get tired from carrying all this huge beef around, so the pressure relief he was applying felt great. Pup then focused on the right foot, gripping hard and releasing, working the full length of my foot in his surprisingly strong grip. He then did the same to the left.

Finally, after about 20 minutes he looked up and said, “Okay, Bull, are you ready for the massage?”

I laughed and said, “What the fuck have you been doing for the last 30 minutes, Pup?”

He winked and said, “Besides shooting my load three times, I’ve just been getting your feet loose and relaxed, now the tongue massage starts.” And he instantly yanked off both socks and started licking my left big toe, and I heard him moaning again, and yep, he was cumming again. I wanted to join in the fun, so I freed my throbbing meat and began jerking off while Pup sucked and swallowed on each of my long, thick toes. Pup released the final toe and continued licking and massaging my feet, he looked up at one point and said, “Damn Bull, even your feet are muscular! I could do this all night!”

As he worked on my left foot, I raised my right one and placed it on his shoulder. Damn, my calves are huge, I thought, as I then flexed the right calf muscle, and the diamond hardened and expanded. At 26 inches, they were bigger than most men’s quads. I remembered jerking off to Erik Fankhouser’s godly calves and I thought, damn, my calves are now bigger than he was in his prime! As I pointed my foot to make the muscles expand and relax, the Pup caught sight of what I was doing and reached out with his right hand to stroke and worship the hefty muscle. His smaller hand could barely encapsulate a quarter of the flexed diamond as he stroked it through the dark hair that ran down to my ankles. He refocused on my left foot and I shifted focus to my quads as I continued to flex and stroke my monstercock.

I flexed my left quad causing the side of beef to go from smooth to a mind-blowing expanse of hard concrete with deep gullies and cuts as the four muscles hardened. Fuck, I was so fucking massive! At 37 inches these were some of the biggest quads on the planet! The huge veins cascaded down from my groin and made a crazy roadmap over the chiseled terrain. I’m so fucking enormous! But I wanted more, as I stroked my cock I imagined them growing ever larger and harder. My precum was really gushing out now and I flexed my abs tight and curled my head down toward my throbbing cock eyeing the fat, juicy head, I was so close as my cock now extended up above my hairy pecs. I squeezed the base of my cock with my right fist causing my club to rise even more. I flexed my curled torso tighter and I flicked out my tongue and it hit the top of the flared head and scooped up the sweet manjuice, Oh Fuck Yeah! The edge of my tongue lapping at my juicy cock sent me into sensory overload.

After a minute, my abs started to cramp up from the hard squeeze and I released my flexed body back to my more relaxed position in the lounge chair. The Pup was wide-eyed now, kneeled and naked at my feet and beating his meat watching his Big Bull almost self suck his monster cock. Fuck, those fucking blue eyes! I then threw up my left gun while I stroked with my right hand. The huge bicep hardened into the double baseball head, Fuck Yeah, look at that massive muscle! So huge, but I want them even bigger! The sweat musk from my super hairy pits was hitting me hard now and that was all I needed to activate my balls and I could feel the pressure release coming quickly.

“I’m going to drown you in my fucking cum, Pup,” I called out as both hands were now stroking my dick. It took some strength to push my throbbing cock down towards my quads and I aimed for my feet. “Here it comes, Pup, I’m about to fucking cum!” I bellowed out as the first long rope erupted out of my dick and shot like a line drive hitting my left foot. The stream of cum kept flowing and I kept power washing both of my big feet, using both hands to guide my cumcannon side to side, coating them in the gallons of my cum!

The Pup grabbed a nearby towel and wiped the thick man-cream from his eyes, stood up, and began shooting his load onto my soaked feet. I then let go of my cock and just let the cum fly free as I flexed every muscle, using my hands to feel every enormous muscle on my body and feeling that true Alpha explosion of power. Cum was flying everywhere in the cabana. When I finally slowed to just a steady dribble, I motioned for Pup to climb up and lay on top of my cum-soaked chest and I wrapped my arms around him and held him tight as we kissed and I licked my cum off of his handsome face.

After a while, Pup raised his head from my hairy pecs and said, “Bull, that was the most insane thing I have ever seen or experienced. You’re like every fantasy I’ve ever had come to life. I can’t believe how lucky I am and I hope I get to serve you again! But now I want to finish cleaning up those magnificent feet.” as he shimmied down between my legs and hopped off the lounge chair between my feet. He began licking each foot and devouring the cum off of my toes.

I smiled and replied, “Oh yeah, Pup, don’t worry, this is only the beginning. We’re going to have lots of adventures, I promise.”

The Pup continued doing his duties and I basked in the afterglow of the experience when David appeared at the cabana entrance. “Bull, are we going to go train, or are you going to spend the day just getting your toes sucked?” he said, taking in the full scene.

“He’s almost done.” I laughed and said, “David, this is Pup.” I pointed with my hand during the introduction.

He turned fully to Pup who had my left big toe in his mouth and David said, “Nice to meet...Holy fuck, you have beautiful eyes!” he exclaimed, shocked by the bright blues as the Pup had now fully glanced up to meet David’s gaze. The Pup smiled as much as he could as he was still working on cleaning the big toe in his mouth.

“Yeah, he does, they’re amazing aren’t they?” I jumped in, all proud and bragging!

David turned to me, “Fuck he’s gorgeous! Please, please, please, can we keep him daddy?” and we both busted out laughing.

Back in my bedroom, I was finishing putting on my workout gear and told the Pup, “While David and I go train, I’ll have my driver, Sven, take you back to your place. Pack up an overnight bag, David and I will come by in two hours and pick you up when we are done lifting. I want to come back home and watch movies and snuggle up with my Pup tonight. Understood?”

His face lit up, “Yes Sir, that sounds awesome Bull!” Then he jumped down and put on my athletic socks and trainers. Obsessed!

As David parked the Jeep at Pup’s address, I looked over and shook my head at the state of the rundown house with junk and old tires in the front yard. We walked up the side driveway toward the single garage in the back and I saw the stairs to the right which led up to Pup’s room. If I thought the front was bad then the backyard was even worse. I told David to wait here because honestly, I didn’t think the rickety staircase could hold the weight of both of us.

I carefully climbed to the top and knocked on the door. “Just a sec, Sir,” Pup called out.

While I waited, I looked around again at the property and shook my head. He finally opened the door with his backpack over his shoulder and tried to quickly exit and pull the door closed behind him, but I am a big, fucking, unmovable Bull and said, “Hold on Pup, I want to see inside if that’s okay?”

He looked down and I could tell he was extremely embarrassed. I cupped my big paw under his chin and raised his face to look at me, “It’s okay, Pup. I promise. Your Bull is going to take care of you, okay? And I need to see inside to make sure.” And I gave him a quick kiss.

“Sorry Bull, I just don’t want you to think less of me.” His big blue eyes gave the full-on, sad, puppy dog look.

I gave him another kiss and said, “Aw, Pup, I think you are amazing, besides a place doesn’t define the incredible young man that you are.” And with that, he opened the door and we stepped inside the room. He walked over to a small table and turned on a lamp, the only light in the room.

I made myself keep a neutral expression as I quickly scanned the very small interior. There was a single bed to the right, nicely made up with a single blue blanket and pillow, the small folding table that he was using as a desk with a laptop and lamp, and to the left was an exposed toilet, in the other corner was a small, tiled area with a drain in the center with a garden hose hung on a hook nearby. Was that his fucking shower? I thought, still trying to remain expressionless. There was no sink, no refrigerator, nothing. There were some neatly folded clothes near his bed and some clothes on hangers on a pipe, but other than that, there wasn’t much else in regards to possessions. What he did have was very well kept and tidy.

The only window was to the right and there were three buckets underneath. Pup noticed where I was looking and said, “The ceiling and the window leak whenever it is raining. I’ve asked them to fix it over and over but the landlord never does anything and just ignores me.”

I nodded, keeping the ball of rage buried deep inside me. It was then that I saw the black mold that climbed up the wall and to the ceiling where the water was dripping through. I’d seen enough!

My first thought was to bust down the homeowner’s door and beat the living fuck out of whoever was inside for treating my Pup like this. But I knew I would probably end up murdering the motherfucker with one blow, so I took a deep breath and turned to Pup and said, “We are going to grab all of your clothes and belongings and you are moving in with me.”

I’m not sure if it was the look on my face or the forceful tone of my voice but there was no objection or resistance. Pup started gathering up his clothes and his few canned foods in his laundry basket and I called down to David and told him what was happening. It only took Pup two trips up and down the stairs for him and David to load up the Jeep with everything the Pup owned in this world. I stood still at the bottom of the stairs trying to control my anger. Talking with this young man earlier today, I had no idea how deep his struggles had been and how far he had come in trying to make a better life for himself. I vowed right then that he would never struggle again.

“Stay here, I’ll be right back,” I said to David and Pup as they were getting into the Jeep. I climbed up the rickety steps and ripped the door from its hinges and threw it deep into the backyard. I then picked up the bed and threw it through the window as it shattered into pieces. I squatted down and wrapped my arms around the toilet and lifted it, ripped it from the rotten floor and walked to the open door frame, and slung it in the middle of the back yard and it smashed on the ground below. I then climbed back down the stairs, turned, grabbed the metal framing with one hand, and yanked it from the side of the garage causing it to tumble to the side leaving three holes in the side of the garage wall as the staircase clanged to the ground. Extinguishing my rage with a few deep breaths, I turned and headed back towards the Jeep with both David and the Pup smiling back at me. That slumlord was lucky he wasn’t home right now, or maybe he was and was too scared to come out of his house, I don’t know.

Before I climbed into the passenger side, I turned toward the house and yelled, “Fuck you, motherfucker!” shooting both birds in the air with a smile! I gave Pup a big smile and a wink as I buckled in, “Welcome to the pack, Pup!”

Later that evening, once Nick got in from his evening posing practice, we all had a great dinner and Nick got a kick out of the Pup retelling how the Big Bull had gone in a rage and rescued him. As we were heading up to the movie room, Nick leaned in and said to me, “He’s adorable, Bull, and I love how you rescued him. You’re amazing!”

I had the movie room redone and had a gigantic pit sofa installed that could easily hold me and my big studs. I was in the center and motioned for Nick to cuddle up under my right arm. Over on the left side of the sofa pit, David was sitting with his back against the cushions, and Sven was nestled between his legs, they were both facing the large wall screen with David’s arms wrapped around him. I motioned for Pup to climb in and get under my left arm opposite Nick. Instead, Pup smiled and curled up at our feet with his hands massaging Nick’s feet while he sucked on my big toes as the lights dimmed and the movie began. Nick moaned and said, “Damn that feels good! He’s a keeper!”

When the movie ended, David and Sven said goodnight and headed to one of their rooms for I’m guessing a hot fuck session as they were making out the entire movie. The Pup had fallen asleep and was lightly snoring. Nick said, “He’s so cute, I hate we have to wake him.”

I nodded and replied, “I’ll carry him to his bed and tuck him in. Then I’m going to give my sexy boyfriend this big dick!” I said as I grabbed my rock-hard bat in my shorts.

Nick smiled and said, “Mmm Yeah! Hurry up, Bull! My hole is aching for your horsecock!”

I scooped up the Pup and carried him to his room which was just down the hall to our Master Suite. He was so tired he barely woke up while I stripped off his shorts and tucked him under the covers of his blue blanket with a kiss goodnight. When I walked into our bedroom Nick was already on all fours in the center of our room and his magnificent shredded glutes framed for entry by his tight jockstrap. I walked up behind him and stripped off my shorts and jockstrap, looked at the mirrored wall straight ahead, and was startled by the huge beast staring back at me! At a little over 350 pounds, I had not taken the time to admire and notice how fucking massive I had become. And the thick black fur that covered my pecs and abs had thickened up but still showed the striations of hard muscle underneath. Fuck, I needed to schedule some mirror time and check out all of this huge beef!

I guess I still had some of the earlier rage flowing inside of me because I threw one of the roughest fucks ever on him. Power driving his hole and spanking his ass, pulling his thick hair and spitting on him and in his mouth. I went from 0 to 100 in a second pumping his ass and stayed there for over an hour before I finally unloaded my oversized balls and filled his amazing ass with my gallons of cum.

Afterward, we laid in bed all cuddled up with my cock buried deep inside him, making small talk and chit-chat like lovers do until Nick slowly drifted off to sleep. I’m always amazed how he can be so relaxed and fall asleep with my foot-long, throbbing cock deep in his hole. He says it is the most comfortable thing in the world for him. I laid there for another hour playing with his curly hair like I usually do when my phone notification went off. I have it on Do Not Disturb with only a few important folks able to get through in case of emergency, and most of them are in this house right now. Thank goodness I’m still flexible as I stretched back and grabbed my phone while not waking up my sleeping muscleman.

It was a text from the Pup. ‘I had a bad dream, are you up?’

I typed back, ‘I am but Nick is asleep. You can come to sleep with us.’ And in an instant, the bedroom door opened and he came climbing into our bed, dragging his blue blanket. Again he went directly to my feet and curled up and within two minutes he was doing his cute little snore. I took a moment and realized this was everything I could ever ask for, my perfect little family.

I fell asleep for my typical two hours then awoke, still dick deep in my muscle stud with the cute Pup curled at my feet. I slowly pulled my hard club cock out of Nick’s ass then I repositioned the Pup over by Nick’s feet and quietly left the room. I typically use this alone time to go down to my office to handle all of the correspondence that comes with running a multi-billionaire’s fortune. I was currently busy working with my travel consultant as one of the changes I had decided was to visit each of the properties I now owned and decide if I want to keep them or sell them. I just don’t think I need all of these houses! I liked having a home as my base and I love to travel, but I didn’t have the desire to be constantly roaming from house to house as the Client did. I think we will start with either the Chicago or Palm Springs residence first and then spend a few days at each of the properties in Maui, San Francisco, Seattle, the Wyoming Ranch, New York, DC, Atlanta, and finally ending in Miami. Then we would start the International Tour! I started laughing as I sounded like a rock star planning a concert tour. My life! The tour would start in two months, after Mr. Olympia next month and my year three, mid-year check-in, which was two weeks after the contest.

The next month was all about focusing on Nick and his preparation for his Mr. Olympia debut. I didn’t see him that much as he was surrounded by his Coach and Team almost non-stop. It came quickly and the big weekend was a blast in Las Vegas. I tried to remain out of the spotlight as much as possible, not attending the events, parties, and expos, but when you’re 6’2’’ and 350 pounds of concrete muscle with less than 6% body fat, the bodybuilding admirers and press will find you. ‘I am here to support Nick’, was my standard response as I constantly flipped the focus back to my incredible boyfriend. He did great in the preliminary rounds and the Coach thought he was definitely in the top 10, which was Nick’s goal for his first Mr. O!

The next morning, Nick texted me and said he needed to see me now (we were staying at different locations so he could be focused and near his team). I responded, “OMW” and I rushed over thinking the worst.

Nick opened his door and I said in a panic, “What’s wrong babe? What do you need?”

He started laughing and said, “I’m sorry Bull, I didn’t mean to worry you. I’m good, I just need you and that big cock! I’ve missed your huge muscles!”

I grabbed him up and tossed him on the bed. “You’re going to get it boy for making me worry!” I said playfully.

“Wait wait wait, you can’t fuck me, I can’t do my posing routine with my hole all gaped open! I just want to suck you off, okay?”

I threw off my shorts and whipped out my throbbing meat. “Get to it boy, I want to get my cock sucked by the future Mr. Olympia!”

He gobbled up my cock and I could tell he was hungry for me and I was so turned on at how ripped he was with every vein and muscle throbbing in his huge beautiful body. I hit my orgasm fast and he swallowed a good bit before releasing my cannon and letting my juice fly around the hotel room. Later, he said he was worried about his abs losing definition if he swallowed the full three gallons of my cum load.

That night, Nick showed incredible improvement in his body from the preliminaries, his cuts were deeper and his muscles were fuller than the day before. He jumped up the list and finished in 5th Place! He was so fucking happy! We celebrated for three days before finally heading home.

The following Sunday, I got a strange text from Big John asking if we could meet in private. I suggested he just come to the house but he replied no, he needed to meet me alone at a private location. I made a call and then texted him back the address to Huang’s Garage. Terry had confirmed they were closed and no one was there. This worked out great since I had a key already. I told Big John to meet me there in 30 minutes.

I arrived a few minutes earlier, turned on the back office light, and headed up to the sex loft. I checked around to make sure it was indeed empty and no one was still tied up or being punished in the dog crate (it happens!). I came back down the stairs just as I heard the knock at the back door. Big John stood there in a stringer tank and athletic shorts, fuck, he was one big sexy man! I shook his big paw and invited him in to take a seat. He was carrying a shaker cup so I didn’t offer him anything to drink as I took the other chair across from him.

“So, what’s up, is everything okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, yeah, I just, I just needed to talk to you and get a few things off my chest, and…” he paused and was staring hungrily again at my huge pecs as they strained against the tight tank top I was wearing. “I, uh, well, first let me just say all this, and get it out, without any questions or interruptions, okay?” He was uncomfortable and anxious.

I nodded and he licked his lips and continued, “I know you forgave me, but I just need to apologize one more time for touching you inappropriately last time. I’m sorry and embarrassed. I talked to my wife about what happened with you and what’s been happening with me, and well, you know she’s a therapist, and she thinks it is because of my repressed sexual attraction and narcissism.” My eyes lit up as I took in what he was saying but I remained quiet and just nodded in the active listening way. “Since you got over 300 pounds, I don’t know what happened man, I can’t stop looking at you, and my fucking cock throbs and balls ache and I couldn’t figure out what the fuck was happening. I’ve never had a gay desire in my life, never been excited about another man before and, you know, I’ve seen plenty of muscleheads at the gym and bodybuilding competitions. None of them ever made me fucking rock hard like this!” he said as he leaned back and showed me his big baseball bat stretching out his shorts way past his right hip.

I gulped but remained quiet as he continued. “I started looking at bodybuilders’ YouTube videos and Instagrams of the big mass monsters and nothing happened, I even googled some porn vids of bodybuilders fucking each other in the ass and none of it got me hard. Yet, when I think about you or see your pics on your Instagram, I get so turned on, I have to pull out this big dick and cum right then. The wife thinks it is because you are like me, you know, part of the MG program, and because you not only have the big muscles and the huge cock and balls, but you also have huge orgasms like me. And she says it is my narcissistic transference that is driving my extreme attraction to you. Plus knowing that you are going further in the program than I ever could and that you are going to grow even bigger than me just fucking drive me nuts, Bull. Which, I think, explains why you are the only man on earth that makes me hard and that makes me want to cum.”

I sat for a minute digesting what he just said. Finally, I sat up and leaned toward him, intentionally flexing my huge pecs, and said, “Thanks bro, I appreciate you again apologizing and for having the strength to open up like that and share your desires. You know I’ve been crazy attracted to you since I first laid eyes on you so I understand what you are saying. And you can touch me anytime, anywhere, even when I’m knocked out, just don’t insert anything in my hole!” I said with a laugh. “Here’s what I suggest. Why don’t we take things slow and go upstairs to the loft. There’s a side room with mirrors and we can strip down and just do some flexing and mutual muscle worship. I’ll let you decide if you want to go any further with kissing and maybe some mutual cock sucking, and whenever you’re ready we can experiment further. How’s that sound?”

“That sounds great, Bull!” he replied and I realized that he was addressing me with respect and not as ‘little man or little bull’.

I led the way up the stairs and adjusted the lighting in the mirror room just right. I turned to him and threw up a one arm bicep flex and said, “Get over here and feel how big and hard this huge 26-inch gun feels!”

He wrapped both hands around it but still couldn’t get his long fingers to fully touch, then he massaged and squeezed the thick tricep and bicep as I pumped the flex again making the double-head more pronounced as it rose higher and higher. “Fuck, feels like granite Bull, your double-head looks like two baseballs fighting to be on top!” he moaned and then threw up his gun next to mine for comparison. His gun was almost as big, almost but not quite, as he flexed hard to get it pumped up to try to match my size and hardness. I dropped my pose and grabbed that fucker, feeling the power and strength of his massive muscles. I stroked the big bicep and felt the veins as they worked their way across and around, then stuck my tongue to the top of the peak and licked slowly down the muscles until I was deep in the hairy pit before returning on my journey to the top of the peak again.

I then turned toward the mirror and threw up the classic double bicep pose. “Fuck yeah,” he moaned.

My tank was now wet with sweat as I forgot to turn on the AC, and it was glued to my massive chest. “Get over here and taste this huge muscle meat!” I ordered. He mimicked what I had done and tongued my left peak down to my hairy pit, but instead of returning, he kept going down and moved the tank strap, licking and sucking on my pointy nipple before continuing across the hairy mound of pecs to the right nipple, paused for a lick and suck, before licking his way through the hairy pit fur and up to the top of the right bicep peak.

He then threw up his double bicep with a deep grunt. Our huge chests were slammed against each other as we both pumped our guns in the double flex. Although he was taller by one inch, I was bigger and harder in every muscle group: forearms, biceps, triceps, delts, pecs, quads, calves, every fucking muscle was denser and thicker. The only things bigger on him were his glutes and his cock! His eyes were going from one side to the other as we kept matching each other’s flex. I then took a deep breath, held my double bicep flex hard, and squeezed and he mimicked the action. We then locked eyes, it was game on, which muscle freak would break the flex first? Sweat was dripping off both of our faces from the strain but I fucking refused to lose and kept groaning and straining. Finally, he dropped his wrists and with a big gasp of air and said, “Fuck that was so hot, Big Bull! I almost shot my fucking nut!”

“Yeah, it was. Let’s get these tanks and shorts off and compare quads. Come help me out of this soaked tank.” I ordered as he had already stripped out of his stringer and shorts and was standing in his socks and soaked underwear, which was almost see-through. Fuck, his ass was magnificent! The huge glutes rode way up high and were round like two basketballs stuffed in his underwear and swelled out on the sides above his hips. As he walked the shift of muscles was mesmerizing. He came over and helped lift my sweaty tank over my head and tossed it to the ground, giving my monster pecs a quick squeeze. He then pulled down my gym shorts and I stepped out of them all the while I was staring at that incredible ass in the mirrors!

“What are you looking at, Big Bull?” he asked, knowing very well what I was staring at in the mirrored reflection.

“I’m staring at your big, sexy ass and wanting to bury my face in those huge cheeks!” I replied with a deep growl.

“Oh yeah, you want to eat my asshole?” he replied with fake surprise in a teasing way.

“Fuck yeah, I’m an expert manhole eater and will have you moaning and dripping pre-cum in a second! Besides, we both know that I’m bigger than you in every muscle group except that massive ass, so no sense in comparing anymore. Strip down and go bend over that padded bench,” I commanded.

He quickly dropped his sweaty undies and his 13-inch horsecock swung free as he waddled over to the high bench against the wall, spread his legs wide, and then bent over giving me the fucking view of a lifetime! I scooped up his sweaty underwear and gave it a big whiff, good god, his musk was amazing, then walked over and kneeled behind him. I reached between his big quads and grabbed the base of his horsecock, pulled his ass back, and then pointed the big pole down towards his feet before pushing him back and locking him against the bench. “Use your hands and spread that huge ass, show your Big Bull that pretty little hole!” I commanded. “Oh fuck yeah, that’s fucking perfect!” I said as he exposed his tight little buttonhole in the deep valley between the ginormous glutes. I flicked it with my tongue and that activated his horsecock to start a steady flow of precum that began forming a puddle in between his stretched wide feet.

I spit on the puckered hole and then used my tongue to lightly tease the surrounding area of his ass. His deep moans let me know he was enjoying the feeling. I let my tongue and lips dart around his sensitive hole, stimulating and relaxing the entire area. After a few minutes, I started using my tongue to open the hole, darting in and out with quick strokes, fuck, he tasted so good. I cupped his fat cockhead with my right hand and let his precum gather in my palm and then I rubbed that over his hole, licking and tonguing his hole deeper now. The moans increased, he was fucking loving this. I milked his horsecock down and filled my palm with more precum, then I used it to lubricate the manhole as I slid my long middle finger to the second knuckle in the hole and kept it still, while simultaneously using the palm of my left hand to roughly massage his fat cockhead. This distracted him and confused the sensations as I worked the cockhead and his hole at the same time. I popped my finger in deeper and found his prostate, oh yeah, now the fun can begin.

He let out a whimper as I started massaging his spot and that opened up a river of precum gushing out of his throbbing cock. I kept stimulating the prostate and added the middle finger from my left hand, slowly stretching his hole, pulling it apart with both fingers, and spitting into his gaping hole. He was in a state now, moaning and groaning, thrusting the base of his horsecock against the bench trying to push back enough that his cock would fly up and he could reach it with his hands, but I had him pressed against the bench and didn’t allow it. Fuck yeah, I realized, even though I’m just a little bit bigger physically than him, I’m way fucking stronger. It wasn’t much effort keeping him locked down and in position. I pulled out my left finger and continued fingering his p-spot with my right one. I held my left hand under the open faucet of precum gushing out of his huge cock and soaked my hand down. I then formed the fisting posture with my slick left hand and inserted a few inches in his hole stretching him wider than he’s ever been stretched before. Both of his big arms slammed against the bench as he moaned out. I held him locked down and steady.

“Oh yeah, that hole is about ready for this Big Bull cock!” I said and got a single moan from the big beef bent over the bench in front of me. “Yeah, you want this fucking Big Bull to take that cherry hole don’t you, son?” I used my deepest commanding tone.

“Yes, please.” came the whimpered reply.

“I’m going to need you to say that louder son, you want this Big Bull to take that cherry hole?” I yelled out in my deepest drill sergeant imitation.

“Sir, Yes Sir!” he replied instinctively remembering his old army days.

Before he could even think to reconsider, I replaced my paw with the head of my huge monstercock in his hole. I held it there and ordered, “Five quick breaths boy, then squeeze your hole on my cock until I tell you to release. Let’s go, squeeze……..and release. Repeat it!” We kept repeating this drill and by the fifth round, I was 8 inches deep in his hole and started punching that prostate with my thick cockhead. This was the biggest stud I’d ever fucked and I was fucking loving it! He was whimpering and moaning like a little bitch as I pounded his ass in rapid motions, making sure to not give him the full 12 inches of my monstercock just yet as I didn’t want to break him on his first fuck.

The rhythm and constant stimulation got him going. “Fuck me, Fuck my hole, Fuck me Big Bull!” he kept repeating over and over. I looked up at the mirror and watched as 700 pounds of muscle meat were fucking like crazed, sweaty animals! I held back from going full Alpha as I do with Nick, but I was giving him the ride of his life. “Oh god, I never knew a dick could feel this good, Fuck me harder Bull!” And that was all I needed to hear as I shifted from a steady 2nd gear pounding to full throttle, 5th gear power drilling as I grabbed both sides of that enormous ass muscle and slammed deep until my low hanging balls were slapping his balls hanging underneath the bench. Bam, Bam, Bam added to our grunts as I rammed my Big Bull cock into his virgin hole. “Keep going Bull, oh fuck, I’m going to cum, Fuck me, Big Bull! Fuck me!” he yelled out as I glanced in the upper-angled mirror and caught the rearview behind us. His horsecock let loose like a fire hydrant as his cum hit the floor so hard it bounced up and coated my upper back on the ricochet! The torrent of cum was like nothing I’d ever seen before and was hitting the floor so hard that it was spraying everywhere. And then his ass clamped down on my cock and held it deep within him as I started blasting my load! The pressure hit and the volume was too much as I filled up his virgin hole with my gallon of cum but he still clamped on to my cock keeping it immobile. I finally reached up with both hands and smacked down hard on his glutes, “Let go!” I barked and he immediately released the hold and my cock slid out followed by the dam break of cum flowing out of his gaped hole.

We were both still blasting and I coated the big broad back of the bottom muscle freak still draining his cock on the floor below. Once we slowed, I leaned over him and pulled him up to me in a big bear hug. He turned his face to me and we kissed deeply. “That was great,” I whispered in his ear.

“Oh yeah, thanks Big Bull, that was fucking amazing! I’ve never cum so hard like that!”

I turned him around and gave him another hug and a deep kiss. I slapped his ass hard, “That’s my ass, son. I control it and that hole belongs to me. My Big Bull dick is the only dick that gets that sweet ass, understood?!” I ordered.

“Sir, yes Sir!” he replied.

I then turned and walked over and picked up my clothes and headed toward the stairs. I called back, “There’s a shower down the hall here to the right. I’ll see you on Friday for my mid-year check-in. Lock up when you leave, little John.” And I headed down the stairs, threw on my shorts and shoes, and headed out the door drenched in our cum. Oh yeah, I thought, that was a fucking Alpha move and his ass is mine now. I was so wound up from flipping the script and completely dominating little John that I called Nick and said, “Babe, get that sweet ass ready cause your Big Bull is getting ready to destroy it!”

The following Friday at my mid-year check-in, two noticeable things were different this time. One, I now called him Little John and he called me Big Bull. And two, when it was time for me to have my cum volume tested I wasn’t strapped to the chair but instead I ordered Little John to bend over the hospital bed while I ate that tasty manhole and jerked off my monstercock into the oversized condom. I think Dr. Malik sensed that something had flipped in our relationship, but he didn’t say anything to me or Little John when he reviewed my test results and stats.

“Just outstanding test results, once again!” Dr. Malik said with a big smile. “It is hard to believe that you are 30 months into the 36-month target! Everything looks great with your blood work, MRI, EKG, well, just everything is perfect” he continued as he scrolled through his tablet looking at my case file. “You look 15 years younger and have the body of a healthy 20-year-old. Height is 6 foot 1.5 inches and weight is 355 pounds while still maintaining that 5% body fat. The chest is 72 inches and the waist is 31 inches. Quads are 37.5 inches, Arms-Neck-Calves are all at 26 inches. Feet are still growing, you said you’re now in 16 EEE. And looks like we passed another milestone as you can now say you have a foot-long sausage!”

Dr. Malik laughed at his joke as he glanced down at the always-hard monstercock. “Bull, does your penis ever get soft, or do you have a constant erection?” he asked, as he reached under and began fondling my two big grapefruits in their sack.

“Well, Doc, yeah, it is always hard but I have three different levels of hard. I call this Level 10 like it is now because if I stand to your side, the cockhead would be pointing at 10 o’clock. I’m hard and leaking a little and this is the majority of my day. Level 11 is when I am horned up and ready to fuck, it rises to 11 o’clock, and is throbbing and leaking like a faucet. Level 12 is for the three full days after I get my booster shot in my spine. I’ll tell you Doc the last Booster, I got so hard that my cock lifted Larry Huang in the air while I was fucking him from behind. I was holding a 190-pound man in the air with just my dick! It takes a lot of my strength to push it down, I have to grip it with both hands if I want to push it down to 6 o’clock.”

The doc was still massaging my balls while I was talking and I said, “Doc you’re about to activate level 11 if you keep playing with my big nuts!”

“They seem fuller this time than usual. What was his output?” he asked as Little John got up and went over to the oversized beakers.

“11.35 liters,” he responded.

“Wow, that’s a hefty jump up to 2.5 gallons.” the Doc said surprisingly. “And how often do you typically orgasm per day?” he asked, turning back to me but still massaging my sack.

“I cum 6 to 8 times per day, every day.” I proudly responded.

“And was this a typical output do you think?” Doc asked.

“It was probably average, although when I’m fucking an ass I tend to cum more!” I said as I looked directly at Little John.

“Oh yeah, fuck my ass Big Bull, your big Bull dick feels so good!” I heard the words and felt the sensation of a tight ass gripping my throbbing cock as I slowly regained consciousness from the booster procedure. I felt two hands massaging and kneading my pecs as I then recognized Little John’s deep voice, “Fucking huge Bull cock, fuck it feels so good in my hole!”

I opened my eyes to see Little John naked and straddling me on the hospital bed. The 345-pound stud was riding my meat in a slow rhythm from the fat cockhead to about halfway down the thick staff, his head thrown back in ecstasy and murmuring a constant variation of, “Fuck yeah, Fucking huge Bull cock filling my hole, Fuck my ass Big Bull, Feels so fucking good!” Judging from the amount of cum on the sheets, on my chest, on the ceiling, on the walls, and still blasting out of Little John’s 13-inch cock, he had been riding my cock for some time. I reached up and grabbed his cock with one hand and his thick pec meat with the other, but he didn’t respond or react in any way, he just kept riding my cock, moaning and spouting his hot porn talk. It was like he was in some sort of orgasmic trance. After about 10 minutes, I realized he was not going to voluntarily come out of this on his own, so I pinched his nipples hard and slammed my cock as deep in him as I could go! That did the trick! He screamed out and snapped his head down toward me as he bucked up, completely releasing my monstercock from his hole.

“Having some fun there Little John?” I said with a big smile.

“Oh fuck yeah, Big Bull! That was amazing!” he replied, gathering himself together and climbing off the bed. “So, how long have you been riding the sleeping Bull?” I asked with a laugh. He looked up at the wall clock and replied, “wow, four and a half hours! After the Doc left, I kept staring at you with your huge muscles and your big hard dick as you slept and I couldn’t resist. My hole has been craving your huge cock all week, Bull! And you said it was okay to touch you, Sir. So I thought I’d just climb on for a quick ride to satisfy myself. I started shooting my nut almost immediately cause I was so horned up for you and then it just kept shooting and I guess I went into some kind of mental state or something, cause the next thing I remembered was you slamming that dick deep in my guts! Fuck, look at this mess!” he said as he took in the flooded room covered in his cum.

“Fuck, this is going to take me all night to clean up. Oh well, it was fucking worth it! Let’s get your stats real quick, Big Bull, so you can get over to your boyfriend before the Superdrive kicks in.”

He went to his desk and grabbed his tape measure and tablet. He quickly measured my various muscle groups, working in silence as fast as he could. “Dayum!” Little John exclaimed as he was on the last measurement, and I looked down over my thick hairy pecs at the tape laid out on my throbbing monstercock from base to tip. “13.5 inches!” We both said at the same time.

“Jeez, your cock grew 1.5 inches in five hours!” Little John said in amazement.

I puffed out my chest, “Wow, look at that huge fucker! Now I’m bigger than you are everywhere, Little John!” I said with a cocky smile on my face. “I guess you riding my dick while the Booster took hold made it grow even bigger? What do you think, maybe check with the Doc?”

My monstercock was too big and too hard to fit in my jockstrap so I went commando with it strapped up against my abs by the waistband of my gym shorts. “Well damn, daddy!” David said as I climbed into the Jeep carrying in my hand my tank top and jockstrap and with my exposed cock leaking pre-cum on the bottom shelf of my thick, hairy pecs. “13.5 inches,” I bragged, answering the question he was about to ask.

“Fuck! Oh yeah, that’s a big Daddy Bull cock! Nick is going to go crazy, you know he loves your big daddy dick in his ass.” I laughed and said, “Oh yeah he does! I hope I never get too big for him!”

Nick couldn’t get enough of me pounding his big, muscled ass over the next 36 hours with my improved monstercock! I must have cum in that hole about 25 times! He said I pushed open his 2nd hole and it felt amazing to have me so deep within him. I would load him up, give him a break and switch off to one of the other eager bottom studs and pull out when I finally got close and slam it into Nick for the unloading. His body couldn’t absorb it fast enough and towards the end, I was sloshing around and pumping out more cum than was going in. That following week he said his muscle pumps and lifts were through the roof, he was breaking PRs every day. That’s what 50 gallons of Bull Cum will do for you! He looked like he was at the peak of a roid cycle, massed out at 310# of ripped muscle. I couldn’t get enough of his ass and he couldn’t get enough of my cock!

I called a family meeting and I told my guys that I wanted to take about 6 to 8 weeks and visit all of our U.S. properties to determine which to sell and which to keep. I wanted to play a little joke, so I made it sound like I would be taking this trip alone. I outlined my itinerary starting with Chicago and spending about four to five days at each location. I could tell they were disappointed that I was not bringing them. Nick was getting angry and poor Pup looked like he was about to cry with those sad puppy dog blue eyes. I think David and Sven might have held out hope that they would be going as my trainer and driver, so I quickly added that I would be driving myself and training alone. And they both started pouting. Finally, when I just couldn’t hold it in any longer, I burst out, “And surprise! I was just playing, of course, you are all coming with me! I couldn’t do this alone and I need my guys to support me.”

They all jumped out of their chairs and were yelling and dancing around. Nick came over and gave me a huge kiss and then hit me in my pecs fucking hard (which hurt but turned me on!) and he said, “Don’t you ever do that to me again!” as he hugged and kissed me some more. I said we would be heading up to Chicago in two weeks, the day after the Pup completes his finals for his MBA program.

Another secret surprise that I had been working on almost from the day after the inheritance was that I had sold the Client’s three smaller private jets and had purchased a much larger retrofitted Airbus A340-300. This would easily accommodate my projected future muscle growth along with my pack of big men as we traveled the world. No more trying to cram my massive body into that small tin can of a bathroom! I purchased the new jet from a Hong Kong billionaire and made a few modifications to support our lifestyles. I couldn’t wait to see their faces!

As we pulled up to the airport hangar the guys were looking around wondering where any of the three jets were. “What’s up, Bull? Did they have to take the jets in for service or something? Are we going to have to postpone? Oh man, I hope not.” They were all yacking away at once.

I then got the text signal from the Pilot, and I yelled out in my deep daddy voice, “Guys, guys, hold up, I think my boys deserve the very best, so I traded in our three planes for a little upgrade…” as I pointed to the other end of the hangar’s opening as the big jumbo jet was turning off the runway and heading right for us.

“Oh my god! That is huge!” was the general reaction from the pack. Once we boarded they all raced around checking everything out on the two levels, claiming seats and beds like little kids. It was a beautiful and incredible interior and I had to marvel at how lucky I was and that it was mine. After we had lunch at the 12-seat dining table (which fit the five of us perfectly), we got comfortable in the large lounge area and watched some videos. Pup, of course, was curled up at my feet and he was fast asleep. He had been pushing so hard these last few weeks and was exhausted. I was so proud of him as he finished top of his class. And for his treat, I was taking him and the boys to IML for a fun play weekend in Chicago to start our trip. For those who don’t know, IML is the International Mr. Leather contest event with dance parties and a vendor market. I had gone about 10 years ago and had a blast.

As we pulled up to the host hotel, there were large groups of gay leathermen and stud boys milling about out front. David and Nick exited from the passenger side of the vehicle while I turned to try to wake up the Pup who was sleeping in the 3rd-row seat in the back of the Suburban. Even from inside the vehicle I could hear the comments admiring my tall, dark, and handsome trainer and my sexy fuck Pro Bodybuilder boyfriend. “Come on Pup, we’re here, time to wake up.” I cajoled as I rubbed his cute little belly.

“Uhhh, no dad, please.” came the groggy reply.

“Let’s go, Pup, come on, hop on and I’ll carry you up to the room,” I ordered.

“Yes Sir,” he replied with a sleepy smile. I decided to show off a little and took off my shirt, wearing only my skin-tight jeans and black leather boots. Pup climbed onto my broad back and wrapped his arms around my thick neck, he fucking loves for me to carry him around like this and asks all the time. As expected, the catcalls came from the spectators as the 355-pound hairy muscle beast exited the vehicle with the cute little Pup backpack. “Fuck he’s huge!” “Me next Daddy!” “I want to ride!” “Oh shit, that’s Bull, Nick’s boyfriend!” “Look at those huge pecs!” “Look at that huge dick!”

I dropped the Pup in the king-sized bed and stripped off his clothes. Damn, his daily training sessions with Nick are paying off, I thought as I tucked him in. “Okay, Pup, the big men are going to go lift, you rest up, and we’ll hit the dance party later this evening.” I put on my new custom underwear (the jockstraps just couldn’t contain my rock-hard monstercock anymore) and some tight gym shorts, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination as the imprint of my thick 13.5 inches was visible to everyone. Threw on a tank and grabbed a hoodie then met David, Nick, and Sven and we headed to the nearby gym.

As we entered, David and I headed one way while Nick and Sven went the other. “Let’s meet back here in two hours, okay, handsome?” I said to Nick with a kiss on his sexy lips. The large gym was busy but not packed and I realized quickly that the majority were gay muscle daddies and stud boys and I also recognized a huge number of porn stars, most of whom I had fucked at one time or another in the last two years.

About 30 minutes into our training session, I had a great pump and was covered in sweat. Other than a few nods hello, everyone avoided the Big Bull while we were lifting. My expression said I’m here to work, not socialize. “What do you think David, should we test it out and see if it works?” I asked, nodding at my hoodie.

“Yeah Bull, with this crowd it will be fun either way,” David responded as he reached over and helped me peel out of my sweat-soaked hoodie. Over the past month, I had been experimenting to see if I could somehow control my scent so that I could just make men hard but not make them cum, unless I wanted them to cum. I had accidentally discovered this when I met David’s parents and didn’t have on the Blockers. The whole time around his Father, I kept repeating in my head, ‘don’t cum, just get hard’ and it worked! His Father didn’t shoot off but as I expected he had a baseball bat in his pants just like David. So far, I had been successful with one-on-one trials but we had never experimented in a large group setting like this before.

The constant gym noise suddenly stopped as I removed my hoodie. Hmm, might as well go all the way and take it all off and give everyone a good show. I grabbed my sweat-soaked tank and David helped me pull it over my head. I turned to the nearby mirror and started flexing my mammoth muscles. Damn, I’m so fucking huge! I thought as I admired my near-naked form in the mirror. My big hairy pecs were so swollen and pumped they looked like they would pop. I ran the mantra through my head over and over as I planted my gigantic quads and then raised my arms into a double biceps pose. All you could hear was the gym music as every other man in the free weight area had stopped and was staring at the biggest muscle freak they had ever seen before. Right on cue, you could see their dicks get instantly hard with guys rearranging their meat in their shorts. After a few more flexes, I said to David, “Let’s hit it!” That was enough showboating, I had work to do.

The experiment was successful (as far as we could tell) as we saw plenty of big hard cock imprints and bulges, but no one squirming or moaning in sudden orgasm. We headed over to the Pec Deck and I recognized a well-known porn star using it, as he finished up his set he jumped up. “Hey Bull, good to see you again big man!” he extended the brofist bump.

I asked, “How’s it going stud, you here for IML too?” as I glanced down at his 11-inch super thick cock throbbing over his left hip. He was famous for that huge, fat uncut Puerto Rican cock and his big low hanging balls that slapped hard against every ass he fucked.

“Yeah, I’m here for IML plus the Gabby’s are this weekend and I’m up for Best Top and Hottest Daddy,” he said, grabbing his famous meat.

I leaned in and said, “I’m having a little party in my penthouse at the hotel starting at midnight. Stop by, you and I can tag-team Nick again and I want my pup to work over those big feet of yours.”

He smiled and said, “Fuck yeah, I’ll be there. Okay if I bring along a few buds?” he asked.

“Of course, but I’m keeping it selective so make sure they are A+ studs!”

Once we returned to the suite, the Pup was wide awake and bouncing around the room all manic, “Bull, I’m so glad you’re back I went down to the gift shop to buy a toothbrush because I forgot mine and there were so many big sexy men everywhere in their leather boots or athletic gear and I got so worked up looking at them and my cock got hard and I started getting anxious and two big men spoke to me while I was in line and I didn’t know what to do or say and if it was okay to talk to them without you around and you didn’t give me permission and I didn’t want you to be upset with me so I just didn’t say anything and I just turned and ran out of the store without paying for my toothbrush and in the elevator was a tall man wearing size 17 Nikes and he was so hot I turned and faced the other way because my cock was leaking and then he got off and I finally got back to our room and I don’t know if I can handle going to the party and being around all these big leather men and…”

“Heel, Pup,” I commanded in my deep Bull voice and pointed to the ground beside me. He snapped shut and raced over to kneel by my side and looked up with those big blue eyes. I spoke calmly, “I know this is a lot for you and I don’t want you to get overstimulated. I expected you might react this way so I got you something. But first, I need you to take five deep breaths.”

While he started his breathing exercises, I reached into my gym bag and pulled out the custom-designed blue leather collar and I fitted it around his neck, then I locked the leash to the collar and snapped the other end to my leather cuff on my left wrist. His eyes lit up! I then pulled out the dog tags and showed him,’ Property of BULL’ on one side with my contact number on the back and secured it to his collar. “You are mine. Other men know this now and will only approach you with my permission. Now, how does that feel, Pup?” I asked, looking down at my handsome stud and feeling all proud and Alpha as all fuck!

His blue eyes filled up with tears and he smiled and said, “Thank you Bull, I needed this, I feel better. All safe and secure now, thank you,” he said as he bowed down and kissed the top of my Adidas sneaker on my right foot.

“Good boy, now undo those laces and give Bull’s big feet a quick massage before we have to get ready for this party,” I said, knowing that he would cum a couple of times from massaging my sweaty feet and that would also help settle his nerves and make him feel even better.

About 30 minutes later, my mouth dropped, my eyes widened, and my cock throbbed when I saw Nick come out of the bedroom in his black leather harness, leather chaps, boots, and armband on his right bicep! He was three hundred and ten pounds of beefcake and a Tom of Finland drawing came to life. I was speechless! Realizing my stunned situation, he walked over and stroked my throbbing cock in my shorts and whispered in my ear, “See something you like, Big Bull?” I wanted to rape him right then and there but slowly regathered myself and remembered this wasn’t just about me and my satisfaction but oh my god that ass in those chaps was mind-blowingly hot! I told myself, ‘Later, Bull, later, you get to have your way with your sexy boyfriend but for now, you need to focus on getting ready so the boys can go dance and have some fun.

“You are so sexy, I can’t wait to fuck you all night long!” I said, as I grabbed that big bodybuilder’s ass with both hands and lifted him as I gave him a deep kiss. My overstuffed balls were aching for release, as I hadn’t cum since we landed, but I had to finish getting ready for the party.

David sent me a text, ‘Sven and I are dancing by the center box, hurry up, you’re missing the flogging!’

And I laughed at the absurd visual concept but then remembered this is IML. I was almost ready in my leather gear, it took some time to get my cock and balls to cooperate. Once they were stuffed in, we couldn’t get my custom armband to fit around my left gun above the bicep. I guess I had grown past the 27” mark and the increased thickness of my upper arm caused me to have to hand-cut new holes for the clasp. The Pup joked, “Bull, I bet by next year you can wear one of my belts as an armband!”

We took a quick family selfie and headed out, damn we looked good I had to admit! When we arrived at the converted conference space in the hotel, the party was packed. I kept a tight hold on the Pup’s leash and I slowly let him try to become accustomed to the surroundings and all of the hot leather men who quickly swarmed around Nick and me. I could tell Nick was dying to go dance so I told him to go ahead and find David and Sven, that I was going to hang with the Pup for a while until we were ready to go dance. I could see the Pup was having some distress signals. I grabbed us some beers and zeroed in on the Pup and gave him my full attention, I needed to help him to relax and adapt to this space. I knew from past events and conversations that the Pup had social anxiety and was uncomfortable in large crowds, but he was usually able to manage on his own. I think throwing in the super-charged sexual component of this atmosphere was what was so overwhelming for him. I seated him at the corner of the bar and I made myself puffed up even more than usual, fully expanding my upper body and completely blocking his view of the rest of the space while we chatted about everything and nothing. Slowly, I would relax and reposition my body, letting a little more of the surroundings come into his view and interaction.

By the end of his second beer, he was laughing and feeling great and ready to go mingle and dance! He pointed out one big leather stud who was 6’ 4” and muscular. “Bull, that’s the guy from the elevator, check out those 17-Wide Harley Davidson motorcycle boots!” he was practically slobbering with a desire to lick them.

“Oh yeah, Pup, you like him, let’s go invite him to our afterparty!” I chatted up the big stud and he was into foot worship and big muscles and was all excited about the after-party. He and I chatted for a few moments while his hands roamed around my muscles, all the while Pup stood behind me with his head down staring at his big boots!

“Climb on up, Pup, it will be easier to get through the crowd with you on my back.” Most guys parted the way but many just wanted to get a quick feel of the giant bodybuilder with the huge horsecock as I passed by. We made it to the entrance of the dance area and I found the center gogo box and started scanning the surrounding floor for 6’5” David in the crowd. I saw him quickly to the right of the box and I started heading that way. As I navigated my way, I realized most everyone on the dance floor was dancing with their eyes focused on the center box. I looked again and let out a proud chuckle when I saw my sexy boyfriend shaking his muscular ass on the box! I knew he had rhythm but damn my big stud could move. His huge muscles glistened with sweat as the lights and lasers hit him as he moved to the beats of the dance music blasting in the room. His bare ass in those chaps was incredible and I felt the flow of precum start in my cock!

We finally made it to David and Sven, and the Pup jumped off and started dancing in the triangle between us. I smiled and waved to Nick and he was motioning for me to climb up and join him with me quickly shaking my head no and for him to keep going. “Your man’s got this room in a frenzy!” David yelled in my ear with a laugh.

The music was great and it felt good to dance with my guys, but even though I used to be a pretty good dancer, maneuvering this new massive body wasn’t easy. Nonetheless, I was having a good time and working up a good sweat. My pits were rank from the workout and the dancing but I kept repeating my mantra and so far it was working, the guys around us were bulging out but no one was cumming that I could tell.

Nick kept bending down to us and begging for me to come up. Finally, I passed the Pup’s leash over to David and climbed up on the box with my man. 660+ pounds of muscle on that box and all eyes in the large room were now on us. I could hear chants of ‘Bull Bull Bull’ coming from the men all around us. Nick leaned in and gave me a big kiss and then said, “Give them a show Bull!” As he slipped off the box leaving me alone in the spotlight. That fucker tricked me, but I’ll get him back for this later tonight! I’m not anywhere near the level of a sexy dancer like Nick or any of the other hot gogo studs placed strategically around the room, but I figured I do have something that no one else in this room has and that’s these enormous muscles and a gigantic horsecock!

I gave the crowd a most muscular flex and the men roared back in appreciation as they continued gyrating to the dance beats. I turned to face different sections and repeated the pose, my muscles still pumped from the evening workout and slick with sweat. I cranked up a right arm bicep flex and could smell my deep musky pits as my scent started filling the room. I kept repeating the mantra, ‘get hard, don’t cum’! The sexual heat in the room escalated as I could see guys grabbing their hard cocks through their jeans and leather gear. I reached down and unbuttoned the fly on my jeans and pried them off of my thick quads down to my ankles. No way I could get them all the way off over my leather boots. I was still able to shake out the right quad and then slam the flex and the muscle exploded and there was a loud audible gasp heard over the music. I looked down in appreciation of the huge flexed muscle of my 38” quads and flicked away the sweat from across the top of my thigh into the nearby crowd. I then ran my hand up and grabbed the base of my monstercock pointing past my right hip and squeezed causing the shaft and head to expand even thicker and longer in my sweaty underwear as the flow of precum came gushing out of the fat head.

By this point, guys were stroking their cocks in the crowd as the music thumped and the sexual energy increased. Let’s do it, I thought, as I changed the mantra in my head to ‘get hard and get ready to cum!’ I then flexed both quads, tightened my ab wall, and expanded my chest and lats in the ‘relaxed’ pose. I reached down with my right hand and slowly stroked the entire length of my 13.5 inches teasing the crowd even more. I then took a deep breath and threw up the big double bicep and squeezed it as hard as I could. Turning from side to side, my musk was spreading out over the crowd and filling up the large room as I pumped my wrists causing the huge biceps peaks to climb higher and higher. I dropped my arms down to my side and shook my ass a little to the beat of the music, causing my pits to sweat even more. And then boom another big double bicep flex, ‘Cum for me Fuckers!’ and released the tidal wave of musk.

You know those movies where a bomb explodes and you see the circle of devastation expand out, growing bigger and bigger from the hypocenter? Well, that’s what happened here except it wasn’t a circle of devastation, it was a circle of grown men exploding their cocks in orgasm! My cum musk hit the guys surrounding the box first and then spread out in a circular wave as my sweaty pit superpower exploded until the entire room of over two hundred men were shooting off at the same time! The smell of sweat and cum filled the space as everyone realized the mass group orgasm and yelled out in unison as the tribe came together...figuratively and literally!

I quickly pulled up my jeans and dropped off the box in Nick’s open arms. “That was fucking intense Bull!” he yelled in my ear. I looked over at the Pup and he was all smiles and just had this look of pure adoration for me on his face.

I gave him a wink and snapped his leash back on my wristband. “That was wild!” I replied to Nick and gave him a huge kiss and grabbed his sweaty ass, with one finger finding his sweet hole and digging in. His sweaty ass felt so good! “Let’s go, I need to fuck your sweet ass!” I said to Nick and he nodded yes. “Let’s go, Pup” I ordered as he jumped up on my back. “We’re heading up to the room, you boys come up whenever you’re ready,” I said to David and Sven. I then led the way as we exited the party and headed to the elevators. I glanced at my phone which was blowing up with pics and videos of my go-go performance. I didn’t care about that, I just needed to know how much alone time I had with my guys before the afterparty sex orgy began!


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