MG Project: Test Subject #5

by HeyDaddy01

 A 50-year-old man recovering from an auto accident qualifies for a life-changing experimental project.

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I reluctantly replied “Come in” to the loud knocking on my hospital room door. How am I ever supposed to recover when these people never let me get any rest? The door swung open, and a massive beast of a man entered my hospital room, filling the door frame. He was about 6’3 and well over 320 pounds of massive muscle that his scrubs strained to cover. He closed the door quickly (wait, did he lock the door too?) and turned towards me, and started speaking from the entry area. His voice was one of those low bass, deep masculine sounds that hit that sweet spot in my ear that goes from my brain to my dick in a microsecond. My brain was too focused on processing the visuals of this Alpha Muscleman and couldn’t compute the audio.

He was huge and handsome with a light bronze-colored skin tone, bald head, high cheekbones, full lips, a thick black beard, and deep brown eyes. His bull neck was anchored by high traps set like sloping mountain ranges that peaked up and dropped to each side of his incredibly broad shoulders. Wow, I have never seen shoulders that wide before in real life! The armholes in his scrubs had been slit to make room for the guns that shot out on each side, their thickness had to be in the 24-inch range. And each bicep had a rope-thick vein that surrounded the gigantic muscle like it was fighting to constrain the mass but was losing the battle. As he spoke his hands moved to emphasize his words which caused his tremendous pecs to flex and pop within the tight confines of his scrubs. His pecs were so thick that the upper shelf could hold a 2-liter bottle of water upright without even flexing hard.

He started walking into my room and stopped at the edge of the foot of my bed, blocking my view of the TV’s nightly baseball game. His quads were so huge that he had that bodybuilder waddle from having to rotate his hips to accommodate the mass movement from one leg to the other. But there was an even larger than normal obstacle in the dead center core of his movement, a bulge that obscenely pushed outward and down his left leg, rotating with the movement and bouncing in its containment. Was that real? Did my eyes play tricks on me? The lower half of his freaky body was now below my view, blocked by the edge of my bed so I could no longer see that tantalizing bulge of man meat.

The deep voice sound was no longer resonating in my ears, and I realized he was standing there waiting for me to respond to whatever he had just said. He had stopped speaking and was looking at me waiting for my response. Think, Jason, what was he saying, do something, say something you stupid idiot! “I’m sorry, Sir, but the meds they have me on, well, they make me very groggy. It takes me a few minutes to become fully aware and functional. Do you mind repeating all that?”

“I understand,” the man said, his voice once again hitting that sweet connection spot deep in my core. “My name is John and I am an assistant for Dr. Malik. Did you comprehend that statement?” He spoke slowly and with just a hint of irritation.

“Yes, Sir. Nice to meet you, John, I’m Jason,” I answered like a giddy schoolboy. I held out my right hand and he responded with his right hand completely engulfing mine with a firm grip, his large fingers wrapping around my hand making me feel even more small and insignificant in the presence of this giant Alpha Beast. My eyes danced rapidly from his handsome face to his ridiculously sculpted muscles.

“Dr. Malik asked that I stop by in advance to do a pre-assessment on your condition to see if you may be a qualified candidate for his program before he visits you later this evening,” John said as his right hand released my own and he lifted my medical chart and began flipping through the pages. Every action of his huge muscles caused me to lose focus again and become entranced by the visual movement of his actions. Focus, Jason, focus! This man is here to do his job not to be your ultimate muscle worship fantasy! You’re a grown man, stop acting like a horned-up teenager!

“Patient is a white male, 50 years of age, 5 foot 10 inches tall, initially 220 pounds now 180 pounds, car wreck accident,” Big John recited into his mobile phone/recording device. He then looked at me with those piercing brown eyes and continued, “It says that you had some spinal damage with partial paralysis in both legs. But it appears you’re slowly gaining feeling in both legs, is that correct?” As he asked this he slowly raised his left arm to scratch the back of his neck.

Oh my Thor! What is that aroma of pure sex, musk, and testosterone coming from this man? I took another breath, and the aromatic sensation went straight to my throbbing cock. Wait, what the fuck! I looked down and for the first time in weeks, I had an erection tenting the sheet between my legs. That had not happened since the accident. I quickly covered it with my hands and tried to hide my hard dick from John’s eyes. Where the fuck did that come from and my god my dick was throbbing under my hand, and I wanted to grab it and stroke it so fucking bad.

I felt the heat flush my face in embarrassment as I looked up at this monster of muscle and stammered, “Uh, yeah, um, yes Sir, I’m slowly getting some feeling and movement in both feet, but I am not able to walk or move my legs on my own.”

“Well, it looks like your little penis is working,” John said with a grin as he eyed me trying to cover my raging hard-on under the sheet.

“Little penis,” what the hell? I don’t have a porn star sized dick but I was a little above average at 7 inches when rock hard and throbbing like I was right now. He wasn’t saying my dick was little to be cruel, though, and I gathered it was more a statement of relative size to that captured mass of manhood trapped in his scrubs. His cockiness and dominance were pushing all my buttons! Nothing sexier than a true Alpha male!

“Sorry, I’m embarrassed, Sir, and honestly this is the first erection I’ve had in a very, very long time. Not sure why it chose now to make an appearance?” Even though I knew exactly why I had a steel pole throbbing between my legs, I didn’t want Big John to know it was all because of him, but part of me knew he realized his power. That confident smirk on his handsome face told me that he knew. Yeah, he knew.

He was now standing to the side of my bed reviewing my chart. While his eyes were occupied reading my chart, my eyes traveled down from those impossibly wide shoulders down the deep valley between his massive pecs and quickly to the monster meat strangely bulging from his groin and down his immense left quad.

“Clearly you’re excited by big muscles—is that correct, little man?” And with that my eyes traveled quickly from that gigantic sleeping cock to the rising right arm that was curling upward into the classic muscle pose of a single bicep flex. Big John’s wrist tightened towards his shoulder and the bicep bunched into a circular ball of concrete before exploding upwards with the two peaks fighting for height. The triceps hung like slabs of hard beef under the elbow stretching the tight armband of the scrubs to the breaking point.

“Oh, fuck yes! Wow, you are so huge, Sir!” I grunted in amazement as I could feel my balls rise and release a thick drop of pre out of my aching cock. Big John quickly dropped my chart on my bedside table and threw up his left gun to a matching double bicep pose that made me gasp and hold my breath.

What the fuck was happening? His lats flared out so wide and thick I just knew his scrub top was going to rip at the seams. He rotated both wrists back and forth like he was priming the pump and then slammed hard into the flex, causing both peaks to rise again on both biceps! He held that flex hard and long, I could see sweat beads gathering on his skin and his deep muscle pits were starting to soak the thin lining of the baby blue scrubs.

He repeated this pose again and again, his arms becoming more pumped with each hard flex. Skin glistened from his sweat. I laid there completely immobilized and transfixed by the power and monstrous size of this beast of a muscle man.

Realizing I had been holding my breath, I released and took a deep breath, and again, the scent of his testosterone-fueled aromatic pits filled my nostrils, sending me into a sudden orgasmic state!

My body convulsed as my orgasm hit me, I wasn’t even touching my throbbing cock, yet the intoxicating smell of this muscle god was forcing my seed out of my flared cock head and soaking the cover sheet with load after load.

Once I regained myself, I looked down at the sticky wet mess and said, “Oh my god, that was crazy! Damn, how did you do that? I mean, I came from just looking at you flex and smelling your muscle pits!”

Big John towered above me and gave me a knowing smirk. “Yeah, gay guys love my sweaty scent, sends them into orbit, and makes them nut so fast. Glad you liked it, little man. Now, I need to scoop up that semen for a sample for Dr. Malik.” He pulled back the cover sheet and filled the large sample cup. “Got more than I needed here! Let me get you a washcloth to clean up, Big Shooter,” he said with a wink. I looked down and was amazed at the volume I had shot. I’ve never been a big load shooter, but this was impressive by any standard!

After the cleanup, Big John and I chatted a little bit more about my current condition, my muscle fetish and lifelong desire to grow massive. He told me about his amateur bodybuilding history and how he was about to go pro when his wife got pregnant with their first kid and that derailed his dreams. He had taken up odd jobs to make ends meet. He told me he had done some flexing and muscle worship for some gay men in the past when he needed extra money but that he was not sexually attracted to men. However, he said with that overconfident grin, “The gays do pay extra big bucks to service this foot-long-plus dick!” And he took his huge right hand and grabbed the massive meat that snaked down his left quad giving it a big squeeze and showing off to me the thickness and length.

OMG, I was rock hard again and I knew my eyes were wide and my jaw fell open. “Can I see it? I’m almost as obsessed with huge dicks as I am with huge muscles!”

He reached to untie his scrub bottoms and said, “Sure, little man, I have to have custom underwear made because it is so big, even soft, and I’ve got these balls the size of oranges.” With one quick motion, he shoved the scrubs down over his huge glutes and quads to the floor. Big John stood there in his custom-sized poser-style underwear with the bulge now bouncing free between his legs. He paused to let me take in his pride and joy, showing it off and lightly stroking it through the fabric causing the clearly visible fat head to expand and push down towards his knee. Each heartbeat and the beast expanded thicker and longer, stretching the underwear until the base of his pole was now visible showing the incredible width of his throbbing meat.

I licked my lips at the thought of tasting this prize and unconsciously began to stroke my own aching boner under the cover sheet. Big John did some quick poses, flexing the quads by shaking each loosely letting the thick muscle slap side to side before stomping down and the quad exploded into a detailed rough surface of layers of muscle meat with deep grooves and cuts covered by throbbing veins crisscrossing the surface. His hard cock captured in his custom briefs was forcing the fabric to its limits. The head was now clearly visible from the constant escape of pre-cum soaking the thin fabric covering. Gobs of clear juice escaped through the fabric and were now forming a slow-moving trail down towards the floor. I reached my hand tentatively to touch the colossal cock and was quickly swatted away.

“Not yet, little man,” Big John said with a seductive smile, “and take your hands off of your little dick, I don’t want you shooting off until you get the full Big John experience.”

He then turned around facing the other way and started to peel down his underwear over his muscular, basketball-size glutes. I would have given anything to be able to shove my face in that huge, hard ass! The thick hamstrings and quads flexed out as he bent over completely, slowly pulling the posers down seductively drawing my eyes with them. Over the diamond-shaped calves, and then stepping out, pushing the poser out of each of his gigantic feet.

Jesus, everything about this man was just freaky huge!

Just as his posers hit the floor there was a loud knock at my hospital room door. “It’s Dr. Malik, may I come in?”

For someone so freaky massive, Big John moved like a giant panther. Quickly and quietly he pulled up his posers, stepped across the room, unlocked the door, and greeted Dr. Malik. The doctor entered the room but was completely blocked from my sight by the giant assistant. They spoke quietly for a few minutes before the doctor appeared and walked into my room.

Dr. Malik was the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome, with middle eastern swarthiness and style. At 6’1’’ and around 220 pounds, his professional doctor’s coat accentuated his well-defined muscles and stature. A thick, jet-black hairstyle that was combed back away from his face was framed with square rimmed glasses which accentuated the square-jawed face. He was clean-shaven but by this time of the evening, his five-o’clock shadow was now a manly scruff that heightened his masculine looks. He was surprisingly younger-looking than I expected and one of the hottest doctors I’ve ever seen.

“Good evening, Jason. I’m Dr. Amir Malik.” He spoke with just a hint of an accent. “It is nice to meet you and I hope that my assistant has been treating you well.” As he said this, he glanced at the pants-less Big John still standing near the doorway.

“Hi, Dr. Malik, nice to meet you as well. And yes, John is incredible, to say the least.”

“Glad to hear. I’ve been reviewing your case files with your medical team, and we all concur that you are an excellent candidate for my test program. We believe my treatments will provide immediate improvement in your current condition; however, I am looking for a long-term commitment to my test program of 3 to 5 years.” He then asked Big John to take my semen specimen back to his lab assistant for processing and return with the results.

Dr. Malik and I then spoke over the next hour about his program. He discussed all the details and requirements plus the expected results based on his previous candidates. I asked if Big John was one of his subjects. “Yes, John was test subject number 3 and had given permission to share his information but was unwilling to complete the program beyond year 2.” He smiled with pride as he talked about his successful subject.

“One of the effects of the treatment as you could see,” he continued, “is an increased growth not only in the musculature but also in the genitals. John’s wife demanded he stop the treatment because his large penis was causing too much pain during their lovemaking. When we started, John’s penis was 9 inches long when fully erect and now he’s almost 13 inches, and he must ejaculate at least three times per day or his testicles will become too swollen and sensitive for him to function.” Dr. Malik kept speaking but I was stuck on the vision of that muscle beast and his 13-inch cock shooting his load from those gigantic balls!

Speak of the donkey-dicked devil. A quick knock on the door and Big John entered the room and handed a sheet of paper to Dr. Malik. Damn, just the sight of him and his huge muscles was breathtaking. And there it was again, this time even stronger, that scent! It filled the room instantly and was like a warm familiar memory of every sweaty locker room from my youth. Big John had hustled back from the lab as his skin was shiny with sweat and I could see the telltale darker circles from those massive man pits darkening his baby blue scrubs. I took another breath and again, the instant orgasm took hold. My hands grabbed the mattress as my hard cock throbbed and released rope after rope of my cum. It was like I had been edging my dick for hours and finally shot but this was an out of nowhere experience of ecstasy, equal to or even greater than a long jerk-off session. My mind fantasized rapidly throwing images of Big John dominating me completely, roughly fucking me with his monster cock and abusing my hole while he flexed above me. Every submissive fantasy I had ever had in the last 37 years since my first jerk-off session at 13 had come to life in this massive muscle man.

When I finally regained composure, Dr. Malik and Big John were both smiling as they looked at my body covered in cum. Big John said, “Sorry, little man, I should have cleaned my sweaty pits before entering your room.”

I laughed and tried to cover my sudden embarrassment. “Don’t apologize! I’ve had two amazing orgasms tonight and have not felt this good in a very, very long time!”

Dr. Malik then pulled out his tablet from his briefcase and asked, “Jason, are you ready to change your life and commit to my 3-year program?”

Without a single second of hesitation, I answered, “Yes Sir, this is a lifelong dream come true and I can’t wait to see how my body responds and grows massive!”

“Great, we can start the initial surgical procedure tomorrow morning with the first spinal injection. John will get you prepped and ready. Do you have any final questions?” He handed me his tablet and indicated the spot for my signature.

“No, Doctor, I’m ready.” I quickly signed and handed the tablet back to him.

Dr. Malik then turned to Big John and his eyes traveled down to the enormous protruding bulge between his tree-trunk thighs. “John, prepare the patient per our normal protocols. Have you ejaculated at all today?”

Big John responded in his deep voice, “No Sir, and it is becoming unbearable!”

Dr. Malik then turned to me and said, “Well, I think Jason will happily volunteer to help ease your predicament. He is looking very thirsty!” And with that, Dr. Malik said his goodnights and exited the room. At least, I think that’s what happened, as I was completely focused on the huge bulge in Big John’s crotch, and the thought of sucking that gigantic dick had become my only mission in life. The hospital could have been on fire around me and my eyes would not have moved from that trapped man meat inside those scrubs.

Sensing my desire or his overarching need for release, Big John skipped the sexy striptease and quickly peeled off his scrubs and posers. Almost instantly this beast of a man was completely naked and on top of me. It was almost too much for my senses to even register and compute as his monster cock was like a guided missile to my open mouth. The giant head stretched my mouth open, and the smell of his sweaty pubes engulfed my nostrils. I reached out with both hands to grab the giant horsecock that was threatening to rip my jaws apart. He had climbed onto my hospital bed, straddling my torso with his massive thighs. His softball-sized balls slapped my abs and chest with each thrust in and out of my mouth-hole. I could only accommodate the giant head and a couple of inches and the rest I stroked with both hands. John’s huge paw was wrapped around the base of his missile holding it down and aiming it at the target hole.

I felt all 320+ pounds of beef on top of me forcing me to completely submit to his pile-driving thrusts. His meat was covered in my spit as I continued to gag from the constant raping of my throat. I thought I was going to pass out from the lack of oxygen when the deep grunts started, and the swelling of his cockhead signaled his impending release. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and I gasped for air to fill my lungs. His left hand forced my mouth open, and his right hand aimed the cannon at the back of my throat.

What happened next was unbelievable as the cum shot out of his monstercock in a steady, unstopping river. It was like he was pissing cum into my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed but was unable to keep up with the volume being pushed out of those swollen balls. After what seemed like minutes, the river flow paused, and then a second stream of cum came flying out just like before. This stud didn’t shoot in intervals of seconds but instead in minutes. Over and over, my gut was distended from swallowing so much of his seed and my face and hair were completely saturated with his thick juice. After about 10 minutes, he finally ceased the stream and was only leaking out a typical man’s cum load. He sat back on his haunches and slapped his still rock-hard cock on my chest.

At this point, I couldn’t open my eyes but I’m sure I looked like one of those guys in a bukkake video who had 30 dudes’ cum on his face. I felt a cloth across my eyes and was finally able to open them. He was then scooping all his cum into my still forced open mouth and ordering me to swallow every drop. “Don’t waste any of my precious load, little man.” After I had swallowed it all, he began flexing his massive muscles in a most muscular pose. The veins like roadmaps over the freaky thick pecs and his delts and traps swelling larger with each flex. Big John then leaned forward, extending both of his massive arms up, and then quickly bent down toward my face placing both of his sweaty pits only inches from my face. The influx of his scent sent me into overdrive.

I felt my body convulsing in orgasm and my mind was spinning. It was too much! My senses were overloading my brain and the smell of this Beast was dominating my consciousness and driving me into darkness. There was more cum filling my bloated belly and covering my face, more sweaty muscles flexing and touching me, and finally those hairy, sweaty muscle pits were smothering me and his scent, that incredible smell, it was everything!

I woke up to the sound of Nurse Eric flipping on the brutal overhead fluorescent lights and chatting nonstop like he typically does every morning. “Beautiful morning and time to wake up and make it the best day of your life…” He was a walking and talking machine, a nonstop plethora of hallmark cards and inspirational posters. As my only male gay nurse, we had a great connection and chatted for hours most days. Except he knew I was not a morning person and right now I hated him with every fucking fiber of my being.

As he raised my bed forcing me to sit upright and become awake to the world, I wondered what the hell happened last night? Was it all a dream? Was it real? I thought back to the last thing I remembered was Big John’s huge, hairy, muscle pits only inches from my face and I could still smell his incredible, manly musk and my cock started to throb. It had to have been real but what happened after that? My sheets and body were clean, there was so much cum everywhere, he must have cleaned me up after I passed out. Or was it all a fantasy in one of my drug-induced dreams? I looked over at the additional IV bag that had been added to my drip line and wondered if I was going crazy or not.

I looked over at the wall clock and yelled out, cutting off Mr. Sunshine in mid-soliloquy. “It is fucking four o’clock in the morning. Why are you here?!?”

Nurse Eric froze, looked at me, looked at the clock, and slowly walked to my chart searching for an answer. “Ah, here it is, you have a procedure scheduled in two hours with Dr. Malik. I’ll need to get you prepped, shaved, and ready for a pickup at 6 a.m.” It was real! Oh my god, this is actually happening!

Immediately my typical sour attitude changed, and a huge smile spread on my face. “Now, that’s what I like to see,” Nurse Eric said obviously speaking of my positive change in facial expressions. Instead, he yanked back my cover sheet and stood eyeing my throbbing hard cock. Surprised by the sudden exposure and reflexively reaching out for the covers, I stopped and stared at my rock-hard boner. It was my dick, and yet it wasn’t. The length was just a little bit longer and the usual slight curve to the left had disappeared as it was pointing due north, straight as a steel pipe. But the biggest change was the increased thickness of the entire rod from base to flared head. I had always had a skinny pole, but not anymore. This was a fat, throbbing, man’s cock with huge, angry veins running around the shaft and a mushroom head that was shiny with pre-cum. “This means you are getting sensation and connections in your lower extremities!” Nurse Eric rattled on and on about my improvement and outlook for the future. All the while I fought the urge to grab my new thick meat with both hands and test drive the new model.

“Do you need to urinate before I start shaving you?” he said, bringing over the handheld urinal. “Wait, looks like I need to get the larger one, I didn’t realize you were such a grower!” He winked, still eyeing my fat, throbbing cock. He quickly slipped out of the door, and I grabbed my meat with both hands feeling the newfound thickness forcing my grip so wide to where my fingers could not touch. Sweet baby Jeebus, this was a real man-sized cock and one I had dreamt of all my life. I gave it a quick stroke and then forced myself to release knowing that Nurse Eric would return at any second.

He returned with a larger topped urinal followed by the hunky Latino orderly, Juan, who I had been lusting after for weeks. Nurse Eric handed me the urinal and asked Juan to take the covers to the hamper and then return to help him turn me over. They did all this, walking and talking, professionally doing their duties; but all the while their eyes were locked on my massive hard cock. Never being the shy one, I twisted my upper body to the right, forcing my unresponsive lower body to follow. Grabbed the large top portable urinal and slowly stroked my steel pipe with my left hand trying to aim the meaty head to the opening.

“Juan, would you mind holding the urinal for me? This thing needs both hands to hold it steady.” In a flash, Juan was by my bedside, his large hands grabbing the urinal and holding it directly in the line of fire. I grabbed my engorged cock with both hands and aimed at the opening like I was at a county fair trying to raise the clown’s face with a water gun blasting the bullseye. Closed my eyes and let loose a stream of piss that hit the back of the urinal with a loud thud.

As I continued releasing, the gallon-sized urinal was almost three-quarters full when Juan said, “I think we might need a backup, or are you almost done?” I could tell my bladder was almost empty and I let him know no need to panic. With a few final strokes, I squeezed out the last of it and rolled my body back to the upright flat position. Juan capped my gallon-sized urinal.

Nurse Eric retrieved the full urinal and said, “That big horse cock pissed like a true racehorse!”

Emptying my bladder had no impact on my morning wood and all eyes were still locked on my throbbing cock. The precum faucet had turned on and was causing a river of clear fluid to leak out of the slit across the fat head and down the side of the upright pole. Just then, Eric’s phone buzzed, and he turned abruptly heading for the door. “I’ll be back in 20 minutes,” he said. “Juan, please assist the patient’s needs while I’m away.”

The door closed and I turned to look at Juan, who was still transfixed, and said in my deepest voice, “You heard him son, get over here and suck daddy’s fat cock!”

His full lips and tongue were swallowing my meat in an instant. He was moaning and working my rod from tip to base, swallowing every inch deep in his throat. I’m not sure who was enjoying this more, the cock or the cocksucker! I watched as he teased the fat head with his tongue, licking the sensitive underside and then swallowing the entire 7+ inches to the base of my pubes. I could slightly feel his teeth scraping against me and I realized my dick was getting even thicker. He pulled off and grabbed the base with his hand, stroking my cock and licking the apple-sized head. “It’s so thick, Papi,” he moaned as he continued trying and failing to swallow the gigantic head of my cock. I could feel my balls pulling up and I murmured in ecstasy that I was about to shoot. He pounded my cock faster and placed his open mouth as the target for my release. The first shot was the longest, thickest rope of mancum that I have ever shot, lasting for several seconds in a steady release hitting the back of his hungry throat. The second, third, and fourth, were all stronger and longer than the previous until the fifth hit like I was driving cum into his mouth hole for at least 10 seconds. The ropes kept flying out and I lost count as the waves of euphoria took over me.

Breathing heavy, I finally came back to focus and looked down at a smiling Juan licking the last drops of cum leaking out of the fat head. “Wow, Papi, that was amazing!”

“You’re telling me,” I laughed. “Thanks—you were incredible and that felt so good!” Juan went to grab a warm cloth and we both stopped for a second when we realized my thick cock was still standing at full attention.

“Do you think I could ride it, Papi?” Juan asked as he lowered my headrest and quickly stripped out of his scrubs without waiting for my obvious answer. He was even more ripped than I expected with a defined 8-pack and thick pecs. His smooth body only had a dark patch of thick pubes at the base of his hefty, uncut 6-incher. In a somewhat clumsy manner, he climbed up on the bed and straddled my hips with my aching cock rubbing between his silky-smooth glutes. He reached behind and started stroking my fat meat, “You’re so wet daddy!” he moaned as he rubbed all my pre-cum over my shaft and used the excess to lube his hole. He raised up, squatting over my throbbing fat cock, I looked down and again was surprised at the massive growth that had occurred. The tip hit his closed hole and began stretching the tight cover expanding the hole and demanding access to the tight cave beyond.

The full head entered, and he paused. “It’s so thick!” he moaned as his ass tightened again on my cock head. He took a few breaths and then began slowly sliding down taking inch after inch.

A little over halfway in, I must have hit his prostate as he let out several loud moans and pre-cum leaked out of his rock-hard dick. I tried to push my hips up, but my body couldn’t respond to my command, and I remained motionless under him. I looked up at him and said, “You’re going to have to take it all boy and ride this cock! Keep going down, you’re almost there.”

He took direction well, and in one fast motion fully engulfed my thick meat all the way to the pubes. He then rapidly pulled up until the head almost escaped before slamming back down. Over and over this full ride of every inch of my cock continued while his now 8-inch dick slapped my abs on every down stroke and his 8-pack on the up stroke. “So fucking big, Papi!” he kept repeating as he rode and squeezed my dick. He picked up the pace, still full-length dick fucking, and started moaning something in Spanish when I saw his cock head flare and cum shot out hitting my face and chest from his bouncing cock. His ass constricted on the base of my dick, and I began to shoot my load deep inside him, rope after rope, again surprising me with the length and volume of my orgasm.

He then fell onto my chest, and I wrapped my arms around him enjoying his muscular smooth skin touching mine. After a few minutes, he rose and released my cock, climbed off the bed, and went to the bathroom to retrieve a wet washcloth. “Damn, Papi, you’re still rock hard!” he said in awe as he cleaned me up.

I grabbed my cock with my right hand and began stroking it fast and ordered Juan to kiss me. Our tongues and lips collided, and I pounded my fist hard, angrily fighting the full thick length of my meat. Beating it. Hard! My balls gathered up and I moaned that I was about to cum. Juan broke our kiss and dove onto my cockhead covering it with those full wet lips just as I exploded rope after rope into his open mouth. Another full-blown crazy orgasm as my balls released the volume of a man who hadn’t cum in weeks not one who had just shot off twice in the last 20 minutes. Juan gobbled down every ounce and then licked off the escaped drops fully cleaning my fat cock from base to head. He stood up and we both smiled at each other with a look of pure satisfaction.

Just then, Nurse Eric entered and said, “I thought I told you to take care of that thing!” We both laughed as we looked at my still rock-hard dick. I brought him up to speed, even though I felt satisfied I guess my dick wanted more attention.

“Well, we don’t have time for round four. Help me flip him over so I can prep his lower back for the procedure.” Lying on my stomach, my new ultra-thick dick felt good throbbing on my abs and I couldn’t resist the grinding motion that increased the sensitivity. Nurse Eric would repeatedly tell me to be still.

Big John then entered the room. I couldn’t see him from my position, but I knew it was him from that deep voice that filled the room. “Good morning, Jason!” Damn, his voice was so sexy. “I have the anesthesiologist with me, and he will administer some medications to relax you before we take you over to our clinic.”

I could see Juan to my side and his mouth was agape, in awe of Big John, and Juan’s uncut cock was stretched hard across his right hip. I think there were some more introductions and conversations, and I wanted to ask Big John what had happened last night and how did my cock get so thick and my orgasms so massive and... but honestly, I don’t remember anything after the liquid cocktail hit my IV and I went to my happy place and restful, deep sleep.

What a week! To say the procedure was a success would be an understatement as it exceeded all my expectations. I had instantly regained all feeling and control in both legs and was up walking within hours. By the third day, I was exercising in the weight room with light weights and high repetitions. Yesterday, I maxed out on barbell squats and leg presses at the same levels I was lifting before the auto accident. My body had completely recovered, and my weight had increased from 180 to 220 pounds, my typical weight before the accident, in one week!

Dr. Malik said that was expected as my muscles were brought back by his formula to their previous peak conditioning. I had relocated from the hospital ward to Dr. Malik’s treatment clinic in a nearby building adjacent to the hospital immediately after the procedure. But I had not seen Big John since that morning of my surgery as he and his family had been on vacation in the islands. The thought of Big John in a custom speedo emerging from the ocean caused my aching balls to pulse harder and my rock-hard cock to throb.

I refocused on the task at hand and remembered Dr. Malik’s strict orders. “No sex, no masturbation, no orgasm for one week!” While I had dutifully complied, my subconscious and my fat cock had not. I awoke each morning to underwear soaked in jizz from the vivid wet dreams I had every night of orgies of bodybuilders in a nonstop dreamscape of muscle-on-muscle fucking. Dr. Malik said the nighttime release was fine and was the body’s way of healing and re-establishing connections. All I know is I could not wait to grab this fat meat and release my aching balls of their seed. I was a walking, dripping, fully armed tomahawk missile primed for liftoff!

I finished packing up my few items in the new backpack and put on the new tank top, shorts, and athletic shoes that Dr. Malik had provided for me. The clothes were all a little too big and loose, but he had said, “Don’t worry, you’ll be growing out of these in no time.” Even the size 12 shoes were larger than the standard size 11’s I had been wearing all my adult life. Then I flashed back to Big John’s gigantic feet and wondered what size he wore and why did that make another big glob of precum leak out of my fat cockhead?

Dr. Malik then entered my room and we chatted briefly about my discharge, my continued physical therapy and workout regimen, my extended short-term disability from my job, and that I could finally unload my throbbing cock this evening after 6 p.m. I was to orgasm at least three times per day and no more than six times in 24 hours. I was to return for a follow-up each week until my scheduled three-month procedure, which would be the first of many quarterly procedures over the next three years.

“I’ve hired an assistant to take you home and he will be available for your transportation needs over the next few weeks. The only heavy machinery you are allowed to operate is in the weight room with your Trainer. No driving until I give you the okay,” Dr. Malik instructed as we began leaving the room and walking towards the lobby exit of his building.

As we reached the front doors, Dr. Malik extended his hand, but I brushed it aside and wrapped my arms around him. “Thank you, Doctor, you have saved me and given me back my life! I don’t know how I can ever repay you for all you have done for me.”

With a pat on my butt and a hug back, he said, “Complete the study and follow my instructions is all I ask and that will be all the thanks that I need.”

Outside was a blue Mercedes S Class with the back passenger door open and a strikingly tall young man walking towards me. He looked and moved like a model off the runway in Milan. He was incredibly handsome with the darkest skin tone that contrasted starkly against the light blue collared shirt that snugly fit his muscular upper body. Tyson Beckford instantly came to mind, but this man was in his early 20s and was much taller at 6’5.”

“Good morning, Sir. Please allow me to carry your backpack,” he said, as he quickly slipped it from my shoulder to his large hand. “My name is David, and I will be assisting you over the next few weeks.” He guided me into the back seat of the luxury sedan and closed the door. He placed my backpack in the front passenger seat and then walked around the front of the vehicle to the driver’s side. My eyes were quickly drawn to the gorgeous bubble butt that filled out the dress pants that looked to be painted on his lower body. The image of my throbbing fat white cock parting those dark cheeks sent a tremble through my body and caused my pre-cum to leak through my underwear and gym shorts.

My townhome address was preloaded in the navigation system, and we headed out. Along the drive, we chatted, and I learned that David was a recent college graduate and he had started a personal training business and Dr. Malik had been a generous investor in his new venture. He had been a two-sport athlete in college playing basketball and baseball but wasn’t good enough to get into the pros. He was considering getting his master’s in exercise physiology but wanted to take a year to work on his business before taking that next step.

We arrived at my place and David again carried my backpack to my door even though I felt fully recovered and could have easily managed the lightweight pack. It was nice having a young stud assisting me. My home still had unpacked boxes in every corner as I had recently relocated to Houston from my long-time home in Atlanta for a new position with a new firm. I had only been to the office one day when the accident happened as I was leaving the office.

“Why don’t you go rest for a while before we train at 3 p.m.,” David said as he guided me towards my oversized sofa in the living room. “I’ll grab my stuff and get settled in the guest room.” I guess David saw the surprised look on my face. “Yes, Dr. Malik arranged for me to be a full-time driver and assistant during your recovery period. Not only am I your trainer but I’m also your assistant and will take care of all of your needs.” His eyes then floated down to my throbbing cock tenting the loose gym shorts and staining a large circle where the head was threatening to bust through the material.

“Sounds great!” was all I could muster before David turned quickly and exited to retrieve his stuff.

I must have fallen asleep because when I came to David was working nearby unboxing some books and placing them on the built-in bookcase. He was completely naked except for a well-worn, old-school jock that had originally been white but was now a faded gray. The haggard pouch carried a substantial package that one would imagine a 6’5’’ tall, muscular black stud would stereotypically possess. As he turned, the framing of that muscular bubble butt with the withered straps made me throb. His body was a finely tuned machine with hard muscles displayed from head to toe. He had been working for some time as he was covered in sweat, his movements were a beautiful dance of symmetry and strength as he lifted full stacks of books from the box and then critically displayed each in the bookcase. I realized I had subconsciously been stroking my aching thick cock as I secretly watched and was very close to erupting when I remembered my orders and quickly released my grip. The sound of my fat pipe hitting my abs was loud enough for David to hear above his music in his earbuds as he turned back to me and said, “How was your rest?”

“It was great! You have a beautiful body!” I said grabbing my thick rod and slowly stroking it.

“Thanks, daddy,” he replied with a mischievous smile. He put down the books in his hands and walked over to me. Towering above me like a giant beast, his sweat-soaked jock expanding with the entrapped club stretching the tattered threads. I sat up and my mouth was only inches from his bulging pouch when he reached down and placed his huge hand under my chin and raised my face to look at him above. The 8-pack was smooth, hard, and deep, leading to thick pecs with little pointy nipples, up to that beautifully handsome face and those full kissable lips.

This was not a tender ‘our eyes met’ romantic setting. No, this was a young strong man with a firm grip on my head controlling the moment and establishing his dominance. His look was determined and in a militaristic voice he said, “Playtime will come later. Release that grip on your dick, and refocus that energy. We are leaving in five minutes for the gym.”

I exhaled and immediately let go of my throbbing cock. The thrill of submission washed over me, and I felt a happiness and understanding envelope me that this young man was now in control.

We pulled into the parking lot of the gym where David and I will be training, and my eyes lit up. I knew of this gym from some Bodybuilders that I followed on Instagram. David said, “Yea, there’s some big dudes here. A lot of the pros train here and train their clients, so it is a good mix of hardcore and newbies, it is for men only, and, of course, there are the muscle admirers.” he added with a wink.

He grabbed both of our gym bags and threw them over his thick delts. When I objected, he barked, “I’m the boss here and you’ll do exactly what I tell you to do without any whiny ass objections, understood?”

The dominant delivery and forthright tone startled me for a second. “Yes Sir!” I responded with a smile, happy as hell that I was finally going to have a real trainer to work with me, and damn, what a sexy dominant stud he was!

The gym was a two-story, rectangular-shaped, open warehouse with one side all windows which looked out onto an outdoor equipment area. The slower afternoon hour had a few members working out but there were a lot of huge bodybuilders hanging out in the lounge area all with their food containers and shakes gulping down meal 4 or 5 for the day. Unlike most chain fitness facilities, the dress code here was to cover your dick and ass, the rest is up to you. Some of the bodybuilders had on tanks and shorts, but most were shirtless, and I stopped in my tracks to take in all of the herd of muscle beasts in one location.

“Move it!” barked my new trainer, shaking me out of my transfixed position. The next two hours were grueling hard work as he put me through the toughest full-body workout I had ever experienced. I learned quickly to keep my eyes and my mind focused on the lift or my trainer. He always demanded my full attention. Each time my eyes strayed to check out one of the monsters around me, David would be in my face like a drill sergeant!

A few minutes after 5 p.m., when I felt like my body was at the breaking point, David finally said, “Good job, muscle daddy! Go wash your hands and then we will go to the lounge area for your after-workout shake.” I tried to keep pace with his stride towards the men’s room, but my body was too exhausted, and my muscles were so pumped that movement was slow and constricted.

I entered the locker room and quickly found the urinal as I had to release all the water that David had forced into me during our session. It was one of those big metal troughs you used to see in sports arenas and thankfully it was empty when I pulled up and released my steel pipe of a cock from my sweaty shorts that was standing at full attention. The whiff of sweat from my balls hit my nose and caused my cock to throb harder as I tried to focus on releasing the pent-up piss from my bladder. Waterfalls, rivers, running water, all images flashed through my mind to trigger the release and finally, the jet of urine came out and hit the upper steel wall side of the trough with a loud thud. Ah, release, that felt so good to be holding my thick meat with my right hand holding down the erection ensuring I was pissing straight ahead and not up to the ceiling.

A mountain of muscle walked up next to me on my right and plopped out his dick. I did the subtle side glance and nod. He was one of the trainer bodybuilders, my height but probably in the upper 280s with muscles bulging in every direction. Whatever small size penis he was holding was blocked from my glance by his hand and thick forearm. In the split second that I turned to make eye contact and nod; I saw that his eyes were locked in on my rock-hard cock spewing piss like an open fire hydrant.

“Damn Daddy, you got to be careful with that big bat!” the bodybuilder said with a smirk. “You could do some real damage.”

I gave it a playful tug and replied, “Yep, lifting weights always gets me all horned up.” By now, my bladder had finally emptied, and I gave my log the customary few strokes to eliminate the last drops of piss. Bodybuilder’s eyes never strayed. I gave the big dick a few more strokes enjoying the heftiness in my hand and the admiration of this huge muscular stud boy. “See you around,” I said as I closed shop and headed over to the sinks.

I turned to check out the backside view and this stud’s ass was one for the record books. The sweaty tights clung to his glutes showing the striations and massive round globes of muscle. And the relaxed turtle shell of his back was magnificent with the lats hanging thick on each side then cut into a tiny waist! Oh Yea, this is my kind of gym.

Over to the right was a hallway with five open shower stalls on each side. I thought how odd it was that there was no door or curtain for privacy. It looked like only one shower was occupied by the huge shadow and steam coming from the last one on the left. Suddenly, I heard this deep voice begin singing and I stopped in my tracks. Couldn’t be—? I quietly crept down the short hall until I began to see the massive body in the shower. The huge, wet muscles dominated the size of the stall as he continued to lather up and sing loudly. One more step as I inched closer. It was him!

Big John now had his back to me, but I would recognize that gigantic body anywhere! He was so big he had to make quarter turns within the tight space, and I quickly retracted so he wouldn’t catch me stalking him. I took a breath and mentally saved all those images in the spank bank for later. But wait, I thought he was on vacation, was that him or not? I looked over toward the locker room and could see David pulling out our gym bags and realized I needed to get moving.

I met David at the lockers, and we headed out to the lounge area. He gave me my protein shake and a Tupperware of gummy bears. I was both exhausted and exhilarated at the same time as I gulped down my shake and snack. “I saw Nick eyeing your huge cock at the urinal, that big boy loves to get daddy fucked,” David said nonchalantly but still loud enough for the tables of nearby bodybuilders to hear. I just smiled and nodded back at David as a couple of the huge men turned to check me out.

“Drink up, it’s almost 6 p.m. and I have a surprise for you,” he said with a knowing wink that my deadline for sex was almost here. The precum faucet roared forth, causing a darker stain in my sweaty shorts as my aching meat begged for release.

David took the stairs two by two as he easily climbed up to the second floor of the gym. I looked at the stairs as if they were never-ending as they rose to the sky challenging my recently worked out muscles. Surprisingly as I took the first steps up my body was renewed with energy and drive. I quickly matched David’s stride and we were at the top in an instant.

The upper floor was probably about 25% of the total gym space as it overlooked the main lifting area below. As we entered the hallway there were four rooms, two on each side, then a larger deck with some cardio equipment with a view of the area below. The grunts of massive muscle men could be heard below above the music from the gym’s sound system. The second door on the right was a quarter open and David went straight through with a turn to me and a nod signaling me to follow. The door had a “Massage in session, please lower your volume” sign and I smiled at the idea of getting a hot massage as a surprise.

“Jason, meet Sergei,” David said with a motion to the beast of a young man rising from a side chair to greet me. Sergei had that Eastern European / Slavic facial structure with thick black, unruly hair, and he gave off that masculine ‘I don’t give a fuck’ vibe. He was about my height at 5’10’’ and was built like a cement truck weighing in at the 250# range or more with black thick body hair sprouting out from every visible surface of his body. I imagined his pits and pubes were a thick black forest of fur! Under his loose-fitting t-shirt and sweats, I could tell this young stud was strong as a bull. He had cords of muscle wrapped around his forearm which expanded into a thick upper arm as he reached out to fist bump me and gave me a nod of hello.

David ordered in his military-toned trainer voice, “Strip down and put your clothes on that bench, there’s a shower in the corner for you to rinse off, then lie face down on the table.” I went to the bench and peeled off my sweaty tank top expecting the two of them to leave the room while I prepared for my upcoming massage. Instead, as I glanced back, David and Sergei were in a full embrace with David’s tongue deep in Sergei’s throat and their arms locked around each other grabbing at clothes and muscles. “Hurry up!” David barked at me as he broke from Sergei to remove his tight tank top.

I quickly stripped the rest of my sweaty gear and raced to the corner shower. My view of the room was completely blocked as I turned on the warm spray of water. I soaped up, excited about the idea of Sergei’s big, strong hands on my body, and realized my muscles were still incredibly full and pumped from my workout. My hairy pecs were the thickest I had ever felt, so were my guns, and my quads, damn, look at those beefy quads with the pronounced teardrop and a sweep out as the muscle flexed. Everything was bigger and harder, even my newly thickened cock looked a little bit longer and my balls were increased in volume as I felt their heft with my soapy hand. Not wanting David to yell at me again, I quickly rinsed off and grabbed the available towel to dry off.

When I walked around the corner toward the massage table neither young man was in sight. I dropped the towel on the bench and climbed up on the table with my face in the circular holder and stared at the floor below wondering when Sergei would return. The room was dimly lit with the glow of the overhead warmer above the table. The door opened and I started to instinctively rise to see who entered when David ordered, “Face down!”

I could see through the hole as David’s large naked feet came to a stop near the right side of my face and Sergei’s hairy calves and thick feet to my left. “Oh wait, I almost forgot this,” David said as he removed his worn, sweaty, tattered jock to his feet and grabbed it with his right hand, Sergei then raised my head and David shoved the jock around the face holder. Pushing my head back down into the sweaty confines of the battered pouch of the jock, I moaned in appreciation as the musky smell of his meat hit my senses and wondered if this thing had ever been washed.

I then felt the warm oils hit my entire body and Sergei’s hands began to work my upper back and shoulders. Then two other hands were on my hamstrings soaking the oil into the muscles. Four Hands! Oh my god, David had joined Sergei in the rubdown! I could feel my cock throb and release a huge glob of precum. David had moved down and was rubbing the oil into each of my feet while Sergei had pulled my arms forward above my head, like I was Superman flying, and was massaging my forearms and hands. Just then I felt two more hands spreading my glutes and caressing the oil around my hairy hole, oh fuck, six hands were now working my body. I wanted to rise and see who had joined our group but I was too engulfed at the moment as the sensation of touch overloaded my body and mind.

The mystery man working my glutes eased an arm under my torso and easily lifted me as his other hand grabbed my throbbing cock and pulled it down between my legs. My rigid cock ached as the uncomfortable movement from pointing to my chest to now pointing to my feet took hold. The hand continued to slowly milk my fat pole and it eased the discomfort of the transition. The six hands continued to mold and manipulate every inch of my body for the next 10 minutes, 3 hours, or 5 days, fuck, I don’t know, time seemed to stop and start as the waves of pleasure flowed over me.

“How are you feeling, Daddy?” David’s voice finally whispered in my ear.

“Mmm, amazing,” was all I could muster.

“I’m going to have you roll over in a second but I want you to keep your eyes closed until I tell you to, understood?”

“Yes Sir,” I replied.

I was then told to roll over and as I got settled in the new position on my back, my cock thumped my abs with a loud ‘thwack!’ The aching need to cum was so strong I thought I would shoot right then but was able to avoid the release. I then felt a warm compress or blindfold placed over my eyes and the massage action began anew on the front-facing muscles of my body.

After a while, hours, days, again time was unknown to me, each of my feet was being lifted and my knees bent so that my legs were at a 45-degree angle and pushed towards my chest, and then support was placed locking each ankle in mid-air. I heard the lower part of the table disengage just as each of my arms was also raised and supports were secured around my wrists. Within an instant, the massage table had been transformed into a table-sling and I was locked in position for what was to happen next.

Mouths were sucking on each of my hyper-sensitive nipples and I could feel something thick and hard pushing at my exposed hairy manhole trying to breach the entry. The blindfold was removed and instantly I saw David sucking on my right pec and Nick, the immense, handsome bodybuilder from the urinal, working my left pec. Sergei was standing between my raised legs with his bull cock aimed at my hole. Grateful that the three studs had been fingering my hole and loosening me up throughout the massage as Sergei rammed his cock deep in my hole and I felt his balls slap the underside of my ass. Sergei fucked as a man possessed! Ramming the entire length of his 9-inch angry cock in and then completely out of my hole with each power stroke. The repeated re-entry sent waves of pain and pleasure through my body as he power drove his hard cock into my now gaping hole. I groaned and struggled from the abuse but I was completely trapped, locked into the table-sling. The waves of pleasure became stronger and the pain diminished and I felt that rising, deep feeling in my overstimulated prostate and knew my orgasm was almost here.

Sergei immediately slammed deep into my hole and unleashed his load with several loud moans from his massive furry chest. He then pulled out his dripping cock and my gaping hole sucked in the air causing my prostate to tighten up and my rising orgasm to stop.

David and Sergei immediately swapped places and my eyes widened as I finally saw the club of black cock that swung out from David’s enormous body. I began shaking my head NO as David lined up the massive monstercock at my ravaged hole. Ignoring my protestations, David slid into my opened hole stretching it wider than Sergei’s beercan cock. His huge head slid past my prostate and continued diving deeper and deeper until he finally hit that second hole guardian and stopped. We both took a breath and I realized there was still a lot more of his monstercock exposed that could be rammed in my overstuffed ass. Unlike the full powerfuck abuse that Sergei drove, David was a more rhythmic fucker with only slow and steady movements of two to three inches of withdrawal and return. Each time his fat cockhead hit against the closed wall of my second hole. I had never been so full of cock before. As if on cue, Sergei stood up and shoved his beercan dick down my throat thus fulfilling the prophecy in my mind. This went on and on and the slow-motion stimulation against my roughed up prostate reignited my pending orgasm.

“I’ve got to have that fat, juicy Daddy dick!” Nick exclaimed as he was stroking my leaking pipe. David instantly reached up to the ceiling levers and readjusted my ankle restraints, widening and lowering my legs so that my cock was now exposed and ready to ride while he was still fucking me deep with his black nightstick. Nick quickly climbed up and straddled my torso and my eyes finally took in the massive smooth muscles of this power-bottom bodybuilder. Except for the thick mop of curly brown hair on his head, Nick was completely hairless overall 280 pounds of rippling muscles. My god, he was gorgeous! He reached behind him to spread his massive ass cheeks as David grabbed my pole and aimed it at the receiving target. My dick was so juicy that no lube was needed as I entered the tight muscle ass and Nick slammed down encompassing every inch of my fat meat. Nick’s smaller four inches were slapping against his washboard abs as he expertly rode my dick in a wide assortment of movements with depth, motion, and rhythm. This muscleboy knew how to ride a cock!

Nick’s huge pecs were bouncing and popping as he climbed up and down my throbbing cock. I wanted to reach out and grab the thick pec meat and tweak the pointy nipples with my fingers but was still restrained in the arm cuffs. “I’m going to cum Daddy!” Nick moaned and this set off an incredible chain reaction! Nick’s hole tightened on my cock as cum started flying from his tiny dick. The sensation of the vice-like grip of his gigantic ass caused me to finally unload as the first long spray of my cum drove up and out of my cock blasting the insides of his muscle hole. My eyes rolled back and my whole body clenched as the first orgasm in a week took hold which triggered both Sergei and David to unload in both of my holes at the same time as I was flooding Nick.

David, Nick, and Sergei had all stopped shooting with David and Sergei both pulling their spent mancocks from my holes but I was still blasting away deep inside Nick’s tight hole! My orgasm was intense and the waves of cum seemed never-ending with my load now flowing out of Nick’s manhole. Nick finally pulled off and David grasped my thick meat with both hands and continued jacking as rope after rope of cum shot out and covered Nick’s back and David’s front. Finally, my orgasm subsided and he released my still hard cock, and my body melted back down into the massage table/sling. Nick leaned over and gave me a deep kiss, “that was amazing Daddy! I can’t wait to have you load me up again! Let me know when you are ready?”

“Let’s go!” I said not missing a beat, motioning for him to hop back on my still rock-hard, throbbing cock!

As I stood looking at my fully naked body reflected in the mirror, I couldn’t believe how much I had changed in the last 3 months. Today was the day for my first booster shot since I had my initial procedure, and I was at Dr. Malik’s clinic anxiously waiting for him to arrive. I had gone through hours and hours of tests, poked, prodded, and measured, all to provide Dr. Malik with a baseline assessment for my initial reaction to this evening’s booster and a timeline marker as I progressed through his project.

I still looked like me in the face except my skin was a little tighter, my eyes a little brighter and the puffy bags underneath had completely disappeared. My salt and pepper-cropped hair was still there but had a thickness and shininess to it now and the same for my clipped short beard. And was it my imagination that there was less salt and more pepper than before? Maybe, it was hard to tell, but what wasn’t difficult to notice were the drastic changes in my body.

Earlier in the day when David and I arrived, Big John had measured me at 5 feet, 10½ inches in height, up a half-inch from my standard adult height all these years. My weight was now 220 pounds and back to my typical weight before the car accident. However, the realignment of my muscle to body fat was incredible. In the past, I had never been a ripped guy always trying to get as massive as I could so my belly was never tight. Big John and David were arguing that my body fat percentage was now under 10%, with Big John saying no way and David proclaimed, “Look at those abs and tell me he is not.”

“Well, the Doc will put him through the tests and we’ll find out soon enough that I’m right.” Big John ended the bantering and ushered David out of the room while he continued his measurements. Neck, Shoulders, Chest, Arms, Waist, Hips, Quads, Calves, Hands, Feet, and finally Cock, were all painstakingly noted, checked, and rechecked.

Big John would never say the numbers but he would sometimes give me a nod of approval. “Eyes forward!” he would bark when I would try to sneak a peek.

I asked Big John during one of the breaks of his tasks, “Don’t get me wrong, you smell good, but you don’t have that amazing, musky scent like before that set me off?.” He smiled and said, “Yeah, I’m wearing a blocker on my pits. I typically wear it so my coworkers and patients aren’t constantly getting erections when they are around me. I wasn’t wearing the blockers when we met per the Doctor’s orders. He needed to get a semen sample and wanted to test how quickly you responded and were affected by my man-stink.”

I laughed and asked, “Well, how did I do?”

“One of the fastest response rates ever!” Big John said with a smile. “Most men have to be close and I have to be sweaty with my pits exposed to set them off. But you shot off like a rocket with me several feet away and still wearing my scrubs. It was only when I was on top of you completely naked and smothered you in my big pits that you completely lost it!” I perked up remembering that night and how I had no memory after that initial overload. “Yea, your eyes rolled back and your body went into a full clinched spasm. I think you were in a euphoric state for about an hour before you finally broke out of it and then passed out for the night.”

The day continued with test after test, and my aching cock throbbed from being so near the enormous Big John all day. He was a walking fantasy man to me! Finally, Dr. Malik came in and reviewed all of my test results, and explained the next procedure and what I was to expect when I came awake from the sleeping meds. He told me that David would be notified when I awoke and would be waiting to pick me up. We should go straight home before the ‘Superdrive’ kicks in. Big John laughed and said, “Yeah, for me, it usually would hit an hour after waking. I hope David is ready for ya, little man!”

When I woke I immediately felt a little soreness in my lower back but that quickly went away. Big John came to my bedside and said, “About time you woke up sleepy head. How are you feeling?”

I shook the grogginess out of my head. “Great, had a moment of feeling soreness in my lower back but that’s gone and I feel energized.”

Big John then ordered me to stand up, he took my vitals and measurements again. 5’11’’ tall and 233 pounds in weight. Wow, I had grown a half-inch in height and put on 13 pounds! He quickly grabbed the various muscle measurements telling me to flex this and flex that. He didn’t have to tell me to flex my dick as I was throbbing upright from the second I awoke. “8 x 6.5 inches!” Big John said with appreciation as he let go of my fat meat, letting it slap my abs before pointing again at due north. I slipped on my gym shorts, tank top, socks, and sneakers.

“Head on out little man and enjoy that Superdrive!” Big John gave me a big slap on the ass with his gargantuan hand as he ushered me out the front door of the clinic.

At 3 a.m., it was pitch black and no one was in the nearby area except for David waiting in the driver’s seat with the passenger door open. I climbed in and buckled up, David immediately sped off towards home and asked, “How are you feeling, Daddy? You look fucking swole!”

“I’m great, feel good and energized—”

I was interrupted by David moaning, “Oh my god, daddy, that smell, you mmm, fuck, you smell like pure sex!” I glanced over to see his huge club cock tenting his basketball shorts and a wet spot where his precum was soaking through. He was going commando. The car swerved as we were entering the on-ramp to the expressway and David lost himself in the sexual bliss of my exposed armpits in my tank top. The superpower that Big John had was now happening with me, as my pits were producing a pheromone-laced smell that was sending David to an orgasmic state. I grabbed the steering wheel and righted our vehicle in the lane and pressed the down button opening my passenger side window. I told David to open all of the windows and sunroof and that provided the escape from my scent and clarity needed for him to return focus to driving our car.

I relaxed from the moment of panic of being in another auto accident when I saw and heard the flashing lights and siren of a police car racing up the ramp behind us. “Fuck!” David exclaimed.

“It’s okay,” I replied in my calmest daddy voice, “just pull over up here to the side and we’ll get this straightened out.”

As he pulled over, I realized that shirtless 6’5” David with a foot-long, rock-hard cock tenting his basketball shorts with no underwear was going to be quite a sight for the Texas State Trooper as he walked up to our vehicle.

The beam from his flashlight hit first David and then me as he swept the vehicle. “License and registration please,” the State Trooper asked as he knelt to show his face. Damn! He was about 5’7’’, muscular under his tight uniform, Asian looks, maybe Vietnamese, and probably in his early 30’s. His nametag said Officer Huang. “Have you gentlemen been drinking this evening?” he asked, as his flashlight swept from David to me, back again, then landing on the monster tent of David’s colossal cock.

“No Sir,” we both replied in unison.

“You were driving erratically as you entered the on-ramp,” the sexy Trooper stated matter-of-factly all the while his eyes and light beam locked in on that rock-hard meat. Just once I wished David would start to lose his erection, but he was the type that once he got hard, it stayed hard until he released, no matter what.

“Sir, are you carrying any weapons? What is that in your shorts?” said the Trooper as he nodded towards the club cock.

“No weapons and that’s my erect penis, Sir. I haven’t seen my boyfriend in a while and, well, we are both excited to get home,” David said as innocently as he could muster. The beam of light went from David over to my aching boner and back again to David’s cock.

“I’m going to need you to step out of the vehicle and perform a sobriety check test,” the Trooper said to David as he stepped back and allowed space for David to exit the vehicle.

Officer Huang directed me, “I’m going to also need your Identification and ask you to exit and step 5 yards in front of the vehicle in the headlights where I can see you.” I did as instructed and watched as David, now towering over the much shorter Trooper, listened intently to the instructions for the sobriety test. The trooper then did a pat-down on David around his hips and ass, grabbing each leg, before fully gripping the hard 12 inches with both hands and squeezing it from tip to base. Well, that seemed a little beyond protocol, but I was enjoying the show. David then extended his arms and did the ‘touch your nose with each finger’ test, his wingspan was vast when he fully stretched out compared to the smaller cop demonstrating the procedure. Completing the first test, David then turned and did the step-over-step in a straight line 10 yards out before turning and repeating the steps back toward the officer. Being athletic saved him because it was a struggle maneuvering around that foot-long salami!

“You may both re-enter your vehicle and I’ll be right back,” the Texas State Trooper spoke and then headed back to his vehicle.

I heard David exhale as we settled into our seats. “You did great son, we’ll be on our way home in a few. He’s probably just running the plates and our IDs for any outstanding warrants. You’re good, right?” I said jokingly.

“What, oh yea, daddy, I’m good. We’re good. It’s just stressful being pulled over but he was very nice and respectful. Did you catch how he grabbed my dick? And did you see his muscular ass when he walked back to his car?” David was wound up and looking for sex. Before I could respond we both noticed the muscular Trooper heading back to our vehicle.

“Listen, guys, I’m going to let you go with a warning but I also want to make you an offer,” the Trooper said, garnering our full attention. “My brother has a body shop garage at the next exit and my shift has ended. I think for everyone’s safety, I’d love to help you both take care of those huge hard cocks, if you’re interested?”

David glanced at me and I quickly nodded yes but I don’t think it even registered in David’s mind as he was going to do this regardless of my response. “Sounds great, Officer, should we follow you?” David enthusiastically responded.

“Yes, we’ll park in the back. I have keys if my brother is not already down.” We followed the quarter-mile to the next exit and pulled in behind the State Trooper’s vehicle in the rear of the building, neither of us spoke a word. We followed the Trooper to the back door and there was a light on in that part of the dark garage. He gave the door a quick knock and it opened unlocked. We followed the Trooper inside the office and he said, “David and Jason, I’m Tony and this is my twin brother, Terry.”

“Let’s head up to the loft,” Terry suggested after initial introductions and conversation. I would later learn that the Huang Twins were second-generation Vietnamese who grew up in the Asia-town area of southeast Houston. They had been outstanding competitive gymnasts at the University of Houston and they both still kept their bodies in competition shape. The twins were identical in every way except Tony had a more militaristic crewcut and Terry had a trendier cut with long curly hair on top tapered down on each side.

The loft space turned out to be a well-designed, leather playroom with slings, monitors playing rough man-on-man porn, and one wall with a large assortment of dildos of various colors and astonishing shapes and sizes! There were additional restraint devices, modified sex furniture, and a cage in one corner. The Huang twins were submissive little freaks and I was anxious to get the action started.

Tony practically attacked David’s footlong, down on his knees servicing the giant club with his hands and eager mouth. They were positioned by one of the slings and David nodded to me to take the other one. I stripped off my clothes and grabbed Terry’s hard ass and pulled him in tight. My hairy pecs rubbed against his ultra-smooth muscular chest and my thick juicy pole slid in between his solid thighs. I easily picked him up and his legs immediately wrapped around my torso. My cock was now positioned right at his hole and I reached around to guide it to the target. But Terry had other ideas, as he released his leg lock and dropped to the floor.

“I want you to spank me, daddy, I’ve been really bad,” Terry said with a very mischievous look on his face. I bent down and threw him over my left shoulder and carried him over to a workbench. Letting him down as I sat down on the bench and said, “Assume the position boy, daddy is going to hand out your punishment.” Terry immediately stretched out over my knees, face down, and his sexy, muscled ass in the air. I placed my right hand on each glute, going back and forth, feeling the fine muscular ass, and delaying the spanking thus building up his anticipation. I then raised my palm and gave him ten hard smacks on each glute in rapid-fire succession. The sound of hand to ass competing with his loud cries from the sudden onslaught of pain filled the loft. I stopped the abuse and lightly rubbed the now reddened ass with a firm, commanding stroke. My left hand grabbed the back of his neck keeping him locked in position as I quickly repeated the series of ten hard smacks to each side of his now fully reddened ass. As I was preparing for the next round of abuse, it suddenly hit me from deep inside my being. It started in that primal part of my brain and flooded every inch of my body like a tidal wave rolling through me.

I had to fuck! Right now! The drive to ram my cock in a tight hole was so overwhelming and demanding that nothing could distract me from the singular Superdrive that had taken over my body. I was a horned-up animal needing to dominate a hole with my thick cock until I exploded inside.

I practically threw Terry into the sling and spit on his little pink hole before ramming my 8-inch thick rod inside him. I gave him just a moment to adjust to the size of my thick throbbing meat but he didn’t need long as he was an experienced bottom and ready for the aggressive pounding to come. Fifteen, Twenty, Thirty minutes of the nonstop pounding of his muscled ass and I was not even close to shooting my load. My muscular body was covered in sweat and the smell of my pits and hard fucking had caused Terry to cum multiple times but he stayed in the game and kept taking my brutal assault on his hole. Finally, as we were coming up on the hour-long mark, I felt my heavy balls rise and the impending orgasm start to build. Deep grunts erupted from my hairy chest with each thrust, I shook off the sweat and threw the pounding frequency into a higher gear, increasing my rapid pumps to a high-speed thrusting causing Terry to scream out in ecstasy, “Pound my hole, daddy!” My balls tightened and the cum erupted up my aggressive cock and blasted the inside of that hole with load after load of my muscle cum. I just kept pounding his ass, rapid-fire, never stopping my power stride for a second as I completely flooded his hole and my cum was being forced out and spraying everywhere with each penetration.

I kept fucking! The Superdrive was still in control and round two of the assault on this beautiful gymnast’s ass continued onward at a rapid pace for another 45 minutes before the second wave of my orgasm hit. This one was even more potent than the first with the volume of cum I released exploding out of his hole and soaking the area below us. I realized then that Tony and David were both kneeling below the sling and were guzzling up my load as it escaped from Terry’s ravaged hole.

I kept fucking! I started round 3 but Terry was begging to tag out and Tony was begging to tag in. The gymnast twins quickly swapped places and I rammed my steel-hard pole deep in Tony’s stretched and gaping hole. David had done some damage with his foot-long club cock and prepped this hole well for my forceful powerfuck. I had now been fucking nonstop for over 2 hours and yet I felt like I was just getting started. The need was still as strong and my stamina unlimited, I had to fuck! I think I had 3 or 4 more orgasms over the next 2 hours as I completely dominated and ruined Tony’s hole. The sun had come up and both twins were now exhausted from both David and me.

I kept fucking! David came over and aggressively pulled me out of Tony’s hole, “enough daddy, we need to go.” I looked up at his beautiful face and said, “I can’t explain it son, but I need to fuck! We have to find another ass soon.” He pulled out his phone and did some quick typing and messaging back and forth as he ordered me to put on my clothes. I did as instructed but the fabric touching my fat head was too much so I dropped the waistband below my balls and grabbed my tank in my hand. I looked over at the twins, both were awake, but in a euphoric state of bliss and could barely move.

I needed to fuck! The Superdrive commanded again. “Let’s go, daddy,” David ordered and we headed downstairs and out of the back door of the garage to our car. I buckled up and didn’t speak, both of my hands were milking my fat log trying to mimic the fuck sensation and feed the Superdrive what it needed. We sped through the morning traffic as I continued masturbating my rod. I remember looking up at a tow truck driver when we were at a traffic light and he was smiling watching me fist fuck my fat cock. Other drivers would look over as we continued onward, but I didn’t care. I was so focused on my throbbing cock. At another traffic light, a hunky UPS driver with muscles bulging out of his uniform. That did it... Boom! Ropes of cum shot out of my meaty rod flying through the opened sunroof and back again on my chest and head like the Bellagio Fountains. David hit the gas and I kept shooting loads.

I needed to fuck! The Superdrive kept commanding. “We’re here,” David said as he put the car in park in the covered driveway of a single-story house. I kept one hand stroking my dick as we walked through the unlocked back door, through a kitchen, and into a living room. Nick, the power bottom bodybuilder, was on all fours wearing only a tight jockstrap, his huge muscled ass ready to be mounted.

I kept fucking!

Nick was an incredible sight to behold and normally I would have taken the time to savor the unreal beauty of this muscular beast positioned to serve, but the Superdrive was still in control and all I could do was dive right in!

Don’t get me wrong, the Huang Twins were amazing with their 185 pound ripped bodies that were ultra-flexible and could be molded and manhandled in any imaginable way possible. But Nick was a formidable monster and one of the largest men in Texas who had been bulking up since our last encounter and was now a mountain of muscle weighing in at 308 pounds! He had also let his natural body hair grow out and had sexy light fur on his legs and arms, with a light covering over his monumental ass.

David grabbed the giant glutes and parted the way as I aimed my cock towards his hairy man-hole. He was already lubed and ready, so I easily slammed every inch down in his tight cave until my balls smacked against him. There was no give in Nick’s body as I crashed into him, he was planted like a muscled tank and didn’t move an inch as I rammed in him as hard as I could. Nick began squeezing his ass muscles in time with my strokes, tightening his hole and rippling his glutes as I fully entered and released on the pull back out. The musclefuck went on and on with David standing to our left enjoying the show and slowly stroking his club. I couldn’t believe I was fucking this enormous bodybuilder! It took me about 45 minutes of constant assault before another orgasm took hold and I drowned that muscle-hole with my load. “My turn,” David insisted as he tried to motion me to pull out.

I kept fucking! “Not yet, son, I gotta keep pounding this incredible, gigantic ass!” I refused. David then moved to the front and let Nick suck and stroke his colossal club cock. Nick was still planted firmly to the ground, the strength of this stud was impressive and hot as fuck.The globes of his glutes gave way to the tight waist which then shot out incredibly wide to his cobra lats, thick slabs of meat hanging thick on each side. His back also expanded upward due to the thickness of years of focused deadlifts and heavy rows. Sweat had accumulated on his back and ran in streams down the sides and toward his ass, gathering in a small puddle at the base of his tight, Christmas tree erector spinae muscles. His left fist now supported all of his upper body weight and my pounding thrusts while his right hand was wrapped around the foot-long club of David’s beautiful cock. “Yes daddy, own this ass, give me that fat cock, daddy!” Nick moaned in between swallowing that huge meat.

I kept fucking! I told Nick I wanted him to flip over. We decided to move over to his oversized sectional sofa with Nick lying flat on his back with each of his 23” calves resting on my shoulders, my arms wrapped around the tree trunk quads as my cock plunged back into the warm, fuzzy hole. David then straddled Nick’s gigantic chest and slapped his dick on his pecs and began fucking the deep valley of his chest, David was bucking and moaning hard as he closed in quickly on his orgasm. With a loud groan, David was stroking that huge club frantically as he shot out his cum and completely drained his balls. David quickly rolled off and stretched out his 6’5’’ frame on the adjacent sectional, looking exhausted from the hours of sexual activity. The sight of the sweaty 308 pound, handsome bodybuilder submitting below me was almost literally quite breathtaking. Nick had raised both hands behind his head, his 23½” guns semi flexed and the hairy muscle pits were soaked with sweat. I reached out and played with the thick slabs of hairy muscle on his pecs and worked the pointy nipples causing him to moan in ecstasy. David’s residual cum had rolled into the cavern between his pecs and followed the hairy trail down between each brick of his abs down to the well-worn jock which was soaked with several loads of Nick’s muscle jizz.

I kept fucking! Not sure when it started, and only realized it when I came out of it, but at some point, I went into a mesmerized, hypnotic state where the only thought and focus was my thick cock and the piston thrusting motion and incredible feeling inside Nick’s muscle ass. As I came out of it, Nick was now lying flat face-down on the floor and I was still riding his hole on top of him. David must have gone to the bedroom and crashed on Nick’s bed. I don’t know if I had just cum or what broke me out of my state of mind, but I slowly stopped pumping and just collapsed on top of and inside of this beautiful muscle stud. Nick turned his head to the side and leaned back as we kissed. “That was amazing, daddy!” he said with a huge smile.

“You are incredible!” I replied, my hands feeling the bowling ball-sized delts and the traps so thick I could barely get my hands around them.

I rolled off and sat on the floor with my back against the sofa. “I want you to stand up and flex for me, do your routine for me while I stroke this hard daddy dick.” Nick jumped up, grabbed his phone, activated his wireless speakers, and turned on the instrumental music that he used for his latest competition. He then returned to a spot 3 feet in front of me and began his posing routine from a crouched superman position with one fist on the floor.

The bodybuilder slowly rose and pointed his left hand out and upward, bringing his right hand into a flexed one-arm bicep, his abs tight and his monster quads screaming with striations and veins traveling over the huge terrain. The left hand then came inward to form a jaw-dropping double bicep pose, with each peak forming that envious double head. The lats flared into a ridiculous width and the sweat started to trickle from his hairy pits as he strained from the exertion. He was so massive in every way standing over me that he looked unreal.

“I’m so fucking pumped daddy! I feel like I’ve been lifting for hours!” Nick then turned slightly to the side and began to do a side triceps pose but he missed grabbing his arm from behind his back. He tried again and missed again. “I’m so fucking pumped daddy I can’t reach it! This is crazy!” Nick then stopped and went racing down the hall. A few minutes later he came back with his digital scales and plops them on the floor. “I can’t believe this...I don’t know what’s happening,” Nick said with a little shock in his voice as he stepped on the digital scale. “I’ve gained 15 pounds since yesterday!” as the numbers blasted out 324 pounds.

I laughed and said, “it’s all that muscle daddy cum I’ve been pounding into you for the last 6 hours!” He laughed but then we both stopped and looked at each other wondering if this could be true? Did my loaded cum juice him up? “All I know is I need all 324 pounds of my muscle stud riding this dick, right now!” I commanded as I motioned for Nick to come over and ride my throbbing meat. Nick was one of the best at riding cock. Typically this is my least favorite position when I’m fucking a stud, I like to be in control and drive my dick in hard. But Nick has a way of constantly changing his rhythm, the depth, the tightness, it’s difficult to explain but the sensations he causes on my cock caused me to shoot another massive load within 15 minutes. I then put him in the oversized chair and started slamming hard into that gigantic muscled ass. The hypnotic trance came over me again and I lost all focus except for my dick in that tight hairy hole.

A little after 8 p.m., David snapped me out of my trance as I was still pumping into Nick. David stood with protein shakes for both of us in hand. I pulled out of Nick’s warm and wet hole still rock hard and downed the giant container. “Jesus daddy, you’ve been fucking for over 16 hours and you’re still rock hard and ready to go!” David said in amazement.

“Yep, I’m still horned up but I don’t have that Superdrive to only fuck now, I think I’m ready for my hole to be stuffed with your big club cock!”

“Looks like you’ve worn Nick out finally,” David said to the exhausted but still awake bodybuilder under me. Nick smiled but could barely raise his head to kiss me goodbye once we were dressed and ready to head home.

“We need some food daddy, can we hold off on fucking until later tonight?” Nick asked as we got into the car heading home.

“Sure son, I can entertain myself until you’re ready,” I said, as I dropped my shorts and began stroking my throbbing thick cock with both hands. “Oh and call some of your top buds, I feel like my hole is going to need an all-night gang bang!”

It has been a crazy six months since I last updated my journal on the MG Project. Between my workouts, sex, meals, sex, sleep, sex, and work, my 24-hour day is jammed full. Shortly after that 48 hours of non-stop fucking after my first booster procedure, it seems like my life shifted into a different gear and some amazing things happened.

I started back at my job from my short-term disability leave on the Monday after the booster procedure and was at my desk for a whole hour before the news came in that we were being bought out by another firm. We were then told to go home and await further instructions. Thankfully, later that day I was informed that my position was maintained and I could also opt to work from home full time! Hell Yeah! This gave me the flexibility to do my work on my schedule which allowed me to continue my weight training and meal schedule with David.

Speaking of David, we realized that our relationship worked best as a daddy/son type, without any romantic interests between the two of us. We continued to have incredible sexual escapades but knew that we weren’t cut out for romance in our relationship. Besides, David was a complete top with zero interest or desire to ever bottom and I was versatile and wanted to have the opportunity to be inside of my lover from time to time. Our bond as a daddy/son was our strength and we thrived in supporting each other in those roles. He continued to train me daily and be my driver (out of choice, not out of necessity), plus support me at home by doing chores around the house wherever needed.

Interestingly, he and Texas State Trooper Tony Huang have become boyfriends and almost inseparable after that night we met 6 months ago. Officer Huang is over every night after his shift and I’m usually woken up to his moans as David is driving his club cock into that tight little muscled ass. When a total top and a total bottom meet, the pieces fit together like peanut butter and jelly. When they are together, they literally cannot keep their hands off of each other, it’s adorable.

While I don’t have a boyfriend, I do have a lot of regular fuck buddies. And I mean a whole lot! Once the initial Superdrive wore off, my sex drive settled back to where I would cum about 3-5 times per day. And when word got out of my stamina and size, boys were lining up to let daddy pound their holes. Add to it another large group of tops and versatile who liked pumping my muscle ass and my sex life had never been better. Number one on that list is Bodybuilder Nick. After that complete exhaustive fuckdown after my first booster, he came jumping back like a little puppy begging for more treats. As David says, “That big boy loves to get daddy fucked!” and he is an insatiable power-bottom who can take all I can give him. We realized that I did give him a size boost during my Superdrive period as we repeated the second booster with a 10-hour marathon of me flooding his manhole and again he put on 15 pounds of mass. Unfortunately, though, the size gain was only temporary and wore off after about a week both times.

I get the sense sometimes that Nick wants something more than just sex but I’ve kept him at a distance because I just don’t have the time or capacity to devote to someone right now. Maybe in a couple of years once I’m finished with the MG project and my life becomes more settled then I can focus on that but for now, I’m just focusing on my workouts, enjoying the muscle growth and all the benefits I’m experiencing as part of this incredible project.

Tomorrow is my 3rd quarter booster for year one marking 9 months since my original procedure and I’m still amazed at my growth. I’m now 5’11.5” tall (+1.5”) and weigh 258 pounds (+38#), my chest is 49” (+5”) and my waist tightened from 34” to 33” (-1”). My arms and calves both just hit the 19.5” mark (+2”) and I love to flex these big guns in every mirror I pass. My quads were always my weakest body part before, but they have exploded and are just shy of the 30” mark at 29” (+5.5”). My hands and feet continue to grow and I’m now wearing size 12.5 US shoes (+1.5). My almost constant rock-hard cock hasn’t gotten any thicker, but it has gotten longer at 8¾” (+2”), but I tell everyone it is 9” (LOL).

I can’t wait for this weekend’s Superdrive Party, which is what the boys now call the weekend after my boosters, it is going to be amazing! We learned from the previous two booster weekends that we need a couple of power bottoms for the first day and lots of tops for the second! David and Nick have spent the last month planning the big event with a specially curated guest list. Nick, of course, was the primary super-bottom on day 1 and David the super-top on day 2. Terry Huang is closing up his garage for the weekend and letting us use his loft playroom for a nonstop 2-day orgy of muscles, man-ass, and man-meat! I can’t wait!

David and I just got home about an hour ago from the gym and as typical we both stripped down to our jocks and I headed up to my home office on the 2nd floor of the townhouse to do some work. Turns out my primary work project got postponed for three weeks which freed up this time for me to finally write some updates in this journal.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Someone was pounding on the front door. I waited to hear David say he’s got it, but nothing. Bang! Bang! Bang! The pounding continued. Frustrated, I jumped up and headed downstairs wondering where David disappeared and why was this idiot—Bang! Bang! Bang!—pounding on my door. No David in sight, he must’ve slipped out to run an errand and I didn’t hear him say goodbye. Bang! Bang! Bang! “I’m coming, hold on!” I yelled towards the front door, still surprised at how much deeper my voice had become over these past few months. I flipped the deadbolt and threw open the door ready to curse out the fucker who was banging down my door.

The handsome young man took a step back and his mouth fell open and his eyes got big. He and his partner, standing a few steps behind him, were both dressed in tight white tee-shirts and jeans with a Superior Service logo on the right pec. They were both Latino, late 20’s or early 30’s, and built! Not from years in the gym sculpting their muscles with weights, no, these studs were built from lifting heavy furniture and crates, combined with years of hard, physical labor. I then realized I was standing almost naked in my sweaty jock with my always hard cock barely contained in the custom fit pouch. Fuck it, I was pissed at the interruption and just stood my ground. “What do you want?” I barked in my deepest voice.

“I’m suu, su, sorry, Sir. I didn’t mean to bother you but we have a delivery for this address and since there were no cars in the drive, I wanted to make sure that no one was at home before I left. I rang the doorbell several times but I don’t think it is working.” The young man spoke with a slight accent, clearly nervous, and also judging by the way his eyes were eating me up and the bulge expanded in his tight jeans, very turned on.

Realizing I was being a jerk for no reason, I said, “I’m sorry, I just got in from the gym and was about to hit the shower. Come on in guys and let’s get this sorted out so I’m not standing out here showing my dick and ass to the neighborhood.” I stepped back, ushered the young studs in, and then closed the door.

“I’m Juan with Superior Service and this is my helper, Luis, we are here to deliver and set up your custom king-size bed,” Juan said as he handed me the tablet with the shipping invoice information for me to review, all the while their eyes were locked in on my jock. He pushed back his long curly black hair and I noted how handsome he was. Juan was the older of the two, around 5’8’’ and around 200 pounds of solid muscle.

I reached out my hand and gave him a firm handshake enjoying the feel of his calloused, strong hand in mine. “I’m Jason, and again sorry for snapping at you guys. Oh yeah, the bed, I forgot that it was being delivered today.” I then reached over to Luis and shook his hand, his were even rougher and his handshake was stronger as he tried to outmuscle me in that young buck, macho way. Luis was in his late 20s, the same height as Juan but had about 20 more pounds of beef on him. “Of course, let me show you where it is going to be set up,” I said, releasing my grip, “but first let me find some shorts to throw on.”

As we all looked down at my huge 9-inch fat cock tenting out the stretched sweaty jock. “That’s okay, Sir, if I was built like you I don’t think I would ever wear clothes,” Juan said with a smile. “Are you a bodybuilder? You’re so big!”

“Nah, I’ve never competed. Plus I can’t hide this big dick in one of those tiny little posing suits those guys wear,” I replied as I wrapped my big paw around the base of my meat. Juan visibly gulped. I turned quickly and headed up the stairs. “Follow me.”

I intentionally stopped short at the top of the stairs letting the studs get a close-up view from their lower steps of my exposed muscle ass framed by my jockstrap as I took an extra few seconds to flip on the light switch to the upstairs hallway. I then took a right to the recently emptied master bedroom and said, “Here we go, in here and we want it up against this back wall. Just be careful with the mirrors.” I pointed to the wall of mirrors to my left and on the ceiling.

My exposed pit sent out a wave of musk as I raised my arm to indicate the upper mirrors. The intended effect hit them both like a wave and I watched as the urge to orgasm began to build. I lowered my arm quickly and hit a full most muscular pose in the mirrors. “Damn, maybe I should think about competing, I’m so fucking massive!” I said in a joking, cocky bro kind of way. I hit the pose again and smiled over at the young delivery guys with their mouths open in a silent expression of awe. I broke off the flex and said,” I could do this all day but let me get out of the way and let you guys get to work on installing this bedroom furniture. How long do you think it will take?” I asked Juan as I popped my hairy pecs.

His eyes were watching my thick muscles jump up and down, but he took a moment, regained himself, and replied, “Sir, it should take less than an hour to unload, assemble, and install the furniture.”

As I was walking out of the room, I said, “Great, let me know if you need anything, I’m going to grab my phone and then hit the showers and then will be in the office just down the hall.”

They both replied in unison, “Yes, Sir.”

I went to the office and grabbed my phone and then went back to the master bathroom and intentionally left the door fully open and turned on the shower and quickly dropped my sweaty jock to the center of the floor. As I stood up and turned to face the sink and mirror, my fat cock smacked my 6-pack abs and stood at the full and upright position. Just then, the delivery studs walked into the room with their toolboxes and I could see in my peripheral vision they were checking out my erect cock. This game continued as I faked looking and responding to items on my phone before I finally stepped into the glass-doored shower stall which had a direct line of sight to the master bedroom. I showered and soaped up my pumped body with the guys going up and down the stairs with equipment, boxes, and furniture pieces, always sneaking looks.

As I finished drying off in the walk-in closet and threw the towel in the laundry chute, Luis tapped on the open door, his sweaty body filling the width of the door frame as his white t-shirt was now clear and molded to his body, wet with sweat from all of the lifting, climbing stairs, and building furniture. “We’ve finished Papi, I mean, Sir, if you’d like to take a look?”

I smirked at the slipup and thought, another hot young stud with daddy issues. “Sure thing,”

I grabbed some shorts to put on, but Luis said, “You’re not going to need those,” and motioned for me to come on back through the bathroom to the bedroom. Luis licked his full lips as he stared at my throbbing dick.

I guess I should back up and explain that this was not some ordinary bedroom furniture that I purchased. I had decided that with my predictive muscular growth over the next few years I needed a sturdier bed and I landed on a steel caged bed that I purchased from a BDSM furniture supplier. It was a solid four-poster style with an adjustable sling option and built-in restraints with a lot of other fun features.

As I walked into the room, Juan was completely naked, gagged, and strapped into the sling which extended out at the end of the bed. “I thought you might want to test it out so I tied up this little bitchboy for you to use, Sir,” Luis said from behind as he was removing his sweaty t-shirt and jeans.

Luis had a thick, uncut cock framed with an untamed black bush of hair. He was a little bit longer than me at 9.5” and I couldn’t resist dropping to my knees and savoring his Columbian cock! His sweaty crotch gave off a manly scent as I deep-throated that uncut sausage.

After getting him soaked with spit, I said, “Now let’s tag team this little pig and make him squeal!”

We spent the next few hours, with the addition of David when he returned, triple-teaming Juan in the sling. At one point, Luis and I double penetrated his hole and that set me off to an incredible orgasm feeling the thrusting of Luis’s meat against mine inside of that tight ass. The night ended with all four of us dog-piled in the new bed, sweaty, cum-soaked, and exhausted. Needless to say, the delivery drivers got a big tip when I sent them on their way the next morning, Superior Service indeed!


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