Life with a magician

by Josh Dugan

A truly gifted young magician and his friend enjoy the multilimb aftermath of a great party on the morning after.

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It had been a fun party, and Neil had turned everyone on by working transformations on all the guys. That Neil!

Jason had been in love with the teen-age magician ever since he had first seen the gifted, beautiful youngster perform magic tricks at a gay fund-raiser. Not only did his fingers leave his hands at times during the stunning perfomances, but his hands left his arms, or he would suddenly have four arms, or he would double himself, leaving the astonished gay audiences wowed and aroused.

But this morning, Jason was cleaning up as Neil slept. Or at least one of Neil.

It was different, moving around the house, but Jason had awakened slowly, not remembering at first that Neil had transformed him also during the party. But Jason was transformed indeed. This was cool.

Jason kinda liked what Neil had done to him. He liked being extremely tall, and he liked being a centaur—actually, a hextaur. It made him good walking around on his six horse legs. They felt strong, and he liked the rhythm of his six legs as they jogged gently beneath his elongated stallion's horse-body. Knowing Neil's love had changed him gave him a pair of double tingles at the base of his double hardons. They bobbed and bounced against each other and jounced against his legs as they grew heavier and longer.

Jason felt his broad, muscular chest breaking a sweat, and he ran a pair of left hands through his beautiful, full head of hair.

That Neil! He had done it again! Jason laughed, holding the handsome matched set of left hands up and looking at them, turning them to look at the back of the hands and at the palms. They were perfect, with shapely muscles and long, sensitive and strong fingers. His right hand squeezed each left hand. They felt identical. He gave his crotch a scratch, and realized he had a pair of hardons sprouting from the double set of balls hung between his front legs, just like the big guys paired up between his center and hind legs. He also realized that his right hand was still holding the left hands—it was a second with which he scratched, and now fondled, both huge hardons. Four arms! What a dream come true! Jason had never felt so sexy and so totally turned on. Part of what turned him on was the feeling that Neil's magic was part of him. Just thinking about Neil got the handsome centaur so turned on! Especially now that Neil had cloned himself, and it was also a turnon to think that Neil and his clone had probably had sex with each other for most of the night while Jason's huge six-legged, four-armed, six-penised centaur's body slept.

Jason caught a glimpse of his awesome profile in the mirror as it moved through the beautiful home. He liked having six legs, more than he had ever thought possible.

It was very sexy to walk along with his six-legged jog, and to feel the tremendous weight of all his sexual equipment bumping and bobbing and jostling, and as he walked, feeling his powerful horse leg muscles working, Jason felt entirely aroused. He held a pair of the magnificent hands to his beautiful face, and placed the second pair of hands over the first pair. They felt so beautiful, gentle, strong and masculine. The hands were heavy and the palms were silken. He let his lips kiss them on impulse. They were beautiful.

Jason had never felt so heavily aroused, and loved his developing centaur body.

It was too incredible to conceive of. Immediately he felt the slow, free-swinging weight of his frontal hardons. The extra set of long, muscular arms would be handy for reigning in the giant hardons, keeping them from bumping against things as he walked through the house. It would be a nuisance to be forever wiping precum off the furniture and walls, but with four arms he could keep the gigantic frontal penises gently pressed against his beautiful, muscular stomach, while his other arms were engaged in other chores.

A gentle male groaning stirred him from his erotic reverie, and Jason lifted his full, sensitive lips from the frontal penis heads he had been absent-mindedly mouthing as he jogged along, the frontal penises hugged to his stomach and chest.

Their prodigous size made them convenient to pleasantly lick and suck on, since he had to hold them close to his torso. It turned him on to feel his own hot, giant penises rub against his stiffened, aroused nipples as they stood out firmly from Jason's magnificently swollen pectoral muscles.

A thin strand of precum stretched from his lips to one of the huge frontal penis heads, and as the groan sounded again he wiped his mouth with one of his right wrists. God, what nice forearms they were, and it was so awesome to have four of them!

The voice he could make out as Neil's. What was that beautiful boy-man up to?

The gentle teenage male voice caused Jasons's six hardons to stiffen involuntarily, simultaneously.

Oooh, was that kid beautiful. And finding him, Jason nearly stumbled on his own six legs over Neil. Neil was lying naked on the floor across the room, but his long-legged teenage body was snaked around the floor of the room, like a sexy human centipede, with handsome pairs of long legs splayed everywhere, nearly tripping the handsome hextaur. It was too confusing at first to comprehend.

“Hi,” Neil said, shyly. “Care to have some of me? There's more than I can satisfy by myself,” he added with a giggle that caused Jason to nearly cream from all six of his hugely aroused hardons. “I've been at it again,” Neil laughed, his sweet young face flushed with arousal and his slender teenage torso relaxed against the smooth muscles of several dozen long legs as his centipede-like extension of legs doubled back upon itself.. His sweet, muscular legs, bubble butt and awesome genitalia had multiplied themselves, extending behind him with fifty sets of legs. Most of the legs were relaxed, but Neil was obviously in a state of bliss—and it wasnt hard to see why.

About thirty of the pairs of legs were sexually locked into each other, each huge penis rhythmically and gently fucking the sweet, muscular ass immediately ahead of it.

“I've been fucking myself all morning,” Neil laughed,” and I need help to fuck all of me, because it's so far to my hindmost legs that I'm getting confused trying to enter myself all the way back there!”

And in spite of his own urgent and burning multiple arousals, Jason had to gently laugh at the efforts of the beautiful, gifted teenage boy, as the smooth, beautiful male legs squirmed and flexed, trying to position Neil's enormous hardons to enter his anuses. In most cases Neil was wonderfully successful, with only a dozen of the huge, beautiful penises protruding hopelessly into open air, missing their destined anuses entirely.

Jason smiled. “Sure, man, I'd like to fuck at least six of you, and I'll be glad to help you load all your penises into all your asses. Mind if I suck down a few of them while I'm at it? I'll do it while my six guys are in you.”

“Please!” Neil said, tears of pleasure and gratitude sparkling down his smooth, sweet youth's face as his sweet, heavy breathing increased. While most of his legs writhed as his outsized genitalia buried themselves by the score in his grateful bubble butts, the rearmost of the fifty legs stumbled and clumsily righted themselves, an aroused centipede of magnificent, long-muscled teenage male legs and giant genitalia tangled among the legs.

The legs seemed to invite Jason in a shy, wordless way that made Jason's full lips want to drool “First, let me kiss you!” Neil begged. The handsome hextaur Jason and the sweet young teenage leg-centipede Neil held each other. “Oohh, I love your four arms,” Neil breathed. 'Yours, too,” Jason said. “You don't realize that you're holding my waist and my shoulders at the same time?”

“Oh my god, I didn't realize it!” Neil gasped, amazed. “I have four arms, too. I guess I was drunker than I realized last night!”

“They're beautiful,” Jason said, meaning it. “Come on, dude, I'd like to spend at least a week having sex with you.”

“Me, too!” Neil laughed. “Let's get started!” They kissed again, and the floor thudded with the weight of Neil's huge hardons as they swelled to full arousal and fell heavily to the floor throughout the room.

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