by TreborNawoc

Tre is psyched. It’s his first day at uni, and he’s hoping to do well in his studies, make friends, and maybe encounter a few other multis like himself. The only thing he’s not sure about is meeting his roommate…

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Part 1: Tre and Sam’s First Encounter

Tre is excited to be at university. He’s worked hard at school, making sure he ended up with the best grades possible and keeping his nose relatively clean, and now he’s managed to make it to one of the most prestigious universities in the world as a linguistics student. Sure, he could have also done a few other subjects, like music or history, but linguistics always fascinated him—and as someone with a few extras it looks like he’s fascinating some of his fellow students! Dropped off by his beloved mum, the 18-year-old heads for his new dorm, the place he will spend the next four years as he completed his studies. He’s sharing with one other guy, and he hopes that he won’t freak him out—if he does, it’ll be a long four years…

He gets to his room to see that the other guy has already arrived and left his stuff near the door. “I guess he’s waiting on me getting here before we fight over beds,” Tre says aloud to the empty room. Wondering where the other guy is, and wanting to have a look around the dorm, Tre drops his stuff and starts wandering. The Dorm appears to be made of 3 separate rooms—a living room with kitchen area, bedroom with twin beds, and bathroom, which is currently locked.

Tre gently wraps his knuckles on the door. “I’ll just be a minute,” comes a sweet-sounding voice from inside.

Ooo, he sounds hot, Tre thinks to himself. “No problem,” he says back to the mystery voice. As he waits, he starts to unpack some of the home items he had like microwave, cutlery, crockery and so on. As he slowly starts turning the kitchen into a kitchen, he hears the lock to the bathroom turn and the door open. Turning his head 180 degrees, but keeping his arms unpacking, he sees his roommate for the first time…

With both mouths open wider than any normal mouth, and looking like a cartoon character, Tre stares as the tallest man he has ever seen ducks his head through the door frame of the bathroom and starts walking into the living area. Noticing, for the first time, that the room has a high ceiling, he watches as the guy stands to his full height, his hair just brushing the ceiling. His body looks like it’s been stretched up from the waist, as his shorts look like they are normal sized to match his legs, but his loose fitting, extra extra long hoodie is covering up his torso. The guy, who hasn’t yet realised he’s being watched, turns around and sees Tre, getting startled and bumping his head on the ceiling.

“Oh shit, sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you like that,” Tre apologises rapidly, standing up to check if the guy was okay. “Aahh. Ohh. No problem. I just wasn’t expecting to see you there… Wait. You’re a multi too?” the guy asks.

“Yep. Just like you are. Although I haven’t seen another multi, other than my wee brother and cousins, since I was in the Government School,” Tre replies. “Even then, there were only three of us, and I was only there for a few months before my mum left and I had to go to a norm school.”

“Really? I went to that school too, but I might have started after you left ‘cause I can’t remember any guys with two mouths being there—only a snake boy and someone who looked just like a normal guy. Then others came as more multis were born…” the guy drifts off. “Anyway, I’m Sam,” he said, extending his hand.

“Tre,” Tre says, extending one of his right hands. They shake hands for a few seconds longer than they realise, as they look at each other’s faces. “Ahem,” Tre clears his throats, “I suppose we better start unpacking then.”

Sam nods in agreement. ‘Many hands make light work’ the old saying goes, and in no time at all they have the living area, kitchen and bathroom set up. Now they move on to the bedroom. The beds look sturdy enough, but Sam doesn’t look too happy. “Aw, they didn’t get the message about needing a bigger bed,” he says. “Look,” he adds, as he puts his head down on one of the pillows, with his legs crossed on the floor at the bottom of the bed.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” Tre says under his breath, but obviously not quietly enough as Sam raises an eyebrow. “What about you push the two beds together and you use them, just until we get something sorted for you?” Tre offers.

“Are you saying we share the bed?” Sam teases.

“Oh no,” Tre stumbles, “I meant you could sleep there, and I’ll sleep on the couch until we get it sorted.”

“Such a gentleman,” Sam laughs.

And so it goes: for the first few nights Tre sleeps on the couch and Sam sleeps in the beds.

After a few days Tre is beginning to wonder what Sam looks like underneath his never-ending supply of loose-fitting, extra-long hoodies. While not trying to be a creep, he does try to catch glimpses of Sam but just never has any luck. By now the dorms are starting to fill up, and people are already chatting about the two multis in the building, although none of it with malice, more just curiosity. Classes have started and Sam and Tre seem to pass like ships in the night, missing each other and only hearing each other snoring at night. At the end of the first week, the two boys get the chance to meet up again, and decide to relax in their living area, having a few beers and eating Chinese takeaway.

After a few beers have been drunk, and the boys start to feel chilled, Sam turns to Tre. “So,” Sam starts shyly, “I was wondering… do you really think I’m hot?”

Tre looks at him and says, in his best Joey-from-Friends voice, “Oh yeah.” Sam laughs, feeling a bit of tension vanish. “The way you were able to just sit on the floor while your head was on the pillow,” Tre says, “you just looked sooo long and sexy. Ever since I’ve tried to see what’s under that hoodie but haven’t managed it yet.”

Sam bursts out laughing. “Really? I’ve spent the past week trying to catch you in the buff but missed every time.”

“What? You mean you think I’m hot?” Tre asks, confused.

“Of course. Who wouldn’t? I mean look at you. You’re like sex on two legs,” Sam replies.

Flattered, but also slightly embarrassed, Tre starts blushing. “You really think that?” he asks sincerely.

“Fuck yeah,” Sam says. “That’s why I hoped you’d say yes to us sharing the bed!”

“Oh, ooooh, ah. I see now,” Tre laughs. “Well,” he said, raising his eyebrows like Groucho Marx, “I’ll take my top off if you take yours off?”

“You first,” says Sam.

“Oh, all right then,” Tre agrees.

Putting down his two beers, Tre grabs the hem of his custom-made polo shirt and slowly starts lifting it up. As he did, Sam just stares as he saw Tre’s taut abs—a twelve pack in that space—tight, he thinks—followed by his four luscious pecs, then finally his four massive arms. As he looks, he starts feeling his cocks getting harder, slowly elongating down each leg of his shorts.

“Okay, your turn,” Tre says.

Sam folds his long body slightly to allow him to grab the hem of his hoodie. As he slowly lifts it up, revealing his magnificent 30 pack and round, solid pecs, he hears Tre say “Wow” and “Fuck” out of both mouths at the same time. Hearing that voice, feeling that appreciation, make his cocks even harder—his heads are now sticking out the bottom of his shorts.

Both guys sit shirtless, facing each other, in a moment of silence until Tre breaks the silence, saying, “Holy fuck, look at those sexy abs.” He reaches out two hands to touch them, to make sure they are real.

As they connect, Sam feels as though an electric shock passes through him, as Tre continues to brush his soft hands against those steel-hard abs. “Do you mind if I take my shorts off?” Sam asks. “My cocks just can’t take it anymore.”

He starts to reach down when Tre stops him, saying, “Allow me.”

Sam leans back as Tre used two hands to steady himself, and the other two to carefully removed Sam’s shorts, releasing his two raging cocks from their imprisonment. “Well,” Tre smirks, “looks like someone is big everywhere…” before opening both mouths and taking a cock in each.

Now Sam has had a blowjob before, but never both cocks at the same time. But this is something felt different, better, magical. Much as it’s clear that Tre had done this before, and is clearly skilled at it, it seems like there was something extra in the mix, but Sam is in too much ecstasy to think about that. Tre continues to slowly bob his head up and down those two telegraph poles, making sure to take a little bit more in each time he goes down. Sam starts writhing in pleasure, when suddenly Tre just shoots straight down to the base, taking the full lengths in without showing any signs of stopping. After a few more minutes of Tre’s ministrations, Sam can’t hold it in any longer and all four of his balls release their juice into Tre’s waiting mouths. Like a pro, Tre sucks every single drop up, before slowly releasing the still semi-hard cocks.

“Holy shit. I’ve never, ever felt anything like that before.” Sam gasps.

“Let’s just say I had a little help,” Tre said before sticking all four tongues out two feet in front of him. At the sight of this, Sam’s cocks start getting hard again. “Oh, looks like someone still has some fight left in him,” Tre teases, before standing up and removing his sweatpants, revealing his own two thick, long cocks. Turning his legs around but keeping his upper body facing Sam, Tre reveals his two anuses, angling them at Sam’s now fully hard cocks. As he lowers himself, Tre continues to jerk Sam’s cocks until they are fully inside him.

Sam bends his back so that his upper body is now opposite Tre’s and starts kissing his upper mouth, pushing his own extra-long tongue down into Tre’s throat. At the same time, Tre wraps his two tongues around Sam’s tongue, massaging it as he deepthroats it, before opening his lower mouth and licking Sam’s nipples with his two lower tongues. It wasn’t long until Sam cums again, this time emptying his load into Tre’s asses.

The two boys just sat snuggling, with Sam’s cocks still inside Tre. “What about you?” Sam says.

Tre, touched that Sam would think about him, simply says, “Oh, I’ve been taking care of myself this whole time,” as both boys look down and saw Tre’s intertwined cocks jerking each other off. Sam is amazed, as he’s never seen anything like it. As he watches he sees one of the cocks stretch further to grab a towel from the bathroom, then both cocks wrap the towel around their cockheads. Sam feels Tre tense as his magic cocks blow their loads into the towel. “Heh, no point making too much of a mess,” Tre says, breathlessly.

After a few moments listening to each other’s many heartbeats, Sam whispers, “So, shall we just share the bed from now on?”

Tre just smiles.

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