Jim’s Sunday splitting

by GibbyP

A two-headed man named Jim, who is head over heels for himself, has an unexpected splitting surprise on a splendid Sunday…

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Beeeep. Beeeep. Beeep.

Jim instinctively slammed his hand on the alarm and slowly opened his eyes with a long groan.

Of course, I forgot to turn my alarm off on the weekend.

He tried to get up, but something kept him down. He looked to his left and noticed what was up. His left side was asleep.

Ah. That’s why I only see half of everything. Thought I was going blind or something.

Jim admired his left side body with pride. He did always look cute asleep. 

He saw the slow rise and fall of his wide chest with 3 pecs, and his two left arms strewn atop it; his front left on his chest and his back left across his abdomen.

His gaze veered down under his waist where he saw his 3 legs. His legs looked as if two people were standing next to each other and their left and right legs got fused together, forming a middle leg with a foot with a big toe in the middle and 5 regular toes on each side. His left and right legs looked like normal legs with 7 toes each. 

He looked back to his other head and gazed at his other face. He reached with his front right hand to his left head’s cheek and started lovingly stroking it. At the same time, he moved his back right to his back left arm and ran his hand up and down it, all while nuzzling his right leg into his left. 

Jim left a small kiss on his left head’s forehead, which caused it to smile slightly and slowly wake up. As soon as his eyes met his own, Jim’s left head beamed. He leaned his two heads together where they met in a loving kiss. 

“Good morning,” Jim’s left head whispered.

“Good morning, baby,” his right head replied. 

Now that he’d gained full control of his body again and had his full vision, he swung his legs off of the bed and on to the floor.

Jim stood up and began to go about his morning routine. He went to his kitchen and made some breakfast. With his back right hand he held the handle of his coffee pot, which was supported by his front right hand, and poured coffee into a mug held by his back left hand. With his front left, he was making some scrambled eggs. When the coffee was finished pouring, Jim took turns sipping it with both heads, all while slowly running his free hands all over himself and kissing himself occasionally.

When the breakfast was finished cooking, he brought it to the living room and sat down on the couch. He turned on the TV and started eating. Both of his heads laughed and groaned at all the same parts at the same time, like an echo in a valley. 

Jim reached down to grab his coffee with his top left hand, when he caught a glimpse of his wedding band. He made sure to put it on the front to make sure everyone saw it. 

Both of his faces now had huge, dumb grins as one of his right hands grabbed the left and brought it to the right head’s face, which began to place soft wet kisses all over its surface. 

Jim locked eyes with himself, seeing himself looking at himself at the same time. He reached out his front left and right hands to his faces, and leaned in for a deep and passionate kiss. He stayed like this for a while, savoring the feeling of both his mouths simultaneously. All three of his legs started slowly rubbing together as the kiss started getting more passionate. Tounges started sliding in and out of his mouths as his dicks started hardening. 

As soft moans began to escape his lips, the hands that weren’t caressing his cheeks slowly and gently rubbed their way down his toned chest and under his boxers towards his shafts. Once there, they began slowly running up and down, stimulating each cock until they were hard as rocks. 

Jim broke his self-cestual kiss to let out more moans and groans, louder than before. He pressed his foreheads against each other as he absorbed all of the pleasure he was feeling. 

Once Jim was satisfied with the foreplay, he sprang up off the couch and walked his way over to the bedroom. He retuned to making out with himself as he slipped his back arms out of his white tee- shirt sleeves and to his crotches where he was furiously masturbating both of his crotches. At the same time, he was removing said shirt with his front hands, only interrupting the kiss for a moment.

As soon as he entered the bedroom he tossed his shirt to his hamper and headed straight for the closet. He slid it open quickly and began hurriedly digging through it with one set of arms as the other removed his specially made boxers with 3 leg holes. 

He finally found what he was looking for. Two dildos in his favorite color, purple. He practically had stars in all 4 of his eyes as he closed his closet and rushed over to his bedside table. He opened the bottom drawer and revealed some lube. He then pulled it out and eagerly put some on his hands and applied it where needed. 

Jim took one in each hand. With his right hand, he reached behind him until he could feel the tip of the dildo between his right and middle butt cheek. He slowly worked it in bit by bit, each inch closer inwards caused moans to repeatedly leave the tips of his tounges. When he finally had it in deep enough, he repeated the process with the other dildo until both were securely in his assholes.

He then pressed his back firmly into the wall opposite of his closet, making sure the dildos made contact with it. 

“Oh fuuuuuuckkkkk….”

The sentiment was echoed by both of his heads as they made eye contact with their mirrored counterparts on the mirror on the closet doors. All the feelings entering his brains all at once sent his senses into overdrive. Jim started to slowly buck his hips against the wall, sliding the dildos back and forth into his assholes. As he reached some of his hands to his ultra-hardened cocks, his left head began to pepper his right head’s neck with little love bites and kisses. When Jim finally took in everything he was sensing, the feeling of the simulated cocks in his asses, his soft hands stroking his members and running all over himself, his bodymate and self-lover worshiping his counterpart, and most importantly of all, his amazing reflection.

God, if I could just pull him out of there and ravish him.

He couldn’t help but marvel at his reflection, especially from this angle. Every minute detail about himself was both beautiful and arousing. He started at the bottom, at his feet. He wouldn’t consider himself a foot fetishist per se, but he could definitely appreciate the way they looked. He prided himself on his grooming techniques, all of his nails were well-maintained. Plus, the way his left and right feet had 7 of them each, and his middle foot with the big toe in the middle and the 5 running off on each side were very visually pleasing. And the way they were curling from this horny bonanza was incredible. 

He moved up to his slender, yet toned legs. They were just thick enough to be comfortably squishy, yet had a firm undertone defined by his workout regiment. They were also peppered with just a light smattering of body hair, the perfect amount. Currently, his outer legs were bent inwards toward his middle leg, trying to keep himself from buckling under the immense pleasure he was feeling.

Next up was his crotches, and the most amazing cocks positioned between them. His cocks were just the right size, not one of those comically large ones you see in porn, but not small either, and just the right girth. Both of Jim’s dicks and the balls that accompanied them had incredibly soft skin, which was heaven to run his hands all over.

Said soft skin moved up towards his widened double-wide chest. Jim was proud of how he was able to keep his unusual body in shape and retain his side-by-side six-packs and well-defined pecs. 

But his favorite features were above his shoulders, his two beautiful heads. He had to stop the loving assault on his neck just so he could have all 4 of his eyes on himself. 

The pleasure was too much for him to even pretend to keep it in anymore. Moan after moan escaped his mouth as his cocks hardened with his self-love. His tounges flapped out of their mouths as he went borderline cross-eyed. It was too much to handle, he thought his brain was gonna explode.

Suddenly, Jim felt a tingling feeling. It started at the top of his heads. It was small, but noticeable. Like a sort of pins and needles type feeling. It spread down slowly, going from his shoulders to his torso to his legs and it arrived at the soles of his feet. 

He then felt a familiar pulling sensation. It was happening again! 

Should I stop now? No, I need to finish this! This is the horniest I’ve ever been!

Jim’s vision went black as the pulling sensation continued. It felt like peeling off a wetsuit, his entire front was pulling slowly away, tingling all the while. Jim gained his vision again, and he couldn’t believe what he saw. In his reflection, he saw a copy of his wide torso coming out from his waist! Both of his heads, all 4 of his arms, and his toned chest, all duplicated! 

One of his newly formed heads remarked between moans “Heh…fuck! Forgot how hot this is!” That brought chuckles out of the whole group, as the next split interrupted all thoughts with insane amounts of horniness. 

He then felt the tingly wetsuit peeling feeling go to his legs. Once that stopped, he felt something warm surrounding his cocks. Jim’s right head looked down, and what he saw made him so hard he thought his dick was gonna fall off. The asses of the new Jim perfectly formed around the original Jim’s shafts. He had always wanted to finally make love to himself as a seperate being, and he finally got his wish. The original Jim was still thrusting onto the dildos on the wall, and simultaneously thrusting into the new jim in front of him. He had to get closer to his new self, so he wrapped his middle leg around his duplicate’s middle leg. The other Jim had the same idea, because he moved his middle leg back to do the same. With his front hands, Jim grabbed his other self and pulled him in tightly, while with his back arms snaked them towards the new Jim’s dicks and teamed up with the other Jim’s hands to rub them all over. Instinctively, the front Jim reached back and grabbed Jim’s ass with his back hands. 

“Oh fuck yeah, stud!” New Jim’s left head turned back to say. New Jim’s right head continued “Fuck me hard, daddy!”

Once original Jim growled “Good boy!” with both of his heads. That was enough to trigger it again! That familiar tingling sensation went through him again, and the split began. This time, it started at his back. Starting at his head, he felt the peeling feeling return. He had to lean forward just to let the split happen. He could see the new Jim forming in the mirror, first the heads, then the wide torso. The newest Jim grabbed original Jim’s shoulders and gripped them tightly. Suddenly, Jim felt the newly created cocks of the newest Jim sliding slowly but firmly between his 3 cheeks. 

Jim thought he had died and gone to heaven. He was surrounded by his wonderful husband (husbands?) and beautiful selves on all sides. He would always be permanently attached to one of his lovers, and be able to cuddle and properly make love to himself for the rest of his life! 

With his left head, Jim remembered that he had a wall mirror next to him, and turned to look at the other reflection right as the Jim behind him fully split off. 

He saw himself sandwiched between two of himself, each of their 4 arms frantically roaming all over themselves, desperately trying to feel as much of themselves as possible, all slowly thrusting into and against each other with all of their self-love. 

“Oh… f…fuck! I’m gonna cum!” The front Jim let the moan fall out of his mouth. The other Jims could feel it now, and they started pumping harder and deeper. The back Jim wrapped all 4 of his arms around the original Jim, who wrapped all his arms around the second Jim, who had all of his arms stroking his dicks as quickly as possible. 

“One!” Second Jim started the countdown. Jim always thought counting down to when he came was super-hot.

“Two!!” The newest Jim behind the original Jim continued, all of them were about to blow. 


All of the Jims erupted from all 6 of their cocks at once, either filling up the Jim in front of them with their love or shooting it into the air. Suddenly, the tiredness from the energy of their lovemaking hit the Jims like a truck, and all three Jims collapsed onto the floor and passed out in a pile of handsome conjoined men.

2,384 words Added Mar 2024 626 views 5.0 stars (8 votes)

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