Lake Cascade

by TheCandymanCan13

 On an extended visit to a remote cabin, a bunch of guys learn something new about themselves.

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My name is Dave Burnell and I live in Portland, Oregon. This story is about my introduction to the greatest sex of my life. I was 24 and going to Portland State University, studying Engineering. I had a beautiful half-Asian girlfriend with big ol’ titties named Catherine (I called her Katie) who I would fuck as often as I could and we often got into some kinky shit. But this story isn’t about her.

One summer, my friend Jonathan offered to let a few of my friends and I stay up at his cabin in a remote region of Upper Lake Cascade for a few weeks. Eventually, five of us decided to go: Jonathan, Carlos, Mark, Norm and I. We all had girlfriends but none of them came because their jobs didn’t give them the time off that our internships did. We were all interning at the same engineering firm and had just finished a big project, so we needed some R&R. We headed up to the cabin on a Thursday right after work to avoid the weekend traffic but that meant we got up to the cabin a little late. Jon’s family cabin was pretty big, with enough bedrooms for us plus one extra, so we each took a room and passed out for the night. The next morning, I got up pretty early and headed downstairs to make some breakfast. I had been up to Jon’s cabin a few times before and so I was surprised to see that just down the lake there was a new, massive mansion. I made some cereal and went out on the patio to eat. As I was eating, I looked at the mansion.

Jon’s cabin was pretty big with six bedrooms, but this place looked enormous. Probably closer to seven or eight bedrooms and lots of beautiful glass all over, it was nestled nicely in the trees and went pretty far back into them. It didn’t look like anyone was home at the time since the boats (yes, there were two of them) were tied to the buoy and there were still covers on them. The rest of that day was a great deal of fun as the boys and I went wakeboarding, waterskiing and tubing and barbequed our food. At night as we were sitting around the campfire drinking some beers, I asked Jon about the cabin.

“Yeah, that place was built this spring and done really fast. I am surprised that there are boats there since I haven’t seen anyone up here yet,” Jonathan said.

“It’s pretty big,” I said.

“I think they must have gone around some of the permits or something, since I haven’t seen a place that size anywhere on the lake. Also, I seem to remember that my parents bought this parcel of land from an old guy who was very reluctant to sell and he owned everything around here. So either those people are his family or they managed to convince him to sell another parcel.”

Just as we were talking, I noticed that a light came on in the big glass room of the mansion. We all turned to look and saw that a bunch of guys had just entered what we guessed was the living room. We weren’t able to judge much from this distance but it looked like we would be sharing this little bay with them tomorrow.

The next morning, as I was eating breakfast on the patio again, I noticed a couple of the guys from the mansion coming back from a run on the beach. And they were big. From the distance I saw them at, they looked like they were easily above 6’4 and 220 pounds and all muscle. They were both white guys but the guy who opened the door for them was not. He looked like one of the blackest guys I had ever seen. Later on, the guys and I had just gotten back to the dock on the boat from taking Carlos for his first successful waterski, when a boat left the other cabin’s dock and headed over to ours. As it came down from the plane, we noticed there were three guys in the boat, none of whom I recognized from earlier but they were all big, young guys like the others. The driver of the boat spoke first.

“Hey there, neighbors! I’m Don, I own the place over there, who are you guys?”

“I’m Jonathon, this is my parents’ place and these are my friends from work. We are just up here for a vacation for the next couple of weeks,” Jonathon looked a little taken aback by the fact that this guy, who looked younger than us, owned that mansion.

Don pulled the boat up and hopped off while one of his friends stepped off to tie it up. Interestingly, it didn’t seem strange at the time that this guy didn’t ask if it was ok to tie up. Don was about 6’2 and 220 pounds and totally ripped. In fact, all three of the guys were big and ripped. They were only wearing board shorts and I happened to notice that there was a sizeable lump in each of them. He stuck out his hand and shook with Jonathon and then went around introducing himself and his two friends. Their names were Matt and Juan. Matt looked like he was Italian and Juan was clearly part Mexican.

After introducing everyone Don said, “So, there are eight of us guys up here and we figured that since you are here and it’s the first time that we are meeting, we should have you over for lunch. Don’t worry about dressing up or anything,” he chuckled. “But if you guys are cool with that we will be making a bunch of steaks in twenty minutes or so, so come over and hang out.”

We all said that we would and they got back on their boat and motored away.

“Holy shit, those are some big guys,” observed Carlos. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Mexican that size.”

“Yeah man, and did you notice their shorts? I doubt those guys are stuffing, but if they aren’t, they are packing some serious heat,” commented Mark.

“Why are you talking about their dicks, you fags? Free steaks is all that matters to me,” said Norm.

The five of us walked over after putting away the equipment and changing out of our swim trunks. The weather was still gorgeous so we were still wearing just shorts and sandals. We arrived at the house via the beach so the first thing that we saw was the big patio that they had with the BBQ on it. No one was outside so we continued up to the big living room that was surrounded by glass. Don was there with Matt, Juan and some other guy and so he let us in.

“Welcome to my abode, this is Sean.” Easily the tallest guy I had seen so far, Sean was probably 6’9 and just like all the others, built like an Adonis. He was the only one not wearing shorts and his speedo looked like it had an anaconda in it. “Craig has gone to get the steaks, and he should be back soon. In the meantime, who wants a tour?”

“Uh where is your washroom? I forgot to take a piss before we left,” asked Norm.

“Sure, Norm. It’s just down that hallway there on the left,” Don pointed.


“I’d love a tour, this place looks amazing, no offense, man,” I said to Jon.

“None taken, buddy,” replied Jon. “It is pretty amazing.”

“Well, whoever wants a tour, it starts now,” said Don.

In the end it was only Jon and I who took him up on his offer, the other two stayed in the living room with Matt, Juan and Sean. Like I said before, this place was huge and the tour showed us areas that you couldn’t see from the outside. There was a courtyard with a big pool that wasn’t being used, a whole whack load of bedrooms and bathrooms, two tennis courts out back, a fully loaded gym, a garage that looked like it could hold a fleet of cars (although we didn’t get to see what was in it) and even an observatory area on the roof with a couple of telescopes. Don took the two of us into the basement and opened a door into a home movie theatre that was being used to play video games. Jon has always been an avid gamer, so his jaw dropped immediately.

“This is the greatest thing I have ever seen,” he said.

Two massively muscular Asian guys were sitting in chairs near the front playing Halo on what must have been a wireless Xbox embedded into the screen or something. Jon ran down to them and asked if he could join in. They said sure and so after that it was just Don and I on his tour. After viewing most of the bedrooms (which were all bigger than any of ours at the other cabin), we arrived at a bedroom that left all the other ones to shame. The bed looked even bigger than a king size and was a beautiful four-poster made of something like ebony wood. The windows faced the courtyard with the pool, so they offered privacy without ruining the view of the surrounding mountains. There were also a couple of expensive-looking divans and a desk that looked like it was taken off of a ship from the 17th century. Off to the side was a door into what I assumed was the master bath as I heard some water running.

“And so finally, this is my room,” said Don. “You like it?”

“Hell yeah, this place is fit for a king. Who needs to go back to Portland when you can stay here as much as you want?”

“Wouldn’t be a vacation if you didn’t enjoy yourself, now would it? But hold on a second, there is one last thing to show you.” As he said this, he placed his hand on the small of my back and sent a shiver down my spine.

I had, up until this point, never thought of men as particularly attractive or sexy, but what Don was doing was getting my dick hard pretty fast. He guided me towards the master bathroom where I heard the water running and when I crossed the threshold, I knew why. Standing in what must have been the biggest steam shower I had ever seen was the big black guy that had opened the door for the runners in the morning, completely nude. 6’6 and built like Arnold in his prime, this guy was a feat of genetics. As I pored over his body, I noticed the biggest dick I had ever seen in my life. It must have been nine inches, flaccid and as dark as the bed frame in the other room. My mouth started watering just staring at it, something which at this point was not concerning me at all.

“This is Earl, and he is very excited to meet you. I think you feel the same way, don’t you, Dave?” Don whispered, just millimeters away from my ear. His hand still on my back, he guided me forward as Earl turned off the shower nozzles and opened the door. I was mesmerized as this massive man got closer and closer to me.

“Hey there, little man. You like what you see,” Earl said, his deep baritone vibrating through the room and sending shivers right to my now rock hard cock. I reached up to touch his chest as soon as I got close enough and started playing my hands across his pecs, nipples and abs. As this was going on, I noticed that Don had undone my shorts and was pulling them off, releasing my hard 7 inch dick. It immediately sprung up to my stomach and was visibly dripping. “What you are doing feels nice, and I’m not complaining, but I think there is something else you want to be touching right now.”

He was right, and I knew it, but I was afraid to take that last step towards wherever this was going. Not be deterred by my slight reluctance, Don took one of my hands in his and put it on Earl’s big dick, which looked to have gotten even bigger. I had been totally straight up until this point in my life, and so the only dick I had ever had in my hand had been my own. But this was so much better than that. His thick tube of flesh didn’t just feel alive, it felt powerful. I knew now how they were doing this to me, someone who had only been attracted to women. If I had had a dick like his, I couldn’t settle for just fucking women. I would need to fuck everything and everyone just to feel normal. Not only that, but with a dick like this, I doubt anyone would deny me, even a dyed-in-the-wool lesbian.

Don was moving my hand in a slight jacking motion and I soon took my other hand off of Earl’s pecs and started a two-handed motion that soon had Earl moaning. I moved closer to his chest as I was doing this and he leaned down and started kissing me. Just like his cock, his kisses were powerful and dominating. I felt my cock get harder than it ever had before when Don grabbed it in his hands and gave it a quick few jerks. I had never been someone who came quickly, often requiring at least half an hour of continuous stimulation to orgasm, but those few jerks sent my cock spasming squirting come all the way up to my chin and onto Earl’s chest.

Earl kept making out with me as I came down from my post-orgasmic high and I noticed Don’s face was beside my ear again. “How are you enjoying your proper welcome to my house, Dave? Obviously you like it so far. Now, clean up the mess you made.”

As I was still coming down from my high, it took me a second to register what he meant but when I did, I was not disgusted at all. My dick actually got hard all over again thinking about licking my own come off of Earl’s chest. I gently pulled myself off of Earl’s face and started licking his chest, not caring if there was come on it or not. As I was doing this, Earl’s hands were on my head, ever so slightly coaxing me lower and lower. I finally got down to his waist where there wasn’t any come but there was a massive black tool waiting for my very well lubricated mouth. I was on my knees at this point and I saw Don sitting on the nearby toilet seat jerking his dick. Having almost as big a dick as Earl’s, I could see that Don had definitely not been stuffing his shorts when we saw him earlier. Since Earl was too high up to look at, I stared into Don’s eyes as I placed Earl’s dick on the tip of my tongue. While I had taught my girlfriends how to suck my cock many times, this was a whole other monster.

Earl’s dick had the thickness of a coke can so fitting it down my throat was going to be an issue. Instead, I limited myself to sucking and licking the tip and jerking the rest of his length. I was spitting all over his dick and licking the shaft to get it nice and lubricated for my hands to do the work. I seemed to be doing ok since he was moaning the whole time and Don was telling me what a good cocksucker I looked like. After an unknown amount of time, since I was lost in the moment, Earl reached down and lifted me up. I’m not exactly small at six feet and 180 pounds but Earl lifted me as if I was a grocery bag. He started making out with me again as he carried me into the bedroom and threw me onto the bed. Not sure where this was going next or if I would like it (which was ridiculous considering everything up until now), I lay on the bed quite demurely as Earl climbed on and placed himself with his back on the headboard and his legs out, displaying that magnificent cock to full effect. Don entered from the bathroom with a bag of bottles and some other things, but I barely noticed since I was soon attacking Earl’s dick with my mouth again.

If you have ever been in the position I was in before, you know that it exposes your butt to the world. Very soon, I realized why they had put me in this position. While I was worshipping Earl’s dick, I noticed the bed move behind me and Don reach underneath me to grab hold of my dick. I moaned in pleasure as he started jacking my dick and then noticed his tongue on my asshole. I had had girls rim me out before so this wasn’t a new experience but Don’s tongue was so much stronger than theirs and he used it like a dick, pushing it into my rosebud over and over again. Pretty soon he was licking my balls while he pushed a well-lubed finger into my butt. I noticed someone moaning and soon realized that it was me, doing so uncontrollably. As Don started opening up my ass with his fingers, I was enjoying the feeling of Earl’s massive cock in my mouth. At the beginning, I couldn’t even fit the whole tip in my mouth but as my senses were starting to consider what was going on with my ass, I was going deeper and deeper on Earl’s member. By the time Don had gotten four fingers into my ass at the same time, I was almost halfway down Earl’s 13 inch monster.

“Don is going to start feeding his dick into your ass now, little man,” Earl said while staring lustily into my eyes. “Don’t take your mouth off of my dick and focus on the sucking until you get used to it. I will probably come soon, so try and swallow it down and keep sucking. We are very good at this, so don’t worry about pain but if you feel any just bite down on my dick, I won’t mind. He needs to get you ready for my dick so if you tough it out, pretty soon I will be fucking your white ass and making you cum all over my chest again. If you don’t want this, just take your mouth off of my dick and you can go back to your cabin and never see us again. Otherwise, we will give you the greatest vacation of your life.”

I don’t think anyone in the world could have taken my mouth off of that cock. The pleasure I had already felt was so far beyond what I had had so far in my life that I couldn’t imagine passing up this opportunity. Earl saw the lust in my eyes and saw that I wasn’t going to move off of his cock and so he gestured to Don. I immediately felt something that was a lot bigger than a finger start pressing itself into my rosebud as Don violated my tightest hole. The sharp pain that I had expected never came. Instead, as Don’s dick started moving through my rectum I felt like he was massaging my inner being. Having never been fucked or had anything inside of me, this feeling was immensely pleasurable. I was so focused on the dick in my ass that I didn’t notice that I had completely deepthroated Earl’s dick to the root. Shocked at this, I started pulling it out and that is when Earl came. I had it about halfway out when the first shot came gushing out of his cock. I immediately knew that I would not be able to hold it all, but I did my best anyways, swallowing as quickly as I could. He must have come a full cup and it tasted delicious. I didn’t know if these guys just had naturally tasty come or if they were drinking pineapple juice all day, but I loved the flavor.

Earl must have signaled Don at this point, because he bottomed out in my ass, burying the entirety of his 12 inch cock. I had to take my mouth off of Earl’s cock to breathe, but when I did, I immediately said, “More. Give me more. Fuck me, Don,” to assuage any possibility that they might think I was giving up. Don followed my cue and started pistoning his cock in and out of my ass while I continued to lick and jack Earl’s still hard dick.

“Goddamn Earl, this ass is fantastic. We have fucked some tight dudes before, but this one may just take the cake. I feel like I am already going to come,” Don said as he continued forcibly fucking my butthole.

“If you taste as good as Earl, don’t waste it in my ass, I want to swallow it all,” I responded, shocked at the words that were coming out of my mouth.

Earl was the one who responded, “You learn quickly, little man. Give him what he wants, Don, and I will show him what it feels like to have a massive load pumped into his ass.”

A few seconds later Don upped his speed in my ass and then quickly pulled out and came around to my face where I got the first up-close look and taste of his big dick. His dick wasn’t cut, like Earl’s but it was easily as beautiful. Only two dicks in and I was already hooked on these monsters. I quickly gobbled up his dick as he came, blasting another massive load into my mouth. Much like Earl, Don came a lot and I had a hard time swallowing. Also like Earl, his come was magnificent, equal parts creamy with a sweetness I had not expected. After Don’s cock seemed to have subsided a bit, he lay down beside Earl and started making out with him. While I shouldn’t have been surprised, I did feel a tiny bit of jealousy as up until this point I had assumed that Earl was mine. Quickly realizing that I wasn’t doing anything I started sucking both cocks at the same time. Since Don and Earl were so close together, it was easy enough for me to touch their cocks and lick them both at the same time and so that is what I did. A couple of minutes later as I was still enjoying worshipping two dicks at the same time, I looked up only to see both men were staring at me with grins on their faces.

“What,” I said, with two cocks in my fists.

“I think it is time that you and I get a bit better acquainted,” said Earl.

“How do you want me?”

“Come up here and impale yourself on my dick, little man. I want you to control how you are fucked at first.”

Not knowing exactly how to do this but having seen my girlfriends do it for me many times, I moved up Earl’s massive legs and straddled his waist. With his dick in between my balls, pushing them outwards, I put my feet out a bit and moved into a squatting position while holding his shaft erect. Placing it against my newly de-virginized sphincter, I started to sit down slowly. Don’s dick was big inside me, but this thing was like a train going through a sewer pipe. I had only got the head in and I was already pumping blood really fast. No sooner was Earl a few inches into my supple ass then I came, uncontrollably. Spurting come upwards, I followed its trail as it hit the ceiling above, maybe ten feet up. Needless to say, it was difficult to hold my squatting position as I was orgasming, so I collapsed, burying Earl’s dick to the hilt in me. Surprisingly, this also did not hurt; instead it felt like I was coming again, as a few more spurts of come dribbled out of my cock.

I came back from my high resting on Earl’s chest as he pumped his massive member in my ass slowly. Each time he hit bottom, it felt like he was pushing a button that made me come again, pumping out tiny little dribbles from my hard dick. I pushed myself off of his chest and looked into his eyes as mine lost their glaze. I couldn’t believe that not moments ago I had been totally oblivious to the fact that this could, would or should occur. And here I was staring into the eyes of a man I had only just met as he gave me pleasure I had never before experienced.

“I am yours,” I said.

“Hold on there, little man. Don’t fall in love with me now; we are just having some fun. Your ass is magnificent, but you haven’t even tasted one tenth the pleasures this house has to offer you. But if you mean that I am yours to do with as you please, then yes, that is correct.” As he said the last bit, Earl lifted me up off of him and moved me into a missionary position. I noticed as this was happening that Don had left the room, even though I didn’t remember him doing so. Putting me into missionary put Earl in complete control and he quickly showed what he was capable of when he was in control. Fucking me with long, complete strokes, he massaged my ass with every inch of his magnificent cock. Starting slow, he quickly picked up the pace until I was in a state of ecstasy that I had never imagined possible. I was out of ejaculate and my balls hurt a bit, but that didn’t stop Earl from giving me what I thought only women could have: multiple orgasms. I quickly entered a state of bliss that had me aware of only a few things: Earl’s dick, my ass, my dick and Earl’s face. Eventually I came down from this as Earl started fucking me with quick, sharp strokes. I was still coming, but he had changed the pace so that it was about him more than me now. I had already realized what was coming.

“Come inside me, Earl. Please, please, fill me with your seed. I need it. Only you can give it to me, Earl.” I was so turned on repeating words I had only heard girls say in pornos. Luckily, it seemed to have the desired effect and Earl erupted inside me as he roared so loud I actually was afraid someone might hear for a second. The load he had given me before in my mouth had been big and this one in my ass felt equally as big. Feeling my ass fill up even more, my dick twitched and I came one last time. As Earl pulled his massive tool out, I noticed it had softened, but only slightly. Lying there on my back with a big load of come in my ass, I thought that whatever else this house had for me, I was already hooked.

“How did you like your first ass-fuckings, little man?” Earl asked as he returned to his previous position and stroked his cock. He was using nice long strokes and occasionally licking off his hand, something which turned me on immensely even though I had just come an unknown number of times.

“I have never done that before,” I said, breathlessly. “But I can’t help but say that I don’t want it to stop. Who are you guys where did you meet, why do you all have such big cocks, how did you get this place and how did you know I would let you fuck me?”

Earl chuckled at my rapid-fire questions for a second and then mentally tallied them for answering. “We are just a bunch of guys with similar interests who happened to meet on an online group that we invented. We have such big cocks because that was the purpose of the group: to get big dicked men together who aren’t picky about who or what they fuck and hang out. This is Don’s place, he is super rich and so he bought and built this place as a getaway for us guys. And finally, we knew you would fuck us because no one refuses us. Let’s just say that we all have a little secret that makes us irresistible to anyone of any sex, but sometimes it is specific. Like with you. For some reason, in order to initiate you into our group, you had to fuck me. Now that you have, I am certain that any one of the guys will turn you on. We don’t know why this happens sometimes, but when it does, we like to make it a more private affair.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I am not mad.” I said as I moved up to rest against Earl’s massive shoulders. “What you just did to me was the most erotic thing that has ever happened to me in my life and I am absolutely grateful, but I can’t say that I am not confused. As of this morning I was a completely happy heterosexual male and now I don’t know what is going on with me.”

“Oh, that hasn’t really changed, don’t worry. If you saw a hot chick, you would still want to fuck her; it’s just that now you know that I would do a better job of fucking her or you. And once you have had sex with the other guys, you will know the same about them. Also, this doesn’t make you gay because we aren’t your typical man. You may have noticed how we are bigger than others in more ways than one.” He said as he put my hands back on his massive dick. Unable to resist, I moved down and started to suck on his member again as he kept on talking. “It’s only one o’clock right now, so later on tonight, once you have been fucked a few more times we can talk again and you can tell me how you feel. If you don’t believe by tomorrow that you are at most bisexual, we can go out and pick up some hot girl in town and we can fuck her together to prove it to you.” Hearing him say this made me think of Kathryn back home and imagine her impaled on the dick that was in my mouth. I didn’t think that my dick could get hard again after all that coming but it was back to rock hard in seconds. I returned the favor by deepthroating Earl’s big dick for the next half hour until he eventually came in my mouth again. I was able to hold most of it in this time but Earl moved down to my face and licked off the dribble. We kissed sensuously a few more times and then he got up.

“I am going back to the shower now since your tight ass got me dirty all over again, but I suggest that you head back down to the main atrium and see what you can see. You will probably not be disappointed.” Earl waltzed back into the master bath, his now flaccid cock swinging visibly between his legs. I got up and was opening the door out of the bedroom when I realized that there was still come coming out of my ass. Quickly, I trotted into the bathroom and sat on the toilet to evacuate what was still in there. “No more, little man. Go fuck someone else for now.” Earl seemed to think that I had come into the bathroom to fuck him again and while it was definitely tempting, my curiosity for what was going on elsewhere was more than piqued.

“Sorry, just getting rid of the evidence of the last load you pumped into me. Shouldn’t be more than a minute, you big stud.” Earl chuckled at this and continued washing himself. I finished up and got one last peek at the body that had just owned me before leaving the bedroom altogether.

Thinking that Earl’s idea was a good one, I headed down the hallway towards the atrium but heard some interesting sounds coming from one of the bedrooms. The door was opened, so I took a quick glance only to see the shape of what I thought was Norm being fucked by a guy I had yet to meet. Realizing this must be Craig, I was still nonetheless shocked to watch Norm, a fairly homophobic guy, fucking a big dick like he had been doing it for years. He was moaning like crazy, so he must have been enjoying himself. I didn’t really want to get in on that action although I did make a note that Craig had around a 12” dick that I would eagerly worship for him. Closing the door a little more, I headed to the end of the hallway and started down the stairs.

I heard them well before I saw them and I knew what must be going on. As I turned the last corner of the stairwell, I was greeted by the sight of two of my oldest friends being fucked from behind as they were both sucking on the same cock. Juan was fucking Carlos with what looked like an eleven inch dick while Matt was fucking Mark with an equally sized tool. As this was going on, both Mark and Carlos were sucking on Sean’s dick, which had to have been the longest one in the house at well over 14 inches. Proportional to his height, I guess.

Juan noticed me first and immediately grinned. “See boys, here is your friend Dave and he is perfectly fine. In fact, I’ll bet he just had a great time with one of our favorite members. Isn’t that right, Dave?” Mark and Carlos looked up from their ministrations and I saw the glazed-over look in their eyes I must have had not long before.

“I was just fucked within an inch of my life by Earl, yes. It was the greatest sexual experience I have had so far.” I responded.

Juan laughed at this and then said, “So far is right, little man.” He and Matt then picked up the pace and my friends couldn’t pay attention to me any longer. I looked around and noticed Don was out on the patio by the BBQ so I went out the door to him, naked as the day I was born without a care in the world.

“Hey, Don. What are you doing?”

“Oh, hey Dave, I am making those steaks that Craig brought back. He got a little busy fucking the shit out of your buddy Norm after he met him in the bathroom, so I thought that I would take over.” Don was also completely naked except for an apron. I could still see his dick from behind though, so I walked up behind him and grabbed his ass.

“Thank you again for introducing me to Earl and opening my ass up for him. I will repay you any way that I can.”

Don laughed and replied “I will take advantage of that as soon as I am done feeding the boys. I am sure that you need some protein in you after we fuck it out of you. Tell you what, why don’t you go down and tell Jon, Eric and Allan that food is ready so they can finish their game and come up.”

“Oh, are those the names of the guys in the theatre?”

“Yeah, Eric is the big one and Allan is the little one. Now be a good boy and go tell them and maybe I will reward you.”

Smiling and hardening at the prospect of more of Don’s dick in my ass, I headed back through the atrium and along the glass wall that looked out on the courtyard to the pool. At the end of this hall, opposite the windows there was the door that went down to the basement. I opened it up and headed down the stairs. At the bottom there was another hallway with a few doors and I opened up the one that went into the movie theatre. I shouldn’t have been surprised but there was what I assumed was Eric fucking Jon in the ass, missionary, while who I assumed was Allan straddled Jon’s chest and fed him his cock. I assumed these things because Allan’s dick was just over 10 inches while Eric’s looked to be bordering on the same size as Earl’s. Other than this difference, they looked like twins.

Allan noticed me first and immediately took his cock out of Jon’s mouth and walked over to me. I started to say something but he silenced me quite quickly when he placed his mouth over mine and lifted me up in his arms. I didn’t protest as he moved me over to one of the big supple bucket seat recliners that were used as move seats and place me in it. He then grabbed my legs and placed his cockhead at my entrance and started fucking me. I was already hard from all the visual stimulation and eroticism that I had seen so far, so I reached down and started stroking my dick as he began a slow fucking motion in my ass. His dick wasn’t as good as Earl’s but he soon was touching different areas of my ass that had me whimpering and moaning for him. As he picked up the pace he stopped making out with me and moved back a bit so I could see that Jon was now riding Eric’s dick and staring right through me. A couple of seconds after Allan picked up the pace, Eric grabbed Jon’s hips and lifted him off the ground and started pistoning into his ass so fast that his dick was a blur. Jon went limp as he came in such quick succession that he passed out. Allan started going into me equally fast and I quickly fell off the cliff into orgasmic bliss as well.

When I came to, Allan and Eric had left and Jon was kneeling on the floor in front of me, eating up the load that had been deposited in my ass. His tongue felt really good in my ass so I moaned, and he looked into my eyes. He swirled his tongue once more in my ass and seemed to get the last bit of cum, making me jerk in response. Then he removed his tongue and sat back on his haunches, smiling.

“The guys went upstairs to eat the steaks and told me to wake you and tell you. I figured this was the best way for both of us.”

“It’s certainly brought us closer together,” I chuckled. “Let’s head up and see what they have for us. I can’t hide that I am itching for more.”

“If I had known this would happen beforehand, I wouldn’t have come up, but now that it has, I just want them all for myself.” Jon and I started walking out of the room and up the stairs.

“I never knew sex could be this good. I just want to be Earl’s slave for the rest of my life. I would do anything for him now. I never want to leave.”

“Who is Earl?”

“He is the first guy that fucked me, the big black guy in the group. From what I have seen, he has the biggest dick in the house and he certainly knows how to use it.”

“Bigger than Eric’s?” I nodded. “Damn, I will have to try that one out. Allan opened my ass up first with his dick and then I took Eric’s and I didn’t want him to stop. I’ve never dated a size queen before but I think I became one today,” he laughed.

We walked along the poolside hallway and as we got closer to the atrium we could hear voices and the sound of cutlery on plates. As we entered we saw that all eight of the house men were sitting at a large dining table naked, eating steaks and salad off of their plates. Don sat at one end, facing us while opposite him was my new crush, Earl. We couldn’t see the other guys in our group, but when Don saw us he smiled and spoke. “There they are. Dave, have you come back to us?” He, Eric and Allan chuckled at this. “We already told your friends that in this house we have a rule that those who fuck get to eat first, while those who get fucked eat second. Of course, you and your friends will be getting the steaks straight from us, via our cocks. They didn’t object and we doubt that you will either, so Earl, if you could please move aside and allow the boys entry.”

As Earl moved his chair aside, I could see that underneath the table our friends, Norm, Mark and Carlos were each sucking on one dick while jerking at least one other in their hands.

All I could see of Norm was his curly hair as he was deep into sucking Don’s cock while jerking Craig and Sean’s dicks beside him. Mark was blowing Juan while jerking Matt and Carlos was alternating between Eric and Allan. Since their faces still looked clean, I assumed that none of the guys had come yet and so I crawled underneath to join them and hopefully get my portion as well. Jon followed and moved Carlos aside so he could focus on Eric and I waited until Earl moved back and then focused on deepthroating that gorgeous shaft once more.

“So, gentlemen,” Don began speaking with his cock stuffed down Norm’s throat. “I think we have done pretty well for ourselves this trip. These boys are plenty sexy enough for us to amuse ourselves over the coming weeks, I think.”

“I still haven’t had my cock in an ass yet,” said one voice, rather dejectedly.

“Don’t worry, Sean. After lunch you get first pick.”

“Can I have two?”

“Don’t be greedy, Sean. There are only five of them and eight of us. You can have one to yourself but that means tonight you will have to share.”

“Allan and I don’t mind sharing, his dick is great for opening them up for mine,” said Eric.

“Yes, we all know how you two like to share. Let’s eat up and come so we can start fucking these new bitches and show them their place.”

Short little snippets of conversation continued after that but mostly they were eating and moaning as we did our work on their magnificent tools. Once again I lost myself in sucking Earl’s tool and managed to swallow the whole fourteen inches down my throat. At one point, I held my breath and went all the way down and then started short, sharp fucking motions with my throat. I heard him grunt a few times and then tap my head and his cock erupted inside me. I started pulling his dick out of my throat until it was finally in my mouth and I got to taste the last spurt of come. Sitting back and swallowing, I looked around to see that no one else had gotten a load yet, so I moved to the left and started on Matt’s dick. A few minutes later I heard the other guys who were being blown come in pretty close succession and I assumed that since the eating seemed to have stopped it was so they could focus on their blowjobs. Norm and Mark started blowing Sean together and Carlos and Jon focused on Craig.

After Earl’s fourteen inches, Matt’s eleven wasn’t much of a problem so I did the same thing that I did with Earl. Burying his cock down my throat I began the fucking motion I had with Earl and soon had Matt groaning and moaning above me. Because his dick didn’t go as far down, I found out I could breathe through my nose while it was partially in my throat. My dick had gotten hard pretty much as soon as I put Earl’s dick in my mouth, despite the number of times I had come, and since I wasn’t using my hands at the moment, I started slowly stroking my cock. While it wasn’t as good as being fucked by one of these big dicks, stroking myself while worshiping their beautiful knobs was pretty close. After a few minutes of deepthroat fucking Matt’s cock I felt him tense up and unload directly down my throat and into my stomach. I did the same thing I had done to Earl and got a slight taste of Matt’s last spurt and wasn’t surprised to discover that it was as almost as delicious as Earl’s. I didn’t know how these big, muscly men who ate steaks managed to have the best tasting come I could ever imagine, but I certainly wasn’t complaining when I had to taste as much of it as I did.

I continued licking Matt’s softening shaft as the other men came all over the other boys’ faces. I even got a few spurts landing near me and I quickly licked them up. I guessed that my friends couldn’t fit the dicks in their mouths at the same time and so they had misjudged and gotten plastered by the loads. Or maybe they just wanted to get covered. I found that idea even kinkier.

Thirty seconds after coming, the boys all moved their chairs away from the table at once and pulled us out. Matt pulled me up into a kiss and grabbed my cock. His hand started blurring on my cock and I was quickly moaning into his mouth. He was jerking my cock so fast that I came in fewer than ten seconds, all over his chest.

“Now lick it off,” Matt said to me. I looked around to see what was happening with the other guys and saw that Norm was already getting fucked by Sean and was lost in his own world, while the other guys were in various states of foreplay. I moved down Matt’s chest to start licking my own come off of him when I felt a familiar tip being pressed into my ass. I looked back to see Earl staring at me as he started plugging my ass. Grinning like an idiot, I returned to licking my own come off of Matt’s chest. Feeling Earl hit bottom in my ass, my cock was instantly rock hard again and leaking pre-come. After getting the last of my own come off of Matt’s chest, I moved down to lift his hardening cock into my mouth again.

It was getting hard to focus on anything with Earl buried so deep inside me, but I was dimly aware of the room slowly emptying until it was just Matt, Earl and I. They moved me over to the couch and flipped me onto my back so Matt could straddle my chest and feed his dick into my mouth while Earl pummeled my ass. My dick was hard as stone as they started to use my holes and it was soon dripping pre-come all over my abdomen. Earl was pulling out when he hit a really sensitive spot in my ass that had me jerk in response. I heard him chuckle and then start massaging that area intensely with the tip of his dick, which quickly had me squirming and quivering on the couch. It only took me around fifteen seconds of this until I was screaming into Matt’s cock and coming continuously. Earl, being the stallion that he was, didn’t stop once I came; he just continued massaging my prostate with his tip over and over again. Needless to say, I was close to passing out from continuous orgasms once again. Before that happened, Earl buried his dick in me once again, moving past my prostate and Matt got off of my chest. Earl lifted me up so that Matt could lie down underneath me and I straddled him. I started to get frightened about what was going to happen. While Earl was buried to the hilt inside me, Matt started pressing his cock into my butt beside Earl’s massive dick.

“Uhh, guys? What you are doing feels really good, but I don’t think I can take two of your massive dicks at once.” I said in a trembling voice.

“Don’t worry, little man. We have done this before and you are going to love it.” Earl said as Matt continued to push his cock in my ass. While I had yet to experience much pain from my encounters with the men, this time was a little different. Feeling two of their monster cocks fill my ass at the same time was an exquisite mixture of pain and pleasure. My cock was rock hard and leaking pre-come onto Matt’s perfect abs as Matt’s cock finally bottomed out inside me beside Earl’s. After a minute of letting me get used to the feeling of extreme fullness, the two of them started alternately fucking my ass in long, smooth strokes. They were so deep in me that I almost felt them hitting my diaphragm and for a second I worried that they would cause me bowel issues over the next few days.

While being this full didn’t hit the same spots as Earl did with the tip of his dick, I was certainly enjoying every moment of it. I was sure that if someone was looking at the three of us from the outside, they would see my eyes rolled back in my head as the two studs focused intensely on the fucking they were giving me. As he was fucking me, Matt reached down to grab my dick and started stroking it. It was slick with my come and pre-come so it was definitely well lubed. Every minute or so Matt would stick his hand in my mouth so I could taste my own juices. While my come wasn’t as tasty as theirs, it was definitely an erotic sensation to taste my own come while I was being fucked.

“Okay, I admit, this is pretty amazing,” I groaned in between gasps of air.

Both men laughed as they started to pick up the pace and I slowly lost all ability to concentrate. They started fucking me so hard that I couldn’t hold myself on Matt’s cock and I fell limp. Of course, that didn’t stop these beasts as they held me up while they gave me the most intense fucking of my life. The intense fullness coupled with the friction of such blazing speed soon put me over the edge and I started coming continuously, blasting my seed onto Matt’s chest and face. He eagerly caught what he could in his mouth and started kissing me, allowing me once again to taste my own seed. My come blasts soon turned to dribbles as I was emptied of every ounce of come left in me.

Matt and Earl started grunting as I sensed they were nearing completion as well. I felt their massive tools expand inside of me as they began to come. While one of these men usually came enough to fill my stomach, two of them blasting their loads deep into my ass was an experience unlike any other. As they were coming inside of me, Earl grabbed my neck and started to cut off my air supply, intensifying the orgasm I was feeling. Once they had finished, Earl let go of my neck, letting me breathe again. I gasped for air as I came down from the intense orgasm I had just had. Earl slowly pulled his big dick out of my ass and then Matt did the same, letting me collapse onto the couch as come started pouring out of my butthole. As I slowly became more aware of my surroundings, I noticed that Earl and Matt had moved into the kitchen area and were grabbing drinks while talking about something. I could also see Craig plowing his big dick into Jonathan over by the pool missionary style.

Earl came back over to where I was cupping as much come from my ass into my mouth and smiled at me. “So, little man, someone has to go into town to grab food for dinner and I was thinking that you and I could do it since everyone else is still indisposed.”

I looked at my watch and was amazed that it was only 4:30 in the afternoon. “Uhhh, sure. Can I have a shower first, though? I think if I put my shorts on now, they would be ruined by the time we got anywhere close to town.”

Earl chuckled, “Sure thing, why don’t you use the one in the room we were introduced to each other in, seems only fitting.”

I smiled and hopped up on my feet, “I’ll be back in ten minutes or so.” I took the stairs two at a time, eager to spend some more alone time with Earl. When I got to the top of the stairs, I could hear a great deal of sex sounds coming out of the rooms that I passed by on my way to Don’s room. When I arrived at Don’s room, I found him in a deep embrace with Carlos as they were passionately kissing while Carlos was straddling his big dick. Amazingly, my dick started getting hard at the eroticism of the scene, but I nonetheless entered the bathroom and started the shower. I quickly washed off the sex juices that I was covered in and used a specially designed tool that I found in the shower to clean out my asshole. I then got out and dried off on one of the very large towels that was hanging on a heated rack. I then picked up my shorts, which were still in the bathroom and put them on as well as my flip flops. When I left the bathroom, I saw that Carlos was now being fucked doggystyle and Don looked over and winked at me as I made my way out of the room. As I was passing by the rooms I saw that Norm was still being fucked by Sean in one, and Allen and Eric were double-teaming Mark in each of his willing holes. It looked like I had been the first one to experience two of these studs at the same time.

When I got downstairs, I asked Earl about Juan, who I didn’t see in any of the rooms. “Oh, he usually goes for a big swim at this time of day. Since the pool is being used by Don and your friend, he probably went for one in the lake. Anyways, we should get going.” I saw that Earl had put on some shorts and flip flops as well, except that his shorts did little to hide the bulge that he had in his pants. We walked out the front door and over to the garage where there were several parked cars and trucks. All of them were high end models except one, an old Toyota truck that only had a bench seat in the front. Earl opened up the doors to this truck and told me to get in the passenger side while he eased his massive frame into the driver’s seat.

“This truck seems pretty out of place next to that Lamborghini and the Escalade.”

“Yeah, we use this truck when we go into town so as not to raise any suspicion or be too obvious about our wealth. Money can do a lot of things, but it also makes lots of people crazy. We like to make sure that people are cool with us the way we are before we go showing off our stuff too much.”

“Except that we saw your wealth before you got around to fucking us.”

Earl started up the truck and began driving away from the house. “That wasn’t our fault, really. Don tried to find a very secluded place on the lake, but most of the bays had several cabins. This was the only one that was really remote and even still it had one other cabin. Don hoped that whoever lived there would be amenable to our lifestyle or would at least leave us alone. If not, he was willing to resell. Clearly, we won’t have to do that.”

“No, I don’t think that you will. So, why did you bring me along on this trip into town with you, anyways?”

“Firstly, I am starting to like you a lot, Dave. I thought that we would enjoy each other’s company on the way there. Secondly, while fucking is all well and good, I love the blowjobs you give me, so I am going to want one on the way. And finally, you were concerned about being gay, so I hope to quash any fears you have of that.”

Hearing that he wanted another blowjob got my dick almost instantly hard and I undid my seat belt and moved to the middle bench seat so that I could start playing with his dick. We had just left the gate leading to the grounds and were on the two lane road that led into town now. “I don’t care if people think I am gay now, I just don’t know if I want to fuck girls as well. I have a girlfriend back in Portland who I care about, but I don’t think I can stop you guys from fucking me.” As Earl was driving, I pulled his dick out of his shorts and leaned down to lick it and start jacking it.

“I am certain that you will still want to fuck girls, Dave. I hope to show that to you later tonight. And when you go back to Portland to see your girlfriend, I can come with you to make sure that she understands. I am pretty good at that.” Earl took one hand off of the wheel and took the back of my head in his powerful grip as he guided his fuckstick into my mouth. I began sucking his cock as I always did, taking it into my mouth in short strokes to get my throat used to the touch. Once it had, I started to keep it in the back of my mouth longer as I tried to swallow it. I would then go as deep as halfway down in order to get my throat used to its length until I stopped feeling the need to gag. Once I had suppressed my gag reflex completely, I would bury his dick to the hilt. It would have been very hard to do all of this while strapped into my seatbelt, so I undid it and lay across the bench with my dick in one hand while I stroked it with the other.

The drive to town took about forty minutes and I made Earl come twice in that time, but he remained hard even after I had put his cock back in his shorts. We were heading towards the closest supermarket and we ended up there with little issue, despite the summer traffic. We got a shopping cart and purchased enough food for 20 average people for the next several days, even though I was certain that the guys ate a lot more than your average person did. We were wheeling the cart out to the truck when we saw a guy and a girl that looked to be having issues with their vehicle. Earl looked at me, smiled and said “Perfect.” I wasn’t sure what he meant by that but I followed him over to them anyways.

The girl was a beautiful young blonde, probably around 22 years old and in great shape. She looked like she swam quite regularly and she had pretty large breasts, even though she was only about 5’2. She was wearing a tube top and a pair of jean booty shorts with sandals that were very sexy. The guy was an attractive young male, probably the same age as the girl and also pretty fit looking, if a bit slim. He had dark hair and a light mustache that would have fit perfectly on a ‘70s pornstar. He was wearing board shorts and a t-shirt with flip flops.

Earl waltzed right up to the two and said “You guys having some trouble here?”

They both turned to look at us and if I hadn’t known the power Earl had over people first hand, I would have laughed at the looks that came across their faces. The girl seemed to be eyeing every part of his massive, chiseled frame, while the boy was staring very directly at his crotch. They boy said, “Uhhh, yeah. Our truck cut out on us and now it won’t start. We were hoping to get back to our parents’ cabin for dinner, but since we don’t have a vehicle, we may have to stay in town.”

“That doesn’t sound like fun,” Earl said with a big grin and a wink to the girl. “Let me see if I can determine what is wrong with it.”

Earl moved towards the open hood and bent over to look inside while the two siblings checked out his gorgeous ass. After a few minutes of poking around he came away from the hood and said “Looks like your carburetor is shot, probably take a while to fix it. Tell you what, I know the local mechanic pretty well so I will give him a call and have him come pick this truck up now and start work on it.”

The boy spoke, “Wow that would be awesome, thank you. Now we just need to figure out dinner and a place to stay.”

“No problem, why don’t you come back to stay at our place? We just bought a bunch of food for the next couple of days and we have lots of room for you two.” As he said the last bit, he looked at me and winked.

The girl hadn’t said anything up until this point but as soon as Earl suggested this she said “Oh yes. Yes, please. Is it far?”

I smiled inwardly at this as Earl said, “Not too far. Come on, our truck is just over here.”

As we were walking towards the truck, Earl passed me the keys and told me to drive and then he stepped back to walk with the girl, whose name was Suzy. “So, you were saying your parents have a cabin up here?”

Suzy responded while staring at Earl’s pecs. “Yeah, they normally come up every summer at least once but they are on a cruise this year so we came up on our own. I am just happy that my brother’s truck broke down or we wouldn’t have met you.” I noted that she didn’t mention me at all in her happiness.

We reached the truck and I unlocked the doors and got in the driver’s seat. There were only three seatbelts on the bench, so I knew that Earl had something in mind when he told the guy, whose name was Zach, to sit beside me, while he sat on the end. Even though each of us had a seatbelt, it was pretty crowded once Earl got in and then he told Suzy to sit on his lap. I watched as she climbed into the truck and sat on Earl’s lap and saw her face light up and I knew that she had just felt the monster in his pants against her ass. Earl extended the seatbelt out to its full length and hooked it around the both of them. I started up the truck and drove out of the parking lot and onto the main road.

Once we were back on the secluded road to the cabin, I looked over to see that Suzy had started grinding on Earl’s lap and that her hands appeared to be doing something between her legs. A few moments after that, I looked over again to see her kissing Earl passionately as her brother looked on with his hands in his lap. I noticed that Zach had grown a significant boner in his pants watching Earl have his way with his sister. I took one hand off of the wheel and grabbed Zach’s dick through his pants. He jumped in his seat and looked down and then up at me and as soon as he did, I kissed him on the mouth. He seemed shocked at first but quickly returned the kiss and started humping his dick into my hand. I had to stop in order to focus on driving again, but I managed to pull his 5” dick out of his pants so that I could stroke it while I drove. His hand moved to my pants and he reached under my shorts to grab at my now rock hard cock.

I managed to look over to Earl again only to see that his massive dick had been released from his shorts and was now sticking up at least six inches between Suzy’s legs as she stroked it. She was continuously spitting on it to keep it lubed and her eyes appeared locked in a state of shock. Earl had meanwhile pulled her tube top down and was squeezing both of her beautiful tits in one hand while his other hand was in her shorts. Her breasts appeared to be around a 32D, with a very slight droop, certifying their authenticity.

I was shocked when I looked back towards the road and felt my cock being engulfed by Zach’s warm mouth. I had yet to have my dick sucked by anyone yet and it was a very welcome feeling. With the scene occurring beside me and the hard dick in my hand, it didn’t take me long to come, which was a good thing, because we drove through the gate onto the grounds just as I blew my load into pretty little Zach’s mouth.

I drove the truck up to the gravel driveway by the front door so that we could unload the stuff easier and got out. Earl opened his door and carried Suzy out with one hand around her waist as he spoke to me. “Dave, take Zach inside and introduce him to the guys and tell them to unload the truck. Then come up to Don’s room to help me with this little fox.” He spun Suzy around so that she could face him and then threw her over his shoulder as she shrieked. He walked up the steps and through the door as I turned to watch Zach get out of the truck. His dick was still sticking out of his shorts, so I grabbed hold of it and led him inside.

As we passed into the foyer, I saw Earl reach the top of the stairs still carrying Suzy on his shoulder. “Have you ever done anything with guys before?” I asked Zach as we moved into the glass hallway.

“No, I never even found guys attractive until I saw your friend there. I am really jealous of my sister right now.”

“Don’t worry, you won’t be left hanging. I didn’t tell you but there are a few more guys here and some of them are just as hot and big as Earl. I didn’t think I liked guys until Earl and his friend Don fucked me this morning. Since then it has been a rollercoaster of sex. See for yourself.” As I said this, we had entered into the atrium area and yet again I was amazed by the sight before me.

Don, Craig and Juan were sitting in couches drinking beers while Jonathan, Mark and Carlos were sucking them off, respectively. “We’re back, guys.” I said. “This is Zach. We met him and his sister when we were getting groceries. We figured they would like to have dinner with us.” I introduced Zach to everyone there. “Also, Earl told me to tell you guys to get the stuff out of the truck.”

Don got up and his sizeable dick popped out of Jonathan’s mouth. He walked over to Zach and I and put out his hand. “Hi there, Zach. I’m Don and this is my place.”

Zach tentatively reached out and gripped Don’s hand. “Hey, it’s a really nice place. “

“Why thank you, Zach. Why don’t you and I get more properly acquainted?” Don took Zach’s hand and moved it to his horizontal member. Zach stared at his hand on Don’s cock and started to stroke it. “That’s a good kid.” Don moved forward and kissed Zach on the mouth, which Zach readily reciprocated. Seeing that Zach was going to be well taken care of, I headed up the stairs towards the bedrooms. On the way to Don’s room I saw that Norm was in one room with both Allen and Eric deep in his ass while Sean’s cock was buried down his throat. I had always known that Norm was a little bit homophobic, but to see him doing the things he had been doing over the past day made me wonder why that had been. He appeared to be embracing gay sex just as easily if not easier than any one of us.

I moved past the room where the gangbang was going on and continued towards Don’s room. Surprisingly, when I got there the door was closed, something which I had yet to experience in this house. I guessed that Earl wanted some privacy while he broke Suzy in. Knowing that I had been invited, I opened the door quietly and entered the room, closing the door behind me. Earl was lying on the bed on his back with a naked Suzy sitting on his face as he ate her out. A steady cadence of moans was coming from her mouth and I suspected that Earl was just as good at eating pussy as he was at fucking. I noticed that Earl’s dick was still hanging out of his shorts and so I moved up and started removing his shorts to get at his tool. I then went down on his wonderful cock for the fourth time that day.

Once I had gotten my throat to the capability of deep-throating Earl’s dick, I heard Suzy’s moans escalate until she came hard on his face. Suzy then moved back from Earl’s face and noticed me sucking on his dick. I looked into her beautiful green eyes while I deep-throated Earl and noticed her intense envy. “Holy shit, I can’t believe you can deep-throat that dick. You must have had a lot of practice.”

I pulled Earl’s dick out of my mouth and smiled at her. “Actually, I sucked my first dick today. I guess I am just a natural.”

“I’ll say, can you teach me? I’ve always wanted but never been able to deep-throat, although I am sure that I am starting out on a black diamond.” Earl laughed at the pun.

“Of course I will teach you. Come down here and I’ll show you the ropes.” Suzy came off of Earl’s chest and crawled down the bed to lie beside me as Earl moved up the bed so he was sitting up a bit more. I began Suzy off by getting her to just lick the tip and get it really nicely lubed up. I then had her put the head in her mouth and start stroking it to keep it nice and hard. Once she had gotten the dick a few inches into her mouth and she was struggling to put more in, I told her to swallow and her eyes went wide as she deep-throated Earl’s cock.

“Good work, little man. I think I’m going to keep you around so you can teach everyone to suck dick like you do. Now, go behind Suzy and fuck her. I need you to loosen up her pussy so I can fuck her.” I did as Earl asked and moved behind Suzy, who was having a gay old time swallowing Earl’s entire dick. For a girl so small, Suzy had a sizeable booty so I spread her cheeks and tongued her ass and pussy from behind as I stroked my dick to its full seven inch hardness. I then stood up and placed my cockhead at her entrance and pushed it in. While I wasn’t certain that what I had been doing with the guys could be considered cheating to my girlfriend in Portland, since I let her fuck girls whenever she wanted, I knew that this definitely would be. She was definitely going to forgive me once she got a piece of Earl, though.

Suzy’s pussy was really tight so I knew I had some work to do before she would be ready for Earl and I was glad to do it. I pushed in and reached resistance at about five inches, so I guessed that she had only ever been fucked to about that deep or she had been away from a dick for quite a while, something that was unlikely given her age and beauty. I pumped my cock into her pussy while I watched Earl face fuck her. Suzy’s pussy was quickly very wet and my dick was sloshing around inside of it when she came and added even more fluid. I always loved girls who got really wet when they got fucked and Suzy was no exception. I continued fucking her for a good five or six minutes in doggy-style until I noticed Earl coming. I felt Suzy choke on Earl’s dick as her pussy kicked my dick out. She then coughed as Earl’s come sprayed into her mouth and all over her face.

“Holy shit that is a lot of cum,” Suzy said as she began licking it off of Earl’s cock, balls and abdomen. “And it tastes fucking fantastic.”

“Dave, you taught her well on the deep-throating but I think she has a way to go on the come-eating.” Earl started slapping Suzy’s face with his semi-erect dick as she ate the come off of his balls. I replaced my cock inside her pussy and started thrusting into her at full speed, eager to come myself.

“Ugh, oh fuck yes, Dave. Fuck my tight pussy with your big dick while I suck these big black balls. Unnnghh. I am going to come again.” Suzy and I came together as I flooded her tight pussy with a nice big load, although it would have paled in comparison to one of Earl’s. She then collapsed onto Earl’s massive frame and rolled onto her back on the bed.

“I don’t think you needed to worry much about her being lubricated Earl, Suzy has one of those sopping wet pussies that always seems ready to go.”

“That wasn’t the only reason I wanted you to fuck her Dave,” Earl said as he pulled me to him and kissed me on the mouth. “I also wanted you to see that you are not gay, just bisexual. See how good you fucked Suzy? It’s nothing compared to what I am going to do to her but you are still just as attracted to women as you used to be and more than capable of servicing their needs as well as mine.” I kissed Earl again as I stroked his cock back to its full length.

Once his dick was fully hard, Earl got up and moved over top of Suzy into the missionary position. She was just coming out of her come coma and she smiled, seeing his large frame silhouetted over her. His dick was sitting on top of her pussy and it looked like it was going to hit her lungs once it went inside of her, especially with her small frame. “Suzy, honey, I am going to fuck you now. We will go really slowly at first and then I am going to make your body do things you didn’t think was possible. Are you sure you want this, little girl?”

“Oh fuck yes, Earl. When I first saw you I knew that I wanted you to fuck me; to own me. I need to know what you feel like inside of me. I just have to have you. Take me, Earl.”

Earl grinned as he lowered his position so that his cockhead was sitting at the entrance to Suzy’s vagina and he slid it up and down her lips. I sat back to watch this spectacle and started picking up the traces of Earl’s earlier come blasts and swallowing them. As soon as his sweet nectar touched my tongue, my dick became rock-hard again and I had to stroke it.

Earl’s tool slowly entered Suzy’s pussy and her eyes went wide with a mixture of pain, pleasure and fear, a feeling I knew well as that cock stretched her pussy to dimensions as before unknown to her. He used only his flared cockhead at first, massaging the first few inches of her pussy as she grew accustomed to its girth, moaning an endless stream of vowel sounds. Once he felt her pussy wasn’t resisting as much, he started exploring the depths of Suzy’s pussy, moving to about half his length, which was the length of my own dick. Suzy came as soon as he reached this depth, not having had something this large inside of her ever before. He kept her coming as he quickly did several fast strokes from half-deep to almost out of her pussy. He then waited for her to come down as he kept his cock at about half-deep. I sat up and moved to kiss Earl while still stroking my cock.

“That is so fucking hot, you guys. I never thought of gay sex as being sexy before, but I could come just watching you two beautiful men kiss. And I am not just saying that because there is an ebony fuckstick deep in my pussy.” Earl and I stopped kissing as Earl turned back to focus on opening up a new pussy.

“Deep? Little lady, you haven’t even felt what deep is yet.” As Earl said this, he pushed in another four inches and Suzy’s ass lifted right off of the bed and she groaned a sound I am certain I had made when Earl first bottomed out inside of me. “See, and now we are almost there.” Earl fucked Suzy for five minutes or so with his dick going no deeper than the 11 inches he had had in her, but that didn’t stop her from coming often enough that I wasn’t sure if it was one prolonged orgasm or several. He once again stopped with his dick nice and deep in Suzy as he waited for her to come down again. I again moved up to him and he grabbed hold of my dick for me and stroked me to another orgasm while he explored my mouth with his tongue. My seed sprayed mostly onto his dick to serve as a final lubricant for Earl’s last push.

“The final two inches approach, my sweet doll. After this you will do anything I say, and I will be asking much of you over the rest of your life. You will enjoy all of it, but I once again want to be sure that this is what you want.” I wondered why he was giving Suzy the choice when I had not ever been given one. Of course, from the moment I had seen Earl up close I had known that I would do anything he wanted me to, regardless of the consequences. Which is why I was not surprised when Suzy gave Earl her answer.

“I want nothing more, Master. I will be your slave forever, just fuck me with the entirety of that weapon of yours. Make me your sex toy.” Earl leaned down and started kissing Suzy on the mouth and then his hips thrust forward the last two inches and Suzy came hard on his cock.

Earl started a gentle fucking motion while Suzy’s moans echoed throughout the room. After a few moments he turned to me and spoke. “Suzy and I are going to get better acquainted now, Dave. Why don’t you go and find something to do for a while. If I need you again, I will send for you.”

“Absolutely, Earl. Not a problem. As soon as you need me, I will come. I can’t wait for you to fuck my ass again. It has been too long already.” I got up and walked out of Don’s room while also noticing that the sun had gone down and it was getting dark. It must have been around 8 o’clock and I hadn’t had any food since this morning, unless you counted all the come I had eaten, and that had kept me largely sated. Nonetheless, decided to go to the kitchen and grab something to eat, hoping I wouldn’t get sidetracked before I got some nutrition in me. I walked past where the boys had been gang-fucking Norm to see that now it was only Sean who was sliding his massive dick in and out of Norm’s well-stretched hole. They were fucking missionary while I heard Norm chanting Sean’s name and saying “I love you” over and over again. I guessed that Earl was not alone in the power to dominate his lovers as I could imagine myself doing the same thing while being fucked by him.

I continued on down the stairs to an empty atrium, something which I had yet to see in the house and went straight to the fridge and opened it up. Inside I found a bunch of items that Earl and I had purchased as well as a large array of protein shakes and instant meals. I was starving so I grabbed one of the fructose-free instant meals and chugged it quickly. I then placed the can on the counter and left the kitchen to look for the others.

The pool area was empty and looked beautiful with the fading light and the glow coming from the pool. I looked in the other rooms on the main floor and only found some places I had not yet seen, like the laundry room and a few more guest rooms. I also noticed that the guest rooms had some luggage that looked suspiciously like mine and my friends’. I went and checked and saw that indeed someone had gone over to Jon’s cabin and collected our luggage and brought it here. I smiled at the thought that the men wanted us to stay here with them for the rest of our trip and had gone to the trouble of getting our stuff. Realizing that everyone must have gone downstairs to watch a movie or something I headed that way.

The stairway to the basement entered into an open area where there was a pool table and a window into the pool itself. There weren’t any lights on because the glow from the pool lights was more than enough to illuminate the room. I walked over to the door that led into the theatre when I heard a sound coming from deeper in this room. I walked towards the sound and found that there was a bookcase which had moved from its previous location to reveal a doorway and it was behind this door that I heard the sound coming from. Now that I was closer I could tell that the sound was obviously moaning and so I opened the door to reveal a room behind it.

Everyone except for Norm, Sean, Earl, Suzy, Zach and Don was in this room, all in a state of ecstasy. The room itself was what one might call a sex dungeon, with apparatuses all around it for who knows what purpose. The floor was covered in a spongy mattress-like material that would be good for fucking unimpeded. There was a cross in one corner that I guessed someone would get tied to and spanked with some of the tools that were attached to a nearby wall. I also noticed that there were several sex swings attached to the ceiling that were being used by one of my friends as he was being fucked by one the guys. Carlos was getting double teamed by Allen and Eric, something it looked like they really enjoyed doing, and Jonathan had Juan deep inside of him on the sex swing. The only one that didn’t have his dick in an ass was Craig, as he was being sucked off by Mark, who was being fucked by Matt.

My dick quickly became hard as I watched the scene in front of me. I had yet to be in control in any way in the house, so I simply waited for someone else to make the move to include me. Luckily, it didn’t take very long. I had been watching Mark suck Craig’s dick and saw that there were areas where he was better than me and other areas where he needed some pointers. While watching, Craig noticed my eye-line and pulled his dick out of Mark’s mouth and headed towards me.

“Hey, Dave, group sex isn’t exactly my thing. Some of these guys are obsessed with competing with one another, but I like my sex more one-on-one. Let’s head somewhere more private.” Craig grabbed a hold of my vertical cock and led me out of the room by it towards the stairs. “Have you been enjoying your stay here so far?”

“I don’t think I ever want to leave. You guys have already given me so much. And this is only the first day.”

“Well, the summer can’t last forever. Although, I am sure we will be visiting you guys throughout the year. You should talk to Don about it later; I bet he already has something in mind.”

“I couldn’t find Don earlier, I only just found you guys because I didn’t know that room existed.”

“Don probably decided to keep that room secret when he gave you the tour so you weren’t put off. But he went off to break Zach in earlier. He is probably doing that still, since he likes the little blonde boys.”

“Zach said he had never done anything with a guy before, but he pretty easily sucked my dick in the truck.” We passed by the pool window.

“Earl was in the truck too, right?” I nodded. “Yeah, just being around us makes anyone horny enough to get over any prejudices they might have against any form of sex. I am pretty sure your friend Norm was terrified of gay men before today, but I changed his mind pretty quickly.”

“How did you do that anyways?” We began walking up the stairs.

“When I came home with the steaks I had to take a piss. I didn’t know that we had guests yet, so I just walked into the bathroom as we have no locks in this house. I already had my pants down and my dick out and I walked in on your friend Norm pissing into the toilet. He was startled but as soon as he saw the size of my dick, he stopped pissing and his dick got hard. He was staring, so I assumed he wanted it and I walked up to him and just started kissing him. I fucked him right there on the counter for a bit and then I took him up to my room to continue. He seemed more reticent than other guys I have fucked but he took to it like a fat man to cake.” We were now walking up the stairs to the second floor.

“I noticed that as well. He is constantly up here with a cock in his ass now. Not that I don’t want the same thing.” Craig led me to his room where he had fucked Norm for the first time. Craig’s room was set up pretty similarly to the other rooms, with a king-size bed as soon as you entered and an ensuite bathroom off to the left. Craig sat down on the bed and started swinging his dick around in circles as he smiled at me.

“I’m going to fuck you for the rest of the night probably so first I want you to show me your cocksucking skills. I have heard that out of the guys you are the best.”

“I am glad to hear such praise. I haven’t had a lot of practice but I guess I have a natural talent.” I knelt down and took Craig’s dick in my hands and began stroking it as I licked the tip and stared up into his eyes.

“That remains to be seen, Dave. Now get to work.” Craig lay back on the bed and I couldn’t see his face anymore so instead I focused on giving him an exceptional blowjob. I always liked to tease women with my oral skills so I decided to take a nice long time with Craig, giving him only glimpses of pleasure. I slobbered all over his dick to get it nice and wet and ran my hands up and down the shaft.

After a while of this, Craig demanded that I get up on his dick so I dragged my tongue from base to tip along his dick and climbed astride him on the bed. “Now place my dick at the entrance to your ass and I will fuck you with it.” I did as he asked and waited. Craig grabbed my ass cheeks in his hands and slipped his sizeable dick into my rosebud, stopping only an inch inside me.

“Please, fuck me. God dammit I need to be fucked.” I leaned forward and kissed him on the mouth as he pushed his dick inside me a little more. It seemed that he was now the one doing the teasing and I was loving every minute of it. I hadn’t been fucked since Matt and Earl had double-teamed me earlier in the day, so I was quite happy to have a dick up my ass once again. Craig was taking too long to fill me up so I leaned back and impaled myself fully on his cock and groaned in pleasure. He wasn’t quite as long as Earl, but I was pleased with the girth of his flesh tube as I felt the blood pulsating through its length. I leaned forward again and placed my hands on Craig’s chest as I began fucking myself on his cock. Using long, slow strokes I was able to massage my prostate with every inch of Craig’s dick and my eyes rolled up into my head as I succumbed to the pleasure. Craig eventually grabbed my ass when he noticed my strength was waning and pulled me down onto my side on the bed so I was facing him.

“That is quite the ass you have there, Dave. It’s so tight; I can’t believe you got Earl and Matt up there at the same time. I am going to make you my bitch all night long. When you wake up, you will be swimming in my cum. Don’t you want that, Dave?”

I nodded as I leaned towards him and started kissing him on the face and neck. He speared my ass with three fast strokes and I jerked in response.

“Use your words, Dave. Tell me that you want to be my bitch. Tell me you want my cum. Tell me what a fag you are for my cock.”

“I want to be your bitch, Craig. I want to swim in your cum. I am a total fag for your dick, Craig. Fuck me with it, feed it to me. Do whatever you want and I will comply.”

“Good boy. This is going to be a fun night.” Craig grabbed a hold of my ass and moved to lie on top of me as he pistoned his dick into the depths of my bowels. He grabbed a hold of my legs and put them on his shoulders and then massaged my pecs like they were tits as he pulled his dick out so only the tip was in my ass. Then he pummeled my ass with countless hard, fast strokes until my cock blasted come all the way up my chest onto my face.

After I came down from this orgasm, Craig lay his chest against mine and kissed my neck and face as he used deep, slow strokes to fuck me. This time it was more like he was making love to me than fucking me and when I came it lasted for at least a minute as he did not stop his wonderful slow strokes. Once I came down again, Craig moved into another brutal fuck session where he fucked me hard doggystyle with my face pushed to the mattress and his foot on my head. He was slapping my ass and demanding that I tell him I was my bitch as he reamed out my butthole with an intensity and endurance I could only hope for. I came again after several minutes of this and Craig once again switched tactics. For the final session of the evening, Craig lay me down on the bed as he got behind me and slipped his beautiful member in my ass once again in the spooning position. Then, as he slow-fucked me he whispered how sexy I was and how hot I had made him over the past day. He told me that I could have his dick whenever I wanted and that he would make me come more than any other guy in the house (something which I wasn’t sure was an exaggeration). Hearing this sexy talk drove me once again over the edge and I came once again. Coming down from that orgasm took some time, but as I did, Craig pulled his dick out of my ass and pulled me onto my back as he sprayed my chest and face with his seed. I was so exhausted by the fucking Craig had given me that I simply moaned a few times and then fell asleep. I vaguely remember Craig turning me into the spooning position as he cuddled me with his dick nestled in between my thighs.

I woke up about an hour and a half later, which must have been some time close to midnight and went to the bathroom. As I was leaving, I heard the telltale sounds of sex coming from both rooms adjacent to Craig’s but I felt satisfied so I went back to lie in Craig’s arms. He woke up slightly when I grabbed a hold of his cock which was still fully turgid and placed it back between my legs and tried to go back to sleep.

My attempts were rather fitful, not just because of the sounds of sex all around me, but also because I was unsure about everything that had happened so far. Yesterday I had only caught a glimpse of the men in this house but I somehow knew even then that I would end up being their sex toy. What was it that gave them such power over us? How come they were all so big? And how did they manage to fuck all of us anal virgins with such ease? I knew from my experiences with Kathryn that anal sex was not something a guy with a big dick just did on a whim with another man, so how could I take a cock as big as Don’s and Earl’s without being in intense pain or doing damage to my rectum? I eventually decided it was best to ignore such rational thoughts and just focus on the benefits of my new situation. I fell asleep to thoughts of more interesting kinds of sex to come with a hard dick resting between my balls and dried cum on my chest.

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