Medicine Show

Medicine show continues

by Longbow9

The Homer’s Odyssey of breast and cock expansion stories is continued by the story’s original creator, complete with even more breast and cock expansion.

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Please note: This story is a continuation of an epic tale of huge growing cocks and huge growing breasts, with both straight and gay material mixed in. The continuation is more of the above in spades. Just sayin…. Both stories are republished from LPSG with permission.

My original story, “Medicine Show”, had a pretty good run on LPSG and was a lot of fun to write. After a two year absence from updating, I’ve finally decided it’s time to return to one of my favorite fictional playgrounds.

Rather than continue posting in the original Medicine Show thread (available here and in the original thread at LPSG), I’ve decided to start a new thread to host the continued adventures of Terry, Greg, Chris, Jen, Tasha, Kimber, Diane, Kevin, Mahmout and the rest.

Considering the last story post in Medicine Show was on January 18th of 2015, I’m sure by now most of you have lost track of where we were (not that it was easy to follow even when it was active) and new readers have probably never heard of it in the first place.

So this post will be dedicated to getting people up to speed. Feel free to skip some or all of it. You don’t need to be intimately familiar with the spaghetti tangle of plotlines in order to enjoy the story.

What you need to know

The story centers around the adventures of college freshman Terry Anderson. He has access to a magic topical cream that enlarges any part of the body with which it comes into contact.

How the cream works:

  • The cream has so far been depicted in three forms:
    • Regular cream=1.5x enlargement factor
    • Diluted cream=1.25x regular enlargement factor or less depending on the dilution level.
    • “Diluted unstable cream concentrate”=unpredictable, but somewhere in the area of 5-10x enlargement factor.

  • The cream multiplies existing tissue cells with which it comes into contact. Muscular people will become more muscular, fat people will become fatter. Dicks, boobs, balls and butts get larger all around.
  • No matter how large a cream-enhanced penis gets, it can still become erect and features a drastically reduced refractory period.
  • Testicles affected by the cream go into permanent super-overdrive and churn out exponentially increased levels of sperm. Prostates magically adapt to keep up, resulting in massive cum loads for even modest users of the cream. A heavy user can expect to output a quart or more of jizz per day. A very heavy user (like Chris) can ejaculate several gallons every few hours.
  • The cream only works if you eat enough to fuel its growth.

How the cream does not work:

  • It does not enlarge internal spaces. Applying it to your vagina will not make it more cavernous, it will make your vagina puff up and be tighter than before.
  • Taking it orally would not cause you to become taller. Actually it would probably be fatal (unless exposure is restricted to the tongue, in which case you’d probably end up with a super long tongue).
  • Consistently. The rules of the cream bend to favor the needs of the narrative.

The story so far

Terry Anderson had a small penis. Super tiny. Like 2 inches erect on a warm day after pumping.

During his last summer break before college, he discovered a mysterious chest while cleaning out the attic. His grandfather was a notorious snake-oil salesman and among his various patent cures was a secret formula for a real-life “enlargement cream.”

Enlisting the help of his friend Bruce and Bruce’s pot dealing brother Jeff, the trio recreate the cream. It works better than they hoped and soon both Terry and Bruce are sporting mammoth dongs. Terry sprouts an impressive nine inch cock while Bruce accidentally overdoes it a bit and ends up with a 14 inch rod as thick as his wrist.

Terry has sex with high school crush Alice Bertram and she makes him vow to sex her whenever she demands it.

Terry’s twin sisters also get into the cream and discover it works equally well on breasts and buttocks.

Bruce and Terry head off to separate colleges. Terry is attending Bradford College, a fictional school based on the now defunct college of the same name in Haverhill Massachusetts. Bruce is attending UMASS and except for some letters and phone calls, this is where he leaves the story (so far).

Terry discovers he’s rooming with Greg Dunbar, his bodybuilding lacrosse teammate from high school. He’s also rooming with Chris Song-Kim, an introverted Korean American who has something of a persecution complex, not least because of the teasing he endures at the hands of his step-brother. Chris also had a small penis.

Terry and Greg attend a “First day of the semester” celebration with some girls they met. Terry, still insecure about the size of his cock, rubs on some more cream, expanding from 9” to around 12”.

His dick is revealed during a drunk game of truth or dare, and Greg is shocked to discover Terry’s new size (him being familiar with Terry’s old penis size from the showers in high school). Greg reveals his cock is also 12”, though he is a grower, not a shower, and his flaccid size is only around 5” or 6”.

Terry hooks up with an anime nerd named Crissy and they have sex.

Chris gets into the cream while Terry and Greg are in class the next day. Not knowing how to use it properly, he continues to slather it on until he sees results. Unfortunately, the cream has a delayed reaction, and Chris ends up with a 22 inch cock and mammoth balls.

Then some other stuff happens. Chris gets addicted to sucking his own dick and also to enlarges himself until he can barely walk. He moves in with a trio of hot, horny girls named Jen, Tasha and Kimber.

Jen becomes Chris’s size queen girlfriend, whose main pastime consists of feeding Chris so his balls can keep churning out gallons of cum. Tasha is an exhibitionist with a popular sex cam feed. Kimber is a lovelorn shortstack with a temper.

A bunch of cream arrives and it is squirreled away by Terry, fearful of the chaos it could wreak. Included in the shipment of cream is a small jar of “unstable cream concentrate” whose effects are unknown.

Jen, Tasha and Kimber all experiment with the cream, achieving various levels of bustiness.

Chris’s gigantic penis ends up on the web and it attracts the attention of Alpha bitch Eva Benedict. Eva’s the wealthy heiress daughter of Damien Benedict of Benedict Pharmodyne. BenPharm is responsible for a sizable endowment to Bradford college and as a result Eva wields tremendous power over the school administration and her fellow students. She also owns the only extant jar of an experimental penis enlargement pill that actually makes dicks smaller. She uses it to revenge herself of ex boyfriends and any other man that crosses her.

She decides she must posses the secret of Chris’s huge cock at any cost, and throws her weight around with Darkwater Security Services -one of BenPharm’s subsidiary companies- to rough up Greg in an effort to get him to give up the secret.

Greg is severely beaten despite his great strength and ends up in the hospital. He’s still there as of this writing.

Eva Benedict’s self proclaimed “arch nemesis” Kate Fereliss (pronounced “Fearless”) takes Terry under her wing and decides he’d be safer living off campus with her friend Diane.

Kate is the beneficiary of a “supersoldier serum” of which the “enlargement cream” is only a fragment (the part responsible for a supersoldier’s healing factor). She’s super strong, nigh unkillable, half Vietnamese, five foot tall, and flat as a board.

Diane is an ultra turbo nymphomaniac pansexual who has not gone a day without having sex since she was 16 (as of her first appearance she is 22). Diane runs the Mu Lambda sorority house. The sorority comprises the horniest girls on campus and their wild sex parties are legendary.

She tricks Terry into using more cream because she wants to see how it works and Terry ends up with a 16 inch cock. She then uses the cream on herself to balloon her breasts and butt to gigantic proportions.

Crissy breaks up with Terry because his dick is too big for her. Diane is now the only known woman on campus capable of taking Terry’s tool.

Chris meets a diminutive goth girl with an eating disorder named Persephone. She is fascinated by Chris’s freedom to eat as much as he likes and becomes obsessed with feeding him. She steals the cream stockpile and uses some on herself in an effort to seduce Chris.

What with one thing and another, Chris’s cock is now over three feet long erect and his balls are roughly the size of watermelons. He is still insecure about the size of his cock.

Terry makes rivals with a lacrosse teammate named Mahmout.

In a fit of pique, Terry decides to use Mahmout as an unwilling guinea pig for the Unstable Cream by getting Mahmout drunk and slathering him up.

The unstable cream works just like the regular cream only it’s 10x more powerful and also temporary. Mahmout’s genitals expand to tremendous proportions, quickly becoming larger than the rest of his body.

Terry, Diane and Kevin (another lacrosse teammate and Mahmout’s roommate) decide to work together to help Mahmout shrink back to normal size by making him cum out all the extra mass.

After a long night of work, the four of them have finally succeeded…

Terry shivered against the cold night wind that whipped through the open cabin of Diane’s Jeep. Beside him, in the passenger seat, Kevin sat in silence, still shellshocked from the evening’s events.

Both of them were nude.

Their cum-soaked clothes were wadded up in the back seat next to the catatonic Mahmout, who hadn’t spoken a coherent sentence since his first mind-shattering orgasm a few hours before. By the end of the night, he was completely unresponsive except for the ecstatic moans of pleasure that erupted from his throat with every subsequent explosion of jizz from his Godzilla-sized organ.

It had taken hours, but Terry, Kevin and Diane had been able to pump Mahmout’s genitals back down to something resembling a manageable size. Now the muscled Persian youth’s nineteen inch softie rested lazily atop a pair of testicles the size of grapefruit while he burbled to himself in his sleep.

“Do you think he’s gonna be like that forever?” asked Kevin, glancing nervously back at the dozing Mahmout for the dozenth time.

“How the hell should I know?” Terry snapped. He didn’t feel well. Guilt ate up his insides like a swarm of carnivorous butterflies, and even in the dead of night on a back road, he felt the eyes of the world on him.

“Shit, man. Sorry,” Kevin apologized. He went back to looking straight ahead. Down in his lap, he adjusted his own flaccid footlong which dangled over the lip of the passenger seat, barely fazed by the chilly night air.

After a few seconds, he glanced back again, this time looking past Mahmout, peering at the mountainous shape in the flatbed behind the back seat.

“So, that was pretty crazy what happened with Diane, huh?” he asked.

Terry chortled sardonically in response.

“Crazy” didn’t begin to cover it. Driven into a frenzy of lust by Mahmout’s epic tool, Diane had slathered every part of herself with the cream, quickly swelling up to even more ridiculous proportions than the hapless man they’d come to save. But what Terry and Kevin had found most shocking was not her beachball-sized tits or couch-crushing bottom and thighs, but the incredible transformation that had been inflicted on Diane’s already overactive clit.

The once pinkie-sized nubbin had been dosed with cream and had expanded into a grotesque appendage that dwarfed even Terry’s titanic tool (which was currently thrown casually over his left thigh to keep it out of the way).

Even more bizarrely, however, was the pair of massive, dark, intimidating testicles that had sprouted out from the base of her clit.

Terry and Kevin had watched in horrified fascination as Diane’s oversized pleasure button had morphed from a slim pink shaft into a hefty, coffee brown monster that resembled Mahmout’s cock in every way but size. The rich dark skintone of her new cock terminated sharply where the base of her shaft met her groin, which was still a silky, milky white.

Invigorated by her new baseball-bat sized appendage, Diane had launched into the task of jerking off Mahmout with renewed vigor, guzzling gallons of his cum until her bloated belly could take no more and she collapsed from exhaustion.

Now, she was passed out in the flatbed of her own hot-pink Jeep as the four of them cruised hurriedly back towards the Mu Lambda sorority house. In the passing light of the streetlamps, she resembled a mountain range. Her gargantuan tits, each one two large to encompass in a bear hug, jiggled like gelatin against the momentous curve of her cum-stuffed belly. Her ass, now nearly as broad as the span of Terry’s arms, was squeezed tightly into the narrow storage space, leaving her preposterously thick thighs and legs to dangle over the side of the truck. Her hoselike cock was slung out the back of the flatbed to allow the constant drizzle of milky precum to drain out onto the street, constantly renewed by a pair of balls the size of her head.

Terry didn’t understand how the cream worked, but he’d never known it to add body parts that weren’t there. The new development of Diane’s fully functioning cock and balls disturbed him greatly. When he’d gotten back to the Mu Lambda house, he’d have a lot of questions for Kate…

Persephone had just finished applying the second coat of cream with her makeup brush when the first one started to kick in. It started as a tingle around her areolae, followed by an almost audible popping sound as her nipples exploded into erection. She felt a flush of heat all over her body that left her breathless.

At first, the growth was almost imperceptible. She couldn’t tell if her breasts were actually growing or if the motion she was seeing was part of the normal rise and fall of her breath. Gradually, however, the shift in weight grew more apparent until it was impossible to ignore.

By then, she’d become ravenously hungry. Suddenly the smorgasbord of junk food she’d hoarded seemed to be illuminated by spotlights as the rest of the room went dark around her. Without thinking, she grabbed a box of Fig Newtons from the top of her desk. She’d already dumped half the box into her mouth before the weeks and months of practiced self-control finally kicked back in.

Steady now, Persephone, She thought, Binge eating almost ruined your life. Do you really want to do this? You’ve been doing so well. Eating right, staying trim without hurting your body. Maybe you won’t need to purge afterwards but is dumping all the weight into your boobs any better than puking it up?

Her stomach gurgled an insistent counterpoint. Meanwhile, the buzz in her modest but impressively perky boobs continued to intensify. She could see them growing now. Was there any way to stop them? If she didn’t feed their ravenous growth, would they just take what they needed from her body, leaving her a freaky, big-titted skeleton??

Without realizing she’d made a decision, she horfed down the mouthful of Fig Newtons, along with the rest of the box, and a whole box of Oreos. A half dozen beef-jerky sticks vanished into her mouth, and she munched on pop-tarts while she tried to mix up a glass of Instant Breakfast with trembling hands.

The process of mixing powder with milk one glass at a time eventually proved too irritatingly slow for Persephone, and she just dumped a handful of packets messily into the neck of a gallon jug of milk before tipping it up to chug the whole thing.

Oh my God, oh my GOD this feels good! She thought, feeling her tiny, taut belly expand with precious calories.

Every gulp of milk seemed to go straight to her rapidly swelling mammaries, which had left their modest B-cups far behind and were rapidly approaching the DDD range. Every cell in her boobs had gone into metabolic overdrive, dividing at a pace that defied science. The heat coming off them was staggering. The room was becoming humid.

They’re so heavy Persephone thought, giving them an appreciative jiggle in between bites. I hope they don’t get too heavy…

The second application of cream had only just kicked in when Tanya returned from lacrosse practice. By then, they were EE cups and still growing…

“Oh holy shit!” exclaimed Tanya, recoiling from the unexpected sight of Persephone’s writhing, naked body and darting back out of the room, slamming the door shut behind her and standing, petrified in the hall for several seconds as her brain tried to make sense of what she’d just seen.

Her freaky goth midget roommate had been rolling on the naked floor in a pile of discarded junk-food wrappers, apparently lost in auto-erotic reverie. Her only items of clothing a spiked dog collar and one black sock. She was madly fingering her erect, bright pink clit with one tiny hand while swirling her finger around the nipple of one of her enormous (!!) boobs with the other. All the while moaning orgasmically through a mouthful of Zebra cakes. A sheen of perspiration clung to Persephone’s pale, milky white skin, giving it an almost porcelain glaze, the memory of which made Tanya feel momentarily funny in her panties before her default moods of anger and indignation reasserted themselves.

She pounded on the door.

“I’m giving you fifteen seconds to cut that shit out and get dressed, understand?” Tanya barked through the door.

Inside the room, a high-pitched, panicked squeak followed by a series of hurried shuffling sounds let Tanya know her order was understood and being obeyed. She counted down fifteen seconds on her sports watch before striding back into the room, this time feeling a little more like a warrior princess. Or at least hoping she looked like one.

Persephone was sitting sheepishly back on her side of the room, hastily dressed in lacy black panties and a strategically ripped Tazmanian Devil t-shirt that did little to conceal her new assets. As Tanya entered, the penitent roommate tucked a small cardboard box under the bed with the heel of her bare foot.

The trashcan overflowed with foil and plastic wrappers. She’d apparently gathered up as many as she could, but there were still several scattered around the room.

“What the Hell, Persephone?” Tanya demanded, tossing her lacrosse sticks onto her bed, which, she noticed, was covered in crumbs.

“I’m sorry Tanya,” answered Persephone, not meeting her gaze. The dwarfish woman shifted nervously, still sweating. She had the look of someone about to be sick.

No surprise if she ate all this stuff. Tanya thought, surveying the chaos.

“Is that my milk?” Tanya pounced on the discarded jug Persephone had left in the corner. “Did you drink this whole thing?”

Tanya shook the jug accusingly in Persephone’s face.

“I’m sorry, okay?” Persephone blurted out, her voice cracking on the verge of tears. “I didn’t mean to! I couldn’t help it! I just…”

Persephone shifted uneasily, folding her arms across her stomach. The motion hoisted up the small woman’s gargantuan boobs, which Tanya swore hadn’t been that big when she walked in.

Tanya took a few deep, controlled breaths through her nose. She hadn’t expected tears, and Persephone looked so pathetic she was almost on the verge of becoming emotional herself.

After a moment, Tanya stood back up, her breath calm once more.

“Well… don’t let it happen again!” Tanya jabbed an accusing finger at the miserable girl before crossing back to her side of the room with a single gigantic step and pulling closed their makeshift curtain so she could undress. She could hear Persephone sniffing pathetically on the other side and rolled her eyes.

“So… uhh… you tell me what that was all about?” she asked as she stripped off her sweat soaked sports bra and tossed it in the hamper.

Persephone was quiet for a minute before mumbling something that included the words “boy trouble…”

It was all Tanya needed to hear to forgive Persephone completely.

Within ten minutes, they were in their pajamas, the six-foot amazon Tanya sitting cross-legged with the dwarfish goth girl in her lap, eating from the same tub of cookie dough ice cream while Persephone explained everything…

Tasha listened intently to everything Persephone told her. Or at least, she tried to listen. Truth be told, it was a little hard to concentrate with the tiny goth girl sitting in her lap like that. Her taut buttocks rubbing oh-so gently against the warmth and (increasing) moisture of the tall Amazon’s crotch.

And then of course there were the tits.

When Persephone had started her story, they were merely huge. Impressively perky double-E cups that swayed and bounced with every motion and intake of breath.

But they kept growing. They kept growing and growing and gradually Tanya was able to feel them rubbing against the insides of her elbows as the little goth sat in her lap and gorged herself on ice cream.

Is this okay? Tanya wondered. She didn’t want to move her arms, because that would be like an admission of guilt, and she wasn’t doing anything wrong, was she? If two proud women wanted to hang out together in their peejays and eat ice cream and talk about how disgusting boys were, that was perfectly alright. And if one woman’s massive, warm, squishy GGG-cup breasts happened to brush against the inside of the other woman’s arms while she had the first woman in her lap, so what?

Only it didn’t stop at brushing. Before long, Tanya could feel the weight of the heavy globes as they continued to expand outwards from Perseophone’s chest, swelling larger with every spoonful of ice cream and mouthful of snacks. The bodacious boobs were now so large they covered Persephone’s lap like a warm, jiggly blanket.

Tanya had to take some deep breaths and look away from the tantalizing buffet of flesh that was even now bouncing pliantly against her forearms. She was furious that some disgusting, egotistical little manchild like Chris had manipulated poor, innocent Persephone into disfiguring herself like this, but there was a part of Tanya that couldn’t argue with the results.

“Wait a minute,” Tanya interrupted Persephone’s somewhat rambling story, “where did Chris even get the cream in the first place?”

“From some guy named Terry, I think,” answered Persephone. “Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, so I was standing in the snack aisle of the grocery store, wondering whether Chrissy-pooh would rather have—”

“Wait, Terry Anderson?” interrupted Tanya again.

“Yeah… I think that was his name…” Persephone shrugged. “So I was in the snack aisle…”

But Tanya had stopped listening; something had just clicked in her mind. She remembered the thick, hefty member she’d felt when she’d grabbed Terry’s crotch the other day. She’s thought at the time that there was no way it could be natural and now she realized it wasn’t!

So! Terry was behind this. First he cheats on Crissy and then dumps her like yesterday’s garbage, and now he was apparently running around handing out this creepy sex cream and pressuring women into altering their bodies to suit his own perverse male empowerment fantasies.

Well he wasn’t going to get away with it!

The next morning, at around the time Terry, Diane and Kevin were all standing around wondering what to do about Mahmout’s twelve foot trouser anaconda, Tanya and Persephone were in the basement laundry room of the athletic building. A row of industrial-size washers and dryers lined the long wall, and the air was saturated with the humid odors of musk and sweat. Laundry carts piled high with jockstraps and sweat-soaked Bradford athletic uniforms.

“What are we doing down here?” whined Persephone, lifting her shirt up to cover her nose. The strained fabric of the borrowed extra-large t-shirt inched tantalizingly close to uncovering her nipples, which had expanded to the size of dinner plates. Her boobs had stopped growing during the night, stabilizing somewhere around the size of very large watermelons. They were big enough to cover her stomach and even their unnatural perkiness couldn’t stop them from drooping slightly under their own weight.

Persephone thanked her lucky starts she didn’t need a bra for support, because she strongly doubted she could find one that would fit her.

“We’re going to teach Terry and the other rutting pigs in the men’s sports program what it’s like to hate their own bodies,” Tanya grinned, evilly. In each hand she held a full jar of the enlargement cream. “Help me with that detergent, will you?”

Persephone obliged, hesitating slightly as she handed over the huge jug.

“We’re not going to hurt them, are we?” asked Persephone, nervously. “My boobs don’t bother me that much. My back doesn’t even hurt!”

“We’re not going to hurt them. We’re just going to teach them the meaning of ‘too much of a good thing…’”

Tanya poured the jars of viscous cream into the detergent, screwed the cap back on and gave it a thorough shake.

Then, together, she and Persephone began loading the jock straps into the wash.

“Uhhh ummm…” Chris stammered. He was still trying to process the sheer immensity of Jen’s new rack. It was enormous. Bigger than Tasha’s outright, and they looked even bigger on Jen’s smaller frame. The changes to her body were also much more pronounced, her muscles so much more defined, her midriff now a perfect wasp waist. It was almost more than Chris could bear.

He felt another bulge and swell in his pants. His balls had kicked into high gear at the sight of these three busty beauties, and they began to inflate with anticipatory pressure. His monster erection snaked down one leg and tented the now snug fabric of his ridiculously baggy pants. He blushed and fought fruitlessly to push it back down, but the struggle only seemed to excite the mammoth member further.

“Uhhh…” he stammered again. He couldn’t even remember the question!

Tasha snickered and pulled out her phone to take a picture of Chris’s comical struggle while Kimber averted her eyes.

Jen’s anger started to fade as she watched Chris wrestle his gargantuan erection. Sure, it was already too big to handle when they’d met, but she certainly hadn’t helped matters by secretly dosing him with the cream out of jealousy. She wondered momentarily if her huge bust was karma for what she’d done to the poor boy.

Chris could feel his balls getting bigger every second. Why was this happening? Hadn’t Persephone milked him dry?

He felt another bulge and his stomach growled hungrily. His balls needed to feed.

Apparently Persephone hadn’t done as thorough a job as he’d thought.

Or maybe she did… Chris thought with sudden worry. What if she milked them too much and now my balls have adapted to the increased demand, like exercising a muscle? What if they’re just going to fill up bigger and faster every time I empty them?

A sudden pressure in his pants cut off his train of thought. His balls were rapidly running out of room, and their bloated outline was easily visible behind the dark fabric of his jeans.

Tasha raised an eyebrow and took another picture.

“Will you cut that out?” snapped Jen. “As a matter of fact, I’d like to talk to Chris in private if that’s alright with you two.”

“Nah I wanna watch you yell at him,” said Tasha, switching her phone to video mode.

Jen growled and opened her mouth to speak, but Kimber spoke up first.

“Actually Tasha I think we should leave Jen and Chris alone,” said Kimber, tugging on the hem of Tasha’s shirt and setting both of their enormous tits jiggling.

“Aww,” Tasha pouted. “Why?”

Kimber gave Tasha a meaningful look.

“Ohh…” Tasha reluctantly put her phone away and allowed herself to be led by the hem of her top out of Jen’s room.

Jen and Chris watched them go.

“And no Periscoping, either, Tasha!” admonished Jen.

Tasha barely got her phone clear before Jen slammed her bedroom door shut.

She whirled on Chris. The motion was meant to be dramatic. Unfortunately, Jen hadn’t quite gotten used to the mass of her new endowments and her basketball-sized boobs kept whirling after the rest of her body meant to stop. She spun out of control and toppled over, landing clumsily in Chris’s arms.

“A—are you okay?” stammered Chris, helping Jen back to her feet. For a brief moment, his face was inches from her colossal bosom and he could feel the heat rising off them.

“I’m fine,” Jen steadied herself. “I’m just not used to these… things… yet.”

She fumbled her massive, fleshy globes in her hands before letting them drop. They kept bouncing for several seconds before coming to rest just below her ribcage.

“I’m really sorry,” said Chris, mechanically. His jaw slack at the sight of Jen’s still-quivering boobies.

Jen sighed heavily and looked down at her boobs. They seemed to go on for miles.

Another jolt of pain in Chris’s junk brought him back to reality and he managed to tear his eyes away from Jen’s mesmerizing tits.

“If it makes you feel any better, I made the same mistake you did when I first used the cream,” he said, rubbing his tender balls and shifting his three foot erection to a slightly less painful position.

Jen bit her lip. She couldn’t believe she’d forgotten about that, especially with such a huge reminder staring her in the face. Shehad made the same mistake as Chris, and for exactly the same reason, too.

She looked down again at her freakishly huge boobs and the over at Chris’s freakishly mammoth bulge, which snaked all the way down the right leg of his goofy goth pants and threatened to peek out the bottom and she couldn’t stop herself from giggling a little.

Maybe we are made for each other after all.She thought.

“If there’s anything I can do t—” Chris started.

“Oh, shut up you goofy idiot and fuck me!” Jen growled, tackling Chris onto the bed. His next words were muffled through a thick barrier of titflesh that enveloped his entire head.

Reaching down to Chris’s groin, Jen fumbled open his fly and gripped his baggy pants and spandex undershorts firmly by the waistband before yanking down as hard as she could.

Three feet of rock-hard man meat catapulted into the air, slapping Jen hard on the left tit as it sprang upwards. Free from the sweaty confines of Chris’s pants, it towered like a flagpole, glistening with perspiration and practically bursting with pent-up energy. Fat veins as thick as Jen’s thumb ran their way up and down its massive length, throbbing in time with Chris’s heartbeat.

“I know there’s no way I can take this the way I want to,” said Jen, her voice quivering slightly at the fantasy of jamming every inch of Chris’s fat log into her pussy. “But I think I finally have the assets to give your rod the real attention it deserves.”

“Ohhhh, Jen,” Chris moaned as she enveloped his shaft between her bountiful bosoms. His towering, veiny cock was nearly as thick as his thigh, but Jen’s basketball-sized tits were able to encompass it easily. She rested them momentarily on his fat nutsack, which, he noted proudly, was actually bigger than her tits.

Jen straddled Chris’s waist and slid her tits along the length of his colossal shaft, pushing it over until his grapefruit-sized glans was resting on his forehead. The turgid flesh of his cockhead was so hot it practically burned. Jen began to slide her body in rhythmic strokes, taking her time and making sure to pleasure every inch. She might not have had much practice with her new endowments, but instinct had taken over, and she could no longer resist the cream’s aphrodisiac effects.

Chris felt his groin tighten, and his cock erupted in a thick stream of precum that drizzled onto his forehead and ran down his face. Jen capped the flow with eager lips, savoring the slick, clear liquid for a few seconds before allowing it to flow freely once more. She let it flow down Chris’s shaft, massaging it into his skin until his yard-long cock was coated in the glistening lube. She licked it off her fingers then went back to pumping his cock between her mammoth mammaries.

“You’re so fucking huge, Chris,” Jen moaned ecstatically. “You’re a dream come true. I want to you fuck my tits you fucking stallion!”

Chris began to pump with his hips in time with Jen’s strokes, thrusting his gargantuan organ through the tight opening between Jen’s titanic tits.

Every thrust brought forth another eruption of slick precum, which continued to flow like a fountain, slipping down the sides of his cock in tiny rivulets that splashed onto Jen’s tits and face before soaking into the bedsheets below.

Chris reached out and gripped Jen’s taut buttocks in his hands. Her already athletic behind was now a pair of rock-hard buns that would make any fitness guru drool with envy.

He felt his nuts expand again, they’d gone from overproduction into hyperproduction, swelling so quickly he could feel them pushing his legs apart as they continued to inflate beneath Jen’s bouncing ass.

While Jen stroked Chris’s shaft with her gigantic tits, she pleasured his cockhead with her mouth, slurping his precum greedily and working the flared ridge of his mushroom with her tongue. He felt a fire begin to grow at the base of his shaft and expand upwards before spreading to the rest of his body. His balls tightened.

“Jen, I think I’m gonna… ohhh… I can’t hold back any more!” Chris groaned.

“Don’t hold back, I want it all!” Jen growled, locking her mouth around the opening of Chris’s cockhead.

“No, really, I—”

Chris felt a shudder like a tiny earthquake ripple up his cock. The shaft bulged visibly with the force of his orgasm before reaching Jen’s mouth. Her cheeks bulged and her eyes rolled back in her head, but she managed to guzzle the first load without choking, but barely.

Holy shit, go Jen! Chris thought. He stopped holding back and let his cock unleash the full force of his pent-up jizz.

Jen’s cheeks bulged again. This time, high pressure streams of hot jizz sprayed from around the edges of her lips, clumping into ropes before splattering wetly on the bed and walls.She clamped her eyes shut and held on for dear life, swallowing another burst as it flooded down her throat and into her stomach.

Chris moaned ecstatically as another load barreled its way up his cockshaft. Through the haze of orgasmic pleasure, he noticed something: Jen’s tits are getting bigger!

He didn’t believe his eyes at first, but after pumping load after load down Jen’s throat, there was no mistake; her tits were growing!

She used the undiluted cream! He realized. It stays active in the body for a full day. It must have stopped when it didn’t have anything left to feed on in Jen’s body, but now I’m feeding it!

The realization only made him want to come harder, and he let loose another blast of cum. This load seemed to go directly into Jen’s tits. They bulged in time with his ejaculations, absorbing his jizz as fast as he could pump it out. Jen didn’t seem to notice. Both her hand were occupied keeping a grip on Chris’s wildly pulsating cock as she fought to keep a seal around the opening. She was fighting a losing battle, and there was easily a quart of jizz flowing down his shaft, pooling between Jen’s rapidly swelling tits and splattering his torso and legs.

If that’s how much she’s spilled, how much has she drunk? Chris wondered. A quick glance at Jen’s belly gave him the answer. It was growing nearly as fast as her tits, he could practically hear it sloshing with his hot seed as it continued to bulge into an almost spherical shape. She looked like she was nine months pregnant!

Her tits soaked up his jizz like sponges, expanding to easily twice their previous size until they were large enough to caress his chest from where Jen was sitting. He was in heaven.

With a final shudder, Chris blew the last of his load and his deflated nutsack began to relax. Jen pulled her lips from Chris’s cockhead with a sloppy “pop” of sticky cum and gasped desperately for breath, sputtering through a mouthful of Chris’s industrial-strength spunk. Chris sat up and slapped her on the back a few times until she could breathe again.

She grinned at him.

“Was it good for you too?” she asked before promptly passing out.

Terry pulled Diane’s pink Jeep up to the Mu Lambda chapterhouse. As usual, several cars were packed outside and the air thudded with the heavy impact of a pulsing bass beat from inside the house. The driveway was full, so they pulled onto the lawn to unload their unconscious cargo. Mahmout came out first, stumbling dazedly onto the grass, where Kevin had to hoist him up by his armpits to keep him from laying down.

“What do we do with this guy?” asked Kevin, struggling beneath the weight of the burly Mahmout. Mahmout may have shed a lot of the extra mass he’d put on his dick and balls, but the extra muscle he’d packed on was as impressive as ever.

“Uhh,” Terry looked around. He wasn’t sure he wanted to drag an unconscious naked man through the front door of the Mu Lambda house, especially not while he himself was naked. “Take him around the side of the house. Maybe we can sneak in the back door.”

Kevin grunted and started to steer Mahmout in that direction while Terry went to the back of the Jeep and tried to unload Diane.

“Jesus,” Terry swore, trying not to look at Diane’s dangling, python like cock or her coconut sized testes. The sight of Diane’s new equipment was the most unsettling thing he’d seen yet in dealing with the cream, and he’d seen his own sisters with their boobs puffed up to the size of soccer balls just that summer.

Even heaving with all his might, Terry couldn’t unwedge Diane from the back of the Jeep. He suspected she’d expanded a bit even since they’d stuffed her in there. The bulge in her belly was smaller, but her breasts were correspondingly bigger. They were growing visibly even as he stared at her trying to figure out how to get her out of the car. He didn’t want to acknowledge it, but her cock was getting longer, too. When they’d loaded her up, it was maybe twenty six inches long. Now it seemed almost double that, and her balls had swelled to be larger than a basketball each.

I wonder how Chris would react if he knew that there were not one, but two people out there who could compete with him in terms of size, and one of them was a girl, thought Terry.

Eventually Terry gave up on trying to lift her up and out, and just opened the back of the Jeep to let her tumble onto the grass. She rolled out and landed face first, every part of her quivering like a pornographic Jello mold.

Terry winced. “Are you okay?” he asked.

Diane’s answering snore was enough to let him know she was fine.

Unfortunately, once she was out, she proved too heavy to lift, and Terry had to wait, nervously glancing around to make sure they weren’t seen, until Kevin came back. The night air was cold on his nads, and he was sure that his junk had shrunken down to less than a foot for the first time in several days.

Kevin eventually came back. He’d acquired some pants somewhere inside, and he had a pair folded over one arm that he tossed to Terry.

“I figured you’d want these,” said Kevin.

Terry took them gratefully and set about the business of tucking all three of his legs into the tight jeans.

“How do you want to do this?” asked Terry.

Kevin looked her up and down.

“Uhhh, I’ll take the head,and you can lift her feet,” he said.

“What? No way, you take her feet,” said Terry, not wanting to be anywhere near Diane’s anaconda, which was still swelling, snaking its way through the grass until it was almost even with her feet.

“Nuh uh, dude. I draw the line at girldick. I called the head I get the head.”

“Rock paper scissors you for it,” offered Terry.

Terry lost, and grumpily took his place between Diane’s knees. They hoisted her up -she was almost too heavy for both of them to lift- and shuffled her around the house to the back door. Her limp cock dragging audibly on the ground beneath her.

“Uh, Terry,” said Kevin over his shoulder. “We’ve got a problem.”

“No shit,” answered Terry, grunting under the weight of the unconscious body of a nymphomaniac sorority girl whose body had been expanded to titanic proportions by a magic growth cream.

“There’s no way she’s gonna fit through the door,” Kevin answered. “Even if we can squeeze her boobs through, that ass ain’t gonna fit.”

Terry craned his neck to see over Diane’s monster tits and cursed. Kevin was right.

“You boys look like you could use some help.”

Terry and Kevin both jumped. They’d been discovered.

Kate Fereliss stood leaning against the corner of the house tossed her hair.

“Kate!” Terry exclaimed. “Thank God it’s you! I—”

“Made a huge mess of things, I know,” Kate interrupted. “Yoshimi was just by Mahmout’s dorm room. She says it looks like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man died in there. The cum is ankle-deep in places, we had to evacuate the whole floor before anyone say. What the fuck are you guys doing??”

“We… I… Mahmout—” Terry stammered.

“You think this shit is a toy? You guys are playing with your bodies like they’re just gonna snap back. Not to mention the evil corporation sniffing around for any evidence of a groundbreaking dick enlargement cream,” Kate spat out her gum and advanced on Terry, “I know this is partially my fault for letting you keep this shit, but you need to quit. Fucking. Around.”

She jabbed him in the chest for emphasis, with enough force to leave him a small trio of bruises where she poked him.

“Look, things go out of hand,” Terry sighed. “I didn’t mean for it to go this far and now we need your help.”

“It was my fault,” offered Kevin, stupidly. “If you’re gonna blame anyone, blame me.”

“What? No… What?” Terry was at a loss for words in the face of, Kevin’s bafflingly inappropriate act of nobility.

“Sorry, who are you?” asked Kate.

“Kevin Chadwick,” answered Kevin, defiantly.

“Shut up, Kevin,” said Kate.

“Yes’m,” Kevin backed off from the situation.

“Jesus Christ,” Kate grumbled before turning to look down at Diane. “What the fuck did you do to Diane?”

“Well… she sort of did this to herself,” answered Terry.

“Yeah figures,” Kate crouched down over Diane’s mountainous form and hefted the unconscious girl’s lengthy anaconda. “From the looks of things you guys were using the unstable formula?”

“Yeah, why did she grow a dick?” asked Kevin. “Am I gonna grow boobs?”

Kate rolled her eyes.

“No. Long story short, the unstable cream lacks a lot of the safeties that keep the regular cream from messing up your body. One of those safeties is that it can differentiate between your baseline and altered bodymass so it can keep things in order. What I’m guessing happened is that Diane swallowed some of Mahmout’s DNA—”

“Try a few gallons,” snorted Kevin.

“A lot of Mahmout’s DNA,” amended Kate. “Which was itself contaminated by the unstable cream. When the cream in Diane’s system tried to use Mahmout’s jizz to fuel her growth, it got confused by the presence of the active cream in Mahmout’s jizz and the two joined forces, reshaping Diane’s body in a combination of both. The dick was only the most obvious and immediate change, but the longer it’s in her system, the more she’ll start to resemble him all over. Look.”

Kate grabbed a hunk of Diane’s hair and pulled it taut. Diane groaned but stayed asleep.

Terry and Kevin leaned in close to see in the dim light. They had to squint but eventually they both realized that the roots of Diane’s bright auburn hair were black, and had already grown out nearly an inch!

“S-so what are you saying?” Kevin stepped back in horror. “That she’s gonna turn into a clone of Mahmout or something?”

“Not a clone, but a hybrid, yes,” answered Kate.

“Holy shit,” said Terry.

Kevin let out a howl of Terror.

“Oh God!” screamed Kevin. “That stuff, Mahmout’s spunk was all over me! Am I gonna turn into him too? Holy shit ohmygod!”

“Did you drink any of it?” asked Kate.

“No I’m no homo,” scoffed Kevin.

“Then you’re probably fine.”

“What about Diane? Is she gonna be stuck this way? The unstable cream is supposed to be temporary, right?” asked Terry, trying to keep the conversation focused.

“The unstable cream isn’t ’supposed to’ anything,” answered Kate, brusquely. “It lacks the components to maintain a permanent transformation, but if it stays in the system long enough it might stabilize.”

“So what are you saying?” asked Terry, getting even more worried.

“What I’m saying is we need to get this stuff out of her as soon as possible,” said Kate.

“How the hell are we supposed to do that?” asked Kevin in exasperation. “We just spent all day pumping that stuff out of Mahmout. I dunno if I’ve got the strength to do it all again.”

“Luckily,” answered Kate, “strength happens to be my specialty…”

The diminutive supergirl began to unbuckle her belt…

“What are you doing?” Terry asked, stepping back.

Kate had completely stripped off her pants and panties, and was now standing barefoot on the grass.

“You’re not doing what I think you’re doing, are you?” asked Kevin.

“Yup,” Kate walked over to Diane and straddled her unconscious form. She began to work her taut, athletic ass up and down Diane’s monster shaft, which began to stiffen immediately.

“There’s no way you can take that beast,” Terry scoffed, unable to tear his eyes away from the sight of Kate’s lap dance.

“My enhanced physiology grants me increased elasticity,” Kate explained, taking a few extra feet of Diane’s cock and working it with her hands as she continued the lap dance. Diane’s pole stiffened further. Very soon, it was up to Kate’s nipples. If Diane’s cock got any bigger, Kate could use it for pole dancing!

“Elasticity?” Terry exclaimed. “I thought you were just gonna try to suck her off. Don’t tell me you’re going to try to…”

“Ride it?” Kate smirked, still pumping Diane’s massive shaft, which was now nearly as tall as Kate was.

“Of course I am,” answered Kate.

A the small trickle of precum that had been constantly drooling from the tip of Diane’s cock all night had grown into a river, liberally coating every throbbing inch of the outsized member. Blue veins pulsed as thick as hosepipes beneath the dark skin as the shaft strained to reach full erection.

Terry and Kevin couldn’t believe their eyes. Once Kate was satisfied that Diane’s monstrous member was rock hard, she threw over one leg and began to straddle it.

“No!” Terry

“Yessssss!” Kevin hooted.

Kate maneuvered until the bulbous head of Diane’s anaconda was snug up against her ass. Slick precum poured out from between her cheeks. Kate took a deep breath and stuffed the apple-sized head into her waiting asshole.

The two of them watched with a mixture of horror and fascination as Kate began to slide down the monster shaft. The bulge of Diane’s cock was visible as it pushed its way up inside. Kate winced with the effort of cramming foot after foot of woman-meat through her ultra-elastic o-ring. Of course she had no hope of fitting Diane’s entire behemoth, but she took in a good two feet before the pain was too much for her. She slid back up until the flared tip caught on the inside of her ass, then slid back down again, much quicker than before.

“No way, no wayyy!” Kevin yelled. Terry covered his eyes but couldn’t stop himself from peeking out from between his fingers. Kate, the dainty five foot nothing supergirl was actually riding Diane’s monster schlong!

Diane began to moan and thrust her hips in time with Kate’s pumping. Her volleyball-sized nuts thumping rhythmically on the grass as she pounded Kate’s ass with her four-foot fuckstick.

“Oh, Terry, you’re amazing!” Diane yelled, grabbing fistfuls of grass as she spasmed in orgasmic ecstasy.

Kevin nudged Terry in the ribs with his elbow.

Diane let out a scream that was soon followed up by a scream from Kate. The base of Diane’s might cock swelled as gallon upon gallon of hot girljizz flooded into Kate’s impossibly stretched out ass.

They watched Kate’s stomach inflate crazily, bulging out like a balloon. Kate screamed and for a moment Terry was sure she was about to burst!

As suddenly as it has begun, the swelling subsided and Kate’s stomach began to contract. Kate grunted with effort, and Terry saw that her stomach wasn’t getting smaller… Kate was getting bigger!

Kate’s jacket and T-shirt were already tight across her torso. Her once flat chest bulged with new growth, mosquito bite tits swelling to the size of mangoes in an instant, then melons, then basketballs! Rock hard nipples tented the overstressed fabric of the tiny shirt, swelling with both length and girth until between them and the mounting pressure behind Kate’s tits, they burst through the hapless top, shredding it to pieces.

Kate’s limbs were lengthening as well. The sleeves of her bomber jacket, which once reached almost to Kate’s fingertips, now barely covered her elbows, the aged leather strained to hold back the bulging muscles which had now-swelled to unbelievable dimensions that would have shamed even the most die-hard bodybuilder.

With a hearty grunt, Kate flexed her gigantic biceps, popping the seams of the jacket and unleashing her colossal guns for all to see.

Now nearly seven feet tall, Kate could handle all of Diane’s cock easily. Even moreso for the fact that it was smaller than before!

Terry and Kevin had been so mesmerized by Kate’s She-Hulk like transformation that they hadn’t noticed that Diane was shrinking! Every thrust of Kate’s newly broadened hips pumped another load of cum from Diane’s body. Her bloated, beachball-sized tits shrank. Her couch crushing ass diminished, and her bountiful balls were actually small enough they could both fit between her legs at the same time.

Kate let out a final roar of primal satisfaction and dismounted the dazed party girl. A gushing torrent of cum poured from Kate’s gaping ass, only to be abruptly cut off by a single flex of her iron buttcheeks.

Diane began to regain consciousness and Kate helped her to her feet. The busty redhead was still voluptuous all over, and her impressive dong was larger than most men could ever hope to be, but her proportions had been returned to the realm of possibility.

The same could not be said for Kate, who now towered over the trio like a giant. Seven and a half feet tall and rippling with muscle, the suddenly stacked superwoman too stock of her tattered attire.

“Shit, I really liked that jacket,” she huffed.

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