Just right

by Cockatrice

When you’re fated to become an object, you want to make sure your future owner is just right.

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“The letters arrived!” Dustin shouted down the hall as he was locking the door behind him.

He quickly got out of his jogging shoes and went into the kitchen where Jeremy, his roommate, was sitting at the table having a bowl of cereal. It was Saturday and Dustin had gotten up before Jeremy, as he always did. Jeremy would usually have his breakfast around the time Dustin returned and today was no exception.

“Man, was about time,” Dustin continued as he took a seat and checked which of the letters was which, before handing one to Jeremy. “I almost thought they had forgotten about us.” He opened the envelope and pulled out the letter inside. After a second he jubilantly raised the other fist into the air. “I’m an owner!”

Jeremy stared down the still closed envelope in his hands. About a century ago, the world was a different place. Overpopulation was slowly but surely reaching the tipping point and despite increasing urbanization and industrialization across the globe, the number of humans on the planet continued to rise.

Various laws and policies were put into effect to mitigate the increasing population growth and although it slowed down, it wasn’t a long term solution. Something else needed to be done, something way more drastic.

And the need for a drastic solution could be felt. To say that global politics had become tense under the pressure of overpopulation would be an understatement. The political atmosphere was as if every major power had their hands on the holster. Some say the world narrowly avoided a conflict some academics could only describe as a world war, though nobody would ever know for sure as a new fledgling branch of science provided the solution at the turn of the previous century.

Metamorphology, colloquially known as transformation science, was a relatively new field of study that was formalized somewhere around 1922. It dealt with the transmutation of matter and energy into one another and even into different forms of each.

Although revolutionary, the technology proved to impact society only on a high level. It turned out transmutation of matter and energy was too expensive for personal devices and the technology remained limited to industrial applications. Despite futuristic fantasies, life in the year 2020 was not much different in structure than life in 1920, except of course with smartphones and wireless earphones. But no flying cars, no floating cities and no robot butlers. Applied metamorphology had not transformed earth into a utopian post-scarcity dream. Just a place where raw resources were less valuable than they used to be and mining of fossil fuels became more expensive than large scale industrial matter transfiguration, ultimately replacing coal plants and gas engines to transmutation arrays and electric motors.

Only a decade after the field had been formalized, in the year 1932, a new scientific breakthrough combined both methods to store information that was based on both matter and energy, such as consciousness. While analog applications proved crude at first, the even younger, even more revolutionary and influential field of computing proved to be a valuable asset in developing this technology to perfection.

And so the world finally found a solution to its overpopulation problems. Population control laws proved ineffective and culling was barbaric, but what if people could be turned into not-people? Ethics dictated that they would still retain all mental capabilities of a human, but erasing their physical needs would be a huge step in preventing running out of resources or space.

In an unprecedented global initiative, a new law was formulated and a practise put into place. Every six months, all registered citizens who had reached adulthood would receive a letter informing them of one of two possibilities: Either they had been selected to remain as they were or become transformed into an object of their choice.

The solution was simple. Half of all people would be chosen to become objects, eliminating their need for resources, reducing their need for space and even providing those who were not transformed, the owners, with tools, clothing and other everyday objects in the form of… themselves.

It had now been roughly 70 years and the idea of transformed people had become normalized. In fact, applied metamorphology on humans had ironically transformed society itself. When a person could assume any shape possible, old mindsets of what makes one human, a person or a citizen were gradually deconstructed and replaced with a more inclusive and accepting one.

But no matter how normalized a certain law or practise becomes, receiving the verdict over one’s fate was still something special in the life of every young adult.

“You’re not opening yours?” Dustin pulled Jeremy out of his thoughts.

Jeremy looked down at the sealed envelope in his hands and then up to Dustin.

“Nervous?” Dustin asked.

“Kinda, yeah.”

“Well…” Dustin tried to soothe Jeremy’s nerves. “The letter’s not going to change the longer you wait.”

“But what if I’m not an owner?”

“What if you are?” After not getting a reaction Dustin leaned back and put on a warm smile. “What if the world was made of pudding, mmh?”

Jeremy let out an amused breath and started opening the envelope. He pulled out the letter and began to read. His shoulders dropped as his hands and letter descended back on the table.

Dustin could already see the answer in Jeremy’s eyes but he asked regardless. “Transformee?”

A weak nod. “Yeah.”

“There’s, uh, orientation material in the envelope isn’t there?” Dustin tried to be helpful.

“I know.” Jeremy reached inside the open envelope and pulled out a thin booklet. Technically both letters had a booklet in them, for owners to let them get to know the adoption process and for transformees to learn about, well, almost everything surrounding the transformation procedure.

There was a short silence as Jeremy halfheartedly skimmed the booklet’s contents.

“Do you have any transformees in your family?” Dustin asked.

“An uncle. Doesn’t live with us though.”

“Couldn’t you talk to him?” Dustin suggested. “Get some advice?”

Jeremy gave a shrug. “His part of the family is a bit distant. Haven’t really talked to him much.”

“But he’s still family. I’m sure he’d like to help you.”

There was another shrug, this time without a response. But Jeremy did not have to say anything. Dustin knew the look on his face. It was that of someone who did not want to continue the conversation.

So Dustin didn’t.

A few days later, Dustin came back from his classes. Jeremy had discontinued his for the foreseeable future in order to focus on finding a suitable owner, though he would likely never go back to university for the rest of his life.

“Hey Jeremy, I got something for you!” Dustin shouted down the hall as he made his way to the kitchen where Jeremy was sitting on the couch in the living area with his phone in hand. “Here.” He handed Jeremy a heavy catalog.

“What’s this?” Jeremy said as he studied the cover.

“It’s a catalog for transformations,” Dustin explained. “Every form you can choose. Might make the decision easier.”

Jeremy shoulder’s dropped. “Wow, this is like Christmas come early.” He dropped the book next to him on the couch.

Dustin looked over to the phone Jeremy had put down seconds earlier. “Did you already check what transformations are available?”


There was a short break, before Dustin spoke up again. “You don’t like the idea of becoming an object, huh?”

Jeremy looked down at his feet. Neither answer that Dustin expected was right. He wasn’t exactly thrilled to become an object, but-

“Well,” Dustin disrupted his thoughts. “I don’t mean to meddle, but I don’t think you want to be assigned to a random stranger, do you?”


Dustin flashed a short smile. “I know this is a difficult time for you. If you need anything, let me know, ok?”


“All right.” Dustin got up and moved towards his room. “I need to do some homework.”

When Dustin had finished his homework and left to make dinner in the kitchen, he saw Jeremy sitting at the table with the catalog, his head resting on one hand. A stack of untouched post-its were lying next to the catalog.

“How’s it going?” Dustin asked as he went for the fridge.

“Eh” was the only answer.

“Found anything?” Dustin kept going as he put his food in the microwave, which started to hum.

“I’m just browsing.”

Dustin turned around and looked at the stack of post-its. “Nothing struck your fancy?”

Jeremy looked up, though Dustin couldn’t tell if he was annoyed or just unsure what to say.

“You said your uncle was transformed,” Dustin continued. “Into what?”

“A pillow.” Jeremy continued leafing through the catalog.

“Oh, that sounds interesting.”

“No, it doesn’t.”

Dustin was surprised by that answer. “Do you already know what you want to be?”

Jeremy looked up in surprise, but away again quickly as their eyes met. “No.”

“Have you at least looked for an owner yet?”

Jeremy rolled his eyes. “Not yet, mom.”

“Don’t give me that tone, young man.” Dustin tried to lighten the mood with humour. “But yeah. You shouldn’t neglect that. You’ll likely be with that person for the rest of your life.”

“You think I don’t know that?”

“No.” Dustin paused for a moment. “But you may not be fully aware of the consequences. My half-brother chose to be a motorbike, because he was always into bikes and cars and all. But, well, as a vehicle you’re owned by the state, not a person, so he was pretty lonely. Eventually they relocated him to another city. Last time I saw him he told me he wished he had chosen to be a privately owned item.”

Jeremy listened, the gears in his head visibly turning, before he gave a shrug. “I guess… But does it matter who I go to? I’m an item either way.”

“Of course it does! You won’t be an inanimate object. You won’t stop being you. You’ll still be a person and you’ll be an important part of your owner’s life.”

There was a short silence as Jeremy let Dustin’s words sink in with only the humming of the microwave filling the room.

The two were disrupted by a sudden ‘Ding!’ from the microwave.

“Are you ready?” The wiry man held Jeremy in front of his face.

After Dustin’s pep talk, Jeremy had found the nerve to kick off the process of finding an owner and to settle on a transformation. After some more focused browsing in the catalog, he settled on being underwear or pants, though he was willing to experiment. For his first ‘date’ he found a professional swimmer who was looking for a transformed speedo. They agreed to have a test run over a weekend when the swimmer would participate in a competition.

The first day they were getting to know one another. The swimmer was nice, but Jeremy couldn’t shake off the feeling that he was a bit too focused on his career. It was understandable to a degree: An athlete had to stay at peak performance if he was hoping to compete, but Jeremy didn’t want to feel like just a tool.

The swimmer hadn’t worn Jeremy since his transformation and as such interpreted the question to mean whether he was ready to be worn.

“Sure.” Jeremy’s face on the front of the blue speedo showed that he was anything but. However, it wasn’t like he could back out now. His temporary owner didn’t pack a backup speedo just in case Jeremy would get cold feet.

“Well then. Let’s go.”

The man held Jeremy down and began stepping through him. Jeremy could feel the man’s legs moving through the two openings in his body, before he was slid up and snapped in place. He felt his owner’s ass cheeks fill out most of his being, but what really made him blush internally was his face stretching over the bulge of the crotch. It was an indescribable sensation, feeling the skin and veins of his owner’s dick against the inside of his own ‘skin’.

If there was any doubt remaining in Jeremy’s mind about transforming into pants or underwear, they were erased when his owner started moving, walking towards the exit into the swimming hall. Jeremy could not only feel the cheeks, dick and balls. He was clinging to them, feeling every muscle twitch, every fold and even his owner’s pulse. He was cupping them with his whole body. Jeremy knew, if he was human, he would have sported a boner right then and there.

Jeremy’s metaphorical hard-on deflated as his owner stepped into the light of the swimming hall. While Jeremy wasn’t an extrovert, he wasn’t really a shy person either. But his face was visible on the fabric and the feeling of clinging to his owner’s crotch made him all the more conscious about the current situation.

Humans turned objects were entirely normalized in society and yet it was different experiencing it first hand himself than seeing it happen to someone else. Rationally, he knew that everyone else wouldn’t care, but emotionally he was still nervous enough to look around looking for other human objects, so he wouldn’t feel alone.

Unfortunately he could not see any, so in his mind all eyes were on him.

His owner got into position with the rest of the other swimmers. They waited for the signal and Jeremy could swear he was more nervous than his owner, even though he picked up that the man’s pulse rate had quickened.

There was the whistle and the race started. Jeremy’s vision from then on was the bottom of the pool, bubbles and his owner’s legs until it ended.

“You’re feeling more upbeat since the date,” Dustin asked over the game he was playing in the living room. “How’d it go?”

It was true, Jeremy had finally snapped out of the gloom brought about by the letter informing him he was to become an object.

“It was okay,” Jeremy said from the kitchen counter. Today was Sunday and he had been transformed back to human in the morning. It was his weekend to clean, so he was doing that while Dustin sat there and played a game. Only the kitchen was left anyway, as Dustin had taken care of the rest of the flat already, since Jeremy was not home for most of the weekend.

“Just okay?” Dustin asked without taking away his eyes from the game.

“Well, he was a nice guy and pretty hot. But I don’t think I want to be part of his career. I prefer being at home or used in private you know.”

“He was a swimmer right?”

“Yeah. He planned to go to the Olympics eventually.”

“Mmh.” Dustin stayed focused on his game.

“It’s fine though,” Jeremy continued. “It feels like there’s more owners than objects on the app.”

“Well, most transformed people stay with friends, family or lovers.”

“Yeah… Ah well, more options for me,” Jeremy said with a cheerful voice.

Dustin paused his game and turned to Jeremy. “Did the date change your outlook on the whole transformation thing?”

Jeremy shrugged. “It’s not like I can change it. Might as well make the best out of it.”

Dustin gave out a short sigh. “I appreciate your newfound optimism, but could you please be a little less fatalistic about it?”

“I’m not being fatalistic.”

“Are you sure?” Dustin asked with a serious face.

Jeremy paused. “Yeah,” he said sincerely. “I guess what you said is true. It’s not the end of the world. I’ll still be me.”

He looked over to Dustin, who simply smiled back.

“Plus,” Jeremy continued with a smirk. “I have to admit hugging ass as a speedo is hot as fuck.”

“Hah, I can believe that. Actually makes me a little bit jealous.”

“Pff, shut up.” Jeremy got up to continue cleaning.

“No, I mean it,” Dustin explained. “You’ll have a special relationship with your owner that not even lovers can emulate. Your bond will be much closer and in some ways more intimate.”

Dustin turned back to the game and unpaused. Nevertheless Jeremy kept looking at him with a thoughtful brow, letting what his roommate just said sink in.

Another day in the drawer. Jeremy was pretty annoyed at his current owner. He made the mistake of going for a longer period of time, an entire week. He was looking forward to hugging ass and crotch so much he let his horniness get the better of him.

His date was… a pretty good catch all things considered. He was hot, young, fit, and most importantly, pretty well off: A junior manager at a marketing company. It was practically a dream come true. What more could someone possibly ask for?

Well, being worn would be one of those things, or at least not hidden away in the drawer. It was fairly boring, really. His current owner wore him for work, which was admittedly very enjoyable. Jeremy chose being underwear this time, so he would not have to appear in public. Instead he could cling to his owner’s ass and crotch in the safety and privacy of his pants. It was a pretty sweet deal.

That is, until he got washed. Jeremy understood that it was part of being an item and the transformation made him process time slightly differently when not being used, but there was having moments to himself and then there was sitting in the darkness of the drawer for an entire day.

It’s been six days now and Jeremy had spent half of them folded together against other non-human underwear. He was quite honestly fed up with it. But he also didn’t want to burn any bridges. Afterall the guy was a pretty good catch.

The sound of someone entering the bedroom pulled Jeremy out of his internal monologue.

“Hey, uh, are you there?” Jeremy shouted through the folded fabric.

Apparently his muffled voice was still audible, as the drawer was jerked open, revealing the man’s face looking down at Jeremy. “What is it?”

Jeremy didn’t particularly like his tone, but he decided to play nice. “You’re not working today and tomorrow, right?”


“Are you going to wear me on the weekend?”

The man made a face as if that was an absurd question. “No. I told you you’re my work briefs.”

“Can we at least, uh, watch a movie?”

The man jerked his head as if he had not quite caught the question. “I just said I’m not going to wear you.”

“Yeah, but, you could like, put me on the sofa or something and-”

“No,” the man cut him off.

“Why not?”

“You’re underwear. This conversation is ridiculous.”

Jeremy didn’t think it was, but there was no point in fighting. “It just gets really boring in here.”

“That’s not my problem now, is it?” The man scoffed. “Should have picked a different transformation.”

Jeremy was speechless. The guy did not appear this callous during their first meeting where they got to know each other. Maybe the man’s mild disinterest in Jeremy’s hobbies and life was a red flag, but if it was, it didn’t register to Jeremy as such at the time.

“Anything else?” The man asked impatiently.


The drawer was jerked shut again, but it took only a few seconds until the man reopened it.

“Oh, by the way,” he said, “you’re pretty comfy. What do you say, wanna make this permanent?”

Jeremy looked up in disbelief, wondering if the guy genuinely thought he would say yes after this conversation.

“How’re the dates going by the way?” Dustin asked from his side of the couch.

“Meh” was Jeremy’s only reply as he continued browsing on his phone.

It had been three months now and Jeremy had test runs with about a dozen different guys now, every time as a piece of underwear for a few days. But every time he returned and looked for another guy.

“What was wrong with that jock guy,” Dustin continued. “Didn’t you say he was cool?”

“He was surprisingly chill, yeah.” Jeremy put his phone aside. “Let me watch movies with him while I was drying.”

“So what was the problem? You also said he was hot?”

“He was. But he was also about as smart as a brick. He thought daylight saving hours are causing droughts because earth is subjected to an extra hour of daylight during summer.”

Dustin bunched up his face trying to wrap his head around that statement, but decided to drop it. “And the student from a week ago?”

“He was still living at home with his parents,” Jeremy explained. “That made things super awkward.”

“Yeah, I guess. What about the baker?”

“He was a terrible conversation partner. I don’t recall a single answer from him that was more than a yes or no.” Jeremy thought for a second. “Oh wait, sometimes he also shrugged.”

“And the professor for, what was it?”

“Sociology. He was the opposite, he never shut up. Super annoying.”

Dustin raised an eyebrow. “Mmh. There was the farmer. You said he was pretty great.”

“He was, but he lived so far out. I want to stay in the city.”

“And the security guy?”

“He had an odd smell.”

“The architect?”

“His balls were too big,” Jeremy explained. “I felt really bloated.”

“The biker?

“Balls too small.”

Dustin shot Jeremy a disapproving look.

Jeremy shrugged. “What?!”

“Aren’t you sweet precious goldilocks.”

“What am I supposed to do?” Jeremy defended himself. “I’m likely going to stay with my owner for the rest of my life.”

“You only have three more months though.”

“I know.” Jeremy threw back his head. “But it’s really hard finding the right guy. There’s just so much to sift through and most of them are idiots. And even of the few that weren’t, none of them felt right. Why can’t they be like-” Jeremy bit his own tongue.

“Like?” Dustin waited for an answer but didn’t get one. “Is there someone you’d want as an owner?”

Jeremy looked away. “Yeah.”

“Did you ask him yet?”


“Why not?”

“Because,” Jeremy began. “I don’t think he wants an object. And I’m not sure he likes me that way.”

“Well, if you want my advice, you should ask him.”

“And if he says no?”

Dustin cocked his head. “If he says no you’ll find yourself another owner and likely never see him again.

Jeremy’s expression did not make it seem as if that was a relieving thought.

“Do I know him?” Dustin wanted to know.


“Is it that guy from university you brought home once?”


Dustin thought for a moment. “Has he been in our flat?”


“Wait, is it one of my friends?”


Dustin strained to think of anyone who would qualify under these criteria. “Is it my brother?!”

“It’s you!” Jeremy blurted out.

There was a moment of silence as Jeremy regretted his confession and Dustin had to process what he had heard.

“You’re a pretty cool dude” Jeremy continued. “And I had a crush on you when I moved in and…”

Dustin looked at Jeremy, wide-eyed. “You would like me to be your owner?”

Dustin was fixated on the machine. It hissed as if letting out steam, but it was only the hydraulics releasing the clamps that sealed the chamber inside shut. It gave the impression of compressing the person inside, but it was really just done to preserve the pressure of the chamber during the transformation process.

Dustin had never seen the process in person, while for Jeremy it was his dozenth time or so. Except today it was permanent, there was no going back. Dustin figured Jeremy must have been pretty nervous despite trying to play it cool.

The chamber opened and where Jeremy laid down before was only a piece of cloth, a piece of underwear to be exact. It was dark green, as they both had agreed upon after Jeremy’s confession a week ago. It wasn’t like Jeremy was in a hurry, so Dustin let him take a few days to think it over, and for himself to let it sink in. He always saw Jeremy as his roommate, but also as his best friend.

But now Dustin felt things when he imagined Jeremy wrapped around his ass with his face bulging out from his crotch. Whether it was about the idea of wearing a human turned object or because it was Jeremy Dustin did not know.

One of the nurses pulled out the bed and smiled at Dustin. “You can pick him up now.”

Dustin slowly made his way over and looked down at Jeremy. He gently put his hands under Jeremy’s form and lifted him up, careful not to hurt him, even though Jeremy was now a piece of underwear and had no bones.

“You can go through the dressing room.” The nurse waved to the door through which Jeremy came after he had undressed himself. “And change, if you want.”

Dustin entered the room and closed the door behind him. “Want me to put you on now?”

“Yes please!” Said Jeremy.

“Okay.” Dustin put Jeremy down on the bench and pulled down his pants and underwear. He then picked up Jeremy and held him up. “Here we go.”

Jeremy enjoyed Dustin’s legs stepping through him and the feeling of sliding up his thighs, but when he was snapped in place, he was in heaven. He could tell Dustin was a little bit excited as well, because his dick had the subtle rigidity of a developing semi. The last months have taught Jeremy to identify the various stages of a growing erection down to a T.

But it wasn’t just the sexual part. As he opened his eyes, he saw himself in the mirror, worn by Dustin. His new owner looked down with a warm smile on his face. It was a different face from all the others. It was the face of a friend.

Jeremy was finally happy with where he was. With the other dates there was always something Jeremy didn’t like. But this…

This felt just right.

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You might be looking for: “Starry void” by hooves.

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