Jake’s fantasy

by West

 Jake gets promised his fantasies will come true, and wastes no time when they do.

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Author’s Note

This is a relatively short action-focused story with no dialogue.


Jake was in for a world of pleasure. The ad promised to turn fantasy into real life, and oh boy did it do just that. And more. He was in his mid-twenties and never had a boyfriend despite being out since freshman year of high school. Jake himself wasn’t the issue, he was 6 feet even and relatively athletic in build. His issue was that he couldn’t find the one for him. But that would all change as the first part of his fantasy started taking effect, dropping an eligible bachelor for Jake to enjoy. His name was Oliver and he was made specifically for Jake, and only Jake. Oliver stood at 5’8 and was lean but well defined. Part of Jake’s fantasy was an added growth factor, whatever he wished would grow (or shrink), did. It was his full intention to grow Oliver however he wanted and Oliver would be happy with it.

After Jake woke the next day, his memories were altered to include meeting and moving in with Oliver. He turned to face his new boyfriend and gave him a light kiss on the cheek to wake him up. Bright silver-blue eyes greeted him and returned the kiss, only this time on his warm lips. Part two of Jake’s fantasy also took effect when Oliver came into his life. He no longer had to work to sustain himself, all of that was taken care of. With no job to go to, the two begin in some morning fun time. In seconds Jake’s clothes are all off revealing his slightly hairy body and fat cock. Oliver wasted no time getting to work passionately sucking his lover’s dick, pushing his nose all the way into Jake’s crotch. His mouth was made for Jake’s fat 7.5 inch dick. Soon after, Oliver removed his own confining underwear revealing his 5 inch chubby. Over the next few minutes his dick grew to full mast at 6 inches long and now covered in Jake’s cum. Oliver spun Jake around slowly working his dick into his tight hole. Using the cum as lube, he slid it in easily and began pushing further into Jake’s ass, then thrusting in and out picking up the pace as he went. Cue some growth. Jake himself began growing, packing on some new muscle, 3 inches in height, and most important of all, abs. He never really had the best abs before, but they were now prominent and looked sharp as hell. His 4 pack fit nicely on his torso, but soon more began surfacing from under his skin. 4 became 6 and then another row making 8, just when he thought it was hot enough, 2 more rows fit in giving him 12 ripped abs stretching all the way to the base of his fat cock. He had never seen someone with abs all the way down there but he knew it was hot as fuck and Oliver agreed. Here Oliver was pounding the ass of his boyfriend who was now 7 inches taller than he was making for a striking difference in heights. But with Jake’s new height, came a much deeper g spot that Oliver could no longer hit. To compensate his dick began stretching and lengthening inch after inch 6, 7, 8, 9 inches finally hitting it. Jake came again and Oliver did soon after, slowly sliding his enhanced dick out of Jake’s hole.

Basking in the morning glow, the two took a moment to admire their new bodies. Jake’s fuzzy 12 pack abs looked amazing leading to his 4 inch softy. But it was no match for Oliver’s new 6.5 inch soft beast. He was bigger soft than most men were hard and loved it. His bulge really showed off the added heft and almost made Jake cum for a third time. His hands explored Oliver’s body, slowly enhancing his muscles. They became denser making Oliver much stronger than he appeared, even though he was now packing nearly 200 pounds of muscle on his small body. As Jake’s hand caressed Oliver’s rock hard 6 pack his stomach let out a growl, it was lunch time.

Oliver headed downstairs to the kitchen and began making lunch. Some sandwiches were quickly whipped up and he was starting to make some of his homemade spread for them. Courtesy of Jake’s fantasy, Oliver could cum at will and control how forceful and how much when he did. His sandwich spread was little more than mayo and cum but was irresistible. He fished his cock out of his boxers and held it in front of the bread before shooting out the extra thick substance. At that moment Jake came down and his mouth began watering, anticipating how good this meal would taste. They sat down and ate, after which Jake was a bit thirsty. He pulled down Oliver’s pants and began deepthroating his expanding dick, hoping to quench his thirst on that irresistible cum. Oliver released the contents of his big balls and began shooting a stream of cum like a fountain down Jake’s throat. Jake guzzled it all up, almost a gallon of spunk and was refreshed. He clenched his stomach as a new row of abs grew into his torso, another 2 inches of height. Fantasy #3, Oliver’s cum could change Jake in any way he wanted. Jake rose from the floor up to his new 6’5 height and stretched his now 14 pack abs. Oliver let out a whistle growing hard again seeing how much bigger Jake was than him, before realizing he was shrinking down to 5’5. Another one of Jake’s fantasies was height, and the difference between him and his boyfriend. Now the two had a foot difference and it showed. Oliver was eye level with Jake’s ample pecs.

The two began making out again exploring each other furiously, unable to contain the hormones taking over. Again, Jake shoved Oliver’s dick in his mouth, feeling it grow to 13 inches long. Oliver now had a dick 20% the length of his body. The sensation overwhelmed him, releasing a stream of thick hot cum down Jake’s throat once more. This time Jake’s dick extended an extra inch, resting at its new 8.5 inch size. Now it was his turn to top, and Oliver eagerly flipped around letting Jake’s fat dick enter his hole. As they were fucking, their bodies began shifting once more. Oliver was absorbing Jake’s height, each thrust transferring more and more to his body. After 6 inches they were now both 5’11 and exhausted from their busy day. The amount of cum shot between the two was impressive, and once the throbbing stopped Jake noticed they were the same lengths there too. Both of them shared a 10 inch hard dick, quickly shrinking to just over 7 inches soft. Now that both of them had a hefty bulge, the rest of the day was spent in various forms of underwear, briefs, jocks, thongs to show off their blessing.

The next morning Jake woke to an empty bed with a note beside it. Oliver had gone out to absorb the sizes of some assholes and grant what he stole to this one hottie in particular in order to get him ready for a threesome. Later that day Oliver came through the door, still 5’11 followed by a truly giant man. Everything about him was absurd, and it didn’t help that he was completely naked. He must have been 8 feet tall, 400 pounds of pure muscle and a dick that stretched lower than his knees, probably close to 15 inches soft. Oliver introduced him as Zack, and our eyes met. Zack was what you’d call rugged, angular face with just the right amount of facial hair. Oddly enough his hair was a very dark purple, all of it. Unfortunately for Zack though, he was only a vessel for growth. Jake stripped down to his underwear and climbed up on Zack to begin grinding his big bulge along the giant’s body. Oliver moved around to Zack’s massive globe ass and started eating him out. Since Zack was much too big for anal, he sat and watched Jake and Oliver making out. Now that they were the same height, it was a perfect time for them to 69 each other. Both of them had each other’s huge 10 inch dick down their throats as Zack stroked his 2 foot dick as he witnessed the two slowly growing. The pair were growing rapidly adding inches of height and length to themselves. This time when they came, Jake didn’t want to drink any so Oliver shot all over his body instead. The two were now 6’4 with foot long cocks. They were now big enough to start enjoying all the size Zack had to offer. Another of Jake’s fantasies was to fit any size inside himself comfortably, so the added size was mostly for Oliver. Zack stood up next to the bed, preparing to impale Oliver with his 2 foot long rod while Jake made out with both of them taking turns. Slowly Zack began to shrink as Oliver grew in size. When Jake switched back to tongue fucking Zack he noticed he lost about 6 inches in height and glancing at Oliver’s rock hard dick, about 4 inches there. Soon after Zack came inside Oliver, draining an extra inch from him. As Oliver dismounted it became apparent how much he had grown. Zack was now 7’4 and his softening dick appeared to be 20 inches long. Taking that into consideration, Oliver was now 6’11 and his dick still rock hard stuck out 17 inches from his body. Jake looked tiny in comparison but knew what had to be done.

Zack sucked off Oliver for a bit, letting him cum down his throat granting him the ability to go another round with them. This time however, Jake would be the one getting fucked, or in this case double fucked. After all he could fit any size he wanted, even if it was two monster cocks at the same time. Oliver easily lifted Jake into the air as Zack got into position. As soon as the bigger of the two dicks was inside, Jake moaned in pleasure. That was short lived as he felt Oliver’s almost equally large dick rubbing against his hole. As Jake willed himself to allow it to enter, he was in sex heaven. Two dicks approaching 20 inches each were sliding up and down his stretched hole. He felt himself shrinking slightly as one of the huge cocks inside him started overpowering the other. Jake’s body returned to his original size of 6 feet with a slightly bigger 9 inch fat cock. Then he felt his ass close up as the 15 incher that was taking up space pulled out. He looked over to see Zack, now 6’6 smiling down at him before pulling him in for a kiss that trailed down all his abs. Jake then looked up and up at Oliver, now 8’4 tall and judging from the feeling in his ass, well over 2 feet of meat. As Oliver pulled out, Jake realized how much bigger his dick was. He grabbed the tape measure and lined it up with Oliver’s cum soaked monster. His fantasy lover now had a 27 inch long cock that radiated with power.

Zack left after they all showered and cleaned up a bit. As soon as Oliver shut the door, he felt Jake’s hand on his cock. He willed it to grow, expanding in all directions. He was previously over two feet hard, and was now exactly 24 inches long soft. Next Jake moved to his muscles, granting them extra size and vascularity causing veins Oliver didn’t know he had to pop out. His muscles were now just as massive as the rest of him, and then his head hit the ceiling. Jake had grown Oliver to 9 feet tall with the intent of fucking the world’s largest bottom. And do that he did, but not before drinking another gallon of Oliver’s rich cum. This time both Jake’s height and dick grew, now 6’2 and 9 inches soft, quickly expanding to an enhanced 13 inches, the biggest he had ever been down there. As the two climbed into their bed, Jake gawked at how much bigger Oliver was and he was going to fuck the hell out of him. Lying next to each other, feet at the same level, Jake looked right into the base of Oliver’s 8 pack abs, almost looking right at his 2 foot hose. He spun Oliver around and made his dick stay soft while he pounded away at the giant’s ass. Both men were in pure ecstasy as Jake’s fantasy was playing out in real time.

He couldn’t wait for the days to come.

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