Growing retribution

by John Smith

 A woman decides to make a dick and balls growth serum to grow a group of guys up to the biggest size she can take.

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Octavia was a black extremely horny sexy virgin sixteen year old. She was at highschool after school was out. Her sexdrive was raging out of control and but she hadn’t been able to get a boy to fuck her yet and was very upset about it so she was in the ventilation shaft secretly spying on the school soccer team below her as they changed in the locker room.

She bit her bottom lip in extasy as she saw them get naked. She loved their hot bodies. She overhead them having a conversation about girls and started to get offended when the subject of race came up. All them agreed that they didn’t like black girls and started saying a long list of reasons why such as they bitch too much, they turn everything into a race issue, they always repeat the words “you people” to pretend like someone means “you black people”, they do drugs constantly, they make their hair look like the topping of a wedding cake foolishly believing that it looks sexy and worst of all their pussies were huge. They all complained that it was pointless to try to fuck a black girl because their pussies were hundreds of times the size of a white girl pussy. One boy called it “Trying to ride a surfboard through hurricane Katrina.” Another boy called blacks pussies “Way too big!” Another boy called them “Monstrous!” She got particularly offended about how they all agreed about black pussies. They made her feel insecure about her pussy size. In frustration she talked down to her pussy saying “Why are you so fucking huge!” She concluded that this was the reason why she was still a virgin and made a plan to get revenge.

Luckily for her she was had taken an advanced placement biological class. Later on that night in her secret laboratory she was making a special serum to solve her problem. She had a very large smile on her face as she continued making the serum and thought to herself. “So you think black pussies are way too big hu? You’re the one that’s going to be way too big asshole! This serum is going to make you grow way way way too fucking big! I’m going to make fun of you all for being too big just like you did to me! You’ll pay the price and you’ll keep growing bigger and bigger and bigger! We’ll see how dumb you feel when you finally stop growing! My pussy is going to be so tiny and pathetic compared to you! You’re going to feel fucking retarded for calling it monstrous!!!! You’re going to be the fucking MONSTER!!!!!!! You’re going to be treating me a lot better! Say goodbye to your precious little white girls! Now you’ll know what it feels like to be way too big! We’ll see how you like being too big for a change! You’re going to keep growing and growing and growing until you can never fit inside any of those precious little white girls ever again! Then I’ll have you all to myself! I’m going to fuck you big boys every day! You’re all going to grow so fucking big that you’ll only be able to fit inside black girls for the rest of your life! I can’t wait to see you all after you grow too huge! There we go! It’s all done now! According to my calculations I should be able to just barely fit you boys inside me after you’re done growing! Time to make you boys big!”

The next day at school Octavia snuck inside the boy’s locker room and put the serum inside all their lockers along with a funny note to get them to drink it.

She spyed on them inside the ventilation shaft just like she did yesterday and took a video camera to record the result. She had an extremely large smile on her face. She recorded the boys coming into the locker room and commenting about the big game they just had. Then they all started opening their lockers and finding the tiny serum bottles along with note cards tapped to them that each read. “Giant balls and dick growth serum! A gift from a secret admirer! Drink up and grow into a real man! ; )” They all immediately started drinking the serums and went into the showers. As they washed Octavia recorded their average size balls and dicks start to slowly grow bigger. After they all reached seven inches long they noticed that they were slowly growing bigger they were all happy about it and celebrated as they continued to grow bigger. She could see that they were proud from all the expressions on their faces. They had all reached eight inches long and were still growing bigger. She bit her bottle lip in ecstasy and whispered to herself. “Grow! Grow! Grow!” After they all reached nine inches long she thought to herself. “Oh my god you’re dicks are getting big!” They all reach ten inches long and in a sexy voice she wispered to herself. “That’s it! Keep growing bigger!” They all reached eleven inches long and she thought to herself. “Oh my god! Yes! They’re growing huge!” They finished showing and walked out of the showers at twelve inches long. She was able to see them a lot better now and thought to herself. “Now that’s what I’m talking about! Fuck those cocks are huge!” She saw them staring at their growing balls and dicks as they all reached thirteen inches long and thought to herself. “Holy shit they’re growing so huge! I hope they fuck me!”

They all started putting on their clothes again and complained about how their cups felt too small and how it felt like they were shrinking around them smaller and smaller constantly and hurting more and more. Suddenly the sound of one of their cups cracking was heard. The boys turned to face the source of the sound and saw the boy’s shocked expression as the broken pieces of his cup felt down out of his shorts and onto the ground. Then it happened again and agian and again as all their cups shattered and fell down to the ground. One of the boys said. “Cool! We grew too big for our cups! We’ll have get a bigger size!” She thought to herself. “Idiots!” Then the boys started complaining that their jockstraps were getting too tight and suddenly they heard the sound of fabric ripping as one of their jockstrap pouches started ripping open and then it started happening to all of them. One of them said. “Cool! I grew too big for my jockstrap!” She thought to herself. “You’re so fucking stupid!” Then another boy said. “Woah! My shorts are getting too tight!” Another said. “Mine too!” She thought to herself. “That’s it keep growing bigger dumbasses! Time to get a taste of your own medicine!” She smiled and got excited as she heard the sound of their shorts ripping. One of the boys said. “Yes! Bigger! I’m going to outgrow my shorts!” She thought to herself. “Do you even realize that you’re growing too big? White girls can’t fit that in them retard! You’re growing way too huge!” Then suddenly one by one they all started bursting out of their shorts. Their massive gigantic erections sprung free. Each one of them was now ten times harder than a normal erection and they all kept getting harder as they grew bigger. She was extremely shocked and extremely horny at the sight of their massive unbelievably huge growing dicks and balls. They had all now grown far far far bigger then when she last saw them. All of them had now reached eighteen inches long and were still growing bigger. She bit her bottom lip extremely hard in ecstasy and whispered to herself. “Grow! Grow boys! Grow into the giant masters you deserve to be! Grow my loves! Grow!” The boys acted happy and some of them stroked their giant cocks as they kept growing bigger. A few minutes later they all started to stop growing one by one. All of them were over twenty-five inches long and each one of their balls was now much bigger than a grapefruit. One of the boys said. “I can’t wait to fuck my girlfriend with this thing!” She thought to herself. “Now you’re the monster idiot!”

She stopped recording and started to sneak out of there. That night she replayed the video on her phone over and over as she masterbated to it. She said to herself. “I got to get one of those giant dicks in me!”

The next day at school she enjoyed staring their giant dicks and balls which could now easily be seen through their new much larger clothes.

She spyed on them in the locker room agian a few days later and was proud to hear them all complaining that they couldn’t find any white girl that they could force their giant dickheads inside and that all their white girlfriends broke up with them because they grew too big to have sex with. One of the boys complained that his girlfriend said he had grown so big that he was now completely useless to her. Octavia thought to herself. “Haha! Serves you right!” Some of them had accidentally grown bigger than Octavia had planned and had grown so big that they couldn’t fit inside any black woman or any woman on earth. Octavia recorded their giant three foot long and four foot long erections with her phone and loved the sight on them.

Octavia overhead them asking each other if they found anyone they can fit inside and they all said no. She heard them complaining about how they can’t even force their dickheads inside a white girl’s mouth anymore. She heard one of the boys complaining about how he was now too big to suck. She thought to herself. “I might be able to force that in my mouth!”

She went home and worked on a serum for herself to make her look more beautiful. After she drank it her boobs and ass and hips and thighs grew and grew and grew and grew. All of her clothes ripped and flew off of her. She had an orgasm in her boobs from playing with her nipples too much. Each one of her boobs now hung down to her pussy because of their enormous size. She couldn’t reach in front of herself anymore because of her boobs and her super sensitive bubble butt ass checks and hips were now so big and wide that she couldn’t fit through narrow door ways or sit in a chair that had arm rests anymore. She was now the sexist woman alive.

A few weeks later she was losing her virginity to her new white boyfriend named Tod. She enjoyed feeling some orgasms in giant boobs from getting them titty fucked over and over four times in a row. She loved feeling his entire body hugging and jumping and fucking her giant boobs. She tried sucking his dick but discovered that it was too big to fit inside her jaw. It took a long time to force it in her pussy and she was actually afraid that maybe he grew too big to fit inside her. She took advantage of the opportunity to get a little revenge by smiling and saying “Oh what’s the matter? Is your dick too big to fit inside me? Oh you poor thing. Will you ever be able to fuck anyone?” She loved experiencing what it was like to be the tiny pathetic little one for a change. She thought to herself. “Wow! It’s like I’m actually too small! Cool!” Many minutes later he managed to just barely force his entire giant dickhead into her pussy. He was so big that he filled her and stretched her out to her maximum limit. He started pounding her. She had ten orgasms in a row and each one was double as intense as the last. The eleventh orgasm they had together was hundreds of times more powerful than any they had ever experienced before. They had the best sex ever and kept fucking over and over throughout the rest of the school year. She got fucked hard again and orgasmed and thought to herself. “I bet those little white bitches hate that they can’t fit these giant dicks inside them! How good does it feel to be small now white girls?” She realized what the white girls were missing out on and finally felt proud to have a big black pussy.

And they all lived happily ever after.


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