Tyler and the witch

by Mighty

An ancient witch who runs a bar in a college town takes pity on a small guy and decides to help him out.

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Being a bartender actually turned out to be a pretty good day job for a witch. Mixing drinks wasn’t too different from mixing potions, and placing my bar in a college town meant I had plenty to keep me interested. There’d been plenty of times I’d used concoctions to alter people’s evenings, but it was always in good fun. Love potions were extremely easy to make, and it’s not like these kids weren’t coming out and getting drunk in order to get some anyway.

Now, when you’ve been around as long as I have (about 500 years), you’ve seen it all: peace, war, love, heartbreak, fear, joy, hate, sorrow… you name it. I was convinced that the human race was nothing more than something to play with and profit off of, and nothing was going to change my mind. I suppose you could say that I’m pretty powerful as far as witches come, but seeing as how I hadn’t seen another witch in about a century, who could say? We basically kept to ourselves, and it’s not like anyone knew I was a witch. Witches don’t age like humans, but we look like them, so to anybody else, I just looked like a tall slender brunette in her late 20’s or early 30’s. Being 5’10” let me be kinda busty, and I had fun flirting with the boys. I’d slept with one or two just for fun, but when you’ve been around for 500 years, it’s hard to impress me. The one thing I had never done though, was actually alter a person’s physical composition. It was a hard spell, and people tend to go crazy with it. With modern technology, people can have plastic surgery and alter themselves all they like. That’s not my job and I’d decided to keep it that way…until…

It was a Tuesday afternoon, and the bar was completely empty. It was kind of strange for there not to be a single soul in sight, but with midterms taking place, business would pick up during the weekend as people drowned their sorrows. Then, in walks this guy. He seemed pretty unremarkable. He was a little guy, maybe 5’7”, probably 120-130 pounds if I had to guess. Kinda skinny and a bit on the short side, but he had a handsome enough face. He was in a short-sleeved red button down shirt and khaki shorts. He had short brown hair and as he sat at the bar and looked up at me, I was shocked by his beautiful crystal blue eyes. As he sat down at the bar, he sighed and kept his head down. He was obviously having a bad day, so I tried to be cheerful.

“What can I get for ya, sugar?” I asked. He kept staring at the bar, which was a waste since his eyes were the only exceptional physical quality he had. He kept drawing circles on the wood with his right middle finger, pondering.

After about a minute, he looked up and just said “Something strong. I’ve had it pretty rough recently, and I need to either get drunk or find a magic solution to all my problems, so unless you’ve got something like that, I’ll be getting drunk.” He chuckled, and for some reason I thought that was the most endearing thing I had ever heard. The boy was cute, and couldn’t have been older than 21 or 22. I checked his ID, and sure enough, he’d just turned 21 a couple months before. I decided I’d see if I could help him out. I’m a witch, and he did ask for a magic solution after all.

I leaned over the bar towards him and asked “What kind of problems ya got?” As he looked up towards me, his eyes stopped on my exposed cleavage before making their way to meet mine.

“Lost my last two girls to…” he paused and sighed again, “…bigger guys.”

I made an audible “awwww” sound as he said that. I’d seen it in action. Tall beefy guys are definitely more successful on campus and at the bar than those like this guy of the more petite variety. It was something even I understood. Bigger guys were usually more attractive. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for this kid. He was kind of like a sad puppy, sitting in front of me, begging for a treat. I recalled his name from his ID. “Tyler, I’ve got something for you. It might not solve all of your problems, but it’ll make you feel better.”

I know that I had pledged not to alter people, but for some reason my heart just went out to this guy. He was so pitiful looking that I just knew a bit of size would boost his confidence enough to really turn it all around for him. I walked to the bar and began mixing the concoction. I hadn’t made this particular potion in a few hundred years, so maybe I added in a bit too much of something or another, but it didn’t matter. The liquid was dark brown and looked like whisky, but it smelled oddly sweet. I only poured him a shot glass full and sat it in front of him. “Try this,” is all I said.

He grabbed the glass and threw it back without question, and immediately the changes began to take place. He sat the glass down hard, and I knew he was feeling it, too. He shut his eyes and put his hands down on the bar. They expanded and his fingers thickened. It spread up his arms and veins became visible as they thickened and lengthened. The short sleeves of his shirt filled up with his newly expanded beefy biceps. He threw his neck back and it thickened, too. He grunted and it sounded as though his voice was deepening. I had forgotten that the spell did that, too. His shoulders broadened and his chest heaved out. It grew so big so quickly that I nearly jumped out of my skin when a button shot off of the shirt as such a high velocity it shattered a bottle behind the counter. The loud pop of the button snapping off and the shattering of the glass nearly gave me a heart attack, but Tyler didn’t notice at all. His beefy pecs were now exposed as the shirt was opened for all to see. I peered over the bar to get a look at the rest of him. I could see through his tightening shirt that his stomach had surely tightened into a six-pack and his shorts were looking strained as his legs grew thicker and longer. I began to hear all sorts of ripping sounds as seams broke on his shorts and his sneakers. He shifted in his seat as his package grew, too. I’d added a bit extra to that portion of the spell. Well-hung men get places in life, ya know.

The growth happens quickly, and soon he’s brought his head back and he makes eye contact with me. He stands up and he’s now a bit taller than I am. I’d put him at about 5’11” to 6 feet and a solid 170 pounds now. I glance down at his crotch and see a visible outline of a sausage dick. Not bad! I think to myself. “This is amazing! What did you do?” Tyler is speaking so loudly, and his new deep voice is so…sexy.

No, I’m not about to make a move on this guy…but maybe doing a bit of…quality control, wouldn’t be so bad…

I’m having my own internal struggle, but I manage to reply, “You asked for a solution to your problems, so there ya go!” I wink at him and push my chest out a bit.

He frantically scans the bar and shouts “I… I need more! i need you to give me more! I’m not big enough yet!” His dick pulses in his shorts, a vein pops out on his neck, and a wet spot starts to form on his crotch.

“Slow down tiger! You’re a pretty big boy now, and besides, I don’t think you’d be able to pay for this stuff if I charged you for it.” I try to sound seductive. I don’t know why I can’t control myself, but I want him so badly at this point I can hardly stand it.

I begin to turn away from Tyler, and he leans in to whisper into my ear “Oh, I can pay for it…” I melted right there. His deep, smooth voice was so sexy. He reached one of his hefty hands up to my shoulder and gave it an intimate squeeze, like the beginning of an erotic massage. I turned and reached out and put my hand on one of his huge, meaty pecs that heaved their way through the front of his shirt. It was solid as a rock. Tyler bit his lower lip as I squeezed one of his dark nipples between my thumb and forefinger.

I quickly turned from him, walked to the door, locked it, pulled the shade, and went back to the drinks.

I made my way across the bar, hearing glass crunch under my shoes from the bottle that broke earlier. I didn’t care. I made a whole glass of the potion and he was reaching for it before I had even finished it. I handed it to him and he chugged the entire glass. As soon as he finished, he threw it to the floor, shattering the glass. It was then that it hit me… I’ve made a huge mistake.


He stands up and holds his arms out. He’s already showing signs of being obscenely huge. Again, his hands swell. His fingers lengthen and thicken, veins and tendons dancing along the surface of his skin. A basketball could fit into his palms easily. His arms explode in size, his sleeves tearing open like tissue paper. He flexes those beautiful massive biceps. They’ve got to be over 20 inches. His traps swell up and his bull neck expands even further. His chest and back swell simultaneously, and I duck under the bar just in time as the rest of his shirt buttons fly off like bullets, striking glass and wood, and piercing into the wall behind me. He inches taller towards the ceiling. His crotch comes into view over the top of the bar as he grows. His shorts are pulled tight around his growing legs, and they push out his now engorged melon-sized ballsack and still growing dick. You can physically see it through the remnants of his shorts.

A look of discomfort spreads across his face and one of his huge hands reaches down and tears away the rest of the fabric that was once comfortable shorts and underwear, unleashing the beast. His huge, growing dick lurches forward as it is freed, and he is oozing semen. Tyler leans forward and hefts his huge balls up and rests them on the bar. I feel my knees grow weak as they throb and grow. His massive rod extends over the bar and reaches out towards me. Sticky white precum runs down the long, thick shaft and begins coating his balls that are still physically churning and growing. It then begins dripping onto the floor. He continues to expand in every direction for a few more moments before it finally slows to a stop.

“Oh my god…” is all we both say. We’re both shaking and horny. He’s a 7ft tall behemoth, and he’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. His still beautiful striking blue eyes meet mine, and he reaches across the bar, picks me up gently, and lays be across the top of it. I know he’s going to fuck me right on top my own bar, and I want it.

He lifts up one of his massive legs and brings it across to straddle the bar. His gargantuan foot looks like it could crush me as he brings it over and plants it firmly on the other side. He’s so huge he can straddle the bar effortlessly. As he does, his huge ballsack spreads across the wood, and I’m so turned on I can’t stand it. My panties are soaked and all I want is for him to be inside me. I’m a witch, and I know I’m probably the only one who can take it all. It’s got to be a foot and a half long, and it’s thicker than a fucking soda can.

Neither of us can say anything, but we’re both breathing heavily as he makes his way towards me. He reaches around me and tears my top off. He then reaches down and rips my jeans like they’re tissue paper and removes my panties the same way. It’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever experienced. He fondles my huge breasts with such power and yet such delicacy. His huge mitts encompass each tit, and he uses the strength in each of his muscular fingers to pleasure me in a way I didn’t know was possible. Already coated in his own precum as lubrication, he makes his way inside of me. It’s physically hot and literally the most filling experience I could imagine. Me, lying across the bar naked and him, behemoth straddling it, we make love. We made passionate, lustful, beautiful love right there.

He reached his hands around either side of the bar and gripped it tightly, crushing the wood as he finally pushed his entire dick into me. I moaned loudly and he made a sound of astonishment. As he continued to fuck me, he got faster and more aggressive. Time after time he pulls and pushes several inches of his colossal cock in and out of me. It feels as though my intestines are having to move out of the way as he mercilessly thrusts himself well past anyone had ever gone before. Thank the gods for magic because he’d kill me without it! His huge balls swing forward and press against my taint as he makes sure to get every inch of himself inside me. Tyler moans, and I feel his dick engorge even more within my body. How the hell this is happening I have no idea, but I’m so turned on by it. His rippling abs continue to contract, and he refuses to stop the manic thrusting. I feel my insides stretch wider as he expands within me, and his thrusts get longer and more powerful. I don’t think it’s much extra size, but it’s noticeable for sure, even for the largest man on campus. He repositions himself slightly and the wood beneath us creaks. I see the veins running down his neck throb as it thickens. Tyler’s face is red, and sweat is dripping off of his muscular body onto mine as he works like a fucking machine.

After a couple more minutes, he roars again and I feel the head of his monster balloon outwards and pulse as he finally reaches his climax. He continues thrusting as a torrent of his manly juices explodes from within him. My stomach swells as wave after wave spews out. It fills me up and begins to flow out of my vagina and all over the bar. The abundance of his semen pours flows the sides of the bar and coats the floor. We both breathe in sync as he continues to move in and out, up and down. I lose count of his surges, but he finally slows to a stop and pulls out. I’m too exhausted to sit up, so I rest and take in the sight of his monstrous, muscular form standing over me. He takes a huge hand and places it at the base of his cock. His fingers can’t reach all the way around it, but he grips it and follows its length, collecting a handful of both of our juices, but mostly his own. He looks down and snickers at me, at the volume of his jizz in his hand and all around us. He looks down, probably noticing the volume of him on the floor and how tiny the world must feel to him now. It was a ride like neither of us had ever experienced. The dizziness in my head starts to dissipate, and I see his cock slowly begin to relax and subside. Tyler bends way down, the width of his torso dwarfing mine, and he plants another kiss on me. Even his mouth feels huge compared to mine. His big tongue enters my mouth, and my lips have to open wide to accommodate. We kiss passionately for a moment, and I can suddenly feel his iron rod of flesh spring back to life. He pulls back from my lips and proceeds to reenter me, starting the process all over again. His drive to fuck is nearly insatiable. He blew his second load into me, and it was nearly as big as the first. I didn’t notice a decrease with the third or fourth, either. Each time he finished, it was like another wave of energy would flow through him, causing him to swell a bit more and refill him with the energy to go again.

After his fourth orgasm he finally pulls out and lays back across the bar himself. I hear a thunderous boom as his wide, muscular back lands. How in the world it supported him I will never know. I still couldn’t even sit up. He eventually stood up, leaned over me, and gave me the most sensual kiss on the lips I have ever received. I grabbed his face and returned the favor more violently. After our kiss, he swung his leg back over the bar, and I noticed his huge foot and ankle were covered in his sticky cum. He made his way to the door, and stooping down and turning sideways, made his way out onto campus completely covered in his own semen and butt naked. I turned and admired his thick ass as he made his way out. Still not a soul in sight, I slid myself off the bar and into a puddle of semen. The bar was damaged, there was glass everywhere, and I was a mess. A quick spell would get all of those things in order before customers came that evening.

“That was fun. I should do that more often,” I thought to myself as I cleaned up the bar.

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