Grow lamp 2: Peter principle

by Dream Big

 Peter Chang, now taller, thickly muscled, and prodigiously hung thanks to Jeremy and Tom’s impossible grow lamp, now must get used to the attention his new body draws… and the unexpected after-effects of his exposure to the lamp’s mysterious growth magic.

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Contents (15 parts)
Part 1 Peter Chang, now taller, thickly muscled, and prodigiously hung thanks to Jeremy and Tom’s impossible grow lamp, now must get used to the attention his new body draws… and the unexpected after-effects of his exposure to the lamp’s mysterious growth magic. (added: 13 Jul 2018)Part 2Part 3Part 4 Peter realizes he’s somehow making guys horny for him, an effect that’s producing all kinds of conflicts for his straight roommate Joey. He resolves to try to act normal until he figures things out, but when he gets to class his body starts acting up again. (added: 27 Jul 2018)Part 5Part 6Part 7 Peter finds out the cause of his continued growth and mesmerizing stink: it turns out throwing away a magic lamp is not necessarily a good idea. (added: 10 Aug 2018)Part 8Part 9Part 10Part 11 Hunting with the others for the discarded lamp, Peter is increasingly distressed as his growing body and erotic stink outstrips even Joey’s impressive libido. (added: 24 Aug 2018)Part 12 Peter keeps on growing by the hour, and the need for sex is getting to be too much for him and his lover Joey. Jeremy and Tom are getting bigger too. Can they find the lamp before things get out of control? (added: 8 Sep 2018)Part 13 Finding the lamp was tough, but getting it out from under the industrial debris that’s piled on top of it will be even tougher. (added: 22 Sep 2018)Part 14 With Joey trapped, the others work against their own accelerating growth and hormones to figure out how to get him out—but the answer is staring him in the face. (added: 6 Oct 2018)Part 15 Joey becomes a muscle giant in order to free himself and the lamp from the landfill, and isn’t keen to return to normal. (added: 3 Nov 2018)

My name is Peter Chang. I’m 21 years old, a college student, and I work part time at my family’s Chinese restaurant most summers. I go to school about two hours away, so I haven’t been helping out much the past few years,

My college is kind of remote, and there are like, no decent Chinese places anywhere nearby, so I am usually happy to help when I am home. The tips are good because Lucky Dragon House has the best food and because we deliver. But mostly it’s because my uncle and cousin are amazing cooks, and I get to eat whatever I want. And the people are interesting, whether they’re regular customers or the people stuck at the local motel. But really, it’s that zooming around on my bike makes me hungry, and all those noodles and beef really hit the spot.

For all the good it has done me. Apparently I got my dad’s genetics, which is great in some ways—I can eat pretty much whatever I want and never gain weight—but on the flip side, I am skinny. I spent most of college eating like a pig and working out like crazy with my roommate, trying to put some meat on my bones, but I never seem to manage it. Best I’ve done was get pretty shredded abs, but you can still see my ribs. Joey, my stud roomie, busted his ass and bulked up, but couldn’t seem to get shredded, so most of last semester we spent vaguely irritated over these facts. In fact, without ever saying it, we began to resent each other a bit over

I’d all but given up ever looking the way I dreamed when I delivered a huge order to a house I was pretty sure I’d been to before. Uncle Howard (we all go by western style names) stuffed box after box into the warm container, then filled another. Must have been twenty pounds of food in each, and when he saw my expression, he said, “Don’t worry kid, you can use the car—that’s a lot to carry.”

When I got to the Turner house and lugged the oversized containers out and up the walkway, I figured there would be a party or something, but no extra cars were parked near the place. I knocked on the door, and was greeted by something almost beyond Human. This gorgeous muscular beast of a man, nearly 8 feet tall, answered the door, buck naked.

He quickly realized he forgot his clothing, apologized, and shut the door. He opened it again a few seconds later with a huge sheet wrapped around his waist.

How to describe him? Well, he bore a passing resemblance to the guy I’d seen here before, but this guy was almost two feet taller than me. Then his boyfriend came in, almost as huge, and I nearly fainted

When they promised to help me bulk up a bit, it seemed too good to be true, but they’d gotten this huge practically overnight and literally couldn’t go out like that until they figured things out. So they asked me to run an errand.

When I returned, they made good on their promise, and used this magic lamp on me. In the end, I ended up with a smoking hot bod, two new older friends, and a lot more confidence. The two men were so open about their sexuality, and had been even before they turned superhuman, that it gave me hope. I trusted them, and we experimented until I looked the way I wanted, and until they were a more manageable size. They’d undone some of their insane development, ending up roughly the size of particularly big athletes. And then they told me that the lamp was gone…

Sure. Probably for the best, because the temptation was almost magnetic. I couldn’t be sure of my own self-control in its presence, so good riddance, I figured. My own improvements would be tough to explain.

I knew I would have to be careful with timing. I could hide my changes from folks for a while. My friends at school would assume I bulked up while I was at home, and vice versa. It worked pretty well.

Joey couldn’t believe my improvements, and to my surprise, I could match him in the gym, for weight and reps, thanks to my new physique. And in the showers afterwards, I kind of made sure he saw my improved cock, hanging nearly 8 inches limp and hardening to just over ten inches.

And suddenly our dynamic shifted. He became wary of this new taller, habitually shirtless and ab-tastic me. And it kinda hurt, because, I realized, I was kinda into him.

Didn’t realize then that we had the same problem.

Or that my journey of self-discovery in college was about to get even weirder…

For about a week after Joey saw my junk in the shower, he avoided me. He tried to play it off like nothing was wrong, that he was just distracted by class or by a renewed focus on working out.

Poor guy. I already had the edge on him for height—he was only 5’9”—but now I was about 6’1, and every built as built as he was. At about 225 (and all of it precisely where it belonged), I was pretty athletic looking. I played it coy with Joey and anyone else who was curious, saying I had been lucky and worked hard. Both things were true. Just not quite the way people understood them. I had certainly worked hard, and I had gotten quite lucky, but the new physique owed itself mostly to the lucky part.

Still, I wanted to keep it, so I worked at it. In fact, I kinda dove into it, no longer held back by my scrawny old body. I basically followed the same routines Joey had me on when I was skinny, but with a lot more weight. And within a month, I was showing gains again. Like, suddenly my body had the raw material to build on, so it got the hint I had been sending for the last six years of my life.

Since Joey had been too busy to work out with me, I hit the gym at a more convenient time for me, which was late at night. The campus gym was open until 1am, and I found that I slept better after a good workout and hot shower. So I would hit class, grab dinner, spend a few hours working in the library, then hit the gym around 10 p.m. I did 45 minutes of cardio, and 45 minutes of weights and strength stuff. Then a quick 15 minutes in the sauna, a shower, and a quick jog home to bed.

A few days into that routine, I noticed two things. First, I mostly had the place to myself, or at least the weight room. Second, the guy at the desk was really cute.

In my mind, I had classified him as “Derek the twink” because he was about 5’5”, nicely built and sculpted into a tight little package with a firm round bum slightly larger than you’d expect on a little guy. Big blue-green eyes, a cute little dirty blond faux hawk, and a tendency to wear compression shorts and tight polo shirts. He seemed straight and no nonsense, almost military, at first, but I quickly realized that was just an act.

Three days into my new routine, I was sure he was staring at me, and I was enjoying the attention. By day four, he found excuses to “check up on me” because he was worried about me working out alone. I agreed that I could use a spotter, at least on the bench press (I had been using the machine, but figured what the hell). And so Derek helped me load on the plates, making small talk and complimenting me on my build in a typical jock way, and then took up position behind the bar as I slid under it.

“So you are going for record here, or reps?”

“Reps,” I said.

“Wow, 350 for reps? I’m impressed…”

“This time last year, I was seventy pounds lighter, and I could only manage 120 for reps.”

He made some appreciative noises as I started in… and then I realized that I was breezing through the first set. Another twenty pounds was quickly added, and that felt like it was better. My form had always been good, so 30 reps later, I was feeling pretty good about myself and feeling a nice burn. And as I worked through my usual stuff, it became apparent that Derek was feeling good about me too. Nobody else had been in since about 11, and as I was finishing up my routine, he disappeared for a few minutes.

I finished off the last set on the butterfly machine with a grunt, smiled, and stretched and shook myself out a bit before heading back to the sauna. To my surprise, Derek followed me.

“Don’t you need to be at the desk?”

“I locked the door.”

“Won’t you get in trouble?”

“Literally nobody but you has been here after 11 all last week. I put a ‘back in a few minutes’ sign up.”

“So you’re just goofing off on the job?” I teased.

“Shut up. You know why I did it. You are why I did it,” he said, pulling off his shirt. His tight little gymnast bod glistened in the moist air of the steam room.


“Jesus fuck, yes you,” he said. “You know half the campus has been talking about you, Mr Peter Chang, since break. You went from zero to hero, or so the girls have been saying. For all the good it did them, because apparently you don’t play for that team.”

His socks were tossed on top of the shirt, and the shorts followed. Now it was just his lean bod, a pair of Calvin Klein briefs, and a very, very singular look in his eyes.

“Personally, I always thought you were cute. Now you’re hot, too.” He had moved very close, and then he reached up and kissed me. I returned the favor with enthusiasm, breaking the amazing kiss after a moment or two.

“Why Mister Derek, whatever do you mean?”

He smiled and kissed me again, and his other hand reached down into my shorts… and then his eyes popped open in surprise.

“No way!”

“What?” I said, playing coy.

“That is one impressive cock, but I never guessed it was this big,” he said, as his fingers traced its length and girth. “You got this when you bulked up over break?”

“More or less,” I said, then kissed him again. He tasted nice.

“How…how big?”

“Over nine inches,” I said, though I knew full well it was just a hair over ten.

“Oh my god,” he panted, and pulled my shorts down a bit violently.

Shit, he went for it. Kissing and licking the head and the little sensitive bit below the head, and then adopting a sultry expression as he looked up at me and smiled. “You stay right there mister…”

Mine was clearly not the first cock he had sucked. Not with those techniques. He teased me for five whole minutes, just with mouth and hands on my junk, moaning softly, and then deep throated all ten inches of my spectacular penis. I was unbelievably far down his throat, to the point where I worried about hurting him, when he started doing something with his throat muscles that made me squirm. With almost no warning, I jizzed spectacularly—and at length—right down his throat. He kept me locked in place, buried to the hilt in his mouth, until it was done. Then he licked me clean, belched slightly, and tilted his head a little to smile at me again.

“That was a bit more than nine inches,” he accused.

“Okay, it’s ten.”

“I happen to be prepared,” he said, and pulled a measuring tape from somewhere. His touch brought my erection screaming back, and he measured me.

“I get 10.2 inches here. You are a healthy boy, aren’t you?” Derek leaned up and kissed me again, and I could taste a bit of my own spunk on his lips. “Next time don’t wait a week between rubbing one out,” he advised.

“Um, okay,” I said. I had knocked out a pretty sizable load that afternoon after class.

“I really need to check the door. But anytime you want a good milking, you just let me know,” he said.

The smile I wore in the afterglow didn’t fade immediately, but it did change a bit when I realized that I had measured yesterday and I only hit 10 inches when I was super excited. Had I somehow managed to grow another quarter inch today? And if so, how?

I really would have showered before I left the gym, but I suspected that would lead to more fun with Derek, and I was a little concerned about messing things up for him and his job. Besides, I could shower back at my place. So I said goodbye as I passed the desk (he was signing in some clueless freshman so he just mouthed “call me” as I passed), and set off on my usual route back.

My mind was reeling. After everything else, and especially after the cautions my supersized friends had passed along, I had a nagging fear of growing huge, like they had. Let’s face it, they were almost inhumanly big when I met them properly, and they’d warned me about irrational thoughts and unrestrained libido that they’d experienced. And I would have considered Derek out of my league, before. Maybe something was different, beyond the improved body? Had I somehow forced him or tricked him? Was I growing or super excited, or had I just mismeasured?

I decided to clear my head a bit and take the long way, which had me running through the quads. Possibly a mistake, because it was a nice night and loads of people were still outside. There had been some sort of event that had obviously just wrapped up. So I had to weave through the crowd a bit, but mostly people saw me coming and got out of my way. Still I had to stop once or twice, or adjust my pace. Still, with my headphones on I could tune out most of the background noise. Until the charge went out. Damn, I’d forgotten regarding my phone.

Which meant, suddenly, I could hear what people were saying, and to my embarrassment, a lot of it was about me. Girls commenting on my butt as I passed. Guys wondering what team I was on. I tried to tune it out, but one comment caught my ear—a pleasant masculine baritone saying, “Damn, that boy’s got a full basket.” I guess people assume you don’t hear them when you have headphones on.

Shit, I really did have a full basket, and the comment woke up the beast. I was too exposed, in these light gym shorts, for the erection I was now capable of. It would be indecent exposure even if it stayed in my shorts! And at my current size, that seemed unlikely.

“Dude, I think that guy has chubby.”

“Shit, China boy is packing!”

Yeah, that did it. Annoyed as I was at the “China boy” part, it seemed my little friend enjoyed the compliments. Too many eyes on me. I had to stop before I reached full mast, and figure out what to do. Running would not be wise in my current condition, but I could feign a cramp, and walk back with my bag hiding my woody.

So that’s what I did. I let out an “Ouch!” and pretended my hamstring had seized up. Limped over to an open bench, casually set my bag on my lap as I stretched my leg out and pretended it was cramping.

“Hey, you all right?”

Oh no. I knew that voice.

“Pete? You okay?”

Yup. It was Harry Kim. He was a grad student, saddled with the same name as that character from Star Trek. Honestly, he looked like him, too, which didn’t help. But that wasn’t the problem.

The problem was that he had obviously been crushing on me months ago, before I stopped sailing up the river in Egypt. I was in denial, he’d confessed to being interested in me, and I had handled it badly. We hadn’t spoken in months.

“Bad cramp?”

“Yeah,” I lied.

“Here, let me take a look,” he said.

“Oh, it’s just a cramp, you don’t need to—”

“Pete, seriously, I am in nutrition and sports med, I am actually trained for this kinda thing. Now scoot over, move that bag, and let’s—”

“Um,” I managed. He’d moved my bag before I got a chance to reposition.

“Shit,” he said.

Fuck. My dick was stretching my shorts out pretty badly. Only my gym bag kept that out of public view, and while I was pretending to work on my cramp, it had apparently reached full mast.

Harry had the decency to look embarrassed, then quickly scan the area.

“I don’t think anyone else noticed, but maybe put the bag back?” he suggested.

“Good call,” I said, and did so. “I uh…”

“Got quite the little problem there, huh?”

“Oh hey, are you okay?” One of the girls, a rather athletic one (I think her name was Nancy or Nadine or something, she was in one of my classes last semester), had jogged over with a concerned look on her face. Blonde, toned, objectively hot by any measure. Not my usual type (I preferred friendly, nerdy girls usually), but apparently my dick was into that right now, and I felt the pulse of interest down below. Thank goodness for my gym bag!

To my horror, two more people popped over, asking after me. Why was everyone suddenly so interested in my health?

Bless him, Harry took charge.

“He will be okay, just a leg cramp. Probably overdid it in the gym. He just needs to rest a bit and then walk it off.”

“I can believe he overdid it in the gym, looks like he’s been living there lately,” Nancy laughed. “But if you want ice, or a hot compress or something, my dorm is right behind you.”

“Ice might help with his problem,” Harry said, with a smirk she couldn’t see (but I could). “There’s a bit of swelling making it difficult for him to walk properly.”

“I’ll get it,” she said, and jogged off. Harry convinced the others that things were under control, and I attempted in vain to adjust myself without making a big fuss.

Then he knelt next to me. “When she gets back, I will say it’s a groin pull. Maybe the ice will make that manageable so you can extract yourself from this awkward situation.”

I looked around, and sure enough, there were at least a dozen people watching me.

Harry sniffed. “Dude, did you just come gym?”


“Don’t take this the wrong way, but you smell like teen spirit and recent sex.”

Shit. “Sorry, I didn’t expect to be out in public long…”

“I didn’t say I minded. It kinda smells nice…”

I smelled like teen spirit and recent sex?

What the hell did that mean? I tried, surreptitiously, to sniff my pits, and yeah, I was ripe.

“Hey, here’s the ice,” Nancy said. She handed over a ziplock bag full of ice, wrapped in a towel.

“Thanks,” Harry and I said at the same time. I took the bag and pressed it partly against my thigh, but mostly against my dick, praying the swelling would go down. Man, it was cold!

“I don’t imagine that’s very comfy,” Nancy said.

“I’ll manage,” I said through gritted teeth.

“So uh, you’ve really been working hard at the gym, haven’t you,” Nancy said.

“A little too hard,” Harry said, with a smile. “But it’s clearly paying off.”

“Right? He must have put on twenty pounds this semester.”

That was about right. On top of the inches and size I’d gained during my remarkable break…

“I’m sorry, Peter, couldn’t help but notice. But you gotta be careful about over training. I love to run, but I overdid it once or twice and it really set me back,” Nancy said. “Coach was pissed.”

“Oh, you’re on the running team?” And that got her talking, and playing with her hair. She had been on a pretty hard run when she stopped to help, and glistened with sweat. It looked good on her, and we chatted for a few minutes as I watched a bead of sweat trickle down her thigh.

Looking her over, I was impressed. She was quite fit, and had perky boobs and long legs, and a smart look even in her running gear. Seeing my gaze, she blushed a little. And then seeing that, Harry rolled his eyes. She had gone from ally to competition, I guess, in his eyes.

“Well, it looks like the swelling has gone down a bit,” Harry said, “so maybe we should get you back to your place? Think you can walk?”

The ice had worked, and I was no longer sporting wood. But I was definitely feeling interest from her, and hell, I was bisexual after all. Or maybe the libido was tweaked high enough to pop for anyone cute enough, who knows.

“Yeah, I will manage. Thanks, Nancy. I’ll wash your towel and bring it back,” I offered. And she nodded and asked for my phone.

“Whenever is fine. Just text me,” she said, smiling, “and try not to overdo it. You look pretty good as it is, no need to get all muscle bound, right?” And then she jogged off again.

“That was smooth,” Harry said. “You didn’t use to be so confident. But I guess you kinda grew into that. Who wouldn’t be confident built like you?”

Harry was unable to keep the slight jealous tone from his voice, and I took stock of him too. Slightly stocky, he had a softness to his handsome features, and he was a smart guy. Really smart. Suddenly I couldn’t recall why I wasn’t interested in him before.

“Smart guys have their own confidence,” I said. “That can be sexy too.”

And he blushed. Two for two. But I needed to get back before the boner of doom returned.

“Do you… do you want me to go back with you, make sure you’re okay?” he asked, a little nervously.

“You sure? It’s a few blocks away, I am in the off-campus housing,” I said.

Fifteen minutes later, I was back in my room, and so was Harry. I stuck a sock on the door, just in case.

I shut the door, and turned around to find Harry smiling like the cat that got the canary.

“Well, well, well. The rumors were true. Skinny Peter Chang got buff.”

“Late growth spurt, I guess. It’s not like I haven’t been working on trying to get some muscle for a while…”

“Oh, sure. I’ve seen you and Joey Scrivani working out before. At first I thought you were an item, you know.”

“Me and Joey? Nope. Just friends. And we used to be workout buddies.”

“Couldn’t blame you if you were into him. Short but built. But I think you’re built better now,” he said.

I blushed, and my dick throbbed just a bit. Apparently I was developing a thing for that kind of praise. It got me right in the hole where my self-confidence had been missing.

“Uh, thanks I guess.”

“Just the truth, man. But I gotta ask, was it hormones? Steroids? Because you also got taller, and I am pretty sure you weren’t sporting quite so much down below before.”

“I didn’t take anything, just the normal protein supplements Joey recommended, and I’ve done those for two years now. I have no rational explanation,” I said, truthfully enough. I mean, I knew the cause and mechanism, but not the underlying science, or magic, or whatever powered that old lamp. But I wasn’t about to divulge the secret to Harry.

“Still, that’s a hell of a spurt. Everyone noticed, you know. It’s not just the size, you carry yourself differently. Like the old Superman movie from the 70s where the guy stands straighter and looks people in the eyes when he’s Superman, and slouches and avoids eye contact and stammers when he’s Clark Kent. So yeah, people noticed. The folks you have classes with, your profs and TAs. People have been asking about the hot Chinese dude.”

Throb again.

“Me, I have only two questions. One, have you seen a doctor? And two, are you finally willing to admit you might be not entirely straight?”

I sighed, and pulled my shirt off. I’d answer his questions and then hop in the shower.

“Okay. First, no, I haven’t seen a doctor. I feel fine, great even.”

“Pete, you know I’m studying in that field, with an eye to doing sports medicine. You grew like five inches in a month or two and out on fifty pounds of muscle. That just doesn’t happen. It might not be safe, though I gotta admit, you look pretty healthy. You don’t even have stretch marks.”

“Anyway. Second, yes. I am pretty sure I am bi.”

“Well, that’s a step. Have you, um, tested that theory?”

“Does getting a BJ from a hot twink count?”

“Not as much as giving one would, but…”

“And my reaction to Nancy should count, too. Boys and girls both get me hard, Harry. And I don’t have to explain or define or prove anything.”

“You really have changed. Last year you wouldn’t admit that to yourself, much less someone else.”

“I guess so. Look, Harry, about last semester…”

“Hey, don’t sweat it. You were cute and I was pushy and you weren’t ready. I get it. I should have seen the signs, same thing happened to me a few years ago,” he admitted. “I have kind of been feeling guilty about it myself.”

“I was a dumbass and I overreacted and I am sorry.”

Now it was his turn to blush. And sniff.


“Dude, is that… I’m is gonna sound weird, but your scent is pretty strong.”

“My scent? Oh, is this that ‘teen spirit and recent sex’ thing you mentioned?”

“Yeah, I guess. It’s not a bad smell, really, just noticeable. Like you just worked out and had sex.”

“Well, I kind of did just do that.”

“I’m not talking about specifics, it’s more that your scent—” He sniffed for emphasis, a sort of puzzled or curious look on his face. “—makes me think of pent up locker room hormones and sex.”

“Is that you being funny or paying some bizarre complement or what?”

“Can you smell it?”

I could, kind of. It mostly smelled like me, or my recent workout sweat. My natural odor wasn’t bad, but it did seem more intense lately. Without thinking, I took a deep sniff of my pit, and it hit me pretty hard. He was right, it smelled like a hard fuck and a hard workout. Youth and clean sweat and testosterone. It was stronger and mushier than I had realized. And he was right, I was thinking of hot sex and muscle.

“Fuck, I’m sorry. I am pretty ripe,” I said, apologetically. “I should, um, shower or something.”

The curious look deepened. Harry’s eyes were intense, concentrated on me. Roving hungrily over my body. “You don’t need to on my account. It’s not unpleasant at all.” He took a deeper sniff, and let his breath out in a shudder of pleasure.


“But you should definitely get more comfortable,” he said, adjusting his own crotch. “I would like to talk more but I also know you had a little problem—a not so little problem—outside there, and I wouldn’t mind helping you out with that, if you want.”

Oh, that. I felt the throb, and then sudden coolness on the tip of my dick. It had been slowly getting hard, and had just poked up above my waistband. Without a shirt, I couldn’t hide it.

Fuck it, I decided to roll with it. I stopped fighting and let the erection continue. Why not?

“Oh, you mean..” I paused for emphasis, “my little friend and his insistence on coming out to play?”

“Your little friend grew up big and strong, apparently,” he said, a hint of wonder in his eyes. “Jesus, I had no idea.”

“Help me out, then.” Together we pulled my shorts off, along with my poor Calvins. My big dick sprung up like I hadn’t drained it half a dozen times that day, eager and ready to pounce.

“Oh my god, that thing is huge!” It was, but… it didn’t feel quite done yet.

“It is pretty big, I guess.” I feigned shyness.

“Seriously, is it still getting bigger? How big is that thing going to get?”

“About ten inches,” I said, glancing down to see I was well on my way there.

“Jesus. I don’t know if I will be able to help much. No way could I take that beast.”

“Well, I am not doing this by myself while you watch,” I replied saucily.

He nodded, and reached out and touched the tip of my cock, tenderly, as if proving to himself that it was real…

“It’s so warm,” he said. It ought to be, most of my blood was apparently pumped into it.

“Your hand feels nice,” I said without thinking.

“Bet this will feel better,” he said, and began to attempt to swallow my dick. He licked his lips, then gently licked around the tip and the glans, while his right hand began to slowly stroke the length of it, gently bit firmly. Not gonna lie, it was already feeling great. I was extremely sensitive, and as his hand massaged my nuts, he tried to get his mouth around the tip. Within seconds, I felt a small gush of pre, which he swallowed, pulling off.

“That was faster than I expected,” he said. “It tastes nice.”

“That was just the pre,” I said. He cocked an eyebrow.

Sure enough, a little more spurted out, drooling slowly down and following the lines of a large vein.

“Well then,” he said, licking his lips, “Time to really get to work….”

Well, Derek had been nice, but a little rushed. Harry took a slower approach and man, was it worth it. He cycled between a few techniques—gentle nips and licks, firm strokes, ball massage, tongue, and finally mouth. It was like a roller coaster in slow motion, and I kept anticipating his next move, but he’d switch it up. Finally, as I was starting to really overheat, he took me nearly all the way in. I had a solid seven inches buried in his mouth, and his tongue was working overtime. The suction was increasing, and so was my arousal… in fact, I felt a little surge, and he must have too, because he briefly glanced up in surprise, before diving all the way to the hilt. Dear lord, that was a shock, possibly for both of us! I found myself moaning and gasping.

Then he did this swallowing and swirling tongue thing, pulling me even deeper, and as I squirmed and moaned, he grabbed my balled firmly, and that was all I could take.

I was probably quite noisy. I remember gasping and gripping the pillow like I was hanging on for dear life, and then the sensation of burning hot cum shooting through my entire being. Never in my life had I felt that full body orgasm. And it just kept going. Must have been ten or twelve huge shots, but it could have been six or twenty for all I knew. Time and numbers lost meaning and I was blissfully on the edge of passing out.

Poor Harry was locked onto my big fuckstick like a lamprey, desperately trying to keep up with my output. Whatever he’d been expecting, it wasn’t half a cup of jizz, but he got nearly all of it before he started to choke a bit. He coughed and then backed up a bit.

And then a bit more. I looked down, slightly dizzy, as cool air suddenly hit my moist cock, and saw Harry, cum dribbling from his nose and mouth, a stunned expression on his face. My cock was still exiting his mouth, and it was taking a while. Finally the last bit popped out, and another couple of small spurts shot angrily in both our directions.

Jesus, that couldn’t be all me. It hadn’t softened, but it looked larger and angrier than before.

“How,” he managed, and then coughed hard a few times, “How the hell did I get all that in my mouth?”

I couldn’t speak. I could barely form thoughts, at that point, as I panted from the exertion.

Harry reached forward, shaking his head. “Damn, Pete.” Both hands fit around the shaft, though the fingers didn’t touch the thumbs, but there was easily room for mine, too. “Good grief, you’re immense.” He spotted a book, and used it as a rough measure while I lay there trying to gather my wits.

“You’re longer than this book!” He frantically searched my desk and found a ruler, seizing it just as I finally managed to raise my head. “Ten inches my ass,” he said. “You’re just a bit under twelve!”

Well, that got my attention.

“No way,” I said. But there it was, the ruler firmly planted along the top edge of my cock, and despite the slight arc of my penis, the ruler barely cleared the tip.

“That’s unreal, he said. You are probably the biggest guy on campus. And you told me ten inches. Heck, it felt like you were halfway down my throat, and you probably were!”

“Harry,” I began.

“I just can’t believe it. Fuck, you are way bigger than anyone I have ever seen.”

“Harry! Can you shut the fuck up for one moment?”

That got him to stop talking.


“Harry, I wasn’t that big before. Not last week, not when I got up, not when I was at the gym.”

“Okay. How big were you?”

“Last I checked, slightly over ten inches hard.”

“You couldn’t possibly have grown two inches in the last half hour,” he said. “No way.”

“Stranger things have happened. “

…and that’s when the door swung open and Joe and his girlfriend walked in.

Honestly, I’m surprised we didn’t hear them coming—the walls weren’t exactly soundproof, and they were both quite drunk. But then, we were otherwise occupied ourselves.

Here’s how it went down. The door banged open and the two of them—Joey and his flavor-of-the-month girl Natalie staggered in, giggling and kind of pawing each other up. They could barely stand, much less walk a straight line. She was saying something like, “No, no, I’m a good girl but you’re a bad bad boy!” and he was saying, “You’re bad too, you know you are”, talking over each other and shushing, all in a big pile of noise. Joey’s back was to us as he groped Natalie, not even realizing he had an audience.

Natalie, on the other hand, did a note perfect comedy double-take.

“Oh my god Joey there are guys fucking in your house.”


“Oh man, I gotta be drunker than I thought but that dude has the biggest dick I’ve ever seen. Like, ever.”

Wobbling slightly, Joey spun around, but whatever he was about to say was lost to his surprise at seeing me and Harry.

You couldn’t blame him, really. I mean, by this point I was nearly 6’2 and swole and shredded, and I had a foot-long hard-on throbbing insistently in front of me, while Harry sat between my legs with one hand on my balls and his face splattered with a fresh cum glaze.

Surprise was mutual, I guess.

I was too shocked to be really pissed, and they were drunk enough that it would be of limited effectiveness to berate him.

“Dude, the sock was on the door,” I said, perhaps a little too firmly. “You should have knocked first, at least.”

“Wha? Oh, sorry Pete. Just a little drunk.”

“You’re a lot drunk,” Natalie helpfully added. “And so am I. But damn, you are Pete, right? Everyone has been talking about you. Fuck, Joey, he’s really hot, and his dick is sooooo big.”

“Um, he’s right here,” I said. “Do you mind?”

“Sorry Pete,” Joey said, and I could tell he meant it. “We’re both drunk. Say hi, Natalie!”


Natalie, however, was completely distracted by me. She was drunk enough that standing was an effort and her head got a little wobbly, but her eyes were scanning my body with laser focus. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that much like a side of beef, being viewed by a tiger.

“Who’s the lucky man down there?”


“Um… hi?”

“Great. now we’ve all said hello, why don’t you go to your room, and we’ll go to mine, and this never happened,” I suggested.

Chagrinned, Joey tried to guide his girlfriend back to his room, but she was even more wasted than he was. Finally Harry just stood up and helped get them into Joey’s room. Me, I wasn’t going anywhere. I just lay there, my monstrous prick standing at attention, half covered in cum splatters… trying to figure out how the hell I had grown two inches of dick in the last few hours.

Harry quietly shut the door behind him, and then began to chuckle. From the sounds of things, Joey and Natalie were already going at it.

“Great minds think alike, I guess,” I said.

With real regret in his eyes, Harry said, “Oh, definitely, but the surprise straight couple kinda killed my momentum.”


“And I’m a little freaked out that you grew. I don’t know how I feel about it and I don’t know if it’s true, but it’s messing with my head a little. Can I get a rain check?”

“Yeah, but one major condition. Don’t tell anyone about… well, any of this. Okay?”

“I understand,” Harry affirmed. “I just need a little time to process ‘all of this.’”

He left, distracted, not even bothering to clean up.

I, however, did take a quick shower before bed, hoping that they’d be done drunk-fucking in the next room by the time I was finished. (Yeah, and while in shower, I spent half my time in there coaxing out another cum shot in the name of research.)

My mind continued to race for a little while, enjoying the relative quiet, and then I was out fast asleep.

I am usually a pretty light sleeper, but between the warm shower and the half a dozen times I’d cum that day, I was down for the count. Couldn’t tell you what I was dreaming about, but being cozy was a huge part of it. And in the distance, there was a familiar, friendly sound, repeating and insistent, and gradually getting louder…

“Pete! Pete! Come on man, your alarm has been going off for like twenty minutes now!”

Ah, that would be it. I sprung instantly awake and my brain finally jumpstarted, but apparently not fully. I rolled over and groped until I found the alarm clock, and hit the button. Then I sat up, groggy and blinking stupidly.

“Jesus, man, put that away!”

Oh, right, I apparently was still in the buff, and my sheets and I had parted ways when I rolled over. I looked down…fuck, I was unmistakably large now, and my half-chub was growing larger by the second. It liked the thought of getting bigger.

I glanced up at Joey, still standing in the doorway, the look on his face a weird mix of embarrassment, mild anger, and… hmm, something else. Envy? Curiosity? He was a little confused, certainly.

But he was still standing there, looking. Fresh from the shower, apparently. Glistening, with his muscular body covered only by the towel. I stared unabashedly. God, he was sculpted so well…

Well, shit, that got me sprung fast. A powerful surge and mild ache suffused me, and I swear I could feel my dick shoot slightly past its usual length.

“Fuck, man, that’s obscene,” Joey said, and he wasn’t wrong.

“You did say to get up… should have been more specific,” I said, saucily.

That stupid joke brought the faintest hint of a grin to his face. Then he wrinkled his nose.

“Dude, do you smell that? I’ve been smelling it all night, and if anything it’s getting stronger.”

Tentatively, I sniffed the air. Nothing out of the ordinary. I shook my head.

“I think it’s stronger in here,” he said, absently. Stepping into my room and sniffing.

“What kind of smell,” I said, but something was ringing a faint bell.

“I dunno, it’s not really a bad smell, but …”. He slowly walked closer, breathing deeply, his eyes half lidded. “Not a bad smell at all…”

This was definitely weird. And kind of hot. He was now close enough that I could smell him—his own faint scent largely covered by soap and shampoo, but something unmistakably Joey was there as an undercurrent. He was now uncomfortably close.

“Whoa,” he said softly. “I think it’s you, Pete…”

Suddenly, I remembered a similar comment from yesterday, and without thinking, I lifted my arm and sniffed my own pit deeply. There was definitely some slightly sharp undertone there, not exactly unpleasant, but kind of …


I looked up to see Joey, his eyes wide and nostrils flared, staring hungrily at me.

“Fuck, man, I can’t take it,” he said, closing his eyes firmly shut. “What the hell is going on with me?”

Sure enough, he was sporting wood under his towel. My own dick throbbed sympathetically, like it was cheering him on.

“What’s the matter, Joey,” I said, whispering softly.

“Fuck man, you know I like girls, and I like you as a friend. But ever since you had that growth spurt, it’s been weird…” saying the words was tough for him, I could tell. He adjusted himself under the towel. “Watching you hunk out was too much. It was like, at first, you were this nice guy I was helping get into shape, and then you somehow shot past me. I was jealous, but I was also a little turned on. And it freaked me out.”

Emotion shot across his eyes, his cute sweet brown eyes. “I don’t get it, man, I have never spring wood for a dude. And it keeps getting worse. I’ve fucked nine girls semester, and I was never like that. I just wanted a distraction.”

“Joey,” I said, “it’s really okay. I don’t know what’s happening here, not for sure, but I am not mad at you or anything.”

“But you don’t understand. This has been fucking with my mind all semester. I’ve been working out like a beast, trying to catch up, but then you had to grow that monster dick and that’s just not fair.”

Throb. Jesus, my dick liked that praise.

“I keep thinking about it, for weeks now since I saw you naked. That’s not right! I never, ever gave another guy’s cock more than a glance before. I don’t understand why I… shit, I was even thinking about it with Natalie last night. Didn’t help that her drunken ass kept talking about it.”

Man, that was hot.


“And now this, this smell. It’s been there all semester, but it’s stronger here, and it’s definitely you. All I can think about right now is you. Hit, man, I’m fucking hard as a rock, but your boner is ridiculous and it’s all I can think about…”

He was on the verge of panic, and instinctively I stood up, pulled him to me and kissed him.

“Is that better?” I asked.

“I …I don’t know, Pete,” he said. He was shaking. I held him closer, and he leaned his head, almost grudgingly, against me.

“I like you too, you know,” I whispered. He was a nice guy, of course I liked him, and he was obviously struggling with feeling attracted to me, and I understood that. But his mind and body were still having trouble reconciling that with his self-image. From the hot thing poking me in the thigh, I knew where his body stood on the subject. But I also had been there, and I knew how he felt.

And then, finally, he hugged back.

And sniffed, deeply and strongly…

If I had any doubts that there was something strange happening, Joey’s sudden interest in sniffing me kinda solidified the deal. Was it pheromones? Some unsuspected side effect of the mysterious grow lamp?

“Aw, man, Pete, I’m…I’m outta control,” he said, plaintively.

“It’s okay. I got you. Nothing’s going to happen that you don’t want.”

But was that true? Argh! Now that it was slowly dawning on me that there might be some sort of… I don’t know, compulsion, maybe, at work, things were less simple. Before, I’d been happy to just let people enjoy some sex that we both wanted. Now that whole idea was called into question. Hell, it even affected me, a little.

Or maybe I was nuts. But who could say, when I had used some freaky lamp to alter my own body? Grown a few inches taller, grown much more muscular, grown a huge penis? When clearly, even though I thought it was done with me, something was still happening? What if it was making people want me? What if my horniness was eroding my self-control? It had seemed progressively harder for me to say no lately.


Meanwhile, outside my own head, my roommate was tensing up, like he was about to make some kind of move. So much of our bodies were in contact with each other, or barely separated by cloth, that I could feel every shudder as he wrestled with his desire and his sense of self. As wound up as I was myself, I couldn’t have helped matters—my body clearly turned us both on, but my libido had skyrocketed and I already liked Joey a lot as a friend. My huge dick throbbed between us, heating things up further.

I wanted this. I wanted Joey—I had for months now. But he really had hit the gym hard, and had added a good 10 or 15 pounds more muscle over when I showed up looking like the after photo. He looked swole as anything, perfectly sculpted to my tastes. And his penis, a healthy almost-seven-inch thick slab of iron, was eager.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I can’t think straight …” You could see the torment on his face. He’d always been like that, showing every emotion. It was kind of adorable. And he trusted me….

Shit. I just couldn’t. Not until I knew what was going on with my crazy bod and its magic stink.

“Tell you what, Joey. Let’s put this on hold for now”—and here he looked almost like a lost puppy for a moment—“and clear our heads some.”

I gently sat him down on my bed, and opened the window. The fresh air seemed to instantly change things.

“Shit, I’m so embarrassed,” he mumbled. “What the fuck was I thinking?”

“Hey, listen to me,” I said, gripping his enticingly firm and bulbous shoulders. “Nothing here needs to leave this room, and I don’t want you feeling weird about it. I just think we should take things slow. I don’t know if either of us is thinking clearly right now but I don’t want to mess up our friendship.”

He nodded, a little sad but a little relieved. “Yeah.”

“Okay, so I will go shower, and you should probably get to class, then,” I said.

“Right.” And he stood up and left without another word—though he did linger in the doorway as if he were waiting for me to say something else. Then I was alone.

Now that he was gone, I had a couple of problems. First, my dick felt huge, and I wanted to measure it. Second, I needed to shower. Third, I needed to go to class…maybe. Fourth, I needed to call the guys who’d given me this amazing body and see if they knew what was going on.

Measuring was easy. But also alarming. I was up to 12 and a third inches—well past my already-beggaring-belief “normal” 10 inches. That was a lot of dick to add in just two days, and with no cause in sight.

When I’d met Jeremy and his friend Tom, they’d both been massive—dicks as long as my own legs were now, nearly 8 feet tall, and ridiculously over-muscled. I’d helped them reduce to something normal, using different bulbs in the charming (charmed?) little desk lamp. I’d gone months since then, no change. And then, suddenly I was seemingly growing again.

While I pondered these things, I wandered into the bathroom and scrubbed myself down, and started masturbating. Before much time had passed, I was finding it difficult to stop—the overwhelming sense of bliss was addictive. My dick felt soooo good and I almost wanted more of it. But that thought was quickly squashed as I began to worry about being put under a microscope while my dick continued to grow unabated. No thanks. I was plenty big enough!

A few minutes later, I was walking briskly to class, wondering what on earth to do. And then out of the blue, a text.

Hey. You got a sec? Need to chat privately as soon as you can.—Jer

I quickly texted Jeremy back.

Can I call tonight? On my way to class. Was going to contact you anyway.

His reply was almost instant.

Prefer to discuss in person. Any chance you can get here?

Uh oh, that didn’t sound good.

I am about 90 minutes away. Could get there by like 8pm.

Again, almost instant response.

NM, we’ll come to you.

Okay…. Call me when you get into town and I’ll meet you someplace off campus, more private.

Good idea. See you soon. Be careful.

Well that was weird and mysterious. But I’d wanted to talk to them about my surprising growth and I didn’t relish the idea of driving after class.

Class, however, was not my best idea.

The class was a small one, thank goodness, but it was in a cramped, hot little room on the top floor of the humanities building. And almost the moment I got there, I realized I could detect the faint tang I associated with whatever pheromone I was giving off. The one that I had hoped the shower had taken care of.

No such luck. Within ten minutes, it was obvious that I was a distraction, though I don’t think anyone had connected their sudden horniness and their sudden urge to look my way, at least not quite yet. Instead, the guys adjusted themselves as unobtrusively as they could, the girls kept looking my way and running fingers through their hair without realizing it.

The adjunct professor running this particular class, Mike Carter, was about five years older than me, British, and a little cute (in a boring way), slightly awkward outside his field of study, and often the target of wayward student crushes, though he wasn’t really my type. Rumors were that he was engaged, secretly married, gay, straight but super kinky, or asexual. In truth, he was just very private and a little shy. Unfortunately for him, in the 16-person classroom, there wasn’t much distance between us and he liked to pace as he lectured. He ended up drifting slowly my way, and then parked in front of my desk to continue his lecture. The room was mostly dark and he was showing some shitty powerpoint slides and trying to make them intersting.

That was the start of it. He was a pretty good prof, and made some point or other that got a bit of murmuring going among the others in class. The girl in front of me asked him something, and as they chatted, he leaned against my desk, and his perky butt was more or less at eye level, until he suddenly realized he’d sat on my desk without thinking.

“Oh, I’m quite sorry, Mister Chang,” he said. “Hopefully I haven’t disturbed you too much…”

“I’m good,” I said, as he rather delightfully stood up again. His ass flexed ever so slightly through his khakis, and that got the attention of Little Petey.

Maddeningly, he continued chattering right next to me, and the whole class was desperately trying to keep up with their notes. I tried, but it was just so distracting. My foot-long cock had worked its way down my left leg and was becoming painful in my jeans—luckily these older style desks hid it pretty well, but I wasn’t going to be standing anytime soon. I couldn’t focus on what he was saying… just thinking about his butt, his accent, his cute fluff of unruly hair… thinking of how he’d react to my body, and my dick, and then…..

And suddenly class was over. I’d zoned out for half of the class trying not to feel sexually attracted to the adjunct.

Worse, he had noticed. And I was more or less trapped, with an unyielding cock stuck own the left leg of my jeans, as the rest of the class filtered out past me. I answered a few hellos out of habit as they left, not really noticing the lingering looks and flared nostrils. Mike walked out the door too, chatting with the girl in front of me about her question, and the door shut behind him. Whew! Relief!

I had just pushed my seat back to adjust myself when I heard the rear classroom door close.

“Still here, Mister Chang?”

I quickly grabbed my bag and placed it on my lap, pretending to root around for something.

“Yeah, I need a few minutes.”

“Ah, don’t rush on my account,” he said, and then leaned back on the chair-back opposite mine where Sandy or whatever her name was had been. “I wanted to speak with you anyway.”

“Um… sure?”

“I couldn’t help but notice you’ve been a little distracted, especially today. And even before that, all semester, it’s seemed like the only thing that’s had your full attention has been the gym.”

Huh. So he was worried that my apparent gym obsession was affecting my grades?

“Oh, right. I’m already easing off on the hardcore training. Just worked really well, I guess.”

“Indeed,” he said, almost under his breath, and with a familiar gleam in his eye. Then he sighed. “It’s your life, Mister Chang,” he said. “I spend a fair amount of time there myself, but I don’t let it rule me.”

“Pete,” I said. “Mister Chang is my uncle. Just Pete, or Peter, is fine.”

“Peter, then,” he said. “Anyway, I see the potential you have and I don’t want to see you throw it away. Not that you’re in any danger of that, your grades are fine, your body’s in fine shape, but I see your focus slipping. I’ll bet your notes today are pretty terrible.”

“Guilty,” I replied. “I’ll try to pay more attention.”

“I can’t help but wonder what’s driving this, but I don’t want to pry…”

Shit. No, teach, it’s just my dick is unexpectedly huge and I keep obsessing over everyone’s ass. Think about soup dumplings, grandma, dirty dishes, anything but his fine ass

“I can see you’re uncomfortable, so I’ll leave it be for now. Just know you can come to me if you need to talk.”

“Uh… thanks.”

“My office is right there, and I don’t have official hours this afternoon, but if you want to go over today’s lecture a bit, I’m all yours for the next hour.”

Wait, what? “Um,” I stammered.

“Maybe we can figure out what’s really distracting you, and get it out of your system,” he said, with a flicker of that shy smile, as though he’d said it accidentally.

That sly fucker… Was he messing with me? Did he know my dick was working overtime?

Well, my dick knew it well enough. Any attempt to stand up would be a problem for a little while now.

“Anyway, think about it,” he said, putting his hand on my meaty shoulder and giving a squeeze as he walked back to the office door. “I’ll be right back there for a little while, at least.”

The door closed behind me as I sat, still facing forward. One problem at a time.

I fished my nearly fully chubbed schlong out and adjusted it as carefully as I could, trying desperately to avoid stimulating it further. That was pointless, of course, because touching it was enough for it to spring up like a spear. At least it wasn’t pointed painfully down my leg anymore. Sheesh, I still hadn’t got used to the size, and who could blame me? Last semester I’d had an average 5-inch pecker, then I’d had a few months to adjust to having nearly ten inches. I’d had no time to adjust to the last two-inch increase, and it was consuming all my attention.

But I used a bit of willpower (and thoughts of my grandmother and my ugly cousin Howard and ice cubes and terrible commercials…) and was soon able to button my fly again. Things were at least a bit less obvious, and I could walk.

One problem at a time, right? Okay, I’ll head right out, and not think about all those hotties in my class that would probably have been ready to pounce if I’d walked right out that door when they left. I had almost felt their attraction like it was a palpable thing.

Then I pulled on my hoody, and got a huge whiff of my own scent, and that sent things over the top again. I was clearly not getting anything done until I took care of draining my beast.

So I grabbed my bag and walked to the office door.

As I walked back to my room, I felt torn. The adjunct, Mike Carter, was much hotter than I’d imagined, and he was very, very good at sucking cock—even after he got over his shock at how big I actually was. And no doubt about it, I was into it. But how much of that was due to my weird pheromone thing? I mean, shouldn’t I have felt weird about getting a BJ from my prof? Shouldn’t he have felt weird about giving one?

Either way, he’d satisfied his curiosity (it was cute how he kept thinking in metric terms, and how he said “thirty three centimeters!” with his cute slightly posh accent), and now I could think clearly again. I’d stuffed my big sausage back into its pouch and set off briskly toward the sandwich shop, but I could almost feel the sexual buzz in the air as I stood in line. Almost embarrassed at the attention, I ordered a simple turkey sub—and got a foot-long turkey sub with extra fries and a name and phone number scrawled on a napkin.

When I got back to my place, I wolfed down the sub and fries, and placed the napkin in my desk drawer. Sub shop boy had been kind of cute, a bit skinny and awkward with a Jew-fro and glasses. But he was no Joey.

I shrugged off my hoodie—it was warmer this afternoon than I’d realized—and figured I’d tackle some homework between classes. I tried all my usual focusing tricks, including kicking off Pandora for musical background. But it was hopeless. Barely twenty minutes had passed when I realized I was boning up again, for no particular reason. There was a scent in the air, and it wasn’t just me this time. I couldn’t place it, but once I realized it was there, I was like some demented bloodhound, sniffing all around. The scent wasn’t strong, but was kind of mingling with mine.

Problem was, the more I sniffed around, the more of my own pheromones I was sucking in. I sniffed my way around my closet, made a mental note to do laundry ASAP, and ended up out in the shared room. Stronger here, a little. I suddenly realized what it must be, but followed my nose anyway—right up to Joey’s door. That’s when I heard it, loud enough now that I was right by the door for it to be heard over the music. A strangled sort of noise and a thump!

I guess I thought it was a burglar, or maybe subconsciously I hoped it was Joey. I threw open the door.

“Fuck!” Joey said, caught slick-handed masturbating. Tellingly, one of my favorite t-shirts was in his other hand.

To say that things had changed, possibly irrevocably, between us in that moment would be an understatement. Ashamed to the point of almost-tears, Joey confessed he’d come right back to the room and dug around for my t-shirt—he had just enough self-control to not grab the boxer-briefs—and set about masturbating.

He’d been at it for two hours and had cum four times, he confessed. My self-control was sorely tested; he basically threw himself at me, but remained clearly conflicted about it. He followed me around as I opened every window and cranked up the fan. And as before, almost instantly, there was a shift, and he seemed more in control. I assured him we were still cool, but I needed some space and he needed to clear his head too. I’d be back. I filled up a laundry bag—wow, up close, between the sweaty stuff from the gym and everything else, that was one rather strongly scented bag—grabbed my messenger bag, and grabbed my bike.

I texted Jeremy after I secured the bag to my bike.

What’s your ETA? Things are weird.

Understatement. You’ll see in a bit. Was about to ping you anyway.

I tapped out the address of the cafe next to the laundromat—it was open-air, so the effect of my scent shouldn’t be as big a factor.

See you in an hour, Jeremy sent.

Once again, the bike ride over was fraught—I was getting lots of stares and overheard a few comments.

Dammit, I had wanted a little boost. I wasn’t really looking to be the star attraction. But really, who could possibly blame me at this point? Objectively speaking, I was extremely fit, reasonably cute, and a little too obviously hung like a horse. My ass probably looked rather tempting as I pedaled.

An hour later, I threw my clothes in the dryer and headed to the cafe, but I’d barely exited the laundromat when an oversized SUV honked loudly.

“Hop in the back,” Tom said. “Damn, kid, you look amazing!”

“Uh, thanks? Aren’t we going to the cafe?”

“Best not—we really need to talk,” said his partner, Jeremy. “If you’re hungry or thirsty, there’s stuff in the cooler.”

Both of them were beefy, muscular, hot men—very athletic looking and over six feet tall, though at one point they’d been quite a bit larger. They looked to be in their thirties, maybe high twenties, but in reality both were in their forties.

“Whoa, kid, is that you?” Tom said suddenly.


“That scent…. shit man, you smell like… like…”

“Open the windows,” Jeremy put in. “I’m blasting the AC.”

“What the heck is going on?”

“Well, you apparently reek of sex, for one thing. Damn! You know, it’s hard to drive with this situation you’ve created,” Jeremy said.

“Long story short, Pete, It’s like this,” Tom said. “We all threw that lamp away, right? Well, I suspect you noticed you’ve continued to change over the last few months? More muscle? More sex? More dick?”

“Yeah. And lately it’s gotten worse.”

“Or better. But we all know my judgement is suspect on some fronts,” Tom laughed.

“Peter, we’ve been looking into this situation for the past few months,” Jeremy continued the story. “Finally, we found something in New Orleans. We poked around and eventually got directed to the spookiest old bastard I ever met. He stopped us outside our hotel and said, ‘Huh, you better come with me, or it’ll go bad sooner rather than later.’ He was the real deal—some kind of voodoo guy, I don’t know, but he was also crazy smart. Chicken bones and a state of the art laptop and a ton of books.”

“Anyway, he agrees to look into what’s going on with us,” Tom said. “And we spent an afternoon in this muggy old shop a little ways off Bourbon Street. Finally he says he knows what’s up.”

“‘You take gift of lamp, and then throw away? No wonder! You got to appease it, man, before it’s too late.’ Well what the fuck does that mean?”

“Apparently it means we have to find the thing, ritually apologize, and probably pass it along to someone else. Otherwise, all the benefits we gained will keep increasing until …”

“Until we’re immobile blobs of bloated muscle and dick, probably.”

The good news was that the growth was slow; the bad news is that it was relentless, and possibly compounding on itself.

“My dick has grown over two inches this week,” I admitted. “And the pheromone thing—I think it’s getting out of control. It may have messed up my roommate.”

“That sucks,” Tom said. “But at least we know exactly how you feel.”

“So where are we going? Landfill?”

“First things first. You’re right, it has gotten worse lately. You may not have noticed, but I’ve grown another three or four inches since you saw me last,” Jeremy said. “Tom too. Following the rough pattern of before. But at this rate, we’ll be unrealistically large by the end of this week.”

“Shit. So what’s the plan?”

“First, we set ourselves up in a remote cabin where we won’t be so exposed. Then, we comb the landfill for that lamp. Finally, we have a list of things the old guy said would ‘make it all right again’ with whatever spirit infused that lamp, and with any luck, we’ll be okay after that.”

“How long do you think we have before we get really ridiculous?” I asked, almost afraid of the answer.

“A week or two at best.”

The car was silent for a bit, as I soaked in the bizarre reality of what he’d said. If only. Strange events had got me used to a malleable sense of my own body, maybe, but this was still out there. And yet, it made its own sort of sense.

But reality was a harsh mistress—and I remembered that it had been months since the lamp had been chucked into it. How on earth would we ever find it?

“Shit, guys, I can’t just jet like this,” I said abruptly. “For one thing, my laundry’s still in the dryer back there, and it’s most of the clothing I own that actually fits.”

“Suuure it fits. If you didn’t notice, that t-shirt of yours is stretched so tight I can count muscle fibers,” Tom commented wryly.

I looked down. Fuck. It was snug before, but not this bad. I had been focused on other things and hadn’t really noticed. At any rate it was the only clean shirt I had.

“Anyway…. I have class. I have stuff due. I have my poor roommate to consider. So let’s go back, grab some stuff, and then we can head out.”

There was silence for a moment as they looked at each other. Finally, Jeremy relented.

“Okay….we’ll go back to your campus and let you sort things out a bit. While you do that, we’ll go grab some supplies, and meet back in about an hour.”


The clothes were mostly dry, but there was no more time. I tossed them thoughtlessly into the bag without folding them.

“They’re gonna get wrinkled you know,” said the attractive MILF loading her own dryer. “Why you in such a hurry, sweetheart?”

Damn, she was fine. Gorgeous face, great shape, green eyes…..and then she spotted my crotch, I guess where my dick was vigorously confirming my bisexuality.

“Oh. Oh my,” she said. Any hint of a cougar act was quickly abandoned by the time her eyes darted back to my face.

“Sorry, ma’am, I gotta go,” I said.

“Please tell me you’ve got some socks shoved in those pants, buddy.”

“…Um…” Yeah, it twitched.

“Shit,” she said.

“Sorry,” and with a bit of real regret, I bolted. Couldn’t chance anything else happening; time was of the essence.

I reached my place in record time, despite what was now an enormous erection making it difficult to pedal. My head was filled with plans, all competing for space in my mental white board. I kinda make lists when I’m anxious. Break it down. Eat the elephant one bite at a time, right?

The laundry could stay in its bag, but I hastily threw some necessities in my messenger bag, and grabbed my toiletries from the bathroom, and shoved chargers, my laptop, and a few other things in the backpack I’d used on my hiking trip a few semesters ago. I breathlessly looked around the room, trying to remember what else I might need.

Then Joey’s door creaked open.

“So you’re just leaving?” Joey said, sadly. “You make me fall for you and then you fucking run away?”

“I just need to go away for a few days, my friends need my help,” I said, sputtering.

“Right, it’s just a coincidence that the minute I finally say something, you fuck off and run away.”

His expression was hurt, and a little angry.

“It’s not you, man,” I said. “It’s… well, it’s kind of about all this, my whole situation is kind of… a mess, and I have to help my friends sort things out for all our sakes.”

“That makes no sense.”

“Trust me, Joey. I need to figure this shit out, and fast. My friends are picking me up in about 10 minutes, and we’ll be away for a few days, maybe a week.”

“Goddammit, Peter, I am spilling my soul here. I fucking love you and it’s tearing me up.”

Shit. Was it real? Was it super pheromones? I had no idea. Despite the warm weather, I noticed the windows were closed, and I could detect my scent in the air.

“Yeah, I closed the windows. When you left I didn’t know what to do, but I knew I wanted you. And you weren’t here, but there was a lingering scent in your sheets and in the air and I have been hard as a goddamned steel beam for over two hours.”

“Aww, Joey,” I began, but was interrupted. Joey, nearly tearing up, was suddenly in my personal space, hugging me hard. Of course, he quickly realized my huge dick was in the way.

“Peter, please. I’m begging you. Don’t leave.” Fuck it, I hugged back.

“I’m not leaving you, man. I just have to do this. It’s important.” As if on cue, my phone bleeped with Jeremy’s message.

“Then I’m coming with you. It’s either that or I report you kidnapped. Give me five minutes,” he said.

The big SUV pulled up about three minutes later, and I sheepishly told the boys I had to bring Joey along.

“Peter, seriously, I don’t think it’s a good idea,” Jeremy said as we pulled away. “You know what we’re up against.”

“I don’t know anything,” Joey said. “I just know Peter needs help, it’s important, and I love him.”

“Oh, you’re the roommate,” Tom said. “You are a cute one.”

“Uh…thanks?” Joey said suspiciously. “Dude, what are you guys, bodybuilders?”

“Nope, I’m a computer nerd and Tom is a mooching loafer,” Jeremy said with a grin.

“So… sorry to be rude, but what kind of steroids or HGH or whatever did you guys give my friend here?”

They both laughed. Then Jeremy said, more seriously: “Peter, how much did you tell him?”

“Not much,” I admitted.

“Not anything,” Joey said.

Jeremy pulled over, parked, and turned around.

“Do you really love him?”

“Fuck yeah.”

“Then I’ll tell you, but if you tell anyone else, those cute little muscles of yours will not be much help.”

Joey’s eyes grew wider, but I noticed his crotch stirred a bit, too.

“Are you sure, Peter? Now or never,” Jeremy said.

“He stays. We can use another pair of eyes, right?”

Tom nodded. “I was thinking that, too, but I guess we better tell him all of it….”

We had plenty of time on the road, even after a pit stop for fast food. We explained the whole thing to him between bites. Joey took it all surprisingly well, considering, and promised to help us in the search.

The windows stayed open—at this point, my scent was strong enough that I noticed it, even with the airflow. Tom explained that he’d found and rented a cabin not far from the landfill we’d ditched the lamp in, but it really was remote.

By the time we got there, Joey had passed out next to me, and had eventually finagled his way into cuddling with me. I didn’t mind, and didn’t really notice his flaring nostrils. He just looked so adorable and innocent there, and his warmth was comforting….

We unloaded everything—that went pretty fast thanks to Joey—and fended off mosquitos while carrying everything into the cabin.

When we finished, Joey looked meaningfully over at the bedrooms. There were two tiny but functional bedrooms, each with a king size bed, and the bathroom between them. Yeah, it wasn’t entirely rustic. Just two bedrooms, a bath, and a large room with the kitchenette along a wall and a fireplace in the opposite. Minimal furnishings, but a large fridge and propane stove. Running water.

“Glad we called ahead, they had this one prepped for another group but they canceled two days ago. If we weren’t here so urgently, I’d enjoy it more,” Tom said. Jerry had made some tea, but he also brought over a bottle of Jamesons and some cups. We all accepted a shot or two. After the long boring drive and the unloading of all that stuff, we were tired—it was after midnight. Tom and Jeremy retreated to their room, and Joey and I were left to our own devices.

“Hey,” Joey said. “You know there’s only one bed for us.”


“And I promise, I just want to be there with you. We don’t have to do anything.”

“Oh? You’re going to behave?” I teased.

“Depends. I promise to behave if …. if you kiss me.”

I squinted at him. “I thought you were straight?”

“Not for you. I want this. I’ve been thinking about it the whole drive down.”

So had I. And perhaps it was the whiskey, but right then, all I wanted to do was make out with Joey.

“You know, I think I knew something was up…well, beside the obvious,” Joey said, gesturing at my prominent crotch, which was well on its way to full mast.

“Hang on, and I apologize in advance, but you’re going to have to get used to this sooner or later, because the problem isn’t going to go away overnight,” I said. And shifted my dick so it was aimed up where it stretched out of my pants and up past my navel almost immediately.

“Anyone who can get used to that… shit, it’s like watching one of those sped up videos where they’re building a skyscraper.” Now that he was in the know, Joey’s attitude had shifted a bit. “Good grief, that’s a lot of cock.”

Again, my cock seemed to like the compliment, and surged a little harder… and a tiny bit longer.

“Yeah, it’s a real distraction. But you were saying,” I said, shrugging on an oversized T shirt Tom had lent me. I plopped on the edge of the bed, fighting the urge to do or say anything more. Joey was working up to something—his cute face showing every emotion that crossed his mind, his thick eyebrows expressive and his brown eyes glistening with emotion.

“Um…so I had plenty of time to think. Yeah, the hot bod and that… that scent… they’ve been bugging me since break. But Pete, I have been kind of crushing on you for a while. Just couldn’t make sense of that idea because I thought I was straight.”

He sat on the chair opposite me, unconsciously adjusting himself as he usually did whenever he sat.

“Like, looking back, it was since day one. I never even met a Chinese guys my age before. And my family, they’re pretty racist, so that’s been in the background. I didn’t want to be like my dad or my uncles. My cousins are assholes too. And that whole Italian machismo bullshit, that wasn’t me. Figured college would give me a reason to, I dunno, evolve a little. And then there you were, my skinny nerd roommate with your perfectly messy hair and lean body. My whole family is fucking fire plugs or fat guys after they hit mid-twenties, so just your fucking abs, back then, were a shock. And sure, there were plenty of other dudes in good shape but I didn’t have them in the same room with me all the time.”

“And then when we decided to try to buff up, it got so the more you tightened up, the more I realized I was into you, and I didn’t want to be.”

“So you started fucking around,” I said.

“No, I started chasing pussy because it was a way to prove I wasn’t a fag. Back home, you just didn’t talk about that stuff, ever, so I couldn’t admit it to myself. I fooled around with a few girls from high school, back then, but my mom and grandmom are really fucking Catholic and watched me like hawks. Most I had ever done was whacked off with my brothers, awkwardly, and that was almost like a contest. Never felt the slightest interest in that stuff, and boned up consistently for girls. So yeah, I went for it, when I got here.” He almost looked unhappy about it.

“You know, bisexuality is a thing,” I said. “I have been with girls, too.”

“I guess. But I don’t think it was ever any other guys. I may have appreciated someone’s body, at the gym, or stared at a really good-looking dude—you know that blond dude with the curly hair who works the front desk at the library? You can’t help but look at him, and I had just kinda figured out that everyone stares at him, he is just hot, and it doesn’t mean anything. Some of the other guys were talking about it, so matter-of-fact like, and I finally realized I didn’t have to be threatened by saying ‘yeah, that dude is attractive’. That was a big step for me. And then, you came back from break looking like a goddamn wet dream.”

I wasn’t sure how to respond to that. “I’m… sorry?”

“It fucking broke me, and then I kept wanting to do stuff with you. Like work out. No, not just work out. I wanted to touch your muscles, and maybe even fool around a bit. That thought kept creeping into my mind. Do you even know how hot you were then? Lean, toned, getting meaty, those fucking abs, and a goddamned dimple. And then I saw your dick and it scared me, and I shut down hard. I wasn’t mad that you were outlifting me and getting even more studly. I was jealous. And turned on. And all that shit went to my fucked up brain and ran into my supposed straightness.”

“February,” I mused, remembering his behavior changing.

“Yeah. Man, I could tell I was messed up. I fucked and dumped like three chicks in three weeks, and I liked them, but I couldn’t get you out of my head.”

“You did kinda go full asshole.”

“Pete, I am sorry. Anyway, the other night, it was the straw on the camel’s back, you know? Like something had been bubbling under my skin all year, and then boiled over. There was no going back. I fucked that girl senseless four times that night, but all I could think was that the Korean dude was lucky and I wanted to know what it felt like. Then after everyone left, I… stole your undies and wanked all day.”

“That was probably the pheromones,” I said.

He shook his head slowly. “I don’t think it was just that. But it pushed me to finally fucking deal with what I was wrestling with all year.” He stood up, shucked his shirt smoothly, and revealed his meaty torso, with its light coat of fine straight hairs all over his chest and down his flat tummy, and the treasure trail below. “I tried to say something, stupidly and badly, and you shut me down. It hurt, Pete. But when I realized you didn’t want to take advantage of me, I figured, shit, this is more than a crush.”

He fixed me with his gaze, and I saw so many emotions in there. “Well, I dealt with it. Even if there were no magic lamp, even if you don’t have some freaky magic axe spray oozing out of your pores. If I am gonna go fag, or bi, or whatever, I want it to be with you.”

So long story short, we shared the bed, and a lot more. Joey was awkward at first, but he was attentive, and he was good at getting in sync with his partners—I knew that already thanks to his prolific antics all semester, and now I knew it first hand.

The more worked up I got, the more I reeked. My magic stink, as I’d come to think of it, was just wafting out of me, and Joey pounced on me and couldn’t get enough of it. It was like a dog rolling in grass. But it was an exhausting feedback loop, and in the haze of our vigorous groping and licking and kissing—oh yeah, he was a fantastic kisser—I became aware that something was off. But I felt so good, and we had a year’s worth of sexual tension to work off.

I don’t really remember much after Joey stuck his dick in me, honestly. I know at one point we tried to let Joey bottom for me, but there was no way his virgin ass would accommodate my size, not without working up to it. But there were plenty of other ways we could have fun, and man, did we.

It was the pounding on the door that finally shook me awake.

“Hey guys, I know you had a busy night, but we have a lot to do,” Jeremy said. “Untangle yourselves and start moving. Can’t promise any hot water if you take too long.”

A busy night, he says. Ha.

Joey blinked sleepily at me and leaned in for a kiss, then snuggled back into the little spoon position. His hard muscular back felt so nice against my chiseled front. I reached forward, groping playfully for the general area of where I expected his thick seven incher ought to be….and lightning ran through me, down to my bones. Fuck, that was my dick…but where was my hand?

“Don’t move, man, this feels so nice.. whoa, wait, is that….”

We both rolled out of bed, me much more awkwardly than Joey.

“Holy shit, Pete!” He stared with wonder at my crotch…

No wonder I couldn’t fit in him. My dick must have been near 13 inches when we started last night, but the monster today had to be several inches bigger. Hell, what I could see of my legs looked ridiculously carved and I had to stretch to look down over my pecs. I wouldn’t have been able to see what I was dealing with, if there weren’t so much of it….

Sometimes life gets plain weird.

I should know.

Last night I looked like a baseball player who was three weeks away from being busted for steroids.

Today, I looked like that guy’s big brother. And his friend, the anaconda.

The wisdom of filling a truck with food began to make itself obvious. Breakfast was a huge, delicious affair, and we all ate like pigs, even Joey, though the amount he ate was about a third of what I ate.

Tom was a fan of measurements, and we all saw the value of tracking what was happening. Even rest of didn’t keep saying “for Science!” when we did it.

I’d reached 6’5”, and about 288—all muscle, in an exaggeration of my normally classic v-shape. Well, at least the part that wasn’t all cock, and that was… not a small part. If I’d had an outsized dick before, it was even worse (or better) now, at 16 hefty inches, nearly 7 around. I guess three inches had stacked on overnight, matching the three inches of height I’d added.

Tom and Jeremy had seen slower growth, but they were both approaching 6’10, with Jeremy hitting classic bodybuilder proportions, while Tom looked more like a super buff, super tall, Olympic swimmer, all lean power. My baseball player build fell somewhere in between, but we all seemed to be scaling up. However, this time, my dick seemed larger, and a bit of math suggested it would be impossibly unwieldy by the time I hit their size.

Joey, all 5’9 of him, looked puny next to us, and he was a buff jock. We noted his measurements too. It was good to have someone more or less normal, lest we lose perspective.

“Fun as that was,” Tom said, “we need to talk about the elephant in the room.”

I couldn’t help but snicker.

“Cute. No, I mean your pheromones, your ‘magic stink’ as you called it.”

“It’s intense, isn’t it?” Joey said. “God, I can’t stop sniffing him.”

“I am growing to like it, too, but I’m not sure it’s safe for you to be out. And we might want to rig up a fan or something, or we may all have trouble leaving the cabin.”

“Gotta admit, it hits like a drug,” Jeremy said. “It’s crazy. Shit, we were oversexed before you showed up, Pete, and now…. this last bit was ridiculous.”

“We didn’t hear you,” I said. “If you think it was like that in your room, remember we had the door closed…and it was stronger in our room.”

“My only complaint is I don’t know if I can keep up,” Joey said, sheepishly.

“Well then,” Tom said with a grin at Joey, “we better get cracking. We find that lamp, we can fix that for you.”

“Tom….” I warned.

“I know… I am kidding.”

Jeremy had warned me ages ago that there was such thing as too much of a good thing. In his case, it had been when his cock got too huge to be practical.

In my case, it was my crazy magic stink.

Though to be honest, the dick situation was beginning to worry me as well.

The first day looking for our wrongly spurned grow lamp wasn’t so bad. I had friends who dumpster-dived and I could see the appeal—like finding buried treasure, or stumbling on an ancient tomb.

And much like proper archeologists, we were armed with maps and grids and a plan, but even so, it was daunting. Accounting for possible shifts in the refuse and the months of additional garbage gave us a pretty wide area to search. We had tools, and even a fake permit in case we got questioned. Joey had worked some construction and demolition for his uncle and had a good idea of how to carefully sort stuff as we went. He was a huge help, and I found myself seeing something I hadn’t even looked for before. I’d been busy comparing muscles and form.

Joey was smart. And clever. He had adopted this jock persona almost as a defense mechanism in his family, but he had the smarts and intuitive grasp of a proper engineer. He could excel in anything he tried, really, but taking over a construction company seemed a waste of his talent.

That said, the work was hard, and I worked up a healthy sweat quickly… which was when I realized that I couldn’t even smell the garbage anymore, but I could smell my own sweat and its supernatural tang. And shortly after, I realized that I was getting distracted and needed a quick wank.

When I shouted that I was taking a break, Joey sprinted over, his muscular body glistening in the sun. He stopped about twenty feet away, and gasped.

“Damn, you are kicking out some serious magic stink,” he said.

“Man, it’s so troublesome,” I said. “It’s so freaky.”

“I like the smell. I don’t like that you’re basically turning on anyone within 20-30 feet. But it also beats the garbage smell.”

“Well, keep working, I’d like to be able to go out in public safely again.”

“Weren’t you taking a break?”

“Yah, I gotta pound one out.”

“Awww. Save some for later.” A quick air-kiss and he was gone.

I cleaned off with the paper towels I’d brought out, hauled out my huge dick, and started to masturbate. It wasn’t fun, it just needed to be done. I had fresh images of Joey, and the three of us lamp-victims, to think about. I was a bit brutal, pretending not to notice how the fat monster forced my hands just a little wider, or how it looked just a hair longer, or how my balls seemed particularly large. I aimed for an old rusted pot and shot my load… goodness. Had to be half a pint or more. Then I set it aside, wiped off as best I could, and stuffed myself back into my pants.

It was the fifth time that morning, after the wake-up sex.

Cue some lunch nookie—and actual lunch—and hours of trying to work around an increasingly girthy boner.

By the time we wrapped up that first day, I’d downed nearly two gallons of water, and fired off half of that in cum. The distraction level was high, because I was stuck in a bubble of my own super pheromones, even after I made a makeshift filter out of a water soaked bandana.

And when we got back together to compare notes, the others commented on the increased aura. They could pick up my scent nearly fifty feet away, and it got very intense within ten feet. We tried using an outdoor shower, hoping the worst would get washed away, and it helped some, but it was clear that the cabin was going to reek of me that night….

I toweled off and joined the others for dinner wearing only my undies. Didn’t seem much point in getting dressed, and I wanted to see if the clothing was concentrating the pheromone thing or helping mask it.

“That scent of yours is something else. We could smell you all the way over in our section,” Jeremy said.

“It had the usual effect,” Tom laughed. “This is now the most disgusting place I have ever had sex. Much worse than that bathroom in O’Hare.”

“You know what’s weird, though?” Joey mused. “Either I am getting used to it, or something else is going on, because while I could smell it, and I felt turned on, it wasn’t unstoppable like before.”

“That’s interesting,” Tom said thoughtfully, as he pulled the army of chicken breasts off the grill one by one. “Because I think for us, it has been the other way ‘round. Hell, I can smell you clearly even now, over the barbecue sauce.”

“I noticed,” said Jeremy, gesturing at Tom’s erection. “But it really is an issue. Maybe Joey is just more used to it? He has been exposed all semester.”

“Oh, I am turned on, for sure,” Joey said, tucking in, “but some of us aren’t magically enhanced sex monsters, so maybe I am just maxed out. Like I hit some boner plateau and I can’t get any more turned on. Or…” He paused in mid-chew, considering. “Maybe once you’ve been fucked by Peter, you’ve been marked and it doesn’t need to ramp up the arousal.”

“Damn, you got that monster in you?” Tom laughed, and Joey blushed, torn between his competitive instinct and his embarrassment.

“Obviously not all of it. Remember it was smaller last night. I don’t know what we can do tonight, but I don’t think there are too many more chances for me to be the bottom.” He blushed. “And saying that, I can’t believe that I was convinced I was straight a week ago,” he added.

“Still,” Jeremy said, “I wish we had the tools to do proper science on this stuff.”

“Magic, man,” Tom put in. “No way is this science.”

“Yeah, fine,” Jeremy conceded. “I get the cause is magic, but the effects are measurable and therefore we can do science on that part. For the rest, we will just go with quantum stuff being the trigger.”

“Peter never told me you guys were big old nerds,” Joey said, delighted. “This is like comic book science or something.”

“Guilty,” Tom and Jeremy laughed, together.

Under other circumstances the chatter would be cute or sexy, but it was starting to grate on me. I felt like nothing more than an object of lust and I didn’t like it much. But my poker face was good, and I said nothing and smiled indulgently as the three of them discussed the logistics of oversized dicks—Jeremy and Tom from experience.

I put my head in my hand. We needed to solve this.

As predicted, things quickly coalesced. We opened the window in the bedroom, but it wasn’t much help. Before long, the whole room was concentrated magic stink, and Joey was feeling the effects as though in a drunken haze. But it was also clear that his body was having trouble keeping up with his libido. We only managed one more session with him as the bottom, when it became clear that we risked hurting him if I got any bigger or fucked him any more.

It didn’t matter much to me, because everything turned me on and there seemed no limit to how much spunk I could produce. But Joey, fine specimen that he was, was simply exhausted and passed out after his second volley. The temptation to just keep fucking was disturbingly strong. I was so strong now that I could have my way with him, should I choose.

And I found myself annoyed. It wasn’t fair to either of us, and fuck if I was going to become some sex-crazed beast. I had wanted some of this, sure, but I’d been content just to catch up to Joey. Now I was evolving beyond his ability to keep up.

And I didn’t know whether I wanted him to catch up, or for me to go back to normal.

Morning broke, and with it, any chance at passing for normal. Fuck.

Joey looked like a broken doll, snoring softly, obviously well used and exhausted, in a rather large wet spot.

The culprit was easy to spot. It was hard to miss. My dick was what woke me in the first place, straining so hard and erect it woke me out of a sound sleep.

Jesus, I had put on some size. Luckily, the measuring tape was nearby… and holy cow, that was insane. I mean, my sense of proportion was increasingly off, like my brain couldn’t keep pace with the changes I’d undergone. But I wasn’t expecting to gain almost five inches of cock overnight.

Fifty two centimeters. Over 20.5 inches.

Before, since I hit 10-11 inches, the growth had been proportion, but now it looked outsized as it poked my huge pecs. Shit, at 20.5 inches, I was nearly 11 inches around now, and the head was even bigger. Just monstrous, but then, I could tell my body had grown too. I stood carefully up, and winced when my hair brushed the ceiling.

That would put me at just over 7 feet; the cabin’s ceilings weren’t terribly high. From up here, Joey looked adorable… and rather tiny.

“Whoa, am I still dreaming?” Joey sat up, bleary eyed and blinking. He sniffed.

Oh yeah, the stink. Reminded, I noticed it too, but more, I noticed that I could smell Joey distinctly as well. And faintly, the smell of sex nearby.

“That’s new,” I said aloud.

“So is that,” Joey said, pointing at my enormous cock, glassy eyed and clearly influenced by my pheromone. I could smell the lust washing off him, instinctively knowing who and what it meant. “It isn’t going in my ass, but I have some other ideas…”

As we made the best of the awkward logistics—my arms were probably as big as Joey’s waist now, and my dick was almost a third of his height—I registered the scents around me with increasing accuracy. I could almost see the feedback loop at work, with my stink triggering his lust, which made me increasingly horny, and so forth. I began to fear we would fuck ourselves to death. Well, not fuck, but damned if having my sexy roommate attack my giant cock with everything he had wasn’t good enough. Three huge loads from me, and two from him, and we could finally think straight again.

When we entered the main room, though, we saw the door wide open, and heard the sounds of a struggle outside. I nearly banged my head (didn’t duck far enough as I ran and grazed the doorway) getting out of the cabin, but whatever I thought I heard, I was momentarily confused by the scents around me.

“Wait,” I said, blocking Joey from running past. “I need a sec to focus.” I closed my eyes and just let the smells settle. Oh, that was…

“Um, I think I know what is happening,” Joey said.

“Tom and Jeremy are fucking themselves silly about fifty or sixty feet away, to our left,” I answered.

“Yeah, I think so, but that’s because they’re not in their room, and I think that’s Jeremy’s shirt over there. Wait, you weren’t looking. How did you—”

“I um…can smell them.”

“Huh. Cool. Only fair, we can all smell you,” he said, clutching my waist.

I wasn’t the only one who had grown. Jeremy was massive, though not much taller. Just…wider. And Tom seemed to have lengthened a bit, mostly in the abs and arms. Both spirited monstrous dicks, but neither was quite as big as mine. They had woken up an hour earlier, choking on my magic stink, and had the sense to fuck outside, so eventually they’d break free of its lust inducing power.

“Shit, you really caught up. And you’re going to have to watch it with that baseball bat, you could put someone’s eye out with it,” Tom chuckled. “How you holding up, Joey?”

“I’m wiped, and hungry,” Joey answered. “Everything feels sore, like I overworked all my muscles.”

“I think we all feel that way. Right, let’s eat, improvise something for clothing, and tackle the search,” Jeremy said. “Well, maybe Peter better shower first,” he said, “so we don’t get too distracted.”

I agreed, but when I loped off to do so, I realized I could still kind of hear them talking even over the running water. Only every couple of words, but from what I managed to hear, it seems like they were getting more concerned about the side effects of my pheromones then they’d let on. They’d barely been able to stop themselves this morning, and even sixty feet away, they felt the influence strongly. But I couldn’t make out what Joey said in response.

Showering was not easy, since the shower was designed to fit a human. Not a seven-foot muscle monster. But the water was hot, and I liberally used all the scented body wash I could. I felt supercharged, and damned if I didn’t get horny again rubbing my hands all over my marble sculpted muscles. The miraculous fuck stick eagerly taunted me… hell, it wasn’t even an effort to reach it, but I was sad to discover that couldn’t fit the giant helmet into my mouth. I’d never had a large mouth, but that dude from Aerosmith couldn’t have choked this beast down. Still, licking it and stroking it were entertainment enough, and the satisfying release was worth it.

After that, though, as I let the water wash over my finally softening dick I began to worry. What if we never found the lamp? What if it didn’t work? The enticing aspects of being actual giants fleetingly materialized in my mind, but my practical side started to list possible problems. Food was one. Physics was another. Then there was biology. We could literally grow ourselves to death, at this rate. And chances were we’d be dissected before too long. A freakishly short life seemed likely.

As I towelled off, and liberally applied deodorant, I wondered if we would find the lamp before any sort of normalcy passed beyond hope.

Morning saw hours of desperately sorting, while half distracted by morbid thoughts (what if my body collapsed under its own size? If my organs burst or my heart exploded, unable to keep up with the demands of a body the size of a jumbo jet?) and half distracted by a dick determined to hit the two-foot mark. I stopped every so often to quickly rub out an unsatisfying quart of spooge, my oversized balls happy to keep supplying more with every stray thought.

I could tell I was still growing, not just down below, but all over. Around 11 a.m., my hair suddenly broke free of the ponytail, blowing all around my face and neck…and teasing my nipples when it settled. Even writing off the proportional growth that kept it roughly the same shoulder length it had been as I piled on a foot of height, that was like another few inches. I was fairly certain it hadn’t been that long when I washed it in the shower that morning. It smelled nice, mostly of the shampoo but also with a tinge of sweat and the scent that I seemed to give off in huge amounts. The shirt I’d tried to wear was a lost cause (too big for Joey, too small for the rest of us), so I ripped a strip of it off and tied back my locks.

The fact that I could detect my own scent, and, oddly, those distinct scents that identified Joey and Jeremy and Tom, was a little weird. Which, under the circumstances, seemed even odder. I’d always had a fairly sensitive nose, being the reliable tester of whether the milk was off, or whether meat had started to turn. Looking back, given how much of my time had been spent in the back of a Chinese restaurant when. I was a kid, I’d have expected my sense of smell to be lost in the assault of frying oil, garlic, onions, and meat by the time I was ten or so. Okay, so I had a good sense of smell, but why would it be the thing that got so tweaked by the lamp? Vague memories of biology classes and nature channel shows reminded me at many animals communicate through scents, and in particular, through pheromones that signaled sexual interest or need.

Family pressures and my own discomfort at being scrawny had kept my from really dealing with my own sexuality all through high school, when the locker rooms held as much danger for me as watching the girls play volleyball. But even as I thought back on those years, the strongest memories were of the particular scent of the locker room. No amount of cleaning and bleach can fully suppress the scent of hundreds of teenage boys. Even now, I could distinctly recall the scents of one or two of my friends who shared gym class with me.

Okay, break it down into digestible chunks, I thought. I have always had a good sense of smell. Animals communicate sexual desire via scents and pheromones. The lamp had bathed me in some light that had activated all of my hormonal systems to stimulate growth… no, not just growth.

Improvement. Improvement that we guided to some extent, but if what Jeremy had said about his first experience with the lamp was true, the lamp also reacted to subconscious desire.

Digestible chunks. Why would it tweak my sense of smell? Because I spent a decade lusting after boys and girls and having almost no clue whether they were into me or not, and afraid to find out. Had the lamp somehow seized on that? If so, then tweaking my olfactory senses meant I could tell whether they were interested… and my own beefed up pheromones seemed to guarantee they would be.

Huh, that almost made sense, in a comic book science way. The lamp was giving me what it thought I wanted, and needed.

I closed my eyes, and concentrated on my nose. It took some effort to tune out he intense background noise of the landfill—while we were in the junk portion rather than the organic waste area (thank goodness), it wasn’t very far away. The stench was strong but distant, and I could just about ignore it. I knew Joey was near, and he probably smelled like himself, plus a bit of me. Could I use my own scent to find him? Cautiously, and feeling more than a little like a bloodhound, I sniffed at my own pits, steeling myself for the wave of sexual buzz that followed, but determined to ride it out. Ignore the burning need in your aching groin, Peter. Focus on the smell itself….

Whoa. There it was, for certain, to my left and rear, maybe thirty feet away…I opened my eyes and spun round, but no Joey. But, there on a relatively clean tabletop, sat my towel. Just about thirty feet away.

I tried again… feeling more than a bit like Luke Skywalker with a blast helmet, reaching out through the force.

Damned if it didn’t work. There was Joey’s scent, faint but present, from when we’d parted earlier.

Ten minutes of tracking later and I knew without a doubt that he was nearly thirty yards away… and that he was peeing, behind a mound of old rusty compressed bed frames and pots and pans.

I hid, intending to surprise him, and concentrated on his unique scent, which was becoming more distinct to me. I could even tell he was aroused. I heard him finish off and mutter to himself.

“Dude, that is not helping. Why am I chubbing up now? I’m friggin’ exhausted from sex! I got no time for a damned boner.”

Shit, was I close enough for my scent to affect him? He was better than 60 or 70 feet away, if I had it right.

Then, I got a sudden change in the arousal I detected. A different excitement.

Joey gave an excited, almost wordless shout of victory.

“Shit shit shit…holy fuck, is that the lamp?”

“Is that the lamp?” Joey said excitedly.

“Hang on, let me see…”

Joey pointed at what he’d found—a nondescript chrome and steel desk lamp, the kind with the arm, like at the start of a Pixar film? It was either what we needed, or a super similar model, just the way I remember it from the sessions months ago, when I’d helped Jeremy and Tom ratchet themselves back from ridiculousness.

It was also really hard to get to. It was visible primarily because a long piece of metal scaffolding was wedged near it. Not quite in reach, even for my stupidly wide wingspan. And what looked like scaffolding was some kind of industrial metal waste—full of nasty jagged edges and odd angles. It was also supporting a lot of metal junk nearby. Joey had been working away at the edges and when he hauled a washing machine out of the way, he’d caught a glimpse of it in the light. There the little lamp sat, about twenty feet down.

“I think so. Looks intact. Gonna be tricky to pull it out, though.”

“Do you want me to get the other guys?” Joey asked.

“Yeah, because if it is the lamp we are looking for, I think we all need to be here.”

I could see the thing well enough, but getting to it, through all the twisted metal and the junk on top, would be risky. Doesn’t matter how strong you are; if you aren’t invulnerable, that mess would slice you into strips and chunks if it shifted.

As I tested a few supporting items for stability, it became clear that the situation was even more precarious than it looked. Had it not been for a trick of the light, or the lucky glimpse behind the washing machine, we wouldn’t have spotted it for days, if at all. Twenty feet in, and twenty feet of stuff above it.

The three of them returned, Joey nearly out of breath, the other two shining from their exertions.

We sized up the situation quickly.

“That wasn’t there when we threw this thing out here,” Jeremy said. “It’s probably from the high-rise they tore down a few months back.”

“Pretty sure that beam is steel or some alloy,” Tom mused. “I’ve seen a bit of that around, and it’s heavy even without the stuff on top. But it’s also sturdy.”

“If we could get to it, I think the beam would support it all. It’d be safe enough if we are quick. But I don’t think any of us will really fit in there.”

“I could,” Joey said, a bit too enthusiastically. “If you guys can shift that big piece up a bit and hold it, I can probably scramble around the worst of the bent sharp stuff and get it.”

Once we had the idea, there was no dissuading Joey, although he agreed we needed to be super careful. That weight could crush any of us, and it was impossible to tell with all the junk on top where the weak points were. So we found some other bits made of similar metal, and some washing machines and other appliances, and made a makeshift set of levers and wedges to support it as Joey crawled in. It took a few hours—and several brief but thorough rounds of masturbation—before we were ready to try it.

By that time, a few things had become clear. First, all three of us big guys were still actively growing, and being in proximity and hauling around appliances and metal beams seemed to make matters worse. My monster erection was between my pecs by now, and was refusing to go down much. I was probably closer to 7’6” now, and Tom was nearing 7 feet himself. Jeremy only gained a few inches in height but he was inhumanly wide, like a dwarf from a fantasy movie scaled up. The whole time I could smell their arousal, and see it reflected in their foot-and-a-half (each) cocks… and as before I could basically watch my funky scent at work. Every twenty or thirty minutes, we’d have to get some relief. And as we worked, we could really see how strong we’d gotten. Jeremy could basically lift a washing machine with one hand, and moving around these crazy weights was feeling like only a modest effort. That was almost a turn on all by itself.

Finally, we were ready. A pile of steel beams and other support items was right there, and Joey was encased in what protection we could find. Wouldn’t be worth a damn if he got smooshed by twenty tons.

With a mighty heave, Jeremy muscled under the thing, and we stuck our 15-foot poles under there and began to heave. Jeremy rolled out, grabbed a major appliance, and shoved it up under the thing. The pile above groaned and shifted a bit, but held.

“It looks like you’re having your own little ‘strongest man alive’ competition,” Joey laughed. “Very sexy.”

He’d come such a long way in a few days, after years in the closet. But there was an almost primal hunger reflected in his eyes, as he stared at us. He was like a dog in a butcher shop; if he had a tail, it would be wagging like crazy.

The complex interplay of scents and endorphins made his feelings clear to me, and as he breathed in more of my scent, he adjusted himself without noticing.

“What? I like to watch!” He’d caught me staring again.

“That’s about as far as I’d chance it,” Tom said. “You ready?”

“Very much so,” Joey said, glancing in my direction. I could smell his lust distinctly, and more so as he brushed past me to slide down into the trash and wriggle his way deep into the debris.

“That is a very nice ass,” Jeremy said.

“Mine’s better,” Tom immediately retorted.

“Objectively, you’re certainly larger,” Jeremy chuckled.

And then… “Got it. But I don’t know if I can free the cord… no, I managed it. I’ll be right out, feet first,” Joey said.

And that’s when we heard the sickening shriek of metal giving way and starting to slide.


I wish I could tell you that the three of us, strong as anyone on earth by this point, had been able to use that strength to prevent the metal from collapsing. But it wasn’t our strength that failed here, it was the metal, rusting and stress-worn, that we were holding. And the sickening crunch sounded way too final, inhumanly loud.

We stood there for what seemed like minutes, shocked by our failure. In fact, it was only a second or two. And then a panicked shouting mayhem as we called for Joey, and searched for some way to get to him.

We almost didn’t hear him shout.

“Guys! I am okay, just kinda stuck here.”

I found myself crying with relief. Tom and Jeremy simply hugged each other—a tender moment I don’t think they realized I saw.

“Can you move, baby?” I called out.

“A little. The scaffold here held up well but there is stuff bent all around it, and some of it looks sharp. I don’t know how…how I will be able to get out. I mean, one wrong move, and this stuff could collapse.”

“How much room do you have? Are you hurt?”

“Maybe eight feet by four feet, and just enough room to sit up. I don’t think I’m hurt—the thing kind of fell like that house in the Buster Keaton movie. I’m lucky, I guess.”

“That’s beyond lucky!”

“No, I mean I’m lucky I grabbed the lamp before the stuff collapsed. I have it right here.”

That was lucky… or maybe something more.

None of us were stupid. In fact, we were all probably well above average intelligence, and we had a wide range of practical skills. Joey took some photos of the inside so we could get an idea of the structure, and we went around measuring an eyeballing the exterior, all the while being very careful. Tom was probably the lightest of us and he probably neared 400 pounds by this point, so scrambling around on top to remove the interlocked and wedged bits of metal was not a great idea. Hours passed as we bounced ideas around.

I wasn’t much use, honestly. I’m not too mechanically inclined anyway, but I have an eye for detail. Unfortunately I had no clue how to free my boyfriend and I was scared. I was worried about my Joey and grew quickly frustrated, and I knew they were giving me stuff to do to keep my mind occupied. I ran back to get supplies, food, water, a laptop. Some lights, because it wouldn’t stay light out for long. It was almost shocking how easy it was to lift the portable generator.

But of course, that wasn’t our only problem. Because the growth hadn’t abated for any of us, and once the shock and adrenaline wore off, we were still faced with the distractions of our dicks and our arousal. I had to be nearing eight feet. My magic stink was absolutely intense by now, and it felt like there was some pressure building. Maybe because the lamp was so close, it was pushing things along, but two hours in, I couldn’t help myself.

“I’ll be right back, guys,” I panted, and ran a safe distance (I hoped). En route, I accidentally brushed against something sharp and winced, expecting to find a nasty gash. But there was only a faint scratch. Weird, but my other needs were more pressing. The dick situation was out of control.

Have you ever tried to masturbate when your heart wasn’t really in it? Like, this was purely a physical need, like hunger or needing to sneeze. There hadn’t been any real pleasure in it, just physical release and a short, mind blowing orgasm. But this time, I couldn’t get there.

Giant magic dick, roiling balls eager to blow, killer pheromones stoking my need, and I just couldn’t stop feeling guilty and scared and distracted. That damned lamp was to blame, it had turned us into freaks and put Joey in peril…but it had also built my confidence, and helped encourage Joey to come to terms with his attraction, and …fuck. My mind was racing, while my hands vigorously pumped my cock on autopilot.

Break it down. One bite of elephant at a time.

The lamp was making us grow, tweaking us to be idealized (if insane extreme) versions of ourselves.

Whatever else was happening with this relentless pheromone stuff or e muscle or the huge dicks, it was almost like an AI that does what it is programmed to, but doesn’t understand the consequences. Only this one was doing it with magic that it had baked into our skin. And apparently it was grumpy we didn’t appreciate it, and kept giving it to us.

Faster and faster I pumped, until my towering rod was nearing the breaking point. I tried to tune out the feeling and concentrate.

Gah! Man, that was intense, I saw stars! I’d need to drink a gallon of Gatorade to replenish after that… but finally I could think clearly.

So it was giving us what it thought we wanted, or needed. And if that was the case, there might be a way to use that to solve our immediate problem.

“Guys, I think we need to use the lamp.”

“I assume there is a further explanation coming?” Jeremy asked after a moment.

“Yup. We need to use it on Joey so he isn’t crushed. Then he can pass it out, and we use it on us, so that we are strong enough to free him. We have plenty of extension cord, and the gap is big enough, and I brought the generator. I know you have a bunch of bulbs,” I said, and Tom gave a guilty look.

“Better have some black light in there,” Jeremy said, “because if you hadn’t noticed, we are already huge. I don’t fancy being an actual giant, and this sounds distressingly like the sort of logic that makes people do dumb stuff.”

“It was just a dream, Jer,” Tom said quietly. It was obvious this made them uncomfortable, and Jeremy had told us about his nightmare, in which he’d been forced to grow big enough to fill a hangar.

“You don’t have to, but I am willing to risk it,” I said.

“Me too,” Joey’s voice echoed from within. “If I am going to die here, I’d rather do it as a huge sexy giant.”

“Nobody’s dying. This will work.”

It was getting dark, and we knew we were running out of time as we attached the extension cord to the first of a handful of long poles. (Tom, predictably, made a suggestive comment about alternative lengthy rods, but I was in no mood and reminded him that we would need to detach it to be of any use.)

We used an old shirt to cushion the bulbs and wrapped them carefully—once the cord was through, we could pass the bulbs in to Joey. It was tricky going, and the big led camp lights weren’t going to last forever. We just needed to pass the stuff in to him, let him use the lamp mostly to protect himself, and then pass the lot out so we were all big enough to free him. We worked as quickly as we could.

“Sun is getting mighty low,” Jeremy said. “Joey, can you see in there?”

“Not much. Been pretty dark in here since the thing collapsed. Whatever this sheet metal is, siding or something, it got wrapped around this bit of scaffold. But I can see your lights out there….you, uh, making much progress?”

“Yup,” I said, happily. “Watch out, we’re going to try to feed the cord in. Through the opening. Looks like there’s only one rough patch to get through, from our side.”

“I can’t see much of anything.”

“Almost there…”

“Oh! Yeah, there it is!” He gave a tug and then watched the cord, pulling a bit more toward his end.

“Okay, now the bulb. We have two in there, the grow bulb and a black light.”

“I can’t really tell them apart in the dark. I’m just putting this one in.”

“Hang on, I’ll tape my flashlight to the pole and pass it in.”

“Got it!” Yeah, looks like I guessed correctly,” Joey said. “Shit, the battery died.”

“You know, it just occurred to me, we never really tried shrinking anyone down smaller. Or, well, smaller than they started. I wonder if that would work? We get him small enough and he could easily get out,” Tom mused.

“Yeah, but if he kept shrinking like we keep growing….” Jeremy said.

I ignored them as well as I could, and concentrated on connecting the cord to the generator. The noise was much louder than I’d expected, but either way, joey would hear it start. A few sharp tugs were our signal to cut the electricity.

There was a sudden blinding light and the entire area was bathed in brilliant full spectrum UV—way brighter than expected. What the hell had happened?

As we stood there blinking in shock, I felt a warm spreading tingle, and then an insistent, repeated tug. Almost frantic…shit, Joey’s signal! I cut the power as quickly as I could.

As the noisy generator spun down, the light faded, and almost belatedly, I unplugged the cord.


A deep rumble and the sound of metal shifting was the immediate reply.

“What the hell happened? Are you okay?” I shouted.

“I’m better than okay,” he replied.

“What the hell happened?”

“Remember that sheet metal stuff I said had gotten wrapped around? Well, I think it was some flexible chrome plating. You know, the reflective stuff? Basically really shiny sheet metal.”


Shit. I bit my lip.

“Any idea how big you got? That was a lot of light,” Jeremy said.

“Hard to tell, but pretty big. Your flashlight feels ridiculous. Oh, and two guesses what else is in here,” my boyfriend said. “I think it’s a busted up old funhouse mirror….”

“I think if you plug the lamp in again, I can get big enough to shift this. Right now I can bend the metal near me, but the stuff overhead is pretty unstable,” Joey said.

I eyed Jeremy nervously, and he returned the look of concern. Tom, of course, was intensely interested in that option, and his huge dick gave a happy throb at the notion. Predictable.

“Seriously, this was your plan, man,” Joey said, “so let’s just do it.”

Oh, right, and guess who was nearest the extension cord?

“Hit it, Joey!” Tom said.

Again, the encroaching twilight was split by reflected light, but this time less of it seemed to be coming out.

Yes,” Joey bellowed. “Fuck yes!”

A horrible screeching groan alerted us to the trouble just in time, and we dove out of the pile of collapsing metal. The cacophony could probably be heard for miles, and it kicked up a cloud of dust and debris.

As the dust settled, a huge figure slowly stood. Its monstrous arms brushed rubble away. Shit, he must have been twice my size…and three times my width. He was built… well, more like the Hulk than anything real. His enormous hands and arms and shoulders looked dangerous, and outsized for his lower body… except, of course, for the four-foot-long dick he sprouted. He was, of course, hard and dripping.


“Joey? You okay man?” I said, truly worried. The logistics, the biology, all dancing in my head, warned of the rampant dangers of being so huge. For his part, Joey gazed in wonder at his enormous paws. And then he picked up an old refrigerator, one of the old cast iron monsters that had been supporting the weight of all the scaffolding.

He picked it up in one hand. And then tossed it about sixty feet.

Shit, I could almost feel the cloud of his arousal trigger me, and if my magic stink got rolling with him like this….

Jeremy recovered first, as Tom stood there awestruck, his hand on his own pecker. Jeremy dug around and produced two black light bulbs and tossed me one. I dashed for the lamp, because I simply didn’t know if this enormous beast that used to be my yummy little roommate would allow us to bring him back to normal.


He turned around, excited and looking for me to share his moment.

And spotted me with bulb and lamp in hand.


I hesitated. Could I trust him? Or was the lamp’s influence too deep now? There was a look in his eye that worried me, but I could also smell his arousal.

“I need you to come back to me,” I said. “It’s time to be us again, not this fantasy stuff.”


“We don’t what?”


Sigh. Moment of truth here, I was tempted. I mean, some of it was clearly chemical, because my own stink was pouring out of me, and that cycling thing was kicking in. Only there was a lot more of Joey now…

Libido out of control, we could be unstoppable, hot fuck monsters…until the national guard showed up. Then giant lab animals. Probably dead ones.

“Joey… we talked about this. This doesn’t end with us disappearing and living happily ever after as 20-foot hunks. It ends with death, or capture.”

He looked down quietly at me, expression unreadable. For a moment, I was concerned. Tough as I was at eight feet, he could probably have crushed me. But then, he always had a terrible poker face, and I could see his decision before he really made it.


“Go on,” I said.


“You sure? It’s gonna be weird, like kissing a little kid, won’t it?”


“How about this,” I temporized. “I’ll do that while they bring you back down to size, before your giant body self-destructs. Might be kinda hot…”

“OKAY,” he said, and smiled.

His face was absolutely huge as he knelt down and grabbed me, and gently brought me up to a mouth that I was certain could swallow me, if not whole, then certainly in chunks. And my god, his incredible and wonderful smell was just hitting all my buttons, and my magic stink was doing its best to send his person-sized schlong into the stratosphere.

We were so caught up in that, so aroused, that we barely noticed Joey shrinking back down to something resembling normalcy. And then me…. and when we broke that deep passionate kiss, and realized that we were two relatively normal hunks again, we finally turned our attention to our friends.

By the next morning, we had more or less finished getting back to normal. We showered and ate. The magic stink seemed dialed way back, though I felt like my senses remained a bit heightened, though I said nothing. And then, Tom dug out a few candles and herbs and stuff, and read some words from his notebook—something that sounded apologetic. And then, feeling a bit silly, Jeremy touched the lamp and spoke.

“I am so sorry, mister lamp. But this is good enough. We don’t need more,” Jeremy said. “Please. We are thankful, but it’s okay now. We free you.”

There was no purple sparkly cloud or light show. Just a sense of closure.

After exams, Joey and I drove back to see the guys—”the guys” being Jeremy and Tom.

I’d stabilized at a muscular 6’3, and Joey at a much bulkier 5’10 or so. He’d decided he was okay with the height difference, and quietly joked that our heights and widths were like advertising for our dicks. Which had also been stabilized, me at 9.5 inches, and him at a girthy 7. We were both incredibly ripped and healthy (and Joey finally got those shredded abs he’d envied).

My weird magic stink was mostly gone, though it was hard to tell because people still flocked to me (and Joey) with lusty thoughts. But I could still detect a faint tang in the air when it was just me thinking sexy thoughts, and I retained a much stronger than normal sense of smell. I was still getting the hang of it. Our stamina, too, was through the roof. So yeah, believably human, but definitely on far end of the bell curve for sexiness.

After a lot of discussion, Tom and Jeremy had opted to return to where I originally left them: looking like very fit thirty-somethings. They were a bit too old to believably have a growth spurt (though truthfully, so were Joey and I), so reluctantly adjusted back down to about an inch taller than they had been, but wayyyy more buff, and with bigger dicks. They still mostly looked like each others’ wet dream.

We carpooled into town from their place, and headed for a huge flea market where Jeremy set up a stall with some odds and ends on it, and attached a note to the bottom of the lamp. The instructions included warnings as well as what to expect. Tom seemed certain that the lamp would find its way to where it was needed. We left it with a cigar box and a note saying “honor system”.

And then, we headed off to my family’s restaurant for dinner. I was ready to introduce Joey to the clan, having cautiously sounded my uncle out about things. Of course, turns out he had suspected for the past few years and was waiting for me to bring it up. And then, we would see where Joey’s family stood… together.

Life was good.

A young Latino guy, all floppy black hair and made of scrawn, wandered the flea market aimlessly, looking for something interesting to justify the time he had wasted. Julio might have looked like a skinny street kid, but he had top grades and a scholarship to a big school—for music. He was about to go away for school, alongside his best bud Eric, who was in drama.

The scholarships didn’t cover much, and neither of their families had money, so they were combing the sprawling rummage sale looking for stuff for the dorm they’d manage to score together. Of course, Eric had no clue that Julio had been crushing on him for the past two years.

Near the back they found an unattended table with some interesting junk on it.

“Cool lamp,” Eric said.

“Yeah,” Julio said. “I think it might come in handy.”


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