by Ziel

Boyfriends Alex and Reuben are subjected to a curse that grows them into long-tongued double-cocked muscular naga. Ask them if they mind.

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You may be looking for the following similarly named story: The curse by muscl4life.

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Reuben leaned over the desk and stared intently at the various bits and pieces of artifacts that were spread out before him. Somehow he would have to make sense of all these chunks and shards, but it was going to be a difficult process. It would help if he at least had a picture to go off of, but this wasn’t some hobby shop puzzle. This was an actual archaeological find, and he had the privilege of trying to piece it together.

Suddenly the hairs on the back of Reuben’s neck stood on end. There was a sound drifting through the wind. It was faint, but he was sure it sounded like a voice.

“Cuuuuuurse…. Cuuuuuurse—” the voice moaned. Reuben could feel goosebumps break out all over his body. A cold sweat began to form on his bumpy skin.

“Cuuuuuurse!” the voice repeated louder than before. It sounded like it was moaning directly into his ear.

Reuben spun around and was greeted by the sight of a shadowy figure standing before him. The figure’s hand was stretched out before it. The gnarled fingers were a scant few inches from Reuben’s face. He could see the bandages dangling off of the mummy’s arm, but more stunning was the ornate headdress the decrepit fiend had on. The eyes of golden serpent that rose off of the front of the bejeweled hood seemed to glow with an unearthly light. The cold, blue flame emanating from the sapphires seemed to freeze Reuben’s very soul.

Reuben could feel the fear welling up inside him. As the terror continued to build, he could feel the beginning of a shriek forming in the back of his throat, but just before could completely succumb to his fear a familiar voice snapped him back to reality.

“Dude. Don’t be a little bitch,” the voice chided.

“I wasn’t gonna scream,” Reuben huffed. Hearing the familiar tone of his boyfriend’s voice was already helping calm him down. He had been so fixated on his work that he had completely forgotten that he had asked Alex to join him in the office. Alex had a short attention span and a knack for pranks so it really wasn’t a surprise to Reuben to see that his boyfriend was once again trying to scare him. After Reuben’s pulse slowed down enough that he could think clearly he actually felt bad for ignoring his boyfriend like he had been doing. He just had gotten so into his work that he had pushed all else out of his mind.

“Suuuure,” Alex replied sarcastically. Reuben’s shorter, stouter boyfriend rolled his eyes for added emphasis and then added, “You looked about ready to shriek like a banshee. Hell, I half expected you to piss yourself.

“Wait. Where did you get those bandages?” Reuben sputtered in an effort to change the subject. “Oh please tell me you didn’t—”

“What? No!? Ew! I wouldn’t go jacking some freakish Egyptian cadaver’s corpse wrappings. A, that’s disgusting, and two, that’s just not cool,” Alex replied.

“Yeah? Well where did you get those then?” Reuben accused.

“Dude. Last I checked ancient Egypt didn’t have quilted duck print on their bandages,” Alex shot back testily. He lifted the so called bandages up and waved them right in front of Reuben’s eyes.

“That’s… toilet paper—” Reuben muttered.

“Yeah. You were lost in your work for so long that I had time to go drop a deuce and come back and you still didn’t even notice I was ever gone. I’m hurt,” Alex explained. He even went so far as to stick out his lower lip and pout to really drive home his point.

“Ew. You did wash your hands after you were done, didn’t you?” Reuben asked.

“No. I am completely devoid of basic hygiene,” Alex droned sarcastically.

“I didn’t mean- I mean. You know—” Reuben sputtered.

“I know. I know. You get way too high strung when you’re working. That’s part of the reason I wanted to make you laugh,” Alex replied.

“Make me laugh!? You almost made me shit myself!” Reuben sputtered indignantly.

“Well, at least one of us would have gotten a laugh out of it,” Alex responded. He chuckled softly as he did so.

“Whatever. Now will you take that off? It’s an ancient and valuable relic not some improve comedy prop,” Reuben grumbled.

“Fine, fine. It doesn’t match my aesthetic anyway,” Alex replied with a shrug. He pulled the oversized golden headdress off and set it down on the table beside him. It was so hot and stuffy in the small office that his normally shaggy, black hair was clinging to his scalp.

“Ugh. Can’t we open a window or something? It’s hot as balls in here,” Alex grumbled in disgust. He picked his beanie up off the table beside him and started using it to fan himself to alleviate the heat.

“Too much risk of outside contaminant. I really shouldn’t even be having you in here,” Reuben replied. “Just hold tight. I think I’ve almost got it.”

“You’ve been at that for hours, Ruby. Why not just call it a night. Those rocks will be there tomorrow, and you’re going to wear yourself out if you keep pulling all-nighters like this,” Alex cooed softly into Reuben’s ear as he rested his head against Reuben’s shoulder. Even though Reuben was hunched over the desk, he was still the taller of the two.

Reuben was not terribly tall by most standards, but Alex was very much on the short side. His height, his tanned skin, and his jet-black hair were among the many things traits that gave away his Chinese heritage. Despite being a California native, people always seemed to assume that he spoke little to no English.

Ironically, everyone assumed Alex’s boyfriend to be the embodiment of all things American. Reuben’s wavy brown hair, hazel eyes, and light skin tone seemed as American as they come, but nothing could be further from the truth. Reuben had come to the states just a few years ago.

It had originally been a simple study abroad semester, but during that time Alex and Ruby had become fast friends and more. Reuben had ended up finishing his entire degree plan in the states, and once he graduated Reuben had jumped at the chance to continue living in the states and had taken on a position helping with cataloguing and processing of various relics that had been unearthed in a recent dig. Reuben loved ancient cultures and he especially loved restoring damaged artifacts, but the real reason Reuben had taken the job was so that he could keep living with Alex until his younger lover could finish up his studies.

“I guess I could start packing up—” Ruby begrudgingly replied after a moment of tense silence.

“I knew you’d see this my way. You’ll thank me in the morning,” Alex replied and gave Ruby a soft peck on the cheek.

“Are you going to tuck me in and make sure I get a good night’s sleep?” Reuben replied playfully.

“Oh, hell no. I’m gonna shag you rotten. If you’re lucky I’ll be done with you before the sun comes up, but I highly doubt it,” Alex responded.

Ruby didn’t reply, but he didn’t need to. The bright red flush in his cheeks told Alex everything he needed to know.

“Looks like Bubba-Hotep over here isn’t the only stiff in the room,” Alex joked. He even went so far as to waggle his eyebrows salaciously as he did so which just served to make Ruby turn another shade redder.

“Whatever,” Ruby grumbled dismissively. He turned and began to lift the large, steel attaché case that the relic shards were supposed to be stored in, but it was too heavy for him. He groaned loudly and ended up letting go of the box without so much as budging it.

“Let me get that,” Alex said. He leaned over and lifted the case with only the slightest bit of effort. Alex tried not to let on, but he was a little sensitive about his height. He had spent hours upon hours over the past several years slowly crafting his body into a solid, albeit short wall of brawn in order to make up for his short stature. He frequently took home trophies in body building whenever he competed which is part of how he came to attend college here. His incredible strength and his sculpted body had earned him a full ride as long as he competed for the school in power-lifting and body building competitions which Alex did with gusto. He loved flaunting his raw strength, and his chiseled abs, and his thick, sculpted pecs for whomever wanted to see, but he especially loved to give Ruby private shows in the comfort of their own apartment.

“Thanks. I’ll load up the last of it in a minute,” Ruby said. “I am so close to cracking this, I know it.”

“You’ve been ‘so close to cracking this’ for four hours now,” Alex grumbled.

“I mean it this time. The inscriptions on these shards seem to talk about some protector of the crypt, but I don’t understand this next part at all. You know how most Egyptian gods and spirts are humans with animals’ heads, right?” Ruby replied.

“Um… no?” Alex responded.

“Well, this one seems to depict the opposite,” Ruby explained. He had completely ignored Alex’s comment, but that was nothing new for these two. Once Reuben slipped into hardcore researcher mode it took a lot for Alex to snap him back to reality. Ruby stroked his chin thoughtfully and then continued his explanation, “It’s like a serpent with the head of a human.”

Alex snuck up beside Ruby and lifted the ancient headdress up high. With one clean motion he plopped it straight down atop Ruby’s head. “Sounds like it’s time to put your thinking cap on,” Alex teased playfully.

“What the—” Reuben sputtered. He was so surprised by the sudden weight on his head that he immediately lost his train of thought, but there was something else at work too. It felt like an electric pulse shot through his body. The hairs on his skin stood on end as an icy jet coursed through his veins. He stood up quickly and spun around to look at his lover. The look on Alex’s face was one of shock and horror.

“What… What is it?” Ruby asked. Something about the way Alex was looking at him was freaking him out almost as badly as the prank from earlier. Alex may like pranks, but he was by no means a good actor. Alex was legitimately spooked and that worried Ruby even more.

“It’s… nothing. Must have been a trick of the light,” Alex murmured. His shock slowly gave way to confusion which in turn gave way to general unease. Alex shook his head to clear his thoughts and then continued. “It was weird. For a second there it looked like the eyes were glowing, but as I said, it must have just been a trick of the light.”

“Uh—Yeah. Must have just been the lamp reflecting off the gems,” Ruby responded. His voice cracked as he did so which tipped off Alex that something was up, but for the time being at least Alex didn’t seem too keen on pressing the issue further.

“Hey. We’re both tired. It’s been a long night. Let’s just pack up and head home,” Alex said softly.

“Uh—yeah—” Ruby murmured in reply. His nerves were officially frazzled by this point. He couldn’t even collect his thoughts enough to focus on deciphering the message on the relics even if he wanted to. For the time being all he wanted to do was get out of that stuffy office and get back to the comfort of their shared apartment.

Alex and Ruby gathered the pieces and loaded the relics carefully back into the case before locking up the office and making their way towards the elevator. Just being out of that dimly lit room was helping their spirits a lot, and by the time they had reached the elevator they had all but recovered from their little fright. Ruby tapped the button to call the elevator and then leaned against the wall while he waited. His mind was still reeling. He wasn’t sure what to believe. He knew he should just accept that it was a trick of the light and be done with it, but he and Alex had both seen the exact same thing. The eyes of the serpent headdress had glowed with a light all their own, and then there was that unearthly chill that ran down his spine as he wore the headdress. What did it all mean?

Ruby didn’t have too much time to think. A loud ding from the elevator broke his train of thought. It had hardly even been a few seconds, but no doubt they were the only two still working in the building this late at night so the elevator was right where they had left it hours ago.

The two of them stepped into the spacious lift. During the day when students were lined up down the hall to cram into the elevator twenty at a time the lift seemed far too small, but now that it was just the two of them it seemed ridiculously spacious. Something about the emptiness of the lift filled the two of them with a sense of foreboding.

Alex reached over and tapped the button to take them down to the ground floor. It was no doubt going to be a long ride down. Ruby’s office was situated on the fifteenth floor, and this elevator was notoriously slow.

The two lovers stood in tense silence as the doors slid shut and the lift began its torturously slow trek downward. The elevator made a loud beep to indicate that they had reached the fourteenth floor and continued its trek, but shortly after that the lift ground to a halt. The lights flickered and then went out altogether.

Alex and Ruby stood there in stunned silence for a moment as they waited for any indication as to what was happening. This was an old lift, but it did not have a history of breaking down. Not to mention the lights had died too.

“Think it’s electrical?” Ruby asked less because he was curious and more because he wanted to break the silence.

“I guess so—” Alex replied. “Man. I hope we don’t have to wait until morning. I’m not spending all night in this stuffy-ass box.”

As if in answer to his complaint the lights on the elevator fluttered back to life. The display above the doorway lit up, and another beep split the air to announce that the elevator had reached the next floor. Alex looked up and immediately realized something was off. The arrow above the door was pointed directly at the number thirteen. He didn’t even know this building had a thirteenth floor let alone that the elevator could stop at it.

The power was back on, but the elevator was still not moving. “C’mon… c’mon—” Alex muttered as he repeatedly tapped the button for the bottom floor, but still the elevator would not move.

“Maybe it’s jammed,” Ruby suggested.

“Probably—” Alex replied. He grimaced, but his reaction was less because of the elevator and more because of a general sense of unease that was spreading through his body. His pants felt tight for lack of a better word. They clung to his legs in odd ways and just generally didn’t seem to fit him. He fidgeted in place, but nothing he could do seemed to help. To make matters worse his skin felt itchy and dry almost as if he had a bad, flaky rash that covered his entire lower body.

A loud rip from the side was the first indication that Ruby had that something was up with his boyfriend. He looked over, and his jaw dropped at what he saw. Alex’s legs seemed to be writhing and twisted in inhuman ways.

Alex held onto the handrails of the elevator to keep himself upright as his legs twisted and squirmed of their own accord. His shoes flew off followed soon after by his socks. He wanted to shriek at what he saw, but no words came out. Where his feet should be were two writhing nubs which were steadily growing narrower by the second. The already tanned skin of his legs seemed to be growing darker. Bumps and ridges were forming on his flesh as the skin grew harder by the second.

The insides of Alex’s pants shredded right down the middle as his legs grew too thick for the cloth confines. He watched in a mix of silent fascination and abject horror as his thighs slowly grew and fused together. His knees soon followed suit as did his calves, and ankles, and finally the writhing, narrow tendrils that were once his feet.

Alex’s shirt and waistband began to rip too, but he was too fixated on his legs to notice or care. Even in the dim light of the elevator it was impossible to deny what had happened. His legs were gone and had been replaced by a long, thick, scaly tail. The serpentine lower half of his body was coated in a layer of jade scales.

By now his fear had faded and had given way to confusion and fascination. When his waistband finally snapped causing what was left of his pants to fall away like a tarp at the grand unveiling of a new art exhibit he stared in mute awe at the true extent of the changes.

His dick looked much the same as it always had, but it was definitely bigger. It was longer and thicker and heavier than ever before, but more importantly it looked… off-center. As if in answer to his unasked question, a small nub appeared to the side of his original penis. It quickly grew, and thickened, and lengthened until it was every bit as huge and thick as his previous pecker.

Alex’s twin dicks began to chub and twitch. He didn’t want to admit it, but there was something strangely erotic about the hefty pair of schlongs he was now sporting. Even his nuts seemed to have swelled immensely to accommodate his double dicks. Alex glanced over at Ruby to silently plead for some indication as to what he should do. Alex was shocked to see that Ruby was staring directly at his now exposed lower half with a look of pure lust in his eyes. The obvious tent in Ruby’s shorts made it clear that he greatly enjoyed the recent enhancements Alex had undergone.

After the initial shock had faded, Alex became aware of something else that had changed too. He was now looking down at Ruby. Alex had always been by far the shorter of the two, but now he was a solid head taller than his leaner lover.

Alex was once again reminded of the tightness in his shirt as he heard the stitches and seams fraying and snapping. It was only a few seconds longer when his huge, thick muscles burst through the thin fabric leaving nothing but confetti in their wake.

Alex looked over his body and curled his arms upward to flex his biceps and then relaxed the muscles. He did this a few times just to be sure of what he was seeing, but there was no denying it. His already amazing muscles had grown even more. His biceps bulged out to the size of basketballs with each flex. Alex puffed up his chest, and sure enough even his pecs were larger than before. Either thick slab of masculine brawn bulged out to the size of a king size pillow of solid, burly muscle.

Alex was grinning from ear to ear as he gazed down at his now smaller lover. “Like what you see, little man?” Alex asked salaciously. Ruby could only silently nod in agreement. His rigid dick was pressing hard against the front of his shorts, and a large wet splotch had formed from all the pre seeping out.

Part of Alex’s mind realized that he should be freaked out about what had happened, but that part was thoroughly drowned out by the rest of his mind which was shouting for joy at how huge, and buff, and sexy he was. He had never in his life believed he could ever be so tall, or so jacked, or so hung. His two huge dicks were now rock hard and pointed straight up to his belly button.

Ruby’s eyes seemed to drift away from Alex’s immense pecs and towards his twin dongs, but Alex wasn’t too upset. He flexed his abs playfully for his little lover so Ruby could enjoy the deep, chiseled trenches of Alex’s eight pack abs while Ruby’s eyes steadily drifted towards Alex’s twin, fully-boned cocks.

Ruby let out a soft moan, and the wet splotch in the front of his shorts grew larger and darker. Alex let out another soft chuckle upon seeing this and flashed Ruby a wink. “If just a look was able to do that much to you, imagine how much better a feel will be,” Alex said in a husky, sensual voice. Alex stuck out his tongue playfully, and was momentarily startled as his long, forked tongue slipped out from between his lips. Ruby wasn’t the least bit put off by the tongue though. Alex could see Ruby actually tremble from the sheer intensity of his arousal.

While Ruby was definitely aroused there was something else at work in his trembling, and it didn’t take long for the two lovers to realize what. Alex looked momentarily surprised, but then was once again grinning from ear to ear as he watched the thick layer of fuzz on his lover’s normally hirsute legs slowly thin out and give way to a layer of scales. Ruby was about to undergo the exact same changes that Alex had gone through. Alex couldn’t even begin to imagine how sexy Ruby would look once he had been transformed as well.

Ruby’s shorts gave Alex a clear look at his legs as they slowly drifted together. Ruby didn’t even attempt to fight it. He too was watching with bated breath as the scales took shape and his feet quickly gave way to a tail. He could feel the power coursing through him. Now that Ruby knew what was in store for him he was able to sit back and enjoy the changes and take stock of his surroundings. He watched the paneling on the old elevator slip ever lower as he grew taller and stronger by the second. In a matter of moments he was as tall as Alex, but Ruby didn’t stop there.

He had to duck slightly to avoid hitting his head on the roof of the elevator, and still he kept growing.

The waistband of Ruby’s shorts snapped much the same way that Alex’s had. The tattered remnants fell loose and fluttered to the ground below. Ruby’s already fully boned cock was standing straight and tall. The long, smooth shaft pointed up past his belly button and towards his upper row of abs. Ruby’s previously loose t-shirt was now so tight on him that it looked like it was merely painted onto his lean, sculpted body. Ruby’s formerly lanky form had filled out immensely during his transformation. He now had a body that was coated in lean, dense muscles that were so well sculpted that they looked like they had been etched into marble by a master craftsman.

Ruby flashed a lascivious grin at his once again shorter lover as he loomed over the far bulkier naga. Ruby could feel the second nub forming on his crotch, but he was not interested in watching it grow and form into a second full-fledged cock. He far preferred to watch the awe and fascination in his lover’s eyes as Alex stared on. Ruby’s second cock quickly grew and thickened until it was every bit as long and thick as his previous one.

The flush of red in Alex’s cheeks was a stark contrast to his emerald green eyes. It was obvious to Reuben that his boyfriend was very much enjoying the new additions that had been made to him, and Ruby couldn’t wait to get a chance to take all four of their enhanced cocks for a test run.

Reuben was just about to lunge forward and wrap his beefier boyfriend in a passionate embrace, but before he could move he heard the fabric of his overstretched t-shirt ripping along his sides. He had thought his changes were over, but he soon realized how wrong he was. He could feel something new forming, but he had no idea what to expect. He lifted his arms and tried his best to see what was happening to his sides, but nothing he was seeing made any sense. His dense, chiseled muscles were shifting and adjusting erratically. His rippling lats seemed to grow and swell and then split into smaller chunks. His already toned, beefy pecs seemed to grow as well, but as the second set of pectoral muscles slowly descended from underneath his original pair, he began to realize what was really happening. He quickly glanced once again under his arms, and he could see a small nub forming between the pairs of lats on his sides. The nub quickly grew outward and gradually took shape.

The long, fleshy tendril solidified as bones formed within it. Soon Ruby had clearly defined joints where his new elbows and wrists would be. Fingers took shape at the end of his new limbs as the skeletal structure of his new hands took form. His new arms looked ridiculously scrawny compared to his original, lithe pair, but that didn’t last long. He could actually see the sinews of his new muscles springing up and encasing the previously boney limbs. The dense fibers swirled and tightened visibly beneath his skin. In a matter of seconds his new arms were every bit as lithe and toned as his old ones.

Ruby lifted all four of his hands in front of his face and waggled his fingers experimentally. His new limbs felt so natural that he could scarcely believe there was once a time where he only had two. The look of rapt fascination on his face slowly gave way to pure glee, and a saucy grin spread across his lips. Ruby shifted his attention from his four hands and over towards his lover’s face causing the vertical slit in his crimson irises to narrow. Ruby ran his forked tongue across his lips as he glared salaciously at his lover. Alex looked every bit as turned on as Ruby did.

“Why do you get four of them?” Alex whined.

“Because I’m going to need them to handle all that beef you’re packing,” Ruby replied with a chuckle. He stuck his tongue out playfully at his shorter boyfriend. His long, serpentine tongue extended over a foot in front of him, but Ruby could tell there was plenty more where that came from.

Ruby was tired of the tightness across his chest, and by this point he really didn’t see the point in retaining any of the trappings of his mortal life. He gripped the front of his shirt with one hand and effortlessly tore the over-stretched fabric from his lean, chiseled frame.

Now that Ruby was completely nude the true extent of his changes could be seen. His formerly hairy body had smoothed over completely. All the hair on his torso was gone, and in its place Reuben had patches of scales. A large patch covered the center of his chest and another patch started at his navel spread downwards towards his crotch where his twin cocks still stood at attention. The scales across his torso were every bit as scarlet as the ones that adorned his tail.

The two lovers were too lost in each other to care about any further changes they may undergo. Alex and Ruby both rushed forward and locked lips. Their long, serpentine tongues rubbed together and entwined within their mouths. Their two pairs of cocks grinded together as they rolled and tumbled. Both of them were in ecstasy.

The lovers rolled across the writhing mass of their entwined tails as the continued to make out and grope each other all over. Neither one seemed to be able to fathom just how shredded each other’s muscular bods had become. They needed to feel every inch of it for themselves to really take it in.

As Ruby’s fingers glided across the smooth scales that covered Alex’s backside he could feel the dense, shapely muscles of his boyfriend’s ass flexing beneath. The loss of his legs hadn’t diminished the size of Alex’s always amazing booty one bit. If anything the additional muscle he had packed on made his ass even more phenomenal. Ruby couldn’t wait until he got a chance to try shoving one of even both of his enhanced cocks into his lover’s beefy ass, but the crowded lift was hardly a good spot for that.

Ruby continued to dig his fingers into Alex’s phenomenal ass. He was so glad to have a new set of arms so he could keep exploring other parts of his lover’s body without ever having to leave his fantastic booty unattended. Ruby’s upper set of hands slid sensually across his lover’s deep, chiseled abs and over his thick, massive pecs. Ruby could feel Alex shudder with anticipation as his hands slowly closed in on Alex’s nipples. Ruby knew that those had always been a sensitive spot on his boyfriend’s body, and he couldn’t wait for the chance to play with them once more.

Alex shuddered and whimpered softly as Ruby gently gripped his now erect nipples. Ruby sensually rubbed the hardened nubs between his thumbs and forefingers and listened intently to the quiet whimpers that slipped out of Alex’s mouth. Alex’s moans and coos drove Ruby wild, and at their new sizes, Alex’s deeper voice was even more erotic than before. Ruby could feel Alex’s twin cocks shuddering against his own. He could feel the dampness spreading across his dicks as pre seeped freely out of Alex’s cocks. Ruby knew he could easily make Alex pop like a couple of champagne bottles on New Year’s Eve, but he didn’t want it to end so soon.

For now Ruby was far more interested in feeling Alex’s now massive cocks firsthand. Ruby’s throat felt tight and dry as if he was having some Pavlovian craving for his boyfriend’s dicks. Ruby’s lips reluctantly left Alex’s own and slowly traced a path down his lover’s burly frame. The soft whimpers that escaped Alex’s lips as Ruby kissed along the nape of the beefy, jade-scaled naga’s neck drove Ruby absolutely wild. Alex’s deep voice seemed to echo through the entire elevator. Ruby’s mind was racing as he imagined how hot Alex’s voice would sound as the whimpers gave way to coos which gave way to moans once Ruby began to work over his lover’s fantastic cocks.

As Ruby continued his downward trek he felt like his mind was at war with itself with each torturous inch his lips and tongue traveled. He wanted to stay where he was and soak up each and every piece of Alex’s fantastic body.

Ruby buried his face in his lover’s beefy pecs and sighed contentedly. The impressive slabs of muscle had always been amazing, but now they were even more fantastic than ever before. Ruby wanted to just stay there with his head resting against the thick, brawny pecs and listen to his boyfriend’s soft whimpers and feel the rise and fall of Alex’s massive, muscular chest, but he knew he could not forsake his true mission.

Ruby continued to kiss a pass along Alex’s chiseled abs. With each inch he traveled he could feel Alex’s soft, supply skin slowly give way to smooth serpentine scales. He loved the way they felt against his lips. He couldn’t help but want to experience them even more. Ruby ran his tongue sensually across the expanse of Alex’s scaly, jade treasure trail. His inhumanly long tongue was able to slither and slide across several scales at once. Ruby would have been content to explore Alex’s new scaly tummy in excruciating detail, but the mellow taste of the slightly bitter pre that was flowing from Alex’s twin, fully-boned cocks and onto his abs was a constant reminder of how close Alex was to blowing.

Ruby reluctantly pulled his hands back from their loving exploration of his boyfriend’s pecs and ass. He knew he’d need all four hands for what he was about to do next. Ruby’s lower set of hands lovingly grasped his boyfriend’s large, full nuts. The twin orbs had grown to such an extreme degree that they all but filled Ruby’s palms. They felt like they were the size of softballs in Ruby’s hands, but it was impossible for him to estimate their true size. Ruby didn’t even know how tall he really was at the moment. He knew he was far too tall to stand upright in the elevator. Even just his torso seemed to fill up all the space between the floor and the ceiling, and that wasn’t even factoring in his newly formed tail. The serpentine appendage was far longer than his legs had ever been. His and Alex’s tails writhed and coiled over and under one another completely obscuring the carpeted floor of the dingy elevator under a layer of scaly flesh.

Ruby grinned from ear to ear upon hearing the soft moans slipping from Alex’s throat as he rubbed Alex’s nuts with his thumbs and squeezed Alex’s balls ever so softly with his fingers. Ruby was pleased to discover that their transformations had had no adverse effects on Alex’s sensitivity. Alex’s balls were as sensitive as ever.

Either of Ruby’s upper hands gripped one of Alex’s shuddering cocks. Ruby could feel the warmth from his lover’s dick. The slick, slimy fluids that oozed from Alex’s cocks quickly covered Ruby’s palms. Alex’s dicks gave a hard lurch of approval as Ruby rubbed his thumbs across the slits of his boyfriend’s cocks. Alex was full on moaning at this point, but Ruby wasn’t ready to let it end just yet. There was still so much about their new and improved bodies that Ruby hadn’t had the chance to explore yet.

Ruby pulled back one of his hands. Alex managed to look up just enough to gaze pleadingly down at his boyfriend, but the look on Ruby’s face made it instantly apparent that he had no intention of leaving even one of Alex’s dicks unattended.

Ruby’s longue tongue snaked its way out of his mouth and slowly slithered towards Alex’s unattended cock. Alex was having trouble focuses his eyes, but he forced his gaze to stay fixated on his lover’s tongue as it slowly curled and coiled around his dick.

Alex’s mind was quickly overloading with pleasure. His lover’s soft, wet tongue felt so amazing against his dick, but there was more to it than that. As Ruby’s incredibly long, dexterous tongue continued to curl around his cock Alex could actually feel it squeezing around his dick. It was somehow hitting all the right spots to drive him over the edge, but Alex could not cum.

Alex’s eyes wanted to roll back into their sockets, but he struggled to keep them fixated on his cocks. Ruby had a vicelike grip on one of his dicks, and Ruby’s tongue was coiling tighter and tighter around Alex’s other cock. Alex could feel his nuts pulling up, but no matter how hard they tried they just couldn’t force any spunk up his cocks.

Alex could do nothing but moan and writhe in ecstasy. Both of his dicks felt fantastic, but the one that had Ruby’s snake-like tongue spooled around it felt by far the better of the two. Ruby’s long, serpentine tongue somehow was able to gently rub and massage his cock from every angle at once and somehow grip his dick so tightly that Alex couldn’t cum even if he wanted to. Alex found himself wishing that Ruby somehow had two tongues to service him with.

Ruby was grinning from ear to ear as the tip of his tongue slowly slithered its way up to the top of Alex’s cock. He couldn’t believe how long his tongue was, but Ruby was not about to argue with the results. The tip of Ruby’s forked tongue flicked rapidly along the extra-sensitive ridges of Alex’s slit. Alex’s cock gave a hard lurch, and Alex’s entire body tensed up as he cried out in ecstasy.

Ruby couldn’t help himself. The sensual moans coming from his lover and the slight tang of his lover’s pre as it oozed out of his constricted cock and onto Ruby’s snake-like tongue flooded his senses. He wanted to make Alex moan and cry out even more, and he wanted to experience even more of his lover’s cock.

Alex’s cries and moans were suddenly silenced as Ruby’s long, slender tongue quickly shifted and slithered straight down the pre-seeping slit of Alex’s fully boned cock. Alex wanted to cry out and scream in orgasmic bliss, but he was simply unable to do so. All he could do was writhe and gasp for air. His breaths came in short, sharp bursts. His cocks were shuddering and lurching harder than ever before. The sensation of Ruby’s long tongue completely filling his cock from the inside out was maddening. He felt like he was cumming a long, solid, unending stream of jizz, but his load was still painfully trapped in his balls. Alex was so overloaded with bliss that tears were streaming from his eyes. He wanted release so bad and yet at the same time he never wanted these sensations to end. Ruby’s tongue writhed and wriggled all around and deep inside Alex’s cock. It was hitting each and every sensitive spot that he had including many that Alex had never even known existed before today. It was beyond intoxicating, but at the same time the pressure building in the base of his cock and the dull ache welling up in his balls was maddening.

Alex was so overwhelmed by the sensations of Ruby’s tongue against his dick that he didn’t even notice that his other cock was spewing jizz like a fire hose. Alex had needed to cum so bad that the pressure had simply gotten to be too much for Ruby to hold back. Even the raw, sexual pleasure of his gigantic orgasm paled in comparison to the sheer bliss that his other cock felt. Some corner of Alex’s mind could feel the thick, heavy loads of jizz washing over his face and seeping into his open mouth, but he simply could not collect enough brainpower to understand what he was feeling. As far as he could tell he still needed to cum. His now pleasantly drained teste didn’t even register in his mind. The only one he could think about was the full, cum-laden nut that was attached to the cock that had Ruby’s tongue still writhing inside of it.

Ruby could tell it was time. Without even giving Alex any warning Ruby loosened his grasp on both cocks simultaneously. Alex cried out in sheer, mind-blowing, orgasmic bliss as both of his cocks fired in unison. One of his cocks lurched and shuddered as it spat out weak, watery loads, but his other cock, the one which had been constricted by Ruby’s sensual tongue, was firing massive, gooey, warm gobs of spunk like water from a fire hose. Shot after thick, sticky shot of spunk erupted from his massive cock and arced through the air. The jizz launched so far and so hard that it splattered against the side paneling of the elevator behind him. Large portions of Alex’s wads crashed against his face and seeped into his open mouth. Alex could feel the warm, creamy loads washing across his tongue and down his throat. The familiar, slightly bitter taste was a welcome addition to an already amazing evening.

Ruby had been fully boned this entire time, but the combination of his lover’s passionate moans, rippling muscles, and shuddering cocks had brought him to the edge without even having to so much as lay a finger on his own dicks. Ruby’s eyes rolled back and he let slip a soft sensual moan. Thick ropes of jizz launched from both of his twin cocks. The thick, heavy loads crashed against his sculpted pecs and his chiseled abs and oozed sensually down the contours of his lithe muscles.

Ruby all but slumped forward as he was overcome by the intensity of his own climax, but he managed to keeps his wits together for a moment longer. He slithered forward and lay down directly atop his lover. Ruby’s face was a scant few inches from Alex’s own. Ruby could feel Alex’s breath against his face as the shorter, stouter naga continued to writhe and pant. Ruby rocked his hips back and forth and ground his still spewing cocks against Alex’s own. Their chests were both getting coated in spunk, but neither seemed to mind. The hot, sticky fluid just served to make their passionate embrace even more sensual.

Ruby wanted so bad to give Alex another deep, passionate kiss, but Alex was still too lost in his mind-blowing orgasm to return the favor. Ruby instead settled for passionately lapping the jizz off of Alex’s face. Ruby started by playfully licking his lover’s cheek, but he couldn’t leave it at just that. He snaked his new and improved down along Alex’s cheek and down under his chin and then back up along the other cheek. Ruby was grinning from ear to ear as he playfully flicked his lover’s earlobe with the tip of his forked tongue. Ruby knew how ticklish Alex was there, and he just couldn’t pass up the chance to tease him.

Even in his exhausted, sex-addled state the playful licking of his ear lobe was enough to cause Alex to groggily try and swat Ruby away, but it was pointless. Alex’s huge, beefy hand ineffectively swatted at the empty air while Ruby chuckled silently on the other side. Alex’s gasps slowly gave way to annoyed murmurs once he had managed to catch his breath.

“Why ya gotta be so mean?” Alex murmured groggily.

“I’m not mean,” Ruby sassed back. “You’re just too cute for your own good.”

“I’m not cute. I’m buff n sexy,” Alex groggily shot back.

Ruby lifted himself up high as he could within the confines of the cramped elevator and sensually began to rub Alex’s pecs with his upper hands and rub Alex’s thighs with his lower ones. “Those aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive,” Ruby chided playfully and then leaned forward and gave Alex a soft peck on the forehead.

Alex was just about to mutter something in response when the two lovers were interrupted by a loud ding. Both of them looked up and stared on in shocked silence as the doors slowly slid open. They could see the orange glare from the sunrise peeking through the windows on the opposite side of the large lobby. The lovers soon became aware of the shocked looks from the various students and faculty that had begun to filter in for the first classes of the day. No one seemed to know what to make of the two, nude, buff, cum-covered nagas that were currently intertwined within the cramped elevator. Only a few seemed to be frightened. Some of them were unabashedly staring at the giant pair with lust in their eyes, but most of the new arrivals were too tired and cranky to care. It takes a lot more than two giant creatures from legend to faze a sleep deprived college student.

“I think it’s time we find out how fast we can move with these tails,” Ruby whispered into Alex’s ear.

“Agreed,” Alex replied hastily.

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