Crazy guy

by James Fourlegs

Crazy, but in an exasperating and lovable way.

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Joey, the teenage guy next door, was so cute! He was a gorgeous teenage guy with the sweetest smile, bright white against his summer tan and streaked blonde hair.

But one day, on a lark, he bought some centaur powder from the occult bookstore that we weren't supposed to visit. It was in this handsome dark-glassed bottle with writing in an odd-looking language, and in embossed in the glass was an etching of centaurs mating. It was a warm summer's afternoon poolside when he told me about it.

The subject came up because he was more giggly than usual, which I found a little unsettling because when he giggles the sound of it drives me wild—he has a wonderful musical laugh, and his shapely handsome male body becomes so helpless when he laughs.

I asked him what was so funny, and he said he was all ticklish from the centaur powder.

“Centaur powder?” I asked.

“Yeah!” he laughed. “I mixed up a big glass of it and drank it a while back. I'm s'posed to think of what kind of centaur I want to be for it to work, but I think it would be great to be a humantaur! I think it's starting to work! It's been tickling my insides ever since I drank it!”

“Are you even sure that's how you're supposed to use it?” I asked.

“Omigosh, no!” he said, looking astonished for a second, then laughing again, that wonderful boyish giggle. “Oh, it tickles!”

He managed to pass me the bottle with his large, smooth hands. They were so strong and tan! I loved the way they were helplessly dangling from his strong wrists as he giggled! I looked at the strange bottle. The powder was almost all gone—he had used it almost all up!

“Joey, supposing you're supposed to just take a portion of this? How much were you supposed to mix with water?”

“I don't know,” he giggled. “How am I supposed to know? They should write it in English!”

He laughed at his own statement—and added: “I am awfully thirsty and hot. Let's get a drink from the hose and jump in the pool!”

He sprinted his handsome legs over to the garden hose by the pool and turned on the faucet, putting the nozzle to his lips and drinking like he hadn't had any water in a week. He swallowed and swallowed, and then sprayed the water all over himself, wetting down his handsome tanned muscles and speedo swimsuit and soaking his blonde streaked hair and glowing tanned skin. “Oh!” he shrieked, laughing crazily—at least that wonderful sound was driving me crazy! “I must have taken too much—but I like this! It feels soo good!”

He was laughing and was cooling his body with the water from the hose, and suddenly I realized he had four of his beautiful long arms, because he was holding the hose with one large hand and splashing the water over his body with three more!

“Joey—look at you!” I said, amazed, worried, but really turned on by this laughing, bare-chested tanned fox with four arms and——he screamed with pleasure—four beautiful tanned legs!

His handsome speedos had ripped off and partially draped his handsome “horseback”—although it was a horizontal copy of his human back, with his same muscular, suntanned bare skin—a very sexy extension of his body between his front legs and back legs. .

“I love this—I don't believe it!!” Joey giggled. “Whoops!” He held his four arms up, and showed me that now he had six of them! Such beautiful perfect copies of his own long-muscled, tanned arms and hands.

“I wonder if I'll have six legs, too?” he laughed, and sure enough, his back legs doubled again, giving him two sets of male hindquarters in addtion to his beautiful original front legs. I loved all his strong, handsome tanned feet, and he was so sexy on six long, muscular tanned legs, all soaking wet as he hosed his sexy humantaur body!

“I feel so sexy!!” Joey laughed, doing an erotic, joyful dance, swinging his six handsome arms and showing off his six long legs, as he showered himself with the spouting hose, when I realized he was sprouting great big, beautiful male penises, a whole line of them running from his front legs and down under his, through his second pair of legs and to his back pair of legs! They were all swaying, their enormous ballsacs swaying with them, the beautiful male penises all in a crowded row along his underside, and bumping together as he danced, and he shrieked again, bending down so his his six hands could pull his huge, muscled legs apart for a better view of all of his delicious hardons!

“Joey, this bottle shows two male centaurs mating!” I said—confirming it by pointing to the etching on the glass. Sure enough, they had the big multiple penises—but Joey must have changed the spell by wanting to be a humantaur.

So much the better, I thought! He was beautiful!!!

He screamed with pleasure and leapt gracefully on his six legs, diving with his six arms forward, pleasuring the pool water with his multiple legs and the parade of gorgeous penises, but up from the froth of the pool water came two of Joey!

“I doubled!!” both of him said, a cry of delight lighting his sweet smile as the two sexy Joey-taurs fell in love at first sight. They kissed and walked each other on their multiple legs to the shallow end of the pool, their deep tans a beautiful contrast to the cool silvery turquoise of the pool waters.

They were laughing and kissing and tickling each other, and trying out their huge penises. Some of their hindquarters had replicated further, I noticed, because each of the Joeys now had a train of eight legs, and a couple foursomes had apparently broken off, the handsome fourlegged hindquarters swimming aimlessly, their hardons full and aching to be pleasured.

“I'll get them for you,” I told the Joeys, and I gladly dove into the water and gathered up the tanned, long Joey-legs. They were so beautiful and friendly I had to kiss them, and the penises were wonderful to nuzzle, as were the long, beautiful legs. The legs gently wrapped around me, obviously suffused with Joey's personality, and I found myself distracted from giving the Joeys back their extra legs and genitalia.

No matter, I realized—the two Joeys were lost making love to each other, and I was falling in love with his friendly, sexy foursomes of legs! As I sucked down the beautiful hardons, Joey's wonderful giggly laughter echoed all around the pool area.

I noticed a couple more Joeys had doubled off in the water and were getting to know each other, quite taken with their beautiful multiple legs, arms, and penises!

They laughed and hugged, and were turned on seeing me making such good friends with all the stray hindquarters, wrapped in beautiful friendly tanned Joey-legs!! It was soooo sweet!!

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