Commercial audition

by PeroPero

Sometimes trying out for a commercial leads to more than 30 seconds of fame.

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*It is morning, you arrive at a studio where you have auditioned for a commercial.

The producer comes up to you, he tells you to wear slightly more revealing clothes for “product-effect purposes”.

“Oh, i forgot to tell you, we haven’t tested our product before, so if anything bad happens, we will pay for the charges.” said the rather short man, these words left you scared, but you were willing to try this whole thing out for money reasons.

,,All right, now on one, two and three!” lights flashed on your face as you stand on a greenscreen in shorts and a tank top, you are meant to open a can of some sort of soda and drink it.

As you do what you are told, you chug the whole beverage and wait for the effects, it had a strange taste, it was hard to describe but you compared it to a mix of banana and raspberry.

Suddenly, your whole body felt warm, then, you bursted with muscles, you looked at yourself, not only did you get beefier, you also became taller.

You started admiring the bodybuilder-level muscles, you fondled your big pectorals and for a second you forgot that you are still being recorded.

Some of the stuff started asking if they should edit the recording as they were against showing something that looks pretty pornographic.

“No, no and no!” The producer yelled “THIS is perfect, and if any of you do anything to change it, then you are done for!”.

While everyone was arguing, you were feeling really hot again, you asked them if that was normal, but no one heard you over the verbal war.

Your muscles grew again, you felt your head hit the ceiling, even after all of this, the others were still arguing.

All of the clothes you were wearing tore apart, left completely naked, you tried to move your arms to cover yourself to hide your giant endownment, but the muscles on your arms were so big, that you were left immobilized.

Bursting out of the building, all your shame got replaced with pleasure, you moaned with deep voice which sounded like it came from a beast, you began to flex your whole body, which seemed to accelerate your growth.

You crushed everything with your mass, buildings were crushed every second as you expanded, until you stopped because of a skyscraper that went between your enormous pectorals.

You tried your best to lift your pectorals by flexing them, and no matter how hard you tried, the tower just wouldn’t get crushed by your meaty globes.

This made you excited, you flexed harder while trying to reach your nipples with your hands.

Surprisingly, it took less effort than you thought, and you started massaging your sensitive tits.

After a few seconds, you felt a tingle in your breasts, milk started spraying everywhere like geysers, this feeling alone was enough to make you release a tsunami of cum from your 500 meter dick

You began exploding in size, every second equaled 100 meters for both you and your cock, but what you payed the most attention to is the fact that you managed to finally crush the skyscraper, which made you roar victoriously.

*As your body pulsed because of the expansion, you suddenly heard some yelling on the left, it was the director and his staff.

“It worked, it worked, itworkeditworkeditworked, everyone gets a raise!” the tiny man screamed and then turned to you “Ohh i could thank you forever for testing out or product!”.

“ That’s great and all, but how the hell are we gonna make the commercial now that the whole Earth is gone?” The staff’s word made your eyes wide open, you didn’t realize that you have already outgrown your planet.

,,Eh, i guess there must be something on our buddy that can help us do all of that, now get going!” the whole crew went different ways on your colossal body, you really doubt that they will ever find anything.

Now that they are gone, you finally have time to pay attention to yourself.

You can’t really see anything in front of you, except your pectorals which are filled with millions, or even billions of gallons of breast milk, you’ll most likely never gonna see your lower body, but you can feel your abs, just the thinking of them being touched by someone makes you ejaculate harder than you already do.

Your legs are perfectly balanced between thick and muscular, though it isn’t the same with your butt, it is like two orbs of sweet, sweet mass that want to be spreaded and clapped, though here comes the biggest downside of being so huge, you are the only one this big.

You flex and flex, every one making a huge difference to your size, the galaxies get absorbed by your furry body, you lay on your fat balls and sigh, does all of this really have any meaning?

You flex a bit until you outgrow reality, it appears right in front of your mouth, and with how curious you are now of everything, you decide to eat it.

You don’t feel anything, until your vision becomes all white, you feel it, you feel everything going through your whole body, it is omnipotence, Godhood.

You pant, you look at yourself, then, a big smirk appears on your face.

,,What to do now?’.

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