Cheating husband winds up pregnant

by BigManBigBelly

When a couple’s sex life fizzles out, one of them starts growing rather fat, but the reason why is a surprise to both.

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Mitchell and Rocco celebrated their marriage in the early autumn of New England, with perfect weather and lots of family. They moved into a two-bedroom home near the rocky coast and started a life together. Mitchell worked in accounting and Rocco worked as a retail manager. When the economy took a hit, Rocco lost his job and Mitchell began working extra hours to make up the loss of income. At first, he spent his days waking up with Mitchell, making and packing his lunch as Mitchell showered for the day, cleaning the house and tending the errands during the day and spending the afternoons combing listings for new jobs and distributing applications. As time marched on, and a job remained elusive, Rocco spent less time on the computer tweaking his resume and more time on the couch playing video games. He stayed up late playing while Mitchell went to bed early to wake up for work and began sleeping in too late to prep his lunch. Eventually the house was kept less tidy and Mitch spent his few hours away from sleep and work to pick up the slack there too.

Burnt out and trying to be understanding, Mitch grew more fatigued during his waking hours and less interested in having sex. Rocco stopped exercising and spent more time grazing on snack foods and buried in his fantasy games. The two ignored discussing the changes, hoping for things to turn around on their own.

A few months later, early Monday morning, Mitch awoke before his alarm to the sound of retching from the other room. He crept out of bed and followed the noise to the bathroom down the hall, opened the door and found Rocco spitting into the toilet. He crouched down, rubbed Rocco’s back and asked if he was alright, to which Rocco provided reassurance that he had just woken up feeling suddenly nauseous, but he felt better now. The two returned to bed, the alarm went off an hour later and they went on about their days.

Except the following morning it happened again. And each day for the rest of the week. Mitch picked up crackers and ginger ale and the episodes seemed to subside over the following week. When Mitch got home a few weeks later, Rocco was perched on the couch, eyes on the screen, dunking Oreos in a jar of pickle juice and chowing down. He offered to make him something healthy for a snack while unsuccessfully attempting to pull his eyebrow down at the sight.

The strange food combos and cravings continued for weeks. More than ever, Rocco’s formerly toned stomach was looking soft and round as he lay back on the couch with his legs splayed, tapping away on his game controller. He must have been feeling warm today, because the AC had been turned down to 66 and his shirt was next to him on the couch. Mitch sat down across the room, exhausted, before starting dinner and studied Rocco’s torso. His pecs seemed a bit softer and fuller too. He squinted his eyes and noted Rocco’s nipples looked puffy and perhaps the areola was widening in diameter.

Whenever Mitch attempted to talk to Rocco about his weight gain and his time spent gaming, Rocco grew defensive. Mitch tried changing what he purchased for groceries and preparing healthy, lower calorie meals for the two of them. In the mornings, preparing for work, he would find fast food delivery wrappers in the trash.

As the months passed, Rocco really began to swell up. He was often very warm and spent most of his time stripped down to his boxers with the air blasting. His thighs and calves looked thick and pudgy while he sat. His feet were a bit swollen and he was having trouble fitting his shoes. Mitch wore shoes three sizes larger than Rocco and even those were tough to get on. When he walked around the house, his ass cheeks bounced and swayed with each step, stretching the fabric of his underwear. His belly was round and hanging over his pelvis and his pecs had continued to swell too. His areoles were larger still, almost like breasts and he was snoring when he slept, waking up frequently to pee.

Mitch figured Rocco must have gained over 60lbs, although he didn’t dare ask him the actual number. From time to time, he noticed Rocco wince and hold his massive belly for a few minutes before it would pass, but Rocco insisted it was just gas and to drop it. Another month passed and the growing continued. Rocco looked like he was carrying triplets at full term and like he’d been eating for a small army. He had a tough time getting up off the couch to waddle to the bathroom every 30 or 40 minutes.

Finally, after sleeping in on the weekend, Mitch awoke without Rocco next to him. He got up, peed in the master bathroom and walked out to the living room while yawning and stretching. He paused and looked over, concerned, when he spotted Rocco sitting on the couch, TV off, staring forward and looking guilty. He then walked over and joined him to ask what was wrong.

“I fucked up. I’m so sorry. A while back when you started working a lot and we weren’t having sex anymore…. I met up with someone on Grindr over in Salem. We fooled around a few times and then he found out I was married…. The last time I saw him, he…. Umm…. came in me….. uhm… well he was into some like witchcraft stuff, and obviously I didn’t believe in any of it, just thought it was like a hobby, but… he was pretty mad when he found out I was married, like I said, but then a couple weeks later he asked me over again and for some reason I went and…. I think maybe he did something to me. I haven’t seen him since and I know I’ve been sensitive about the weight gain, but I don’t think it’s all… fat….”

Mitch didn’t know what to say. He was trying to process multiple things at once. First he was furious at Rocco’s infidelity, that he’d lied all this time. Then annoyed that he thought he was gaining weight because of some… revenge or something, and not because he’s been gorging himself on food for the past nine months on the couch. He sputtered a few words and then looked up into Rocco’s eyes to yell at him, to say something. But he was interrupted when Rocco grabbed his hand and placed it firmly on his big, round belly. Something kicked Mitch’s hand.

He quickly recoiled and stared down at the belly in shock. “What was that?” he cried out.

“I think… I think that guy impregnated me. I saw him the other day, in the grocery store. He dropped his basket at the sight of me, eyes wide, just about died from laughter. He came up to me and grabbed my tits, slapped my ass and then rubbed my belly while he licked his lips. Said he had no idea so many of his seeds would grow inside of me. Or that I would fatten up so tremendously, so quickly. That I looked completely transformed. Then he laughed again, tore my shirt open and walked away. I had to waddle home with my naked belly hanging out … I’m not stupid, I know with all this eating, I’ve gotten fat as hell. I mean Jesus, I’ve gained over 100 pounds. But it feels like there’s a bunch of feet kicking inside me all the time now. I convinced myself it was gas pains, but this morning my stomach started cramping like crazy and it’s been coming and going every half hour or so. It feels like my belly is trying to push down whatever’s inside of it.”

“Let’s go to the ER,” Mitch said, standing.

“And tell them, what?” Rocco responded. “That some dude cursed me with witchcraft and now I’m super pregnant? I don’t even really know if…. aghhhh!! Fuck…. it’s happening again…. god damn it’s intense…. ughhh …. help me up, I …. eughhh ….. did I just…. I think a bunch of fluid just fell out of my ass…. Mitch…. UGHHHHH……”

Rocco grunted and screamed between shallow breaths as he bore down and strained intensely, pulling his thighs back on his back to expose his hole. In time, his hole dilated, inch by inch, until it was wide enough for a head to pass through. With a final, straining grunt, face beet-red and sweating, he popped out his former hook-up’s son.

“…. Oh shit, oh fuck, Mitch…. I just gave birth… what the fuck, I just pushed a baby out my ass…. babe…. i still feel stuffed…. UGHHHHH….”

It came easier this time, though the cramping was just as intense. A second birth pried Rocco open once again and deflated his belly a bit further.

“Mitch, it’s happening again. How many are there? Oh fuck!!”

One last birth, his massive stomach churning and pressing down into his pelvis, cramping and him clenching the couch cushion with his toes.

“Oh my god… holy fuck, Mitch…. it’s finally over… I can feel it… they’re all out of me…. what the fuck…… what did he do to me, Mitch? I’m so sorry… look at me…. “

His enormous belly, this morning round and taught like a yoga ball, had deflated, but chubby folds still hung from his mid-section and the weight gain remained throughout the rest of his body. His pecs were big and doughy, large areoles, tender nipples starting to leak a white fluid at the sound of the crying in the room.

“I understand if you can’t stay with me after this, Mitch. But please help me to the hospital at least.”

Mitch stared firmly into Rocco’s eyes and spoke after a pause. “We’ll raise them together,” he said.

“But they’re not even yours,” Rocco replied.

“Nope. They’re ours. Just promise me you won’t stray again, ‘cause I want this family with you.”

Later, cleaned up at the hospital, the couple lying in a bed together while Rocco recovered, Mitch turned to him. “Do you still have that guy’s number, by the way?”

“Why?” asked Rocco.

“Well… in case we want more down the road….. I kind of like the thought of pumping more kids into you. Watching you grow. Taking care of you. Being the provider….. plus I bet we could go on the news or something. Didn’t Disney leave his theme park to whoever the first pregnant man would be or something?”

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