Changes in Bigby Heights

by NBCK99

Alex Stevens has always been shy, being the only boytaur in Bigby Heights, but Jesse helps bring him out of his shell. But after their first encounter, reality seems to shift.

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Part 1 Alex Stevens has always been shy, being the only boytaur in Bigby Heights, but Jesse helps bring him out of his shell. But after their first encounter, reality seems to shift. (added: 26 Jun 2010)
Part 2
Part 3 Alex and Jesse rope Tyler into their boytaur lovin’. (added: 26 Sep 2010)
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Part 1

Alex Stevens woke up on Monday morning and sighed. It was the beginning of another week in his senior year at high school. The 18 year-old groggily stretched, thinking as he so often did about how difficult it was to be him, how difficult it was to a 7’ tall four-armed boytaur with a 23” cock (and a 21” cock between his hind legs.) The people in the small town of Bigby Heights were not scared of Alex, nor did they see him as some sort of mutant to be restrained or tested. But that certainly didn’t stop them from noticing he was different. He had always been singled out for his athletic abilities due to his extra limbs and unnatural muscles. When the kids played sports, he was always the first one picked. Eventually some of the boys had created the “Alex Rule,” which stated that when one team captain picked Alex, the next team captain got two picks in a row as compensation. For someone else it might have been thrilling, but for Alex it was embarrassing.

As Alex got dressed he was reminded of other things about his body that embarrassed him. Alex stepped into his homemade pants one leg at a time, first his hind feet, then his front feet. He didn’t even wear underwear anymore; it was just too cumbersome with his four legs and two hard-ons. That was one of the things that embarrassed Alex the most. Just being a boytaur was so sensual. Most other guys would have welcomed the almost constant feelings of pleasure, but for Alex it was just another thing that made him stand out. Both his front and back cocks were almost always boned. As he stuffed his front cock into his pants, he thought about the looks he got in the halls and the locker room. It was really uncomfortable for him to have so many guys lusting after him and seeing his huge dick constantly hard. The lusting was another thing that Alex considered unfortunate. Being a boytaur wasn’t just sensual for him; it made guys around him automatically gravitate towards him. And Alex was such a shy guy that the attention only made him that much more uncomfortable.

Before Alex put on his homemade four-sleeved shirt, he looked at his bare torso in the mirror. That was the other thing that embarrassed him. Most guys would kill for his torso. There were the perfect ten-pack abs that rose up from above the waist of his pants. And then there were the beautifully rounded pecs that sat above his abs, sticking out about two inches in front of him. And of course there were his lats, which flared out just enough to give him a v-shaped torso without his looking like a bodybuilder. There were those huge shoulders that pushed out, accentuating the v shape and supporting four arms, four arms with perfectly defined biceps and triceps, not bodybuilder big, but perfectly proportional with the rest of his torso. Although Alex hated to admit how much his own body turned him on, he was about to cum. Trying to think of other things, he hurriedly put on his shirt, which was supposed to be a little loose but had become form-fitting as he finished his growth spurt. Finally, he shook his shaggy dirty blond hair and headed out the door.

Once Alex was at school, everything was completely normal. There were constant little brushes and touches in the hallway, partly because of his size and partly because of his magnetic attraction. Mr. Miles, one of the younger male teachers, got distracted twice during Algebra because he accidentally started staring at Alex. At lunch, Alex didn’t socialize much because of his fear of interacting with, and thus attracting, his male classmates. Everything was business as usual. But there was that one boy who sat at the same table as Alex during lunch. That boy who shared a gym class with Alex and didn’t greedily ogle Alex in the locker room the way others did. Sure, he looked, but that was unavoidable. The reality was that this guy, Jesse, was so into himself that he didn’t bother blatantly ogling others, not even Alex. Alex kind of admired that in a weird way. It was refreshing for Alex, who was so introverted and self-conscious, to see someone who was a bit of an exhibitionist and into himself. And it wasn’t like Jesse didn’t have looks to feel good about. The 5’10” senior was lean with great abs and fairly defined arm muscles, and he had a great face topped with short, spiked, almost black hair. And yet, even with how into himself he was, Jesse was totally self-centered. He was a fairly nice guy who liked genuine friendship. And that was why he sat right next Alex at lunch and started a conversation.

Alex was seriously surprised to have a guy so close and not trying desperately to be constantly touching him. Of course, there were a lot of light brushes, but Alex had become used to that over the years. The two didn’t talk about anything special, they just had a nice little conversation. It was completely foreign to Alex, and quite enjoyable. He hoped they could talk like that again. And yet, even as Alex thought it, he knew there was something more. Jesse was very good looking, and Alex had been refraining from contact with other guys for so long. Alex had been so worried about frenzied, mindless, meaningless encounters that he hadn’t really ever thought about the possibility of an intimate, passionate encounter. And yet he immediately knew that that was exactly what he wanted, and he knew he wanted Jesse.

Alex and Jesse had gym class together, so the next time they saw each other was as they were undressing and changing into their gym uniforms. Of course Alex had a custom uniform with the proper number of holes. He noticed Jesse look at him lustfully, but it wasn’t the same kind of lust that was on the faces of the other boys. Alex could feel Jesse’s desire, desire to know Alex intimately, not just as an object but as a person. If Alex hadn’t already been hard, he would have gotten hard right then. As it was, he spent pretty much the entire period trying not to orgasm. Watching Jesse’s great body performing athletic feats and seeing Jesse’s glances made things that much worse.

Finally, Alex hit the showers and released the pressure, relieving his front cock by sucking it off while he used two hands to bring his hind cock to climax. Both climaxed came very quickly, aided by images of Jesse. Once Alex had dressed, Jesse walked up to him and just stood, inches away. After a silent moment, Jesse craned his neck, and Alex instinctively bent forward to kiss him. Alex had never kissed before, and this was so much more than he had imagined. Fireworks going off in his brain didn’t even begin to explain the sensations he was feeling. Jesse’s two hands were roving all over Alex’s torso, and Alex’s four hands were desperately exploring Jesse’s body.

Finally, the boys broke away from their kiss, and Jesse breathed, “Meet me back here after school.” Alex walked to his next class in a daze.


Part 2

The final period of the day ended, and Alex headed to his locker amidst constant touches. In the hallway, he noticed Jesse, who just gave a smile and a nod and started walking toward the gym. Alex, scared of being conspicuous, waited a few minutes before heading toward the gym. Wary of faculty, Alex crept through the gym toward the locker room.

“What took you so long?” asked a smirking Jesse when Alex finally arrived in the locker room. “If you were worrying about the gym teachers, I made sure none of them would be in here today.”

Something about Jesse’s tone struck Alex; it was light and playful rather than angry. And what did he mean by “today?”

“How long have you been planning this?” he asked.

“Oh, for about a week now,” Jesse replied, beginning to causally walk toward the beautiful boytaur. “I’ve had my eye on you for a while, but I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to approach you.”

“What exactly do you want?” Despite his desires, Alex was reverting back to his typical fears.

“I want you. And I want you to loosen up. I like letting myself go and having a good time, and I can see you’re afraid of that.” Jesse was still walking slowly toward the hulking boy.

Alex started to ease up just a little. “You don’t look at me the way other goys do.”

“You mean like they’re mentally fucking you every time they see you? I want you. I want you real bad. But I know what’s rude and what’s polite. And I know the only way to get you to loosen up is to teach you that having a good time can be fun and personal.”

By this time Jesse had almost completely closed the gap between the boys, and Alex willingly leaned forward and pulled Jesse into a deep kiss. It wasn’t quite the fireworks, mind exploding kind the first had been, but it was close. Soon Jesse was removing his shirt and Alex was following suit. Two of Alex’s hands were all over Jesse’s naked torso. Jesse began unbuttoning Alex’s pants, and Alex used his two free arms to help Jesse pull them down. Soon Alex was helping Jesse remove his own pants, revealing a 9 inch boner.

Alex was so turned on that as soon as Jesse broke off the kiss, Alex was stuffing his front cock in his mouth. Jesse stopped everything for just a moment as he stared in awe. He had seen Alex suck himself off in the shower once or twice when he was really sexually frustrated, but Alex had always been so careful not to be very public about it. And Jesse was standing right in front of a beautiful guy who was sucking himself off. At that moment Jesse felt like the luckiest man on Earth. And then he fell to his knees and got on with his plans. The next thing on his to do list was Alex’s beautiful hind cock, which was so long it just passed his front ballsack. As Jesse began caressing Alex’s cock with his tongue, he realized this was going to be a bit tougher than he had thought. Not only was the cock 21 inches long, but it was about as thick as Jesse’s wrist.

As Jesse continued to lick Alex’s cock, Alex shuddered. Of course he was busy pleasuring himself, but he had never felt another’s tongue on his cock, and his hind cock had never felt anything but hands. Now he was overwhelmed by the pleasure of having both his cocks expertly sucked at once. Jesse opened his mouth as wide as it would go and started taking in a bit at a time. Of course he didn’t come close to getting the whole thing in his mouth, but he certainly succeeded in bringing Alex to a point of pleasure he had never experienced. Both Alex and Jesse knew exactly how to get to the edge without inducing a climax, and they worked in sync on Alex’s two cocks several times before Alex finally came simultaneously with both cocks. Jesse eagerly drank up as much of Alex’s cum as he could, and before he knew it, his cock had also exploded.

Alex was reeling in ecstasy as Jesse stood back up and pulled him back in for a kiss. At the taste of Jesse’s mouth, Alex instantly pulled him into a close embrace with all four arms. The two remained trapped in ecstasy outside the realm of time until they felt something come between them. Alex broke off the kiss.

“I’m sorry,” Alex said. “I get horny so easily. I think it’s a boytaur thing.”

Jesse just laughed. “Why are you sorry if it means I get to suck you off again? Sucking you off has been so fucking awesome.”

As Jesse spoke, Alex noticed something odd. Jesse was more than a foot shorter than Alex, but now he seemed just a little taller. It was probably just Alex’s dazed, horny mind playing tricks with him. And yet… Alex’s four hands continued to rove over Jesse’s torso, and that didn’t seem quite right either. Jesse’s abs seemed a bit more defined than they should have been. And his pecs had been a bit muscular, but not round, right? And his arms had been defined but still pretty lanky. Now it seemed to Alex that they had just a bit more bulk. But that was impossible.

And then Jesse was on his knees again and all of Alex’s thoughts stopped. All he felt was a wonderful tongue on his hind cock and the desperate desire to swallow his own front cock. Again the boys found a synchronized rhythm, and again Alex lost himself in a pleasure he had never imagined before that day. And when Alex’s cocks erupted, Jesse once again drank in Alex’s cum like it was an elixir of life. And somewhere in his subconscious mind, Jesse knew that maybe it really was something like that.

After another passionate kiss and embrace, the boys finally made their way out of the locker room and toward their homes. Alex was horny again, but that was no surprise, and he had long since learned that if he didn’t ignore his hard-ons he would never get his homework done. Not that he felt like doing homework anyway. He was completely drained from the best afternoon he had ever had. Jesse was equally drained, and he eventually had to give up on trying to do homework because he couldn’t concentrate. Jesse fell asleep dreaming fantastic dreams.


Part 3

Alex Stevens woke up on Tuesday morning and sighed. The 18 year-old groggily stretched, thinking as he so often did about how difficult it was to be him, how difficult it was to a 7’ tall four-armed boytaur with a front and hind cock that were each over 20 inches long. All the embarrassments of his eleven and a half years of school flooded through his memory. But at least there had been one person who was also different, a person who understood and shared his experience. Jesse wasn’t as different as Alex, but he wasn’t “normal” either. Alex may have been the only four-armed guy in town, but at least he had a fellow boytaur in Jesse. Alex would have felt a lot more embarrassed about being called first for sports teams if Jesse hadn’t always been called second. And because of Jesse, Alex wasn’t the only one in town who needed homemade clothes, even if he was the only one who needed homemade shirts. Actually Jesse’s mom was such a good seamstress that she voluntarily made most of Jesse’s and Alex’s clothes.

Of course probably the most important way that having Jesse around helped was that Alex wasn’t the only one who was constantly turned on. And he wasn’t the only one who constantly got sexual attention. And since Jesse was such an exhibitionist, he got more attention than Alex, which really pleased Alex. He was all too happy to have someone to keep the spotlight off him. Of course now that he had a crush on Jesse, Alex wasn’t quite so happy to see Jesse getting so much attention. Just yesterday Jesse had sucked Alex off for the first time, and it had been truly beyond belief. But now Alex had a feeling that Jesse wouldn’t be able to stick to just having sex with one guy, and he wasn’t sure how he felt about that.

Jesse awoke thinking about how much he would show himself off today, just like he did every day. Of course now he had a crush on the other boytaur, and that put a wrench in things. Still, Alex just needed to learn to loosen up. The two of them had been blessed with bodies beyond compare, so they might as well share their bodies with as many people as possible. The 6’6” boy stood up to his full height and stretched before heading to the shower. His 16 inch front cock bobbed expectantly in front of his eight-pack abs, waiting for him to suck it off in the shower like he always did. And his 14 inch hind cock pressed hard against his underbelly.

As usual, Jesse’s time in the shower put him on the verge of being late. Of course that was because he took plenty of time to caress his muscular body all over and to service both his cocks, his front one orally, his hind one with his hands. Once out of the shower, Jesse put on his homemade pants, first his hind legs, then his front legs. Before putting a shirt on, he inspected his beautiful torso in the mirror. This was another cause of his frequent truancy. First Jesse lustfully rubbed his hands over his eight-pack abs, then he moved on to his beautifully rounded pecs. From there he caressed first one arm and then the other. He sort of wished he had four arms like Alex, but he was so happy with his beautiful face that he was ok with being slightly physically inferior. Looking at his face in the mirror, Jesse put some gel in his hands and worked it into his short, black hair to spike it and complete his look. As he gazed at his beautiful reflection, Jesse suddenly realized he was about to cum, but he managed to stop it. He didn’t have time to change pants. In fact, a glance at the clock told him he was already running late. Again. As Jesse stepped out the door, he felt the breeze on his chest, and he hurried back into the house to grab a shirt. He was always forgetting a shirt on the way out of the house. School and restaurants were the only places where he really wore shirts anyway. He couldn’t imagine why anyone with such a perfect body could possibly enjoy covering it up.

When Jesse saw Alex in the school hallway that morning, he greeted Alex with just a wink and a pat on the shoulder. Well, a pat followed by a squeeze on the bicep. Alex didn’t respond, he just looked lustfully at Jesse as he walked away. Alex winced as he saw several boys “accidentally” bump into Jesse, grazing his arms or his ass or his hind legs. Of course as Alex walked down the hallway to his homeroom, he felt those same brushes. In class, Alex wasn’t quite as self-conscious as usual, but that was because he was too busy daydreaming about Jesse to worry about his classmates. Why hadn’t he realized before what a stud of a boytaur Jesse was? Alex almost came in his pants just thinking about the way Jesse had sucked him off the day before.

At lunch, Alex and Jesse sat together, but Jesse was oddly quiet. “What’s wrong?” Alex asked. “Normally I’m the shy, quiet one.”

“Well, I don’t want to get you upset,” Jesse started. “But I think we should have fun. Like, we should experiment with other people.”

Alex stared at Jesse in shock. “I can’t believe you!” he practically shouted. “After just one day you can’t handle sticking with one guy?”

“It’s not like that,” Jesse insisted. “This is as much about you as it is about me. I told you yesterday that I wanted you to learn to loosen up. Everyone wants you, so why not live a little and give them what they want?”

“I’m not just an object to be taken by whoever wants me,” Alex retorted. “And neither are you.”

“Who do you think is the hottest guy in our gym class besides us?” Jesse suddenly asked.

“Uh, Tyler, I guess,” Alex responded. Tyler was fairly tall, at least for a two-legged guy, and he had a round, boyish face with long blond surfer dude hair. Alex had secretly thought Tyler was cute for a while.

“I bet Tyler would be more than happy to get to know both of us a little better,” Jesse said with a smirk.

Alex’s eyes went wide. “You don’t mean… ”

“Let me put on a show for you in gym class,” Jesse said. “I know Tyler will like it, and if you like it too, the three of us can meet back in the gym after school.” And with that, the bell rang, and Jesse gave Alex a wink as he left to go to his next class.

Alex spent the whole next class daydreaming about Jesse. But this time, Tyler kept working his way into the daydreams. Soon, Alex found himself undressing in the gym locker room, sandwiched by two guys standing overly close on either side. Alex watched as Jesse entered the locker room, already taking his shirt off as he walked through the doorway. He let his bare shoulder brush Tyler, the tall surfer dude, and instantly Tyler’s attention was on Jesse. Alex couldn’t help but feel jealous as Tyler blatantly gawked at Jesse. Jesse took his time getting changed, glancing straight at Tyler several times. When Tyler finally stopped staring and started changing, Alex saw that Tyler’s long cock was fully erect. Besides the two boytaurs, Tyler had the longest cock in the class. It was probably about 10 inches hard, maybe even a little more. He desperately shoved it into his gym shorts as the teacher called everyone out of the locker room.

The whole class, Tyler was looking at Jesse even more than usual. And Jesse kept glancing at Tyler too, really making a game out of it. But every time Alex would start getting upset, Jesse would turn to look straight at him and give him a coy smile and a wink. As the boys headed back to the locker room after class, Jesse winked at Alex and proceeded to walk right next to Tyler, brushing up against him the whole way. Soon, everyone was showering and changing in the locker room, and Jesse was nude, standing right next to a half-dressed Tyler. Alex knew Tyler was tall, but it was clear now that he was about 6’2”, only four inches shorter than the boytaur standing next to him. After a few moments of brushing against each other, Tyler couldn’t take it anymore, and he leaned in to kiss Jesse. Of course Jesse obliged, and he gave Tyler a kiss better than any girl had ever given him. Alex was too turned on by the display to be jealous. He just stood and stared as his two biggest crushes made out.

As the bell rang, Jesse broke off the kiss, telling Tyler, “Meet me here after school.” After Tyler had left, Jesse walked next to Alex.

“Okay, okay,” Alex said as they walked down the hall, “you were right. That was really hot.”

“Good. Now you just need to let yourself be part of the fun.” And with that, Jesse headed to his last period class.

Last period came and went, and soon Alex found himself at his locker. Jesse walked up to him, and Alex hoped for a kiss, but Jesse just whispered in his ear. “Wait a few minutes, and take your shirt off before Tyler sees you. I want it to be a complete surprise for him.” Next thing Alex knew, Jesse was walking down the hall with Tyler close behind.

Alex dawdled by his locker for a while before finally heading to the gym. Checking to make sure no one was around, he removed his shirt before heading into the locker room. He had to admit, it felt sort of good knowing that his shirtless torso and arms would be enough to distract Tyler from Jesse. He was starting to take a little pride in his physique.

As Alex walked into the locker room, he could see that Jesse was shirtless, and Tyler was completely nude. Tyler was facing away from Alex, Allowing Alex to take in the beauty of his lanky body, from his tanned skin to his shoulder-length hair to his perfect ass. Tyler was busy exploring Jesse’s torso, but it didn’t even make Alex jealous. Without thinking, Alex walked right up and just placed a hand on Tyler’s shoulder. Tyler turned around and froze, taking in Alex’s perfect torso, arms and face. Once the moment had ended, time sped up and Alex was completely nude in instants. Tyler turned back around, and it dawned on him for the first time that he was sandwiched between boytaurs.

For a while, the three boys just explored each other’s bodies with their hands and took turns exchanging kisses. Then Jesse guided Tyler to his knees until Tyler was face to face with Jesse’s hind cock. For a minute, Tyler just fondled Jesse’s cock while Jesse and Alex made out, but soon all of Alex’s and Jesse’s cocks were too painfully hard to ignore. As Tyler started working on Jesse’s hind cock, Alex got an idea. He pulled Jesse’s front cock into his own mouth and guided his front cock into Jesse’s. The two locked eyes, conveying mutual feelings of pleasure, before becoming completely lost in the moment. Meanwhile, Alex was using two of his hands to jack his own hind cock. Tyler stroked his own cock with one hand, and soon five cocks were erupting with cum. All three boys desperately drank from the cocks in their mouths as if their lives depended on it.

Temporarily spent, Alex and Jesse began to slowly caress each other and pulled into a deep, warm kiss. With two hands, Alex began to stroke Tyler’s shoulders until he stood up, pulling the boys into a three-way kiss. Of course Alex knew this was really just an interlude. Soon he was getting hard again, and he knew Jesse was too. Alex was feeling a bit dizzy, though. Something seemed a little off. Tyler seemed a little closer to Jesse’s height, and his shoulders seemed wider than Alex remembered from a few minutes ago. Actually, Jesse’s muscles seemed just a bit bigger too. Alex took one hand and felt his own torso. He didn’t feel himself up as often as Jesse did, but he was sure he didn’t feel quite right. It was as if the proportions were a little more exaggerated than usual.

Alex’s thoughts were interrupted by Tyler. “My god, are you guys always horny?” he asked with awe.

“Pretty much,” Jesse answered. “Want to help us out some more?” With that, Tyler knelt down once more, this time turning toward Alex’s hind cock. Alex instinctively reached for Jesse’s front cock. Was it just him or did Jesse’s cock seem a little wider than before? Alex chalked it up to exaggeration caused by his own lust. He leaned forward caressing Jesse’s cockhead with his tongue, and of course Jesse reciprocated. Since Jesse only had two arms, Alex used two of his to jack off Jesse’s hind cock. Jesse shuddered with pleasure as Alex serviced both of his cocks. As Tyler knelt between the two boytaurs, he just soaked up the prodigious amounts of sexual energy they exuded. With a final shudder, Alex and Jesse came with all their cocks at once. Once again, all three boys swallowed as much as they could in a frenzy. Now truly spent, the boys took a little more time to just feel each other’s beautiful, powerful bodies.

Eventually the intense energy faded and the boys put on their clothes and left. Well, Jesse didn’t put on his shirt.

“You aren’t going to put on a shirt, are you?” he asked Alex. “You just learned to loosen up a bit. Come on, show yourself off.” Alex was too spent to put up a fight, so he just stuffed his shirt into his book bag. Tyler went his own way, but Alex and Jesse stayed together, slowly walking through the woods toward Jesse’s house. Their hands naturally found their way around each other’s bare torsos.

“So what did you think?” Jesse asked after a long silence.

At first, Alex just looked at Jesse. “You know what I think. That was totally amazing. But I still want you the most.” He leaned in for a kiss, and Jesse passionately obliged.

“I want you the most too,” Jesse replied when they finally broke off the kiss. “But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. That’s what I wanted to show you.”

“Well, I admit that you succeeded. I would definitely say that was beyond fun. And Tyler seemed to really enjoy it too.”

“Of course he did, we’re irresistible. We—” Jesse stopped suddenly as Alex stumbled. “Are you all right?”

Alex took a minute to stabilize himself. “Yeah, I’m fine. I just feel a little… weird. Ever since we were in the locker room. Are you feeling fine?”

“Yeah, I’m alright,” Jesse replied. He felt a little lightheaded, but he chalked it up to the very intense sex he had just had. “Why don’t you spend the night at my house?” he suggested.

“I think I’ll be fine,” Alex replied. “But maybe I can get a rain check on that offer. I’d certainly love to take you up on it sometime.” With that, Alex kissed Jesse one more time, a deep, passionate kiss that just lingered and lingered. Finally the two broke away, said goodbye, and went home.

Alex was normally good at controlling his constantly horny body, but he got himself off several times that evening. And somehow his cocks felt different when he sucked and stroked them. Jesse also got himself off several times that evening, but that was completely normal for him. What wasn’t normal was just how spent he felt after the afternoon threesome in the locker room. Tyler was consumed with fantasies of Alex and Jesse all night. He had always been attracted to them on some level, but now they dominated his thoughts. As he slept, he dreamed of being metahuman like them.

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The revisualizer by BRK A set of weird controls at the tiny cable TV broadcasting studio has a lot of increasingly exciting effects on the guy in the picture. 3 parts Added Oct 2012 Updated 8 Dec 2017 42k views 4.9 stars (38 votes) 11k words •Always Hard•Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Nipcocks•Self-suck•Nipple Emissions•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Size Increase•Getting Hairy•Nonconsensual change •M/M

One more drop by MegaMaker A college water polo player, Rain, is having trouble keeping up with expectations after a lackluster swim season. Afraid of getting cut from his team, he finds a mystery serum that improve his performance. To his surprise it works and his improved performance gets the approval of his entire team and his coach and really attracts the attention of his friend River. Will the attention go his head? Will his team and coach find out? And… will there be any side effects caused by the use of the serum? 16 parts Added Mar 2023 Updated 20 May 2023 57k views 4.9 stars (60 votes) 48k words (#73) •Always Hard•Cock Growth•Huge Balls•Ball Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Always Cumming•Hyper Cum•Public Orgasm•Multi-abs•Addiction•Straight to Gay•Hyper Muscle•Hyper Strength•Immobility•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Muscle Worship•Always Shirtless•Public Nudity•Man Scent•Butt Growth•Increased Libido•Gradual Change•Voice Deepening•Getting Taller•Forced Growth•Plausible Size Difference•Size Increase•Getting Hairy•Lycra/Spandex•Complete •M/M

Bloody pumpkin fuckers by NioSatyr Three frat bros go into the dark forest on Halloween. The blood moon shining on a wild pumpkin patch promises growth and transformation. Added Oct 2021 17k views 4.9 stars (14 votes) 7,196 words •Always Hard•Cock Growth•Cockfucking•Huge Balls•Huge Cock•Nipcocks•Prehensile Cock•Hyper Cum•Nipple Emissions•Multi-balls•Multicock•Multiarm•Multipec•Stacking•Wings•Getting Dumber•Straight to Gay•Hyper Muscle•Muscle Breast•Muscle Growth•Stretchy•Increased Libido•Transformation•Getting Taller•Giants•Plausible Size Difference•Size Increase•Human to Animal/Anthro•Getting Hairy•Hyper Tongue•Tongue Growth•Mouthcock•Tailcock•Plants•Anthro/Furry•Dragons•Werewolves•Supernatural•Halloween •M/M/M

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