Brian and Ramón

by BRK

Brian, the surprisingly muscular HR guy, and Ramón, the irresistibly sexy developer guy, enjoy each other’s company behind Brian’s closed office door.

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Brian stroked Ramón’s powerful upper arms through his perfectly fitted cobalt-blue dress shirt, hot all over with overpowering desire despite his shirtless state in the mercilessly chilled office. He felt his nipples tighten in aching hardness, more from arousal than the chill in the enclosed, air-conditioned space, and wondered if Ramón was experiencing the same effect. He wanted to look and see for himself, but he couldn’t quite tear his eyes away from Ramón’s lusty dark-brown gaze. It seemed to drive deep into his being somehow, stoking his need and filling every inch of his excited body with raw potency and exponential possibilities.

He lifted a hand and began threading his fingers through Ramón’s lush, shoulder-length hair, letting his other hand continue its appreciation of Ramón’s thick-muscled arm. Ramón’s delicious-looking lips curved in satisfaction: he liked Brian’s hand carding through his hair like that. Perhaps he’d like it even more from a different angle, Brian thought with a smirk. He flattened his hand and gave him a gentle press in suggestion, and Ramón immediately sank gracefully to his knees, still with that little smile, his eyes never leaving Brian’s.

He resumed stroking his fingers through Ramón’s thick, silky hair. With his other hand he made a go at unbuttoning his own slacks, needing to free his extremely hard cock, but Ramón, finally breaking eye contact, batted his hand away and turned his own nimble fingers to the task. Frustratingly Brian could not quite see what Ramón was doing—his pecs were somehow thick enough to get in the way. This didn’t make much sense to Brian, but his left-brain reasoning skills were in complete shambles, so he let the question go and continued slowly running his fingers through Ramón’s locks and caressing his firm, rounded shoulders.

Ramón made quick work of Brian’s button and zipper, and Brian had half a mind to tell him to keep going and just pull his slacks right off. They were feeling a lot tighter than they should, especially around the thighs and across his glutes, and he knew he’d feel more comfortable with them off, though they’d probably be a bitch to pull on again after they’d… but that train of thought abruptly derailed as Ramón, with a quick, saucy glance up at Brian, drew down the waistband of Brian’s racing-green boxer briefs and at last exposed his thick, stubby cock and hefty balls.

Brian felt a familiar bloom of mild embarrassment, remembering all the times his sex partners had been surprised by how his balls took up a lot more space than his hard-on. Though he was still a solid four inches, and four around, too (which was sure as fuck a lot thicker than any date he’d had), there was always a shortfall of expectations involved in the bigger-than-average package that had most times been what caught a guy’s attention in the first place turning out to contain a shorter-than-average dick (and plum-sized nuts that few guys knew quite what to do with). That disconnect had sparked its share of heart-sinking reactions, from disappointment to sneers to a game expression that meant “oh well, let’s make do.”

Ramón didn’t do any of those things. Instead, he smiled a wide, hungry smile, and then, with one final lascivious glance up at Brian, he dove onto Brian’s raging erection and swallowed it whole.

Brian gasped. He couldn’t see what Ramón was doing with his pecs in the way—they actually seemed to pose a slightly larger obstruction than they had a moment ago, somehow, with Ramón’s head now almost completely blocked from view—so he lolled his head back and closed his eyes, letting the sensations wash over him instead.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Ramón drew his tongue around Brian’s fat, hard shaft, enjoying the way its rounded heft strained his jaw and pulled his lips into a O as he pushed them wetly down to the very base of Brian’s cock and the neatly trimmed reddish-brown pubic hair he found there. At the same time he grabbed Brian’s narrow waist so he could control the blow job and thus maximize Brian’s enjoyment thereof. The slight upcurve of Bran’s hard cock meant that the wide, blunt head dragged along his soft upper palate as he took it all the way in, allowing him to easily pleasure the glans from both directions, tonguing the bottom from below while he used his lips to wag the top of the head along the roof of his mouth. The stimulation produced a bead of bitter precum on the back of his tongue in response, and Ramón smiled around the extra-thick torpedo cock, increasing his ministrations.

Brian moaned extravagantly. Ramón looked up to make eye contact, but all he could see was the underside of Brian’s massive volleyball-sized pecs, their down-pointing nipples hard and stubby as if in emulation their big brother below. Brian’s chest was so thick it was casting a dark shadow from the overhead fluorescent lighting over Brian’s chiseled eight-pack abs. Ramón would have liked to eye-fuck Brian some more while he sucked him off, but Brian’s low, debauched vocalizations and the hands gratefully pushing through his long, thick hair clearly communicated the extent of the pleasure Brian was experiencing. He slid his own hands slowly around to Brian’s hard, round muscle-ass, taking two firm handfuls of his dense, impressive glutes while he mouthed and sucked that fat, delicious cock.

After several minutes of this Ramón gave the ass-cheeks a squeeze and pulled off Brian’s dick. He kissed and lip-fucked the head a little, eliciting an intense grunt from Brian, then, sliding his wide tongue along the underside of the shaft, he moved down to his other prize, Brian’s fist-sized, overpacked scrotum.

Just to tease the man he dragged his soft stubble along the thin, sensitive skin, first along one side of his jaw and then the other. Brian’s fingers tightened in his hair, clamping down momentarily on his skull, and he heard a strangled “Oh, fuck!” as the sensations shuddered through the skin’s surprised and gratified owner. Then Ramón let his tongue out and began systematically lathing the entire musky surface of Brian’s heavy, extra-large balls, passing back and forth and up and down and then repeating the process in random directions, all the while enjoying the muttered “oh god”s and “fuck, yeah”s raining down on him from above. He gently drew one ball into his mouth, then the other, giving each the benefit of his lips and tongue, then suddenly shifted direction, licking back up the underside of Brian’s shaft and then pouncing on it in a single, fluid motion, engulfing the whole cock in his mouth again down to the root.

This time he pushed in enough that the head was rubbing further back than before, almost to his throat, and the cock itself was so thick Ramón felt like his mouth was as completely full of cock as it could possibly be. It was such a perfect sensation that Ramón realized that he himself was close, and from the noises Brian was making, not to mention the incredible stiffness of his leaking cock and the way Brian’s fingertips were twitching against his scalp as he held Ramón’s head, he was sure that Brian was close, too.

He shifted one hand to his own crotch, freeing his own massive prick at last from its painful constraints as he rhythmically worked Brian’s super-wide, throat-stabbing cock with his talented mouth. He steadily increased his speed on both erections, Brian’s “unh… unh” gasps telling him that the cliff was drawing rapidly closer. With unexpected abruptness he pulled back and lavished Brian’s cockhead for a few seconds, making Brian cry out in intense pleasure. He quickly resumed pistoning Brian’s shaft at top speed. Within seconds he heard Brian’s tense warning of “Oh god… I’m gonna… I’m gonna…!” and then they were both erupting together, shot after shot of cum smacking hard against his throat and filling his mouth almost too fast to keep up with, even as he jetted volleys of hot, high-pressure spunk from his own enormous shaft.

Ramón played with Brian’s big cock as they came down from their release, wrapping his tongue around it as if to lick all the flavor from it he could. After a few minutes of this overstimulation Brian grunted and moved his hands to the sides of Ramón’s shoulders, pulling him up to his feet.

Ramón grinned at Brian, who was staring as his no-doubt wet and fellatio-bruised mouth in admiration. A hand slid around Ramón’s neck under his hair and pulled him into a messy snog. Fortunately Brian’s massive pecs, while very thick, weren’t so huge as to prevent close hugs and deep, ferocious kissing, and that’s what Ramón and Brian did for quite a long time.

Eventually there was a tone from the intercom built into Brian’s desk phone, followed by a voice. “Hey, Brian, are you in?” asked Josh, the cute, always smiling receptionist.

Brian broke the kiss, though Ramón could see the reluctance in his eyes, and turned to press a button on his phone. Ramón started doing up his trousers again, and Brian, noting this, did the same, though with a bit more difficulty as his pants really were a tad too small. “I am indeed in,” Brian answered jovially as he zipped up, his voice sounding deeper than Ramón remembered. “What’s up?”

“There’s a… guy here—” The way Josh paused, Ramón knew that he would have said “a hot guy” if he thought he could get away with it. “—and he says he’s scheduled for first-day orientation with HR and Ramón from the development team?”

Ramón remembered that Keith, a new junior developer who looked more like a budding personal trainer, was in fact starting today. Brian glanced at him and they exchanged grins. Ramón spoke up. “I’m here, too, Josh,” he said. “We’ll meet him together.”

“Oh, cool,” Josh replied. “Hi, Ramón! I’ll put him in Conference Room B for you guys.”

“Roger that,” Brian said, closing the connection. He turned to Ramón with a wide smile. “All right then,” he joked, patting Ramón’s beefy shoulder, “let’s go see what your new guy brings to the party.”

Jeff the Intern, #3 1,741 words Added Jun 2021 6,968 views 3.5 stars (6 votes)

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