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by Musclesaber

Ian is tired of being small. He walks through the world as less of a man since he’s so little and is hopefully in for a big surprise in the morning. Commission I did for @Bigmanfan on Twitter/X.

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The alarm blared out a painstaking screech as Ian rolled himself over in his bed. “Ugghhh, 5 more minutes,” groaned the freshman college student as he hit the snooze button. Sitting up, Ian rubbed his eyes and yawned. He looked at the clock and sighed. 8:45 am read the clock. Getting out of bed. Ian scratched the back of his head as he walked over to his closet. Still walking like a zombie, Ian threw a t-shirt and athletic shorts on and went over to the mirror. His clothes hung off his wire frame like a tent as he swiped a comb through his long dirty blonde hair and brushed his teeth quickly.

Making his way out the door of his tiny apartment, Ian started walking to his first class of the day. On his way, Ian had to walk through the student union building where he saw a giant cardboard cutout of a huge bodybuilder winking at him. “Step right up! Step right up! Compete in the strongman competition tonight at the carnival in town for a chance to win a free meal pass for an entire year!” said a buff student in front of the booth.

“Hey! I’d like to compete!” said Ian with a smile on his face.

“Uh are you sure about that little guy?” asked the buff student, giving Ian a weary look. “I don’t know if this competition is the right thing for a person of your…stature.” Ian was only 5’3 on a good day and 110 pounds soaking wet. Nothing about his body screamed strongman.

“Well, are there any restrictions on competing? Am I not allowed to?” asked Ian as he took a flier.

“No, you can still compete, but if I’m being honest, I doubt you’d even beat me in a strongman competition and I know I’m not gonna be the biggest guy there,” said the student as he looked Ian’s body up and down.

“There’s no waste in at least trying, right?” asked Ian as he folded up the flier and put it in his book bag.

“I guess not. But a word of advice, the rec center is free to all students on campus. Maybe go and lift a few weights and learn some good form for doing lifts just so you don’t hurt yourself.”

Ian pondered for a moment before responding. “All right, I have a few classes today so I’ll head to the rec after for some help.”

“Awesome. I know first time clients for personal trainers get their first session for free. What’s your name by the way?”

“My name’s Ian.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Kevin.”

“Nice to meet you as well, Kevin. I’ll see you tonight at the carnival,” said Ian as he made his way to class. Hustling into the classroom, Ian saw most of the seats were taken except for one in the second row. After he took his seat, Ian looked up at the board and saw he couldn’t see a thing. One of the football players was sitting in front of him, and a big one at that. He looked three times wider than Ian’s body and sitting down in the chair, he seemed taller than Ian was standing.

“Hey, buddy. Do you mind leaning over?” asked Ian, tapping on the big guy’s wide shoulder. The hulking body didn’t move. “Excuse me, can you trade seats with me?” repeated Ian tapping his shoulder. Again, the wide silhouette didn’t budge. “Hello! Big guy!” Ian pushed on the back of the man’s shoulder and finally saw the big frame turn.

“What?” asked the jock as he took out his airpods. “Did you say something?” He turned and looked down at Ian shoving him.

“I can’t see the board from behind you. Do you mind switching seats with me?” asked Ian.

“My eyes won’t let me see the board if I move any further back. I have to sit up front,” replied the jock pointing to his glasses.

“But, how am I supposed to see the board behind your wide back?”

“Not my problem. Have a growth spurt maybe?” chuckled the jock. “Small fry.” He put his air pods back into his ears and turned back to face the front.

“Like you seeing the board will improve your grade in the slightest,” whispered Ian under his breath. As the professor started the class, Ian could only see about a quarter of the top of the board over the jock. “I’m not learning anything today,” admitted Ian as he sat back in his seat, defeated.

Finishing up the class, Ian was right. He could only take notes from whatever the professor had said, but had none of the PowerPoint to work from. Closing his laptop, Ian rushed out of class annoyed. Ian went to his next classes without much issue, until finally he was free to hit the rec center.

Ian had only ever been to the rec center when he was on his campus tour, but from what he remembered about it, it was a fairly nice facility. Entering the building, Ian walked up to the front desk. “Hi, I’d like to meet with one of your personal trainers for one of those free workout sessions?”

The woman working the front desk looked up from her phone and then looked back down immediately. “The signup sheet for a personal trainer is right there and a trainer will be by in a few minutes to help you with your workout,” said the woman in a monotone voice.

“Thanks,” replied Ian, matching her energy. After putting his name down, he went to the weights section of the gym, spotting an open squat rack and nabbing it immediately. Putting his things down next to the machine, Ian started grabbing weights to rack onto the machine. After struggling to put two 45s on one side of the bar and one on the other, Ian was returning with the last 45 to see a man had gotten onto his squat rack.

“Hey! I was using that!” shouted Ian. The man looked down at Ian and laughed.

“Oh, little guy, there’s no way you could lift all this weight,” said the man, hardly containing his laughter.

“Yes, I could! I’m trying to get strong for a strongman competition later and need the practice!” said Ian as he threw down the 45. The man looked him up and down and continued to laugh.

“Puh-lease, you? Winning a strongman competition? That’s rich. And what else is gonna happen today, huh? Will I see a flock of pigs flying by when I leave the gym? Is tuition gonna be made free today too? Sorry little guy, this rack is for people who actually have a chance at winning that competition,” said the man as he got under the bar.

In a fit of rage, Ian grabbed his bag and walked back to the front desk in a huff. “Hey where’s that personal trainer?” asked Ian to the front desk lady. Again raising her eyes from her phone for a second before returning them back to what she was looking at.

“A trainer will be by in a few minutes to help you with your workout,” she repeated.

“You said that already a few minutes ago. Are there even any trainers here that are going to help me?” asked Ian with annoyance in his voice.

“They will see you whenever they become available. Some have clients they are working with at the moment and others are doing their own workouts. If you would like to schedule an appointment with a trainer, you may. Otherwise, you can wait until one becomes available,” said the front desk lady.

“I don’t have time for this,” said Ian as he puffed air out of his nose in a huff and turned around to leave the gym. Resigning to just going back to his apartment.

Walking back, Ian slouched his body down, making him appear even smaller than normal. Slugging his way into his apartment building, he got onto the elevator to take him up to his room. While waiting for the elevator to take him up to his room, a very fat man rounded the corner into the elevator and his big bulk smashed Ian into the back wall of the elevator.

“Uh, excuse me!” said James. His voice muffled between the wall and the fat man’s back. As the elevator moved upwards, the large man didn’t budge from his spot. Leaving Ian pressed tightly between a rock and a hard place. Finally the elevator doors opened and the fat man walked out, releasing Ian from behind the lard prison.

The doors closed and went up to Ian’s floor as Ian straightened himself out after he’d been flattened like a pancake. “Jesus, I’m surprised the elevator could even move with that big guy on here.” As the doors opened, Ian walked to his tiny studio apartment. Plopping down onto his bed, he looked at his phone. 4:00, he still had an hour before the meet. “I might as well shower, I did get a little sweaty from lifting those weights. Even though it was just the plates.”

Ian got up from his bed and shucked off his clothes quick enough and hopped into the shower. Why am I even doing this strongman competition? thought Ian. I’m not strong. Hell, I doubt I could’ve even lifted two of those plates. Ian looked down at his body and was unimpressed. His body was extremely underdeveloped. He had no muscle tone in the slightest, no hair on his body aside from his head, and what little size he did have was in the form of a small belly that bulged out from his midsection. That guy at the rec was right. I shouldn’t even be in this competition in the first place.

Ian rinsed off his face and started lathering his body with soap. No, I can’t give up on this. Ian scrubbed between the few crevices he had on his body. I’ve always wanted to be big and this will show all those big guys that I have the drive to get big like all of them. Ian turned the faucet in the shower off and put a towel around his waist. “I’ll show them that I have what it takes to grow big!” said Ian as he exited the bathroom.

Putting on a compression shirt and short gym shorts, Ian grabbed his phone, wallet, and keys, and headed out the door. He got in his car and the drive to the fair grounds was a quick drive, but Ian was anxious to get there. Entering the carnival, Ian bought a ticket and found the booth where the competition sign ups were because sitting there was the cute jock from earlier, Kevin.

“Hey! Kevin, it’s me, Ian,” said Ian as he walked up. “Remember me?”

“Ian, yes. Of course I remember you. Our ringer,” said Kevin with a chuckle. “Glad to see you made it. We just need a little bit of information about you before we can get started with everything.” Kevin got up from his seat and got beside Ian. “First things first, what is your full name?”

“Ian McCormick.”

“Muh-cor-mick,” said Kevin as he wrote on his clipboard. “Perfect, and what year are you at the university?”


“Got it, and what made you want to sign up for this competition?”

“Because I wanna show everyone how big I am,” said Ian. Kevin looked up from his clipboard as Ian spoke those words with an inquisitive face. “And the free meal pass.”

“Ah, you are not the only one in that category,” said Kevin as he jotted down Ian’s answer. “All right, now last things, if I could get your height and weight, here on this scale.” Kevin stepped aside to reveal a scale.

Stepping forward, Ian got onto the scale and Kevin started moving the blocks on top down. “Okay, it says here that you weigh…108 pounds,” said Kevin, writing down the results. Ian gave a bit of a half smile before walking over to the wall behind the booth where there was a measuring stick. Kevin got close to Ian for a moment as he put his clipboard on top of his head to get an accurate measurement. And as he did, Ian couldn’t help but admire Kevin’s fantastic physique up close.

“I didn’t mention this earlier, but you have quite the size on you, for just being a student that is,” said Ian as Kevin stepped back.

“Thanks, I have been lifting for a long time so I’m very proud of my work,” said Kevin as he brought up his arm and it bunched up to the size of a baseball as he flexed.

“Well, even though you said you probably have some steep competition, I hope you go far in the games.”

“Thanks, little guy,” said Kevin, flashing Ian a smile. “And you are 5 foot 2 and a half inches tall.” Kevin wrote down the results and pulled the sheet of paper out of the clipboard.

“All right Ian, now that you’re all signed in, let’s get you to the first round,” said Kevin as he led Ian behind the booth.”

“How many rounds are there exactly? It might surprise you, but I’ve never been to a competition like this before,” said Ian as he followed.

“No worries, there will be three rounds. First a basic test of strength, next a lifting competition, and lastly there will be a flex off with our finalist. Then a winner will be crowned.”

“Sounds simple enough. So, what’s this test of strength I have to do?” asked Ian as they entered a big tent.

“You’ll need to score high on this classic carnival game,” said Ian as he gestured toward a high striker game set up with a large hammer beside it. “You have to get at least up to the 700-point range then you’ll be able to move onto the next part of the competition.”

Ian looked the game up and down. He saw little lines along the side with numbers running up it by the hundreds. The 700 mark was fairly close to the top part of the tower, but it should be doable. “All right, can I go whenever?”

“Give it your best swing.” Ian walked over and grabbed onto the handle of the hammer and struggled to pick that weight up alone. Swinging the hammer over his shoulder, Ian steadied himself in front of the tower before pushing the hammer down in front of him and hitting the launch pad. The metal ball in the machine rang out as it started to fly up towards the top. But Ian’s enthusiasm quickly melted away as the metal ball stopped in between the 100 and 200 markers and began to descend.

“Oooo not even close. I’m sorry Ian,” said Kevin as he patted Ian on the back. “There’s always next year. Maybe you could train hard in the gym and I’m sure you could make it at least to the next round no problem,” said Kevin trying to comfort Ian.

“Yeah, sure. I’ll do that. I guess.” Ian looked extremely defeated and didn’t even look Kevin in the eye before shuffling away. Walking through the carnival, Ian felt like he was going to burst into tears from embarrassment, but he held it all in. “I’m never going to get big. I’ll never be strong. I’ll always be a weakling.”

Ian headed towards the exit before a strange attraction caught his eye. The Great Zoltan! Here to Grant your Deepest Desires! “Like that could ever happen,” said Ian mockingly. Examining the machine, Ian took out a dollar. “Why not? It’s not like this day can get worse.” Sliding the dollar into the machine, the animatronic inside the booth lit up.

“I am Zoltan! What do you desire?” asked the animatronic as it moved its robotic mouth.

“I wish I could do this whole day over, but if I was bigger,” said Ian as he closed his eyes.

“Your wish, is my command!” replied the animatronic. It crossed its arms and closed its eyes before lights started flashing from the booth. A cheesy sci-fi music track started playing behind it as smoke appeared in the booth. Finally, the animatronic opened its eyes again and returned to its original position.

“This is some bullshit. I’m never getting that dollar back,” said Ian as he kicked the machine. Walking back to his car, Ian pouted the entire ride home before slugging his way back up to his apartment and flopping himself down on his bed. “What I wouldn’t give to be bigger.” Ian yawned and despite it still being fairly early, he got a strange sleeping spell that took over his body until he was fast asleep snoring... unaware of what tomorrow had in store for him.

2,965 words Added Jun 2024 3,647 views 4.0 stars (5 votes)

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