Alpha House

by NBCK99

A collection of young guys take part in a reality series where the action includes everyone spinning a wheel and getting random body changes.

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Part 1 A collection of young guys take part in a reality series where the action includes everyone spinning a wheel and getting random body changes. (added: 6 Mar 2015)
Part 2 Changes continue at the Alpha House, and in the enclosed, reality-show environment the dynamics between the guys develop rapidly as well. (added: 1 May 2015)
Part 3 The changes continue at Alpha House, and as Logan tries to get a grip on what’s happened to him and the other guys he learned that the producers have introduced a new challenge. (added: 15 May 2015)
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Part 1

It was a typical Sunday afternoon at Logan’s apartment. Logan was sprawled on the couch browsing facebook, while his roommate Eli was being old-fashioned and reading the weekend newspaper. “Hey, there’s a reality show auditioning in our city next week,” Eli noted. “You should audition.”

Logan eyed his dark-haired roommate uncertainly. He always thought of reality show contestants as extroverted attention-seekers, and he was pretty much the opposite. “Do you really think I would audition for something like that?” he asked. After being friends for more than a year, Logan would have thought Eli knew him better than that.

“Trust me, this is right up your alley,” Eli responded. “Just let me read the ad for you.” Logan nodded his assent. He tended to automatically agree with his handsome roommate. “Are you a young adult male who wants to be on top?” Eli read. “We are now casting for Alpha House, a new reality show where men compete to be top dog. If you are between ages 18 and 30, in good physical shape, and can handle living in close quarters with seven other men for several weeks, come to our open casting!”

Logan had to admit, the idea did sound interesting. Of course Eli knew his roommate would love to live in close quarters with seven men for a few weeks. Logan had never been shy about his love for the male form. Eli was straight, but he enjoyed showing off his slightly muscular body for his roommate. Still, Logan wasn’t convinced that he should audition to be on tv. “Sponsored by Augment Enterprises,” Eli concluded. Well, that explained everything. Eli knew that Logan’s interest in the male form went beyond admiration. Logan had always wished that he could be one of the hot, masculine men that he admired. Eli had tried to help by working out with Logan, but the results never appeared on Logan’s wiry frame. A show sponsored by Augment Enterprises could be Logan’s ticket to his dream body.

In recent years, plastic surgery had had a sudden decrease in popularity because of Augment Enterprises. The company had a compelling platform: why have surgery when you could simply take a magic pill and transform yourself? Naturally, their products were ridiculously expensive, but it seemed that they could do just about anything. Their first products had provided things like instant abs or perfect skin, but they had gradually pushed the boundaries for what was possible for the human body. Now there were 8-foot-tall millionaires and porn stars with 15 inch cocks. The company’s slogan, “Make your dream body come true,” seemed amazingly apt.

If Augment Enterprises was sponsoring this show, surely there would be at least a little product placement. Would the guys get makeovers to help them compete? Or maybe the winner would receive free products. Logan had to take any chance to get his hands on some Augment Enterprises products. There was certainly no way a college student could afford to just buy them.

Logan was concerned when he went to the open casting. He felt that a lot of the guys were more attractive than he was, and half of them looked like they lived at the gym. Surprisingly, the producer at the interview table gave a sigh of relief when he walked up.

After a few minutes of questions, the young man said, “Finally, a normal person. I told the advertising guys they should have used different wording for the ads.”

Logan was intrigued. “What do you mean?” he asked. “What kind of guy are you looking for?”

The young producer paused for a moment, deciding how much he should say. “I’m only telling you this because you’ve passed this round of auditions,” he explained. “We’re not actually looking for alpha males, we’re looking for guys who want to be alpha males. We need guys who are decent looking and interesting but who really want to transform into something more.” Logan could feel himself getting hard. That was all but proof that the contestants would be using Augment Enterprises products.

The producer wouldn’t say more, but he had already said enough. He sent Logan on to another table where he filled out a bunch of forms, and then he was sent to another producer who walked him through a more formal audition video. Finally, he was sent to get a few photos taken. Logan noted that none of the gym rats had made it past the first interview. He did notice a cute preppy blond getting sent to the video station.

The photos were taken in a secluded corner that was shielded from everything else. The photographer repeatedly praised his fiery red hair, saying how much he envied the unique color. After a few headshots, Logan was asked to pose shirtless. He wasn’t fully comfortable with showing off his pale skin, but he didn’t want to ruin his chances so he just did it. Then he was asked to strip to his underwear.

“Is this really necessary?” Logan asked.

The photographer chuckled. “You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into, do you?” he asked rhetorically. “The rumor is the second half of the show is going to be pay per view. The assumption is that you’ll all turn into exhibitionists by the time Augment Enterprises is done with you.” Logan wondered if the photographer was even allowed to talk about the things he was saying so casually. He guessed the answer was no. Well, he might as well push to get more information while he could.

“So what does that have to do with me posing in my underwear right now?” Logan asked. Damn, just hearing about Augment Enterprises was getting him hard again. Just how much did they plan to change the contestants?

“The producers will probably try to get shots of the contestants half-dressed before the good part starts so that the audience can get a good comparison of before and after. And they’re probably looking for guys who aren’t afraid to be exhibitionists with or without augmentation.” The photographer noticed Logan’s growing bulge and grinned. “Now would be a perfect time for those photos. The producers want guys who aren’t afraid of sexuality.”

Logan didn’t think he was afraid of sexuality, but he wasn’t particularly eager to show off his hard-on either. Of all the things he didn’t like about his body, his dick, which topped off at 4 inches hard, was the thing he liked least. Still, he did as the photographer instructed as showed off as much as he could.

“I hope you make it on the show,” the photographer said as Logan dressed. “You’re pretty cute.” Logan smiled and thanked him. As he turned to leave, the photographer winked and added, “And I’d love to see you grow.” As Logan drove back to his apartment, his mind was filled with images of an augmented body. He only just barely made it to his room before the urge to jack off overwhelmed him.

Weeks passed, and Logan didn’t hear a thing about the show. Eli tactfully didn’t mention it, and life just went on like normal. Soon Logan was studying for finals, and Alpha House was the last thing on his mind. After his last final, Logan went home to find Eli bouncing off the walls. Not much could excite him like that, so Logan wondered what had him so riled up.

“The mail came a couple minutes ago,” Eli announced.

“Okay. Did some package come or something?”

Eli looked exasperated. “Wasn’t there something you were waiting to hear back about?” he asked. Logan honestly had no idea what his roommate was talking about. For the last few days, his mind had been emptied of anything that didn’t relate to finals. Eli stood there waiting, but Logan didn’t reply. Finally Eli held out an envelope. Logan’s eyes widened in recognition. He tore the envelope open as Eli watched with bated breath.

A huge grin spread across Logan’s face as he read the letter. “I’m in!” he shouted. “Filming starts in a month. I’ll have to meet with a producer and sign a bunch of waivers, but I’m in! I’m going to be on the show!” As Eli patted him on the back and congratulated him, Logan kept reading. “Oh my god,” he gasped. “Be advised that any augmentations are permanent and could affect your daily life after the show. If you do not wish to participate, please contact a representative as soon as possible so we can contact another candidate.” He had known that being on the show would give him access to products from Augment Enterprises, but now he was finally seeing it in writing. The envelope even contained a letter from Augment Enterprises saying that all contestants on the show would be considered representatives of the company and would have to sign a contract. Logan’s mind swam as he tried to process everything.

A month later, Logan sat in a car with a producer as they pulled up to an enormous mansion. “Now remember,” the producer intoned, “from the moment you step out of this car there will be cameras on you. You’re a wide-eyed college kid who can’t believe he made it on the show, but you’re also eager for the chance to become top dog.”

“Anything else I need to know?” Logan asked. He had hardly learned anything more about the show since he got the letter.

“Trust me, this will all work best if it’s a surprise.”

And so Logan stepped out of the car. Apparently he had been cast as the wide-eyed college kid, but he didn’t need to fake his awestruck expression as he stared at the mansion. The façade was beautiful, very nearly gaudy but not quite. It sat alone at the top of a hill like something you would see in an old movie. The lawn was vibrant and perfectly trimmed. And on either side of the front door were nude statues of very muscular men. Unsure of what he should do, Logan timidly knocked on the door.

Logan gasped in astonishment when the door opened. “I’m Jack Cannon, and this is Alpha House,” his host boomed. Logan couldn’t believe it. Jack Cannon, legendary porn star, was standing on the other side of the doorway. He looked just like he had in his videos from 10 years ago. No, he was actually more muscular now. He must have secured a very nice deal with Augment Enterprises. Logan forced himself to move into the house, moving mechanically as thoughts of Jack’s body filled his mind. Jack followed him, saying, “At 19 years old, Logan is the youngest dog in the pack. He hails from Oregon where he attends college. This fiery redhead is pretty cute, but will that help him in this dog eat dog world?”

Jack’s narration floated through Logan’s mind as he took in the place where he would be living. The foyer was large, with doorways to the living room on the right and a very large kitchen on the left. Ahead, there were stairs that presumably led to the bedrooms. A producer discreetly directed him upstairs. There were six bedrooms, two with king size beds, two with two twin beds each, and two with queen size beds. In the first room, a few belongings had been neatly unpacked in a very deliberate and organized manner. No one was currently in the room, but Logan could imagine that the occupant was a very exact person who was probably a bit uptight.

In the next room, a blond man was sprawled out on the king size bed and was reading. After a moment, Logan recognized the cute preppy guy from the open casting. He chose not to introduce himself yet, instead moving on down the hallway. The next two rooms had twin beds. They were both empty, but Logan hoped he could snag one of the queen size beds. Luckily, one room was not yet occupied, and Logan took the chance to claim it. He poked his head into the room across from his and saw a young Hispanic man who looked to be around his age. Logan was instantly taken aback by how pretty his housemate’s face was. Suddenly Logan felt very plain.

“I’m Alejandro,” the man said, offering his hand for a handshake. Logan was very aware of the camera that was capturing their first meeting. “I’m Logan,” he replied with a smile.

“I hope the other guys are as cute as you,” Alejandro said playfully. Logan was surprised that he was being so forward. Maybe the producers had given him the character of “the flirtatious one.”

“Have you seen any of the other guys yet?” Logan inquired.

“Only one. He was pretty handsome, but he seemed kind of stuffy. And I think he’s straight.” That was probably the mystery guy from the first room.

Logan left Alejandro and worked on unpacking. When he left his room again, he ran into a guy who was just choosing his own room. The two offered their obligatory introductions. This guy, Colin, was just slightly taller than Logan. Without asking, Logan guessed that he was from southern California. Between the very tanned skin, the thick blond hair, and the loose tank top, he seemed to fit the part. Logan couldn’t help but notice Colin’s nicely toned arms. He didn’t have bulk like all those gym rats who had been turned away, but he clearly took care of his body. Logan started imagining how Colin might look after a few alterations. Abruptly he remembered that a camera was following him, and he changed his line of thought before he started getting hard.

When Logan got downstairs, another contestant was coming in. “Denver hails from Texas,” Jack was saying, “and has never before left his home state. He’s 30 years old, which makes him the oldest one here, but he’s ready for this challenge. Can this old dog learn some new tricks? We’ll find out.” Denver wore baggy jeans that looked strange on his lean frame, chunky boots, and a plain t-shirt. Was that really how he dressed, or had he been told to play up being from Texas? He did look kind of cute though, with his wavy disheveled hair. At the moment, he was managing to simultaneously appear naturally masculine and slightly bewildered. His expressive blue eyes pierced the room and bored into Logan when they briefly made eye contact.

Logan moved out of the foyer and started exploring the first floor. There was a home gym and a game room as well as a cozy den. Around the back side of the house, big glass doors looked out on a pool and hot tub. One room beyond the dining room had a person guarding it. Apparently it was the “meeting room.” Logan headed back toward the front of the house and discovered that someone had been sitting in the living room the whole time. The man was very well groomed with deep brown eyes and long dark hair that was neatly pulled into a ponytail. This man, who was wearing an expensive dress shirt, had to be the occupant of the perfectly organized bedroom. His greeting was superficially pleasant, but it felt cold.

Logan didn’t have anything else to see in the house, so he engaged in small talk with his new acquaintance, Grant. Apparently Grant had risen to a lofty position in his company even though he was only 27. He seemed to think his business acumen made him a shoo-in to win this competition, but Logan had a feeling that Grant’s stiff demeanor would work against him.

Before long, the other guys started gathering in the living room. As the guys chatted, Logan heard Jack introducing two more contestants in the foyer. Before long, they too had come into the living room. There was Miles, a slender guy in the skinniest skinny jeans Logan had ever seen, and Trent, who looked like he was going into the army. He had a buzzed head and an overbearing demeanor. He was fairly good looking, but Logan just couldn’t get over Trent’s bravado.

Once all the guys had introduced themselves, Jack led them to the meeting room. This was it, the big meeting that would start everything. It occurred to Logan that he still didn’t really know how this competition was going to work. All he knew was that the guys would be competing to be “top dog,” whatever that meant.

The meeting room had two big spinners mounted on the wall. It quickly became obvious that this was where their enhancements would be determined. The first wheel had five large pie pieces labeled height, muscle, package, face, and attraction, plus two small pieces labeled jackpot and special. The second wheel had large spaces labeled 1 through 5 and small spaces that said 0, -1, and bankrupt. For a while Jack stood silent, giving the contestants time to react and giving the cameraman time to record the reactions. As the cameramen moved around, it struck Logan how ordinary everyone looked next to Jack. The cutest guy in the group paled in comparison, and Colin, the only one with muscles, was dwarfed by Jack. On top of that, Jack had to be at least 6’4” while none of the contestants appeared to be more than 6 feet tall. And of course Jack was flaunting the bulge that had made him famous. Logan covertly glanced at his fellow contestants. Only Alejandro had a noticeable bulge, although several of the guys were wearing loose or baggy pants.

“This is Alpha House,” Jack boomed to the camera. “Each of our 8 contestants will be augmented, but only one can be top dog.” Logan could feel a palpable sense of nervous excitement around him. Then a producer walked over to Jack and unwittingly broke the mood. Jack repeated his lines three more times before the producer was satisfied. Jack spoke again, this time addressing the contestants. “Every day you will spin these wheels to determine your enhancements. You will spin the wheel in alphabetical order by last name. As you gain your enhancements, it will be up to you to decide how to establish dominance in the house. Eventually once of you will be augmented so much that the others will have no choice but to give into your will. Your augmentations will be assigned by chance, but your willpower is yours to command.”

Jack turned toward the spinners. “The basic augmentations are pretty straightforward. The first four, height, muscle, package, and face, are basic physical attributes that you can exploit however you wish. The fifth, attraction, is more psychological. It will affect your physical appearance, but more importantly it will allow you to produce pheromones that will draw others to you. Since I am not a contestant, I have already been made immune to those pheromones.” That disappointed Logan. He could only imagine becoming a god that even Jack Cannon worshipped. “If you’re lucky you’ll hit the jackpot. That will give you every one of the five basic augmentations. Special is a wildcard. The good folks at Augment Enterprises have whipped up a couple of specialized augmentations that will be a surprise for some lucky contestants.”

Jack flashed a big grin at the camera before moving to the second wheel. “Once you’ve got your augmentation, you’ll have to face another roulette. You may not get your enhancement at all, or it may even be reversed. If you go bankrupt, your chosen attribute will be reset to the way you are right now.” That thought filled Logan and with apprehension. What if he turned into a hulking giant only to lose it all? The explanation of the bankrupt spot had severely dampened the mood in the room. Only Jack still had a smile on his face.

“Are you ready for you first spin?” Jack asked. And just like that, the apprehension vanished, replaced by sheer excitement. This was it, the time to start changing. Logan unconsciously stepped forward. With the last name Abberton, he was sure he would spin first. In due course, Jack called his name and he stepped up to the first wheel. Before he could spin, a producer came up and reiterated Jack’s explanation. He added that spins could not be redone for any reason and that reliance on chance was integral to the show.

Logan took a deep breath and spun the wheel. It moved so quickly that it became a blur. The colors bled together, the ends ticked against the tab at the top, and it almost seemed like the wheel would spin forever. Finally it slowed. It passed height, passed muscle, and landed on package. Logan felt a thrill in his small cock. Soon, maybe it wouldn’t be so small after all. As he moved to the second wheel, he was keenly aware of the foreboding small spaces but he held out hope that he would get to grow. Click, click, click. The wheel spun and spun, eventually landing on 2. The producer directed him to the side of the room. He had hoped to transform right then and there, but apparently he had to wait a little while longer. His dick began to harden in anticipation.

Colin was next. Logan had been right about him. He was from LA, and he hiked or swam every weekend. His spins earned him height and a 3. Logan thought that was unfair. Colin was already one of the tallest guys in the group. Next up was Grant. He alone managed to mostly contain his excitement. Just once, Logan wished Grant would show true emotion. Grant got attraction and a 4. He remained outwardly unmoved. Alejandro spun, and he too got unfair results from Logan’s point of view. He was probably the cutest guy there, so why did he get face and a 5?

Paul went fifth. He was the preppy guy who had been reading earlier. Logan had taken an instant liking to him once they started chatting. When Paul got height, his eyes lit up, as he was one of the shorter guys in the group. Then he became the first guy to spin a -1. With a dismal expression, he joined Logan and the others. Next was Trent, whose swagger still rubbed Logan the wrong way. He cheered when he got package but suddenly became quiet when he followed up with another -1. Denver, the handsome Texan, became the first one to land of the special space. He started asking what his augmentation would be, but the producer quickly explained that contestants would not get to learn about the special augmentations before they happened.

Finally only one person had to spin the wheels. Logan and most of the others were itching to get on with their transformations, while Paul and Trent were dreading theirs. Miles, the slim hipster, took his first spin. Muscle. Logan couldn’t decide if he thought muscle would look odd or hot on Miles. Then Miles spun a 4. The group was told they had to wait a few minutes while the Augment Enterprises team set up the dining room. Jack went in there to do some little bit for the camera before the contestants went in. Logan couldn’t stand the waiting. He was about to have a bigger dick, and he wanted it now.

After an eternity and a half, the men were ushered into the dining room where they each had a personalized place setting with a large goblet. The goblets held liquids in various vivid colors. Since Logan had spun first, he was told to drink first. He swirled the magenta drink and sniffed it as if it were wine. It smelled a little sweet. It tasted sweet too, but he would have drunk it all if it tasted like sewage water. He swallowed, waiting for something to happen. Colin was instructed to drink, and as he did Logan felt the effects of his own elixir. His cock had been semi-hard already, and now it was chubbing up rapidly. But Logan could feel that it wasn’t just getting hard. He felt all tingly down there, and he fought the urge to stick his hand down his pants right there in front of the camera. He did cup his hand over his bulge, though, and he could feel it growing even after he was fully hard. He thought about his number—2. Was it 2 inches longer than before? That seemed about right. Shit, and things were just getting started. How many times would he get to spin those wheels before the show was over?

Logan looked up to see Paul hesitantly sipping his green drink. He felt sorry for the guy. Logan looked to his left and discovered that Colin was now the tallest guy in the room besides Jack. His lean frame had expanded slightly to maintain his athletic proportions. He tugged off his too-small shirt, revealing a nicely defined torso with a perfect v-shape. Logan looked around the table. He hated to admit it, but Grant really did look more attractive than he had earlier. If he kept getting more attractive, his business skills might come in handy after all. He would be able to manipulate all the guys into letting him be the alpha.

Alejandro kind of looked like a model. His shoulder length hair framed his face perfectly, and somehow his proportions had been altered in a way that made him look more boyish and more masculine at the same time. By now, Paul had shrunk and Trent had presumably shrunken as well. Denver was clutching his stomach as if he was in pain. A producer walked over to Denver, completely ignoring his apparent discomfort. “We need to see your transformation, you know,” he said matter-of-factly. “You’re the first person to land on special, and you need to show off for the audience.”

Denver frowned, clearly annoyed. “Alright, alright. Well then, shoo. You’re between me and the camera.” Logan and most of the others focused their full attention on Denver. He was still holding his stomach, but now he was rubbing it, sometimes with his hand under his shirt. Then he was taking his shirt off, and several gasps could be heard. Logan had no idea what Denver’s torso had looked like a few minutes ago, but he was pretty sure it hadn’t been a perfectly chiseled six pack. No, that was an eight pack. His abs were as defined as they could possibly be. One of the cameramen zoomed in until he was probably getting a shot of every nook and cranny. Logan thought that he wouldn’t mind getting up close and personal with every nook and cranny of those perfect abs.

Miles caught Logan’s attention when he too took off his shirt. Considering that he had just put on 15 or 20 pounds of muscle, none of his tight shirts probably even fit him anymore. He had the beginning of abs too, and his chest had blossomed into a pair of small but firm pecs. He had a bubble butt that threatened to tear his skintight jeans. It was a little strange seeing little hipster suddenly grow muscles, but it was decidedly hot. If this was what day one brought, Logan couldn’t wait to see what would happen next.


Part 2

After Logan’s transformation, he wanted to go jerk off with his improved dick, but the producers said the guys had to mingle so they could get plenty of camera footage. Trent and Denver headed straight for the game room, while most of the other guys headed back to the living room, leaving just Logan and Alejandro in the dining room. Alejandro swayed his hips as he glided out of the room, periodically turning to brazenly stare at Logan’s bulge. Logan decided to follow the cute Latino, and they ended up in the den. Alejandro sat on the sofa, and for a moment Logan had an urge to sit down right next to him, pressing their bodies together. Instead, he sat on the other side of the couch. If he wanted to earn the position of top dog, he had to be guarded.

Alejandro didn’t seem to be guarded at all. “So how big is it?” he inquired.

Logan fidgeted nervously. “I haven’t even seen it yet.”

Alejandro leaned forward, curiosity in his eyes. “How does it feel? To be suddenly bigger, I mean.”

Logan blushed and cleared his throat. “Well, it feels good. I don’t think I’m really that big though.” He glanced down at Alejandro’s bulge. He was tenting his pants, revealing the outline of a plump dick. His unaltered cock was still bigger than Logan’s.

“No offense, but I had a feeling you weren’t packing much before. I’m glad you got to grow a bit. I think you deserved it, just like a certain other person deserved what he got.”

Logan laughed. He knew who Alejandro was talking about even without using his name. He was glad to know that he wasn’t the only one who had had a bad first impression of Trent. “Yeah, that took the air out of his sails real fast,” he replied. “I hate to admit it, but it was fun to see.”

“I just hope he doesn’t start overcompensating,” Alejandro joked. “He could get even worse than before.”

Logan became thoughtful. “Maybe he was already overcompensating,” he suggested. “And now he’s even smaller than before.”

Alejandro frowned. Then he put on a big smile and scooted toward Logan. “Talking about shrinking dicks is depressing,” he stated. “Let’s talk about other things. When Miles suddenly got muscles, was that hot or what?” Logan felt his dick stir. “And I’m so glad Colin took his shirt off. He should just go around shirtless all the time. I hope he gets more muscles soon. It would look so good on him.” Alejandro closed the gap between the two men on the couch. At this point Logan was thinking with his dick, not his brain. Alejandro leaned in for a kiss, and he gladly parted his lips.

Logan loved the feel of Alejandro’s stubble on his lips. He loved the taste of Alejandro’s tongue in his mouth. He wished this kiss could go on forever. Alejandro reached a hand under Logan’s shirt and placed the other over Logan’s bulge. Logan’s cock throbbed, desperate for release. Suddenly an obnoxious cheer from the next room ruined the moment. Presumably Trent had just beaten Denver at some game. In an odd way, Logan was thankful to Trent. His lust had taken over, destroying his inhibitions. He looked back at Alejandro, who had a decidedly predatory gleam in his eyes. This was a competition, and he was not going to let Alejandro beat him.

Logan stood up, awkwardly adjusting his hard on. “I hope we get a chance to do that again,” he said honestly. Maybe next time he would be the aggressor. “You should keep the stubble by the way. It’s hot.” And with that, he left the room.

Logan moved to the living room, where Paul, Colin, and Miles were chatting in one corner, while Trent and Denver had joined Grant on the other side of the room. Colin was appraising Miles’ muscular torso. “You got the best results of the day, if you ask me,” he said appreciatively. “Got any idea how much you gained?”

Miles unconsciously rubbed his hand across his pecs as he spoke. “There’s a scale in the bathroom upstairs. I put on 20 pounds.” Paul whistled.

“20 pounds, huh?” Colin echoed. “And you got a four, right? So does that mean each number counts as five pounds of muscle?”

Paul had his own ideas. “It may not be a set amount. It may be proportional to your current size.”

“Well, I got a 3, and I’m pretty sure I got three inches taller,” Colin pointed out. At that moment, he noticed Logan in the doorway. “Hey, you got a two. Did you gain two inches?”

Logan blushed deeply. Constantly talking about his new size was doing nothing to ease his raging hard on. Miles came to his rescue. “So what do the numbers mean for Alejandro?” he asked. “He got a 5. I’d say he was an 8 before, so does that mean he’s a 13 now?”

The others chuckled. “I don’t think Alejandro’s quite that hot,” Paul said. “Although he might be by the time this is all over.”

“What about the guys in the straight boy corner?” Miles asked, looking toward the other group.

“You think they’re all straight?” Colin replied. “Denver seems to be fawning over Grant.”

Logan finally spoke up. “That’s probably just Grant’s enhanced pheromones. So if that’s the straight boy corner, does that mean we’re…?” He trailed off, waiting for a response.

“The gay boy corner!” Miles finished. “I’m assuming Alejandro is too.”

“Yeah, he is,” Logan replied a little too quickly. Three sets of inquiring eyes bored into him. “It was pretty obvious from the way he was asking me about my, uh, my package,” Logan hastily added. There was no need to say anything more.

“To be honest,” Colin said, “I was kind of expecting the group to be all gay. I mean, eight guys living together, fighting to be top dog? It sounds pretty homoerotic to me.”

Miles rubbed his muscles again. “Yeah, I imagine this experience will be pretty erotic.” He seemed to be thinking out loud.

By this point, it was just too much for Logan. He hastily excused himself and went straight to his room. As he got up, he could feel the guys’ eyes on his crotch. A cameraman followed him upstairs, but he hurriedly shut himself in his room and locked the door. He tore his clothes off and drank in the sight of his six inch member. Maybe it wasn’t that impressive, but it was a good deal bigger than it had been a few hours ago. And soon it would grow even more. He could feel it. As he pleasured himself, he saw visions of a cock that was growing and growing and growing.

The next morning, the guys gradually made their way into the kitchen for breakfast. Logan noted that Colin, Miles, and Denver were all shirtless again. The first two probably didn’t have any shirts that fit very well, but Denver just seemed desperate to show off his perfect abs. Alejandro was dressed in only boxers and a tank top, and he knew full well that the guys were checking him out. The way he bounced his ass when he walked struck Logan as a little silly but very sexy.

Just as the guys were about to start showering and getting ready for the day, they were called into the meeting room. It was time for the next round of augmentations. Trent and Colin were clearly apprehensive, while the others were giddy with excitement. The guys were led past the back doors, and they could see Jack getting out of the pool. Logan was dazed as Jack toweled off. He was a god compared to the contestants. He pulled on a skintight tank top and sauntered into the house. He ran his fingers through his damp hair, and the image looked straight out of a shampoo commercial. Or a porno. The housemates followed him like sheep.

In the meeting room, Jack addressed the contestants. “You’re all puppies in a dog eat dog world. You’re lucky you even made it into the house. Until you can compete with me, you have no chance of winning. Now, let’s play roulette.” As Logan walked up to the wheel, his eyes were on Jack Cannon. How could he ever compete with that man? It didn’t seem that any number of enhancements could put him on that level. Still, any enhancement was better than nothing. He spun as hard as he could. Package. His dick stirred. He prayed that he didn’t lose it. His next spin was a 5. He got weak at the knees. If Colin’s guess was right, he was about to gain another 5 inches. Surely that would make him the biggest guy in the house.

Colin got height and a 1, and he seemed a little disappointed. Grant’s spins earned him muscle and a 4. Logan hated to admit it, but Grant would probably look really great with the extra muscle. Alejandro also got muscle, but his second spin only gave him a 2. Paul got attraction and a 2, and he was clearly relieved. Next up was Trent. His first spin gave him package, and he cheered loudly. “Big money, big money!” he yelled as he spun the second wheel.

“This isn’t Wheel of Fortune,” Miles snarked. He went quiet when the wheel landed on 5. Trent pumped his fist in the air, while most of the others sighed. Denver silently waited for Trent’s little celebration to end before taking his shot at the double roulette. His eyes lit up when he landed on muscle, but his hopes were dashed when he got a 0. Finally Miles spun, getting height and a 4.

“No jackpot yet,” Jack Cannon mused. “Well, I hope you make the most of your results.”

This time Logan was prepared for the long wait, and he tried his best to be patient. Still, he was anxious to grow again. He noticed Alejandro glancing at his bulge more than once. When the group finally moved to the dining room, it was set up exactly the same as the day before except that Denver’s place at the table was empty. As soon as Logan got the signal from the producer, he gulped down his magenta concoction. He was already semi-hard, and he completely zoned out, waiting for the growth to begin. He moaned as he felt the familiar tingling. This time he did what he had been too embarrassed to do yesterday. He stuck his hand down his pajama pants, fondling his growing member.

Logan was vaguely aware of Grant moaning as he fondled his growing pecs, but Logan’s thoughts were consumed by his own growth. He could feel his dick getting longer and thicker with each passing moment. Suddenly Logan felt that he needed to get somewhere private. He darted out of the room, careless of what the producers thought. With one hand wrapped around his dick, he ran to the nearest bathroom. Shit, his hand could hardy even get around it. And it came nowhere near covering the length from base to tip. For a moment, Logan let go and just stared at the huge tent in his pants. That was all him. It was unreal. Then he unveiled his beautiful cock, taking in its huge size. It had to be almost three times as long as it had been before Alpha House.

Just as Logan was about to start jacking off, he heard a knock at the door. Shit. His mind started reeling, trying to figure out what he should do next. “Logan, are you in there?” It was Miles. “Want some help?” Logan had kind of hoped it would be Alejandro. Still, he wanted to show off his new size. “I’ll be waiting in your room,” Miles said. Logan heard his receding footsteps. For a little while Logan just stood there undecided. Then he put on his pants and opened the door.

Logan made no effort to hide his hard on from the cameras. In fact, he wanted to show it off. He was probably close to Jack Cannon’s size. That thought made him even more aroused than before. Shit, he was hung like a porn star. He sauntered into his room and closed the door. Miles sat on the bed in only a pair of red briefs.

“You missed some good stuff after you ran out of the room,” Miles informed him with a grin. “A lot of Grant’s muscle went straight to his pecs. You can see the outline through his shirt. And you missed me tearing my pants when I grew. The ass split right down the seam.”

Logan could see that Miles’ growth had done him a lot of good. As his body had lengthened, his recently acquired muscles had expanded to fit his new frame. Most noticeably, his shoulders had widened and his pecs had become rounder and meatier. Miles stood, showing off the fact that he was now taller than Logan.

“You’re not showing me your best asset,” Logan complained. “Turn around so I can see that bubble butt.” Miles happily obliged, eager to show off. Two globes filled out his briefs nicely. Logan couldn’t wait to release that beautiful ass from its confines. It struck Logan that Miles had gone through the most dramatic change so far. He had come in as a slender twink who seemed completely as ease with his small size. Now he was eager to show off his body as if he went to the gym every day.

“You like?” Miles asked playfully, flexing his glutes. He turned around with a saucy smirk. “Now it’s time for you to show your best asset. Not that you’re trying to hide it.”

Logan took a few steps forward so that he was directly in front of his muscular housemate. “Why don’t you do the honors?” he offered as he removed his shirt. Miles ran a hand down Logan’s torso, tracing his light treasure trail. With something akin to reverence, he pulled down Logan’s pants, sank to his knees, and stared at the huge member.

“Shit,” Miles murmured. “What is that, a foot long?”

“Pretty close, I think.”

Miles ran his index finger up the length of the shaft, from the base up to the tip. He ran it along the underside of the head, eliciting a moan from Logan. “I want to see you stroke it,” he said. “One hand will hardly be enough.”

Logan happily obliged. He was amazed by the sheer weight of his member. Miles pulled down his briefs and started stroking his own cock. His was on the smaller side of average, but it seemed downright tiny compared to Logan’s. Miles kept one hand firmly on his cock, but he began to put on a show for Logan. He turned and flexed his glutes, and he caressed his ass with his free hand. Logan could feel pressure building, and his breaths became shallow. He had never topped a guy before, but he had a sudden urge to try it.

Miles seemed to sense Logan’s thoughts, but he wasn’t interested. He turned to face Logan, a coy smile on his face. “Not this time,” he said. Logan hoped that meant there would be a next time. “That thing is awfully big, if you hadn’t noticed,” Miles continued playfully. “I don’t know if I could handle it. For now, I just want to take in the sight of it.”

Logan decided not to push things. Instead, he sat on the bed, leaned back, and spread his legs. His rigid member stood up like a pillar in front of him. Miles was clearly entranced. “You were right,” Logan said as he stroked himself. “One hand is hardly enough. Why don’t you help out?”

Miles eagerly sat next to Logan, pressing their legs together. He wrapped his hand around Logan’s cock and was amazed that his and Logan’s hands together didn’t quite cover the length of the huge rod. Logan reached out his free hand and took over stroking Miles’ cock. It seemed so small compared to the monster he was now sporting. As the two men jerked off together, Miles felt himself up. If Logan’s new size wasn’t enough to get him excited, Miles’ body certainly did the trick. Miles’ tight, lean muscles reminded Logan of Eli back home. He began to imagine that Eli was the one helping him get off.

Logan felt like he could explode at any moment, and he could tell that Miles was on the edge too. “Oh god,” Miles moaned. “You’re so huge. I want to grow like you.”

Hearing that was enough to send Logan over the edge. “Fuck, I’m cumming!” he shouted. As if Logan’s words had been a trigger, Miles’ balls seized up too. The two men simultaneously shot wad after wad. Even after Miles was done, Logan kept cumming. Finally his orgasm subsided, and he just sat there panting. Miles’ eyes were glazed over. He almost seemed to be in shock after the intensity of the moment.

As Logan stood up, it dawned on him that the mansion’s only showers were in the communal bathroom upstairs. He didn’t bother to put anything on when he headed to the bathroom. His soft cock was longer than it used to be hard. When he left his room, there was a cameraman right outside the door. He heard the man gasp as he walked by with his pendulous dick swinging in front of him. That photographer back at the auditions had been right. Logan had suddenly turned into an exhibitionist. He wondered what Eli would think of his transformation. He grinned at the thought. He imagined going home with a massively augmented body and letting his roommate worship him. His thoughts drifted back to the wheel downstairs, and he reminded himself that the changes were still just beginning.


Part 3

After the second round of transformations, Logan wasn’t the only one who became more of an exhibitionist. Most of the guys remained shirtless throughout the day. Denver and Grant spent most of the afternoon in the pool, and the blond Texan couldn’t keep his eyes off the other’s pecs. Trent didn’t seem sure whether he wanted to show off or not. He seemed ready to whip it out at any moment to display his new size, but at one point Logan heard him rebuff Miles’ attempt to see it. Logan made a mental note that Miles must be a total size queen.

Alejandro went shirtless even though he still easily fit into all his clothes. Logan couldn’t help but admire the eye candy. The young Latino hadn’t gained much muscle, but his small gain had somehow enhanced his proportions, making the lines of his lean body appear even longer and more graceful. Colin and Paul spent a lot of time together too, which really made their height difference obvious. There was a good eight or nine inch height difference between the tallest and shortest housemates.

Throughout the day, the producers quietly orchestrated certain things, like trying to get guys into the home gym or getting guys into the hot tub after dinner. Logan made a point of avoiding the gym. He would be more than happy to work out in skimpy clothes and get all sweaty after he had put on some muscle, but until then he didn’t really want to show off his lanky body. He did join in a competition in the game room despite the fact that Trent was obnoxiously loud every time he did well. Logan figured he might as well learn to put up with it if they were going to be sharing a house together.

The producers also periodically pulled someone into the meeting room for an interview. When it was Logan’s turn, they grilled him about his impressions of the other guys, and they openly questioned him about what he and Miles had done in his room. He might be turning into an exhibitionist, but he wasn’t about to talk about his sex life in front of a camera. Not yet, at least. The producer tactfully changed topics and asked Logan about his hopes for further augmentations. When the interview was finally, over, Logan was exhausted.

That night, Alejandro left his bedroom door wide open as he changed out of his clothes. Logan took in the young man’s lithe body appreciatively. The way his legs glided along the floor, he looked like a dancer. And his sizeable cock swung with every movement. Its girth was as impressive as its length. Alejandro periodically sent glances Logan’s way as if to ask whether he enjoyed the show. Logan’s cock answered for him. Alejandro glided toward the door, and Logan did the same as if drawn by some invisible force. By now Logan’s pole was rapidly becoming hard, and Alejandro couldn’t help but stare. But when the two men reached their doorways, Alejandro stopped.

“You have no idea how sexy you look with that massive tent in your shorts,” Alejandro said with a lustful glint in his eyes.

Logan languidly leaned against his doorframe. “Want to get up close and personal with it?” he asked.

Alejandro grinned at the prospect, but he took a step back. “Absolutely I do, but not tonight. I just wanted to see if you were bigger than me.”

Logan wriggled out of his shorts and held his stiff cock in his hand. “Well?”

Alejandro laughed, but he was obviously a bit surprised. “Wow, you really are. By a lot. But who knows, maybe by this time tomorrow, I’ll be bigger again.” With that, he shut his door, leaving Logan alone to deal with his hard-on. Images of Alejandro’s long, beautiful body fueled a very intense jack-off session. Then Logan drifted to sleep, dreaming of tomorrow’s possibilities.

Logan woke up with tons of energy. He felt like he was on a roll so far with his augmentations, and he felt certain that today would bring more good luck. He didn’t even bother to put on a shirt to hide his pale, wiry torso before bounding down the stairs. He wasn’t the only guy who was skimpily dressed. Alejandro was wearing only a pair of brightly colored boxer briefs. Logan imagined that tomorrow he might come into the kitchen wearing nothing at all. Colin and Miles both had the excuse that their shirts didn’t really fit thanks to their new size, and even the stoic Grant was shirtless. He unconsciously puffed out his chest in an effort to make his pecs look more impressive.

Once everyone was gathered in the kitchen, the anticipation was palpable, but breakfast came and went without an appearance from Jack Cannon. The producers were tight-lipped, so the guys just went about their morning activities. For Logan, that meant jacking off again. Between his new size and his cute housemates, he was getting horny almost constantly. He felt like a teenager on Viagra. Lunchtime came, and the producers still hadn’t dropped any hints. Then, just as the guys started eating, Jack Cannon burst into the room. He was shirtless as if to remind all the contestants that his muscles still dwarfed theirs. He was wearing only a pair of spandex shorts, and he looked absolutely stunning. His gorgeous abs and huge pecs were even more defined than they had been in his porn star days. He almost looked like a bodybuilder. Logan thought he heard a dazed sigh come from Miles’ direction.

“I hope you’re all ready for some exercise!” Jack exclaimed. The cameramen made sure to get close-ups of the guys’ stunned faces. “You’ve got a challenge today, and the winner will get a special advantage next time you spin the wheels.” That got everybody’s attention. The room was full of murmurs as the guys wondered what the special advantage would be. A producer explained the challenge to the contestants, but Jack turned to the camera to explain for the audience.

“We have prepared a mile-long course that goes around the mansion and out into the park area beyond,” he stated in his announcer voice. “I’ll be running with the contestants to show them what a real alpha male looks like.” He turned to the guys with a cocky grin. “You had better hope you can keep up.” He turned back to the camera. “At the end of the mile-long course, there is an obstacle course. Only the first four to complete the run will continue on to the obstacle course. The winner will learn more about his prize when we get back to the meeting room.”

The producers only gave everyone a few minutes to prepare. Everyone was given a jockstrap, a pair of compression shorts, and a tight-fitting tank top and told to change immediately. Jack was talking to the camera again, further explaining the “Under Armour athletic challenge.” Logan didn’t even bother with his jockstrap. His dick was a good 8 or 9 inches soft now, and he wondered how he would even fit his monster into a jock. His member was clearly visible under his compression shorts, and he loved it. He just hoped the spandex would keep his junk in place when he ran.

Logan’s bigger concern was the he was not an athletic person. Colin and Trent were apparently the only ones who had regularly worked out before the show, so they surely had an advantage. The guys who had acquired muscle so far had a bit of an advantage, but Logan didn’t fall into that category either. As the guys gathered in the back yard, it was fun to see everyone in their outfits. Somehow Grant’s muscular chest actually looked better in spandex than it had bare. And of course Miles was very eager to show off his gorgeous bubble butt. Logan himself got plenty of stares. Alejandro and Miles could hardly take their eyes off his impressive bulge. Jack Cannon still looked better than any of the contestants, and he quickly took command of the situation.

In no time, everything was set up and the race had started. Paul was the smallest in the group, and he soon began to lag behind the others. Logan also found himself toward the back of the pack. He had to admit that he had no chance of winning this challenge. He started silently rooting for Alejandro. The young Latino had an ease about his movements, and he was effortlessly keeping up with Jack Cannon.

By the end of the mile, Denver had fallen to the back with Logan and Paul. Colin and Alejandro were about tied when they entered the obstacle course, but Miles was close behind. Trent cursed loudly when Grant just barely beat him as the fourth and final person to make it to the obstacle course. Logan jogged toward the course so he could still see the action. Miles and Grant were clearly winded, and it was obviously down to a race between Alejandro and Colin. With encouragement from a producer, Logan and the others started cheering on the guy they wanted to win. With a triumphant shout, Colin crossed the finish line.

After a little bit of celebration, the mood became sullen. The guys still hadn’t eaten lunch, and they were hungry, tired, and frustrated that they hadn’t managed to win. Even Colin’s enthusiasm faded quickly. The producers bundled the guys into a couple of SUV’s and drove back to the mansion. They were allowed a couple minutes to hurriedly change into their regular clothes before being herded into the meeting room. Jack stood in front of the wheels with his standard cocky grin.

“Colin,” Jack intoned, “you were the winner of the Under Armour athletic challenge. After everyone has spun, you may trade your augmentation with another contestant.” Logan was filled with envy, and from the looks on everyone’s faces, he wasn’t alone. Trent muttered angrily. Jack gestured to Logan and grinned even wider. “Let’s get this party started.”

Logan felt a sudden wave of uneasiness as he stepped forward to spin the wheel. He hoped his luck really did hold up. His first spin landed on height, and he was thrilled. When his second spin gave him a 5, he nearly jumped for joy. He couldn’t believe how well this was going. Colin’s first spin gave him attraction, but his second landed on bankrupt. Right away, everyone knew Colin would definitely use his chance to switch with another player. Grant got face and a 3. He seemed pretty pleased, but before he could even move, Colin blurted out, “I’m switching with Grant.” Several of the guys couldn’t hide their satisfied smiles. Grant looked furious. It was possibly the first time Logan had seen a genuine emotion on the guy’s face.

“Are you sure?” Jack asked. “Five guys still have to spin.” Logan knew Colin would stick with his choice. Grant and Paul were the only ones who had landed on attraction so far, which meant they were the only ones who had something to lose by getting Colin’s augmentation. Colin wasn’t focused on his own transformation; he wanted to trip up Grant.

After Colin’s interruption, the producers wanted to keep things moving. Alejandro spun muscle and a 5. He glided over toward Logan knowing everyone’s eyes were on him. Once again he was clad only in his underwear, and several sets of eyes were scanning every inch of his lithe body, trying to imagine how much better it would look with more muscle. Paul also got muscle, but he only followed it up with a 1. Then Trent got face and a 1. Denver was the first to land on jackpot, which Jack Cannon eagerly pointed out to the camera. He only got a 2, but he was still thrilled. Logan wondered what it would feel like to be transformed in so many ways at once. Jack looked questioningly at Colin as if to imply that he had made the wrong choice. Colin just shrugged.

Finally Miles spun, and he got height and a 5 just like Logan. Logan eyed the cute guy enviously. That meant that at least one person in the house would still be taller than him after he grew. Still, there was little that could dampen Logan’s mood as he waited for his chance to grow.

Logan was getting used to the wait, but that didn’t make it any easier to deal with. The eight contestants were trapped in the meeting room with a producer watching over them, and they had to remain quiet while Jack did his bit in the dining room. It all felt very claustrophobic. They all just awkwardly stood there, periodically shuffling their feet. Just when Logan felt he could hardly bear it, everyone was allowed into the dining room.

This time Logan’s goblet was filled with green liquid. He had flashbacks to drinking lime Kool-Aid as a kid. He could almost taste the sickeningly sweet sugar water. Luckily this drink tasted nothing like that. Actually, it was slightly bitter, and it left a tingling sensation in his mouth. He did his best to ignore it. He found himself wishing he was wearing a shirt. He would have loved to feel himself grow out of it. Well, at least he would get to grow out of his jeans. While these thoughts were still running through his head, he felt himself start growing. The sensation was really more like stretching. It was as though he could feel himself lengthening, his head and shoulders pulling up and away from his feet, his hands pulling away from his shoulders. It was a slow process, but his whole body was filled with energy that was spreading out and pulling him outward in every direction.

As Logan waited for his physical change to become more noticeable, he checked out the changes in the other guys. Colin’s face was starting to look different, but Logan couldn’t place what exactly had changed. Colin’s greenish blue eyes sparkled as he too looked around the room. Had his eyes always been that color? Logan tried to discern a change in Grant, but he didn’t notice anything. He wasn’t sure what he expected to see. If wasn’t as if pheromones were visible, after all. Alejandro’s muscles seemed to ripple even when he wasn’t moving. His transformation was just starting.

Logan returned his attention to his own body, and he quickly unbuttoned his jeans. Not only were they becoming high-waters, but they were also getting pretty snug at the waist. He supposed it made sense. Even a lanky body had to grow a little wider if it was suddenly going to get five inches taller. Even his junk seemed to stretch a little, although it hardly counted compared to his last transformation. Logan stretched his lengthened limbs, and it felt amazing. His arms and legs had always been a bit long for his height, but noy they were really getting impressive. Even his shoulders widened a bit to accommodate his new size. Jack Cannon strode past him, and he was stunned to find that he was nearly as tall as the hunky porn star.

Eventually the growth slowed. Logan discovered that he was almost the exact same height as Colin now. That meant he must be well over 6 feet tall. Alejandro also seemed to be done growing, and he looked stunning. He hadn’t put on a lot of bulk, but he radiated power. If he looked like a dancer before, he was starting to look like a gymnast now. He still moved gracefully, but his powerful thighs and wide chest brought out his masculinity. Logan didn’t want to take his eyes off the beautiful man, but he did want to see the others’ transformations.

Paul was virtually unchanged. Logan still felt bad for him. The little muscle he had received didn’t really show, and he was still the shortest one in the group. Logan didn’t want another rival, but he had really hoped to see Paul get augmented. In his eyes, Paul was the second cutest guy after Alejandro. Logan continued to scan the room. He supposed Trent was a bit more handsome than before, but he didn’t think any amount of enhancements would override his aversion to Trent’s personality.

Denver had the most pronounced change. He was only about average height in the group, and he still had a pretty lean frame, but the combined effect of his augmentations was impressive. His newly acquired muscle and height had served to fill out his skinny body, and he definitely looked more handsome than before. He stripped off his shirt to show off his improved torso. Impossibly, his abs we even more cut than before, but now he had just enough chest muscle that his eight-pack didn’t look out of place on his lean frame.

Miles was still the one who had transformed the most overall so far. He was as tall as Jack Cannon now, maybe even slightly taller. His lean muscle looked amazing with his added height. He had discarded his pants, which were clearly too small at this point. He had surely outgrown everything in his wardrobe by now. Even his underwear was stretched tight. The tall athletic man was a far cry from the little twink who had come into the house three days ago.

Logan found that some of the others were just as interested in his changes as he was in theirs. Alejandro was sporting a boner that seriously strained his boxer briefs. His eyes kept moving back and forth between Logan, Colin, and Miles. Paul was eying Logan too. The group began to disperse, and Logan followed Paul into the kitchen. He still hadn’t had lunch, and he was starving.

While Logan and Paul ate, they chatted a bit, and they naturally started talking about the challenge. “I was rooting for you, you know,” Paul told Logan.

Logan laughed. “I guess I didn’t live up to your expectations, huh?” he responded. “It would have been nice to have this new height before the race.”

“It looks good on you,” Paul said quickly. Then he sighed.

Logan averted his eyes. “I’m sure you’ll get some good augmentations soon,” he murmured. “For what it’s worth, I still think you’re one of the cutest guys here.” Paul raised his eyebrows. Clearly he didn’t believe Logan. “I saw you at the audition in the mall,” Logan continued. “I hoped you would make it on the show.”

That got Paul’s attention. “Really? I mean, you noticed me in that big crowd of people?”

“Well, it was after you had already made it past the first interview, but yeah.”

Surprisingly, Paul sighed again. “I don’t know, maybe I’m just not alpha male material,” he said glumly.

“But you wish you were, right? That’s the point. That’s why you’re here. Look at Miles. No one would have pegged him as an alpha male, but three transformations later he’s a completely different person.”

That seemed to improve Paul’s mood. Still, he sighed wistfully even as he began to smile. “If only I had Miles’ luck. Or yours. Then I maybe I could be who I really want to be.”

“Want to practice?” Logan asked.

Paul’s eyebrows furrowed. Logan hadn’t noticed before just how expressive Paul’s eyebrows were. It made him cuter. “Practice what?”

Logan grinned. “Being an alpha male.” With that, he sauntered out of the kitchen, swaying his hips as if he was trying to imitate Alejandro. He knew Paul would follow. They headed upstairs to Logan’s room. Loud noises emanated from one of the other bedrooms. It sounded like Colin and Miles were enjoying their most recent augmentations.

Once Logan got to his room, he wanted to keep the focus on Paul. “What would you do if you were the one with the foot-long cock?” he asked.

Paul drew a deep breath and unconsciously cupped his bulge. “I would want you to worship it,” he breathed. “I would tease you with my size, knowing you couldn’t resist staring at it.”

Logan unbuttoned Paul’s pants and pulled down his briefs just enough to release his average-sized cock. It was already starting to chub up. Paul sat on the bed, and Logan knelt before him. When Logan looked up at Paul’s face, he couldn’t put a finger on the sensation that welled up inside him. It dawned on him that Paul’s enhanced pheromones were probably affecting him. He returned his gaze to Paul’s swelling member, and he pushed his face right into the other’s crotch.

“Alright, I’m staring at your huge tool,” Logan whispered. “It’s got me under a spell. What would you do next?”

Paul wrapped a hand around the back of Logan’s head. He was starting to get into the fantasy now. “I’d… I’d grow, right before your eyes. You’d watch as I got taller and taller, bigger than you, bigger than Miles. My muscles…,” he trailed off, wrapped up in his fantasy. “My muscles would get thicker and thicker, and you wouldn’t be able to keep your hands off me.” Logan slid his hands under Paul’s shirt, imagining that the flat stomach was instead a wall of rippling abs. “My pecs would grow so huge and round, you’d have to squeeze them to believe they were real.” Logan lifted Paul’s shirt up further and rubbed his hands all over Paul’s chest. After his slight muscle increase, his chest wasn’t totally flat, but in Logan’s mind’s eye, his pecs were firm and round, jutting out like bowling balls. Paul’s nipples quickly stiffened as Logan stimulated them with his thumbs.

“I know you want me to worship your massive pecs,” Logan breathed. Paul threw his head back in pleasure.

“Lick my nipples,” Paul commanded. “The more you lick them, the more my pecs will grow. I can get as big as you want me to be.” Logan eagerly obliged. He helped Paul lift his shirt over his head, and then swirled his tongue around Paul’s nipple. He imagined a huge, bulbous slab of muscle just waiting to inflate even more. As he sucked Paul’s nipple, he kept rubbing and pinching the other one. He imagined Paul’s chest ballooning into his face, smothering him as the muscles grew. Logan delicately kissed Paul’s sternum before giving equal attention to Paul’s other nipple. Paul moaned in delight.

As Logan continued to luck and suck Paul’s nipples, Paul interjected. “My cock is getting so huge now,” he gasped. “I know you can feel it. It’s more than a foot long now. It’s rubbing against your shirt, drenching you in pre.” Logan rubbed his body against Paul’s and imagined a larger than life rod pinned between their torsos. His own cock was feeling increasingly restrained in his pants. Paul’s hand was still wrapped around Logan, but he started stroking himself with his other hand.

“You’re so huge, so dominant now,” Logan breathed. “Tell me what you want me to do.”

Paul didn’t say anything at all. Instead, he undid Logan’s belt and fished his massive cock out of his pants. He grabbed Logan’s wrist and guided it to his own six-inch boner. Logan quickly started stroking Paul’s throbbing cock, and Paul stroked Logan’s. As the two men pleasured each other, engulfed in their fantasy, Paul leaned toward Logan and whispered in his ear. “When I’m bigger I will dominate you.” It came out almost as a growl.

For a moment, Logan lost all desire to be an alpha male. He thought only of a blond giant dominating him and bending him to his will. Spurred by that thought and Paul’s ministrations, Logan came. Thick streams of cum spurted up, coating their chests and splattering their faces. Paul seemed stunned by the sheer amount of cum, and he blissfully came only moments later. Logan could only imagine that Paul had also been thinking about growing into a giant and dominating Logan. Paul’s eyes shone with anticipation. He was truly ready to transform now. Logan was going to have to keep an eye on Paul. Maybe it hadn’t been such a good idea to make him feel empowered. Sometime soon Logan would have to turn the tables and show Paul true dominance.

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Birthday bonus by john smith In a world where magic is real, Jeremy's enchanted birthday gifts are put to immediate use. Added Jan 2006 25k views 5.0 stars (9 votes) 4,359 words •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Straight to Gay•Increased Libido•First Time/Virgin •t/t

Definition of a grower by Luke B. Kyle is pretty sure people don’t understand the magnitude of what he means when he says he’s “a grower”. 2 parts Added Apr 2013 27k views 5.0 stars (18 votes) 4,221 words •Cock Growth•Huge Cock

Finding Mark by nightwolf285 Turning 16 means lots of changes for Mark. The one he’s not expecting is the ability to change his own body. 11 parts Added Oct 2010 44k views 5.0 stars (15 votes) 29k words •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Size Increase •t•t/t

Ladder of the heavens by Ziel "Someone suggested that I do a story with piercings and jewelry that caused growth in the owner. I made use of some other suggestions as well so this story features a wide array of kinks including muscle/dick growth and even a touch of shrinkage, and there’s even a cute little *spoiler* with a *spoiler**spoiler*" Added May 2015 18k views 5.0 stars (4 votes) 11k words •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Pointy Ears•Size Decrease

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