The bonding

by NBCK99

Roy is reluctant to meet up with Cody, the hottie he’d met online—even more so because they’re meeting up at a dance club, and Roy didn’t do clubs. But Cody manages to get Roy to see things his way, though not without some surprises for Cody, too.

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The moment Roy stepped into DREAM, he was reminded why he didn’t go to clubs. The place smelled like must, beer, and cheap cologne, and the lights were turned down so low he could hardly see a thing. The music was overwhelmingly loud, and the thumping bass reverberated inside his head. What was he doing? Roy should have been sipping a martini in a low-key lounge. Better yet, he could be sipping chardonnay on his couch while catching up on the most recent season of House of Cards. Roy couldn’t believe he was acting so out of character. He’d never been one to go out dancing, and he abhorred loud, crowded places. He’d never been a partier when he was younger, and he was a little old to suddenly change his ways now.

Roy had recently turned 37, and he was feeling old. Maybe that was the root of all of this. He felt a need to appeal to his vanity. He’d always looked rather young for his age, and it was finally coming in handy. He was slim and trim with a boyishly cute face. Practically everyone assumed he was under 30, and friends bitched that he never aged. So maybe Roy wanted to watch younger guys flirt with him. That would prove he still had it. He’d worn the sexiest outfit he owned as if to wear a sign that said “ROY HOWELL IS STILL ON THE MARKET.” The thing was, he wasn’t really on the market. At least, he wasn’t that night. He was going on a date with some hot kid he’d met online. They’d hit it off instantly, and they’d already met up for coffee. Then Cody had suggested going to DREAM, and the older man couldn’t resist saying yes. Roy wondered again what he was doing there.

Roy awkwardly waded through the crowd as he searched for the nearest bartender. Sure, he looked great, at least he hoped he did, but he still felt completely out of place. Cory had caused Roy to lose all sense. Most of the young twinks at this club would consider him an old geezer if they knew how old he was. Why wasn’t he with people his own age? Or people who might share at least one common interest? For that matter, why was Roy chasing after Cody? Cody was a 22-year-old recent college grad, and as far as Cody knew, Roy was 27, not 37. As Roy took a brightly colored and horribly watered down drink from the bartender, he came to the conclusion that there was one simple answer to all of his questions. He was having a midlife crisis. What else would explain the way he completely lost his head over Cody? Roy tended to automatically dismiss anyone under 24 as being a kid. Until now.

Roy checked his phone nervously. He was beginning to fear that Cody wasn’t coming after all. Sure, Roy had arrived at the club more than 10 minutes before he and Cody had agreed to meet, but he was growing more insecure by the minute. Maybe Cody had figured out that Roy was lying about his age. Or maybe the gorgeous guy had just been messing with him the whole time. Surely a hot young stud like Cody could have anyone he wanted. Roy was getting jittery now. He decided that when he had finished his drink he would just bolt. Cody clearly wasn’t coming.

Just as Roy was about to put his phone away, it buzzed in his hand. He quickly scanned the text. It read, “Sorry running late. See you soon!” followed by several emoticons that Roy would have dismissed as juvenile had they come from any other source. Roy took a deep breath. Okay, he needed to calm down. He was freaking out over nothing. Well, nothing except the fact that he had lied to his date about his age and that he was feeling increasingly claustrophobic in the crowded club. Roy went to take another sip of his drink only to discover that he had already downed the whole thing. Damn, he needed to slow down. He retreated to the restroom to check his appearance.

The bathroom contained all the aromas of the rest of the club plus the smell of piss. That did nothing to help Roy’s mood. He tried to ignore it as he adjusted his outfit. He was wearing a pair of tight white pants that showed off a decent bulge in the front and nice ass in the back. He reached a hand down his pants to adjust his junk, not caring who saw. He was in a gay club, after all. Roy then smoothed out imaginary wrinkles in his tight lime green t-shirt. The shirt fit snugly over his somewhat built shoulders, and it perfectly accentuated his slim but slightly defined body. He had never possessed any bulk, but he’d been working out regularly for years to maintain his tight body. Roy couldn’t even remember the last time he’d worn any of the clothes he wore that night. He liked owning clothes that showed off his body, but he never actively tried to look sexy. Even his underwear was a pair of designer briefs that he hadn’t worn since that time many months ago when he had wanted to show off for his ex-boyfriend. Roy wondered yet again what he was doing. Well, whatever he was doing, he would look good doing it.

Roy had certainly proved to himself that he still cleaned up nicely. His body looked great. His youthful face was dominated by his big brown eyes, and his short sandy hair was perfectly coifed. As Roy turned to leave the bathroom a taller guy brushed as hand across his shoulder and murmured, “Hey, cutie.” Yeah, he still had it. Just as Roy was debating whether to order a second drink, he noticed Cody wading through the crowd near the entrance. One look at Cody told Roy exactly why he was at a club where he normally wouldn’t be caught dead. This wasn’t a midlife crisis. It was just a funny, intelligent, impossibly gorgeous guy. Roy would do whatever Cody wanted if it meant spending more time with the stud.

Cody stood several inches taller than Roy, but that wasn’t much of a feat given the older man’s small stature. Cody was just tall enough that the top of his head was visible above the crowd milling around the entrance. He wore a steel gray button up shirt that clung to his meaty pecs. Cody said he’d been pretty serious about gymnastics up through college, and Roy believed it. What other sport would leave a guy looking so thick yet so long and graceful? Cory’s arms seemed ready to burst right out of his shirt sleeves, and the collar was pushed wide open by his thick shoulders. That alone was enough to make blood start flowing to Roy’s groin, but that beautiful body was attached to one of the hottest faces Roy had ever seen. Cody probably could have passed as younger if not for the perfectly groomed stubble that graced his face. His radiant smile stood out against his tanned skin, and his deep green eyes were mesmerizing.

All at once Roy realized that he’d been so caught up in admiring Cody’s body that he still hadn’t greeted the young man. Roy awkwardly stuck out his hand but Cody brushed it aside and went straight for a tight embrace. Roy found himself squished against the young stud’s thick muscles. He honestly thought he might pop a boner right then and there. “It’s good to see you again,” Cody said enthusiastically. “I’m glad you decided to come.”

Roy made a noncommittal response and told Cody he looked great. He wondered if Cody knew about his trepidation over coming to the noisy club. The two made small talk as they got drinks. Cody insisted on paying. God, Cody was amazing. Roy swooned over everything the young man said or did. Roy was feeling more and more guilty about lying to his date. He just couldn’t do that to Cody. Cody grabbed Roy’s hand and started pulling him toward the dance floor, but Roy pulled back. Roy was almost physically pained by the concerned look in Cody’s eyes. He never wanted to see the guy worried or upset.

“What’s wrong?” Cody asked.

Roy took a deep breath. “I need to tell you something. I lied.” This was absolutely the wrong place to be making this confession. Roy was practically shouting over the music, and guys kept pushing past him on their way to the dance floor.

Cody stepped closer so that he was right next to the smaller man. “About what?”

“I lied about my age. I’m not 27.”

Cody laughed. Roy had not expected that response. “I know you’re not 27,” he said. “You’ve got such a baby face.”

“No, that not what I meant.” Roy tried to explain but Cody cut him off.

“Look, I won’t tell anyone about your fake ID. Your secret’s safe with me.”

“Fake ID? No, my driver’s license is—”

“Your birthday’s coming up pretty soon at least, right?”

“I’ll be 21 in two and a half months,” Roy stated. Something told him that wasn’t right, but he pushed the thought away. “Listen, I don’t normally sneak into clubs.”

Cody laughed again. “I told you, it’s okay. There was no need to lie, though. I love your cute baby face. Who cares what your age is?” Roy blushed at the older guy’s compliment. “Aw, now you look even cuter,” Cody said as Roy’s cheeks got redder. “Hey, are you ready to dance? I bet you’re one hell of a dancer.”

Roy’s brain seemed to be telling him two things at once. He didn’t really go out to clubs. No, he absolutely loved dancing. One look into Cody’s eyes shattered Roy’s indecision. He eagerly followed his hot date to the dance floor. At first Roy was stiff and awkward as Cody tried to dance with him. He still heard a tiny voice saying he didn’t dance at clubs, but his young, virile body was begging him to let loose. Cody pulled him close, and Roy felt his date’s powerful body pressed against his own. Roy’s body began to move of its own accord, undulating in time with Cody’s body. Cody turned Roy around, and the smaller guy could feel the other’s muscles against his back. Cody’s bulging pecs pressed into his shoulders, and the larger man’s impressive bulge pressed into the small of his back. Roy wondered just what kind of tool his date was packing. With any luck, he’d find out before too long. Roy could even feel Cody’s powerful thighs pressing into his lean legs as they danced. Roy’s inhibitions gradually melted away.

For just a moment Roy recalled that he had felt trepidation as he headed out to the dance floor. Now he wondered what could have possibly made him feel that way. On the dance floor he felt free. He was sharing his body with another man, and it was utterly sexy. He teased Cody as he danced, and he knew the larger man wanted more. Eventually Cody led Roy back toward the bar, and they chatted for a while as they sipped their drinks. After their intimate contact on the dance floor, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other as they talked. Cody rubbed Roy’s ass with both hands, and Roy rubbed his hand across Cody’s chest, pausing periodically to circle Cody’s nipples with his finger.

Roy was feeling increasingly aware of his impossibly close connection with his date, but he didn’t know how to put it into words. “There’s something about you,” he said.

Cody grinned. God, that smile was gorgeous. “What do you mean by that?”

Roy wasn’t really sure what to say. “You’re… special. Why are you into a guy like me?”

Cody squeezed Roy’s ass and pulled him a little closer. “You’re cute.”

“So is practically everyone else here.”

“You’re interesting.”

“You’re more interesting.”

Cody leaned down and planted the briefest kiss on Roy’s lips. “I want you. You have so much potential and you don’t even know it. I’m always attracted to that. The other guys here are so boring.”

Roy was flattered, but he still didn’t understand what the other meant. He had potential? For what? “I’m going to be blunt,” he said. “You’re the hottest guy here. That’s just a fact. I’d like to think I’m cute, and I’ve been told I am, but I can’t help feeling you’re out of my league.”

Cody kissed Roy again. It was still brief, but it lasted just a hair longer. “You’re hot in your own way. Take your height, for example. I love a guy who stands above the other guys in a room.”

“That’s not me. I’m not even average height.”

Cody’s eyes seemed to bore into Roy. “You’re one of the tallest guys here. How tall are you, exactly?”

“6’3”,” Roy replied automatically. “But you’re still a lot taller than me.” He looked up into his date’s eyes only to see a confused expression.

Cody looked down at his body and then he looked back at Roy, who stood at least 6 inches shorter than him. “This is new,” he murmured. “I didn’t think this could happen.”

“You didn’t think what could happen?”

Cody blinked as if coming out of a trance. “Nothing, nothing. I guess I’m just as amazed as you are that we made such a strong connection so quickly.”

Roy still wasn’t convinced that Cody wasn’t out of his league, but he didn’t voice his thoughts. He was lucky to find a guy like Cody, so he needed to just keep his mouth shut. Roy loved being tall and lanky, but he also wanted to feel smaller than the guy he was with. Finding Cody, a 6’10” gymnast who happened to also be intelligent and very easy on the eyes, felt like a miracle. Roy could see over the heads of most of the guys in the club, but Cody towered over everyone.

Cody seemed to be getting more and more enthralled by Roy’s body. Roy was glad, but he couldn’t understand it. Cody was the one with the impossibly perfect body, not him. Cody slid a hand under Roy’s shirt. “God, your muscles are so hot,” the larger man whispered. Roy didn’t know what muscles Cody was talking about. He’d worked hard to keep his lanky body tight and fit, but he’d never had much of any definition. “Your abs are so cut,” Cody murmured as he rubbed his hand over Roy’s flat stomach.

Roy moved his own hand to feel the other’s stomach. “Yours are so much better. You can hardly feel mine.”

“Are you kidding? I’m so bulky. I’d love to be lean like you.” Cody lifted up the hem of Roy’s shirt. “I can trace my fingers over every ridge and ripple, and it’s driving me insane.” He proceeded to do exactly that, running his fingers all along Roy’s impossibly cut abs until they followed the deep cut of his Adonis belt down to the waistband of his low rise pants.

Roy felt his dick come to life as Cody’s fingers gently, tantalizingly pushed down the waistband of his pants millimeter by millimeter. “I still say your body’s better than mine,” he breathed. “What’s the good of a tight, lean body like mine without a big powerful body like yours to spoon? And have you seen those pecs of yours lately?”

Cody’s ears perked up. “What about my pecs?”

“They’re huge, massive. I bet you can hardly see past them when you look down. Hell, you can’t even button up your shirts over those two huge mounds of muscle.”

Cody adjusted his unbuttoned shirt so that it showed off even more of his huge, powerful torso. “I usually just wear t-shirts that stretch tight across my chest, but I figured I’d give you a show tonight.”

Roy licked one of Cody’s nipples before he knew what he was doing. “It’s one hell of a show,” he murmured, his face still inches away from his date’s chest.

“Well, we both put on a show tonight, didn’t we?” said Cody. “At least I put on a shirt halfway.” Roy didn’t understand what Cody meant, but the large nipple in front of him, surrounded by a small patch of swirling dark hair, had him completely mesmerized. “You couldn’t be bothered to wear a shirt at all.” Roy was about to reply that of course he had worn a shirt when Cody slid a big, meaty hand up from his waist and over his bare torso. Cody’s hand slid up Roy’s neck and cupped his chin. Roy was spellbound by the beautiful face before him. Cody drew the smaller man closer until their bare torsos were pressed together tightly, and Roy felt raw sexual energy building up and overflowing. “I felt certain that you were the one,” Cody said, “but I never could have guessed that… ”

Roy didn’t bother to question his date’s cryptic words. He hardly heard them. He only saw beautiful green eyes and big, full lips reaching down to meet his. Roy practically melted as he kissed the hottest guy he’d ever met. Even his growing erection held less interest than the dance his tongue had engaged in. In that moment, Cody’s lips and tongue and breath and passion were everything. The world dimmed. Roy was lost in pleasure.

Roy didn’t think he’d ever experienced such raw need. His flesh ached to feel the heat of Cody’s body. He was already pressed as tightly to the other man’s body as possible, but he needed more. He kissed Cody’s lips and neck and face. He moaned as Cody nibbled at his ear, and he sighed as Cody cupped his crotch, feeling the outline of his stiff member. He felt certain that he’d let Cody do absolutely anything to him right in the middle of the club. The huge hunk finally moved his head away, but he still held Roy close. Neither seemed willing to fully separate from the other.

Music still blared, but silence seemed to have enveloped the two men. Now that the kiss had ended, there was a void filled with desire, tension, impatience. Roy felt that he had to speak or else he and Cody might get pulled into a kiss that would last for eternity. The prospect wasn’t a bad one, but Roy had other things in mind. His hard cock ached and he could feel something large and firm pushing into his belly, trying to escape its denim prison. “You are so hot,” he breathed. He really wasn’t sure what else to say. The words served their purpose though. The spell was broken. The two men were back in the club, surrounded by hot, young, sweaty men. The desire was still there, but it no longer dominated.

“You look amazing yourself,” Cody responded. He finally removed his hands from Roy’s body so he could adjust himself. Roy watched with interest. The larger man adjusted his cock so that it pointed toward his hip. The rod made a clear impression in his jeans. That thing was huge.

“I think maybe it’s time we went someplace a little more private,” Roy said as calmly as he could. He had to actively stop himself from pulling down Cody’s pants right then and freeing his monster.

“That sounds like a wonderful idea.” Cody automatically slid a hand around Roy’s waist as the two started to move toward the door.

Roy looked up at his gorgeous date. “I can’t believe I found a guy like you,” he said. “People get so into how tall I am, but they never seem to understand when I say I want to be the little spoon.” Cody smiled down at the smaller guy. “I always dreamed of finding a guy who was built and tall and… and everything you are. I never imagined I would actually meet a guy who was not only a foot taller than me but also totally gorgeous.” Cody stopped in his tracks. He looked down from his incredible height with an odd mixture of shock and worry. “What’s wrong? What did I say?”

Cory looked down at his massive body as if seeing it for the first time. “I’m huge… ”

Roy laughed. “Don’t tell me you just figured that out. You’re 7’3”, right?” Cody nodded dumbly. “You’re a foot and a half taller than the average guy here, and you’re totally jacked. So yeah, you’re pretty huge.”

“Do you even know what you’re doing?” Cody asked.

“What are you talking about?”

“Well, I guess that answers my question. Look, you have no idea what you do to me, what you’ve already done to me. It’s exciting, but it’s a little scary too. But I don’t think I want to stop.”

Cody was acting very strangely again, but for some reason Roy easily dismissed the odd behavior. “If we’re going too fast, just tell me and I’ll slow down,” Roy told his hulking date. “But I don’t want to stop either.”

Cody responded by wordlessly leading the smaller man out of the noisy club. When they were outside in the warm but fresh summer air, he said, “Eros always told me I would know when I had found the one, but he wouldn’t give me specifics. I can only imagine he wanted this to be a surprise. I wondered so many times if I had found the one and squandered the opportunity, but now that I’ve found you, everyone else pales in comparison.” Roy stared with a blank face. “Sorry, I tend to wax poetic when I think about the past. It looks like all of that is over now, anyway. I’ve always loved making men beautiful and sexy, but I’ve never felt what I feel toward you.”

Roy was beginning to realize his date was far more than meets the eye. “Who are you?” he asked with wonder.

“I was once called Pothos, but that doesn’t really matter. As of today I’m yours.” He looked down at his impossibly tall, impressively built body. “From now on, I am what you make of me.”

“Uh, can I still just call you Cody?”

The huge man laughed heartily. All of a sudden his manner shifted and he was the gorgeous young man Roy remembered. “Yeah, that’s totally cool. Want to head to my place?” Roy nodded vigorously.

Within a couple minutes, the two were in a taxi, and they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Already Roy’s memory of the conversation outside the club was melting away. He kissed his date passionately, moaning softly when Cody played with his exposed nipples. “I can’t believe you got away with just wearing a gymnastics singlet to the club,” he said as he rubbed his hands over Cody’s lycra-covered muscles. “But then I bet you could get away with pretty much anything if you wanted to. I mean, you’re practically a god.”

Cody chuckled. “Practically a god, huh? I guess you could say that. You can get away with anything you want too, though. The cab driver hasn’t even commented on the fact that you’re practically naked. You just couldn’t wait to get out of your pants, could you?”

Roy looked down at the little pair of sexy designer briefs that did nothing to conceal his raging boner. “I swear it’s all because of you. You’re so sexy you make everyone around you want to take their clothes off. I’m amazed the driver still has his shirt on.”

“He doesn’t.”

Sure enough, when Roy looked toward the front seat he saw that the driver was rubbing one of his bare nipples with one hand while clutching the steering wheel with the other. How had he not noticed that? “Does this happen to you a lot?” Roy asked. “People spontaneously taking their clothes off around you?”

“Only when we’re both together. Do you really not realize how unbearably hot you are?”

“I’m not that—” Roy stopped himself. There was clearly no need to be modest around Cody. Roy had made people around him drool, especially guys, ever since he hit puberty. Now he was with someone who was possibly even hotter, so it was no wonder that the two had such a powerful combined effect. Cody moved his hands to Roy’s bulge, and Roy was reminded of his own state of undress. His slightly above average cock twitched as Cody massaged it through the thin fabric. Roy moved his own hand down to the large bulge in Cody’s singlet. The thick rod was clearly visible through the stretchy fabric. The shaft was probably too thick for Roy to wrap his hand around, and it snaked its way all the way to Cory’s right hip. A pair of very large balls hung below the base. Roy leaned down and kissed Cody’s cock. He longed to release the monster then and there. Before he knew it, he was pulling the singlet off Cody’s shoulders, revealing the thick man’s huge pecs. Roy pulled the singlet down further and further until he could see the top of the thick bush that surrounded his date’s impressive member.

Before Roy could reveal his prize, Cody put a hand on his chin and guided him back up for another kiss. “Not yet,” Cody whispered. “We could do it here if we wanted and no one would say anything, but I want something more intimate. I want to be alone with you.”

Roy understood, but it took all the willpower he possessed to keep from ignoring the hulking man before him. He wanted to see that cock. He wanted to feel in in his hand, in his mouth, in his ass. He wanted everything Cody could give, and he wanted to offer Cody everything he had. But he knew he would get to do exactly that. One look in Cody’s eyes told him that he was in for a very long night of passion. Still, it was almost impossible to contain his sexual energy in that moment. By the time the cab arrived in front of Cody’s apartment, the two young men were each reaching for the other’s ultra-stiff member. After Cody paid, he practically dragged the smaller man out of the car. Roy barely even remembered to grab his discarded pants.

As the two walked up the steps to Cody’s building, a passerby dug his hand right into his pants and started stroking himself. A couple on the other side of the street suddenly tore each other’s shirts off and started making out passionately. Inside the building, a guy who was clearly pretty drunk was fumbling to get into his apartment. Cody, still clad only in his half-removed singlet, offered to help. Roy, who still held his pants in his hand, clung to Cody’s side. The guy looked up and instantly swooned. “Fuck,” he breathed as a wet spot appeared on the crotch of his pants. As the guy stumbled into his apartment, his eyes stayed glued to the gorgeous couple until his door closed.

Roy knew he was breathtakingly hot—he’d been told that countless times—but he never would have imagined he could have this kind of effect of people. And yet it felt totally natural. He and Cody together represented pure sex. There was some deeper connection, something that might be love, but first and foremost they represented raw physical desire. They each possessed that power on their own, but together they were magnified exponentially. The two took the stairs instead of the elevator if only because they couldn’t possibly contain their energy in such a confined space.

“Here we are,” Cody said simply as he opened the door to his apartment.

Roy’s eyes went wide. “You just graduated college, right? How can you afford all this?” The apartment was extremely impressive. The main floor had an open layout with a very modern look. The living area was quite large, and the kitchen looked state of the art. A staircase led to what appeared to be a loft bedroom.

“I have a friend, a sort of benefactor who’s been saving up money for me for a very long time.”

“You mean that Eros guy?” The name was pretty much the only thing Roy remembered from the earlier conversation, and his brain had automatically dismissed the possibility that this Eros might have any connection to the Greek god of the same name.

“Yeah, that’s him,” Cody confirmed. “He’s got some serious connections. My savings account has been accruing interest for quite some time. I’ve always had access to every luxury money could buy.” Cody gave Roy a perfunctory tour of the apartment before leading the smaller man upstairs to the bedroom. Somewhere along the way, Roy unceremoniously dropped his pants to the ground. Eventually the two stood next to Cody’s king size bed, each wearing next to nothing and taking in the other’s gorgeous body. “That’s an impressive bulge you’ve got there,” Cody said, gesturing to Roy’s briefs.

Roy shrugged. He wasn’t dissatisfied with his size, but he wouldn’t have minded being a bit bigger. “It’s not nearly as big as yours,” he told the huge man before him.

“No really, your bulge is quite impressive,” Cody repeated. “You must be what, 8? 9?”

“10,” Roy responded with pride.

“And as thick as a coke can.”

Roy swelled with pride, and he felt his already stiff cock swell too. His sexy briefs couldn’t really contain the monster, but in his mind that just made them sexier. “You’re still bigger, though. It got to be bigger than the biggest one I’ve ever taken. Hell, it’s got to be more than a foot long.”

Cody gasped and began to rub his gigantic boner. “Shit,” he breathed. “You… you’re pretty adventurous, huh?”

Roy smirked. “Listen, I know I can take you. I’ll admit I’m a bit of a size queen. When you’re as hung as I am, it’s hard to find a guy who’s even bigger, you know?”

“Am I big enough for you now?” Cody asked. “Or do you still with I was bigger? And I don’t just mean my cock.”

“Bigger? You’re perfect.”

“I mean it. I know you think I’m hot. In fact I’d say that’s actually one of the biggest understatements I’ve ever made. But be honest. Do you wish I was bigger?”

Roy took in his beautiful date. At 7’3”, Cody was a veritable giant. His thighs looked huge and powerful. His massive cock dominated his midsection. His waist was thick yet perfectly proportional with the rest of him, and his back muscles still gave him a bit of a v-shape. His pecs pushed out in front of him, and his shoulders were very impressive. “Well, your arms… ” Roy trailed off as a switch turned on in his mind. “Your arms look amazing. They’re so thick and vascular. It’s like someone photoshopped a bodybuilder’s arms onto a gymnast’s body.”

Cody looked down at his massive arms and grinned. “I’m glad you like them. I want to look perfect for you.”

“What about you?” Roy asked.


“Is there anything you would change about me?”

Cody seemed like he was about to dismiss the question, but then his eyes narrowed and he studied Roy’s body. Roy had to admit that in this particular context he loved being sized up like a slab of grade A beef. “Hmm, I feel like there’s something missing, but I can’t put my finger on it,” Cody said.

Roy deflated. “Something missing?”

“Don’t worry about it,” Cody said hastily. “I promise you’ll always be perfect for me.”

Roy recognized that the conversation sounded very intimate for a pair of guys on their second date, but he felt more certain of their special connection than ever. It was as if Roy had been waiting all his life to meet Cody.

“We’ve been talking way too much,” Cody said. He knelt down so that he was eye level with his date’s overflowing briefs. “I’m amazed these things haven’t torn right off by now.” Cody tugged on the fabric with his teeth, and Roy’s 10 inch monster almost instantly sprang free, hitting his firm abs. Cody teasingly licked the long shaft before standing back up.

The physical dynamic felt different now. The two men were still both bursting with sexual energy, but the atmosphere was sensual. Back in the cab Cody had wanted desperately to tear the clothes off his partner. Now he placed a hand delicately on Cody’s massive chest as if asking for permission. He reached up on his tiptoes, but the taller man still had to lean down for the kiss. The kiss was slow and tender. Roy felt as though he was getting to know Cody’s body all over again. His hand gently caressed the larger man’s chest and gradually moved lower as his other hand wrapped around Cody’s bulging shoulder. Roy’s hand slowly travelled down the thick, lightly hairy torso until it found the point where Cody’s lycra garment was bunched up at the lower end of his treasure trail. Roy slipped his fingers under the spandex and attempted to wrap his hand around Cody’s massive rod. The beast was still rock hard, and Roy became truly aware of its size when his fingers didn’t even come close to touching. Roy let go of the huge cock and cupped Cody’s balls. The ballsack seemed to hold two very large eggs inside. Cody moaned as the smaller man fondled his huge balls.

Roy finally broke away from the kiss so he could watch as he released Cody’s huge beast. Roy slowly pulled down the singlet and watched as the stiff cock bobbed up and down in front of Cody’s stomach. It was absolutely huge and positively mesmerizing. Cody stepped out of his singlet, and all of a sudden the energy in the room changed again. The two naked men stood only inches apart, and each one knew the other found him irresistible. They kissed again, possibly even more ferociously than in the taxi. The two fell onto the bed, and they writhed as their bodies intertwined. It was as if all of the tension and energy that had been building up had exploded all at once. Roy felt that if Cody touched his cock right then, he probably would have come instantly.

At some point amidst the frenzy, Roy found himself inches away from the huge, tantalizing head of Cody’s cock. Roy couldn’t help but lick the tip of the beautiful cock. And it was beautiful. It wasn’t just long and fat, a size queen’s dream. The purple mushroom head was perfectly shaped and nearly the size of a tennis ball. The shaft was smooth yet veiny, and it pulsed at the slightest provocation. The rod dauntingly massive and yet so inviting. As Roy slid his tongue along the underside of the head, he felt Cody’s tongue on his own cock. Roy was stunned he didn’t cum right then. Cody began to take Roy’s extra large member into his mouth, and Roy tried to do the same, but Cody’s rod was just too large.

Cody pulled his mouth away from Roy’s cock long enough to say, “It’s hard to find someone who can take a cock as big as mine. It’s a good thing you’ve got a stretchy jaw and an extra long tongue.” He licked Roy’s cock with his own talented tongue. “Not to mention such good control over your gag reflex,” he added as if it was an afterthought. Roy went back to work with confidence. He never should have doubted himself. He’d been gifted with a mouth that was perfectly equipped for blowjobs. An ex-boyfriend had told him it was a gift from the gods, and he sometimes wondered if it might be true. At any rate, he was eager to use his gift to pleasure Cody. He opened his jaw as wide as it would go, and then he allowed Cody’s huge member to push his jaw open even further.

Roy was quite talented, and he knew it. As he took more and more of Cody’s thick rod, he massaged the cock with his supple lips. As he slowly pulled back, his extra long tongue danced around, paying special attention to the huge head. Again he went down on the monster, determined to take the whole thing. At the same time, Cody was using his own talents on Roy, and the effects were mind-blowing. Cody seemed to know exactly what to do to bring Roy to the edge and keep him there. The two men licked and sucked and teased until each knew they couldn’t hold out any longer. All at once the floodgates opened and they eagerly sucked down each other’s load. Spurt after spurt of sticky cum flowed into Roy’s mouth, and he gulped it down eagerly. It was hard for him to concentrate on swallowing as he experienced one of the best orgasms of his life.

Roy steadied his breathing as he pulled his mouth off of Cody’s deflating cock. He was lost in bliss, and he rolled onto his back with a dopey grin on his face. Cody crawled over him and leaned down to kiss him. Roy could taste his cum on Cody’s lips. The kiss reinvigorated him, and he wondered how many times his balls would empty themselves that night. Already he was eager for more, and he knew his dick wouldn’t stay limp for long. His sexual energy seemed almost limitless as long as it was directed toward Cody. He rolled over so that he was on top of the larger man. The two began to wrestle, although the eventual winner was obvious. Still, Roy enjoyed making Cody work for it. He was a consummate bottom, but he liked to make his partner show that he deserved his dominant role. Cody clearly deserved it. He was leagues ahead of anyone else Roy had ever been with.

Eventually Roy was pinned, but Cody pulled him up to his hands and knees. Roy expected Cody to probe his ass with his fingers or to simply press his precum-covered dick against his waiting hole. He did not expect to feel Cody’s tongue delicately circling his asshole. He had already experienced Cody’s talented tongue, but he hadn’t guessed that the huge guy was this good. Cody rimmed his ass like a pro. Roy was already stiff as a board by the time Cody pulled away. Roy felt huge, powerful hands on his hips, and he knew what was coning next. He felt Cody’s massive cockhead between his cheeks. The monster was leaking copious amounts of precum.

“You’re so tight,” Cody moaned.

Roy grunted as the huge member probed his ass. “I can take it.”

“Of course you can. Your ass was made for this cock.” In that moment Roy knew it to be true. He needed Cody’s cock inside him. It belonged there. Cody pushed harder, and the head breached Roy’s tight hole. Roy felt stretched beyond belief, but he still felt secure in the knowledge that Cody’s cock belonged in his ass. Roy moaned and sighed as more and more of Cody’s rod pushed into him. His insides seemed to mold themselves to the huge, throbbing organ. Every little movement gave him immense pleasure, and he only hoped his tight ass was giving Cody just as much pleasure. Roy almost felt that he could sense Cody’s body. He rocked his body backward until his ass met Cody’s hips. Roy felt a kind of control he’d never felt before in this position. He moved his body, and Cody’s hips rocked with him. He heard Cody moan as their hips moved in sync.

Roy knew exactly when Cody needed to speed up the rhythm. He adjusted his movements so that inches of Cody’s huge rod slid in and out of his ass. Cody reached a hand down to jack Roy, but it almost wasn’t necessary. The stimulation in his ass was so strong that he felt he might cum without any more provocation. Roy’s hips moved even faster as he felt Cody’s rod stiffen up even more. With a final shudder, Cody’s cock exploded into Roy. Once again Roy felt himself fill up with cum. Cody’s orgasm seemed never-ending. As it finally died down, Roy felt himself on the edge. With a few last strokes, Cody brought him the orgasm. Roy’s load shot all over his stomach and the sheets. Within seconds Cody was hungrily kissing his neck.

“We’re bonded forever, you know,” Cody breathed between kisses. The statement didn’t faze Roy at all. It was a simple fact that he knew to be true. He craned his neck so he could kiss his lover. The two fell onto the bed once again, knowing that the night was far from over. They thought they had found the ultimate connection, but they were unaware that their connection was still growing. The god and his lover had still only unlocked a fraction of their power. For the moment they kissed passionately, only aware of their deep, everlasting bond.

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