by NBCK99

 Jake attends his first Pride parade with his boyfriend Ross and is a bit overwhelmed, so they step into a bar—where it turns out the impressively hot and muscular patrons and staff take a shine to the new arrivals.

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Jake felt very uncomfortable amidst the big crowd. He’d never been to a Pride parade before. Hell, he’d only even been in a big city a couple of times. The streets were packed. He could hardly move through the throng. The sheer number of people was intimidating, and the diverse crowd was overwhelming. All around there were people of all different shapes and sizes, most showing off their bodies in a way that Jake couldn’t. He held onto his boyfriend’s hand tightly.

Jake was 22, but he looked 16. He came from a small town, and the city where he went to college paled in comparison to the one he was in now. He’d only been out for a few months. He’d met Ross about a year ago, back when they were both in the closet. Now that they were both out and officially dating, Ross had decided they needed to do something big for Pride. They were both beginning to second guess that decision.

Jake had a baby face, and he was very small. He wasn’t quite 5’7”, and he was rail thin. He could have fit right in with the many shirtless twinks crowding the parade route, but he wasn’t really comfortable with his body. Ross was a little taller but still just shy of average. He was also on the slim side, but he had a little more of an athletic build thanks to years of playing soccer and baseball. The one thing that made him look his age was his beard, although it was patchy and unruly. His beard and moderate body hair gave him an air of masculinity that Jake loved. Still, Ross wasn’t truly Jake’s ideal body type, although Jake would never say so.

The two felt very small and overwhelmed among the huge crowd in the big city. They saw big guys in harnesses just walking around, rubbing shoulders with twinks in nothing but tiny shorts and knee-high boots. Jake wore a simple button up shirt and jean shorts, while Ross just wore a black t-shirt and cargo shorts. Back in their college town, there was a little club that mostly attracted the young, skinny guys and an even smaller bar where the bears went. That was it. Jake and Ross rarely went to the former, and they were too intimidated to check out the latter. At the parade, everything was mashed together, and it was all on a much larger scale than they could really comprehend.

By the time the parade actually started, Jake was already feeling hot from the sun and overwhelmed by the crowd. Ross could tell he wasn’t doing too well. “Let’s get indoors,” Ross shouted over the din. He motioned to a bar behind them. The parade went straight through the gay neighborhood, so gay bars lined that part of the parade route. That fact alone was kind of overwhelming for Jake.

“Are you sure?” Jake shouted back. “It’ll be just as crowded in there.”

Ross started pulling Jake toward the nearest door as he talked. “At least you won’t be in the sun, and with any luck we can find a place to sit down.” He gestured toward the bar’s large windows. “We’ll still be able to see the parade, and I think you’ll be a lot more comfortable.”

At the door, the bouncer took a while staring at Jake’s ID before deciding that it wasn’t a fake and he really was 22. As soon as they entered, they could feel the slightly cooler air, and Jake was grateful to be indoors. He squeezed Ross’s hand and gave him a grateful kiss on the cheek.

Inside the bar, the crowd was just as diverse as outside. The one thing everyone seemed to have in common was a general disdain for clothing. The few guys wearing shirts had them unbuttoned, partially displaying bare torsos. There were a few guys as skinny as Jake, a few that were almost impossibly large, and plenty somewhere in between. As Jake and Ross made their way to the bar, a guy who was a foot taller than Jake and built like a brick wall brushed past them. Jake was in awe. Even the bartenders were shirtless, and the one who helped Jake and Ross was pretty ripped.

Jake just wanted water, but Ross insisted on buying beers for both of them. “When in Rome,” he said as he and Jake found a table. “If we’re going to do this, we should live it up.” Jake smiled and took a sip of his beer. This was all so strange to him. He wasn’t exactly used to drinking at noon. He wasn’t even used to being at a gay bar. He certainly wasn’t used to being surrounded by gay people. He had to admit, it felt liberating. He took a longer swig of his beer and held Ross’s hand. It was pretty nice being at Pride with his boyfriend.

For a while Jake and Ross just alternated between watching the parade through the window and people watching in the bar. Jake noticed that an awful lot of guys in the bar were very large and perfectly happy to flaunt their bodies. He saw tons of huge pecs, six packs, bubble butts, and massive bulges on display. He was getting a bit turned on, which made him feel bad since he was there with his much smaller boyfriend.

Jake also noticed that there was a back room, and most of the really big guys were coming and going from there. The was a second bouncer guarding that room, and he discovered that all of the big guys were wearing red wristbands that apparently allowed them special access. Jake was on his second beer when Ross got up to use the bathroom. As Jake nursed his beer, he found himself much more interested in the bar than the parade. Not only were the men with red wristbands huge, but they were also uniformly hot. Some might be considered more cute and others more rugged, but they all looked amazing. Whether they had long lean muscles or huge, dense muscles, they had perfect proportions. Smooth or hairy, tall or relatively short, they were all perfect. Jake felt a familiar stirring in his groin. A huge hand patted his shoulder.

“Hey little guy,” a rich baritone voice greeted. Jake turned to see one of the guys he’d watched coming and going from the back room. He nearly melted. This man had a perfectly masculine jaw, piercing blue eyes, and beautifully coiffed blond hair. He wore a leather vest that only accentuated his huge delts and massive pecs. Jake was sure the guy couldn’t close that vest if he tried. He had to be at least a foot taller than Jake, and since Jake was seated he towered over the smaller man. Jake couldn’t help but notice that on top of everything else the blond stranger had an impossibly large bulge.

“I’m Eric,” the man said, taking Jake’s hand and shaking it. Jake stared up at Eric in awe. “And you are?”

“Oh, uh, um, I’m, uh, I’m Jake,” Jake stammered.

The man seemed to assess Jake as if staring into his soul. Or undressing him with his eyes. Or both. “Hmmmm. Well, Jacob.” Jake hadn’t gone by his proper name in years, but he didn’t correct the man. “I’ve seen you checking out the back room.” He pulled a red wristband out of his pocket. “Want to go back there with me?”

“I have a boyfriend!” Jake squeaked. “Uh, I mean, I he’s in the bathroom and I shouldn’t go anywhere without him.”

Eric smiled. “Don’t worry, he’s invited too. We’ll take care of him.” Jake wondered who ‘we’ meant. Who exactly were these guys with the red wristbands? And why had he and Ross been invited to join them? Jake didn’t know what to do, but his growing erection gave away what he really wanted. He stood as if in a trance and walked next to Eric, feeling tinier than ever. And yet he felt strangely powerful, having been invited to the secret party by this gorgeous man. Eric put the wristband on Jake’s wrist just before they arrived at the doorway.

The bouncer, a big guy by normal standards, but much smaller than Eric, nodded at the huge man. “He’s with me,” Eric said, holding up Jake’s wrist. The man nodded again and stepped aside.

The back room was a sight to behold. Jake had seen a fair number of the huge guys as they went in and out of the main room, but here they were all congregated together, a group of men who were all larger than life. All except Jake. He felt tiny and overdressed. Most of the men were shirtless. A few wore unbuttoned shirts or vests like Eric. Some wore only a pair of underwear. A couple wore only jockstraps, massive bulges in the front and perfectly round, bare asses in back. Jake didn’t even bother to hide his boner. Pure masculinity crackled in the air, and he knew every single one of those men knew exactly what they were doing to him.

Eric stroke up to a darker, ruggedly handsome man, one of the few who were as tall as Eric. “Amir, let’s the this man a drink,” he said.

Jake hardly felt worthy to be called a man in that company. He noticed that Amir wore a waist apron and a cap that both bore a logo—a muscular arm holding up a globe. Recognition flashed in his head. In all the chaos outside, he couldn’t tell where he was, but he remembered a friend at college telling him about bars in the city. “I’ve never been to The Atlas,” Jake’s friend had said, “but there’s weird rumors about the place. I think the guys who go there are into some pretty kinky shit. Just try not to get in over your head, alright? The city’s pretty crazy, especially at Pride.” Somehow Jake had a feeling he was definitely in over his head. He wondered what had happened to Ross.

Jake’s thoughts snapped back to the present when Amir turned toward the bar. Apparently he was wearing only his waist apron and cap. His bare ass was there for all to see, and Jake caught a glimpse of the tip of what must be a really huge cock. Jake scanned the room and noticed another server wearing nothing but a black cap and waist apron. That one was a little shorter, but he was so hung that his cockhead was visible from the front below is apron. Jake couldn’t believe the guy was just walking around like that. Then again, he couldn’t believe anything he was seeing. It was all completely surreal.

Amir returned with a big cup of a rich brown beer. “Drink up, little guy,” he said. Jake hardly looked at his drink as he took it from Amir. He couldn’t pry his eyes away from the server’s body. Like all the other men in the room, he was perfectly sculpted. He had just a little bit of hair on his thick pecs and a dark treasure trail that got fairly thick as it disappeared behind his apron. It drove Jake wild. “Drink up,” Amir repeated. “There will be plenty of time for ogling later,” he added with a smirk.

Jake blushed. And yet he knew that Amir loved the attention. He wouldn’t have committed to the dress code otherwise. Jake took a swig of his drink. It was very rich and a little sweet, and it was amazingly smooth. He wanted to savor the flavor, but he felt compelled to down the drink as quickly as he could. He could almost feel the buzz coming as he drained his glass. As he drank, Eric took him around, introducing him to some of the other godlike men, often having to interrupt deep kisses or provocative dances.

Jake felt strange. He was feeling pretty tipsy, which was no surprise considering he’d had three drinks and was very small, but it wasn’t just that. He felt strangely disoriented. His shirt felt constricting, and every time he looked up to Eric, something seemed off. Amir was bringing him another beer, but he wasn’t sure if that was a good idea.

“Unbutton your shirt,” Eric told him. “You’ll feel better.” It was as if Eric had read his mind. Jake could almost believe it, given the man’s superhuman body. Jake obeyed, but with difficulty. His shirt was strangely tight across his chest.

One of Eric’s friends, Kaiden if Jake remembered correctly, said, “That’s right, don’t be afraid to show off that body, Jacob.” Jake’s eyebrows rose. He did not have anything to show off. And yet… he looked down at himself. Jake let out a cartoonish gasp, leading Kaiden to laugh loudly. “I will never get tired of that,” Kaiden wheezed as he tried to stop laughing. “It’s priceless.”

Jake was staring at a set of pretty decent abs and a pair of small pecs. This was not his body. He couldn’t put on muscle if his life depended on it. Yet here he was. He touched his abs, felt the ridges. Kaiden snapped a photo with his phone. “Check yourself out,” he said with a grin. The Jake in the photo was almost unrecognizable. He looked like he went to the gym a few times a week. And he was hot. Not that Jake had ever been bad looking, but his face had definitely gotten some improvements. It was hard to put his finger on what had changed. Slightly more defined jaw, slightly brighter green eyes, slightly more symmetrical features. It was as though someone had photoshopped him to look like a model.

As Jake handed the phone back to Kaiden, he took another look around the room. He saw all of the huge men with huge muscles, but he saw them in a new light. “Were all of you…”

“Regular guys?” Eric finished. “Yeah. We were all different before. Some were little guys like you, some were already working out. Some were short, some were tall. But we all needed more. And that’s where The Atlas comes in.”

“So you all came here to be bigger?”

Eric shook his head. “We didn’t come here for anything. If you need this place, you find it. That’s what Titus always says. He’s the owner of this place.”

“None of that matters right now,” Amir chimed in. “Have another drink.” Jake took the cup and immediately downed half the glass. He stared at his cup, astonished at himself. Amir clapped him on the back. “That’s the spirit! I’ll bring you another soon.”

Jake drank a little more of his beer, making sure to go a bit slower. He somehow felt he was losing control of himself. He felt giddy and powerful and full of potential. He still couldn’t fully believe he was turning into a titan like the men around him, but he hoped. He imagined himself as tall as Eric, or maybe taller. He could see himself standing on his college campus with a godlike body and letting everyone worship him. He wanted to be worshipped. He wanted Ross to worship his body. Where was Ross? That thought slipped in and out of his mind as he became intoxicated by the sensations in his body.

By the time Amir handed him his third special beer, Jake was only a few inches shorter than Eric. He was as tall as Kaiden, who had been eagerly watching Jake’s body nonstop. At some point Kaiden’s arm had slipped around Jake’s waist. And Jake’s shorts had come off. They were feeling horribly tight. He’d always been self-conscious about his body, but that was before he had magic flowing through him. Jake hadn’t seen another picture of himself since earlier, and he mostly only saw his growing pecs when he looked down, but he knew his body deserved to be shown off.

“I think we should move this party into the next room,” said Eric, who had pitched a huge tent in his shorts. Amir pushed aside a secret door, revealing a third room.

Kaiden casually dropped his shorts to the floor, revealing a jockstrap that could barely contain his growing boner. “You should finish your beer now, big guy,” he told Jake. Jake was astonished to find himself looking down at his new friend. Jake did as he was told and let Kaiden guide him into the secret room. Jake had heard about bars with basements or back rooms, but he never imagined he’d end up in one. He didn’t really realize what was happening until he entered the room, but he’d sort of known it was coming.

“Time for your initiation, Jacob,” Eric growled. He ripped off Jake’s underwear, which was already stretched to its limit. Once Jake was fully nude, he felt as if his cock was being blown up like a balloon. He moaned in pleasure, and Eric gasped. “Holy shit,” Eric breathed. “I’ve never seen someone grow so fast before.”

Jake was semi-hard now, and he felt the tip of his cock touch midway down his thigh before it began to rise. There was no way he could be that big. He stared in shock at his massive member as it grew harder and longer.

“Holy fuck,” a new voice gasped. Jake looked up to see a smaller, fairly hairy guy holding a half full glass of the bar’s special beer. He was pretty cute, and he had a fair amount of muscle definition, although nothing compared to the other men in the back room. It dawned on Jake that the smaller man looked familiar. A fog seemed to have settled on Jake’s mind, but it cleared as he stared at the other man.

“Ross!” Jake shouted. His voice was deeper than he remembered. “You look so… small.” It wasn’t what he meant to say, but he couldn’t take it back.

Ross seemed to take it in stride, as well as he could at least. “You look so big,” he replied. After a pause, he said, “Damn, you’re really huge.”

Jake looked at the beer in his boyfriend’s hand. “You’ll get there soon enough,” he assured. He noticed that Ross’s average dick had quickly become rock hard. His own hard cock stuck out well over a foot in front of him, and it felt like it wasn’t done growing.

Kaiden put a hand on Jake’s huge pecs, and Jake involuntarily moaned. “This reunion’s great and all,” he said, “but it can continue alter the initiation.”

Eric was even more bold and began to stroke Jake’s massive cock. “Kaiden’s right. We have to focus on the task at hand.”

Jake found that he was slightly taller than even Eric. He felt impossibly huge and powerful. He looked down at his boyfriend, wondering how Ross was handling seeing his guy get stroked by a handsome giant. Ross simply drained his beer, dropped his cup, and started stroking himself. Jake could just barely hear as Ross murmured, “Grow for me, big boy.”

As if Ross had spoken magic words, Jake felt his body thicken even more. He was more long than wide, but he was definitely jacked. His arms felt huge and powerful, and his pecs completely obscured his view of everything except his gigantic cock. It rose as high as his chest and was a thick as a two liter bottle. Kaiden joined Eric in stroking his huge rod. A third set of hands began to fondle his massive balls. He couldn’t see much below due to his huge pecs, but he could see Amir’s amazing ass.

For a while the trio just caressed Jake’s impossibly huge cock and balls and felt up his muscles. They felt up his muscular thighs and his round butt and deeply ridged abs. Then they began to kiss him, sometimes one at a time, sometimes two at once. Every once in a while Jake glanced at his boyfriend, who always looked slightly larger than before and who never stopped stroking himself in a state of bliss.

Jake was beginning to wonder just how much stimulation it would take for his monster cock to find release. Then Amir licked Jake’s huge member right under the dickhead. Jake shuddered. Eric wrapped his arms around Jake’s cock and began to rub his whole torso against it. Kaiden’s hand wandered down to Jake’s ass, and his finger began to circle Jake’s hole. Jake’s whole body shook with pleasure.

Jake’s new body seemed to be built for pleasure. Every touch made him harder. Every little movement seemed to pump his muscles larger. And his cock was bigger and more sensitive than any other part of him. He was hornier than he’d ever been in his life, and it took three men to give his huge body what it needed. Amir and Eric began to rub their bodies against Jake’s cock in unison, and they leaned over his cockhead and kissed each other as they stroked. Jake wanted to take part, to grab their boners and jerk them off, but he knew that wasn’t in the cards. This moment was all about him.

Kaiden sank to his knees behind Jake, but Jake didn’t realize until he felt a long tongue against his hole. Kaiden buried his face in Jake’s perfect ass, and he sent Jake to new levels of euphoria. Jake could distantly hear moaning. It took a minute to realize that it was his boyfriend, who was starting to look truly muscular. Ross clearly couldn’t hold himself back as he watched his massive boyfriend get worshipped and pleasured. Jake was also on the edge. Eric and Amir were now both kissing his cockhead, and he knew he would erupt any second.

Ross came first, but just by a hair. His orgasm, brought on by his boyfriend’s amazing new body, seemed to trigger Jake’s own orgasm. Jake felt it like he’d never felt before. His huge body almost seemed small in comparison to his massive cock. He came in fountains, spurt after spurt drenching his worshippers. He felt like all his energy had been diverted to his impossibly huge cock, and his orgasm seemed to drain him and fill him with pleasure all at once. It was completely unlike anything he’d ever felt. He was vaguely aware that Eric and Amir were cumming, and Kaiden has stopped his own ministrations as he saw to his own needs.

After a few minutes, Jake finally came back to his senses enough to look around. There were pools of cum on the floor. Pools of his cum. It was crazy. He couldn’t believe he could cum that much at once. Then again, his balls had swelled up to be perfectly proportional with his huge dick. Even soft, his cock dangled most of the way to his knee. He was a super-hung giant. His body was beyond his wildest dreams. He felt like a god. He began to realize that the Jake who had walked into the bar no longer existed. He was a new man.

Jacob’s attention moved back to Ross. Jacob’s boyfriend was still easily the smallest guy in the room, but he looked very different from the small guy who had originally pulled Jake into the bar. Ross’s beard had thickened a little, and maybe it was a bit darker. He looked older than before. His moderately hairy chest had gotten a little hairier. In fact, his whole body looked a little hairier than before. To Jacob, he looked like a perfect specimen of masculinity.

Ross was still by far the shortest one in the room, but he had filled out a lot. He was wide. His shoulders were huge, and his arms were corded with thick muscle that looked much denser that Jacob’s. His hairy pecs were very large, and while his abs weren’t very defined, his torso was clearly thick with muscle. His cock was definitely a bit bigger than average now.

The two locked eyes, and Jacob suddenly felt that he loved Ross more than ever before. He couldn’t explain the feeling. It wasn’t about Ross’s improved body. They had just experienced something together that went beyond anything they could explain. Jacob rushed forward, picked up his smaller but surprisingly heavy boyfriend, and kissed him passionately.

“Your body is amazing,” Ross said breathlessly. “It’s unbelievable. You look like…”

“The man of your dreams?” Jacob finished.

Ross kissed his huge boyfriend again. “Yes!”

A new voice interrupted their moment. “All right little guy, that was a nice interlude, but it’s time for you to drink up.” Two new guys had stepped into the back room. One was the second waiter from earlier. He was the shortest guy in the room besides Ross, but his cockhead peeked out from under his apron, which meant he was probably one of the most hung guys in the room. Jacob was bigger than him in every way now, though. The second guy was long and lean, nearly as tall as Eric, and had very dark skin. He was beautiful. It was the only word that would come into Jacob’s mind when he looked at the man.

“Hi Terry,” Ross greeted the taller man. He looked at the drink in the waiter’s hand. “You mean I’m not done yet?”

Terry laughed. “You will know when you’re in our league. Right Jacob?” Jacob found himself nodding. He knew now that he was much more than an ordinary man.

“Three drinks,” the waiter chimed in. “That’s what it takes to finish the process.”

“That and the initiation,” Terry confirmed. “Want to stick around for the fun part, David?”

David shook his head. “You’ve already got Amir back here, and both of the waiters can’t be out of commission.”

Amir walked over, still nude, and put his hand on David’s shoulder. “Oh come on, David. The guys can go to the main bar for drinks for a while. They just need us for the special stuff.” He pointed to the drink that David still carried. “Your job is in here for now.”

David grinned. “You don’t have to tell me twice. Ross, let’s get this party started.”

Ross took his third beer and drank up. Jacob could tell that Ross instantly felt it. While everyone waited for the physical effects to kick in, Jacob looked around the small room. After Amir had interjected, he’d gone back to kissing Eric and Kaiden, which he’d apparently been doing since everyone got off. Now that the three had completed their initiation, they seemed entirely engulfed in their own pleasure. Terry was eagerly stripping down, revealing a cock that was thinner but nearly as long as Jacob’s. David was getting hard in anticipation of Ross’s final change, and his growing boner was pushing his apron out of the way. Terry did him a favor and simply ripped the apron off of him.

Ross was already nude, so his changing body was on full display. His height was the first thing to change as he started approaching David’s height. Then his muscles seemed to explode in size. His huge arms got even bigger. His chest pushed forward and sideways, pushing into his growing arms. His waist thickened up even more, and he his torso still tapered down from his chest to his waist. His hairy abs didn’t become defined, but his v-shaped adonis belt became much more visible, joining with his thick treasure trail to form an arrow straight to his groin. His thighs became thick and powerful, and even his calves bulked up quite a bit. He was quickly becoming the most muscular man in the room even though he was still relatively short.

Ross let out a deep moan as he felt up his new body. “Oh god,” he breathed in a voice much deeper and richer than before. Jacob got on his knees to worship his changing boyfriend. Ross was so huge and thick and powerful. He oozed masculinity just like all the other men in the two back rooms. His cock began to swell, partly due to his change and partly because he was getting off on his own body. Jacob licked his boyfriend’s hairy balls and kissed his growing cock. Ross’s member wasn’t nearly as large as Jacob’s but it was getting thicker just like the rest of him. Jacob knew exactly why Ross wasn’t growing even more. Jacob wrapped his lips around Ross’s cockhead, teasing him as he grew.

Terry positioned himself behind Ross, still towering over him, and rubbed his massive shoulders. Ross’s shoulders were getting so huge and muscular that they seemed to join right into his thick neck. David, now just barely the shortest in the room, stood over Jacob and rubbed Ross’s huge chest. Jacob teased his boyfriend a little longer, but he knew he wasn’t going to get Ross off like that. After all, he knew exactly what Ross’s dick was built for.

Jacob slowly stood up, positioning himself between his boyfriend and David. David’s cock rubbed again Jacob’s ass like a warm up for what was to come. Jacob leaned down and gave Ross a deep kiss. He could feel David’s tongue on his neck, and he could see Terry wrap his arms around Ross’s huge body. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw that Kaiden was fucking Eric, who was fucking Amir. The three seemed to undulate as one entity.

After Jacob and Ross had been making out for a while, Ross grabbed Jacob by his built shoulders and forcibly turned him around. Jacob knew Ross had a bit of a dominant streak, but he’d never had the size to really do what he wanted. Now, even though he was much shorter, he had a huge amount of power. He wrapped his massive arms around his boyfriend. He leaned in close and whispered, “I’m going to fuck you so hard.”

Jacob liked when his boyfriend was dominant, but he felt Ross had never really gone as far as he wanted. Jacob started boning up in anticipation, and soon his gigantic boner rose up between him and David. Ross stepped forward, pushing Jacob and David toward the wall. He didn’t stop until David was inches away from the wall. “You know what to do, David,” Ross said with assurance. David sank to his knees in front of Jacob and started licking his huge balls. Ross leaned into his boyfriend until Jacob had to put his hands of the wall to support himself. Jacob’s face was only inches away from the tip of his huge rod. He soon felt Ross’s thick cock rubbing against his ass. Ross kissed Jacob’s neck, but some of his kisses began to turn into little bites. “I’m going to pound you,” he growled. “You may be the biggest guy here, but you’re all mine.”

Jacob was already in heaven. His cock tried to get even harder when Terry sank to his knees and joined David in licking his balls and feeling up his cock. Ross, who had always precum a lot when he was turned on, rubbed copious amounts of pre on his hand and began to rub Jacob’s ass. His index finger found its way to Jacob’s hold, and Jacob moaned as his boyfriend inserted his finger. At first Ross was gentle, but soon he inserted a second finger and then a third. “Can you handle me?” he asked, not expecting a reply. “Are you ready for my monster cock?”

Ross pulled his hand out and immediately pressed his precum covered cockhead against Jacob’s hole. Jacob had never taken such a thick cock before. He wanted to ask Ross to slow down, to be gentle. And yet… he didn’t. He felt Ross’s huge, hairy chest against his back, and he felt his breath on his neck, and he felt his beefy hands around his waist. In that moment he wanted nothing more than for his boyfriend to dominate him.

Jacob cried out as Ross thrust into him. He felt stretched beyond belief. He could barely handle it. “That’s right, feel my huge rod inside you,” Ross growled. “I grew just big enough to fill you completely. You could feel it too, right?”

“Yeah,” Jacob breathed. “You’re built to fuck me.”

“Damn right I am.” Ross seemed completely himself and completely new at the same time. His massive body pushed into Jacob as he thrust his massive cock. David and Terry were still stimulating Jacob, but it was nothing compared to the intense pressure he felt within. Just when it felt like too much, Ross would hit his sweet spot and he’d feel incomparable bliss. Ross Dug his nails into Jacob’s skin and nibbled at his neck and shoulders and ears. He thrust hard with no care to the fact that his massive cock was much more than Jacob was used to. He fucked his boyfriend with the full force of his new body.

Jacob could hardly contain his boyfriend’s improved cock, and yet he felt better than he ever had before with Ross. Ross had taken complete control. Even David and Terry felt like extensions of Ross’s primal energy. Ross’s balls slapped again Jacob’s ass as he thrust, and Jacob’s face pushed toward his own cockhead. Jacob didn’t think he would last much longer.

Ross started thrusting even harder. “I’m almost there!” he shouted. “Fuck, you’re so tight. You’re so hot! Take it deep. Take my huge dick!” He shouted more, kissing and biting Jacob’s shoulders between outbursts. Eventually he just panted as he came closer and closer to release. Jacob tried to hold out longer, but he couldn’t control himself anymore. Ross thrust hard, pushing Jacob forward, and Jacob came in his own face. With the next thrust, Ross shouted, “Fuuuuuck!” and came too. Jacob kept coming as his boyfriend filled him with volley after volley. They seemed to cum together forever.

Jacob eventually became aware that David and Terry were covered in his cum and were jerking each other off. Ross was still leaning into him, Ross’s dick buried deep in his ass. Everyone was panting heavily. Jacob could hear Amir talking to Eric. “That might be the hottest initiation yet,” Amir said. “When was the last time we initiated a couple at the same time?” Jacob didn’t catch the response. He was too spent to pay much attention.

Eventually Ross pulled out and slip into the chair he’d sat in when he jacked off to Jacob’s initiation. He was a very different man now. He completely overflowed the chair. He seemed twice as wide as he’d been that morning. The group finally began to pick up their clothes and move back toward the other room. The guys handed Jacob and Ross’s clothes back to them, although Jacob couldn’t imagine they’d fit. He watched as Ross put his jockstrap back on, and his eyes widened. That was not what Ross had worn to pride. And yet it seemed right. Ross strutted through the room wearing only his jockstrap, and he looked like he owned the room. He was one of the shortest, but he walked like a bodybuilder bulldozing his way through with his huge body.

Jacob put on his shorts, a much larger version of what he’d worn that morning, and he put on a button-up shirt that he knew would possibly close over his pecs if he tried. He wore no underwear, and his cock hung down his left leg. His cockhead came very close to the bottom of his shorts. He felt amazing. He too strutted through the room, although not quite with the same powerful presence as his boyfriend. Eventually the two decided to head back to the front room. Ross reluctantly put on his shorts. His shirt was nowhere to be found. Jacob couldn’t imagine a shirt covering that massive torso anyway.

Eric escorted the couple back to the front room. Jacob seemed to shrink a bit as he headed toward the front, although he and Eric still towered over everyone else. He could feel that his cock was no longer threatening to peek out, although it still hung halfway down his thigh. Ross’s muscles seemed to shrink a little too, just enough that Jacob could imagine his boyfriend donning a very large shirt if he absolutely had to. Ross was still slightly taller than most of the guys in the bar, and his furry chest looked wide enough to fill a door frame, but he was definitely smaller than he’d been a few minutes before. Jacob turned to Eric questioningly.

“The effects diminish a little in the rest of the world,” Eric explained. “Out here, we’re not quite gods, but we’re not quite like everyone else either.”

“Then what are we?” Jacob asked.

“I guess you could call us titans. People will accept that we’re huge, and most people won’t bat an eye if you go around shirtless or commando. They’ll know you’re different, but they won’t question it. Anyway, you’re free to come back to this bar, and the back room, any time you’re in town. I think I speak for all of us when I say we look forward to seeing you again.”

Jacob and Ross were just about to leave when Ross pointed to a pair of small, wide-eyed guys holding hands. They were both clearly trying to discreetly check out the three titans. Jacob could sense intense need coming from them. Hell, he could almost see it, like an aura of desperate desire. He and Ross glanced at each other, and they both instantly knew what it meant. “Hey Eric,” Jacob said, “I think we need another pair of wristbands.”

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