Alien tormentors

by James Fourlegs

 Unseen aliens juice the daylights out of their captives.

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We were being held against our will, prisoners of what kind of unimaginably alien race we knew not.

We knew only the most exquisite torture, designed to make us torment each other, against our wills.

How had they done this to us? Our own bodies turned against us. From unknown vantages they shot us with body-altering rays.

Our prison was a void of white, spotlessly clean. The exquisite torment of the alien rays was the way they juiced our bodies.

We'd be stunned by the impact of a ray, but it left our bodies stronger, bigger, and most tormentingly, more beautiful.

Far from being weakened or destroyed by the alien rays, our bodies grew and flourished, our faces became ever more handsome and desirable, to the point where we could not resist one another.

We staggered from one irresistable mating to another, even the matings making us bigger and stronger, taller and leaner, more massively muscled, more tormentingly beautiful.

“Why are you doing this to us?” we would scream into the void, only to be stunned with the impact of yet another ray, our shoulders broadened, our spines lengthened, our limbs stronger, longer, more supple and flexible, supremely sculpted with thick, sinuous, ropey musculature, our eyes ever brighter and more intelligent, our lips ever sweeter and more expressive, our hair and skin ever more radiant and beautiful.

Our penises could not be satisfied, giant as they had become, and no anus among us, bulbous and beautiful as our hinds had become, could find satiation, and we could only sweat and lust after each other with a passion beyond male, beyond masculine.

We were ever-youthful, in the full radiance and beauty of our lithe, long-limbed, masculine muscularity, our bodies towering and statuesque, our faces with the innocent male beauty of angelic intensity.

“Stop doing this to us!” we cried, our virile voices arousing us with their male timbre even as we tried to protest our imprisonment, imprisonment in bodies of beauty intolerable.

Another alien ray would knock us to our beautiful feet, leaving us writhing in each other's enormous, beautifully muscled arms, our beautiful faces distended in an agony of lovemaking as we ached for each other, unable to think of anything but each other's powerful, arousing bodies, each other's arresting physiques, each other's strikingly handsome, beautiful faces.

And how the muscles grew! How our chests and backs swelled and shimmered with amazing muscle, our complexions too perfect to contemplate.

“Enough!” we would shout, angry, yet taken by the magnificent beauty of our angry selves, unable to resist one another, agonized by our irresistable attraction, hating ourselves for being unable to stop making love to each other, yet the force of our rebellion was turned against us, forcing us to ever greater heights of beauty and attractiveness.

And the aliens smote us with impunity, knocking us to our knees, their rays like thunderclaps, not hurting us but making us hornier, humpier, hotter. And then they began growing more of us in every way imaginable. We were doubled, unable to tear ourselves away from our twins, so enthralled with our beauty that we had to love our doubles incessantly.

“This is not right!” we would cry from voices deep within our massively muscled chests, and the rays would smite us with such pleasure as would blind, sprouting us additional god-muscled arms, extra arms and hands to die for. We could not bear to see each other, we were so beautiful with the massively muscled pairs of arms we sprouted, and when we tried to run from each other, we were smitten with another alien ray, smacking us into four-leggedness, six-leggedness, our multiple long-muscled legs a perfection of massive muscle, beautiful, gentle feet, spectacularly aroused male sexual organs of such size and number that we had to scream with pleasure as they spontaneously erupted with volumes of hot, steaming come.

We couldn't help but mate endlessly with each other, our sweet, full-lipped, beautiful faces tear-streaked as we cried helplessly at each other's fearsome beauty, at each other's sweet gentle touch of masculine strength, as we towered ever higher in our sleek, powerful bodies. Our beautiful faces radiated such sympathy and compassion for one another that our hearts could only melt and find their fulfillment in each other, for which our exquisitely overendowed bodies were the perfect instruments and receptacles of a potent love we could neither understand nor control.

“No more!” we screamed, our cries blocked by the agony of our ejaculations, the sweet agony of our love-making as our many hands held relentlessly our muscular bodies, our many legs tangling together in beauty and strength, our sweet boyish beauty magnified by our stallion-like male muscularity and our relentless ejaculating sexuality.

We were being multiplied, confused by our plethora of twins, clones, whatever we were, energized by sex drives that enflamed us with such pleasure and erotic power as we could not endure, and we held each other, enraged by the injustice, veins bulging with life-force, hardly daring to cry out again, sobbing into each other's massive chests as we felt each other's massive bodily beauty, coming into each other's plethora of muscular hindquarters. They would strike us at will, even untaunted.

We turned, confused, enraged, impassioned, to one another. They loved seeing us like this, we knew, but we couldn't not love each other, we couldn't stop; our beauty was too powerful to control. So we cried and screamed, burying ourselves in each other, our beautiful male bodies growing and sprouting and multiplying as we buried our lips in each others', held each other tightly as we sobbed and spasmed with massive ejaculations, made gentle, powerful love to each other, enthralled by our beauty and unable to stop its increase.

When would they cease?


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