by Jcry123

A young guy decides to try out a gift from a random stranger that might making him bigger.

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I stood outside the small, semi-detached house in the musty, October rain. My scruffy, thick hair dripped from under my black hood on to my face. The wet but humid weather made the skin under my two thick layers of clothes heat up like a radiator. I knocked on the door. It was just a few moments before Alex appeared in the doorway.

’Hey, mate’ he said, smiling and taking my hand in a firm shake, ’How’s it going?’

I smiled back, ’Wet’. He burst out laughing boyishly and stepped aside, letting me into the hallway. The house was empty; Alex had invited me over to play video games and watch crappy films, the usual pastimes for a couple of teenage guys. Usually Aaron was around, as well, but he was nowhere in sight as we made our way upstairs to Alex’s bedroom.

’Where’s Aaron?’ I asked, walking behind. As we traversed the staircase I couldn’t help but notice his firm, athletic buttocks in a pair of tight jeans. Alex was the sporty type. He was lean, but fit and 6 feet, just an inch shorter than me. He’d been trying to get into bodybuilding recently but without success; not that he wasn’t muscular. But he was that skinny kind of muscular, like a swimmer. Also, he hated extreme dieting. My glazed eyes refocused as he answered my question.

’Some family thing came up and he bailed, so it’s just us’.

Once in his room, I sat on his single bed, and he sat on the sofa in front of his t.v. After a few minutes of small talk and banter, I asked him if he wanted to watch some t.v. He didn’t answer straight away. He frowned, his black eyebrows furrowed as though making a difficult decision. His face was so handsome, even when he grimaced, that I had to look at the floor to avoid ogling. His hair was short, dark and spiky, and his eyes were bright blue, crystal almost. His skin was somewhere between pale and tanned, but on neither extreme. He had a little bit of stubble around his jaw. He often said he was envious of my beard, which I had to regularly clip to keep neat. He thought it was manly. I’d long since grown accustomed to controlling my erections around him, but sitting on his bed, which smelt faintly of his cologne, and watching him sit on the sofa next to his bench and dumbbells, I was hard put to control the stirring in my jeans. He didn’t know I was gay. Heck, I didn’t know until we became close friends. He spoke at last,

’I’ve got something to show you’. He was grinning stupidly as he walked across the room and went to the bedside table. He took from a drawer a tiny phial of green liquid.

’What’s that?’ I asked.

’Remember how I tried to get in to weight-lifting and bodybuilding? Well, I was walking down the street yesterday, and I was talking to Aaron about how frustrating it was trying to pack on muscle. Then out of nowhere this dude with glasses and a blue suit appeared and handed this to me. He did it really sly, like, passing it to me like it was a secret code from MI5 or something. That was weird enough, but when I looked at Aaron he didn’t know what the problem was. He didn’t even see him. And when I turned to point the guy out, he’d just disappeared’.

’Weird’, I said. Alex nodded, half-laughing.

’There was a piece of paper wrapped around the phial, too’. He took a note from his pocket and passed it to me. It read, ’Here is the secret to all your desires’.

’What does this mean?’ I said, putting the note on the table.

’I dunno, but it sounds good, huh?’

Alex was reckless at the best of times. I think he thought such daring made him seem more masculine. I thought most of the time it brinked on sheer stupidity.

’You can’t seriously be thinking of drinking it?’

’Why not?’ He grinned, showing a set of beautiful white teeth.

’It could be poison’ I said, perplexed. We stared at each other for about half a minute. I tried to convince him with a glare to listen to reason, but his face broke out in that sexy grin once again. Before I could even move, he downed the mysterious green liquid.

There was a minute of silence, where I stood, mouth open, gaping at my friend. He simply stood, smiling.

’Nothing’s happening’ he sighed, ’I think it’s lemonade. What a -’ He suddenly bent forward, as though he wanted to throw up. His stomach made an ominous growling sound and he clutched his gut with his hands. ’Oh God’ he said, taking a step backward.

’Alex!’ I cried, standing up. I feared the worst, and was about to run for the phone, when he stopped groaning, and stood up straight.

’Wait’, he said, panting, ’I feel alright’. He was standing in front of his wall mirror, ’I feel… good, actually’. Then, all of a sudden, his transformation began.

It started with his feet. He wasn’t wearing socks, so we could both see as the tops of his smallish size sevens sprouted thick, curly brown hair. ’Woah’ yelled Alex, as they stretched and grew to about size thirteens. Then he said his legs felt weird. He unbuttoned his jeans and let them fall. His quads were thickening. The muscles in the tops of his legs were writhing and began to bulge, stretching and barely held by his grey cotton boxers, which were also stretching from the huge amount of mass on these now tree-trunk legs. He didn’t mention it, but I could see that the fairly ordinary bulge of his pants was swelling until it looked like a small football was down his front. He caressed it softly. But before he could appreciate his new package, his upper body began changing. His chest, which before had been totally flat and thin, grew, stretching the black t-shirt until the seams could be heard breaking. ’Wo-hoh!’ screamed Alex, as the huge slabs of meat kept growing and growing, and his nipples became massive and erect. As he felt his humongous pecs, stroking them in awe, his arms began to grow. Veins like pythons appeared down along them. His biceps were expanding so fast that the shirt cut into his flesh, but this just made them appear even bigger. They were over twenty inches, and as he raised them to flex in the classic pose, the shirt gave way and the sleeves burst. His neck was thickening like the rest of his body, with veins as thick as the ones in his arms.

’I have to get this off’ he said, and his voice was deeper, like a man’s, ’This shirt’s too small, it hurts’. He raised his arms, revealing wing-like lats, and tore off his shirt. His shoulders and grown apart, thick and muscley. He was bowing his arms like a chicken because his triceps and his lats were so big they were rubbing against each other. His chest was covered in light brown hair. He bounced his pecs playfully, and I lost control of my hard-on I could feel the head of my penis leak in ecstasy. I didn’t care how or why it had happened, but Alex had become a muscle god. He turned to me, his face and skin now tanned, making his eyes seem even brighter. I sat down on the bed in awe, and he walked over to me. I looked up, but could only see his eyes over his mountainous chest, with a dark crevice in the middle He slowly flexed his pecs to show me his rippling muscle.

’Touch it,’ he said in his croaky voice. I felt him up. I stood up and stroked his massive pecs, licking his nipples and chest hair as he continued to bounce those balls of pure manliness. He flexed his biceps and I held them, though even both my hands struggled to wrap themselves around them. He smiled, and I noticed there was deep brown hair sprouting over his face. Next I knelt and began massaging his quads. He groaned happily, flexing them as I stroked, each rise in my hand getting closer to his crotch. Then I saw his boner. It was penetrating the boxers, eager to escape like a wild animal, at least ten inches.

’I’m so glad you like me’ he whispered. ’I thought it was just me’. I unleashed his monster dick from the pants with some difficulty. ’I never invited Aaron, I just needed to be with you. I needed you’. I slowly began to suck his head, which spurted warm, oozing cum as he stretched his arm and began playing with my rock-hard penis. We lay in his bed together, and it was bliss.

1,545 words Added Nov 2011 38k views (#220) 4.4 stars (12 votes)

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