A true Villanueva

by Architect of Men

 Austin knows his adopted family of Latino hunks truly loves him, but he can’t help feeling like he doesn’t quite belong. Fortunately, Dad Miguel always knows how to make things better.

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Austin laughed as his dad nervously paced while he stuttered through a prepared speech about the topic of Austin’s birth: he was adopted. “Dad, I’ve known that since the fourth grade.”

Miguel stopped abruptly. “You knew already?” His face hardened in anger. “Did your brothers tell you?”

Laughing again, Austin said, “No, Dad, I knew because I look nothing like you and Mariano and José. I’m super pale, I have blue eyes and blonde hair, people still get surprised when I speak Spanish to them. Honestly if I hadn’t figured it out by now, that would be pretty sad.”

“But there are plenty of times when genes like that make it through anyway!” Miguel persisted. Deflating some, Miguel continued, “Ay, if only Theresa were here today, she would know just what to say, ay mijo.”

Austin gave his dad a hug. “Dad, honestly it’s fine, I’ve always been a Villanueva, and I always will be, you and mom earned your titles when you signed those papers. It doesn’t matter where I come from.”

Miguel teared up a little. “Mijo, I’m so proud to be your dad, I know you’ve always had trouble fitting in with the family and neighborhood.” He shifted his large form to face his son. “Which is why I brought you this from tu abuelita, she said that if she sensed you still hadn’t found your true self by the time you go off to college, to give this to you. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be, but she wants you to drink it, so Iguess it’s some kind of tea?”

Austin took the glass from his dad’s massive hand and examined the concoction. “Ha, this sure is on-brand for abuelita, she’s got a remedy for everything.” Smiling sadly, he added, “I guess I wasn’t as good at pretending to be happy as I thought I was, she read me like a book.”

Miguel had a worried expression on his face. “You know, mijo, you can tell me anything, I won’t judge you at all. Tu abuelita is one of the best at reading people. Some say she’s una bruja, so it’s no surprise that she knew something we all didn’t. Listen, mijo, I won’t pry, just know that I love you, and I’m always gonna be in your corner.”

With a strong bear hug from the massive man, Austin watched as his dad left his room and quietly shut the bedroom door. Deep talks like that were Dad’s specialty, and he was glad to be home for the break from classes. Honestly, he could use a little more encouragement like this; university across the country was tougher than he thought it would be. Looking on his nightstand next to him at the glass vial his abuelita sent for him, he wondered if it really could help him find himself. Drinking it in one gulp, he grimaced as the bitter flavor dominated his senses, burning on the way down. When nothing immediately happened, he sighed from relief that he wasn’t secretly allergic to it and decided to sleep.

Sunbeams and birdsong woke Miguel the next morning. He got up and headed to the bathroom, passing by his son José’s open bedroom. Miguel made a mental note to remind José to keep his door shut if he was going to sleep in the nude. Sure, José and Mariano took after their dad, both being muscular and hairy latino hunks, so he could understand being proud of your own body, but he didn’t want Austin to feel even more alienated from his family.

Knowing what his mother’s potion could do, Miguel hoped that his son had drunk it. Maybe after that, Austin would begin to feel like a true part of the family, despite already knowing that he was already. Sometimes emotions gnaw at our logic, making us miserable.

Finishing up in the bathroom, Miguel went to Austin’s room to see if he was already awake, being an early bird. To his surprise, he saw Austin sleeping naked in the bed as well, having thrown his blankets off in the night. But Austin wasn’t the same. Glancing over at the nightstand, Miguel saw the empty vial and smiled. Maybe now that Austin would change to look like a true Villanueva, he’d finally feel like one too.

Already the changes were making themselves known: dense black hair sprouting on his chest and arms, a happy trail forming along the perfect abs until it joined his thick bush, cradling some massive balls and a growing dick. Austin’s jawline had become much more predominant, allowing the stubble growing there to accent the more masculine facial structure replacing his old one. Miguel was immediately hard, and he decided to leave as quietly as he could. He would just beat off in the shower, that way the distraction of his son’s new form wouldn’t be too much for him later when he awoke.

Letting the steamy water envelop him, he soaped his hairy muscles up, reveling in the feeling of his masculine body. After a while he grabbed his ample dick and began to stroke it, using his other hand to steady himself in the shower. After a few strokes he decided to sit in the floor of the tub so he could finger himself or squeeze his balls as well. Precum began drizzling out of his member and joining the rivulets of warm water flowing down his massive form.

As he neared his orgasm, he heard the door abruptly open and a deep voice yelled over the rushing water, “Sorry dad, I gotta use it, couldn’t wait!”

In between breaths, trying to keep his pace so that he doesn’t lose the sexed up state of pre orgasm, he yelled, “Mariano! Just go outside if you gotta go that badly. Ay!”

Just then the curtain was pulled open abruptly, before him stood Latino Austin, still naked as before, with a glint in his eye. “Wrong son, pops,” he said, and then he joined him in the shower, member growing to full mast. Miguel quickly climbed to his feet, staring at Austin, hos own cock still thick and hard.

Seeing Miguel’s hesitancy, Austin chuckled. “Listen, you’ll always be my dad, but I know we’re not related, and I’ve had the hugest crush on you since I first ‘discovered’ myself. You gave me something I’ve always wanted, and now it’s time for me to thank you properly.” With that, Austin locked his adoptive father into a passionate kiss, while groping that massive, hairy tool between his father’s virile legs.

Thankfully, last spring Miguel and José had installed a much bigger hot water heater. Soon, moaning grew to be louder than the water, but neither of them cared anymore. Lost to the sex, the hirsute Latin studs sucked and then fucked each other with abandon. On the verge of releasing that potent cream, Miguel warned his son, “Ah, ah, mijo, I’m so close!”

One cool glance into Miguel’s eyes said enough for him, a torrent of creamy man milk flooded Austin’s ass, feeling the heat from it warm his body even more. Soon after that Austin came, his new virulent balls working overtime for their first orgasm, washing the tub in a deluge of white.

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