Above average

by Ziel

 Alan starts out as just your average college boy. Then a strange, magical artifact comes into his life, and he starts becoming bigger… almost remembering the ways things were, when his muscles and cock weren’t, with each orgasm, more and more above average. As the effects spread, Alan knows he must understand what’s happing to him and his friends—and also that he must be the biggest, most muscular, most hypercocked stud of all.

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Contents (28 parts)
Part 1 Alan starts out as just your average college boy. Then a strange, magical artifact comes into his life, and he starts becoming bigger—almost remembering the ways things were, when his muscles and cock weren’t, with each orgasm, more and more above average. As the effects spread, Alan knows he must understand what’s happing to him and his friends—and also that he must be the biggest, most muscular, most hypercocked stud of all. (added: 1 Apr 2013)Part 2(added: 12 Apr 2013)Part 3Part 4(added: 10 May 2013)Part 5Part 6 Alan has a moment of clarity: his muscles are pretty huge, and his dick’s pretty massive. They’ve always been like that, but he has a weird feeling about it anyway. Like he has about the phallic artifact, which someone seems to haveā€¦ borrowed. (added: 21 May 2013)Part 7(added: 18 Jun 2013)Part 8Part 9(added: 30 Jun 2013)Part 10 Hugely muscled, hyper-cocked Alan creates a spectacle at the mall, then gets some help in the public showers. Part 11(added: 25 Jul 2013)Part 12Part 13 John’s dinner with Alan gets more intense as Alan tests his temptation to grow his football-playing friend. (added: 17 Aug 2013)Part 14(added: 6 Sep 2013)Part 15 John needs to get clean, so Kyler takes him to the only feasible option for washing down the the giant, naked linebacker—a car wash. (added: 1 Oct 2013)Part 16 Kyle and John do their best to figure out what’s happening to the increasingly huge John, despite the immense distractions. (added: 27 May 2014)Part 17 Determined to help the already massively muscled and hypercocked John stop growing before he gets too big, Kyle tracks down the phallic statue and the box it belongs in—encountering Alan’s horny roommate Steve along the way. (added: 6 Aug 2014)Part 18 Alan, left to his own devices, finds himself wandering the campus and ends up putting on a show for his admirers—which leads to a surprising turn in his story of nonstop transformation. (added: 2 Nov 2014)Part 19 "Kyle and Alan’s concurrent plot lines come to a head in a lewd and lurid manner." (added: 27 Nov 2014)Part 20 Kyle checks in on his date to find that John’s size has crept up even more during the evening. At least he’s done growing now... right? (added: 28 Jan 2015)Part 21 Alan’s night of constant exhibitionism and flaunting his enormous muscles and cock draws to a close, but not before a personal session with two of neighbors. (added: 15 May 2015)Part 22 In a dream, Alan discovers both his own part in a (literally) larger story, and the ramifications of recent events. (added: 27 Oct 2015)Part 23 Alan slowly manages to make sense of the crazy dream he had the night before. One thing’s for sure, if he ever wants to get even more massive he’s going to need that artifact and the box it came in. (added: 3 Feb 2016)Part 24 Alan makes his way to class. As you can imagine, such a huge, muscular hunk of a hyper hung college slacker makes quite the show around campus, but he’s not the only spectacle today… (added: 11 May 2016)Part 25 Determined to find out what’s going on with the magic artifact box, Alan catches up with his suddenly super-hunky professor, Mr. Simpson. (added: 3 Mar 2017)Part 26 Huge Kyle and huger John have a little lunch, trying to ignore the stares from everyone around them as they discuss the changes in store for others, and the possibilities for themselves. (added: 16 Jun 2017)Part 27 After a fruitless day of searching for the new owner of the relic, Alan is in a foul mood. Fortunately a couple old friends are on hand to help lift his spirits. (added: 27 Apr 2018)Part 28 Kyle drags John to a gay club called Members Only as part of a two-pronged plan. He wants to get the massive but shy football god out of his shell; and, now that they have the box, he wants to explore all its possibilities. (added: 8 Dec 2018)

Alan was as perfectly average as they come. He had perfectly average short brown hair which nicely complimented his equally average brown eyes. How skin was lightly tanned, which was average for someone his age. His height and build could only rightly be described as average. He was even average downstairs; his perfectly average dick was five and a half inches long; which as it turns out, is spot on with the national average.

Even his life was average. He got decent enough grades in high school which got him into a decent enough college. Now that he was well into his second year in college he was doing well enough there, too. He was holding down Bs and Cs in all his classes; which as he had been told by is friends and classmates, was pretty much average.

On an average Friday or Saturday night he would be down with some of his buds at one of the frat houses near campus getting completely blootered. He typically held his liquor well enough, but last night was the first time he had ever been full on, black out drunk. Incidentally, last night was also the first time he was legally able to purchase his own alcohol. Yesterday had been Alan’s twenty-first birthday, and like you’re average college guy, he had spent it making a whirlwind tour of all the bars on and off campus with his buds. He could only really remember the first bar; it got to be a haze after that.

Alan groaned loudly as he stirred awake. His brain felt like someone had stuck it in a blender and then poured the sloppy pink slurry into a waffle iron and burnt it. His eyes hurt so bad that even the light against his eyelids seared his retinas. The normally soft ticking of his dorm room ceiling fan as it swung back and forth sounded like someone was firing a magnum off right next to his ear. Alan could proudly claim to have officially had his first hangover, and he had to admit, it was just as shitty as he was lead to believe.

He reached one hand blindly to his night stand and began fumbling around for something to drink; his throat was dry, and his mouth tasted sour and sickly. His fingers bumped painfully loudly against various empty beer bottles before settling on some unknown solid object. He ran his fingers along it and managed to deduce its approximate shape. It certainly felt like a bottle, and it was heavy, which meant that it was probably full. Alan wrapped his hand around the object and tried to pull the cap off with the other hand. Try as he might he couldn’t find any lid to pull off. He begrudgingly opened his eyes to try and see what he was doing. The extra light burned about as much as he expected, but he was surprised to see what it was he was actually holding.

The object was not a bottle at all. In fact, it appeared to be a small stone statue. It appeared to be very old and worn, but the features on the grey figure were fairly unmistakable. Somehow in his drunken revelry he had managed to find an ancient cock statue. He hoped that while he was out painting the town last night that he didn’t steal it from some museum or curio shop, or worse yet, actually spend money on such a piece of junk. He chucked it haphazardly over his shoulder and reached for a half empty bottle of water instead; he really was not in the mood to survey the intricacies of some ancient dildo. The statue bounced once on his mattress and then rolled off the side, lodging tightly between the side of the mattress and the wall.

Now that he had a drink, it was time to find something to take for his headache. He staggered over to the little sink on the far side of the room. He was in the cheapest dorm on campus, and the rooms were little better than prison cells. Prison cells might even be better, he thought wryly. His bed felt like a stone slab; he couldn’t imagine prison beds being any worse, and at least in prison he had a toilet in his room instead of having to use the communal restroom down the hall.

Alan pulled open the combination mirror/medicine cabinet that hung over the sink and grabbed a bottle of aspirin. He poured an indeterminate number of pills into his hand; it was definitely more than the recommended dosage, but he needed some serious relief from his pain. He tossed the whole handful of pills into his mouth and washed it all down with every last drop of water that remained in the bottle.

As he strolled back to his bed he reached a hand down the front of his pants and mindlessly adjusted himself. The front of his boxers seemed a little more snug than he was used to this morning. It wasn’t enough to bother him, though; he just pulled his respectable dick to one side and faceplanted back into his pillow. He was out cold the second he hit the mattress.

He awoke again a few hours later. His headache had all but faded, but now he had to piss like a race horse. Alan didn’t even bother getting dressed; plenty of other students liked to roam the dorm completely naked, and so being clad in just boxers was hardly going to cause any issues. As he stumbled down the hallway, he passed one the guys on the level that never seemed to be clothed. Ever. John was a pretty typical jock, but a nice enough guy. John’s blond hair was buzzed short. John said he did that because it felt more comfortable when he had his football helmet on. Alan thought it was kind of a shame, though. John looked a whole lot cuter when he had the long, shaggy, surfer bro haircut going at the beginning of the year. Alan secretly liked that he was able to get a free shot of that hot jock muscle and sexy dick on a regular basis. John’s cock wasn’t particularly large, but it was a bit above average and plenty thick.

Alan could feel the front of his pants getting tighter as his own cock started to stir to life. He was pretty sure everyone on the floor knew he was gay by now, but he still didn’t want to be caught popping a boner in the middle of the hallway. For starters, it just wasn’t polite, and there was always the risk that the other guys would be weirded out and actually start wearing clothes when Alan was around.

Alan slipped into the restroom and made a beeline for one of the open urinals. There were plenty open, but only one that fit the criteria for basic urinal etiquette as dictated by the bro code. He let out an audible sigh of relief as his sizeable salami log flopped free. Alan didn’t think anything of it as he wrapped both hands around the shaft to aim it while he relieved himself. He closed his eyes and quietly hummed some annoying pop song that had been stuck in his head all morning as he went about his business. He didn’t even notice the large frame occupy the urinal right next to him. Now that his headache was pretty much completely gone he was feeling pretty good about the day. Once he finished up, he shook his large floppy dick a few times to take care of any residual liquid. He was just about to slip it back in his pants when he was startled by a deep voice booming beside him, “Woah! That’s huge!”

Alan jumped and turned to look at who had been watching him, and was surprised to see John standing right next to him. This was the first time that Alan had ever been so close to the hulking wall of muscle, and it was more than a little disconcerting. At well over six feet tall, John was one of the biggest people on campus. There were one or two basketball players that could top John’s 6’8” height, but none of them could rival his sheer muscled mass. The hulking freshman had almost a full foot of height on Alan.

Alan certainly didn’t feel huge. If anything he felt tiny and insignificant next to what he assumed to be around three hundred pounds of solid muscle. He looked up and up until he finally was looking John in the eyes. Alan was surprised to see the gigantic jock was still staring straight as his exposed cock; Alan had forgotten to put it back in its pouch when he had been startled by the booming voice. “Look who’s talking.” Alan replied while rolling his eyes.

“No. I mean it, man. You’ve got a great dick.” John responded, looking a little embarrassed and somewhat sheepish.

“I’m perfectly average in every way. I’m like a frickin underachieving Mary Poppins.” Alan replied flatly as he turned to go wash his hands.

“That’s certainly not average.” The huge, muscled dude continued as he followed Alan. “Hey, uh… So, I know you’re gay, but have you ever… you know. Done oral?”

Alan spun around and glared right into John’s clear blue eyes. “Yes. I’m gay, but don’t think for a minute that I’m just going to go down and the first hot guy who flaunts his dick in my face. If you want to get your rocks off go flag down one of those floozies who hang out around the locker rooms looking for a quick score.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that.” John sputtered; his cheeks were turning slightly pink. “It’s just. I mean… I was actually asking… Would you let me? I mean… can I… um… blow you?” To Alan’s surprise, the hulking jock was grinning bashfully. The rookie of the year fully intended to go down on him. He could already feel his hefty dick struggling to burst free of the plaid boxers which were quickly becoming much too small to hold it all in.

“Here?” Alan yelped in surprise.

“Maybe someplace a little more private?” John responded with a sheepish grin. Alan was surprised that someone so huge and hot could be such an awkward goof. It seemed like the more nervous John got, the more of his southern drawl would slip out.

“You don’t have a roommate, right? How about your place?” Alan said while a nervous smile played at the corner of his mouth. He had had John pegged as a typical jock, but now that he was actually taking the time to speak to him for more than just the typical “’sup” he was finding the giant blond to be quite sweet, and John’s good ol’ boy southern charm was something that Alan was going to have to be careful not to fall for.

“Right! … um. Lead the way.” John replied; his face was completely red. A quick look down south revealed why. John’s respectable six inches were fully rigid.

Alan and John made their way down the hallway back to John’s dorm room. The hulking youth stayed awkwardly close to Alan the entire time; John was using Alan to cover his hard-on. John was following so close behind, in fact, that his cock would occasionally bump into Alan’s back. John was so much taller than Alan that when his dick hit, it hit dead center on the brown haired dude’s back.

Alan stepped aside to allow John to unlock the door, but John just turned the knob and the door flung open with ease. Alan rolled his eyes. It would make sense that his door would be unlocked. It’s not like he had any place to put the key.

“You can sit on the bed if you want.” John said, gesturing towards the bed at the far side of the room.

Alan was surprised how neat the room was. He had expected a college football player’s bedroom to look like the site of a constant party; bear bottles everywhere, underwear hanging from all the furniture, a broken light here or there. In other words, he had expected John’s room to look a lot like his. He was also surprised by the number of books stacked neatly on shelves and the substantial movie library that lined the rest of the shelves.

Alan stood at the foot of the bed and put his thumbs in his waistband. He was ready to drop his drawers right then and there, but John stopped him. “Wait… Can I?” Alan nodded and grinned in response. This lumbering jock was constantly surprising him with just how cute and innocent he could be.

John got down on his knees and placed his hands on either side of Alan’s hips and slowly pulled the boxers down. He gasped in awe as Alan’s well above average boner sprung free. Alan gasped as well, but for much different reasons. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He was currently sporting the biggest dick he had ever seen and had no idea how or why. He wasn’t going to argue with it, though. His miraculous growth spurt downstairs had just gotten him into bed with the school’s up and coming star athlete.

Alan sat down on the edge of the bed and moaned as he felt John’s lips wrap around his dick. While it wasn’t the best blowjob he had ever received, John was certainly the hottest guy Alan had ever hooked up with, and the hulking blond’s enthusiasm more than made up for his lack of experience. John’s mouth slid up and down Alan’s shaft as he continued to suck and run his tongue along Alan’s dick. John was trying to take more and more of Alan’s cock in his mouth with each pass, but he gagged a bit as Alan’s huge cock poked down his throat.

“Sorry.” John said sheepishly and then returned to his sucking.

“Don’t be. You’ll get the hang of it. You just need to do it more.” Alan replied with a reassuring grin.

John lifted off of Alan’s cock and beamed with joy. “Does that mean we can do this some more?” He asked. His eyes seemed to twinkle with anticipation.

“Sure. Whenever you want.” Alan replied, giving John a sexy wink. His voice was a little unsteady since he was so close to blowing his load. John’s face lit up like the fourth of July. Alan had never seen anyone so excited at the thought of sucking him off. Hell, he’d never seen someone so happy to get the chance to hang around him at all. John’s prize winning smile melted Alan’s heart and broke his resolve. Alan let out a long low moan of bliss as he creamed all over John’s smiling face.

Both guys were surprised by the volume. Alan’s large nuts seemed to seize upwards and unload, then refill and unload again. Jet after jet of warm spunk splashed against the jock’s face and splattered into his hair.

“Shit. I’m sorry, man.” Alan managed to say between gasps for air. He felt terrible for cumming all over John like that.

“Don’t be.” John replied with a huge smile. “But next time, try to actually get some in my mouth.” John shot Alan a sexy wink as he wiped off clumps of jizz with two fingers and then sucked the spunk off.

Alan was rock hard all over again after seeing such an incredibly lewd and amazing sexy act. John noticed his still rock hard dick and looked nervous all over again. “Um… So… have you ever tried… You know… Anal?”

Alan grinned happily at John. “Man, after that blowjob you deserve it.” Alan flopped back in the bed and lifted his legs for John.

John silently mouthed “Wow.” as he stared at Alan’s cute butt. Alan may not have had much muscle definition, but he was by no means fat. To top it all off, he had a naturally round and full bubble butt that just served to make his ass look huge and sexy. “Thanks, but… I meant for me…”

Alan sat back and looked at John in shock. “What? But man. You said it yourself. I’m huge. This isn’t exactly something you take on your first try.”

“It’s not exactly my first try…” John responded; his face turning more and more red by the second. “But I really want to do it with you… so please?”

Alan could not say no to those soulful blue puppy eyes. “Ok. Fine, but have you got any lube?” Alan sighed in defeat.

John perked up and smiled even wider than before. “I sure do! It’s right there in the top drawer.” John nodded to the little desk which was set up right next to the bed. Alan reached over and pulled open the drawer. Sure enough there was a bottle of lube in there and an impressive looking dildo. Alan pulled both the bottle and the toy of the drawer and playfully lined up his dick with the black, rubber faux cock. The King Dong XXL had him beat, but not by much. He had seen this model at the sex shops before. It was supposed to be fourteen inches long, and since Alan almost rivaled it, his dick had to be over a foot long. “This should be a cakewalk for you.” He teased as he rolled his eyes jokingly.

John jumped onto the bed like an excited puppy and lifted his legs for Alan. “Roll over, man. Let me get you warmed up properly.” Alan said with a playful smirk. John wanted to get right to the reaming, but he was curious about what Alan meant. John nodded and rolled over so Alan could work.

Alan took one huge, muscled cheek in each hand and began kneading. He had checked out John’s amazing ass on numerous occasions throughout the semester, but never once imagined that he would be able to get so up close and personal with it. He spread the glorious mounds wide and buried his face between them and began kissing and licking anywhere his lips and tongue could reach. As Alan flicked his tongue against the jock’s eagerly twitching hole, the muscled blond tensed up and let out a high pitched half gasp half moan sound that could only rightly be described as a squeak.

Alan slowly shook his head as he chuckled silently to himself. The blond dude seemed more and more adorable by the second. It was a shame they couldn’t actually be boyfriends. There is no way that this jock would ever commit social suicide and actually come out. Alan just had to live with being fuck buddies for now. He was sure he could live with that arrangement.

Alan poured the lube liberally across his gigantic cock and slowly guided the tip in towards John’s waiting ass. His dick slid in surprisingly easily, but then again, John did have some practice in this regard. Alan was amazing at just how great John’s ass felt. Alan was usually on the one taking and not the one giving, but the star wide receiver was living up to his title. Alan could feel the stud’s insides wrap around his dick as he continued to thrust in and out. With each thrust, John moaned loudly and breathlessly.

“These are thin walls, dude. People will hear you.” Alan whispered sharply.

“Let them hear!” John screamed between gasps. “I’m being fucked by the biggest dick in school! I’m being ridden hard and loving every second of it!” John’s deep voice boomed. The walls seemed to rattle with the force of his outburst. There was probably no chance that anyone on their level would think John was straight after this.

John’s coming out shriek had been one of the hottest things Alan had ever witnessed. John’s declaration had been emphasized by him completely taking control. Alan was no longer setting the pace; John was now rocking back and forth as he greedily rode Alan’s massive schlong. Alan didn’t last much longer after that. Within moments he was blowing yet another load; this one deep inside John’s huge, muscular ass.

John could feel an impressive amount of spooge pumping into him. The volume of cum was so much that he even began to feel a little bloated and cramped, but it was a mild discomfort compared to how amazing he felt all over. His ass had been torn up and now ached with a dull, pleasant pain. He felt so full and fulfilled that he was a little sad when he felt Alan’s now soft cock slide out of him.

Alan pulled his huge dick out of John and hopped up on the bed next to the massive athlete. Even on a king size bed, there was barely enough room for the two of them. As Alan lay back e felt something hard under him. He reached back and realized he had lain down on the fabled King Dong XXL. He chucked a bit to himself as he noticed how strangely small it looked next to his own massive, soft dick. He absentmindedly dropped the outdated sex toy off the side of the bed and sidled up against John. To Alan’s amazement and excitement, John wrapped both beefy arms around him and pulled him in tight. Alan quickly dozed off, surrounded by pillows and muscles.

Alan and John’s post-coitus cuddling was interrupted by loud, obnoxious banging on the door. “Just ignore it. They’ll go away eventually.” John said contentedly as he tightened his arms around Alan. Alan was perfectly fine with letting their visitor come and go without so much as a word, until he heard a voice coming from the other side of the door. Alan groaned in annoyance as he recognized his roommate’s shouting.

“Alan! Alan! Alan! Alan! Alan! Alan!” Over and over the dude on the other side continued to bark his name like a meerkat. Alan shook off John’s arms and trudged over to the door while grumbling a litany of obscenities about his roommate.

“Steve! Steve! Steve! Steve! Steve!” Alan barked back angrily, and then added testily. “What!?”

Steve just raised an eyebrow and cocked his head back as he greeted Alan in the time honored way that one bro typically greets another. “‘Sup?” Steve was about Alan’s height, but was very different in other ways. He had a very lean build typically of skaters and long wavy brown looking hair that was topped off with a red, yellow, and green rasta-colored beanie.

“Oh, you know. Hooked up with a hot football player. Had sex. So I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice.” Alan responded casually but then his demeanor soured as he followed up with an annoyed “How did you even find me here?”

“You know how it is. It’s a small campus. News travels fast, especially if one of the star football players is involved. Not only that, but his voice carries well. I could hear you two love birds from the lobby.” Steven commented nonchalantly; a perpetual peaceful grin seemed stuck on his face. He then leaned into the room and peered over Alan’s shoulder at the huge, naked jock seated on the bed. Steve shot John a thumbs up and added cheerfully. “congrats on the sex, dude.”

Alan shoved Steve back out of the doorway and added testily. “Why are you even here!?”

“Haha. Oh, right. Maaan. We were so fucked up last night.” Steve said jovially.

“I noticed.” Alan replied flatly.

“I think I may have, accidentally taken some freaky Tiki mask from the anthro wing and might have worn it as I ran around campus… As in… Just the mask.” Steve explained as a goofy grin spread across his face.

“And I’m supposed to care? It’s not the first time you’ve streaked around campus. We both know how proud you are of your cock.” Alan replied as he rolled his eyes. Steve was pretty well known for his ten inches, and Alan had had plenty of time to get up close and personal with the amazing tool. Unfortunately, Steve was straight, but he was a bit more open minded than most guys. Alan and Steve were really good friends, and Steve was never one to turn down a free blow job.

“Look, man. I need a favor…” Steve looked around to make sure the coast was clear before leaning in the room again and addressing John. “Hey man, I need to steal your boyfriend for a minute.” Steve grabbed Alan by the arm and pulled him into the hallway.

“Ok. I want you to come with me to return the mask. I could get in deep trouble for swiping it, and you are much better at handling people than I am. So… can you pleeaasseee come with me and help me smooth things over? Pleeeasseee?” Steve clasped his hands together and made an overly dramatic show of kneeling down as he pleaded.

“Dude. Get up, you’re being a tool.” Alan replied, sighing audibly as he did so.

Steve could tell from the tone of his friend’s voice that Alan was going to accept his request. He began to look up to thank his bud, but his eyes only made it half way. His jaw dropped the second he saw the massive tool swinging between Alan’s legs. The huge cock reached over halfway down to his knee and had two huge melons for testicles to go along with it. “Jesus Christ!!” Steve shouted in shock.

The doors to a couple of the nearby dorm rooms opened up as the occupants looked out the see what the commotion was. They too stopped and stared in shock and awe of Alan’s massive cock. Steve got back to his feet and quickly began herding Alan back into John’s dorm. “I just need to steal your guy candy for a minute.” Steve said to the small crowd that had begun gather around.

Once they were back in the room, Steve shut the door behind him and turned to Alan. “Ok. What have you been feeding that thing, and did you save any for your bestest bud?”

“Uh… I honestly don’t know. It was just kind of bigger when I woke up today.” Alan shrugged as he explained. He didn’t really care how his dick had grown; as far as he was concerned, the results speak for themselves.

Steve grabbed Alan by the arm and pulled him over to John’s desk and shoved him into the swiveling task chair. He had a rare serious expression on his face as he did so. In one quick motion, he pulled his belt out of the loops in his loose jeans, causing the already low riding denim pants to fall to the floor. He grabbed a small ruler from the cup sitting on John’s desk and measured the distance between the metal studs on his belt. “Okay. Three-quarter inches between studs…” He murmured as he held the belt against the base of Alan’s cock. “No way… fifteen inches? Soft!?”

“Wow.” Both Alan and John said in unison. The word was the same, but the meaning was totally different. Alan was amazed at the sheer size of his dick now, but John was absolutely enamored with the sheer magnitude of his new friend’s growth. He had watched it almost double in size since they had been together. He was already wondering what the new and improved cock would look like fully hard and just how big it could get.

Steve got down on his knees before Alan and pulled his friend’s legs wide apart. He slowly began stroking his bud’s gigantic dick. Both Alan and John were too surprised by what they were seeing to say anything at first, but as Alan’s cock got harder, and Steve wrapped his lips around the head, Alan asked shakily, “You are straight, right?”

“Straight enough.” Steve replied as he sucked off his friend’s gigantic tool. “What’s a few blowjobs between friends, right?”

“Oh, hey… I could do that… if you want.” John piped in softly. His own respectably sized dick was already fully hard all over again.

Steve ignored him and continued going down on Alan’s huge knob. As he came up for air again he said. “I’ll blow you, but if you so much as think of cumming in my mouth I will use these power pellets as punching bags.” Steve said coolly. His calm demeanor already made it clear that he was only half joking, but he gave one of Alan’s huge nuts a light squeeze to emphasize his point. Alan chewed on his lower lip as he struggled to not blow his load in his friend’s mouth. Alan had gone down on Steve several times in the past, but this would be the first time that the glove was on the other foot.. Alan was amazed at how good at it Steve was.

“I don’t mind if you cum in my mouth… Just saying.” John tried to interject, but neither of the other guys seemed to be paying much attention to him.

Steve pulled off when Alan was very close to blowing his load. Alan’s cock was the hardest it had ever been. He wanted so bad to cum, but Steve seemed to have other ideas. Steve held his belt up to Alan’s rigid shaft and counted off the rivets. “Wow. Not bad. 20 inches fully hard.”

John stared at Alan’s monster cock in awe. He could not believe all of that was inside of him just a moment ago.

Alan’s toes were curling and uncurling as he hovered over the edge. He really really wanted to cum, but something about the situation made it very embarrassing. He had blown his load many times in Steve’s presence, but never like this. He felt like a lab rat under the microscope. Cumming now would just feel demeaning.

Steve tapped John’s firm, muscular abs with his knuckles. “Don’t leave him hanging, Fagrid.” Despite the dubious nickname, John jumped right into action. Within seconds he was on his knees before Alan. John was so tall that even though he was on his knees, he was still eye level with Alan, but Alan’s cock was now so large that he didn’t need to bend down much to suck it. John gave Alan his best, most seductive bedroom eyes has he sucked on the massive knob.

It didn’t take long at all for Alan to bust his nut right into John’s mouth. Alan was already about to cum before John started sucking him off. The combination of the blowjob and the sexy look he was being given proved just too much. Alan’s nuts started pulling inward as he unloaded his spunk. Jets of cum pumped into John’s mouth. There was an amazing amount of Jizz, but Jon was determined to swallow it all. John swallowed as fast as he could, but Alan’s plus size cum shot proved to be too much for him. The excess spunk leaked out the sides of his mouth as he kept his lips locked around the immense cock.

Finally Alan was spent. His now deflating cock drooped heavily in front of him. “I wouldn’t mind doing that more often.” He said breathlessly.

“All you have to do is ask.” John replied with a grin as he wiped some of the excess spunk from his lips with one hand and reached down to jack Alan’s cock again with his other.

“Oh no you don’t!” Steve cut in. Both John and Alan were surprised by Steve’s outburst. Steve didn’t even make an effort to explain himself as he strode forward, shoving John aside in the process. He lined his belt up against Alan’s thick cock once again. His belt looked much like a spool of measuring tape when placed up against Alan’s impossibly thick dong. “Huh. I thought it looked bigger. Congratulations. You’re now 20 inches soft.”

“What? How did that happen?” Alan yelped in surprise as he sat up straighter on the chair.

“If I knew that I’d be working on doing it to myself.” Steve said as he shrugged. “Man. It’s like you got soft, but didn’t deflate. Same size soft now as you were hard a minute ago.” Steve paused and stoked his chin thoughtfully for a moment before muttering out loud. “Man. I don’t see how you have kept that beast secret for so long.”

“What do you mean ‘for so long?’ It just happened. You watched it happen.” Alan shot back testily.

“What? Oh right. I remember that… wait.” Steve scratched his head thoughtfully as he tried to remember. “Man. This is messing with my head. I remember announcing your sizes, but I don’t remember measuring you. Like, I know I must have, but like. Ok. You how when you have a really cracked out dream and you wake up and tell someone about it? Five minutes later you can remember everything that you told the other person but you can’t remember a damn thing about the dream itself?”

“I guess so, but I am still not sure I know what you are talking about.” Alan responded skeptically.

“It’s like… I have two sets of memories in my head, and both are equally true. I remember teasing you as you blew me on a regular basis. You know the whole spiel I do.” Steve’s posture and demeanor changed as he mimicked himself in the process of being sucked off by his roommate. A smug, self-satisfied grin spread across his face and his back arched as he puffed out his chest in a pose the exuded machismo. “You like that you little queer. This is probably the biggest dick you’ll ever see. Yeah. Suck it.”

Alan fidgeted a little as his friend acted out their secret role play in front of his new friend. He could already feel his dick twitching a bit as it began to wake up. Alan had always found the tough guy act that Steve did when he sucked him off to be pretty hot, but he didn’t want John to know that. Alan looked out of the corner of his eyes to see John staring at Steve’s groin with rapt fascination. Apparently the big, blond jock liked the act too. It didn’t hurt that Steve’s large ten inches of dick filled out the front of his boxers well enough that the outline of his dick was clearly visible.

Steve continued talking, the annoyance clear in his voice. “See? I remember that I used to tease you about me having the bigger dick, even though I know you have had twenty two inches for as long as I have known you.”

Alan gasped. “We just measured it. It was twenty two! Er… Twenty inches on the dot.” He wasn’t sure if his mistake with the size was an honest mistake caused by Steve’s comment, or if his own memories were beginning to jumble. He hoped it was the former; the fact that their memories seemed to be changing as they spoke was very disconcerting for him. Alan then looked down and noticed that his dick did seem slightly larger. It appeared that even the slightest swelling of arousal could have an impact on his final size.

“Yeah, but you made me measure it last year. You said you were sick of me always bragging about mine.” Steve explained calmly.

Alan had to admit, that sounded like something he would do. Especially since Steve always bragged about how he was naturally gifted. Naturally gifted. Oh please. Alan thought snarkily. Last time Alan’s cock was ten inches was in middle school. He shook his head violently and even slapped the side of his head in an effort to knock the foreign memories out of his head. That just made it official. He needed to get to the bottom of this mystery before the changes became permanent, or worse.

“Look. We’re not getting anywhere with this conversation. We can figure this out later, but first, will you come with me to return the mask or not? I mean, if we were both in the anthro wing last night, maybe the answer lies somewhere in there?” Steve once again pleaded with Alan. Alan had to admit, that that made as much sense as anything. Something had happened last night, and the strange mask that Steve had absconded with seemed to be their best lead.

“Fine, but let me find something to wear that will actually cover my junk.” Alan replied with a tone of defeat in his voice. He was so thrilled to have a huge cock, but now that it was beginning to be a little bit unwieldy, he was finding out that there are some downsides to being hung like a horse.

“That’ll be a first.” Steve retorted as he rolled his eyes. Alan wasn’t sure he liked the implication, but he shrugged it off and followed Steve back to their dorm.

John was left to silently ponder what had just happened. He wanted to follow them, but he was still very confused about what they were all talking about. He couldn’t even seem to remember most of it. As best he could remember, Alan’s roommate had charged in and tried to prove just how huge Alan’s dick was, but John didn’t need any proof. He had just had it deep inside of him. He never would have believed someone could have such a huge dick or that it would be physically possible for him to take it all. He could still barely stand after that intense fucking, but it had felt amazing.

Alan was glad that his room was just a few doors down. He didn’t like feeling this exposed. He passed a few guys in the hall as he walked. They gave him a few quick jealous glances, but that was it. He was actually a little disappointed that no one seemed to notice his new size, but then again, he realized that most people were used to seeing it by now, especially since he was one of those guys that rarely wore clothes when walking around the dorms. He felt more and more comfortable with his nudity as he remembered his long standing exhibitionist tendencies. He began standing more upright and no longer made any effort to cover his junk with his hands as he walked. In fact, he even stuck his hips out a bit to show off his equipment even more. His posture seemed to dare people to stare at his prominently displayed dong as it swung heavily from side to side.

Once back in his room, Alan quickly threw on some clothes. They all fit surprisingly nicely given his recent growth spurt. Somewhere in the back of Alan’s mind he wondered why he even bothered with these clothes. His junk was so huge by now that it wasn’t like they were actually covering anything. If anything, his pants seemed to accentuate his bulge even farther. Alan didn’t remember his clothes being nearly this revealing before, but these were the same clothes he had always had; it had to just be his imagination.

The two guys made their way to the anthropology building. Steve lead the way as he clutched his backpack to his chest suspiciously. Alan rolled his eyes as he watched his friend try and look casual but was really only drawing more attention to himself by looking like he had just stolen something. Fortunately for him, most eyes were on Alan. Alan was pleased to be doing his own small part in helping his friend, especially when his small part involved showing off his assets for all to see. He could feel his dick stirring to life from all the attention he was getting. Alan even noticed a couple of guys staring intently at him and nodded salaciously at them. The two guys quickly turned away and tried to act like they weren’t actually checking him out, but Alan knew better.

Before he knew it, Alan and Steve were already in front of the office of Dr. Framfrit. He was the closest thing this college had to an actually respected researcher. It was a small college, and for the most part, it was staffed by relative unknowns in the academics department. Dr. Framfrit was a well published anthropologist, and many people wondered why he chose to hang his hat here. He claimed it was for sentimental reasons, and as far as anyone knew, it was the truth.

Steve hesitantly knocked on the door to the professor’s office. At first there was no response, and Steve happily began to turn around and slink off for now. He was already thinking of other ways to return the mask without causing a scene, but he hadn’t even managed to turn completely around when they heard the door unlatch.

A kindly looking old gentleman answered the door. He was very small and frail looking, but his eyes revealed a vigor that belied his age. “Can I do something for you gentlemen?” came his whisper inquiry.

Alan just shook his head and pointed to Steve. Steve swallowed his nerves and took a step forward. “I’m just gonna come out and say it. I got a little trashed last night, and when I woke up this morning I found this.” He opened his bag and revealed the large wooden mask. “This belongs to you right? I’m really sorry.”

The old man’s eyebrows raised in surprise as he saw the old mask. “I honestly was worried I would never see it again. Please. Come in.” Steve let out a sigh of relief when he realized the old man didn’t appear to be upset with them. He actually dared to hope that he could get out of this with his academic standing intact. Most people wouldn’t know it by looking at him, but Steve actually did care about his grades; he was just one of those guys who could do very well academically without any actual effort so he was rarely seen studying.

They entered the man’s office to find that it was very small and dimly lit. Papers and books were piled everywhere and the walls were covered with photos of his expedition and lots of little knickknacks and odds n’ ends Dr. Framfrit had collected from his travels. “Now boys, I am very pleased you have chosen to return the mask for me. It has quite a bit of sentimental value, but maybe since you are here you can do me a favor?”

Alan and Steve looked at each other and shrugged and then turned back to the professor. “Sure. What’s up?” Steve asked casually.

“Well, I can only assume it was you two who came tearing in here last night.” The man said thoughtfully.

“Oh, man. Did we make this mess? I’m really sorry.” Steve apologized fervently.

“Mess? No. It always looks like this, but you see, I have this box that was given to me on one of my travels. I have never ever been able to open it, but somehow I find it lying wide open when I got in this morning. So tell me. How did you do it?”

Alan and Steve looked at each other and shrugged again. “I don’t remember anything that happened last night, and I doubt Steve here will be able to tell you much more than that.” Alan explained.

Steve could see the doctor was crestfallen. He felt bad for the guy, and he did kind of owe the guy for swiping the mask. “Hey. Maybe we can have a look at it? It might jog our memory… Oh, and we’re both stone cold sober today, so don’t worry about us running off with anything. We’re not normally kleptos.”

“Well, I suppose it couldn’t hurt to show you. Maybe I just need an outside set of eyes. You know how it goes with routines and whatnot. Sometimes you get so caught up in what you know that you are blind to the obvious.” The professor mused out loud. “Well, come on. Have a seat. I’ll grab the box.”

Alan and Steve sat down at the cluttered table in the center of the room. There was scarcely an inch of tabletop left uncovered by papers. Within moments the old man returned and set an ornate looking box on top of the clutter. The box itself seemed pretty normal looking. It was covered in a shiny black lacquer that seemed to make it shimmer in the light, and it rested on four white legs that appeared to be made out of ivory. It was then the two guys noticed what was so odd about the box. There was no keyhole nor did it have a discernable lid, but it did have a large circular hole on one side that seemed to go almost all the way through.

Alan picked up the box and ran his fingers along the surface as he searched for any line or crease that might show how or where the box opened. He continued to flip it and inspect his intently until Steve’s raucous laughter broke his attention. “Look at you! All inspecting it like an honest to god scholar. You’ll never open it like that.”

“What? And you think you can? This guy’s a pro in his field, and I bet he’s had all his researcher buddies inspect this box too.” Alan snapped back.

“Exactly. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t open that box, but a couple of drunk ass college blokes popped the lock without even trying.” Steve explained with a grin.

“So? We need to be drunk to open it?” Alan asked dubiously.

“Nah, brah. We just have to think about what a drunk guy would do in this situation.” Steve explained with a mischievous grin on his face. He took a quick look around to see if the doctor was still in, but he was nowhere to be found. Steve figured that the professor must be in the small room off to the side that housed the old man’s desk. Steve got up from his chair and quickly pulled down his pants and began stroking his cock. “What are you doing!?” Alan hissed at him.

“Duh. I’m drunk, remember? I see a hole. I’m gonna fuck it.” Steve added with a wink. Alan was too shocked to respond. His eyes drifted down to Steve’s large dick. He wanted that in his mouth so bad, but he knew he would have to wait.

“Haha. Don’t worry, bro. I’ll let you finish me off once the box is open.” Alan silently nodded in agreement. He could already feel his own immense cock pressing against the fabric of his pants.

Once his dick was suitably hard, Steve positioned the box and slammed it down on his dick. He shuddered as he felts the inner mechanisms of the box clench down around his cock. It felt amazing, but he had promised his load to someone else. He managed to hold it back, and almost immediately after he heard a click of something unlocking. The top of the box folded back to reveal a cloth covered tray with an empty cylindrical indentation in the middle.

“Now that that’s done, why don’t you help me out with the rest?” Steve winked as he moved his hips to side to side, causing his big boner to swing back and forth temptingly.

“Here?” Alan yelped in surprise.

“Why not? I’ll sit down and you can have at it under the table. He’ll never notice.”

Alan was strangely aroused by the idea. There was a time not too long ago where he would never have agreed to something like this, but today, the risk of getting caught just made it more exciting.

Alan crawled under the table and wrapped his lips greedily around his friend’s dick. Steve’s cock was so large that Alan had plenty of room to get both hands around the shaft while he worked over the head. Alan was a little disappointed at how quickly it was over. Usually Steve lasted quite a few minutes, but today Steve was cumming almost as soon as Alan started pumping. Alan wrapped his lips tightly around the head and swallowed each and every burst of jizz that unloaded into his mouth.

Steve was panting for breath as he busted a nut down his bud’s throat. He wished he could have let Alan enjoy it more, but it had taken all of his self control to not cream the box. It was a good thing that he finished quickly this time, though. Almost as soon as he was done cumming, the old man turned the corner.

“Oh. Hello. You’re still here?” He asked, clearly befuddled.

“Yeah. We got the box open like you asked.” Steve replied.

“Box? Oh? Hmm… It is a nice little chest, but it doesn’t have anything to do with my field of research. Judging by the shape of the indentation here, it appears designed to hold something… Well, you can see for yourself. Anyways, I study aboriginals and other tribal folk. While it is a fascinating relic, your Victorian era sex toy holder is of no use to me.” The professor explained dismissively.

Steve just stared at the box dumbfounded. Now that the old man mentioned it, the indentation did look like it was the shape of a dick, complete with a spot for the balls, but why did the man have no memory that the box belonged to him. Probably gone senile Steve figured.

Alan slowly slid back up from under the table, trying not to draw attention to himself. The last thing he wanted was one of the faculty to catch him in the middle of sucking another guy off in their office, but fortunately the professor was already on his way back to his little office.

“So, get this.” Steve explained. “The doc here has no memory of this box, and there’s like, this dick print inside… I wonder if this has anything to do with your dick growing?”

Alan’s mouth dropped open as he remembered. “I almost completely forgot about that! I think I have seen the object that fits this hole actually.”

“Yeah. I had forgotten about it too until just now. It makes sense, though.” Steve shrugged. “I mean, come on. There is just no way that you have a twenty seven inch dick naturally.”

“Twenty seven? But we measured it. It’s only…. Shit.”

“Look. I still don’t get why you swiped the box.” Steve commented as he and his exceedingly well hung bud made their way back to their dorm.

“Because he couldn’t remember it.” Alan replied as if the answer was obvious to all.

“So. Just because Professor Farnsworth is going senile, you stole his stuff?” Steve remarked snarkily.

“It’s Famfrit, and no. It’s like his memory changed.” Alan replied. He could see that Steve still hadn’t quite caught on. “Ok. So you know how it seems like our memories and past are changing to match my… new developments?” Alan gestured down to the obscene bulge in the front of his pants. His cock was so large that he had to wear his jeans well below his waist and leave the fly down to accommodate it. His boxer briefs were doing a commendable job of trying to cover everything up, but there was just too much dick stuffed down the front. His huge cock filled out the front pouch and then some. The front of his briefs were so packed that the outline of his cock and balls were very clearly visible through the fabric and the top couple inches of his shaft poked out above the waistband. His shirt was not nearly long enough to help cover anything. As if his wardrobe was mocking him and standard notions of decency, the bottom hem of his shirt reached down to just above his brown, neatly trimmed pubes.

“Yeah. You keep talking about that. I swear, bro. You’re starting to sound a little paranoid. Just because some senile old coot forgot about his Victorian era flesh jack doesn’t mean that your dick is growing, and even if it did, why are you so upset? Pretty much every dude in the world would kill to experience what you are dealing with.”

Alan couldn’t help but think that Steve sounded a little jealous. He had to admit, that having such a huge cock felt amazing, but there were no signs of his growth slowing down. He had only been experiencing the changes for a day, and already he was very close to the two foot mark. If it got much bigger he’d never be able to use it for sex.

Alan could vividly remember the visible outline of his massive cock as it slid in and out of the hulking freshman’s body this morning. It was a miracle that John was able to take all of his cock. Thinking back on it, Alan couldn’t be sure if John really was that malleable or if his memory was playing tricks on him again. Either way, it was a hot memory. Alan replayed it in his mind a few more times, and watched as the size of his cock in his memory crept up a few more inches.

Alan’s mind screeched back to reality as he heard and felt the fabric of his briefs give out on him. His huge boner sprung free, and his gigantic nuts spilled out of the front. His rock hard erection reached up to his chest, and capped up just barely above his nipples. His massive pumpkin sized balls dangled down to his knees. Alan silently chastised himself for popping a bone in the middle of campus.

To make matters worse it was right between classes, and the sidewalks were packed. People everywhere stopped and stared at him. The looks on their faces ranged from shock to awe to pure, unbridled lust. To make matters even worse, Alan didn’t even particularly mind. He was proud of his cock and was feeding off of all the attention he was getting. Alan didn’t particularly like this new aspect of his personality. He had never known himself to like showing off in public before, but then again, he had never really had anything to show off.

His cock went beyond the standard midday sex daydream boner to a full on throbbing hard-on as the crowd looked on. He felt like he could blow his load at any second, and he looked it; his rock hard cock was twitching and oozing pre. Alan wrestled with the two opposing parts of his mind. He knew he should be mortified by his current position, but he also couldn’t shake his excitement; some new, exhibitionist part of his mind really wanted to go ahead and give the student body a show they could really enjoy. He could already see several students whipping out their cellphones; this was going to be all over the net in a matter of seconds. He grinned knowingly as he thought about videos of his titanic public cumshot going viral.

He could feel his nuts seizing up and his cock twitching and oozing even more as he prepared himself to let loose, but a clap on his shoulder broke his momentum. “Damn, dude. That’s the third pair this week. I swear you wear them extra tight just so that you can bust out of ’em like the cool-aid man.” Steve commented sarcastically.

“Hey. It’s not my fault that no place around here carries clothes in my size.” Alan snapped back. Already he could feel his gigantic boner waning.

“Right. I’d believe that if you didn’t do all your shopping online.” Steve replied as he rolled his eyes.

“Believe what you want, but now what do I do about this?” Alan gestured to his mondo dong which was now flying at half mast.

Steve gave a quick glance at his best friend’s huge cock and shrugged. “Whatever. Just let it flop about for now. It’s not like the whole school hasn’t already seen it. Everyone already knows there’s not much you can do about it so everyone just kind of turns a blind eye to it… Relatively speaking.” He added with a grin. Alan noticed that the crowd had begun to disperse already. It seemed people didn’t have near as much interest in a massive floppy dong as they did a gargantuan hard-on that looked ready to erupt at any second.

Alan and Steve made the trek back to the dorm in relative peace. Alan still noticed a few jealous glances in his direction, which just caused him to jut his pelvis out and swagger even more, but aside from that the trip was pretty uneventful. It seemed that people really were ok with him rocking out with his cock out.

As they rounded the last corner on their floor to get to their hall they noticed John pacing awkwardly outside their door. The large blond jock was in a rare state of being fully dressed as he waited. Despite being fully clothed, very little was left to the imagination. His bulging muscles filled out every inch of his yellow polo shirt, and his huge, muscular ass and thighs similarly strained his denim shorts.

“’Sup, Lurch? Enjoying the view?” Steve teased the anxious freshman who was trying not to stare too hard at Alan’s exposed manhood, but failing miserably.

“Look. Things kind of went fast this morning, but I would like… I mean… if you want to…” John was looking as socially awkward as ever, and Alan found it very endearing. He still wasn’t used to the idea of a college football star not being a loud, abrasive toolbox. “Um… can I come in?” John finally managed to sputter out.

“Sure. Come on in. I need to get out of these clothes, anyway.” Alan remarked calmly, but after seeing John’s face start to turn a little red he quickly corrected himself. “I didn’t mean it like that!”

“He totally meant it like that!” Came Steve’s voice from inside. He had wasted no time in leaving the two guys alone to talk about their budding romance.

“Uh. Sure… lead on.” John gestured to the door. Alan nodded and turned to head inside. He was already peeling his shirt off before making it through the doorway, and his had his hands on his waistline. John shut the door behind himself and as he turned, he was greeted by the site of Alan’s cute, exposed bubble butt as the brown haired dude bent down to pull off his pants and underwear. Alan scooped up the pants, giving John an even better view of his gloriously round cheeks and everything in between, and turned and lobbed all the clothes onto the communal laundry pile in the corner of the room.

John’s eyes darted all over the room. He was trying not to stare at the hot, naked, extraordinarily well hung guy before him, but it was proving very hard to do; especially considering how gross he rest of the room looked. Everywhere he looked he saw dirty clothes or empty beer bottles strewn about. John was very particular about cleanliness and seeing the state of Alan and Steve’s dorm made his skin crawl. ”Anyway… I know we haven’t known each other for long, but I would like to get to know you. I mean. Like, outside of sex.” John stammered as his eyes darted around the room.

“Yo, Alan. He’s asking you out. Say yes.” Steve chimed in from the sidelines.

“How does tonight sound?” Alan responded casually.

“I… can’t do tonight. I have to get back home to help the folks, but I can do Sunday. I should be back in town early afternoon.” John explained. There was a pained look in his eyes that made it obvious that he really wanted to go out tonight. He hated that he had to go home every weekend, especially since Friday nights like this were so perfect for going out and doing things with friends or potential love interests. There was also the problem that he just knew his mom was going to needle him for information all weekend, and at some point he was going to admit that he had skipped classes today. He just hoped that she wouldn’t somehow make him slip up and reveal that he had skipped classes because he was being reamed by a monster cock.

“Alright. Fair enough. Pick you up at eight?” Alan replied with a goofy grin. Steve immediately started laughing at the joke, but John was too nervous to process that they lived less than one hundred feet from each other. “Are you leaving right now, or can you chill for a few?” Alan asked warmly had he held a cool bottle of beer in each hand.

“I suppose I could stay for a few… but I’m going to be driving.” John responded. He wasn’t even paying attention to the bottles of beer at this point; Alan was seated on the foot of his bed, which was little more than a cot and stood barely over one foot off the ground, and his immense nuts and cock were so large that they rested firmly on the floor.

“Sweet! More for me!” Steve exclaimed happily as he caught the bottle that Alan had lobbed at him. “Oh, and have a seat, dude. You’re even making me nervous the way you are just standing there.”

John noticed that Alan was patting a spot on the side of the bed next to him. John shrugged and walked over to sit down; the bed was the cleanest place in the room anyway. As he was getting ready to sit down he noticed a strange black box lying on the bed. “Huh. What’s this?” He pondered as he flipped it over in his hands, inspecting ever angle of it.

“That’s Alan’s magic dick box.” Steve joked. “He says its making his dick grow,”

“That’s not what I said!” Alan shot back. “Look. I think I may have taken something from that, and now my cock seems to get slightly bigger every… so often.”

“He’s been paranoid about it all day, man. Help me talk some sense into him.” Steve explained to John. Then he turned his attention to Alan. “Ok. So say I believe you. How much have you actually grown?”

“I don’t know. I just feel like it was a lot smaller this morning, but I don’t remember ever having a smaller dick.”

“Then how do you know it’s been getting bigger?” Steve asked while he rolled his eyes and knocked back a swig of beer immediately after.

“I just do, ok. I remember you and I measuring this morning and taking notes on the growth. I remember that we determined that every time my dick softens after getting hard, it doesn’t shrink back down. I know this box and the item I took from it have something to do with it, but it’s all so hazy; almost like I am trying to remember a movie I tried to watch in kindergarten.” Alan explained emphatically.

Steve’s typically sarcastic smartass demeanor softened as he sighed. “Look. I’m sorry. I can tell you really believe what you are saying. I don’t remember any of what you described, but I believe you believe it. So hand me that box, and let’s pop the lock.” As Steve fiddled with his belt he added with a small chuckle. “Man, be glad you are a shower and not a grower. Could you imagine how fast you would grow otherwise?”

Alan was taken off guard for a moment. He was a grower, though… or so he thought. As he looked down at his hefty, floppy dong he realized that it hung down much looser than it had ever done before; it now seemed to be much more dangly. The notion struck him as odd for several reasons, but not the least of which was because he had no memory of what his dick looked like before. Apparently somewhere in the back of his subconscious the memories still remained, though. How else could he explain these brief flashes of insight into his past life?

John looked up from the box and saw that Steve had unbuckled his belt. The lean skater’s loose jeans quickly hit the floor followed soon after by his boxers. “The box?” Steve asked as he held his hand out indicating that he wanted John to give it to him. John stared dumbfounded at Steve’s large dick as he silently handed over the box. Steve’s dick was huge by most normal standards, but was nowhere in the same league as Alan’s.

“See? We discovered the trick to opening this box.” Steve recounted as he idly stroked his swelling cock. “I gotta admit. I love the way you have to open it. You have to ram your dick right into it and it pops open for you.” Steve was almost fully hard by this point and so he went to work ramming his dick into the box while humming the tune to “dick in a box.” To John’s surprise, the lid popped open revealing a small compartment for a small cylindrical object. He couldn’t help, but feel like the compartment looked like it was designed to hold a dick shaped object like a dildo or something.

“See that slot there?” Alan commented. “I am sure I saw the object that fits it in this room earlier today, but I was a little too hung over to pay attention to where I put it.”

John looked around the room. The dorm was an absolute pig sty. How the hell would they find a small dick looking object in this mess? Almost as if in answer to himself, his eyes stopped on what looked like the rounded off tip of what looked like it could be the object in question. He quickly crawled onto Alan’s bed and reached his hand in between the wall and mattress and pulled forth the object. Sure enough, it looked just like a human dick. It even had perfectly normal dimensions; it had nice solid golf ball size nuts, and a respectable eight inch length. John thought that it would make a nice dildo, but he had long since moved onto bigger and better things.

“Wow! That was fast! Remind me to call you whenever I can’t find my keys.” Alan responded with genuine surprise.

“Don’t accept, bro. He’ll be calling you five times a day to find his shit.” Steve chided in a good natured fashion.

“So wait. You think that if we put this back in the box, you’ll go back to normal?” John asked skeptically.

“Well, I hope so, anyway. At the very least, I’ll stop growing,” Alan responded.

“So, um… before we do this… could I…” John nodded towards Alan’s gigantic dick. It seemed to start inflating as if in response to John’s request. “You know. Once more for the road?”

Alan smiled knowingly. “I’ll never turn down a blowjob, dude.”

John happily placed the box on a small table on the far side of the room and quickly stripped off his clothes. He peeled the layers off surprisingly quickly, given how tightly they were wrapped around his skin, and then he placed his clothes neatly beside the open black box.

Alan was already at half mast when John got down on his knees in front of him. Alan’s cock was now so big that there was no way that John was going to be getting his lips around it, but he was not to be deterred. He placed a hand on either side of the thick, fleshy head and locked lips with the pre-oozing slit. He could feel the bitter tang of pre in his mouth as he made hot, sloppy makeouts with his current crush’s monster cock. He was so turned on at that moment that he was gasping and panting sensually as he kissed the spongy head of the giant cock all over. The steady stream of pre had made the front of Alan’s massive, rock hard, dick nice and slick, and John arched his back as he clutched the cock to his chest and began to grind his dick into the soft underside of Alan’s cock right about where the shaft started to give way to the sack.

The tip of Alan’s cock nestled between John’s large, muscular pecs as he continued to grind his dick into the massive pole of human meat that was wrapped in his arms. It was so large that his own respectable cock was completely dwarfed by the spongy ridge along the bottom, but the sheer size of it just seemed to spur him on more and more. He could feel the steady steam of pre oozing out and coating his chest and abs as it trickled down and completely coated his cock and balls. His abs glistened as they rippled and roiled as he continued to gyrate his hips back and forth. He started to get his whole body into it, leaning forward and mashing his huge pecs into to the head of the giant cock. He settled into a rhythm where he was rubbing his chest into the head when his cock was pulled back and took the weight off of his chest as his dick dug in. The maneuver made it look a lot like he was a Go-Go dancer in a nightclub, except somehow even more scantily clad.

He could feel he was getting close as Alan’s massive cock began to shudder, which just spurred John on more. He tightened his grip on Alan’s shaft and began to roll him arms up and down as he ground against the shaft. As his arms would slide up the shaft, Alan’s foreskin would roll up with it and almost completely cover the top of his enormous dick; just the area immediately surrounding the slit was visible. Soon, John could feel that Alan was ready, and with one finally push, he dug his dig in hard against the soft underside and squeezed hard with his arms; his pecs and biceps bulged as he wrestled the shuddering cock like an alligator. He could feel it in his entire body as the massive ropes of jizz launched forth.

Feeling that his work was done, John came too, but his sizeable wad was completely lost in the hail of spooge erupting from Alan’s monstrous leviathan. The thick blasts of cum hit the ceiling with a series out loud splats. Spooge rained down on Alan and John like watermelon in the front row of a Gallagher show. In seconds John, Alan, and much of the bed was entirely coated in spunk. John could taste the warm, bitter cream seeping into his mouth. He opened his mouth even wider to catch as much as he could and let it roll down his throat.

John was so exhausted by this point that he was using Alan’s meaty spire to hold himself up. As Alan’s massive hard-on finally began to subside, John fell back onto the saturated carpet and struggled to catch his breath; that had been the single most intense orgasm of his life. He couldn’t even imagine how it must have felt for Alan and his well over two feet of cock.

Alan lied in bed breathlessly. His entire body had been wracked by that cumshot and he felt like he might never catch his breath again. As he panted contentedly he looked over to his roommate’s bed on the other side. Steve’s side of the room was relatively unscathed. Despite that, Steve had a large wad of cum on his face. A brief glance at Steve’s plumped up, drooping cock, made it clear to Alan what had happened. “Are you sure you are straight, dude?” He asked between gasps of breath.

Steve raised a middle finger weakly. “Straight enough.” He gasped as he wiped his wad out of his eye.

Eventually John managed to catch his breath and slowly get to his feet. “That was amazing, but I really have to go. I’m going to need to get cleaned up before I head home.” He picked up the dark

grey cock statue and nodded to Alan. “I’ll put this back before I go.” Alan nodded weekly in response.

John placed the small idol back in its resting slot and began to gather up his clothes; there was really no point in putting them back on in his current condition. He took another look back at Alan. He couldn’t shake what Alan had told him. Alan’s dick certainly did look a little bigger, but at its massive size, it was hard to tell. John looked back at the small statue and mulled it over for a moment. All he had to do was swipe it from the box and he would experience growth like that, too? He didn’t want to admit it, but he was a little insecure about his equipment. Sure, six inches was great for most guys, but he was almost seven feet of rippling muscle. Six inches looked ridiculous on him… two feet on the other hand… He would have size everywhere that it counts…

He casually slipped the idol into his pile of clothes and shut the lid. He said a few quick rudimentary goodbyes to Alan and Steve, but they were both still too lost in bliss to really acknowledge him. Alan managed a meager wave, but that was it.

With his clothes and the loot contained therein still clutched to his chest, John turned and strode down the hall back to his dorm. He got several stares from other residents as he strode; seeing a nude guy walking the halls was no big deal, but seeing someone as completely drenched in jizz as he was quite a rarity indeed.

Alan stretched as he got out of bed. He was so glad to finally have the weird cock statue back in its box where it belonged. He could feel his huge cock and massive balls hanging heavily from his groin. Apparently, returning the idol didn’t reverse his growths, but hopefully it would stop him from getting any bigger. Alan didn’t particularly mind, though. It’s not like he could even remember what it was like to have a normal sized dick anyway. As far as he could remember he had around three feet of cock dangling between his legs for years. He had always been pretty well endowed, even as a kid, but when puberty had hit, it had hit hard.

He remembered back in the first year of middle school how he would sneak peaks on the older kids as they changed for gym class. Many of them had already hit their growth spurts and had hair down there, but they were all far less hung than he was. They had teased him a lot for it. Many of them had accused him of shaving or waxing his hair off just to make it look like he hadn’t hit puberty yet, but when he finally did start growing, they all shut up really quick. By the time he was sixteen his dick was well over the two foot mark with massive NBA certified basketball sized nuts to go along with it. By the time he was eighteen, his dick had finally capped out at the thirty-seven inch beast he now had swinging around with two beach balls to go along with it.

To say he was the envy of every guy in school would be understating it a bit, but his title made him an easy target for ridicule. It was especially rough on him, since he was gay, or maybe being gay was especially rough because he was so hung. However you looked at it, the end result was the same. He would have preferred to not come out as early as he had, but when you sprout an eighteen inch boner in the middle of middle school gym class, it’s kind of hard to stay in the closet. Despite all of the bullying, Alan had a pretty good time in high school. He had gotten so much ass back then because of his monster cock.

He had had no shortage of guys who wanted a go with him and plenty of the lady folk, too. He had messed around enough with them to know that they were not for him. It probably comes as no surprise that quite a few of those guys that were into him were also the ones who gave him so much grief at school. Alan just rolled with it. He didn’t mind getting knocked down every so often in the hallways because he knew that those same guys would be going down on him behind the bleachers as soon as their friends were gone. Alan smiled to himself and rubbed his swelling cock as he remembered what it was like to have the big bad jocks struggling to wrap their mouths around the head of his forty inches.

Alan was feeling pretty gross about now, and he figured he probably smelled just as bad. He was still covered in dried sweat and cum from the amazing blowjob John had given him earlier. Although, given Alan’s size, it was less of a blowjob and more of a pole dance. Either way, it was incredibly hot, and Alan had blown his biggest load in years. There were still splatters of jizz stuck to the ceiling to prove it.

Alan grabbed a towel from the clean clothes pile and draped it over his shoulder. He hummed a relaxing tune as he casually strolled the hallway of the dorm floor. He could tell that many of the guys who were hanging around were trying not to stare at his humongous cock, but all of them were sneaking peeks. A few of the more brash ones were even full on staring. Alan smiled and gave a quick nod to one of the guys that was unabashedly checking him out, causing the guy to quickly turn his gaze elsewhere.

Alan loved the feeling of his massive nuts jiggling around and his enormous cock swinging as he walked. His huge beach ball sized nuts dangled down to his knees, and his massive floppy cock reached halfway down his shins.

Alan entered the communal shower room and draped his towel over one of the benches and entered an empty stall. The shower room had once been completely open, and it showed. The partitions between shower heads had been crudely added at a later date; cheap looking cinderblock walls stood on either side of each shower head to create a rudimentary shower stall. There were no doors or curtains covering up the open side of the narrow cubicles. Many guys brought their own tension bars and curtains, but Alan was never much of one for modesty; he preferred to let it all hang out whenever possible.

Alan took the stall that was directly across from the entrance to the shower room; this ensured that everyone who came in would get a clear line of sight at him. He just loved to see the looks on guys’ faces as they saw him standing there in all his nude glory.

He hummed the latest sappy pop-tune as he spun the knob and waited patiently outside of the stall for the stream to finally decide to stop spewing out ice water and start spraying water that was much more enjoyable to stand under. Alan kind of hated that he knew every word of this song by heart now. He actually really enjoyed the shittiest of pop tunes that got churned out by whatever teen heartthrob the record labels wanted to market. If anyone would ask him, he would fervently deny ever listening to such mindless drivel, but he honestly and unironically enjoyed the crap.

Once his shower reached suitably scalding levels, Alan hopped into the steamy cubical and stood under the toasty rain. The hot water was already doing wonders for him. He no longer felt dirty and sticky. All the dried up jizz was washing right away with the stream.

Alan pumped a few squirts of shampoo from one of the bottles that were mounted on the wall onto the palm of his hand. Many of the other guys here preferred to bring their own soaps and shampoos, but this stuff was free. Alan never did put as much stock in fancy soaps as other people seemed to, and this stuff seemed to be pretty decent quality. He slowly massaged the shampoo into his scalp while continuing to mutter along with the song in his head “I got a pocket fulla, I got a pocket fulla, I got a pocket fulla sunshine.”

By this time he had a bit of an audience, but he didn’t really care. None of them were there for his singing voice, no matter how deep or soulful it may be. All eyes were on the three and a half plus feet of schlong swinging along as he grooved to the music.

Alan was well aware of the other guys who had trickled into the showers after him and had taken up residence in the stalls directly across from him. It was obvious from their choice of showers, that they wanted the best view possible of the impressive equipment that the otherwise perfectly average looking dude was sporting. Alan knew how to work a crowd and was in an exceedingly good mood today, so he decided to really put on a show.

Alan started off lathering up his shoulders first. This area by itself wouldn’t be particularly sensational, but Alan added a little something extra as he worked. As his hands slid over his shoulders and under his arms he moaned and swished his hips as if he was making out with some invisible paramour. His hands steadily dipped lower and lower, massaging every point of his body with suds and lather as he went. Soon he had reached his groin. As he massaged the soap into his neatly maintained patch of brown pubes with one hand, he lifted up his massive cock with the other. He held his cock draped over his forearm like a white cloth on a waiter’s arm. He then used his free hand to sensually stroke his cock like an evil mastermind would stroke his cat. Alan could tell that he definitely had the attention of all the guys by this point. One or two of them may have harbored some attraction for him, but the others were staring out of pure jealously.

Alan found himself enjoying the attention a bit more than he had anticipated. Between the steady massaging of his dick and the looks from all the other guys, Alan was soon well past half mast. Since he no longer needed to use one of his hands to hold his dick up, Alan felt like this would be a great time to clean his nuts. Of course, he did a lot more than just clean them though. He reached down and dug his soapy fingers into his massive, beach ball sized nuts. He moaned seductively as he massaged and kneaded both of his massive orbs. His now rock hard boner bumped him in the face signaling that now would be a good time to move to other areas, lest he blow his load before he finished.

Alan stood upright and found that the tip of his cock reached just barely above his collarbone. The meaty spire was almost as thick around as his waist. Alan spun around and began kneading his slightly fuzzy buns. It was commonly accepted fact that his ass was one of his best features, second to his incredible cock and balls, obviously. His nice, round bubble butt had a nice layer of brown hairs covering it. Alan was not particularly hairy overall, but he never did care for shaving anywhere other than his face. He usually just buzzed his body hairs short to keep them from looking messy and called it good.

As he played with his ass, Alan made sure to spread his legs nice and wide that the other guys could still get a nice view of his hefty nuts between his legs. He spread his cheeks nice and wide and even slipped a finger or three in his exposed hole as he continued to ham it up for anyone who might be watching. The shower gel didn’t make the best lube, but it worked well enough for his purposes. Having fingers up his hole was just getting him even more worked up. It had been days since he had been properly reamed. Alan made a silent note to himself to remember to get Steve sufficiently drunk and horny tonight if they didn’t decide to go hit the frat scene.

He was already streaming pre by this point and was dangerously close to blowing his load. Alan turned back around, exposing his massive, throbbing erection to the audience. It was so tall now that he didn’t even have to bend over to lock lips with it; he just had to crane his neck down a little bit. He placed his lips right on top of the humongous, oozing opening of his cock. He kissed deeply, sucking up mouthfuls of his own pre-cum in the process. His slit was so huge that it was like kissing another human mouth. He slid his tongue as deep down inside as he could reach. The feeling was indescribable. The inner lining of his cock seemed even more sensitive than the outside. He could feel the pressure from his tongue pushing against the inside of his cock head and it felt almost like he was desperately needing to cum, but from the top down this time. Alan was already wondering what it would be like to use something a little bigger than his tongue.

He was so close to cumming now that he could taste it, literally. He staggered back and leaned against the wall of the shower room. He slowly slid down until he was seated flat on his ass; his enormous nuts filled his entire lap at this point. He wrapped both hands around his cock and began pumped vigorously. His nuts were clenching up; his cock was spasming violently; the massive spongy head was flaring up and streaming even more pre than before; his hips were bucking wildly. All signs pointed to the biggest cumshot in human history. Finally, he could hold it back no longer. He pushed forward and his cock and lifted his hips up as he creamed all over the room. Giant ropes of spooge flung through the air with the greatest of ease. Alan’s cock continued to buck and twitch and shoot wildly. His massive load fired all across the far side of the room coating tiles, showerheads, students, light fixtures, and anything else that happened to be lucky enough to be in the path. Alanhad to lie there for a few minutes while he waited for his legs to stop feeling like jelly and his breathing to return to a more normal rate.

The other guys in the room just stared at him in silence as they tried to process what had happened. A few of them had had their mouths open as they watched in awe of the gigantic globs on jizz whizzing through the air. Of those who ended up with mouthfuls of cum, two of them tried to spit it out, but found that washing spunk out of their mouths was easier said than done. The others just went with it and swallowed. After all, it was already in their mouths; by that point the damage had been done. One other guy, had had his mouth closed at the time but wasn’t about to miss out on a chance like this. He opened his mouth and let the massive load ooze down his face and down his throat.

Alan unsteadily got to his feet and proudly strode from the showers. His monstrous cock bumped against his ankles as he did so.

Alan proudly walked back into his dorm room after the show he had given some of the other guys in the showers. He saw Steve still lying in bed. By now Steve was no longer nursing his afterglow, but was too lazy to get up, especially since they had no plans for the rest of the day.

“Hey, man. It’s Friday night. The frat houses will all be throwing keggers. I for one am in the mood to get positively shit faced.” Alan said with a grin.

“Eh… I dunno man. I kind of want to give my liver and brain cells a night off after last night.” Steve replied warily.

“Oh, come on! When did you get to be such a pussy?” Alan snapped back jokingly.

“It’s like my mom always said, ‘You are what you eat.” Steve responded with a sage nod.

“So what? You saying I’m a dick?” Alan replied with a healthy dose of good natured snark.

“Well, I was either going to say that or an ass.” Steve replied with a casual shrug.

“You always were more of a fan of ass than dick.” Alan replied as he rolled his eyes. “Speaking of ass… does mine look bigger to you?”

“You sound more like a woman, than normal today, dude.” Steve shot back but took a glance at his friend’s rear end anyway. It was big alright, but that wasn’t the real thing that caught his eye. Alan’s mega cock seemed even more mega today. “Eh, I suppose. You been working out lately?”

“Not really…” Alan replied thoughtfully as he ran a hand over his thick cheeks. His ass was definitely huge, even more so than normal. He had a naturally round, bubble butt, but underneath that, he had always had very thick glutes, a bit of a side effect from having to carry around that massive cock and balls of his; he had much more muscle definition in his ass, thighs, abs, and lower back as a result. Still, it seemed even more muscular than he remembered. He quickly shook the idea out of his mind. He didn’t have any particular reason to complain, anyway. His ass looked fantastic.

“I keep tallin’ ya bro. You should do a little cardio. You’ve got plenty of muscle to you. Just trim that layer of pudge off, and the hotties will come flocking to you. Maybe throw in some bench presses while you’re at it. You’re the only guy I know with muscular legs and no chest or arm definition. Usually it’s the other way around.” Steve responded.

“I suppose, but that sounds too much like work.” Alan said with only partially feigned disgust, but then perked up and rapidly changed subjects. “Back on topic. Let’s get wasted.”

Steve sighed in response. “Do you really want to get trashed or do you just want an excuse to sit around with your dick out in public?”

“Both is good.” Alan replied with a silly grin. “Nah, but I heard there are some good parties going on tonight.”

“I’m not doing Lambda house again.” Steve replied with a touch of annoyance audible in his voice.

“Why not? You seemed to hit it off pretty well last time we went.” Alan asked curiously.

“Yeah. With the guys. I had to turn down pretty much every dude at that party.” Steve replied. The snark was so heavy in his voice that Alan swore he could actually hear Steve’s eyes rolling.

“There were plenty of the girls there, too.” Alan responded.

“Yeah, but all the ladies were interested in other ladies.” Steve groaned in annoyance.

“There were plenty of straight girls there. I talked to quiet a few of them myself.” Alan responded.

“I guess, but I didn’t feel like going for it. The majority of them wanted nothing to do with me simply because I came equipped with the wrong parts.” Steve said as he sighed dejectedly.

“Oh no. How awful.” The sarcasm in Alan’s reply was so thick that Steve could almost feel it dripping from his words. “Anyway, since you are so opposed to it, then you pick some place.” Alan continued with a shrug.

“Well, my sources say that Epsilon Phi is having a huge kegger tonight. That could be fun.” Steve said thoughtfully.

“Eh. I dunno. Frat jocks and I don’t mix that well.” Alan replied skeptically.

“What? I thought you loved frat jocks.” Steve shot Alan a sly grin and waggled his eyebrows a few times to make the double entendre even more obvious.

“Oh, I do. I love beating off to them, but they prefer beating up to me. See the problem here?” Alan sneered a bit as he commented.

“Oh come on. This isn’t high school anymore. They’ll be totally cool with you being there. Just remember, jocks are like snakes. They are more afraid of you than you are of them, so don’t overtly try to get into any of their pants unless they make the first move.” By this time, Steve was standing right beside his overly hung bud and threw an arm over Alan’s shoulder as he tried to reassure him.

“Ok, fine, but if they start being douchelords, I’m out of there.” Alan exclaimed in resignation. Truth be told, Alan wasn’t entirely opposed to the idea of going to that particular frat bash. They had a reputation of having great parties, and there would certainly be a lot of guy candy to ogle in the process. He just hoped he didn’t pop a bone at an inopportune time. It seems the bigger and manlier the dude, the more insecure he is about his sexuality.

“So. Enough talk about tonight. Let’s talk about now. I haven’t eaten since yesterday.” Steve said while rubbing his belly. Alan’s own stomach growled loudly as if to agree with his friend. Alan had not had anything to eat himself today either unless you counted a load or two from Steve.

“What are ya feeling?” Alan replied while he pulled on a moderately clean t-shirt.

“Burgers n fries my, good man. Burgers n fries.” Steve gave Alan a jovial clap on the back as he turned to gather up some clothes of his own.

Steve quickly pulled on a shirt, a pair of boxers, and some jeans, but Alan took a little longer. He only had one article of clothing to put on, but getting his junk into his briefs took a fair amount of work. After a minute of adjusting and shifting he finally had the majority of his junk secured in the front pouch of his tight, red boxer briefs. Alan admired himself in the mirror for a moment. He was looking pretty good recently; he had been trimming down a little bit over the last few months which was causing his muscles to show off a little bit, and of course his absolutely gigantic bulge was undeniably hot. His big beach ball sized nuts were packed tightly into the front pouch of his boxer briefs, and his huge thick cock was nestled in between them. His junk was packed in so tightly that every outline of the veins in his cock were clearly visible; there was even a clear outline of the edge of his foreskin as it covered most of the head of his dick. Even with the tightlypacked fabric pulling everything upwards and inwards, his package still jutted out over a two feet in front of him and reached down to his knees. His nuts were so large that they made his bulge wider than his hips, which when given how thick and muscular his thighs and ass were now, was a pretty huge wingspan.

The pouch didn’t even hold all of Alan’s goods. The black waistband didn’t pull all the way back to his waist, leaving the last seven or eight inches of his incredibly thick cock exposed to the elements. His T-shirt wasn’t nearly long enough to cover his pubes, leaving those exposed as well. All the excess force in the front had caused the rear to be pulled extra taut as well. His huge, sexy, bubble butt was so clearly visible that it was as if every contour of his cheeks were engraved directly into the fabric. The legs of the boxer briefs reached about halfway down to his knees, but his muscles were so large now that the pant legs seemed painted onto his thighs.

Alan slipped on a pair of shoes and was ready to go. He had long since stopped wearing pants over top of his briefs. As he figured, it was similar in form and function to other guys going to class in pajama bottoms, and the short pant legs on his underwear were plenty long enough to be classified as shorts.

Steve took a brief glance at his friend’s overstuffed pants and rolled his eyes. “You know, it wouldn’t kill ya to order a size up. It’ll give ya some room to grow into.” Alan just cocked his head to the side and furrowed his brown as he looked at Steve with an expression of confusion and apprehension. Steve started to feel a little uncomfortable too. He fidgeted a bit and scratched the back of his neck as he responded. “Oh, come on. It was just a joke… wasn’t it?” Something was gnawing at the back of his mind. He had meant it as just a joke, but somewhere deep down in his subconscious it was as if he was speaking an actual warning.

The two of them shrugged it off and made their way to the campus plaza. Alan got a lot of looks from girls and guys alike on the way. He of course didn’t mind one bit; in fact, he even hammed it up as he passed by. He would sway his hips from side to side as he sauntered along, causing his muscular cheeks to clench and sway and his massive bulge to bounce from side to side.

The two dudes had a decent enough dinner at the little burger shop on campus. It was little more than a fast food joint, but it was good food. They hung around and talked for awhile as they waited for the last few hours of the afternoon to go by. With his junk tucked away safely under the table, Alan had a great time just being a perfectly average college dude for awhile. He was able to just sit around and hang out with his best bud, and nobody looked at him funny. It was strange and more than a little unsettling how nostalgic it all seemed to him.

The sun was beginning to set, and the two friends were finishing up their dinner. “You know… I think this is what I needed.” Alan suddenly said.

“A burger? Hell yeah. There’s a reason these things are cure-alls in Earthbound.” Steve replied enthusiastically.

“Not exactly what I was referring to.” Alan responded with a strangely contented smile. “I dunno. Things have been feeling strangely stressful lately. I can’t really explain it, but I feel like I needed an afternoon of just sitting around and broing it up.”

“That’s what I’m here for.” Steve was grinning ear to ear.

“So, about tonight… still feeling like staying in?” Alan asked with an equal mix of curiosity and concern.

“Maybe… Definitely not feeling the frat scene tonight, if that’s what you’re asking.” Steve shrugged as he commented.

“Pretty much what I was asking. Last night was pretty rough. I feel like I could use a quiet night in.”

“Listen to us. We sound like an old married couple.” Steve laughed loudly.

“I guess we do kind of.” Alan joined in. Steve’s laughter could be petty infectious when he was in a good mood.

“Well the night is still young and tomorrow is Saturday. Let’s go back home for the weekend. I’ve still got the xbox and the big screen at my folks place.” Steve said with a grin.

“That sounds great, actually.” Alan replied enthusiastically.

“Let’s get some booze on the way, though. You know my parents try to keep the house dry.” Steve commented as he stood up to throw his trash away.

“I thought you didn’t want to drink tonight.” Alan replied with a sly grin.

“Oh, please. Like I’d turn down booze. I just didn’t want to go out and get shit faced. There’s a difference.” Steve rolled his eyes as he responded.

“Fair enough. We can get a case on our way into town.” Alan replied casually.

The trek back to the dorms was even more uneventful as the trip to the plaza. It was no longer peak hours on campus, and a large percentage of the student body had already skipped town for the weekend. When Alan and Steve got back to their room they immediately started packing for the trip.

Alan grabbed a spare t-shirt and a spare pair of shorts and called it good. He really didn’t have much in the way of a wardrobe, and he wasn’t at all opposed to wearing the same things for a few days in a row. Steve on the other hand scooped up the entire dirty clothes pile and loaded it into a trash bag to take with him. Laundry is always a much easier task when it is dumped on unsuspected family members.

While Steve was loading up on dirty laundry, Alan packed a few books and his laptop into his backpack. As much as he hated to do so, he did actually have to do schoolwork once in a while, and if they decided to stay in town all weekend, he would be much better off having his school supplies with him. Alan was pretty sure that he had all the books he might need during the weekend, but just to be sure he scooped up a few more items from the small table in the corner of the room; a calculus textbook, a small, fancy looking black box, a graphing calculator, his external hard drive, and a few other tiny odds and ends.

The two of them were in Steve’s car and on their way down the road in less than half an hour. Alan pushed the seat all the way back, but his immense junk was still pretty cramped in between his lap and the dashboard. This is exactly why he never bothered driving anywhere anymore. The steering column always got in the way of his massive package. It hadn’t been so bad back when he was sixteen and had first gotten his license, but that was back before he had really hit his growth spurt. Nowadays it was just far too crowded down there for his tastes.

The drive back to Steve’s place took roughly an hour plus an extra fifteen minutes to stop in at a convenience store and load up on beer. It would have only taken them three minutes to get in, pay, and get out, but of course, there was a little old lady trying to pay for her gas with coins from her purse.

They pulled up to Steve’s parents’ place. It was a nice, two story house. Steve’s parents weren’t particularly wealthy, but their house was far enough on the outskirts of town that the property values were nice and low.

Steve made a quick detour to throw the dirty clothes into the laundry room and then rejoined Alan down in the basement where a small home theater was set up. He was greeted by a territorial dispute over the xbox and the accompanying home theater set-up.

“We had it first!” cried the first guy, who looked very much like a younger, cleaner version of Steve. His hair was the same dark brown color that Steve’s was only his was kept short and neatly trimmed.

“Rod and Todd here refuse give up the rig.” Alan recapped for Steve.

“Come on, dweeb. You’ve had it all week. Let us have it for the night!” Steve called back to his younger brother.

“Too damn bad! I have a friend over tonight, and we’re going to play!” Steve’s younger brother, Todd, continued to argue.

“Actually… my name is Daniel.” Todd’s friend replied quietly. The boy was small and mousey with big glasses and hair that was such a light shade of brown that it almost looked ashy grey. He was trying not to stare at Alan’s massive bulge but was failing miserably.

“Whatever. You’re with Todd, so your name automatically defaults to Rod.” Alan replied teasingly.

“Let go, cockbite! You’ve got your own PS3 in your room. The Xbox is mine.” Steve said trough clenched teeth as he wrestled Todd for control of the console. Todd had the splotchy red and black controller clenched to his chest with an iron grip.

“Fuck you! There’s only one controller for that, and our guest wants to use the Xbox!” Todd shouted back as he tried to throw off the slightly taller and more wirey version of himself.

“I don’t mind… really.” Daniel muttered.

Alan cracked open a can and picked up one of a couple of extra controllers off of the shelf while the two brothers continued their Wrestlemania bout for supremacy. “Catch.” He said as he tossed one to Daniel and plopped down on the couch beside the smaller high-schooler. “They’ll be at it a while, so let’s get a few matches in.” Alan added with a grin as he started up the game.

Steve and Todd continued to tussle while Alan and Dan fired up the game. Despite his quiet demeanor, Dan proved to be a very aggressive player. He would even mutter long, quiet streams of obscenities as he mowed through people with whatever he had in his arsenal. By the time Steve and Todd had finally worn each other out. Alan had already downed three beers and was getting pleasantly buzzed.

“Man. It’s hot down here.” Alan murmured as he peeled off his shirt. Dan was trying hard not to stare, but the occasional side eye glances were all too obvious to anyone in the room. More and more his eyes were drawn to Alan’s massive package, especially now that his nicely trimmed, brown treasure trail was exposed. It provided a perfect path for Dan’s eyes to travel on their way to the goods.

“Come on, Dan. Let’s go back to my room. We can watch a movie or something.” Todd said dejectedly. His pride had taken a much harsher beating than his body. He liked to pass himself off as the cool guy on campus, and getting pimp smacked into submission by his older brother in front of his friend was about as far away from cool as he could get.

“You don’t have to do that.” Alan remarked warmly. There’s four controllers. We could easily all play.”

“Yeah… I would like that.” Daniel replied quietly.

“Fuck that. Danny here hasn’t played that game much. He’d get slaughtered playing against you two.” Todd replied indignantly. He really wasn’t worried about his friend at all, but he had already lost just about all the face he had after being whooped so thoroughly. He knew he didn’t stand a chance against Steve in game, and he couldn’t bear the thought of looking even more like a chump in front of his friend. He didn’t know how uncool he must look, but he figured he was at least three buses, a long walk, and eight quid in a taxi from cool.

“That’s fine.” Alan responded. “I’ve never done campaign mode on this, and it has four players. Let’s just hang out and beat the game.”

Todd looked at Alan skeptically for a minute before sighing. “Fine. I suppose that’ll be alright, but I got dibs on Sam.”

“Fine by me. I far prefer Jayce.” Alan replied.

“You would, fag.” Todd responded snarkily. “O-O-O-HOW!” he yelped as Steve punched him hard in the shoulder. “I was just playing, jeez.” Todd rubbed the sore spot on his arm for a minute. He rolled his sleeve up to survey the damage. He could already see the outline of a bruise forming.

Steve peeled his shirt off too as he hopped onto the couch beside Alan. The basement didn’t have working air conditioning. All the cool air they got down there was secondhand from the main floor, but even with the steady flow of cool air, having the water heater down there with them more then counteracted it. Dan looked at Alan and Steve and then nervously unbuttoned his shirt and added it to the pile.

Now that his shirt off, Alan could get a better look at Dan’s build. The high-schooler was extremely skinny and pale; His skin was ghostly white, and he was so skinny that the contours of his ribs were clearly visible. Dan’s torso was dotted with freckles and completely devoid of hair; even his armpits were clean shaven, and as Alan’s eyes drifted lower towards the boy’s waistline, he could see that Dan was clean shaven below the belt as well.

“You need to lighten up.” Steve commented as he dangled a can in front of Dan’s face.

“Oh, no… I couldn’t,” Dan stammered as he stared at the can of booze suspended in front of his eyes.

“What? Not twenty-one?” Steve replied with a playful smirk. “News flash. Neither is Todd, but he’s been drinking for years. Isn’t that right, Todd?” Todd just gave Dan a thumbs up as he guzzled his own can.

“Look. If you don’t feel comfortable, don’t have any, but this is a pretty good time to try some and see if you like it, and Steve and I will make sure you don’t get wasted. Best to try it out when you are with friends who will watch out for you and not at some random party where it’s a bunch of strangers getting shit faced.” Alan placed a hand on Dan’s shoulder and smiled reassuringly as he spoke.

Dan considered for a moment and then hesitantly nodded and accepted the can. He spent the better part of the first hour slowly sipping at his drink and grimacing from the taste, but he was enjoying hanging out with the two college guys, especially the obscenely hung one.

Finally the guys reached a major plot point which led to a long, drawn out cut scene. A few seconds into the cut scene a green X began to flash on the screen. “Come on, someone else hit it so we cans skip this gay shit.” Todd groaned in annoyance, which caused his brother to once again punch him in the shoulder. “Ow! Cut it out!”

“You know the rules. No skipping cut scenes if not everyone has seen it.” Steve scolded is brother.

“I don’t mind…” Dan replied.

“Yeah, but I do. I actually want to see this.” Alan responded. “And besides, this gives me a chance to stretch.” Alan got up from his seat and pulled a few more cans from the case. When he got back to the couch, he distributed the drinks and then began to pull down his shorts.

“Dude! What gives!?” Todd shouted indignantly. He was more surprised than he was disgusted, but he was trying to play the super straight dude for his friend; he had a reputation to maintain, after all.

“What? It’s hot as hell down here, and these shorts are not neither comfy nor easy to wear.” Alan remarked as he bent down and pulled off his shorts. He was facing Todd as he did so which caused him to unintentionally shove his ass in Dan’s face as he bent down. As those glorious mounds hovered little more than a foot away, Dan had to summon every ounce of resolve to not lean forward and bury his face in that amazing ass. He had gotten a pretty good idea of just how huge and sculpted Alan’s butt was through the fabric of his briefs, but nothing could have prepared him for seeing it fully exposed and so close in front of his face.

“I kind of wondered how long it would take to get to this point.” Steve commented as he undid his own belt and began sliding his pants off. He didn’t even bother getting up from the couch to do so. He just lifted his butt up a few inches and slid his jeans and boxers off in one clean motion.

Dan’s face was beet red by this point, but the booze was not the culprit. He couldn’t believe how much hot guy skin he was getting to see tonight. He had heard rumors throughout the school that Todd was supposedly pretty hung, and if his older brother was any indication, the rumors were true. Dan was torn. On one hand, he was starting to feel a little awkward being clothed in the company of these two nude college dudes, but on the other hand, he was afraid to go the full Monty. Not only was he in the presence of his best bud, but it was pretty clear he was way outclassed by the two college guys. Steve’s big dick was easily ten inches, and Alan’s was beyond the scope of conventional rulers; it might even be beyond the scope of conventional yard sticks at this point.

Dan took a deep breath and tried to steel his resolve. When that failed, he cracked open a can and downed half its contents in one long swig. He almost gagged from the taste; sipping was bad enough, but power slamming it was horrible. The beer was beyond bitter. This wasn’t an acquired taste; it was Stockholm Syndrome for the tongue.

He didn’t feel particularly different after that, but he hoped that he had ingested enough liquid courage to actually give him the resolve to nut up and strip down. He stood up and undid the buttons on the front of his cargo shorts. With the fastens undone, his shorts fell off completely on their own, but his underwear would take a little more work. He felt a little silly and more than a little uncool in his tighty-whities. Steve had had cool and colorful boxers, and Alan had had those bright and custom fitted briefs. Dan was embarrassed to be seen in his default white, K-mart bought fruit of the looms. He felt like he was wearing kid clothes. He was so embarrassed by his underwear that he quickly pealed them off and added them to the pile.

Being completely nude was strangely liberating; the size of his dick didn’t seem to be anywhere near as big of a deal as he had made it out to be in his mind. Not that he was lacking down there. He was pretty well off in that regard, actually. He capped off at just a bit above seven inches when fully hard. He knew that that was above average, but he was in the presence of his well hung best friend and his best friend’s even better hung older brother. Alan no longer even counted as hung. His cock was so huge that it could be considered a separate entity. It was just so huge that Dan couldn’t even begin to compare himself to it.

Dan’s was a more of a shower than a grower, which he was very thankful for right now. His small frame made his wang look even larger proportionally. In its current chubbed up state, his dick was almost as big as Steve’s, but he knew that Steve’s cock hadn’t even begun to inflate yet. Dan’s dick was every bit as pale as the rest of him, and had plenty of extra skin to it; his foreskin completely covered the head of his cock and even had a little bit left over. Even though he was a senior, he felt like a kid next to these two college guys, and even though neither of them were cut as well, the heads of their cocks weren’t completely covered like Dan’s was which made them look more mature.

As Dan sat back down next to Alan, Alan turned to him. Alan was noticeably concerned as he spoke to Dan. “Woah, dude. You look like a tomato. I think it might be time to dial it back a bit on the booze.”

Even though, the beer wasn’t the primary culprit in Dan’s flushed cheeks, the last bit was really starting to get to him hard. He was starting to feel a little fuzzy, but overall he felt pretty good. “I’m fine… really.” Dan replied quietly.

“You may be, but it’s my job to look out for you.” Alan responded. Dan looked at him with a bit of confusion clearly visible on his face. Alan could see tell that Dan didn’t understand and so he threw an arm over Dan’s comfortingly over Dan’s shoulder. “It’s your first time. You need to take things nice and slow and get a feel for it.” Dan knew Alan was talking about drinking and not other things, but in his currently slightly aroused and slightly tipsy state, it was hard for him to not think of it sexually.

“That’s enough beer for now. I’ll get you some water.” Alan concluded as he gave Dan a jovial clap on the back and stood up and walked up the stairs to go get a glass for Dan. Dan could do nothing but stare in amazement at Alan’s amazingly sculpted ass as it swayed and flexed with each stepped.

“Does he ever wear clothes?” Todd scoffed.

“Not usually.” Steve said with a casual shrug. “You get used to it pretty quick, actually. Speaking of which, you should join us. You look like a tool.”

“I’d rather be a tool than some queer.” Todd snapped back with forced bravado. He was still trying to save face with his friend. If word got out that he was hanging out naked with his brother’s gay friend, his social standing would be devastated.

“Oh, come on. That’s no way to talk about your friend.” Steve replied. Dan’s heart stopped in his chest. He knew he was busted for sure. Steve seemed to smile at him and give him a sly wink, but Todd completely missed it.

“He’s your friend, not mine.” Todd replied as he downed the rest of his can. “But, I’ll prove that I’m secure enough to let it all hang out.”

Dan’s heart would have put even the best of BMW’s German engineering to shame as it went from a full stop to pounding at sixty miles per hour in under a second. He had fantasized many times about seeing Todd in all his splendor, but never once did he imagine he would actually be seeing it. Now that Todd’s shirt was off, Dan could see that while Todd wasn’t really what he would call buff, he definitely did have a lot more definition than his older brother.

Dan didn’t even know when he had stopped breathing, but his chest was starting to hurt. It didn’t matter though; he refused to inhale until the goods were on display. He had forgone any pretense of not staring at this point. His eyes were focused intently on Todd’s fingers as they undid the button on the front of his shorts. Dan’s heart pounded harder and harder as Todd’s bush came into view followed by his thick cock.

The rumors were true. Todd’s dick was every bit as amazing as Dan had hoped. It was not quite as long as Steve’s, but it was longer than Dan’s and amazingly thick. Dan could have stared at that beer can thick cock for hours, but fortunately, he was distracted before Todd could become suspicious.

Dan turned and looked towards the noise to see Alan coming back down the stairs with a glass of water in each hand. With each and every step he took, his massive cock and balls jiggled and bounced. Dan made no effort to avert his gaze from the lewd spectacle before him; he couldn’t even if he had wanted to. By the time Alan had reached him, Dan’s cock was fully erect.

As soon as he realized it, Dan spun back around in his chair so he was facing the TV and bowed his head and folded his arms in his lap to cover his shame. Alan plopped down right beside him and handed him his drink. “Here you go.” Alan said cheerfully, but then added in a whisper. “Act natural. You’re just going to draw attention to yourself if you hide it like that.”

Dan nodded in response, but was still having trouble willing himself to sit upright. Alan slid down in the seat a bit as if he was getting comfortable and pulled his massive dong up to his chest. Dan watched curiously as Alan crossed one leg over the other and then let his cock drop. His humongous wang was now draped over his leg. At first Dan figured that Alan’s cock must now be so huge that he couldn’t cross his legs with it in the way, but he quickly realized that Alan had just created the perfect camouflage for him. If Todd were to look his way, he’d be greeted with the sight of Alan’s huge dick, and given that Todd was noticeably trying to avoid ever looking at Alan or his gigantic cock, Dan was effectively invisible.

Dan felt relieved that Alan was looking out for him like this. He felt so safe and comfortable around this guy. He just wished that he could get his boner to die down. The four guys resumed their game, and things went smoothly enough for the next chapter. Dan had stopped drinking altogether by this point. Now that they were pleasantly buzzed, Alan and Steve had seriously cut back too, but Todd didn’t have the experience or the restraint that his brother had and was still knocking back cans.

Dan had hoped that the game would get his mind off of all the amazing dicks hanging out, but it didn’t seem to help. His eyes kept drifting from the screen and over to Alan’s massive cock. It wasn’t long before he was so hard that he even had pre leaking from his dick.

Alan noticed Dan’s plight and decided to take things to the next level. Whenever there was a lull in the action he would casually stroke his enormous dick. As far as Todd could tell, Alan was just a little drunk and horny, but Steve knew better. He and Alan had been drinking together for ages now. There was no way he was trashed after just four cans. Steve glanced over and noticed that Dan wasn’t going to hold out much longer and realized exactly what it was that Alan was doing.

Steve paused the game and started unabashedly jacking off right there on the couch. “Dude, what the fuck!” Todd shouted as he noticed his older brother pounding one out right next to him.

“What? I need to get off.” Steve replied casually as he continued to stroke away. “You don’t like it, you can leave.”

“Maybe I will.” Todd replied with a bit of disgust in his voice. “Come on, Danny. Let’s get out of here.”

“Um… Nah, I think I’m fine here.” Dan replied quietly.

“Well, look at that. You’re the only one here with a problem.” Steve remarked with a smug grin on his face.

“You queers gonna start blowing each other now?” Todd sneered.

“I don’t plan on blowing anyone, but if Alan wants to he’s more than welcome to suck me off. You should let him do you, too. He’s far better than any of the girls I’ve been with.” Steve responded without ever losing his smug demeanor.

Todd was completely taken aback by what he was hearing. “You’re joking, right?”

“Not at all. A mouth’s a mouth. You’d be amazed at the advantages of a gay roommate. Some days I need to get off, and my girl isn’t available. I can just ride him instead.” Steve continued. He didn’t really think of Alan as his go to fuck buddy on the side, but he loved making his kid brother squirm. “His ass is seriously amazing. It’s so tight and warm.” Steve was already rock hard by this point and began to leak a little pre as if to really drive home his point.

“Dude. That’s gay!” Todd reacted in shock.

“Is it? I’m not the one getting butt-fucked, and besides, it’s not that big of a deal even if it is a little gay.” Steve shrugged as he continued so jack off.

Alan turned to Dan and whispered. “Look. Todd’s not going to remember most of this in the morning, and as far as he knows, you’re completely wasted. Just let loose and enjoy it.” Alan then turned back to Steve. Steve noticed his cue and repositioned himself so he was leaning back against the armrest with his legs spread apart.

Alan got down on his knees and wrapped his lips around Steve’s rigid cock. It was the best of both worlds. He got to have a dick in his mouth, and make some homophobic douchenozzle cringe. He decided to make sure it was extra loud and sloppy as he went down on his bud.

It hadn’t been more than a few hours since Alan had sucked off Steve, but it felt like weeks ago. Steve had a great sized cock for sucking. Alan especially loved how it poked the back of his throat as he slid up and down along the length of the shaft. He made sure to really lock his lips tight and run his tongue all over his friend’s cock as he deep throated it. Steve’s moan just got him even more worked up and eager to please.

Alan could feel his own mammoth wang really stirring to life as he really got into sucking his friend off. He would have been fully boned in no time even without what happened next.

Dan decided to take what Alan had said to heart. Maybe it was the little bit of beer in his system. Maybe it was the fact that he felt so safe around the amazingly hung college bro. Maybe it was because there was quite possibly the biggest, buffest, sexiest ass he had ever seen waggling no more than a foot from his face. Whatever the reason, Dan needed in on the action before he creamed himself just from sitting on the sidelines.

Dan placed a hand on each of Alan’s huge, muscular cheeks and massaged them with his fingers as he spread them wide. He then leaned in and planted his lips right on Alan’s tight, puckered hole. In between deep kisses he would lick and suck on any area in his reach. He could feel Alan’s whole body shudder as he flicked his tongue along the rim of Alan’s asshole.

Alan felt a shudder of pleasure run up his spine as Dan rimmed him. He was surprised at the intensity of it more than anything. Whatever this boy lacked in experience he more than made up for with zeal. Alan had to pull off of Steve’s cock and catch his breath as he felt the tip of Dan’s tongue slide into him.

Steve could feel something very strange. His mind wasn’t really in top shape since he was mildly tipsy and majorly horny, but it felt as though something was pushing up against his butt. He looked down and realized that the head of Alan’s massive shaft was pressed right against his underside. Steve could barely comprehend the sheer size of it. It was probably as thick around as his waist. There was no way something like that was big every going to slide inside of him; which was just as well, since Steve had no intention of ever bottoming for anyone.

He chose not to worry about it. After all, it felt kind of nice the way it was bucking and twitching. The head of Alan’s cock was already flaring up so it was like it was rocking him back and forth; it was so squishy and yet firm that it was like one of those massaging pillows that everyone likes to try out at those gadget stores at the mall but never actually buy.

Feeling Alan shuddering under him was all the incentive that Dan needed to ramp up the oral action. Dan had completely put his own erection out of his mind, even though it was so hard that it was throbbing for release. His sole purpose in life was to make his new friend feel absolutely amazing. He redoubled his efforts and dug in even deeper. No longer content to just flick at the entrance, Dan focused on kissing deeper and even more passionately. Between kisses, he licked and sucked deeper and harder. Alan’s panting was steadily getting heavier until finally he let out a loud, low moan.

Alan couldn’t hold it back anymore, nor did he want to. He surrendered himself to the biggest climax of his life. He gritted his teeth as all the synapses in his brain fire at once. A rush of warm jizz pumped through his massive cock and crashed against his friend who was unfortunate enough to be sitting right in the line of fire. Some part of his mind knew that he was cumming all over Steve, but he couldn’t even muster the most basic of resistance. Powerful jets of cum flooded out of his cock and crashed against Steve’s underside.

Steve realized what was happening the second he heard Alan moan, but he was so wrapped up in his own sexual haze that he couldn’t even begin to care. The streams of jizz splashed against his ass with impressive force. It was strangely soothing in its own way. The pressurized bursts were almost like hot, sticky massages for his posterior; kind of like those fancy ass cleaning toilets they have in France, only much more powerful, much more sticky, and doing the exact opposite of getting him clean.

When Alan’s momentous climax finally died down, he rolled over and off of the couch. His hefty cock and balls followed behind as he did so. He looked up at Dan with a contented grin on his face and managed to choke out between gasps of breath. “Holy shit… I need you inside me.”

With Alan’s dick no longer propping him up, Steve slid down the saturated arm rest and coasted to a stop in the massive cum puddle that now covered much of the couch. Since the couch was covered in that really cheap, plasticy faux leather, the large pool of spunk just made the gooey surface kind of like a slimy slip and slide. Steve didn’t even mind that he was effectively bathing in his friend’s cum. He was just glad to see Dan and Alan in such high spirits.

Alan staggered to his feet and off towards to side of the room where he had left his backpack. His massive, soft but still chubbed up cock scraped against the carpet as he did so. He passed by Todd who was leaning against the wall watching the entire scene with a dumbfounded look of awe on his face.

Todd couldn’t believe what he had just seen. His brother and his best friend had just had a hot, sloppy three way with that queer his brother seemed to like so much. The worst part was he actually kind of thought it was hot. Just listening to them all moaning, and groaning, and sucking, and fucking was getting him hot under the collar. He didn’t have any interest in dudes, but they all really seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Todd’s horny and drunk mind couldn’t quite remember why he was so defensive tonight. He usually wasn’t such an obnoxious and vocal homophobe, but he felt the need to put on airs in front of his friend. He and Danny had been best buds forever. They had shared a tent during pretty much every summer camp out they had ever gone on. He had heard all the rumors circulating school about Danny. The other students all called him a fag when they didn’t think they could hear them. Todd always did his best to put down rumors and the people spreading them, but after what he had seen, it was hard to deny.

His mind was hazy, and he wasn’t in the best state to be having deep, meaningful introspective soul searches; yet that is exactly what he was doing. It always seemed that getting drunk seemed to lay all of someone’s insecurities bare for them and everyone else to see. He and Danny had been inseparable. So what happens if Dan turns out to be some queer? He thought back to all those sleep overs and camping trips throughout the years. Does that mean he was going to be deemed gay by association? Todd couldn’t process it all. All he wanted was to keep on being friends. He could handle a few rumors.

Alan opened his bag and pulled out a small clear bottle. He had taken to always packing a tube of lube with him, especially if he was traveling with Steve. It was not all that uncommon for the two buds to bond a little when both were awake and horny in the wee hours of the morning.

Alan popped the top off as he staggered back to Dan. His massive dong seemed even more awkward and unwieldy today than he remembered. The tip kept brushing against the carpet as he walked; it was irritating him both physically and mentally.

Dan was still rock hard as Alan got down on his knees before him. He was pretty sure he knew what was about to happen, but he still could not believe it. He watched as Alan poured large quantities of lube into the palm of his hands and rubbed his hands together. Once both of his hands were suitably coated, Alan closed the bottle and ran his ands along Dan’s rigid cock. Dan felt his knees go weak as Alan’s hands masterfully astro-glided up and down and over and under his cock and balls. Dan’s cock twitched and bucked as Alan skillfully laminated his shaft while tugging and playing with his nuts.

“Be careful there. You wouldn’t want to nut before we even get to the good part.” Alan teased as he slowed his skillful stroking.

Dan’s heart was pounding in his chest. He was about to have his first real time with a guy, and he couldn’t even imagine how it could be better than that hand-job he had just received. He would have been fine if Alan had let him cum right then and there. Especially since Alan’s face was right where it was. If Dan had cum he would have creamed all over he mega-hung stud’s face. Dan could feel his dick lurch back as he imagined giving the brown haired beauty a facial. It took every ounce of his muscle control and will power to keep himself from busting a nut at that very second.

He snapped out of his reverie to see Alan standing right in front of him, or rather, he saw Alan’s massive erect cock in front of him. The tip of the shaft was so high up that it was eye level with its owner. Dan couldn’t even fathom what it must be like to be so fantastically hung. He wanted to climb up and start making out with the head of that amazing dick, but Alan was already moving back to the couch.

Alan got back on the couch and got down on his hands and knees. His rigid cock was so impossibly huge now that he was basically lying across it like a cot. The tip of his spongy cock was the perfect height to serve as a nice pillow for him to rest his head on.

From Dan’s current position, All he could really see of Alan was his huge, sexy ass and absolutely immense beanbag chair balls. It was such an amazingly sexy sight that he could have blown his load right then and there. He struggled to keep his raging hard-on in check as it streamed even more pre. There was no way in hell he was going to bust his nut early, not when he had the most amazing ass he had ever seen eagerly awaiting his arrival. He could even see Alan’s hole twitching in anticipation, which to say the least didn’t make keeping his load down any easier.

Dan climbed up behind Alan and lined his slicked up rigid dick right up with Alan’s quivering hole. It was pretty obvious that both of them were very eager to get to the next step. Dan took a deep breath and watched intently as the tip of his dick slid into Alan’s fabulous ass. The feeling was magical. Dan wanted to just let his eyes roll back into his head and let the amazing sensations overtake him, but he forced his eyes to stay fixated as he slid inch after inch into Alan. He couldn’t even bring himself to breath for fear that it would wake him from this dream.

Finally his dick was all the way in. As Dan looked down it all seemed a little silly and a lot sexy. His legs and hips were shoved up against Alan’s massive nuts. Dan’s own little sparrows’ eggs looked positively miniscule next to the gigantic bean bag chairs that Alan had swinging between his legs. Dan was already thinking of how he wouldn’t mind nestling up against them when this was all said and done.

Dan managed to steady his ragged breathing as he slowly rocked his hips back and forth. His cock slid in and out of Alan as he did so. He could feel Alan’s hole clenching and gripping his shaft as he slid it in and out. Everything about this moment was absolutely perfect. He simultaneously wished it would never end and that he could hurry up and dump his load inside his new buddy.

Alan was content to just lie there as Dan steadily pumped in and out of him, but Steve had other ideas. He helped Alan slowly work his way upwards so that he was standing up on his knees. Dan managed to adjust his position and pacing flawlessly so that he too was standing on is knees. Dan wrapped his arms around Alan’s thick torso and nuzzled his face into Alan’s back as he continued to thrust in and out. With the two love birds positioned where he wanted them, Steve was free to move onto phase two. He was happy for those two and all, but he really wanted to get off, too.

Steve managed to straddle Alan’s massive dick and stand up on the couch. This put his dick right where he wanted it, lined up with Alan’s mouth. Alan wasted no time picking up where he left off sucking and licking Steve’s rock hard cock. The three of hem settled into a nice little rhythm of Dan pumping in and out of Alan’s ass; Alan rocking back and forth so he was able to better ride Dan’s cock and sucking on Steve’s cock; and Steve standing back and reaping the benefits of being the front car of the man train.

Todd was too far gone to bother wrestling with his inner demons any longer. The other three guys were having such a great time that it was making him horny too, and he just couldn’t stop staring at the massive, squishy cock head. That oozing slit looked so warm and inviting. He couldn’t even process that that belonged to another guy. In Todd’s addled mind, all he saw was a hot hole for him to plug with his cock. He was already thoroughly boned from listening to all the sexy moans from is friends and family; all that was left for him was to take the plunge.

Alan’s mind was already overloaded from the sensations from the front and back. He didn’t even know how to process the new sensation. Something was plugging his dick. It was an amazing sensation to have every available hole plugged up. He had never even entertained the notion of someone fucking his cock before, but it was happening and it was fantastic. The head of his cock was even more sensitive on the inside than it was on the outside. The entire tip of his cock was alive with waves of pleasure. It felt as if he was already cumming, but he had not yet even begun to shoot his load.

Dan was already nearing his limits before he started reaming Alan, but now that he was doing it, he didn’t want to stop. He struggled with his own limitations as he held down his load for as long as humanly possible, but eventually he hit a wall. He hugged Alan tighter as his balls clenched up and pumped their load deep into Alan’s ass. Dan fired load after thick load. The first four shots were absolutely massive, but he was quickly running out of spunk to dump. He was so horny and so overloaded with passion and pleasure that he refused to stop, though. He continued to plunge in and out, firing more and more shots with each thrust. The streams of jizz got steadily thinner and thinner until finally his dick was shuddering and pumping but nothing was coming out. Still he refused to stop. He wanted this to last forever if he could manage it. Each thrust caused more and more of his load to foam and churn as the froth spilled out of Alan’s ass. Dan was no longer able to maintain his erection, but still he kept trying to plow his friend’s amazing ass. Even after his cock softened he pumped back and forth until finally his dick slid out in defeat.

Alan could feel Dan’s loads flowing into him, which caused his to work Steve’s cock even more fervently. Each thrust from Dan caused him to go down deeper on Steve’s cock. Steve had been cocked, locked, and ready to rock for what seemed like hours now and didn’t need much more goading to get him unloading. Alan’s sucking this time was so deep and passionate that he had sent Steve over the edge in record time. As Steve dumped his nut in Alan’s mouth Alan sucked and slurped it down as fast as he could, all while running his tongue along Steve’s rigid shaft. Steve could feel Alan’s saliva mixing and mingling with his own load as the liquids washed over his cock. It was such an amazingly warm and pleasant feeling that he wished it didn’t have to end so soon. Alan swallowed the last of Steve’s load as Steve’s now soft and spent cock flopped out of his mouth.

Todd was too drunk and horny to really think his actions through. He dug his hands into the soft, spongy flesh of Alan’s cockhead to steady himself as he thrust in and out of the slit. It was so warm and tight around his beer can cock that he didn’t even care that it belonged to a dude. With each sloppy thrust, more and more of Alan’s pre would seep out and coat his abs and legs. Todd was already very much coated in the goop long before he was ready to cum. The head of Alan’s cock began to flare up, tightening around Todd’s dick in the process. It was so wet and tight that it felt like it was sucking him off. He couldn’t even register what the changes in pressure might mean until it was too late. Todd moaned softly as he pumped his spunk down the fleshy canal.

He was ready for that to be the end of it when Alan’s cock seized up violently. Large jets of spunk crashed against Todd’s cock and splashed against his body with immense force. The warm and sticky spooge continued to wash over him. In his booze addled state he did the only thing he could think of; he gripped the head of Alan’s cock tighter to try and steady himself. This just caused him to have to ride out the entire storm. The additional stimulation of Todd clinging to his dick made it even more pleasurable for Alan. It was as if Todd was jacking off just the tip of his cock as he was rocked and buffeted by torrents of jizz. Todd’s grip slipped and he started to stumble backwards. The ground was so saturated with cum that he had no way to steady himself and fell backwards. He thumped against the wall hard as Alan’s fire hose spray finally slowed to a stop. Todd was so drunk and tired by this point that he didn’t even care what had happened. He slid down againstthe wall and nodded off.

The other three were all now very spent. Alan settled himself onto the couch and snuggled up against his enormous wang as if it was a body pillow. Dan and Steve found nice, relatively clean spaces in the room to lie down and also pass out for the night. Dan was in the process of settling in, his mind still fuzzy from a little bit of booze and a lot a bit of afterglow, when he heard Steve come up behind him.

“Hey. How ya holding up?” Steve asked, genuinely concerned.

“Huh. Alright.” Dan replied. He couldn’t think of anything wrong that might warrant Steve’s concern.

“Look. I have kind of had my suspicions about you for awhile…” Steve explained. “I know my bro can be a toolbox, but I’ll talk to him and work on him. There’s no excuse for how he acted tonight.”

Dan knew exactly where this was going. It would be very hard for him to try and continue playing at being straight with Steve after having just had wet and wild man-sex right on his couch. Steve took a deep breath and continued. “So whenever you’re ready to come out… officially, anyway. Call me up. I’ll come and help in any way I can.” Dan was too overwhelmed with emotions and far too tired and tipsy to fully process them all. His mind just sort of ground to a halt. He did the only thing he could; he nodded. He was scared of what might happen with Todd, but he was so glad to have Steve on his side. He had grown up with Steve and Todd, and in many ways, Steve was like an older brother. Steve in turn, had always thought of Danny as his other little brother, and there was no way he was going to let Todd mess things up.

Alan yawned contentedly as he stirred from his slumber. He had slept like a rock last night. He must have been more exhausted than he thought because that lumpy old couch felt like a king size four-poster bed at a five star resort. It probably didn’t hurt that he had come equipped with his own warm, plush, plus sized body pillow that he could snuggle up against for warmth and comfort.

He sat up and slung his legs forward so his feet touched the floor. He could feel the slightly crusty carpet beneath his feet. Cleaning up the aftermath of his titanic cumshot would no doubt be a monumental undertaking. He just hoped that he and Steve could duck out quietly before any of the parentals discovered the mess. Ideally they would manage to get Todd stuck with the honors. It would serve him right for being such a homophobic little jerkwad last night.

Alan glanced over at the still unconscious teen resting against the wall. Todd really couldn’t hold his liquor well, and he would probably be nursing a hangover whenever he got around to actually waking up. As it turns out, “Jerkwad” was a pretty apt description for Steve’s younger brother. He was currently coated in a a thick layer of jizz that had hardened and dried out over the last several hours. The white murk covered much of his torso and all of his crotch. It clung to him and stuck to the wall, making it look like he had been captured by the friendly neighborhood Spiderman. Although, his flaky cocoon was a lot drier and crustier than what one typically expects a web shot to look like.

Alan shifted his weight and shoved his dick off the couch. He was pleased to hear the dull thud from his immense cock and balls hitting the ground. He grinned a bit to himself as he stood up. It was then a curious thing happened. His dick felt lighter than he remembered. His still slightly groggy brain tried to process it all. He didn’t think it had shrunk since last night. He looked down and what he saw caused his breath to catch in his throat. His cock had not shrunk. Au contraire, Delano. Quite the opposite, in fact. His dick was now so large that the head of it rested soundly on the ground even though he was standing upright. His absolutely massive low hangers seemed to barely scrape the ground as well.

He could feel a pit forming growing behind his densely muscled abs as his mind tried to process what had happened. His dick had grown. Suddenly fragments of the past day rushed back to him. He had grown again! He quickly jumped into action. Although, in his current state it was less of a jump and more of a half stumble half waddle move as he tried to figure out how to walk with his newly enhanced encumberance.

He reached his backpack easily enough and haphazardly chucked objects over his shoulder as he dug down to the bottom for what he was looking for. Of course it was at the bottom; whenever you need something from a bag it is always at the bottom. Alan found the solid black box and as quickly as he could manage, he stagger-lurched off to find Steve.

He tore through the side rooms of the basement floor apartment with all the grace of Matt Smith on a bender. He finally found Steve in the basement kitchen which was actually little more than an alcove with a counter top that had a sink, a microwave, and a coffee pot.

“’sup?” Steve greeted his out of breath friend. He was completely oblivious to anything out of the ordinary with his friend aside from the labored breathing and look of panic.

“Open the box!” Alan shouted in a hoarse whisper.

“What are you Batman today?” Steve asked snarkily as he took a sip of his fresh mug of coffee.

“I’m serious. I need to see what’s inside!” Alan hissed. He was on edge this morning, but even so, he didn’t want to wake the two younger guys.

Steve shrugged as he power slammed the rest of his mug. He still had a bit of a chubby from the morning wood he had woken up with, so it wouldn’t be that hard for him to get it back up. He set his mug down on the counter top and gave his cock a few idle strokes. It didn’t take more than a minute or two for him to get it back up to a suitable level that he could use his key on the strange, erotic locking mechanism. A few quick pumps of his cock in the box was enough to pop the lock.

Alan stared intently as the lid slowly opened. Just as he thought he could finally catch a glimpse of what was inside, Steve yanked the box out of his line of sight and set it on the counter behind him. Steve leaned back and used his body to block Alan’s line of sight.

Alan shot him a grumpy glare of “Dude! What gives?” Steve raised an eyebrow and gestured down towards his still erect cock. He didn’t even need to say “It ain’t gonna suck itself.” His smarmy grin did that for him.

Alan grumbled as he got down on his knees. It was a lot easier said than done, but Alan managed to shift his junk around so that he could go down on his friend. “You’re lucky I don’t just bite it off.” Alan muttered grumpily.

“You know you like it too much to do that.” Steve replied with a smug grin. Alan knew he was right, and Steve knew that no matter how angry Alan was, he wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Alan slowly took his friend’s cock in his mouth and slid down to the base. He had loosened his throat enough so that at least the top few inches could slide right down his throat. Alan could hear Steve moan in pleasure as the tip of his nose buried into Steve’s brown bush.

“So. What were you even looking for?” Steve asked between moans.

Alan lifted off of his friend’s dick. He continued to stroke it as he replied, “The statue. You know. Dick shaped. Eight-ish inches.”

Steve glanced over his shoulder. There didn’t appear to be anything in the box aside from the cloth covered carrying compartment. “Box is empty dude.” Steve managed to respond during the brief lulls between his frequent moans and “fuck yeah”s.

“That fucker!” Alan shouted as he jumped to his feet with surprising speed and began stomping back to the large open home theater room.

“Uh… aren’t you going to finish me up?” Steve asked after him.

“Finish yourself.” Alan shot back testily.

“Aww man, but you got spit all over it.” Steve sulked dejectedly. He could tell that Alan was no longer listening to him. He sighed inwardly and then grabbed a cloth to wipe his dick off with.

Alan strode purposefully back to where his backpack was lying, but he was derailed as he past the restroom. As if by some Pavlovian response mechanism, his body remembered that he had downed a six pack by himself last night and had not yet unloaded it yet. He momentarily cursed his biological needs, but then resigned himself to his fate. His phone would still be there when he finished, after all.

Alan’s new size was proving to have some unforeseen challenges. He was finding out that it is very difficult to aim a cock of that size, especially when soft. He considered his options a moment and then squatted down and scooped up his dick into his arms. He held the shaft to his stomach and let the top half fold back over and droop down. This mostly put the tip of his cock even with the bowl, but lining it slit up with the bowl was proving a bit more difficult. It was like playing some bizarre top down claw drop arcade game, but in this case his reward would be getting to unload his cargo instead of getting some cheaply made plush toy.

In a brief flash of inspiration, Alan kicked the side of the toilet, causing the seat to fall down. Using the contours to guide him, he managed to ease the tip of his dong into position. The seat also had the added benefit of stabilizing his cock, which turned out to be exceedingly useful once the flow started in earnest.

Alan hummed to himself as he emptied every last ounce of beer he had consumed the day before. He was very pleased to be rid of it. Once he finished, he shook his cock the best he could, but given the size and position, he wasn’t terribly successful at getting all of the last few drops in the bowl. By that point he didn’t particularly care. He had accomplished what he came for and that was that. He released the shaft and let his dong flop unceremoniously onto the floor.

Alan was feeling a bit better after that. It’s amazing what a quick pit stop could do for one’s mood. He was getting overly worked up over something simple. All he had to do was track down John, get the statue back, and things could return to normal… whatever normal was, anyway. Alan had the knowledge that his dick had grown but not the memories. As far as he could remember, he had always been so obscenely hung.

Alan rubbed his arms as he walked over to sink to wash up. His arms were very slightly sore after holding his immensely heavy cock like that for a few minutes. Part of him was amazed he could even lift it, let along steady it for that whole time. As he rubbed the muscles in his arms it slowly began to dawn on him that they seemed bigger somehow.

When he looked up, he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror above the sink. He barely recognized the face looking back at him. To be more precise, he recognized the face, but it seemed a bit more chiseled and shapely than he remembered. The body the face was attached to was not at all familiar to him, though. He watched in bemused fascination as the muscled hunk in the mirror rubbed the muscles on his arms and washed his hands in unison with Alan’s similar motions.

Alan turned to scope himself out in the full body mirror on the far wall. He couldn’t believe how big and buff he was. It looked like the lower half of his body had once again bulked up to accommodate the extra weight of his immense cock and balls, but this time his upper body had caught up too. Alan had huge, well defined biceps, massive pecs, killer lats, the whole nine yards. Alan even had muscles he didn’t even know the names of. He slowly ran his hands over his muscles in fascination as he watched the amazed reflection of himself do the same.

His eyes drifted lower as he checked out the rest of his muscles as well. His legs were all but hidden behind his humongous nuts, but was little bits of his thighs that poked out the side were unbelievably huge. He had the legs of an Olympic power lifter, except his muscles were all smooth and shapely instead of being awkward masses of veins like the ones he typically saw on pro lifters. He slowly spun around and checked out his rear view in the mirror. His ass was even bigger than it was yesterday as well. His huge, muscular bubble butt was so amazingly hot that Alan wished it was somehow physically possible to bury his face in those massive, pillowy cheeks and eat himself out. He could feel his enormous leviathan stirring awake as he thought about it.

Alan was still feeling up his huge muscles happily as he exited the restroom. By this time, Steve had already finished up and left the kitchen and was back in the large, central room. He quickly noticed Alan’s odd behavior. “What’s up?” He asked Alan curiously.

“My muscles are huge.” Alan commented in awe. It wasn’t clear whether or not he was responding to Steve or just announcing it to everyone who might listen.

Steve rolled his eyes and replied. “Duh. You’ve been a gym rat as long as I’ve known you.”

“I know, but it just sort of hit me, you know?” Alan responded. He still sounded slightly out of touch with reality as he spoke. He was still rubbing his biceps dreamily.

“It’s because you got tired of being Gundam Legs.” Steve replied teasingly.

Those words snapped Alan right out of his reverie. “Where did you hear that!?” Alan shot back in surprise.

“Oh, I’ve done more than hear.” Steve continued to tease as he picked up his phone off the nearby table and flipped through some files. He quickly stopped on the one he needed and flashed a picture of a young boy with average looking brown hair, unreasonably well defined legs for someone his age, a comically huge bulge in his pants, and scrawny looking little twigs for arms.

Alan gasped in shock and embarrassment. He had begun hitting the gym hard at a young age to bring his upper body in line with his lower half. He pretty much lived off a diet of junk food and protein powder for his entire childhood. By the time he had hit middle school he had the biggest biceps and pecs in town. Granted, it was a small town, but he even had all of the adults beat, too. The only person who could rival him was his personal trainer, and Alan had him beat by the time he got to high school. “Where did you get that! Wait… Cindy!?” Alan’s face was turning red from embarrassment, but the color quickly began to drain to white. “You aren’t banging my sister are you?” He asked nervously.

“Banged, banging, will bang. It’s all a matter of perspective.” Steve responded playfully. His grin made it clear that he was toying with Alan, but it didn’t betray whether or not he had actually made any moves on the lady in question.

“Don’t you Lutece on me. I will snap your dick right off, I swear on me mum.” Alan threatened only half seriously. “Why do you even have that picture, anyway?”

“Blackmail, obviously.” Steve replied with a smug grin. “And I plan to show it to your next boyfriend when the time comes.”

“Show what?” Dan asked as he rubbed his eyes sleepily. He had to alternate eyes because he was keeping one hand down over his crotch at all times as he struggled unsuccessfully to cover his respectable boner.

“That’s a secret for another time.” Steve replied with a sly grin as he shut off the screen and slipped his phone into his pocket. Dan’s grey eyes seemed completely bewildered, but Alan’s mouth fell open as he caught Steve’s insinuation.

Alan’s eyes scanned the skinny, light brown haired teen quickly. Dan was obviously trying not to check him out, but failing miserably. Alan could tell that Dan’s boner wasn’t just a standard morning wood. He felt quite flattered and a little aroused.

Alan turned his attention back to Steve. “Ok, so what’s up with you and Cindy.” He demanded sternly.

“Nothing, bro. You know I wouldn’t make a move on her without clearing it with you first.” Steve reassured Alan. Alan knew that Steve was just trying to get under his skin, but he was a little jumpier than normal today.

“What do you see in her, anyway?” Alan asked curiously.

“Well, she’s super sweet, fun to talk to and…” Steve gestured like he was holding to massive objects in front of his chest and then continued. “she has great tracts of land. Bigness must run in the family.” Steve added with a playful smirk.

Alan rolled his eyes. Discussion of his sisters assets had handily crushed any growing arousal he might have had. It was for the best, though. He needed to be careful, since there was no telling if he could ever get his dick any smaller, and the more aroused he got, the faster it would grow. “Whatever.”

Alan turned and sc