The next big thing

by Ziel

Johnny, a young model/actor trying to make it in Hollywood, always knew he was destined to be The Next Big Thing. 

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Part 1 Johnny, a young model/actor trying to make it in Hollywood, always knew he was destined to be The Next Big Thing.  (added: 20 May 2023)
Part 2 Johnny is starting to get hip to the fact that he’s growing. He’s not sure why, but he is sure that he wants more... (added: 6 Jan 2024)
Part 3 Johnny has put two and two together. He realizes that the more adoration he amasses, the larger he gets. A captive audience with the biggest names in the biz is sure to get him the attention (and size) he desires. (added: 30 Mar 2024)
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Part 1

Johnny reclined in bed staring idly at his phone while he waited for that fateful call he knew would be coming. Sure enough, his phone buzzed to alert him that he had an incoming call. Johnny quickly swiped the lit up green button to start the face time and was quickly greeted by the smug, smirking face of his manager.

“Talk to me, Buster,” Johnny said.

“Heyyy. Johnny baby. Have I got some great news for you!” Buster replied.

“It better be a new gig,” Johnny grumbled.

“It’s better than a new gig! You see, I pulled some strings and I got in touch with a guy who knows a guy who can get you a spot in the new Crest ad!” Buster said.

“A Crest ad? As in, the toothpaste? I thought you said you got me a gig!?” Johnny cried in shock and exasperation.

“We all gotta start somewhere, Johnny baby,” Buster replied in that smarmy, almost whining way he always did when he was trying to smooth things over.

“Do I at least get a speaking part?” Johnny asked.

“I said Ad,” Buster replied.

“Ad…? As in… not commercial? Wait. Is this just a magazine insert!?” Johnny cried indignantly.

“Hey! Hey! Hey! I wouldn’t do you dirty like that. So, ok. No. No words, but. And this is huge. This is bigger than huge. Your face! Big! In focus! Front and center! Everyone will be dazzled by your pearly whites! Beautiful eyes! Charming Smile! Your poster will be all over town! Everyone will see you! You’re gonna be huge I tell ya! The next big thing, I swear!” Buster exclaimed.

“What do I pay you for!?” Johnny cried.

“You pay me to think of the big picture! And that’s what I do. Anyone can be a background extra in some commercial, but not you. No way, Johnny baby. You’re gonna be a star! Everyone in Hollywood is gonna look up to you. Your footprints are gonna be all over the walk of fame! You’ll be the talk of the town!” Buster claimed in that smarmy, placating whine of his.

Johnny didn’t even wait for Buster to explain further. He hit the red button and dropped his phone unceremoniously on the nightstand beside him. Johnny resigned himself to being the face of the new toothpaste campaign. There were worst breakout gigs, he supposed. Still, he couldn’t help but dream of something a bit showier. How many people remember the face that smiles back at them with artificially whitened teeth on a subway ad? If he wanted to get his brand out there, he’d have to think bigger…

The rest of the day stretched on with nothing much happening. Johnny had no modeling gigs currently booked, nor did he have any other work to attend to. He did his basic cardio at the gym and tried to block out his irritation.

After a brief stint on the treadmill, Johnny felt a need to do something a bit heavier. The steady plodding of his feet just wasn’t enough to vent his frustration. He needed to feel the burn. He made his way towards the free weights and picked up a few dumbbells. He laid back on the bench and settled into a quite routine, but despite the exertion he couldn’t shake the thought from his mind.

“The next big thing.” He said to himself with an intense upward thrust of the weights. He steadily lowered the weights to his chest and braced himself for the next push.

“The next big thing.” He repeated again as he thrust upwards once more on the weights.

By about the fifth rep he was really starting to feel it in his pecs and biceps, but he continued on like a man possessed.

“The next big thing. The next big thing. The next big thing…” He chanted his mantra as he did rep after rep, and when his arms were finally too tired to continue, he took his frustrations and his mantra to the squat rack.

“The next big thing… the next big thing… the next big thing…” Over and over again he chanted and strained. His muscles ached and his thoughts raged. He wasn’t meant to molder in obscurity. He was going to show them. He was going to show all of them. Soon everyone would know his face.

By the time his body was finally ready to give out on him, the words had blurred together into a faint buzz in the back of his mind. He was still in a haze as he staggered towards the showers, unaware of the gazes he had garnered from others in the gym. It wasn’t until the warm water of the showers cascaded over his bare flesh that he steadily began to come down from whatever trance had overcome him.

Time seemed to slow down as the water soaked into his hair and washed across his body. Slowly, his mind stopped racing. Steadily, his breathing began to regulate. Eventually he had managed to almost forget the rage that had overtaken him earlier… almost.

As he left the showers, he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. He smirked at his reflection which of course smirked back. How could anyone deny that face? He was more than just handsome. He was stunning! This stupid print ad was merely a setback, and he knew it. Who knows. Maybe that blowhard of an agent might actually be onto something. A full-page ad of just his smiling face? That was sure to turn a few heads. Maybe… just maybe, it could lead to something more.

Something caught Johnny’s eye. He saw a reflection of another man in the mirror. One of the guys who was changing out at the lockers was staring right at him. No doubt, the dude hadn’t intended to get caught peeping, but Johnny wasn’t about to let this moment go to waste. He winked into the mirror to make it obvious to his peeping tom that he was busted. The dude quickly averted his gaze but still couldn’t help but trying to sneak a few peeks at the nearly naked stud. He was obviously trying to hide his glances. Perhaps he was expecting Johnny to be angry at him, but Johnny merely chuckled. As Johnny turned away from the mirror, he let his towel drop and slung it over his shoulder. He casually sauntered towards the locker letting the halogen lights of the locker room reflect off his still slightly-damp skin. His fat cock rocked from side to side with each step.

Johnny knew on some level that he should be careful lest someone get the wrong idea. His dick was already getting pretty chubbed, but it wasn’t that he was interested in this guy. Johnny just loved the attention. The excited gazes, the horny glances, the stares of raw admiration– he loved them all! Just the feeling of eyes on him made him excited, and he couldn’t help but put on a show.

“If you think this is great, just you wait,” Johnny chuckled softly to himself.

Wait for what? Even he was not entirely sure. He just felt like he was on the precipice of something great. He was destined to be the next big thing, after all.

Johnny cocked his head and took a moment to ponder the thought that had just popped into his head. Destined? He had never thought of it in terms like that. He had always craved famed. He had always desired the gazes of enraptured onlookers. He always felt that he deserved it, but this new feeling was something more. It was like something deep in his core had shifted. It was no longer a desire. It was a right! He was destined for this. This was his birthright, and he would no longer be denied.

Johnny’s smirk spread into a wide, toothy grin as he unlocked his locker and began to change back into his clothes. He was practically giddy with excitement as he pulled his shirt on and stepped into his jeans. He took a moment to admire himself in the mirror as he finished buttoning up his shirt. His shirt was a bit snugger than he remembered. The fabric between the buttons bowed outwards as his chest strained against the front of his shirt. He felt like his body could burst free from the cloth confines if he so much as flexed too hard. Even his jeans seemed tighter than he remembered, which was saying a lot given how tight he liked to wear them. His bulge looked positively obscene against his button-up fly.

Johnny grabbed his bag and sauntered out of the locker room. A few more dudes turned to glance at him as he made his way through to lobby towards the entrance. With each pair of eyes on him, he felt a shudder of anticipation course through him. Johnny stood up a little straighter, a little taller, as he felt their gazes. His jeans seemed to creak in protest. His shirt seemed to strain tighter against him as he did so. Johnny was a little surprised. He wasn’t flexing. Why were his clothes protesting so?

Johnny gave a sly wink and a smirk to the person behind the check in desk as he passed by. The look in their eyes made it clear that they were taken aback by the specimen of masculine beauty that was walking past. Johnny felt another shudder of excitement course through his body and another series of strains from the fibers of his jeans and shirt. His short sleeves felt tight around his biceps. His jeans felt borderline stifling around his quads. Even his package felt crammed into jeans. Johnny was going commando which just made the outline of his thick sausage even more pronounced against the front of his jeans.

Johnny took a deep breath and soaked in the adoration of the crowd before stepping out into the crisp afternoon air. He was only vaguely aware that he had to stoop ever so slightly to avoid hitting his head on the top of the doorway.


Part 2

Johnny’s original plan had been to head straight back to his apartment after hitting the gym, but the strange, euphoric tingling that coursed through his whole body and the elation of being the center of attention convinced him to take his time and enjoy the afternoon. As he casually strode down the sidewalk, he could feel the occasional gaze drift his way. Even now that he was fully clothed and out in public, he was more than just another face in the crowd. His good looks and natural charm drew attention to him even if he was not intentionally showboating. That’s not to say that Johnny wasn’t hamming it up here and there. Everything from the way he held his shoulders to the angle of his grin which showcased his pearly whites was an intentional act. He had mastered the angles and the attitude from a young age. He was born to be in front of the camera. Actually, scratch that. He was born to be beheld and beloved by all! The gazes felt more than just good. They felt natural!

As Johnny continued his walk, he became vaguely aware that his clothes were digging in uncomfortably against his throat and thighs. The collar of his knitted undershirt did not have near as much give as the rest of his shirt. Even his button-up overshirt, which he kept tastefully unbuttoned until halfway down his torso, was straining against his chest.

The odd state of his attire his attire made Johnny pause. His overshirt looked so awkward on his lithe, toned body, and if there was one thing he hated, it was looking bad in an outfit. Not to mention, it was such a nice, sunny day, that it seemed silly to be wearing extra layers anyway. Johnny gave the plaid shirt a light tug which was all it took for the struggling buttons to give up the ghost. The few remaining buttons that remained clasped around the bottom of his shirt popped loose. Unfortunately, that did not mean that removing the shirt was an easy task. His now too-tiny overshirt clinched around his shoulders, limiting his mobility. He was tempted to just rip the garment clean from his body, but being ever fashion-conscious, Johnny instead reached behind and tugged at the back of his shirt and shimmied it slowly down one arm and then the other. Buttons were one thing. It was easy to sew on a fresh set, but it seemed a shame to shred such a nice shirt.

It wasn’t just his chest that was getting snug, though. His legs had a similar issue. It seemed with each step, his pant legs clenched tighter around his sculpted thighs and calves. The cuffs of his pant legs should normally reach his ankles, but today he was rocking the old-school cool look. The cuffs of his jeans were only about halfway down his shins making his jeans appear to be more akin to chinos. His shirt was similarly short with the lower hem of the garment now reaching only about his midriff. With each step, his shirt was looking more like a crop top than a knit tee.

It would have been an awkward look on any normal person, but Johnny was not normal. He was born to look good. He took his undersized overshirt and tied the arms around his waist. Suddenly, his awkward, shrunken wardrobe went from “Wearing his kid brother’s clothes” to “slutty frontman for a grunge band.” He was just missing oversized sunglasses to really sell it.

Johnny was a bit of a meat-head. He gave the aura of the dumb jock or air-headed model, but he wasn’t stupid. He could put two and two together. The doorway at the gym had been lower than he was used to. Most people only came up to his shoulders now, and his clothes were far smaller than they had been just a few hours ago. He knew that he was growing. He didn’t know how, and he didn’t know why, but his surge in size seemed to be tied to the adoration of the people around him. Every adoring look or lustful gaze filled his body with a surge of energy that just seemed to swell within him. The dots were starting to connect in his brain. The bigger he got, the more attention he would garner which meant he would get even bigger! Just the thought sent a shudder of glee up his spine and a twitch of arousal down his cock.

Johnny’s already well-trained smirk spread into an excited grin. He felt like his whole life had led to this moment. He was rapidly approaching his true purpose which was to be loved and adored and beheld by all! All that he needed was an audience.

Johnny was no stranger to standing out. One of the tricks was to be the biggest draw in the room. Unfortunately, downtown LA was a bustling place. It was hard to stand out on the street. If he wanted to draw eyes here, he’d have to be a much larger spectacle. That, however, would have to wait. For now, he needed to be a big fish in a small pond.

While the half-formed plan percolated in his brain, the smell of something else percolating hit his nostrils—roasted coffee beans. There was no shortage of trendy coffee bars in downtown L.A. They ran the gamut from dimly lit dives to brightly lit modern lounges. What Johnny needed was something somewhere in the middle. Not one of those big-name chains where people just went to get their usual and scoot. He needed a place with not just a crowd of regulars who liked to hang out but also a place where the Hollywood A-listers were known to visit on occasion. Someplace where paparazzi were always waiting for a good scoop.

Johnny felt another shudder and tingle surge through him. His shirt strained audibly against his swelling chest. He had gained a few more fans, and he was just standing on a street corner lost in thought. Just imagine how much attention he’d garner when he had a captive audience.

Johnny’s smirk spread wider which caused him to flash his fans his pearly whites. Another shudder. Another surge.

“This will be all too easy,” he thought to himself as he strode across the crosswalk and made his way towards the bean bar his agent had mentioned to him so many times before. Agents loved this place, and countless would-be actors and script writers had taken part-time jobs there in hope of “accidentally” rubbing elbows with a notable Hollywood figure. These were often just pipe dreams, but the place was overdue to produce its next big star.


Part 3

Johnny had to duck to enter the coffee shop. He was so tall that the door frame only came up to his shoulders. He had to be over seven feet tall at this point! He now rivaled even the tallest NBA pros for height and would soon eclipse even then.

As he stepped through the doorway, he immediately heard the murmurs, but more importantly, he felt the tingle pulse through him and his clothes strain tighter against his swelling bod. Johnny was huge, but he was not impossibly huge. Some people might not think much of it when a guy who stood nearly eight feet tall walked into the room, but Johnny was a special case. Not only was he incredibly tall, but he was hot as hell to boot. He was a goddamn supermodel. He looked like as if Michelangelo’s David had stepped off its plinth to walk among lesser men… well… with one key difference.

Johnny’s clothes strained against his swelling body, but even though he was still dressed, it was clear that he had an impressive piece of meat straining against the front of his jeans. His cock would have been large when he was at his old height, but as he rapidly approached double his former size, his bulge now demanded that people take notice. Whether gay or straight, dudes couldn’t help but marvel at the massive mound straining against the denim. This, of course, just fueled Johnny’s growth further.

His t-shirt, which was now looking less like a crop top and more like a sports bra, strained against his swelling pecs. He was now so huge that the shirt didn’t even cover his chest. The slight discoloration of his areola was now visible as they poked out below the lower hem of his t-shirt, and his lower half was every bit as exposed. His jeans had been reduced to capris before he had entered the coffee house, but now they were barely biker shorts. The lower hem of his jeans didn’t even reach his knees. The denim strained so hard against his swelling quads that the stitching along the sides had begun to pop and fray, giving a clear line of sight to large swaths of exposed tanned flesh along his thighs. His pants were so tiny that they looked like they could burst open at any moment. Johnny usually loved playing dress up. He loved how good he made any outfit look, but today, he couldn’t wait to be rid of his clothing. Not only was it digging so deep into his flesh that it hurt, but the big reveal was clear to get him even more attention!

Johnny strode straight down the center aisle towards the counter. There was a long line of people waiting to place their order, but no one dared to protest as the now nearly nine-foot titan pushed his way to the front. Even the biggest, burliest bro in the store now barely reached his pecs, and with each new set of eyes that became transfixed on him, Johnny swelled and grew more and more.

Johnny’s eyes darted from person to person in the little shop. He recognized a few of the movers and shakers in Tinseltown among the crowd. Judging from the look of slack-jawed awe on their faces as they fumbled for their phones, it was clear that he was soon going to have some new offers for gigs, but it was too late for that. He was going to be a big star soon– far too big for whatever their meager minds could dream up.

Johnny smirked down at the barista. The dude was probably close to Johnny’s old height and build, but the guy now found himself staring at eye level with Johnny’s belly button. The barista had to look up and up at the now towering figure. Johnny was now so huge that he had to hunch down slightly to keep from slamming his head against the ceiling. The light fixtures now dangled around his ears like stars around a concussed toon.

“Uh… can I take your order?” The barista squeaked meekly. The guy had the look of someone who was used to being the cock of the walk. The way he did his hair, the eyeliner… this was a guy who was also trying to get noticed by the bigwigs in the shop. Had things been different, he may even have been the hottest guy in the room, but he knew he was outclassed. He didn’t have Johnny charisma, his look, and he definitely didn’t have Johnny’s size! What is an Adonis to an Apollo? Mere mortals can’t compare to gods.

“Latte… Extra. Large,” Johnny said. Even had he not been so heavy-handed with his phrasing, it would have been clear he was flaunting his size. These places never served “extra-large.” It was always some trendy phrase to make it sound trendy and less excessive.

Johnny felt another shudder. This one was more powerful than the ones before. A sound like a tire popping filled the air as the hems of his jeans burst under the sudden surge of mass within. He was suddenly left with shorts that looked more like a loincloth than jeans. With the sides burst clean open and the inseam equally demolished, only the waistband remained, and that too would not last long. The only reason it had lasted this long was because the button had burst and the fly had been pulled wide open.

Johnny was now nearly nude. His jeans had burst, and he had not bothered to put any underwear on underneath. As such, his sausage and eggs had spilled out into full view, and his upper body was similarly exposed. The sides of his shirt had shredded. The sleeves had torn clean off. Since he had left the gym, his undershirt had gone from being a crop top to a sports bra and now was little more than a Chippendale’s collar, and even that wouldn’t last long. The collar of his shirt now dug so deep into his throat that it felt like it could suffocate him, but he could feel the fibers fraying and snapping under the swelling mass of his neck.

Johnny was hit by another intense surge. He was growing faster now– far faster than he had anticipated. He dropped to one knee to keep from bursting through the ceiling. He suddenly found himself hunched over with his back pressed against the ceiling like Atlas carrying the world. The imagery was not lost on him. At the rate he was going, he may soon be able to lift the literal world on his shoulders.

Another shudder. Another pulse. He felt the warm, tingly sensation course through him. The tiles cracked under his weight. Dust fell from the ceiling as the tiles shifted and crumbled.

Johnny’s eyes darted around the room. He noticed now that people were beginning to leave. They saw the writing on the wall. They knew that he was going to outgrow this entire coffee shop soon enough, but that wasn’t what really caught his attention. Some of the braver folk stood their ground and raised their phones up in the air like candles at a concert.

Johnny had thought to make a splash with the Hollywood movers and shakers, but now he realized how old-fashioned that line of thinking was. This was the era of social media, and he was going viral. With each phone that live-streamed his growth came untold new viewers to ogle and empower him.

Johnny chuckled softly at his own naivete. He had outgrown this crowd, literally and figuratively.

In one, smooth motion, he turned and stood up. The ceiling of the coffee shop crumbled like sand, and the wall of the building fell away with similar ease. The solid brick of the building may as well have been Lincoln Logs with how easily it crumbled.

There were screams and shouts from the room behind him, but no one appeared to be hurt. That was good. He needed them alive. He needed them to admire him, to fuel him.

Johnny stood to his new height. He was so huge that the traffic lights dangled just below his pecs. He was easily pushing thirty feet. He was as tall as a two-story house and still swelling.

He looked down at the crowd that now stood there and admired his swelling size. The sun shone off his exposed muscles and fantastically huge cock and balls. His cock was now nearly four feet long. It was almost as big as some adults! His massive, hefty nuts swung beneath his thighs. Each enormous orb was now closing in on the size of a large beach ball.

Johnny could hear sirens. The police would be here soon, for all the good they would do, but police activity also meant reporters. No doubt all the major news networks wanted eyes on the titan that now loomed over L.A.

Johnny raised a hand to his face to keep the sun from his eyes. Now that the nearby buildings barely reached his midriff, he could see miles and miles around. In the distance, he saw helicopters scrambling to get a good look at him.

Johnny smirked. He was soon to be a global phenomenon. People could ignore shitty TikTok vids and Instagram reels. Those were easy to fake, but could they deny CNN? BBC? This was no hoax. This was an honest-to-gods titan walking the earth.

Johnny made his way towards downtown. He was a professional. He knew how to work the angles, but he also knew the importance of a good set piece. Who cares about some shitty coffee house? He needed something with more renown, something with more panache, something with more size… and he knew exactly where to go.

Johnny strode towards the historic part of town. He was so huge that he took up both lanes of traffic. The ground around him trembled with each step. His bare feet were now so huge and so heavy that they could easily crush a car under his soles.

Johnny chuckled to himself. With each step, his feet crunched through the pavement leaving a path of titanic footprints in his wake. He had once dreamed of having an imprint on the Hollywood walk of fame, but now all of Hollywood was his walk of fame.

Soon Johnny stood before his goal. The ultimate set piece. He had once dreamed of opening a show here. It was a mark of success to headline a movie that premiered at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater, but now the spiked roof of the theater barely reached his knees.

Johnny turned to face his adoring fans and the tiny helicopters that circled him like mosquitos. For a moment, he pondered how to act. He now rivaled the classic King Kong for sheer size but would soon stack up against even the more modern iterations. He could pound his chest and let out a roar. That was sure to cow his fans, but even now that he loomed over the city like a Kaiju, he didn’t forget his angles. This natural lighting was doing wonders for his physique. His toned muscles glistened in the sun. His massive cock and balls swung heavily in front of his adoring public.

Johnny flashed a winning smile for his enthralled fans. Hard to believe that just this morning, his agent was trying to convince him to do a toothpaste ad of all things, but on some level, it made sense. Johnny had a winning smile, and it would look amazing on a billboard. Now, however, his smile alone was larger than any of the billboards that dotted the freeway. His twinkling smile could be seen for miles and miles, and that was without the aid of video cameras. Thanks to the paparazzi and newscasters and would-be social media influencers, his beaming smile was visible in every country on the earth.

Johnny glanced down. Historic downtown Hollywood looked more like a diorama than a city. Even the theater that Johnny once dreamed of premiering at barely reached his ankles.

Johnny flashed a winning smile at the helicopters which buzzed around him like gnats. He needed more room. He needed space to spread out and grow and grow. He had outgrown Hollywood. There was nothing left here to accentuate his size. Even the towers of downtown LA barely reached his hips, and there was no doubt in his mind that he’d continue to get even larger.

So, what did that leave? New York? The Grand Canyon? At his size, it wouldn’t be more than a short stroll to one of the wonders of the world. The Grand Canyon, a massive canyon visible from space. What would it even look like to him? A ravine? A fissure? A crack in the pavement?

Johnny smirked to himself as he strode through the sprawling metropolitan area as easily as if he were hiking across a city park. It was only a matter of minutes before he left civilization behind him and stepped out into the desert. At this rate, he’d be at the Grand Canyon by nightfall. He’d never been, but he had always been kind of curious. Now, however, he wouldn’t be going as a tourist, he’d be going as an attraction. At his size, he could easily straddle the canyon, one foot on either side like the Colossus of Rhodes, his massive cock dangling between his thighs as the world look on in admiration… but what then? Where would he even go?

It didn’t matter. The world was his burrito. Wherever he went he would be surrounded by adoring fans, and even if he wasn’t close to a major city, he was visible from space. People couldn’t help but see him… and admire him… and feed his desire for more…

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