5D network

by Ziel

 Forrest settles in for a nice relaxing getaway in a cozy cabin far from the hustle and bustle of the city. This cozy cabin is far from rustic though. He’s got all the electricity, fast internet, and even cell signal thanks to an experimental new tower.

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Forrest was actually glad to be leaving the comforts of the big city for a while. With all that was going on, it was so stressful living downtown, and he wasn’t about to say no to having free rent during his summer vacation. Forrest’s grandfather had passed away a while back. Forrest never really knew the guy, but that left an old cabin in the countryside in need of someone to look after it. It was a little rustic, but it had running water, electricity, and even a solid broadband connection. It was like Little Home on the Prairie without all the backwater bullshit to deal with.

Forrest wasn’t sure how everything had fallen into place as it had. Not only was he getting a place to stay during the summer for free, but he had also managed to score a little extra cheddar on the side by selling a chunk of land in the back corner of his sprawling acreage to one of the major cell service providers. He got some money in the bank and a kickass connection out of the deal. It seemed his little abode landed right in the middle of one of the major dead spots that the company was hoping to patch up.

Truth be told, Forrest didn’t actually read any of the paperwork he was asked to sign. All he knew was he put his name on the paper, the tower went up, and he got paid. He did find it odd that there was form after tedious form to be signed in the presence of not one but three separate lawyers, but he figured that corporations just be like that sometimes. Who cares if it was a new type of cell signal? 3G… 4G… 5G… It was all the same to him. All he cared about was the Gs he had in the bank!

The first few days were relatively uneventful. Forrest slept hard and gamed harder. Soon the days started to blur together. Without nearby civilization to give him some semblance of the flow of time one day felt the same as the next. It wasn’t until the new cell tower actually went live that the monotony finally started to break.

One night while Forrest finished his latest firefight, the power suddenly started to flicker and a loud hum filled the air. Blue light seemed to be pouring in through the windows. Forrest was understandably confused. It was like lightning outside, but there was no storm that he knew of, and the light was a constant stream of flickers and flashes—quite unlike your standard lightning storm.

Forrest peeked his head outside to get a glimpse of what was going on. It didn’t take him long for his gaze to fall upon the culprit—the cell tower! It seemed the experimental new tech they were using had its first major hiccup. The tower was aglow with electric light. Waves of energy pulsated outward and washed over Forrest and his property. Forrest stared on as if in a hypnotic trance as the brilliant light show pulsed through his yard, and then, as quickly as it had started, everything was completely dark all over again. Forrest stared at the now dark tower for a few moments longer and then, with a shrug, headed back inside for some Netflix and chill.

Forrest had no idea how long he was asleep. He didn’t even remember passing out. All he knew was that one moment he was preparing to marathon some shows, and the next minute it was daylight outside and the dimmed screen in front of him was asking “are you still watching”? What he did know was that his junk was feeling pleasantly plump. He had had some morning woods before, but this was something else. He wasn’t just chubbed up. He was horny as hell! Forrest couldn’t have stopped himself even if he had wanted to. He had the place to himself. There was no one to stop him from reaching a hand down his boxers and giving his chubby a few playful tugs.

It didn’t take long for Forrest to feel that something was different. He wasn’t particularly small downstairs, but when his hand wrapped around the thick salami that currently rested in his boxers, he was shocked by how huge it felt! He had had a respectable stiffy just last night, but now the floppy phallus that filled his palm was the size of Monster can and he wasn’t even flying at half-mast!

The sheer size of his cock would have been enough to shock him from his half-asleep stupor, but there was something else at work that really confused him. As he stroked the fast chubby his hand bumped against something else. There was something else down there beside his dick. Something that seemed to be the size of a thumb but no less soft than the fat sausage he currently gripped.

Forrest had to see for himself. He stood up from his seat and quickly dropped his boxers down around his ankles. As he stood there, all he could do was silently gawk at what he saw. He had the one huge cock which sported a set of big, low-hanging fruit. Either enlarged orb was easily the size of a baseball, but he also had another smaller cock right beside his enormous softy!

Forrest gave his new Vienna-sausage-sized chubby an exploratory poke. To his surprise he could feel his finger against his new cock. His new cock gave a twitch of excitement and slowly began to stiffen. Forrest watched in awe as his thumb-sized stiffy continued to grow even after it had reached its full upright and locked position. It wasn’t long before he had not one but two fully erect footlongs—one right beside the other!

On some level Forrest knew that this was not normal. Some part of the back of his mind even suggested that maybe he consult a doctor or something, but that part of his mind was drowned out by the part of his mind that thought his two towers looked hot as hell. He had a hot rod for each hand and was determined to use them. He reached down and gripped either enlarged organ with a hand and began to stroke the thick shafts. It felt amazing. His cock had never been so sensitive before, and now not only was his dick amazingly sensitive but he had two of them to play with!

It wasn’t long before his twins were drooling pre onto the floor below. Forrest had never been one to leak much before, but now clear, viscous fluid was pouring out the tips of both of his dicks. Yet despite how messy things were already getting, Forrest could tell that when he finally blew, things were going to get even wetter and wilder. His sack felt so pleasantly full that he just knew he had enough cum in his tanks to let loose a jizz-splosion for the record books!

As Forrest continued to stroke his fat cocks, he steadily became aware that they were still steadily growing. With each tug of his dicks, it took him longer to glide his hands from base to tip. With each pump of his shafts, he could feel his cocks growing fatter in his hands.

As he stared down at the massive rods, he felt compelled to try and lick the tips. He had never really tried to suck himself off before, but he had never had cocks large enough to do it before either. He lifted his huge cocks up against his tummy and was amazed to see that they almost reached up to his pecs! It wouldn’t be long before he wouldn’t even need to hunch over or crane his neck in order to lick the tips. Forrest was already licking his lips just thinking about it!

Forrest was so fixated on his cocks that he was barely paying any attention to his enormous sack or what was going on down around it. His sack was now filled with four cum-laden orbs. Each enormous teste was pushing the size of a soccer ball! The only thing about his nuts that he was really aware of was how great they felt slapping against his thighs as he stroked his cocks.

Had Forrest actually taken a moment to look down at his balls he may have noticed something unexpected. Three more small nubs had taken form. One between his two meaty rods and one on either side. These small nubs quickly grew and lengthened. As they grew, the soft, spongy head pushed through the foreskin bringing his total to five fully formed cocks! His three newbies were still barely bigger than thumbs, but he was already so hot and bothered that his newly formed cocks quickly reached full mast, and once they were rock hard, they didn’t take long to start growing and swelling to catch up to his pair of prior penii.

Forrest was soon too hot and bothered to stay standing. His legs were trembling almost as much as his cocks. He slumped back onto his couch and let out a sigh of relief and a moan of bliss. His two main cocks were now two huge that the heads of them were above eye level and they were jutting out at an angle! Had they been fully upright they could have easily reached a foot above his head!

Meanwhile his three new cocks were steadily creeping up in size. Each member of the trio now reached up to his pecs. The three pre-drooling rods were twitching with excitement and looked ripe to blow at any second.

Forrest soon found that his cocks were too large for him to really handle with just one hand. He instead opted to wrap his arms around his pair of primary pillars and hugged his huge cocks against his chest. He buried his face against the warm, supple flesh of his colossal cocks and basked in the warmth and wetness of his enormous cocks. As he dug his arms into the soft undersides of his gigantic rods, he was only vaguely aware of a third, smaller cock sandwiched between his fleshy pillars. His central cock, which along with the two cocks which now stood straight and tall off to the side of his primary pair, was now so large that it reached up to his collar bone, but these new-cummers were still not as large as his initial pair.

As the central spire steadily grew to match the prior pair, Forrest soon found that he couldn’t even fully wrap his arms around the bouquet of cocks that now stood drooling before him. Try as he might, he couldn’t get his fingers to touch on the opposite side, but he was too far gone to think about it. All he could do was sit there and writhe in ecstasy has this five colossal cocks bucked and lurched. His massive, testes-laden sack was now so huge and heavy that is sat solidly on the ground in front of him. Ten massive cojones bulged against the sides of the brimming sack. His enormous pouch looked like a fleshy gym bag full of play-yard balls except each sphere was the size of a beach ball instead of a kick ball.

Forrest’s whole body shuddered as his cocks bucked and lurched. He knew he could no longer hold back. He closed his eyes, let out a loud, low moan, and surrendered to bliss. His massive sack tightened around his ten enormous nuts. His five identical dicks lurched in unison as thick, sticky ropes of warm spunk erupted from the tips. Forrest shuddered and moaned as he came again and again. Even as massive as his balls had become it seemed impossible for them to house so much spunk, and yet they showed no signs of running out.

Forrest had no idea how long he was in the throes of orgasmic bliss. His mind had long since shut off in the midst of an onslaught of white-hot ecstasy. His balls eventually started to run dry. The spurts of jizz erupting from his quintet of cocks slowly tapered off. Eventually, the torrent of spunk stopped altogether Forrest’s five cocks deflated.

When Forrest finally came to, he looked out at the scene before him and marveled at what he saw. The living room of his rustic cabin was filled with an ankle-deep mire of cum. His five colossal cocks lay splayed out in front of him. Each enormous schlong was large enough to drape over his thigh, or over the arm rest of the couch, or across his nuts, and still be large enough that the puffy glans still rested on the cum-coated floor below.

Forrest slowly became aware of a blinking light coming from his phone which sat on the coffee table nearby. Forrest reached over for the device and unlocked the screen to see a series of messages from his pal.

“Hey, dude.

You there?

We still on for tomorrow?


Forrest quickly typed up a reply, “Sorry, man. I must have fallen asleep. Yeah, come on by. You’ll like it here. The signal is amazing!”

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