A legal contract for services to be rendered

by BRK

 The responsibilities of the undersigned assistant shall begin with, but not be limited to, the carrying around of the employer’s gigantic cock.

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In pursuance of the following contract, the undersigned, ______________________ (herein referred to as “the assistant”), agrees to take on the role of personal assistant to [redacted] (herein referred to as “the employer”), for a period not less than six months from _________ (“the start date”) and perpetuated beyond that six-month period for as long as both the assistant and the employer agree to continue said agreement.

In this role, the assistant agrees to provide the following services.


The assistant agrees to carry the employer’s cock in all his movements both publicly and privately. The assistant agrees to ensure that neither the head nor any part of the shaft shall drag on the ground at any time, and that the employer has complete freedom of movement to walk, turn, or even run as the mood strikes him. The assistant may use his hands to hold up the employer’s cock, or he may use a sling or other arrangement to suspend the employer’s cock as he sees fit, as long as the requirement about not touching the ground is met.

The assistant’s responsibilities remain fully in force at all times regardless of whether the employer’s cock is flaccid or erect, and the assistant shall take appropriate measures to ensure his responsibilities are met in relation to whatever state the employer’s cock may be in.

The assistant shall take all meals with the employer with the employer’s cock across his lap, unless otherwise instructed.

When the employer is relaxing at home and not walking around, the assistant shall consider himself on break but on call. When the employer is walking around at home or is engaged in photo-shoots or other external work, the assistant must be constantly carrying the employer’s cock unless otherwise instructed, but, in addition to meals, is also entitled to twenty-minute breaks every two hours.

The assistant stipulates awareness that the employer’s cock is often slippery from the employer’s copious precum even when in its flaccid state, and shall pursue his responsibilities with this awareness in mind.

As the employer’s cock is expected to continue to grow over time, the assistant may also engage other cock-porters going forward to assist with the work of carrying around the employer’s cock; but the primary responsibility for carrying the employer’s cock remains with the assistant.

Given the messiness involved in carrying the employer’s cock on a daily basis, the assistant is permitted, but not required, to work in the nude. Any cock-porters engaged by the assistant are likewise permitted, but not required, to work in the nude. Any orgasms by the assistant or the additional cock-porters should be restricted to break times when possible.

Given the high libido contingent to the employer’s condition, the assistant shall make every effort not to inadvertently or deliberately cause the employer to become erect in the course of his cock-carrying duties. If the employer does become erect, whether through the actions of the assistant or otherwise, the assistant is to ensure the employer is moved to a space with a receptacle capable of withstanding the force and quantity of the employer’s eruptions of semen during orgasm. A swimming pool or empty public fountain is ideal, but other possibilities may be employed at the assistant’s discretion, bearing in mind that the employer will probably not be able to think about anything but orgasming and will be unlikely to be able to help. As a fallback, the trunks of the employer’s limousines have been expanded and refit to accommodate the employer’s loads if necessary. Note that an ordinary bathtub is NOT sufficient, nor are plastic garbage bags unless quadruple reinforced and available in quantity. Cleanup of any stray amounts of semen, however copious, is always the responsibility of the assistant.

The assistant is required to sleep near the employer so as to be available for assistance during the night. Sleeping in the employer’s bed is permitted.


The assistant stipulates awareness that contact with, and especially ingestion of, the employer’s semen in the course of his duties is very likely to have gradual but irreversible effects on the assistant. These effects may include, but are not limited to, the following: increased libido; increased stamina; increased cock length and girth; increased cock sensitivity; increased testicle size; increased semen production. Subordinate effects experienced by some subjects have included: increased strength; increased muscularity; increased height; increased hair growth; slowed aging. Other side effects may develop dependent on the assistant’s own physiology and genetics.

The assistant shall keep the employer notified of any unexpected changes to his body or mentality. In particular, increased cock size should be carefully monitored. Though the employer’s extreme hyperphallia is not, strictly speaking, contagious, scientists have yet to gain a complete understanding of the condition or of the complex and sometimes unpredictable effects it has on others. For this reason, though absorbance and accidental ingestion of the employer’s semen in considerable quantity is an unavoidable aspect of the assistant’s employment, the assistant shall exercise circumspection in considering whether to deliberately ingest significant amounts of semen from the employer’s frequent orgasmic eruptions.

In the event of any physical transformations on the part of the assistant, the employer agrees to provide suitably tailored clothing as necessary; or, as stated above, the assistant may choose to forego clothing at any time at his discretion.


The assistant agrees not to sell or divulge information about the employer to any party for the remainder of the employer’s lifetime, which, the assistant should be aware, is considerably extended by his condition. This clause has the following exceptions:

The assistant is responsible for accurately measuring the employer’s current length and girth in both flaccid and erect states on a monthly basis, and measuring or accurately estimating the employer’s semen output resulting from the orgasm consequent to that erection. The assistant is responsible for sharing these results with the employer’s medical team and with the employer’s fans and subscribers via whatever social media presence the employer shall maintain at that time. These monthly measurements are the only occasions on which the assistant may deliberately induce an erection in the employer, until and unless he is given temporary or blanket authority to do so at his discretion.

The assistant shall also take and post whatever photographs are consistent with the employer’s social media presence at the time, or may hire an underassistant to do so. These should be strictly limited to the employer’s flaccid state if possible, as erect imagery of the employer is the sole responsibility of his filmed-erotica teams.

When engaging the employment of cockporters and other underassistants, the assistant is required to (a) inform any hirees about the employer’s extreme hyperphallia and the possible effects on them stipulated in section B above, and (b) obtain from said hirees a nondisclosure agreement [see template in Appendix A].


This agreement shall endure for the lives of the parties involved or the heat-death of the universe, whichever comes first, unless dissolved by mutual consent.

This agreement shall be subject to the laws of the sovereign entity of legal residence for the employer (at the time of signing being the state of Iowa, United States). Should the employer’s cock extend beyond the boundaries of that sovereign entity into another sovereign entity, the jurisdiction shall remain with the original sovereign entity.


Agreed, signed, and witnessed on this date by the signatories below:




[Redacted] (“the employer”)


________________________________________ (“the assistant”)


________________________________________ (witness)

An exchange of semen may or may not accompany the sealing of this contract at the parties’ mutually agreed discretion.

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